Going solo

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This is actually not my story but it was given to me by a dear friend of mine, it is a true story. Please forgive my grammar errors since English is my second language.
My name is Jon, I am 27 years old, this story took place when I was about 17 years old, at that age I realized that I had a crush on women cloths and I was aroused by them, I had an older sister, gorgeous, she was two years older than me.

Her name was Nadine, tall, brown hair, dark green eyes, nice round breasts with small pink nipples, a nice always shaved pink pussy, round ass with beautiful cheeks.
I used to peek on her when she undressed, and she used to wear beautiful and sexy under wears, every time I watched her undress I could not stop my self from cumming.
I started to go through her underwear when she is out, especially the dirty cloths so I could smell her pussy stain and smell her bra to enjoy her body flavor.
Although I was sexually aroused by her I did not have the courage to make any moves towards her, after 10 years I still regret it.

Nadine under wears had different colors and shapes, some black, pink and red.
Peeking on Nadine was a fascinating adventure for me, playing with her under wear always used to sex me up.
My love of women’s clothes went anther step further when I stated to notice my mothers underwear, mother was a great lady she was 39 years old but she had a beautiful body, I peeked one her some times when my father was not in the house especially when she had a shower there was a window in her bed room which was perfect for peeking she did not close the curtains gaziantep eskort bayan since she did not suspect that her boy was peeking on her. She had brown her, black eyes, gorgeous breasts, size 40 bra, her ass was a big one compared to Nadine’s ass, the shape of her butt cheeks was like tow white hand balls, they moved like jelly when she touched them, her dark pink pussy was so soft, I could notice that when she sometimes used body creams and rub her pussy. I didn’t know that viewing my mother body would make me so aroused.
Mother underwear was more mature then Nadine, mostly black or dark blue.
I tried some of her bras and panties on, again the used ones only.
When I started to be fed up with just touching and smelling under wears, I decided to go another step further, so I started to wear them and look at my self in the mirror, it was so sexy, I used to cum when I looked at my self in the mirror.
As the days went by, well I could only do this when I was in the house alone, one day My father, mother and Nadine went for a two day week end, I was at home all by my self, I brought some porn movies to enjoy my time, again I went to the washing room searching for dirty under wears, I found some, so I decided to put them on, I was dressed up like my sister wearing her short black skirt and pink T-shirt under them I had her black bra and my mother’s black panties, it was nice and sexy to combine between Nadine and mother clothes.
I went to my room to enjoy watching porn, I felt so sexy and had a couple of cold beers to satisfy my needs, I started to think of ways to fuck my self since I used to finger my ass hole and enjoy it every now and then, I looked for any objects that I can use to penetrate my self, after searching the house I decided to use two 17 inch long candle with proper diameter and a little pointed at the end, a rocket shape, so it would be easy to enter my ass but, I got my self Vaseline, then placed a mirror beside my bed, to enjoy what I am doing, I used my finger to put Vaseline in my nice soft pink butt hole so it will be ready, my ass was soft and round I guess I had the shape of my mother butt but smaller, some times looking at my ass in a mirror and playing with, made me cum, when pushing the Vaseline deep into my hole was so exciting for me, after finishing filling my butt hole with the cream I started with one candle moving it slowly into my ass, I was enjoying each inch moving in me, I had the candle on the floor and started to pump my butt up and down, more than half of it was in me, I was shouting with excitement while fucking my butt, looking at my self in the mirror, I was still wearing Nadine’s clothes this made me more horny, up and down fucking and pumping my horny ass, I was enjoying every second of this situation, it was a great feeling, after about 15 minutes I felt my cum dropping out of my cock end without touching it, I placed my hand under my cock and gathered all the cum and brought it into my mouth with joy, I enjoyed the taste of my sperms in my mouth and swallowed all of it with pleasure.
After resting for a little while I was still horny, I took off the T-shirt and the skirt I was wearing and still the candle in my ass, I attempted to enter the other candle with it, so, using a little more Vaseline I pushed the both candles simultaneously in my opened juicy ass hole, with a little pain, gradually they penetrated me, I pushed my self down on them, I started to pump my bottom eating them both in my hungry ass, I moaned with joy and pleasure, up and down I was fucking my self, moaning, I was really enjoying the fuck, I did not want to cum so fast, so I decided to hold my cum as long as I could, it was very sexy to fuck my own ass hole, after an hour of pleasure and excitement, I could not hold my cum any more, I pulled one of the candles out and then lifted my legs up and bended my self in a position that my dick will be closer to my eagerly waiting mouth, and rubbing my 8 inch, now fully erected cock so fast, I felt my body starting to shiver, I shot the hot cum into my mouth, a great amount of sperms was pouring in to my mouth, filling it, I felt one or two drops jumped on my face, then I squeezed my dick so hard to the last drop. I tasted each drop of my cum, it was delicious.
This was a day of my life that I will remember for a long time, cause it taught me how to enjoy fucking my self and what a delicious cum I had, and how to use different objects in my butt, I continued to do this and enjoyed it more by trying to use different objects to fuck my self it was so nice, after that day I did not hesitate to fuck my ass with pleasure, and drink my cum. After all this years I guess I still enjoy peeking at my mother when I am at home, Nadine is married now but still great looking my mother is older now but still looking always great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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