Girls Just Want to Tan

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The following story is my submission for Nude Day Contest 2019. It a bit different from my last few stories as my main character is female. I apologize to any ladies out there now if I butchered the point of view. Also, this piece has less plot than my usual tales. It gets into the action faster than I have in the past. Hope you all like it, I am thinking of returning to these characters for the Summer Contest if people enjoy it.

Before anyone comments about my other stories, they are works in progress. I am still working on several of them. This piece was actually adapted from something else I wrote a few years ago but needed significant work. I took out a colossal front loaded plotline that served no purpose and sped everything else up.


For the first time since her father bought her a stupid Jeep, Angie was glad to have it. She had pulled it to a stop on a dirt road then set it to four-wheel drive for the almost off-roading the unlabeled road was going to be. According to the comparison of her dash mounted GPS and the directions her roommate Paula had given her, this was the hidden road Angie needed to take. Looking around her she noted this was bumfuck nowhere in Freeport Maine, not a soul in sight.

Angie had been born and raised just outside Miami, Florida, very different work then she found herself now. It had been her Dad’s influence that persuaded her to go to college back in his home state of Maine. She had a grandmother here, but most of the family was scattered all over the country. Nan was a great lady, but she definitely frowned a bit on Angie’s way of dressing. The old lady was old school, to say the least, and Angie’s goal in most of her outfits was to keep boys gawking at her. If you got it, flaunt it, as her mother was keen on saying. Nan did not approve and was not afraid to say so.

For the last three years, Angie had gone home to Florida for the summer when classes ended. This year things had been different than summers before. Her Dad had remarried his girlfriend Melody after Christmas, which meant spending her home time with that annoying bitch. The worst part was Melody was only five years older than her, Angie was pretty sure she had been her babysitter at least once. Melody insisted that Angie called her mom despite the almost no age gap between them. Because of that, she decided to stay in Maine for the summer and get an apartment with her best friend, Paula. The previous night the two girls had a few too many drinks and got silly. Paula shared a secret with Angie that was going to change Angie’s summer.

“So what do you miss most about Florida? Are you homesick at all?” Paula asked as she sipped her third margarita. The tall, dark-haired brunette was Angie’s polar opposite. Paula wore her hair short pixie style while Angie kept hers shoulder length. Angie was also almost a platinum blonde compared to her friends dark brown. They were also different in height too. Angie was barely five feet while Paula was easily six feet or more. They made a strange looking pair when they went out to bars or clubbing.

“Nah, I am not really homesick, but I do miss the beaches back home,” Angie replied, pouring her next margarita into her glass. She had lost count if this was three or four, it didn’t help Paula made them twice as strong as Angie would have too.

“What’s wrong with Maine beaches?” Paula asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Beaches are fine, but the water is freaking cold and you New Englanders are too uptight,” Angie told her.

“Uptight?” Paula said slightly offended to the accusation. “What the fuck?”

“Well none of the beaches in this state allow nudity,” Angie said, lifting up her nightshirt and flashing Paula, her view of her slight farmers tan. “Back home half the beaches allow nudity. How Is a girl supposed to lose her tan lines?”

Paula laughed so hard she almost lost her drink down the front of her v-neck t-shirt, “That’s what tanning beds are for, Angie.”

“I am never getting in one of those cancer coffins.”

“Well, If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to share?” Paula asked with her face as serious as a heart attack.

“Pinky swear,” Angie exclaimed, sticking out her little finger.

“Good enough,” Paula accepted, cracking a tiny smile. “One of my Dad’s clients is the Warner family. They have all but left the state over the generations but still, have property here. The state has been trying to take the land back they own, but Dad fights it in court for them every few years. My brother and I used to mow grass at the old farmhouse for years. We don’t anymore, the house is basically condemned at this point. It is a short stroll to a private beach that goes with the house. Zach and I have had the run of the beach for years. Where do think I managed this,” Paula lifting her black tank top to show Angie she was tanned all over.

“Oh, please tell me where!” Angie pleaded with Paula, stomping her feet like a giddy child.

“Hold on, I will write you directions. It is on a dirt casino şirketleri road into nowhere,” Paula said, grabbing a piece of paper from a notebook sitting on the living room table. “You just can’t take anyone with you. My Dad would kill me, and then you.”

Despite a slight hangover Angie couldn’t wait to get up the next morning. She put on her favorite pink bikini, a pair of cut off shorts over that and a white sarong. It was modest compared to what she expected to wear most of her day if Angie was honest with herself. The whole idea gave her chills, being naked in the sun was how life should be.

The dirt road went on for two or three miles and had several fork points along the way. Paula’s directions noted precisely which ones Angie needed to take. Angie had been just about ready to give up when she found the old, dilapidated farmhouse. The roof had wholly caved in making it completely unlivable. Condemned notices were posted on the door and several windows of the long-neglected building.

Parking Jeep out of sight behind the house, Angie pulled out a small cooler with wheels and her beach bag. The short gravel path near where she parked leading through some trees then out into the beach. It was a good size considering where it was located and had not been used regularly. Angie would have called it more of a small cove than the beach, to be honest. Two rock jetties about four hundred feet apart blocked in the Sandy area. A nearby short outcropping also blocked the beach from the view of any passing boats out on the water. Angie couldn’t believe how secluded all this was, it was perfect for suntanning nude. She might miss the passing gawkers of her nakedness back home, she kinda got off on that, but for now, she was happy. At least now her tan would be even this summer.

Angie laid out her towel and set up her gear. She used sunscreen to cover her bare skin as she shed her clothing one by one. The gentle breeze skimmed over Angie as she stretched out on the oversized beach blanket. Getting her back later would be tricky, but she would figure it out when the time came.

Cell phone signal sucked here, she had anticipated that however and downloaded a bunch of music to her phone just in case. With earbuds in, Angie laid back closing her eyes. It felt so lovely with the sun on her naked body as well as a slight hangover that it didn’t take more than a few minutes for her to drift off.

The sun had moved from the horizon to directly overhead when Angie opened her eyes again. At least an hour or two had passed while she snoozed. Her hands gently padded the various areas of her petite body, making sure her skin had not started to burn. Thankfully she had not yet but also figured it might be time to turn over anyway. As soon as the earbuds came out, Angie knew something was off. She heard voices off toward one end of the beach. Two men were standing on one of the rock jetties closest to her casting fishing lines out into the still water. Angie could tell now that they knew she was awake and the two men were trying their best not to ogle her.

This gave Angie an idea, she was not shy in the least and figured that it might be fun to provide them with a bit of a tease. Using a compact from her bag, she put on some bold, bright red lipstick. Intentionally, she stood and stretched, placing both her arms up over her head and let out a huge yawn. Both men had their tongues laying on the floor behind them.

Angie was aware that she was hot, that idea came to her as soon as all the boys around her hit puberty. All those eyes on her had to be for something. While tiny in frame, she knew her perky C-cups and tight little ass made men drool. Some guys even loved it when the girl was as small in stature as Angie. Before her mother left for France with her own boy toy after the divorce, she gave Angie one piece of advice.” Darling, you only go this way once, have your fun break some hearts but don’t be a bitch. Make an impression that men will never forget.”

Thinking of her mother’s words, Angie crossed her arms under those perky little boobs, lifting them just slightly higher. As she strode towards the two men as naked as the day she was born, it was evident that they were intimidated by her lack of clothing. This was something else she had learned over the years. Being naked often let women turn their male pray to butter when it was unexpected or if the girl was extremely confident.

“Ahem,” Angie said, tapping her sandaled foot in the sand. The taller of the two men turned his head towards her. Both eyes were trying to look her in the eyes but failing miserably. They kept focusing on her tits, she couldn’t blame them, she thought they were pretty nice too.

“Ummm, Hi,” the taller man replied. Angie took note this one was cute in that boy next door sort of way. He had sandy blonde hair, dressed in a pair of shorts and had on a t-shirt for a local band. Angie guessed that neither guy was more than a year or two older than her if not the same age.

“Hello,” casino firmaları Angie said, giving him a glimpse of her teeth with a smirk. “You know you are trespassing here, right?”

The smaller, more stocky guy, who had on a ball cap with Tufts of dark brown hair sticking out replied with while not looking away, “So are you darlin’.”

“Yeah,” explained the taller man with an agitated look. “My Dad manages this place for the Warners’. I don’t think you are a Warner, they are all pretty old from what I know.”

“Shit, are you, Tommy?” Asked Angie remembering Paula’s brother’s name.

“I am,” The sandy-haired guy replied as his features easier.

“I am Angie, your sister’s roommate,” she explained, waving to both of them.

“Oh you’re, Paula’s roommate,” Tommy said with a new found grin. His eyes went up and down her now without the hesitation he previously had. “This is Leo,” he then remarked, pointing at his friend.

Leo tipped his cap at her, “Nice to meet you,” he said, greeting Angie. “Is Paula here with you?” Leo scanned the beach like a tiger looking for his prey.

“No,” Angie answered. “She told me about this place last night and gave me directions.”

“Yeah, we’re not really supposed to let people visit here unattended, but I won’t tell if you don’t. Dad might kill us.” Tommy directed.

“But I am not alone,” Angie said, brushing her blonde hair out of her face. “You’re supervising me, aren’t you?”

“That works for me,” Tommy said blushing. Angie took note that he seemed pretty innocent. That was her favorite kind of man, one she could corrupt. Calling her a heartbreaker didn’t do her justice, Angie devoured men’s souls.

“Anyways,” Angie continued. “I am going back to get some more sun. I have plenty of water in my cooler if you boys get thirsty.”

Both the men nodded at Angie as she made her leave of them and strode back to her blanket. Angie was always a tease, so she walked back at about half the speed she had approached them in the first place. She wanted to give them plenty of time to look at her firm little ass. The idea of both men checking her out was making Angie hot, not weather kind of hot either. Being naked always made Angie horny, it was some kind of primal urge. Mother nature’s motivation to fornicate.

Angie laid back out on her blanket with her earbuds back in place. Her trap was placed she thought excitedly, trying to not look the guys on the rocks. The big question now was if one of the boys would approach her. She honestly didn’t care which one made a move on her as long as one of them had balls enough to do it. Her last boyfriend had graduated at the end of the year and left for halfway around the country. They weren’t that serious, but Angie hadn’t seen any action in over a month. That would not stand if she could do anything about it.

Fifteen or twenty minutes passed before Tommy had worked up the nerve to come over. He was standing right in the way of her sunshine, that is how she knew he was there.

“What?” Angie asked without opening her eyes.

“You said we could grab water?” Tommy asked.

“Be my guest just get out of my sun,” Angie retorted but not opening her eyes.

“Thanks,” he replied, and she could hear him digging out a bottle. The crack of the cap as well as him taking several chugs echoed on the empty beach.

“Since you’re here,” Angie began. “Do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Sure!” Tommy replied with enthusiasm.

“I sure could use someone to put lotion on my back,” she explained to him. “Don’t want to l leave my backside pasty white.”

“Would be my pleasure,” he commented kneeling on the blanket with her. He picked up the lotion bottle by the cooler as Angie rolled over on her belly.

“Don’t miss an inch ok,” she told him as she pulled her hair over one shoulder.

The lotion was slightly chilly as Tommy started at her neck and worked his way down. He didn’t miss a spot, but his timidness meant he also wasn’t massaging it in hard enough. As he got to her lower back, she could tell there was more hesitation.

“Come on,” Angie told Tommy. “It’s just my ass. It doesn’t bite, though I might.” She snapped her teeth together a few times at Tommy.

Tommy laughed as he did move to her naked bottom with the lotion. “Maybe I bite too,” he joked, and he spread her cheeks slightly to get cream in her crack.

The idea of his hands near her tight little asshole had her juices flowing. She would have killed to feel him stick a finger in there. Anal was not her favorite, but when the right mood hit her, it could blow her mind. Tommy stayed well behaved as he moved from her ass to her legs and feet much to Angie’s lament.

“All done,” Tommy announced as he finished rubbing down her legs and feet.

Angie rolled over on her back, looking up at him, crouched over her midsection. She enjoyed his eyes pop as her ample boobage jiggles in his face. It was taking him by surprise. Being evil was never güvenilir casino this much fun she thought to herself. Another boy’s soul is mine for the taking

“Do you want your reward?” Angie asked him with a wink.

Tommy started to speak, but nothing came out. She had him wholly flummoxed by all the nakedness and flirting. Angie fluttered her baby blue eyes at him for good measure. The boy was clearly a deer in the headlights, but she would fix that. Using both her hands, Angie pulled Tommy down on top of her. He landed nose to nose with her staring right into her eyes. She planted her lips on his and slid him a little tongue. One of her hands ran along Tommy’s crotch feeling the long pole growing down there. He was a decent size, definitely bigger than her last play toy.

“I… umm…,” Tommy began as his lips broke away from Angie’s.

“I love breaking shy boys like you,” Angie replied as she placed a finger on his lips to silence him. “Fancy, some sex on the beach?”

Tommy’s eyebrows raised in shock from her question as she bit his lower lip gently. “What about Leo, I mean um,”

“If he is a good boy and enjoys the show, maybe I will let him join,” Angie stated as she pulled Tommy’s shirt up over his head.

“Woh,” was all Tommy got out before Angie had him naked and rolled him over, so she was on top like a wildcat. She was not going to waste any time letting someone like Tommy think about this too hard. Shy boys usually would back out or chicken out if you have them too much time to ponder. It was better to get them stimulated and let their little brain between their legs do the thinking.

It only took her a quick yank and pull to send Tommy baggy shorts along with underwear off into the sand. Angie spat a glob of saliva into her hand as she began stroking Tommy’s now fully erect cock. His size had impressed her, he was a good seven or eight inches.

“Nice and big,” Angie commented between light kisses on Tommy’s chest and nipples. “I would expect nothing less from a big boy like you.”

“Oh fuck,” Tommy said as he watched her tugging away.

“No, baby,” she teased him. “Fucking comes later. Just promise me you are not a minute man.”

“You keep up that pace, and I will be,” he told her honestly. “Holy shit.”

Angie just laughed at his response, then moved her mouth down to replace her hand. She knew her hand had a way of making men turn to putty. If he wasn’t going to last long at least swallowing a load might help get him ready for a second go round. Also, there was Leo that she could bring into the fun. This was not the first time Angie had entertained two men. A few years ago her boyfriend at the time suggested they let his best friend join them for fun. It did not go as planned. Both men got jealous of her attention, and a fist fight broke out. This time none of them were her boyfriend, they would just be random fuck buddies. Who knew, they might even have fun.

Without remark, Angie inhaled Tommy’s huge cock like a straw. Her mouth wrapped around its head and sucked faintly as her tongue flicked the tip inside. His immediate groans told her what she needed to know, a minute or two later she advanced to taking as much as she could as began moving up and down on him.

“Damn, you can suck a mean cock,” Said a voice from behind her. It was Leo, he had apparently finally taken notice of her and Tommy.

“Took you long enough,” Angie said as she pulled herself off Tommy for only a second.

“Dude,” Tommy said, giving his friend a thumbs up.

Angie listened as Leo unhooked his belt dropping his shorts onto the sand. He was definitely not as shy as Tommy. He sat naked on the cooler beside them, watching Angie blowing Tommy like a fiend. She was shocked when out of the corner of her eye, she saw the tool Leo had been packing. He wasn’t as handsome as Tommy or as fit, but the dick he sat there slapping was at least twelve inches. It looked almost like a third leg if she wasn’t focusing her eyes one it.

“When can I call a turn?” Leo asked with a sly smile. He spat in one of his hands as he jerked his foot long weapon.

“Well,” Angie began as he stopped sucking and stroked Tommy as she answered. “Tommy here is barely holding back. Give me a few seconds, and maybe I will give you a turn. That fucking beast looks like fun.”

“I am not that close,” Tommy pleaded to Angie. It sounded so innocent compared to Leo.

“Oh, don’t whine Tommy,” Leo said as he watched Angie go back to polishing Tommy’s stick. “I know it’s been months since you landed any action. Just enjoy it, and I am sure you can have fun again in a few minutes. Just blow your load man, I bet she swallows.”

Listening to Leo tell his friend to just blow his load told Angie all she needed to know about him. He was more aggressive than Tommy and probably more experienced too. Having dick, his size was likely something the local girls had heard about. She knew one of the guys back on campus had been packing a monster cock. Several of the girls she knew had thrown themselves even though he wasn’t the best looking guy.

“Do as your friend says, Tommy,” Angie told Tommy as she alternated between strokes and her mouth. “Just bust that nut! I do swallow! Gimme!”

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