Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation 4: Futa Mommy’s Naughty Plan

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Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation

Chapter Four: Futa Mommy’s Naughty Plan

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Sky Marlow

I am so bored waiting for Mrs. Matthews to get here so I can fuck her brains out! I texted to my bestest best friend, Natalie. I’m going to explode.

You’re going for a reverend’s wife and I’m going for your mom, Natalie typed back. This is one messed up day. I can’t believe you and your mom had sex. That’s so fucking hot.

I know. I added a winky face emoji.

I lay on Georgia’s bed. I was waiting in her room for her mother to come home. Of course, when I sat out on my plan to seduce the reverend’s wife with my clit that could turn into a dick, only the reverend himself would be home. He was puttering around downstairs.

I swear if he blew this for me…

Well, I am at your house and about to ring the doorbell. A picture came over, downloading in a few seconds to show my friend standing before my front door. She had taken a sultry selfie, her tan face looking so sexy. She had her hair dyed blue right now and falling in a pixie bob around her cute face. A diamond nose stud glinted on her right nostril. Her lips were spread wide. She wore a blue tank top. Going to go to town on your Mom’s V. That’s a promise! A second pic came in. This time she had her fingers forming a V and pressed against her lips. She waggled her pierced tongue through them.

The international sign of vag munching.

You will be in for a big surprise, I sent and giggled. Mom would have a big, huge futa-dick to fuck Natalie with. Shame I couldn’t be there to join in the fun, but this way Mom wouldn’t stop me. She was clearly out to keep me from fucking married MILFs.

Something about the sanctity of marriage.

There was fucking and being fucked. I had learned that. Mom was pushing forty and still didn’t know this simple fact. It was sad. She had only been with Dad before that naughty futa-demon gave me my girl-cock.

Now I had enjoyed all of Mom’s holes. And she had enjoyed all of my holes. I rolled over onto my back, frustration rippling over me. I thrust my feet up in the air and stared at the pink toenail polish. Maybe I should paint them red.

At least it would be something to do. Where was Mrs. Matthews?

Then my phone rang.


Madeline Marlow

The doorbell rang, but I didn’t have time to deal with that. I had to deal with my daughter. I hurried downstairs, hastily wrapped in my robe. The doorbell rang again as I spotted my discarded purse and clothing from when I stripped naked to seduce my daughter.

I hardly felt any shame at that act. I had sacrificed my body to protect the virtue of other married women. I was divorced and had already succumbed to my futa-daughter’s depraved passion. The futa-angel supported me. I could feel her agitation right now.

You have to stop her, she said, sounding just like my own thoughts. It was hard to pick her out sometime. Please, Madeline. That’s why I chose you.

I found my phone and dialed my daughter.



The phone picked up. “Sup, Mom. You woke up.”

“Where are you?” I cooed, trying to sound so sultry and sexy.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” my daughter purred. Sky sounded so naughty.

“The Matthews?” I asked.

“What, no,” she said, but a little too forcibly.

Pain rippled through me. My daughter had said she loved me. For a while, I thought we had forged a real connection, but she had already run off to fuck another woman. I couldn’t believe I was feeling jealous, but I was.

It hurt that she didn’t want just me.

“Is she there?” I demanded.

“No,” she sighed. “What do you want. Natalie’s at the door for you?”

“Mrs. Marlow!” came through the front door.


“It’s me, Natalie. Sky said I should stop on by. That you would want to have a talk with me. I’ve very good with oral.”

“You little slut,” I gasped at my daughter.

“Mom!” she said in mock shock. “Such language. I should wash your mouth out with soap for saying that naughty word.”

“You sent your friend over to distract me!”

“See, you get to fuck a cute, young thing, and I get to fuck a hot, sexy MILF. It’s win-win, Mom! What’s the problem?”

“Mrs. Matthews is married! You’re going to ruin things for her.”

“It’s not my fault she couldn’t resist my big, thick, throbbing futa-dick.” My daughter had a wicked purr in her voice. “Maybe she won’t be a whore like you and stay committed to being a good, Christian woman. Anyways, Natalie’s going to make your day. Open the door and show her your mommy-cock. I didn’t tell her. It’s a surprise.”

My dick throbbed. Natalie was the little slut who’d ruined my daughter. I could fuck her hard. Just pound her. My futa-cock throbbed. The phone went dead. Sky had hung up while Natalie muttered on my porch. She sounded mad. About to leave. I could let her go, but…

I swallowed and then marched to the door, my futa-dick aching too much.

You can’t give in to the temptation of having relations with that cute, young thing, moaned Grace. The futa-angel’s pleading face appeared in the reflection of a picture of my daughter and me from a few years ago. Back when she was still a good girl. Avoid temptation.


I couldn’t offer my daughter married MILFs, but what could I offer her? Ideas popped into my head as I wrenched open the door. Natalie was there. She whirled around and then grinned at the sight of me in my robe. She put on a sultry look.

“So,” she said. “Sky claims your down to clown.” She arched an eyebrow. “That means—”

“Get up to my room, get naked, and I will come for you,” I snapped with all the mommy authority I had in me.

She shuddered and gasped in almost orgasmic rapture, “Yes, Mrs. Marlow!”

She raced past me and tore up the stairs, her rump shaking in her jeans. My futa-cock twitched so hard, it pressed out the slit of my robe. I shivered, my pussy on fire, too. I had to fuck that girl, but I needed to make some calls.

First, I called Helena Matthews, the reverend’s wife. The phone rang twice. “Hey, Madeline,” she answered. “How are you? You and Sky both left church early. Everything okay?”

“You know Sky,” I said.

“Yeah, my husband says she’s at my house waiting for Georgia to come home for a study date.”

“Listen, I can’t bring out the meals tonight,” I said. “Something’s come up. Can you cover for me? They’re all in the church’s kitchen.”

“Oh, sure,” she said. “I hope it’s not serious.”

“It is,” I said, stroking my futa-cock with my right hand. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Hope it all works out,.”

“Me, too.” I hung up and shuddered. The church provided meals to a half-dozen elderly members of the congregation. That would keep Helena busy for the next hour or two. Then I found Georgia’s number. If she was out, too…

“Hello,” Georgia answered. “Mrs. Marlow? Is it about my study session with Sky tonight?”

“Yes, she was hoping you could meet her at my place instead of yours,” I said. “Well, not Sky. She’s grounded so she can’t leave the house. Will you do that for me?”

“Sure, Mrs. Marlow,” the girl said brightly. “I’ll be there in fifteen or so minutes.”

“Perfect,” I purred. “I have to cook up something. That’ll give me plenty of time. Just come on in when you get here.”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Marlow.”

What are you up to? Grace asked.

I’m baiting a trap for my daughter, I said. Georgia’s a virgin. There’s no way my depraved daughter can avoid the temptation of fucking a virgin. She’ll want to deflower her. She’ll come running back to mommy. Then I’ll make sure she stays put.

But what about Georgia? asked Grace. You’re leading her into sin.

She’s not married, I pointed out, my dick throbbing. Georgia was such a cute, young thing. Not like Sky at all. Innocent. Adorable. Delicious. I groaned and headed to the stairs. Natalie should be nice and naked by now. She would pass the time nicely until Georgia was here.

I would make sure my daughter never fucked a married woman even if I had to find every virgin in the city to keep her distracted. Sky wouldn’t ruin any marriages. I would be there, watching, making sure she enjoyed them thoroughly.

We could enjoy them together.

This is a naughty plan, whimpered Grace. Are you sure you should be doing this?

Of course, I said. It’s what the futa-cock you gave me wants to do. It’s so hard and throbbing to fuck cute girls. If Sky can cheat on me, then I can cheat on her. It’s only fair. I smiled, the hurt prickling across my heart fading.

O-okay, Grace said. If you think this is the best way, Madeline.

Mommy always knows best, I purred and headed down the hallway to my bedroom.

Natalie waited naked on the bed. The girl had a sultry smile on her lip. She grinned at me as I opened my robe and exposed my naked body. I let it drop down my back. She squirmed on the rumbled sheets, wiggling her rump.

“I’m right in a wet spot,” she moaned. “You and Sky must have been squirting! Ooh, I wish I could have been here and…”

Her words trailed off as she finally noticed that extra bit I had thrusting out from my pussy lips. She bolted upright. Her jaw dropped as she stared at my crotch. Her eyes bulged at the sight of it. She blinked, did a double take. Then a triple take. She groaned.

“You have a dick,” she whimpered, her voice faint.

“Yes, I do,” I purred, drinking in the form of the little harlot who had turned my baby girl into a complete whore.

Natalie still shuddered in shock, her round breasts quivering. They were nice and plump, bigger than my daughter’s. Real handfuls I could play with. I shuddered and drew my eyes down to her shaved cunt on display.

It was my turn to have a double-take. My daughter had a nipple piercing, but Natalie had her clit pierced. I couldn’t believe she had threaded that sensitive bud with anything. My futa-cock throbbed in sympathy.

“You have a cock, Mrs. Marlow,” Natalie moaned. “Okay, okay, you’re a futanari. That shit is hot. I didn’t know futas were real. How? Why?” She sat up and ran her lips over her tongue. “You know what, never mind. Do not care. I just want to gaziantep escort kızlar suck that big mommy dick.”

“Do you?” I asked, advancing towards the bed while she crawled to the edge to meet me. Her round breasts swayed. I could see her naked back now. She had angel wings tattooed down them in some mock parody of Grace.

“Yes!” she gasped. “A futa-MILF. That is like the hottest fucking thing in the world. My pussy is literally creaming right now. I am so fucking wet.”

I grinned at her enthusiasm. “That’s great to hear. I’m glad you’re horny for it.”

She nodded, her eyes so wide. “And look at what I have.” She thrust out her tongue, revealing she had a stud pierced through it. She waggled it up and down at me. Then she sucked it back into her mouth. “Guys love it when I blow them.”

“Well, you are just full of naughty surprises,” I purred, wanting to do things with this nubile, barely legal girl. I was a naughty mommy now. A naughty futa-mommy.

“You’re one to talk, Mrs. Marlow!” She grabbed my dick with her right hand and pulled me the last few inches to her lips. “Look at this big girl. Ooh, if I knew you were hiding this… God, I would have been banging down your bedroom door. Do you know how many times I tried to seduce you?”

I blinked at that. “What?”

“I would prance around this house just hoping you would notice me. I would let you overhear me whispering naughty things to Sky. I wanted you to get hot and wet and come onto me, but you never did. You just sniffed in disapproval.”

“That was the old me,” I groaned. “I’ve had an awakening.”

“Mmm, yes,” she moaned and then licked the tip.

I gasped as the round end of the tongue stud pressed on the tip of my dick. It was hard and stroked over my spongy crown. I shuddered at it sliding into the slit. Then she flicked past. It contrasted with the silky texture of her tongue.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped, my pussy clenching. “Oh, wow, that felt so naughty. Mmm, what did you just do to me?”

She winked at me and then licked me again. And again. Her tongue and the stud caressed me, teased me. My dick throbbed in her right hand. She groaned, her blue hair swaying. I could see her darker roots. She kissed the tip.

Then her lips slid over my crown. Her mouth opened wide. She moaned the entire time, her tongue stud pressing into the bottom of my dick. I threw back my head, my big boobs bouncing. It was such a heady thrill to have her sucking on my futa-cock.

I groaned at it. I shuddered, savoring the pleasure of her tongue swirling around my dick. She did such wicked and naughty things to me. My hands grabbed her head, digging into her hair. She rubbed her tongue stud into my girl-cock.

“Oh, Natalie, you nasty slut!” I hissed. “Oh, yes, yes, you’re just a whore, aren’t you?”

She whimpered.

“Yeah, a big whore for my mommy-dick.” I grinned at her. “You’re going to help me out, aren’t you?”

She nodded.

I grinned and savored my daughter’s slutty friend swirling her tongue around the crown of my cock. The tongue stud felt so good against it. Her cheeks hollowed. She was so good at this. My cunt clenched. This wild heat rushed over me. I shuddered as I savored her sucking. Slurping. She worshiped my girl-dick.

My pussy clenched. The pressure swelled and swelled in my ovaries. I bit my lip. I threw my head back, my boobs bouncing before me. She worked that naughty mouth up and down my futa-cock with hunger. She bobbed her head, sucking when she slid up.

The pressure built and built and built in my ovaries. I rose towards that moment of eruption. That point when I would bathe her mouth in my cum. Her back flexed as she moved, rippling those angel wings.

“You’re no angel, are you?” I panted. “You’re a fallen angel. A demon!”

Natalie squealed around my dick.

“Yeah, you know just how to tempt me,” I panted. “You sexy, wanton slut. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

She sucked harder. My pussy clenched, my ovaries tightening. I had that load of futa-cum to fire into her mouth. I would baste her. just fire my spunk to the back of her throat. It would feel incredible. I shuddered, the heat swelling and swelling in me. I groaned at how good this felt. How amazing it was to have her nursing on my dick. My face scrunched up as she sucked with such passion.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. The juices ran down my thighs. I sucked in such deep breaths. I loved every moment of her nursing on me. It was fantastic. A naughty rush to experience. My chest rose and fell while she nursed on me with all her hunger. All her might. She wanted me to cum. To just flood her mouth with my jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “You naughty slut, I’m almost there.”

Her tongue stud swept up my shaft to my crown. She swirled around it as she sucked, massaging me with that naughty hardness. My body bucked from the pleasure. My breasts smacked together. With a squealed, I erupted.

“Oh, Lord, yes!”

I pumped blast after blast of my cum into her mouth. The pleasure slammed into my mind. I shuddered at the blaze of heat that swept through my thoughts. It was incredible. Perfect. I loved every moment of this.

Stars danced across my vision. I groaned, pumping my spunk into her mouth. My pussy convulsed. The dual delights rushed through my mind. I shuddered, my boobs smacking together. I squeezed my eyes shut.


She gulped down my cum as my pleasure hit that wild peak. I swayed from side to side, shifting my feet to keep my balance. I sucked in deep breaths as she nursed out the last of my futa-cum.

I descended into bliss.

This had been amazing to enjoy. I was so glad to experience Natalie’s tongue stud. I groaned as she slid her lips off with a wet plop. She panted and stared up at me, drool and my futa-cum dripping down her chin.

“Mrs. Marlow, that was the most cum anyone’s ever fired into my belly.”

I smiled at her. “Of course. I’m a futa-mommy, aren’t I?”

“God, yes,” she moaned. “Will you fuck me?”

“How are whores fucked?” I asked her.

“On their hands and knees!” she moaned and spun around.


Sky Marlow

Where was Mrs. Matthews?

I sighed as I sat on Georgia’s bed. I was getting so frustrated here. I just wanted to enjoy that MILF. What was taking her so long to get back? It had been ten minutes since Mom had called me. She would be well distracted by Natalie by now.

I texted Natalie, How’s it going?


Madeline Marlow

Natalie turned around to face away, her rump aimed at me. Her phone chirped. She grabbed it and giggled. “It’s going great,” she spoke as she typed on her phone. “You didn’t tell me your mom had a big dick! Ooh, I drank down her cum!”

I smiled as she spoke what she texted. “Put that way.”


Her butt-cheek quivered from my spanking. She gasped, her head throwing back. “Yes, Mrs. Marlow!” She tossed her phone on the nightstand. It chirped again. “I’m all yours!”

I grinned at her, staring at her ass. I bet she was the sort of girl that could take a dick in any hole. I would just slam into her ass. Feel her up with the full girth of my dick. It would be amazing. I pressed my dick into her butt-crack.

“Ooh, Mrs. Marlow,” the girl moaned. “You going for my backdoor, huh?”

“You love it up the ass, don’t you?” I purred, sliding down to find her butthole.

“Yes!” she hissed as I pressed right on her sphincter. “Just ram that big girl in me, Mrs. Marlow. I’ll make you feel incredible.”

“That’s what I want to hear from you,” I panted.

I pressed my cock against her asshole. My big mommy breasts jiggled from side to side. She groaned, her asshole widening to swallow my cock. She whimpered and groaned, her back arching, her angel wing tattoo flexing as she squirmed.

Then I popped in. Her naughty asshole swallowed the crown of my dick. I shuddered as I slid into Natalie’s asshole. The girl moaned while I groaned. It felt incredible. The pleasure of working deeper and deeper into her asshole was outstanding to feel.

“Mrs. Fucking Marlow!” she gasped. “That’s—”


“Show me some respect!” I hissed. “Don’t put a curse word in my name, you little slut.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Mrs. Fucking Marlow,” she moaned, a teasing manner in her voice.

She was just like Sky.


Her asshole clamped down around my cock as I thrust into on the heels of delivering the spank. Her red asscheek jiggled from the impact. I groaned, savoring the feel of being in her. She felt so incredible wrapped around my dick. Her velvety bowels gripped me as I drew back, massaging me.

“Oh, Mrs. Marlow,” she groaned. “Mrs. Fucking Marlow, you are amazing.”

“And you don’t learn,” I groaned, plunging into her bowels and raising up my hand. “I’ll make you learn.”

“Yes, yes, make me into a good, little girl!”


“If I can’t make a slut like you into a good girl,” I panted, thrusting away at her bowels, feeling the sting across my hand. “I’ll just make you into my whore.”

Whore? I questioned my self. No, no, it was Grace. Madeline.

I know what I’m doing, I thought to her as I pumped away at Natalie’s asshole.

“Oh, I will be your whore, Mrs. Fucking Marlow!” she moaned.


She squealed in delight, her bowels gripping me. She liked the pain. I bet it made her so wet. I thrust my left hand around her waist as I buried into her asshole again and again. The pleasure swelled at the tip of my cock.

I found her pussy and the clit piercing. Her juices soaked my fingers. I grabbed her cunt jewelry and twisted the ring. She gasped in delight. Her head threw back while her asshole squeezed so tight about my dick, her anal sheath almost became a vice.

It felt incredible.

“Oh, Mrs. Fucking Marlow!” she moaned. “Ooh, make me into your complete whore. I want to worship your big futa-dick!”

“Yes!” I moaned, twisting that piercing.


“You’ll be mine. You and Sky both!”

I thrust away at her reddened ass, burying my girl-dick over and over into her bowels. The pressure swelled at the tip of my futa-cock. The ache matched the growing heat in my ovaries. My spunk wanted to burst out of me. My pussy clenched, on fire from the friction melting delight up my shaft.

My boobs heaved as I pounded Natalie’s asshole. She moaned, rocking back into my thrusts. It was incredible to feel. Her bowels squeezed about me, bringing me closer and closer to cumming. To spurting my jizz into her asshole.

It would be incredible to do that. An amazing delight.

My finger twisted and tugged on her clit piercing. She gasped and moaned. Her short bob of blue hair swayed over her cheeks. She groaned, clamping her asshole down tight on my cock. I came closer and closer to erupting. To spurting all my cum into her bowels.

But she reached there first.

“Mrs. Fucking Marlow!” she howled. Her asshole went wild about my cock as I pulled back.


“Yes, yes, yes! I’m such a bad slut, Mrs. Fucking MARLOW!”


“Oh, god, I’m yours! I’m your whore!”

“Then say my name right, slut!” I panted, burying my cock into the spasming depths of her asshole over and over again.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she gasped. “Mrs. Marlow! Mrs. Marlow!”

I groaned and plunged my cock to the hilt in her asshole. My crotch rubbed into her reddened ass. I threw back my head, my tits heaving before me. My futa-cum burst out of me. Spurt after wild spurt of my jizz basted her bowels. I groaned as her hot flesh massaged me.

The heat slammed through my body as, distantly, I heard the front door open and close. I shuddered, spurting blast after blast of jizz into Natalie’s bowels. I flooded her anal sheath. My cunt convulsed, juices soaking my bush as waves of rapture filled my mind.

“Oh, my god, that’s good!” Natalie moaned, her asshole rippling around my dick. “Mrs. Marlow, that’s so good.”

“It is!” I moaned.

“Mrs. Marlow?” called from downstairs.

“I’m up here, Georgia!” I moaned, the naughty Natalie’s bowels working out the last of my cum.

Footsteps padded up the stairs. I shuddered as the reverend’s virgin daughter came closer and closer to finding us. I grinned, so eager for this fun. She reached the second floor and headed down the hallway to my room.

“Mrs. Marlow?” she asked again.

“In here,” I told her. “I have a big surprise for you.

“Oh, yes,” Natalie.

I pulled out of her asshole just as Georgia entered. She gasped and clamped her hands over her mouth at the sight of my futa-dick bouncing out before me fresh from Natalie’s bowels. My big boobs swayed. The girl’s eyes bulged.

“M-M-Mrs. Marlow?” she stammered.

“It’s okay, dear,” I cooed to her. “Don’t you worry. I won’t hurt you.”

“W-what is that?” she asked.

“It’s my mommy-cock,” I said, slipping off the bed and padding to her. She stared at my dick. “I love cute and adorable girls with it.”

“And naughty whores!” added Natalie.

“And naughty whores,” I said, pulling Georgia’s hands from her face. “But you don’t have to worry about being one of those, do you? You’re a good girl who always obeys her elders.”

“M-Mrs. Marlow, this is all so… so… sinful. You’re women, and you have a penis… and…” Tears beaded the corners of her blue eyes.

I brushed aside a strand of her black hair and tucked it behind her ear. She shuddered as I did that. I was almost her height. I leaned in and smiled at her. She shivered in such a delectable way. Her cheeks blossomed with color.

“You’re going to do everything I tell you,” I purred, “because, if you do, you’ll get a big reward. How does that sound?”

“Reward?” she asked, her voice tight.

“Yes,” I cooed. “A yummy reward that good girls get from futa-mommies like me.”

“Futa… mommy?”

I kissed her while she stood there trembling. I placed my lips gently on hers. She was an innocent girl. I didn’t want to frighten her off. She groaned against me. Her body trembled. Her blue eyes widened.

I nibbled on her lower lip, my hands cupping her face. I kissed her with such gentle passion, but it grew hotter. She was such a delectable thing. I knew this was wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself. This felt so amazing.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She gasped and stiffened. She whimpered, but she didn’t pull away. I brushed my tongue against hers. I stroked her. I teased her. I fluttered around in her mouth. She shuddered as I explored her oral cavity.

Then her tongue moved against mine. She whimpered, her eyes squeezing shut. Her lips moved. She melted into the kiss. Just like I had with Sky, she was falling under the passion of my futa-dick.

The bed creaked. Natalie watched, but she didn’t say a word. Maybe she realized that would break the spell on Georgia.

My hand slid down from her face, caressing over her neck, to her shoulders. She wore a t-shirt. I caressed down the front of her top to her small breasts. She stiffened for a moment. Then she whimpered as I massaged her tits.

They were small like Sky’s. But I doubted Georgia had a pierced nipple like my daughter did. The girl whimpered and moaned. I found her nipples. I massaged her with my thumbs, loving the feel of her nubs poking against her bra.

She sighed.

I had her. She was my good girl now. My bait to get my futa-daughter back.

I broke the kiss, and Georgia whimpered, that confused look brimming in her eyes. I loved it. I rubbed my nose against hers, a big grin on my face. She licked her lips, breathing heavily. My fingers massaged both her buds.

“We need to get you naked,” I purred and grabbed the fabric of her t-shirt and drew it up her body.

“M-Mrs. Marlow,” she groaned, “I’m so confused. Why are you doing this?”

“Because I love cute, adorable girls now,” I said, pulling her shirt up. “Because I’m a futa.”

“A futa-MILF!” the slut on the bed said. “I’m Natalie, by the way. Sky’s best friend.”

“I’ve heard of you,” Georgia said. “Did you corrupt Mrs. Marlow like you did her? Sky used to be a good girl.”

“And she’ll be one again with your help, Georgia,” I said, her shirt bunching up at her underarms. The nineteen-year-old girl thrust hers up in the air and let me pull them off. “Isn’t that exciting?”

“I just… I don’t understand how doing these wicked things does that,” she whimpered. Her black hair spilling out from the neck hole of the shirt as I pulled it off of her head. I threw it down.

“Because she’s a wicked and naughty slut who’s over at your house right now to seduce your mother into having sex. We can’t have that, can we?”

Georgia’s blue eyes widened. “No! No, we can’t. Mom wouldn’t do that. She’s a good wife.”

“And we’re going to keep it that way,” I said, cupping her face. “Me and you are going to save your mother from temptation, and make Sky into a good girl again. Just like I did with Natalie.”

“I’m such a good girl slut for that big mommy-dick,” Natalie moaned.

“O-okay,” Georgia said, her cheeks blushing.

“Mmm, is your little pussy simmering away?” I asked her, glancing down at the blue bra she had on. It was a soft shade, almost a periwinkle, and had little white flowers printed across the cups. They covered her small breasts. A’s. Adorable. “Huh?”

“I… my vagina is… it’s all…”

“Your pussy is wet and juicy, right?” I cooed, reaching behind her and finding the fastener of her bra.

“Y-yes, Mrs. Marlow,” she groaned.

I unsnapped her bra and said, “Say it. Say, ‘My pussy is wet and juicy for you, Mrs. Marlow.’”

She swallowed as I pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders. The cups came away from her little titties. They were so perky, just like Sky’s. Barely budding mounds topped by soft-pink nipples. I cupped them and massaged them.

“Say it,” I purred. “Make me happy. Be a good girl.”

“Yes, Mrs. Marlow.” Her blue eyes grew glassy as I rubbed at her nipples directly. “My… my pussy is wet and juicy for you, Mrs. Marlow!”

I loved how she squeaked that out. I smiled in delight, ducked my head down, and sucked on her nipple. She gasped. Her little nub felt so wonderful between my mouth. A cute and delectable treat for me to enjoy.

The bedsprings creaked as Natalie shifted on it. I wondered what that naughty girl was up to. But I had this delicious and adorable nipple in my mouth. I just had to love it, showing Georgia how a futa-mommy took care of her good girls.

Georgia whimpered and moaned. Her soft sighs sang in my ears. I stroked her hips as I loved her nub. My tongue danced around it, stroking her areola. I caressed her pink skin, making her shudder and whimper.

“Can I join?” Natalie asked. I heard her feet padding closer.

I popped my mouth off to purr, “Yes!”

I latched back onto Georgia’s pink nipple. My tongue danced around her bud. She groaned, her face twisting in delight. I sucked on her again and again, loving every moment of nursing on her little boob.

The sounds she made were so exciting to my ears. Her head swayed back and forth. Her face scrunched up in delight. She moaned out her passion. She made such wickedly delicious sounds as I loved her nub.

Then Natalie slid in, cooing, “You got cute boobies, Georgia.”

“T-thanks,” stammered the innocent girl.

Natalie latched on. She sucked with hunger. I loved the sounds she made. They were so exciting. We were both sucking and nursing on Georgia’s buds. The virgin gasped. Her passion grew louder and louder.

My hands slid down her sides while drool ran down my chin. I reached her jeans. I followed the belt loops to her fly. I sucked hard on her nipple. She squealed in delight. At the same time, I popped open the fastener of her pants. Her zipper rasped down.

I tugged off her pants, working them off her hips with such an eager delight. I would do such naughty things to her. I would make her explode. It would be so hot. She would have such an amazing cum.

“Mrs. Marlow,” groaned Georgia as her jeans worked down to her feet.

My hands traveled back up her legs as I pulled my lips from her nipple. I stared down at her panties. They were just so adorable. They were the same blue with the white flowers. They had a bit of lace around the edges. So girlish.

“Oh, what cute panties,” I said and thrust my fingers into the waistband. “I bet what’s beneath is just as cute.”

“Mmm,” Natalie purred between sucks.

I sank to my knees and then tugged down the panties. I licked my lips as the waistband rolled off her hips and over her rump. Her black bush appeared, silky curls sprang up as the elastic waistband slid past them. More and more hairs appeared along with a spicy musk that perfumed the air.

What an exciting flavor for her virgin pussy to have.

I rolled the panties down, her slit peeking through her dark curls. Dew matted those lower hairs, gleaming on them, showing off Georgia’s excitement. My futa-dick throbbed with such motherly lust for this young girl.

Nineteen. A virgin. I groaned, so eager to fuck her hard. She would be such a good girl for me. I wanted to have all the good girls loving my mommy-dick. If Sky wouldn’t just be mine, then I would have them all.

I pushed down that pain again. Sky was always hurting me. She was young, but she would mature.

I pulled the panties down to Georgia’s feet. She stepped out of them and her jeans. I held up her panties and rubbed them against my face. I felt the warmth, her crotch wet. That spicy musk was so intoxicating.

“You smell so good, Georgia,” I purred.

“I do?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, you have a yummy smelling pussy.” I licked her panties, tasting cotton and young cunt. “Just delicious.”

Natalie popped her mouth off the girl’s nipple and ducked her head down. “Oh, that does smell so good. I want to lick her.”

“You can suck clean my dick that you dirtied with your naughty asshole,” I said. “I’m going to eat out Georgia.”

“Ooh, I can do that, Mrs. Marlow,” Natalie said, her diamond stud gleaming in her nose. She licked her lips.

“Y-you fucked her in the butt?” gasped Georgia.

“She was a slut,” I said.

“Now I’m her slut,” moaned Natalie.

I grabbed Georgia by the hips and turned her about, shifting on my knees. Then I pressed her back towards my bed. She squealed, her arms hugging herself. She was nervous. It was so adorable. I would show her she had nothing to fear from me. I would make her cum so hard.

I shuffled on my knees, my dirty futa-dick bobbing before me. The scent of Georgia’s spicy cunt filled my nose. I breathed in that wonderful musk. It was such an intoxicating scent. I groaned and then pushed her all the way back.

She hit the bed and sank down on it with a squeak.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she whimpered. “Are you…?”

“Am I what?” I asked, my hands sliding up her thighs, my eyes locked on her pussy.

“Are you going to… to lick my… my pussy?”

I smiled and answered with my actions. I pressed my face into her black bush. Her silky curls rustled over my face moments before I kissed at her virgin twat. I licked at her slit, sliding my tongue up her plump vulva and gathering her spicy juices.

As I did, Natalie ducked her head down and sucked my dirty futa-dick into her mouth. Her lips didn’t hesitate to slide over my cock again. She nursed with passion, buffing my dick clean of her ass with her hungry suckles.

I groaned, my pussy clenching as she polished my pole. I kept licking at Georgia’s virgin slit, gathering up her juices and loving the taste of her. she had such a yummy pussy. Such a delight for me to enjoy. I parted her folds and slid across her hymen.

I lapped at her virgin pussy. I enjoyed the taste of her while Natalie sucked on my cock. She swirled that naughty tongue stud around my dirty dick, polishing my dick clean of her ass. She sent such pleasure through me that animated my actions.

I licked. I lapped. I feasted on the virgin cunt before me.

“Oh, Mrs. Marlow,” gasped Georgia, her voice so throaty. “This is… Oh, this feels so different. Oh, my.”

“Just enjoy, honey,” I cooed.

I licked and lapped and fluttered my tongue up and down her pussy folds. I caressed her. I dragged my tongue up her snatch and savored the way she shuddered. I shivered myself, my big boobs jiggling. I had Natalie’s wonderful mouth nursing just on the tip of my cock.

She couldn’t do more with her head upside down. But she did suckle on it. She loved my mommy-dick with such hunger. My pussy drank in the pleasure. It was amazing to feel. My futa-cock throbbed in her mouth, the pressure building at the tip.

I licked across Georgia’s hymen over and over again. I brushed her clit. I loved the way she shuddered and groaned. The moans she made were delicious. Such a treat for me to enjoy. I sucked and nibbled on her clit.

She trembled and whimpered. Her face twisted with delight. She came closer and closer to that moment of climaxing. Her head tossed back and forth. She squirmed in place and humped against my face.

“Oh, Mrs. Marlow!” she whimpered. “So good.”

“So tasty,” I purred, licking up her spicy, virgin juices.

“Oh, gosh, that’s embarrassing,” she groaned. “Really?”

“Uh-huh,” I panted and licked again.

Natalie sucked hard on my girl-dick as I did. My ovaries clenched, her naughty mouth bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. I slid my tongue up Georgia’s slit to her little clit. I swirled around her bud. She gasped and trembled, her whimpers echoing through my bedroom.

I sucked hard on her clit.

Georgia gasped. Her body bucked. Her pussy cream gushed into my mouth. That virgin wash of spicy juices splashed across my lips. The girl bucked on the bed. Her delicious moans echoed through the bedroom.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she squealed as she had her first orgasm from another person. Her thighs squeezed about my head, holding me in place. “Oh, my Lord!”

“You’re cumming!” I gasped in delight, my pussy clenching. Natalie sucked hard on my futa-cock. Her tongue stud roamed over the spongy crown. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Yes!” the virgin gasped.

The sounds of her passion echoed through the room. They reverberated off the walls. They were such a wicked thing to hear. She trembled through her climax’s bliss. Her pussy grinding on my mouth. I licked at her. I feasted on her as my own twat grew hotter. My ovaries reached towards a boil, fed by Natalie’s sucking.

She nursed with her passion. Her tongue and stud caressed all the naughty bits around my dick. They were incredible to experience. My face twisted in rapture. I trembled at the heat that rippled through my body. I groaned and shuddered, savoring this wonderful ecstasy. It was incredible to feel.

“Yes!” I gasped and erupted.

My futa-cum fired into Natalie’s hungry mouth. My good, little whore drank it down while my good, little girl shuddered on the bed. I lapped up the spicy cream. I savored it while the pleasure rushed through my body. My cunt convulsed. My cock erupted over and over again.

I pumped my jizz into Natalie’s mouth while my pussy cream flooded down my shaft to her lips wrapped around my futa-dick. I savored the dual delights cumming as a futa gave me. The pleasure burned across my thoughts. They were such a wonderful treat to enjoy.

“Oh, Lord, this is amazing!” I moaned.

“It is, Mrs. Marlow,” the virgin whimpered. Her little titties quivered. “I can’t believe this. Oh, wow.”

I hit the peak of my pleasure. My mind melted beneath the delight firing from my cock and flooding out of my cunt. I trembled there, my heart pounding in my chest. The wild beat surged through me. It was incredible to feel.

I rubbed my face into Georgia’s black-furred muff, savoring her wet curls rubbing on my cheeks. I reveled in her juices. Natalie sucked a final time, sending a naughty shiver through my body, then she popped her mouth off my cock.

“So good,” the slut purred.

“Oh, Mrs. Marlow, I enjoyed it,” panted Georgia.

“I know you did,” I purred, lifting my face from her twat. “You drowned me in all that cream.”

She blushed so prettily.

“Natalie, grab my phone,” I said, rising up and placing my cock against my Georgia’s pussy. I nestled it right against her pussy lips. I felt her hymen. I could just ram forward. Feel her cherry popping beneath my dick.

I thought you were going to save her for Sky? I thought. I wasn’t sure if that was Grace or my own thoughts.

Maybe they were both. I wanted to fuck Georgia, but she was for my daughter. I couldn’t take that delight away from Sky. Being a mother meant making sacrifices for my child. I shuddered, though, savoring the delight of penetrating her twat and fucking her hard.

“Here you are, Mrs. Marlow,” Natalie said, thrusting my phone at me.


Sky Marlow

This was beyond tedious. Was Mrs. Marlow ever coming home?

I rolled over on my belly on Georgia’s bed. I had been here for nearly an hour. I groaned, wanting to just fuck someone. I’d fuck Georgia’s virgin pussy if she were here. Just slide my big girl-dick into her cunt until she squealed in delight.

My phone chimed. A text from Mom. With multimedia attached.

Frowning, I clicked the link. There was Georgia Matthews lying naked on my mother’s bed. My jaw dropped at the sight of her flushed body, her breasts quivering mounds, a smile on the innocent girl’s face that could only come from one source.

“You wicked bitch,” I gasped. Mom had seduced Georgia? I thought Mom was at home fucking Natalie. What was going on?

I scrolled down eagerly, my pussy on fire, my clit throbbing and aching to transform into a big clit-dick. I squirmed, my heart beating so fast. As the next one was a close up of Georgia’s black-furred muff. Fingers had her pussy lips parted and…

There was a membrane over her pussy hole. Georgia was a virgin.

Well, I knew that.

The next shot showed Mom’s cock poised to ram into Georgia’s pussy. To just slam into her and take that girl’s virginity. My cunt clenched. This wicked heat rushed through my body. I bit my lip as I read the actual message.

“I made sure that Mrs. Matthews won’t be home for hours,” Mom had texted. “Come home now, and you can enjoy Georgia’s cherry. She’s all wet and ready for you.”

“What if I wait here for hours?” I sent back angrily.

A knock rapped on the door and then Mr. Matthews poked in. “Oh, hey, your Mom just texted me. She needs you to get home right away.”

“You fucking bitch!” I texted my mother.

“Now, honey, come home. Mommy has a delicious, cherry delight for you to enjoy. I love you. I just want what’s best for my daughter.”

Fury rippled through me as I rolled off the bed. And lust. Oh, god, I really, really wanted to go home and fuck Georgia’s cherry. I bit my lip, my emotions in turmoil. What should I do? How should I handle this?

To be continued…

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