France Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Cynthie quickly picked up a spade and began scooping horse droppings into a pile in one of the stalls. Angelique started pitching hay. The light dimmed as Daniel rode his horse into the doorway. Angelique looked up, but Cynthie continued her work, because she feared discovery.

Daniel dismounted. Angelique took the reins and Daniel slapped her behind smartly. She squealed because she knew it was the reaction he wanted. “Well, well!” he exclaimed. “And who is this little morsel?” He was regarding the other female with interest.

“It is my cousin, Lord, from the city. She is visiting because her mother has fallen ill. Her name is…Marie!” Angelique struggled because they had not thought of a name for Cynthie. “She doesn’t talk much, Sir.”

“Hmm…” Daniel’s eyes roamed over Cynthie’s body. The tight pants outlined rounded buttocks and creased attractively between the woman’s thighs. Angelique’s blouse was too tight for Cynthie, so her unbound breasts were clearly posed for any viewer. “She seems to need some new clothes, girl. Marie!” His voice was loud in the small space as he called out. Cynthie/Marie looked up at him, but not fully. She only glanced up then cast her eyes back down to avoid recognition. “Are you simple, Girl, or just shy?” he asked.

“She truly is rather simple, Sir. But alert enough for small things. It makes her naturally shy.” Angelique was trying her best to cover up for her mistress.

Cynthie raked the horse dung and trembled. If Daniel discovered her, she didn’t know what his reaction would be. She turned away and bent forward, hoping to turn his attention from her face to other parts of her body. She felt the pants tighten across her ass and pull more snugly into her crotch. She leaned just a little farther and, ‘R-I-I-P!’ The pants tore along the seam! She suddenly felt the cooler air on her behind! She stood straight and tried to conceal her exposed flesh. Daniel laughed loudly and threw his arm over Angelique’s shoulder.

“Ho! Well, since she is offering…” he strode across the stable and ran his hand down, pushing Cynthie’s aside. He inserted his fingers under the torn pants to squeeze her ample cheek. She shivered, pretending to resist. In reality, she knew her pussy was dripping in anticipation. “Let’s see what she’s hiding here,” Daniel said, his voice hoarse with need. halkalı escort With that, he tugged her top up and off to loose her round, cherry tipped breasts. Cynthie quickly dropped the rake and covered her tits with both hands.

“Marie!” Angelique warned. “Non! Let the Lord see you, vite!” Cynthie slowly allowed her hands to drop to her sides. Her nipples perked up as Daniel stroked them, pinching cruelly.

“Well, well! And, since the pants are mere rags now, why don’t you get out of them, as well?” Cynthie hesitated only a moment before untying the cord that held her pants to her waist. She let them fall and stepped out of them. Now she stood before her husband naked. This was the most dangerous time. Did he know her body well enough to recognize her? “Hmm…” his voice had grown even thicker with his lust. He obviously didn’t realize it was his own wife he was gazing upon. He placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her to face away from him. With both hands, he stroked her from shoulder to hip. He squeezed her buttocks hard. Then he slapped one of the shapely globes hard. His handprint was clear. Cynthie jumped and yelped. He laughed. “Angelique! Run and fetch me the crop, and quickly! I believe this wench needs some training!” He was unbuckling his belt and fumbling with his breeches.

Kicking off his pants, he led Cynthie to the roll of hay that lay along one wall. He pushed her roughly over it on her belly. The coarse straw poked and scratched her tender skin. But there was something about the ordeal that caused her pussy to manufacture even more moisture. Kicking her feet apart, he took the proffered crop which Angelique had brought. He spared only a glance at the younger girl. But in the glance, he realized she had lost her own clothing and was now as nude as her paler-skinned ‘cousin’ before him. His cock stood out proudly from beneath his shirt, red and throbbing.

He ran his hand over the roundness of Cynthie’s ass. Then he brought the crop down sharply. The sound was loud in the room. Cynthie twitched and groaned. She felt the sting and the increased wetness between her thighs. This! This was what she now knew she needed! She tipped her hips forward and opened her legs a bit more. The crop fell again, ‘SMACK!’ She groaned. Then taksim escort Daniel began to bring it down rapidly, moving the implement from one side of her ass to the other. Each time Cynthie jerked and her groans became a continuous moaning. The knowledge that the girl and the other grooms were watching her humiliation made it all the sweeter to Cynthie.

Angelique had never seen another person tortured like this. It didn’t repulse her. In fact, it made her own juices begin to seep between her folds. She let one hand steal down and between her thighs. She could see clearly up and into her mistress’s cunt. The dim light shone and reflected from the gathered moisture there. She looked at the Lord’s rampant cock. She licked her lips. She wanted to feel that spear in her mouth, as so many times before. But she knew it was the Mistress who would get it first. She could only hope to have her turn afterward.

Finally, Daniel dropped the crop and leaned into the womanly haunches displayed for his use. He rubbed his hard cock between the sweaty cheeks and pushed it between her thighs to assess her readiness. She was dripping and open. Angling his member down, he thrust firmly and impaled himself inside her. She cried out in pleasure. She was overwhelmed instantly with an orgasm! She had never been so hot and excited. The waves washed over her again and again as her husband used her the way he did common women and girls. In their bed, he was less vigorous. But this! This was what she needed!

He thrust into her repeatedly until he stiffened and she felt his hot seed spurting inside her. He backed out then. She was panting and rolled in the hay to her side. She watched as he took Angelique by the hair and forced her to her knees. He stuck his come covered cock into her face. She eagerly took it and licked it and sucked it until it was cleaned of all the fluids. Then he lifted her bodily into the air. He lowered her onto his still hard cock. She used a hand to help guide him into her body. She was so slender and he was so strong that it was no problem for him to fuck her as he stood there. Cynthie’s eyes took all this in and she groaned as she used her fingers to give herself another orgasm. The sight was more than she could stand.

Finally, Daniel grunted and spurted his seed inside the young girl. şişli escort He lifted her one last time and deposited her unceremoniously in the straw on the floor. She collapsed into a heap in the dust. The Lord paid no more attention to the two women he’d used as he put on his pants and buckled the belt. He turned without a word and strode from the stables.

Cynthie stood and walked unsteadily to the girl. She lifted her and together they went to the little room in back. Cynthie knew she was raw and sore, so she knew the smaller girl was even worse. She made her lay back on the bed and lay with her. She stroked the girl’s hair and back. Cynthie was sore between her legs and her ass burned. The entire front of her body, from breast to thigh, was scratched from the hay, but she was still aroused. She had tricked her husband into treating her as a common whore. The idea caused another rush of lust within her. She looked at the nipples of the girl next to her. Daniel had paid no attention to either of their breasts beyond that first pinching. She dropped her lips to one of Angelique’s almost boyish mounds. She suckled and tweaked the hardening bud between her lips. She let her hand run down the flat belly and between the firm thighs to the girl’s cunt.

Feeling her husband’s semen there, she brought her hand to her own mouth. The taste was salty and strange. He had never used her the way he had Angelique. His cock had never been in his wife’s mouth. She moved around until her face was near the girl’s crotch. Angelique knew what she wanted so she parted her legs wide. Cynthie pushed her face into the aromatic vee and began to lick and suck at the girl’s nearly hairless crotch. The smell and taste drove her again near to orgasm. When Angelique turned her own head and Cynthie felt the girl’s hot breath on her own thighs, she opened her legs and felt the small tongue lapping at her tender flesh. Only minutes later another forceful orgasm rushed through her.

A few minutes later, Cynthie realized she had to get back to the house. Daniel usually went to the parlor after his rides and drank brandy before napping. But she didn’t trust this. He might want to see her for some reason. She stood and hurriedly put on her own clothes. She kissed the sleepy girl lightly on the lips and slipped out the back door and ran across the lawn to the side door of the house. Stepping lightly up the back stairs, she went to her chamber. The bath she had ordered prepared for herself was waiting. The steam rose and filled the air. She stripped quickly and immersed her tired and abused body into the hot water. Her maid silently entered and began to soothe her mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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