Friend’s Wife Kalpana Pt. 02

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Kalpana accuses me. I blackmail her into having sex with me. I find out she has a seedier side! I try to push the envelope with her. Graphic descriptions of sex and panty fetishism.
Please read the preceding chapter…


Mahesh and Kalpana fussed over Murthy uncle when they got back, and I did not get a chance to talk to him for a while. But when I did, I found he was his usual self. “Murali, I don’t know how to thank you man. You are awesome. Let me recover, man, and we will have more adventures. I can’t wait!”

I was surprised when Kalpana was in my face one Sunday morning. She came to my apartment with some homemade stuff, to thank me for what I had done. But I was only thinking about her panties, to tell the truth. Was she wearing the one with orange and white stripes? I remember having made that one particularly wet with my cum as I jerked off that night at her house with her panties. Oh! How I wished to look up her skirt to see what she had under there. Did she realize that the stains were my semen? Did she make me out, find out that I had rummaged through her stuff and found her vibrator?

But fortunately, and to my disappointment, no. We made some small talk for a few minutes, and suddenly she became serious.

“Murali,” she asked, looking straight at me. “I wanted to ask you before, why was daddy in your house that morning?”

“What?” I was surprised. I had almost forgotten all about it. “Oh, I think the previous night, you know, we had some drinks and it became late and he decided to stay back.”

“They found a lot of alcohol in his blood. A lot. Did you…do you know?”

We didn’t drink that night. We wanted to be ready for Kristy. But we did drink after. “Hmm… I only have wine at home. Your father is fond of his whisky, as you know. He brought a bottle from home and he finished it that night. Ask Mahesh. It was his favorite brand. Black Label.”

She wasn’t convinced. She was back in her slut mode. Suspicious bitch!

I said, “Wait. Do you think I had anything to do with this? He had a heart attack for heaven’s sake. I had nothing to do with this.”

“You sure? No drugs …or anything of that sort?”

“Fuck! No! They would have found out!” I shouted.

“No need to curse. I know my dad almost died and you helped him. But I want to know…”

I interrupted her, “What? You want to know what happened? I will tell you what happened.”

I brought out my diary and showed her a list of names. She did not understand what it was, and I explained it to her, “This is a list of Go-Go bars. Do you know what they are? Go-Go bars?”

“Yes…yes…I know what they are. But what has that…”

“Well. These are the ones I took you father to. But you know what? He actually asked Mahesh, his own son-in-law, to take him to nudie bars. Mahesh refused, but asked me to look after your father. And I did. If I had refused, your father would have just asked someone else. Who would you rather have with your dad? Me? Or someone else?”

She just stared at me and the list, ” I …I don’t believe you. Again, what has this got to do with his heart attack?”

“Well, Kalpana, you know your dad, right? He is meticulous and methodical. He did all the research. He knew where he wanted to go. He has a diary just like mine, with dates and names etc. He gave a rating for every girl in every bar. Go take a look and you will know, And then you will see some names and phone numbers. He had me call and…and…set up a private show with a stripper the night before.”

“What!” she shouted. “No! No way! Shut up! You are disgusting!”

“Me? Disgusting? He was the one that did it. Take my word for it. I know it’s hard to believe. He couldn’t have it in your house, so we used mine. He planned everything, your dad. Take a look at the diary and let me know.”

“So…so…what are you saying?”

“Well, I think he couldn’t stand the excitement. That caused…”

“What excitement? What did he do?”

“Well, a woman was here. What do you think? Your dad had money. And he did as he pleased. Believe me,” I paused, and continued, “I had to make sure he was OK, so I was right there with him. I saw everything he did…they did. He knew what he wanted, for sure. Even I did not have the guts to do what all he did. I tell you. He had one heck of a night that night, and couldn’t handle it. Hmm…”

She was quiet for a while, thoughts and questions churning in her mind. “You are making things up! I don’t believe a word of what you are saying.”

“Well, Kalpana. I have pictures.”

“What! No! What kind of pictures?”

“Him posing with girls and all. For his scrapbook. You know how he has this small camera he carries all around with him. What do you think he takes pictures of? Those women did not care. To them he was just another horny tourist!”

“How do you have those pictures,” she asked, suspicious as ever.

“Well, he used my computer to transfer and print so I have a copy.”

“You are a disgusting man, you know. Fuck!” She crossed her arms, and pouted, and kadıköy escort said, “Goddamn you! Liar! There was no one else and you are just spinning a nice web of lies. Fuck! I still don’t believe you! “

“Well. This will convince you. Go take a look at his bag, the blue one and take out his folder. You will see a number of ladies underwear in it…

“WHAT!” Kalpana almost shouted. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Panties,” I said. “Used panties, stained and smelly and sweaty ones. You’ll see. Your father paid the dancers at the bar for them. All cataloged beautifully like a library, with names and dates and pictures and locations…”

“SHUT UP! You evil man! So disgusting. Fuck off!” she shouted.

“Well. Either you believe me or you don’t. But just check his bag anyway. That will convince you of what kind of pervert your father is. Enough of accusing me of things! And if you still insist that I had something to do with it, I will just go tell others what happened. Let’s just go and ask Mahesh and you dad about this whole thing, yeah? That will clear everything once and for all. So just chill with the accusations, okay? I have a good mind to share all this with everybody.”

But I pressed on. What the hell. “You know what? I am angry now. You have upset me. I most certainly saved his life and here you are, accusing me of having something to do with it. I AM going to spread this story. In fact, I just remembered. I told my brother who is in UCLA about your dad (I lied). Fuck YOU! I don’t care if you are my friend’s wife. Just get lost!”

I looked at her, and she was genuinely scared. Her eyes widened and she stammered, “Wait…why…no…please… No! I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things. Sorry! Don’t tell anyone. If people found out…” I wanted to press my advantage. But I was willing to wait.

She turned and walked away hurriedly, Even in that state I could not help but admire her from behind. Her beautiful cheeks swayed, her panty line was clearly visible, tight on her ass with the bands clearly outlined. What was it this time? The full back, cotton, black with grey stripes, perhaps? Another one that I used to masturbate with. The one that was very crusty at her gusset, with the shape of her cunt line impressed on the thin fabric that covered her crotch, made hard and firm with her secretions and juices. I remember putting it to my nose and mouth. Fuck! That was great! When will I get the chance to lay my hands on those panties once again? I should have brought a couple of her panties home with me. She had so many, she wouldn’t have realized a few were missing, would she? Man, I had a hard on and I went inside my apartment, undressed completely and fantasized about Kalpana and jerked off in front of my full length mirror until ropes of cum rocketed out of my thick, veined, black cock and splashed onto the mirror and the carpet.

But sure enough, after a couple of days Kalpana approached me as I was watching a girls soccer match in a field close to our apartments. I was a fan of soccer, but watching these fit, athletic women playing excited me. Seeing their asses as their shorts tightened and made their panties visible was juice to the panty fetishist in me. I monitored some of the women, some wore thongs, some wore fullback panties. All dark and visible through the light colored fabric of their shorts. I wondered why Kalpana did not wear thongs. Did she try them on and did not like them? The way the thin band bit into her crack and did not cover her asshole entirely? Fuck, what was I thinking?.

“Hey, Murali. Are you serious about spreading the story about my dad? I hope you have changed your mind. Please ask your brother not to tell anyone. I said I am sorry, no?”

I looked at her, “Did you check his bag? His diary?”

She nodded.

“The names and dates etc? The pictures in his camera? And the dirty panties?”

She winced, and nodded again. “You think you know someone all your life. You have this image of them. I am sorry. I think he…he…just…I don’t know. Why did he do it? Was he like this in India as well, when we were growing up? Like you said…maybe too much excitement for him. He is not…not…fit…and young. Like you.” And then she looked up.

Somehow, my experience with Kristy had made me bold. I started looking at girls and women differently. Before, I used to be a bit shy. But now, I realized I was able to gaze at them, ogle them, stare at them for a long time without any misgivings. I knew I had Kalpana in my grip. I wanted to see if I could push her further. Without turning towards her, and just watching the women taking a break from soccer, I said, “Just saying sorry doesn’t cut it, you know, Kalpana.”

“What? What do you have me do?”

I turned towards her, and stared into her eyes. At first she did not understand. But as I continued staring at her for about ten or fifteen seconds, she understood.

“What! No! What the FUCK? Do you…you think…I…?”

I said, “There is a price for üsküdar escort me keeping quiet about all this. I think you understand. Nothing is free. If you really want me to be quiet, you have to give something in return.” I turned back to the game.

She whispered, “You are a filthy, nasty, dirty fellow! How despicable! To think that I would…anyone would. This is blackmail, you know. I can go to the authorities. I will tell Mahesh!”

“Yeah? Let’s see. For one, I will deny it. Anyway, I did not ask for anything specific. It’s what your dirty mind has conjured, Secondly, the stories about your father will come out. So think twice. People will believe me and not you. You and your family will have most to lose, not me.”

I wasn’t aware of when she got up and walked away. I was surprised at myself, at what I had done. Will she act on it? Will she tell Mahesh? She had the most to lose if she did. I had the upper hand, I knew.

Kalpana avoided me for a few days. Even when we met at others’ houses (on rare occasions) she looked away when I tried to catch her eye. But I could sense that she was afraid of me spilling the beans about her dad. She would have to do something about it. I would have to pursue her. I made a copy of some of the pictures of Murthy uncle with the girls and I put them in an envelope. I timed my trip to the mailbox with hers and I handed my envelope to her when she was collecting her mail that day. I was quick and she had no time to react. I thrust the envelope into her hand and walked away before she realized something was wrong.

That did the trick. When Mahesh was out playing golf one Saturday morning, Kalpana came to me. “Murali, this is very bad, what you are asking. You are forcing me. This is blackmail!. But if I agree, will you promise me that none of this will come out? You will not tell anything about my father to anyone? About this. I am a married woman!”

“You’ll have to take my word for it, I guess. But I am good for my word.” I raked my eyes down her body. Taking in her beautiful tits, slim waist, wide hips and fantastic thighs under her summer skirt, thick and muscular, her knees rounded and her calves toned and shiny. She knew what I was doing and said, “Stop it! “

“Why don’t you come in, Kalpana? Mahesh will not be back until the evening.”

“What? Now?”

“Why not,” I shrugged. “Good time as any.”

She stepped into my apartment, tentatively. She was quiet, She had crossed her arms, and was shaking a bit. For all the buster and confidence she excluded usually, she was nervous in front of me now. Her lips were trembling as she looked up at me with wide scary eyes. “Will…you… Promise? Say it… Say it!!”

“Kalpana, yes I promise. I will not tell anyone about what we are doing or your father did. You have my word.” I looked at her and continued, “Kalpna, you have this effect on boys and men. You have a great fucking body and you know you are sexy, you know men stare and ogle you. It is not just me. Each and every one of the guys around her fantasize about you. Believe me, I have seen the way they look at you. And me? I was jerking off to your images right from the time I saw you. Man, I envied Mahesh!”

“Stop it, please! I don’t know what I am doing here. I should go!”

I stepped towards her and put my hand on her shoulder. She cringed back and moved away from me, but hit the wall behind her and it stopped her. I had a raging hard-on in my pants, and I wanted her to feel it. I pressed my belly on her. She felt my thick dick, and she sobbed, “Oh god! Please…no… what will happen. People will know!!”

I bent down and placed my hands on her ankles. She whimpered, “Aiyoh!, amma, no!”

I ran my hands up her legs, very slowly. Past her beautiful calves. I went up towards her knees, moved my palms to the back of her thighs, then brought them in front. They were smooth, hairless, shiny and firm. Fuck! I had rushed into things with Kristy. But here, with Kalpana, I understood how erotic and arousing taking it slow was. I spent a lot of time rubbing my palms on her thighs. My cock strained in my pants and I stopped caressing her, unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pushed my boxers down. My cock sprang up like a spring and jerked up and down. Kalpana had turned her face away and did not look down at my thick, smelly dick.

As I rose from a kneeling position, my palms went around her magnificent ass cupped her cheeks. I pressed and held them, and I almost came. My cock was straight and hard between us, the thick vein pressing against her belly. I could smell it and I was sure so could she. The intoxicating smell of sex. It made me delirious!

My hands moved on her firm ass, Her panty was stretched tight on her cheeks. I spent a lot of time cupping, pressing, feeling her ass, then I moved my hand down her ass crack and spread her cheeks with both my hands.

“Ah…aiyoh!” she hissed. Then I turned her sideways and with my hand I cupped her crotch. She shuddered as my fingers pressed the soft, supple outer lips of her cunt. I moved my palm up and down. tuzla escort Kalpana was gasping and soft moans escaped her lips. Amazingly she had clutched her skirt and had hiked it up above her waist and held it there, moving it away from my hand. Then I moved my middle finger up and down the crack of her vagina, feeling the wedge between her lips, feeling the folds as they moved along with my fingers allowing me access to her hole and her clit. By now Kalpana was moaning softly, and I could feel some moisture through the fabric of her panties. I was breathing hard into her neck and ear and she turned away from me. My cock was firm against the side of her waist and I now started moving up and down her body.

I remembered what I had down with Kristy. I bent down and kissed Kalpana’s pussy and she trembled. I placed my mouth on her gusset that covered her hole and tasted the fabric of her panties and the juices secreting from her cunt. She gasped and parted her legs. Then I slowly pulled her panties down to her knees and feasted on her cunt.

“Aiyoh…Murali…what.what are you doing?” she hissed.

She had some hair on her pussy. I could see that she had trimmed it somewhat. Through the thicket of dark hair I could see the even darker line of her cunt. As she parted her legs, the outer lips of her vagina spread a bit. I could see minute drops of whitish cream on the inside of her vaginal lips. As her thighs parted, her inner lips were exposed. They were dark and slimy and covered with light white creamy substance. Her cunt smelled heavenly. I was intoxicated. I bent forward and licked the juices off of her inner lips, and she hissed, “Ai, amma… Oh!” Then with my tongue flat against her cunt, I lapped her lips. Up and down, up and down. I drank her juices, I could tell that it was sometime since she had cleaned or showered. I smelled the piss and her cunt juices and the sweat on her pussy. She had her hand lightly on my head as I licked her.

I rose and looked at her. Our eyes met for a second before she turned away. I slowly unbuttoned the top portion of her one piece skirt and she pushed it off of her shoulders and down her waist and stepped out of it. Then she pulled down her panties and stood completely naked in front of me, still not looking at me and her face turned away. Her dress ahd a built-in bra of some sort that had held her tits, but now they were in full view. Magnificent globes. So smooth and hard and supple. Her nipples were erect and screamed to be sucked. I bent down and sucked on a nipple and put my palm on her crotch and tickled her clit.

She shuddered as I sucked. This was so different from Kristy’s. Kalpana’s nipples felt harder and longer than Kristy’s and as I sucked on them I could feel something oozing out of them. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t care. It tasted chalky and smelled pungent. I tried to take her entire areola in my mouth.

“Aiyoh, appa! amma!” she moaned as I sucked each nipple in turn. After a few minutes I ducked back between her thighs.

This time she spread her legs a bit more and thrust her torso gently against my mouth. But as I continued to lick her cunt, she started thrusting harder. And harder. Then she had her orgasm.

“Aiyoh, amma! Hai…” she hissed and bent over double. She was stiff for about ten seconds and then her whole body relaxed as the waves of her ogasm swept over her. She was still standing next to my door, holding on to the wall for support.

I led her by her hand to my bed. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and held her head and pushed my throbbing cock toward her. I expected her to open her mouth, make an ‘O’ like Kristy had done when she took my cock in her cool mouth. But Kalpana pushed me away and turned her head. “No, not this, please!”. I was surprised and disappointed, but I relented.

I pushed her down and lifted her legs and put my hand under her knees and pushed them up to her ears, doubling her up. Then still looking into my eyes, she surprised me by reaching down and holding my thick cock, and she positioned it at her cunt and nodded at me. I slipped my cock into her. My eyes closed in pleasure. The sensation of warm cunt flesh engulfing the entire length of my firm, thick member was sensational and magical. I flopped down on her. Her soft, supple breasts crushed against my chest.

I was not aware of when I started pumping in and out of her. I had my eyes closed. My entire being focussed on my cock. The pleasure it gave me as I pushed and pulled, in and out of he cunt. I could feel her juices lubricating my cock. I didn’t think I took a break. I went on for a long time. I sucked her nipples and slathered my saliva on her beautiful tits. my fingers played with her thick, distended clit and I fucked her cunt. As I reached my climax, I grabbed on to her breasts and squeezed them hard and she whimpered in pain. I opened my eyes. She was still staring up at me, groaning and moaning. I slammed into her mercilessly. I heard the sound our bodies made – slap-slap-slap – as our thighs came together. I was aware of her pubic hair tickling my belly, and her body rippling with each of my thrusts. I kept my eyes on her and my hands on her tits, like riding a horse, when I ejaculated. When my cock exploded inside her, it pulsed and pushed against the wall of her cunt and she too felt this and closed her eyes. Both of us sensed each spurt of my cum, my cock straining against the vise like grip of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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