Freedom Comes at a Price Pt. 02

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“19-year-old Chester resident Elizabeth Churchwood returned home yesterday after eight months in captivity. Her abductor, 28-year-old West Virginian Brett Schneider, was shot and killed by Miss Churchwood’s rescuers. In a statement released by her family they thanked the local law enforcement and community for their support and prayers and requested privacy during this time.”


She groaned and ran her hands over her naked breasts, tugging at her nipples. The throbbing between her thighs increased and she squirmed under his hungry, eager mouth. She thrust her hands in to his hair, pulling him hard against her mound. His hands went to her thighs, bent at the knee, and he pressed them down on to the bed, opening her pussy to him. He held her legs tightly as his tongue assaulted her pink, wet cunt. She moaned, calling out his name.

“Ohhhh, Daniel.”

Beth gasped, drawing her lungs full of cold, crisp night air. She sat up, her heart pounding, a ringing in her ears. She looked around the dark, familiar room. She was home. She was alone. Beth reached down between her legs and felt her warm, damp arousal. Tossing herself back on to the soft pillows, she covered her face with her hands and wept silently.


Beth’s shoes clicked against the tile floor as she walked. She nodded a greeting to Mary, the receptionist, as she passed by and continued on to her desk at the far end of the office. Placing her purse in the drawer, she sat down and looked through the papers in her tray.

It had been one month since Beth had returned to Chester and it had been almost one month since she had started working as a typist at the local council office. Her father had requested she start work and put her experience behind her almost as soon as she had walked in the door. Beth had arrived home at breakfast and by dinner time that same day her father had arranged the job, ready for her to start the following Monday.

While the media speculation and stories had begun to die down, the gossip train still had some steam left in it. Beth held her head as high as she could and pretended not to notice the pointing, the whispers, and the prying eyes. Although Chester was a small town and this was the most shocking thing to have happened there in many years, Beth knew it was only a matter of time before the gossipers found new material. She knew she simply had to be patient and wait it out.


Beth looked up and noticed the receptionist waving at her across the room.

“Yes, Mary?” Beth replied, tidily placing some papers on the desk. She watched as Mary crossed the room and leaned across Beth’s desk.

“There’s a man out here asking for you,” she whispered dramatically, shielding her mouth as if it were some girly secret. “He’s very handsome,” she added with a giggle.

Beth’s stomach flipped and she gripped the desk, her knuckles glowing white. Daniel?

She stood up abruptly, almost knocking her chair over. Smoothing her skirt down her thighs and running her hands gently over her blond, tamed curls, she walked briskly to the foyer of the office. A tall, dark haired man in a wool suit stood with his back to her. Beth wrung her hands together in anticipation, a wide smile on her face. He turned and greeted her.

“Miss Churchwood?”

Beth recoiled, caught off guard. It wasn’t Daniel. She felt her lower lip quiver in disappointment.

“Miss Churchwood, my name is Paul Davis. I’m a reporter with the Charleston Daily Mail.”

“I… I’m sorry…” she stuttered. “I have nothing to say.”

“I only have a few questions for you,” he began, flipping open his notepad.

Beth turned to walk away and bumped in to the corner of Mary’s desk.

“Please, just a few questions, Miss Churchwood!” he called as she made her way back through the office.

She turned, tears staining her cheeks, and shot an angry look at Mary. “Next time, please ask who it is before you call me out there.”

Mary nodded apologetically and ushered the reporter out of the building.


The house was silent. Beth sat at the mirrored vanity in her softly lit room. She stared at her reflection; Her eyes tired and rimmed in purple. She pressed the tip of her index finger against the soft cushion of her lower lip. Closing her eyes, she imagined kissing him; The tender touch of his lips, the welcome parting of their mouths against each other, their tongues seeking out one another. She felt a solitary tear slide down her cheek.

Opening her eyes and wiping the tear away with the back of her hand, Beth stood and walked to her bed. Pulling back the covers, she slid between the cold sheets. She drew her knees up to her chest and pulled her nightgown down over her feet. She ran her hand over the empty spot in the bed next to her.

Beth drew in a deep breath and released it, sighing loudly. She had not heard from Daniel since he had delivered her home. She missed him terribly. Her heart ached for him and her body throbbed at the very thought isveçbahis of him. Every night her mind flashed back to the times he had taken her in his arms and held her against him.

Lying back on her bed, she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what he was doing at that very moment. She pictured him shirtless, dressed only in his white cotton pants, his bare feet padding slowly across the floor. He would lie on his bed and take up a book, opening the permanently creased spine, his biceps flexing.

She pictured running her fingertips over the coarse hairs on his chest and stomach and the trail of hair that led to his long, thick shaft. Pulling back the waistband of his pants, his cock would spring free and she would take hold of it and squeeze gently. She groaned at the idea of it, almost able to feel it in the palm of her hand.

She reached down and pressed her hand between her thighs. She was soaked; Her imagination and memories aroused a desire in her that demanded a release. She pressed two fingers to her clitoris and rubbed it firmly in tight circles. She rolled on to her back and spread her legs wide, imagining Daniel was above her poised with the tip of his cock against her slit, ready to enter her.

Beth squeezed her eyes shut, rubbing furiously around the sensitive nub. She reached down with her other hand and thrust two fingers inside herself. She bit her lower lip, stifling a groan. She pressed her fingers deeper in to her cunt, imagining they were Daniel’s cock. She pounded them within her desperately whilst thrumming her clit. She pictured him bracing himself above her, his handsome smiling face above hers.

The pressure began to build and Beth’s breathing quickened. She kept finger fucking herself until her orgasm overwhelmed her, exploding and rippling throughout her body. She bucked and spasmed silently, her mouth gaping open in a silent cry. Her hands slowed and stopped. Beth lay quietly in her bed, her high passing quickly. She caressed the cold, empty spot next to her on the bed and fell asleep.


At midday on a Saturday, Daniel pulled up outside Beth’s house. He sat idling for a few minutes, his hands gripping the steering wheel. Finally, he turned off the ignition and climbed out of the truck. He nervously re tucked his shirt as he made his way over the manicured lawn to the porch of the imposing, beautiful home and knocked on the door. A moment later the door swung open on its hinges, a wide, tall figure filling the doorway.

“Sir,” he began, offering his hand.

“Look, son, I’ve told you-“.

“I know, sir,” Daniel cut in, “but I would only like to speak with your daughter for a few minutes if possible.”

“Elizabeth is not here right now,” he said, his lips pulled tight below his thick mustache. “I’ll tell her you stopped by. Again.”

“Thank you, sir,” Daniel replied. He cocked his head curiously; He could hear conversation floating down the hallway. He turned to walk away.

“Don’t you think it’s time to give up? Let her move on in peace?” came the stern voice behind him. Daniel turned back to face Beth’s father.

“With all due respect, sir,” he said, “I’ll only give up once Beth asks me to.”

Daniel turned on his heel and walked back towards his truck. Climbing in to the cab, he looked back at the house. Beth’s father was still standing on the threshold watching him, just as he had done the three other times he had come to the house. Daniel nodded in his direction, turned the key in the ignition, drove down the street and turned the corner.

Once out of sight, he pulled over and parked the truck. He pressed his forehead to the steering wheel, his head spinning. Daniel was sure he had heard Beth’s voice coming from inside the house. Was she there? Was his mind just playing a trick on him? Her father had said she wasn’t home. Was he lying?

Daniel knew what he had to do.


“Who was that?” Beth asked her father as he rejoined them at the dinner table.

He cleared his throat. “Just Bill from the office. I told him I’d see him on Monday.”

Beth nodded, taking up her salad fork.

“Any plans for this weekend?” her mother asked.

“No,” Beth said, shaking her head.

“Well, your father and I have dinner with the Peterson’s this evening,” her mother said. She turned to her husband, “I’m sure Judith wouldn’t mind if we brought Elizabeth along with us.”

“No, Mom, it’s okay-” Beth began.

“Yes,” her father said, cutting her off. “Yes, call Judith and let her know Elizabeth will be with us.”

Her mother smiled and rose from the table. “I’ll call her right away.”

Beth hung her head, defeated. She knew this dinner would mean more whispers, pointing, and those ever prying eyes. She stabbed at the food on her plate, eating it without tasting it.


Daniel watched as the gleaming Cadillac slowly reversed out of the garage. As it rolled down the driveway he spotted the blond curls in the back window. His heart pounded in his isveçbahis giriş chest and he sucked in a trembling breath. Her father had been lying; Beth had been there all along.

He returned to his truck, slamming his palms on the steering wheel, the truck shaking dramatically. He smoothed his hands over his short hair and tossed his head back, closing his eyes. He breathed deeply, releasing it slowly and calmly. He knew he would have to be patient now.


“Good night, Mom,” Beth said, climbing the stairs to the second floor.

“Did you have a good time tonight, dear?” her mother asked, looking up at her from the bottom step.

Beth turned towards her mother. “Yes, Mom,” she lied. She forced a small smile across her lips. “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

She stepped on to the second floor landing and walked down the long hallway to her bedroom.

Once inside she closed the door behind her, casting the room in to darkness. Beth’s intuition had been correct; The entire evening had been spent with unwelcome looks and whispers behind hands. She had eventually feigned exhaustion and had asked to go home. It hadn’t been completely untrue; Beth was tired mentally and emotionally.

She sat on the edge of her bed and unclasped her satin shoes. She kicked them off her feet and lay down in her red party dress on top of the comforter. She reached over and switched on her bedside lamp, illuminating the room in a soft glow. Rolling towards the wall, she fingered the pale pink, textured wallpaper.

Beth’s ears pricked up; She heard a faint tapping sound. She listened for a moment then sat up on the bed. She turned her head, trying to figure out which direction it was coming from. She stood up and walked towards her bay window. She stopped and listened and heard the same noise again. Drawing back the mesh curtain and lifting the window from the sill, a light breeze flowed in to the room followed by a tiny pebble. She put her head out the window and looked down.

She gasped and clutched her hand to her mouth. Tears sprang to her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Daniel stood below her, his hands casually thrust in his pockets, his lips curled in a small, shy smile.

“Hi,” he mouthed.

Beth sniffed back her emotion and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. “Hi,” she whispered.

Beth pointed towards an old oak tree at the side of the property. Coincidentally, some of the large lower limbs hung near to the roof line. Daniel saw it and nodded. He rolled his shirt sleeves up to his elbows, walked over to the tree, and climbed it easily. Sitting on one of the larger branches, he shimmied his way towards the roof. He climbed to his feet and balanced precariously for a moment before leaping across the void to the roof tiles.

They both paused, each holding their breath, praying that no one would come out to investigate the noise. A minute passed and Daniel crept gingerly across the sloped roof, making his way to Beth’s window. She stepped back to allow him to climb inside. He pulled himself through the opening and stood in front of her.

“You’re here,” Beth said finally, her eyes rising to meet his.

Daniel moved towards her, cupping her soft cheek in his palm. “I’m here, sweetheart.” Beth closed her eyes and tilted her head, pressing her cheek in to him. “Look how beautiful you are,” he said, lowering his eyes and taking in her slender body dressed in red.

With his fingers he brushed her long, wild curls off her shoulder to trail down her back. He stroked his fingertips down the exposed skin on her neck and chest. Beth groaned at his touch.

“I’ve missed you so much, Daniel,” she whispered.

Daniel took her by the shoulders and pulled her in to him. He wound his arms around her tightly and pressed kisses in to her hair. “Say it again. Say my name again,” he said, leaning down and placing his mouth against her throat.

“Daniel,” she whispered. “Ohhhh, Daniel.”

He gently unzipped her dress and slid it down off her shoulders. She stepped back from him slightly and let the dress fall to her feet. She held her arms above her head and he lifted her satin shift, pulling it up over her head and dropping it to the floor. She stood before him, bare breasted, in only her stockings, suspenders, and a delicate pair of satin panties.

Daniel groaned deeply at the sight of her. He leaned down and took one of her small breasts in his mouth, swirling and flicking his tongue over her nipple. She pressed her body in to him, cradling his head in her hands. He bit down gently on her flesh and she felt her legs go weak. Daniel’s mouth popped off her breast as he reached down and scooped her in to his arms.

He carried her over to the bed and lowered her gently on to the comforter. He unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it quickly off his arms and discarding it on the floor. Beth sighed lustily at the sight of his naked chest. She reached out and scratched her fingernails lightly through the hairs on his stomach. He grinned isveçbahis yeni giriş and snatched up her hand, planting a kiss in her palm.

Beth turned and sat on the edge of the bed. She hooked a finger through his belt loop and pulled him closer to her. Unbuttoning his trousers, she slid them off his hips and down his thighs. He kicked them off his feet and bent down to remove his footwear.

She reached up and took the waistband of his cotton boxer shorts in her hands. She eagerly pulled it down, releasing his hard cock from its confines. She hummed cheekily, lifting her eyes to his. He looked down at her and smiled, an eyebrow cocked in humor and disbelief. She pulled his underwear down to his knees and let them drop to his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked them away.

Beth lowered her eyes and assessed the formidable presence in front of her. She subconsciously licked her lips then took him in her hands. He was hard and warm against her palms, just as she had remembered him. She thought back to the fantasies she’d had about this moment and smiled to herself. She squeezed him gently then ran her hands up his shaft. Daniel groaned quietly and took her head in his hands, locking his fingers in her hair.

She tentatively placed her full, soft lips against the tip of his cock. She felt Daniel’s fingers tighten in her hair. She opened her mouth and licked her tongue across the swollen, throbbing head. She tasted a salty, warm liquid, not entirely unpleasant. Opening her mouth wide, she took him in, rolling her tongue over the underside of the head. She closed her lips over the shaft and slid down it slowly.

Daniel threw his head back, eyes closed, a hiss of breath escaping his clenched teeth. His fingers pressed against her skull and he gently pulled her mouth deeper on to his cock. Beth was inexperienced in this area, but as she cast her eyes up to look at him she could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying her efforts.

With his guidance, she bobbed her head up and down his hard, thick cock. Her saliva coated him from tip to base and she eagerly massaged it in to his shaft with her small hands. She let her mouth drop off the tip of his cock and she continued to stroke him manually. She saw his eyes open, watching her, and she smiled up at him. Their eyes locked and she pressed a kiss on the fat, bulbous head, then flicked her tongue out and licked it cheekily. Daniel groaned, grinning his wide, white smile.

“Those lips,” he whispered. “I have missed those lips.”

“Oh,” Beth said pouting, pretending to be upset, “you’ve missed only my lips?”

Daniel chuckled, reaching down and lifting her up by her arms. She stood in front of him. “I’ve missed these lips,” he said, kissing her tenderly. Then he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “and these lips,” as he pressed his fingers to the damp slit between her thighs.

Beth moaned, her knees buckling. Daniel pushed her very gently and she flopped back on to her bed with a giggle. He reached down and unclipped her stockings from her suspenders, sliding them down over her silky smooth legs, his thumb grazing across the scar on her upper thigh, then pulled her panties and suspenders down her hips, to her knees, and dropped them on the floor.

“You are a sight for sore eyes,” he groaned, taking in the naked young woman lying in front of him. Beth smiled. She cupped her breasts and spread her legs, exposing her pink cunt. Daniel let out a deep sigh and thrust his hand through his hair.

“I need you,” she whispered.

Daniel didn’t need any further invitation. He dropped to the bed on his knees which responded with a ‘clunk’.

“This won’t do,” he whispered. He picked her up off the bed, lowered her on to the carpeted floor, and kneeled between her open legs.

“I’ve dreamed of this,” she whispered in his ear as he took hold of himself and positioned the tip of his cock at her opening. “You can’t imagine how many times I’ve brought myself to orgasm thinking of you inside me.”

Daniel groaned lustily at her words and pushed his hard cock into her. She gasped and grasped at his strong, tanned forearms. Her pussy stretched around him, swallowing him whole. They were still as they embraced the sensation of being connected once more. He pressed his forehead against hers and inhaled her sweet breath.

He withdrew himself slowly and entered her once more. She groaned and tilted her hips, matching his thrust. Daniel smiled at her eagerness. She gave him a coy smile and took his head in her hands, pulling him in for a deep, wet kiss. Daniel was slightly taken aback by her; She was no longer a shy, quiet girl. She was now a confident, sexy, eager lover.

He increased the speed of his thrusts until he was fucking her hard. She rubbed her hands over his chest, feeling the coarse hairs tickle her palms. She opened her thighs wide and looped her legs around Daniel’s waist, locking her heels together. He lowered his torso, his elbows on either side of her head, as she pulled his hips down to meet hers.

Their bare chests pressed against one another’s and the friction of his chest hair rubbed against her tender nipples. She groaned, catching his mouth with hers, and kissed him wildly.

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