Girl’s Night Out Ch. 01

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Calli and her 4 girl friends – brown-haired Carol, the elementary school teacher; black-haired Meg, the lawyer; Penny, the redheaded waitress and Brenda, the blonde veterinarian – all met one Friday evening for dinner at Jasper’s Restaurant. They had dinner together every other Friday night for Girl’s Night Out, which started 5 years ago when they were in high school. They would eat dinner, then meet their boyfriends, Tony the personal trainer, Mark the truck driver, Walt the mailman, Ramone the construction worker and Pete the high school science teacher, at one of the local bars for drinks and dancing afterward.

The girls ate dinner at a quiet little restaurant in town called Jasper’s, then they all piled into Meg’s big blue Chevy Suburban, leaving the other vehicles in the parking lot of the restaurant. They arrived at the bar, The Naughty Bunny, around 10 pm. The guys would probably be inside, drinking beer, laughing and talking at one of the tables or at the bar. They saw Mark’s hunter green Hummer parked in the lot across the street from the bar. Tony’s black Cadillac was parked beside Mark’s Hummer, and Walt’s Harley motorcycle was by Tony’s car. Ramone and Pete both lived within 3 blocks of the bar, so they both usually walked to meet the rest of casino şirketleri the group.

The girls all got out of Meg’s Suburban and checked their hair and makeup in their reflections on the windows before going into the smoky crowded bar. Calli heard Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” blasting through the speakers as people crowded the dance floor. Brenda leaned close to Calli and yelled, “For a country bar, this place sure is packed with people!” Calli nodded and then Penny poked her on the shoulder to get her attention. Calli looked to where Penny was pointing and saw their boyfriends sitting at the bar drinking beer and talking. The girls all huddled together and decided to sneak up on their men and startle them by pinching their butts, hopefully before any of them saw the ladies.

The girls made their way around the edge of the dance floor to walk up behind them. Calli went up behind Tony, wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight as the other girls pinched their boyfriends on the butts. Tony turned around and saw her, smiled that sexy smile of his, pulled her into his arms and hugged her as he planted a long wet kiss on her luscious red lips. The other guys kissed and hugged their girlfriends also – Mark and Carol; Ramone and casino firmaları Penny; Walt and Meg; and Pete and Brenda. They ordered drinks for the ladies – pina colada for Calli; rum strawberry daiquiri with extra strawberries for Carol; fuzzy navel for Brenda and Sex on the Beach for Brenda. The guys ordered another round of beers for themselves.

They all went to a large booth in the corner, sat down and enjoyed their drinks. They all talked about how their jobs were going, and shared a few laughs as well. After about half an hour, Tony and Calli got up and went out on the dance floor, the others following shortly after. They all went out on the floor except for Ramone and Penny, who were content to stay in the booth talking, kissing and touching each other beneath the table. They saw that everyone was having fun on the dance floor and not really paying attention to them, so they got up from the table and went around the dance floor and out the front door, after Penny scribbled a hasty note on a napkin and tucked it beneath Carol’s glass. They walked down the street to the small park on the corner. Ramone found a bench in the dark shadows, and he and Penny sat there kissing, touching, licking, sucking and making love.

He undressed Penny, removing güvenilir casino her sexy black dress, her lacy silk bra, and her red thong panties. He left her stockings and shoes on her. He undressed completely, since they were in the shadows and no one could see them. He laid his pants on the ground by the bench and carefully put her clothes on top of them so they didn’t get dirty. He laid her back on the bench and buried his face between her thighs, his nose buried in the patch of red curls atop her thighs. He licked and sucked her clit for several moments, bringing her to climax almost immediately. He placed kisses up her belly to her breasts, which he sucked in turn as he fingered her wet pussy to keep her wet, as he moved up to give her a big deep kiss, rubbing his tongue over her lips and against her own tongue. He sat up and she also sat up, with Ramone’s help. She bent over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him and stroked him until he came, shooting his hot cum deep into the back of her throat as she swallowed every drop.

He moved up between her thighs and pressed his cock deep into her wet pussy and fucked her hard and fast, causing her to orgasm three more times in succession, right there on the bench in the park at midnight. She tensed as the tremors flowed through her and within moments, Ramone also came again, shooting his cum into her pussy in pulsating bursts. He collapsed on her and kissed her again before pulling his limp cock from her and handing her clothes to her.

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