Freedom in Shadows

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This is a scene from a book I intend to write one day, maybe…if I ever get the time. Technically, this story should be in some supernatural category (since the book is about a supernatural family), but since the actual nature of what Keedae is doesn’t come out in the story, erotic couplings works well enough. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


She’d never been so free. Always tight in the confines of who and what she had to be. It kept her on a tight leash. Restrained from everything she could have wanted for herself. All those things were on the edge of impossible. Dreams and hopes couldn’t be anything more.

It weighed heavily on her. The weight of her entire world. A world of expectations. A world of perfection.

Not tonight, though. Tonight, she would be exactly who she wanted. In this place, she didn’t have to be what her family wanted of her. No. She was just Keedae.

So there she was, on the dance floor. The music raged around her as bodies pressed together. The heat was nearly unbearable as she moved her leather clad hips in succession with the beat of the song. Her arms slid against her soft, pale skin. Her silken locks bounced and swayed with each of her movements. Sure, her dancing wasn’t exactly as “modern” as the people around her, but it what she did was her very own.

And Keedae’s wild, free dance hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Once the song ended and before the next began, she moved away from the dance floor. Her body glowed softly with the multicolored lights of the club thanks to the slight layer of perspiration on her skin. Reds, greens, blues . . . More blue than anything once she’d moved into the more open bar. Still, she stuck toward the shadows, staying safely out of sight. It was her night, but anyone spotting her would be condemning her to hours of lecture. And damn if her parents weren’t well known in this town . . .

Just as she was about to ask for a glass of water, a hand wrapped around her slender waist, pulling her into the shadows not far behind. Before she could do anything, this arm roughly yanked her against the body to which it belonged. Against her better judgement, she didn’t make a sound. Instead, she just waited. She stood perfectly still as this body pressed into hers. She barely breathed when she felt the breeze of breath along her ear causing her to tremble.

“I was watching you . . . ” the breath whispered to her

It smelled heavily of liquor, but that wasn’t the only smell. The person pressed against her had a definitely male smell. Musky, manly. Keedae licked her deep crimson lips while that smell kicked her pulse up a few beats. Something stirred hungrily in the pit of her stomach.

“Oh?” she asked, sounding defiant.

There was a soft chuckle from the man behind her. The sensation along his body, vibrating gently along her back. Keedae stood a little straighter.

“Yeah. You’re the most interesting thing out there. Hard to miss.”

He had to stop breathing in her ear. It was sending touches of electricity all through her. That made it hard for her to keep still. Still, for now, she held her own, keeping that defiant look in her eyes.

“I suppose I should thank you then? For the compliment.” She said, holding her chin up high.

That simple movement caused her ear to brush the lips behind her. Keedae closed her eyes tightly so she wouldn’t think on it more than what it was.

“No. I should thank you.” The ears brushed on their own accord this time; Keedae fought off a whimper, “I was looking for someone just like you.”

“Someone isveçbahis like me?”


The body pressed to her more. Earlier, it had only been upper body against upper body. This time, lower parts met. Against her bottom, she could feel a hardening lump. She sucked in a sharp breath and tried to move away, but he yanked her back. She wasn’t going anywhere and she knew it. And to make matters worse, her body was intrigued. Her body continued to stir.

“Someone wild.” He murmured, using the tip of his tongue to stroke her ear, “Someone needing a little more. That’s you, isn’t it? I saw you when you came in. You seemed restrained. Once the music hit you it was like it was the first time you’d ever been free. Am I right?”

Hell, he was right. Keedae sighed with resignation. That was all the answer he needed. He chuckled again. She couldn’t help enjoying the feel of it. On top of that, his hand slid across her bare stomach, gently clawing at the skin. Her head leaned back as a moan escaped her, finally.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He said

She couldn’t deny the desire to have that. It was like an almost unnatural wave of need just trickled all through her, suddenly. When he brought his free hand to her head, he tilted it to the side, exposing her long neck. His mouth bared down on her neck, sucking on the pale skin, scraping his teeth against it. Heat rose through her body. Pleasure washed over it.

Oh, this was so wrong. Yes, Keedae was no stranger to the bed. In fact, the bed felt like the only place she had any control over her life and herself. What everyone thought of her held no ground in the bedroom. In the light of day, she was a sweet, innocent young woman early into adulthood. In the heat of night, she became a wild cat or a dark mistress that feasted on carnal delight. She held that bit of her away from everyone, except from a lover at the time. Funny how they expected someone timid. Keedae wasn’t timid in that respect.

But this time, she was. This man had too quickly gained control. How the Hell did he stimulate her body like this?

He moved ground his hips into her gently, rocking her body with his. A passerby could possibly see it as a simple dance, but this was more. This was a beacon. An invitation. An invitation her body wouldn’t ignore against what her mind thought.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” the man said in a soft, but lewd tone

“I don’t know you.” She whispered back shakily

Another chuckle. More bites along her neck, less gentle than before.

“Your body knows me well enough.” He licked from neck to ear, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“………yes . . . ” she returned with a slight hiss in her voice.

Hell, she hadn’t even seen his face yet. Before she could manage it, he pulled her further into shadows. There was the sound of a door opening, then closing quickly. The absence of light heightened the rest of her senses. There was no escape, and that caused her to become panicky. Not for long, though.

Lips fasted on hers as the rest of her slammed against a wall. She made a whimpering sound that only caused the man to delve deeper between her parted lips. His body ground against hers. A hand cupped her firm bottom. The hand moved until it moved to lift and separate one thigh from the other. Hip met hip, groin met groin. Keedae’s arms wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

Her nipples hardened beneath her barely-there top, rubbing along the man’s chest. He noticed this, too. His other hand came up to cup one of her small breasts, a perfect fit for his isveçbahis giriş hand. For some reason, she expected his touch to be rougher, but instead, he gently caressed it, using his thumb to circle the hardened peak though the shirt.

“Your soft and sweet all over, aren’t you?” he practically growled at her when he gave their mouths a break

All she could do was groan in response.

His lips trailed down her neck as he pulled the sleeve of her flimsy shirt down. He pulled it down until she felt the breast his hand had been on moments before. Once exposed, his lips found the orb, sucking on it with just the right suction and wetness. Her head tilted back until it rested on the wall behind.

“Yes, I do believe you are . . . ” he murmured once he let the breast go

He moved away from her then. Keedae’s breath sped up with slight worry. He just couldn’t leave it at that!

Sensing her worry, he pulled her way from the wall, then stepped behind her. He maneuvered her body back to his.

“Put your arms around my neck and don’t move them.” He said, his voice strained with his own need.

She did as she was told, locking her hands against the back of his neck. His hands traveled down her arms, leaving no part of them unturned in a slow, teasing movement. The hands found her breasts, one still exposed, the other safely tucked away within her shirt. No matter, he teased the nipples of both breaths causing her to groan out and her breath to hitch.

The probing hands continued to travel along their path. Down her stomach, to her waist, along the low riding leather pants she sported this evening. He moved to undo the pants, which caused a moment of panic in her. Her hands untangled and started to reach for his.

“I said don’t move them.” His words were harsh enough to make her return to the original position she was in, “That’s a good girl.”

Her pants came undone.

“Move your legs. Open them wide.”

Licking her lips, partly from worry, mostly from desire, she did just that. The pants didn’t give her much of an opening to do so. Once she got them as far as they were going, his hand dipped inside. First fingers slid along the soft curls between her legs, just stroking as more a comfort. The pants pushed his hand against her hard, but he still moved with ease. Those fingers danced along the moist slit. Each downward movement, slipped fingers further between, until finally, they grazed the very hardened nub waiting, aching for touch. The sensations that the touch caused nearly had Keedae howling and bucking.

He stayed there a while, barely touching what so begged to be touched. Soon the fingers got bolder, giving her more with wide slow circles. The circles got smaller and faster with time. Keedae shivered with delight and moaned with pleasure. Her legs were beginning to buckle, but she managed to hold her stance.

His fingers moved further and further until they found her aching opening. One moved inside of her, then two. In and out in long steady motions. Each gave off a soft wet sound. Not surprising since she felt like she was soaking there. The heel of his hand ground against her nub as he continued to pump those long, sure fingers in and out of her.

He kept doing that until she thought she might lose her mind. The build up was slow and almost too pleasurable. When she was nearly there, she told him as much, then prepared for that final wave to take her over.

The man laughed.

“Not yet.” he stopped

“Oh please!!” she begged, trying to move her hips to bring her the rest of the way, but his free isveçbahis yeni giriş hand held her in place

“Shhh, not yet.”

They stayed this way for too long of a moment. All he gave her was a soft sucking on her ear. When she thought she might scream at him, his fingers began again. The build up this time was even more intense. Each stroke caused her to whimper. Then moans. Then groans until he finally let her cum hard on his fingers along with a soul-shaking scream. Her body slumped against her and the arms he ordered around his neck shook violently.

“Now wasn’t that worth the wait?”

All she could do was gasp and nod weakly.

She was barely aware that he’d slipped her pants further down her body, but not off of it. Keedae didn’t realize that he’d turned them so that she faced the wall. And she certainly couldn’t hear that his pants had come undone. Not with her loud gasps and the pounding of her heart in her ears.

“Put your hands on the wall and bend over.”

She did this without question. Her arms parted wide on the wall as she bent over. His hands on her hips maneuvered her just right.

“Soft and sweet . . . ” he muttered again with a hoarse voice

He plunged into her from behind with little warning. One moment she was empty and aching, now she was filled to the hilt. His hands held her hips firmly as he pounded into her over and over again with a quiet slapping sound. Her legs were close together, which caused the inside of her body to caress his stiff member with its hot wetness that much more. He seemed to like it. Each pound he grunted.

That wonderful building began. Her nails scraped the wall as pleasure rippled in tiny waves, starting around that hard cock in her to the rest of her body. He got faster. The faster he moved, the harder and stronger the wave. Sweat formed on her forehead as he took her. Her pulse pounded with each stroke.

“Oh, yes . . . ” she moaned

He sucked in a long breath. The movements, once rapid, began to change into deeper movements. He moaned in echo of each slip into her willing body. He leaned onto her, moving his hands from her hips and wrapping around her waist. No . . . one wrapped around her waist, the other captured her exposed and bouncing breast, squeezing the hard pink pebble at the tip. Two more gasps later he grunted.

“I’m cumming . . . ” he groaned, then began spilling into her

The idea that he was about to cum set her on edge. Just moments after he throbbed in her, her wetness shuddered around him, sending that final blast of pleasure through her body.

It took him some time to move out of her. He waited for their breath to slow . . . for their heartbeats to calm. Once these conditions were met as much as they could be, he stood up straight, then helped her. He turned Keedae toward him and pressed his mouth on hers, still as eagerly as it had at the beginning of this dance.

Neither of them said anything, just savored the lips of the other. The feel of the other. Basked in the deep scent of sex that permeated the walls of the room.

“Thank you.” He said.

“The same to you.” She countered.

That was all either of them needed. The man straightened himself, then left her.

Keedae stayed in that room a little longer. She fucked a faceless, nameless man without thinking of the consequence. A dangerous game to play, but an exciting one. One she’d never forget. One that, with any luck, she wouldn’t pay for.

She fixed her clothes as much as she could, then walked out of the room. She moved through the bar, not even attempting to spot the man that had so easily lured her into him, further more, not caring to sully the moment with a face. Head held high, she walked out of there with a wicked smile.

“Take that decorum, rules, and regulations.”

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