Fucked by My Hubby’s Friends Ch. 01

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Hi there. This is my first time posting so I’ll do my best. This is a true story of my crazy experience with my husband’s friends. I tried to describe it as best as I could. This was the first time something like this happened, but not the last. Depending on the response I get, I’ll write a follow up story.


My name is Nina, I’m Canadian-Lebanese [27 F], 5 ft 1, 115 pounds, and dark hair. This is the story of me and my husband [30, M, White] and his group of friends.

My husband and I have been married for a year and he is the only guy I have ever been with. Since we’ve been married, my husband has wanted me to get to know his friends better, which I was happy to do. They are a close knit group of 6 guys (including my husband) and my husband is the only one of them who is married.

The first time we were going to hang out with them was at a BBQ. I put on a t-shirt, jeans and flats. My husband saw me and said, “Oh, you’re wearing that?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I was thinking you could wear something a little more sexy. I want all my boys to see how gorgeous my wife is.” he replied with a grin.

“You want to show me off, huh,” I said smiling. “I’ll wear a dress.”

“Perfect!” he replied.

I went back to my closet to see what else I could wear. I love my soft legs and my ass is one of my best features, which is why I wear skirts and dresses all the time and feel very comfortable in them. I searched my closet and picked out a white floral mini dress. When we got to the BBQ, all the guys greeted me with a hug. I was the only girl there, but this didn’t bother me as I have a lot of guy friends and grew up with 2 brothers. We were there until 2 in the morning, had plenty to drink and eat, told a lot of jokes and the guys were all really nice to me.

We hung out almost every weekend after that. I became a part of their group. Every time I would go see them, I would always wear something sexy; a short dress or a mini skirt with a crop top. I loved the attention the guys gave me and I could tell that my husband was proud of having me as his wife.

One day my husband came to me and said he wants me to wear something special for the coming weekend. He had bought me a white mini skirt and a pink crop top online. The day came for us to go to his friend’s place. I put on the white skirt. It was by far the shortest and tightest skirt I had ever worn and had a slit on the side. The pink top was tight, revealed a good amount of cleavage and had no back. I didn’t wear a bra but put on a pink thong and heels and looked at myself in the mirror. The skirt was very short and slightly see through. My neon pink thong was easily visible through the skirt’s material.

I went to my husband and said, “Babe, I think this outfit is a bit too much. I don’t think I can sit in this skirt without showing too much and it’s see through. And can I wear another top?”

“Nonsense!” he responded. “You look fucking amazing! Don’t change a thing! Plus we’re getting late.”

“All right babe, if you say so,” I said. “Can I at least wear a lighter colour thong? This one is too bright and can easily be seen through the skirt.”

“No, it’s fine. Leave it, we’re getting late.” he said forcefully.

I reluctantly agreed and we drove to his friend’s place. I walked inside with my husband and all 5 of his friends instantly had their eyes fixated on me. I slowly walked to each one of them and gave them a hug. To be truthful, I was feeling slightly uncomfortable. I had to constantly pull the skirt down as it kept riding up with every step. I went and sat on the casino şirketleri couch in between two of his friends. My husband sat on a nearby chair, while the other 3 guys sat across from me. To my horror, when I sat down, my skirt rode up even more, giving a clear view of my neon pink thong to the guys sitting across from me. I could instantly tell that they noticed as I saw a smile on all their faces and their eyes fixated in the space between my legs. I stood up and re-adjusted my skirt, and sat back down. It was no use; the skirt rode up again and they got another peak. I tried to cross my legs, but that felt uncomfortable, as the skirt rose up from other side almost entirely. So, I finally decided to cut my losses and uncrossed my legs, pulled my skirt down slightly and sat with my legs together. The guys across from me still had a view of my thong, but I decided that it was okay. At least they couldn’t see what was under it, right? I glanced at my husband, who could tell what was happening. He offered me a reassuring smile and I felt better.

We started talking and joking around as usual. One of the guys got me a drink and I got more comfortable. His friend, Rodney, was sitting beside me put his arm around me and said, “So Nina, you’re looking amazing today. Even more spectacular than usual.”

“Thank you,” I said as I blushed and smile shyly.

Rodney slid his hand and rested it in the middle part of my lower back. My back was completely naked in my backless crop top. I felt a bit uncomfortable as he was doing this, but one of the other guys poured me another drink. I drank it to calm my nerves. Suddenly, his other friend, Ken, who was sitting on my left, rested his hand on my bare leg. I was shocked and instantly looked at my husband for some sort of reaction. He noticed it but did not flinch.

I decided to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I got up and my tiny skirt rode up even further, from the front and the back. I quickly pulled it down and took careful, calculated steps towards the bathroom. As I was walking away, I could feel all the guys staring at me. I heard them whispering to each other and laughing.

“Fuck, they can clearly see my thong through this ridiculous skirt!” I said to myself.

I picked up the pace and walked away to the bathroom. When I came out, I noticed the air around me become a lot cooler. The guys had turned up the air conditioning. I was freezing.

“Hey guys, do you mind turning down the A/C, please?” I asked. “It’s getting kinda chilly in here.”

“Sure thing”, said one of the guys as I took my original seat, this time more confidently adjusting my skirt.

But the air just kept on getting cooler. All the guys were fully clothed in pants and shirts while I was sitting there freezing in a micro mini skirt and a backless crop top. Then, something unexpected happened. The cool air caused my nipples to show through my top.

“Fuck Nina!” I said to myself. “Did you need to pick today of all days to not wear a bra?”

I adjusted my arms slightly to cover my chest so as to not make it obvious that my nipples were hard and could be seen through my top.

“Hey Nina” said one of the guys. “You mind pouring us all some drinks?”

“Damn it” I said to myself in my head. “How do I hide my chest now?”

There was a table in between us with a bunch of glasses and bottles. I sat on my knees and slowly started to pour the drinks. There was no way I could hide my nipples. The guys could clearly see them through my top. I quickly poured the last of the drinks and grabbed one for myself too as I took my seat again. The warm casino firmaları alcohol was soothing as it hit my throat.

A few moments later, I pulled my husband aside and said, “Babe, I think I want to leave. I’m honestly feeling a little uneasy with what I’m wearing and I think your friends turned up the A/C so they could see through my shirt.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he replied. “The guys love you, we’re all like a family. Just try to have a good time.”

“Okay babe. If you say so.”

I decided to loosen up a bit and sat back down. At this point, I figured it was too late to hide anything. They had already seen my neon pink thong under my skirt and my hard nipples popping through my shirt. So I went back to talking to the guys as normal.

As I had a couple more drinks, I noticed the two guys beside me, Rodney and Ken, started to get touchy with me; caressing my naked legs and stroking my back. My husband did not seem to notice (or care) and so I let them continue.

A while later, my husband said to me, “Honey, the four of us are going to go out for a bit. Why don’t you stay back with Ken and Rod?”

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Just out. I’ll be back soon, don’t worry. They’ll look after you.”

And with that, my husband had left his nearly naked wife with two of his friends who were feeling up her naked legs and back. The guys gave me a shot which I instantly took. I felt better and more calm. Rodney’s hand went higher up my legs to the hem of my skirt. I looked at him, then down at his hand on my leg and then back at him. He was staring back at me, smiling. I then felt a sensation on my other leg. I turned to look at Ken, who also slid his hand up my leg, playing with the hem of my skirt where the slit was.

“What are we doing here guys?” I asked.

“Don’t worry” said Rodney. “Just relax. He won’t mind.”

How could he not mind? I’m his wife for God’s sake! I’m a married woman and I committed to my husband. I need to put a stop to this. But…why would he leave me here? Why would he ask me to dress this way? Why didn’t he put a stop to them touching my naked legs and back? He must have known this would happen. This was all a set up. It must have been! My husband must have left his wife here so that his friends could fuck her! He must have! Right?

It was too late to deliberate this any further. The boys had already started to reach under my skirt. Ken pushed his fingers against my pussy rotating as Rodney started to kiss my neck. Within seconds, I was soaking wet. I spread my legs wide as I reached for both their crotches. They were both rock hard! Rodney kept biting my neck and shoulder while Ken continued to rub my pussy. I turned to Ken, unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers. What I saw was astonishing. A throbbing, pulsing cock, glistening from the tip. I put both legs on the couch, turned to Ken and faced my ass towards Rodney. I brought my head closer to Ken’s cock, gently licking the pre-cum off. Rodney pulled my soaking neon pink thong halfway down my legs, as I felt his wet lips french kiss my sweet, creamy pussy. I moaned in pleasure as I slowly started to take Ken’s cock in my mouth. He was much bigger than my husband and while I couldn’t take it all the way in, I did my very best. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my husband’s friends, after all! I started to aggressively suck his dick, bobbing my head up and down as he grabbed my hair and held it up to keep it out of the way. Rodney kept on french kissing my pussy while fingering it too. I moaned in pleasure as I kept on sucking.

“Is it my turn yet?” asked Rodney.

I güvenilir casino turned my big creamy ass towards Ken as I unzipped Rodney. His dick was even bigger than Ken’s. Huge, pulsating, throbbing and veiny! I was scared to take it in my mouth, but did so anyway. I moaned as I lathered his giant cock with my tongue, sucking aggressively, fiercely and as well as I knew how. Then suddenly, I felt a jolt of pleasure. Ken had inserted his cock into my wet, eager pussy. I moaned in pain, sucking Rodney’s cock while getting fucked by Ken.

“FUCK” I said to myself.

“She’s such a good girl” said Rodney. “I’m so glad we got this bitch!”

“Her pussy is nice man. So fucking fresh. I don’t think her man was giving it to her right. Was he giving it to you right, Nina?” Ken asked.

“No he wasn’t” I moaned in between breaths. “He didn’t fuck me right. I need you both to give it to me! I need it! I…FUCKING…NEED…IT!!!”

Ken kept on fucking me, picking up the pace. Suddenly he let out a loud cry, releasing his cum all over my pussy. Ken collapsed back on to the couch.

“My turn” said Rodney confidently. He made me stand up and bent me over the couch, with my mouth hanging over Ken’s cock. I took Ken’s cock in my mouth, gently licking and cleaning the cum off of it. Rodney grabbed me by my hips from behind as I was bent over, kicked one of my legs so as to spread my legs wider, making room for his monster cock. I felt the tip of his monster touch my innocent, cum-covered pussy. I let out a moan of anticipation and suddenly a loud scream as Rodney punched his massive dick into my tiny pussy. It was a jolt of pleasure and pain mixed together. Rodney was swift, skillful and confident in his technique. He was rough, forceful, and so fucking strong. I was getting fucked so aggressively by him that I had a hard time keeping my head straight while sucking Ken off.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!” I yelled as I was getting pounded by my husband’s best friends.

“I’m gonna cum inside you bitch, and I’m not pulling out” said Rodney angrily.

“NOOOO” I screamed. “Don’t cum inside me! Please…..don’t….it’s….not….safe…!”

Too late. Rodney unleashed a tsunami of his hot, white cum into my pussy. I screamed in pleasure as the waves of cum crashed against my insides. At this point, I didn’t care about the risks of having another man’s cum inside me. This was worth it. So fucking worth it. Rodney collapsed on the couch beside Ken. My legs were shaking and my toes curled up as my body weakened and I fell on my knees. I slowly crawled towards their cocks, and went on clean-up duty, sucking and licking off every last drop of cum.

“Go get cleaned up.” Rodney said, as he slapped me on my ass.

I walked towards the bathroom, weakly. I started to clean myself, my legs and my pussy which were covered in cum. Rodney’s cum was still leaking out of my pussy. I did the best I could and looked at myself in the mirror. My makeup had worn off, my hair was a mess, but my face was glowing. This was the face of a woman who just fucked 2 of her husband’s best friends. A woman who let her husband’s friend cum inside her. But it didn’t matter. None of it mattered. This was the best experience that I had ever had. And I would do it again. I hope to do it again. I have to…

I walked out of the bathroom to see that my husband and his other friends had returned.

“Hey babe,” my husband said smiling. “Did Rodney and Ken look after you?”

“Yes they did babe” I said as I looked at Rodney. Rodney winked back at me.

As we drove home, I kept thinking about the unbelievable experience I had. The amount of pleasure I felt. Did my husband know? Did he plan this? I didn’t have answers to these questions. What I did know is that this won’t be the last time this happens.

– Nina

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