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“I love a challenge baby and so do you, let’s do it. And let’s write a diary of it with input from both of us.”

An hour later we are fucking like rabbits in the missionary position, long and hard, very hard with his arms holding my legs in the air.

Before breakfast the next morning he is fucking me from behind with my arse cheeks cupped in his hands

That afternoon I am sitting on his very erect cock so he can look at my arse as I watch in the mirrors while I provide and enjoy tantric sex.

“Love your gorgeous arse baby especially in that position, perfectly proportioned and dimple free. Love looking at it while you are fucking my cock.”

“Good, put your hands under it and slide me up and down the full length of your rock hard cock.”

I do and she is very good in that position. I can feel her squeezing and alternating her cunt muscles against my cock and the feel of her gorgeous arse in my hands is an added turn on.

“Three so far baby, what shall we do next, can you get it up for me again?,” I tease after dinner.

“How about a golden shower, a really good one.”

Two minutes later he is stark naked flat on his back with a flaccid cock in our large shower alcove.

I decide to tease Roger to help him get it up again. I am naked under a loose fitting silk dressing gown and excited at what he wants me to do.

“Tell me again what you want from me?,” I ask as I stand with my legs apart and flash the gown open.

“A really good golden shower baby, a long one,” he moans as I notice he has a semi-erection already as I drop the gown and tease my freshly shaved cunt lips with a finger tip.

“Tell me what to do baby, you know I am to pleasure and be pleasured,” I smile as I continue to tease my cunt lips with a finger tip.

“Stand over the top of my legs. After I count to three give my cock a golden shower, a long slow one.

“One, two three.”

“Is this what you wanted baby?,” I tease as I commence with a trickle, my kinky side enjoying the moment.

“And this baby, is this what you wanted?,” I smile as I direct long slow steady flow over his now erect cock.

“Stand and put your hands against the wall, I do like your naked arse in that position in those heels,” he tells me a few minutes later after we showered together and dried each other off and I put my heels on.

“And I love kissing your naked gaziantep escort kızlar arse before I fuck you from behind,” he tells me with an arm between by legs and his fingers teasing my cunt lips.

“And I love fucking you from behind,” he tells me as he grasps my arse cheeks and slides his rock hard eight-inches into me.

We decide on lots of oral sex for the third day after we shave each others pubic area which was very arousing. After Roger shaves me I have just a thin line of short hair either side of my cunt lips while I have removed all his pubic hair. “Lick my nipples until they are very erect. Now kiss my arse, kiss it as though you mean it, now lick my cunt lips, make me cum three times on your tongue, then I will blow you,” I tell him.

I came twice very quickly but made him work hard to get me over the line for the third time. He was rock hard for me as I licked and kissed his erection.

On the fourth day we decide to watch some porn clips while we are both naked and tease each other with our fingertips until we are both very turned on by a scene we want to emulate.

“Fuck me doggy style while we watch those two huge black men sucking each others cocks,” I tell Roger. And it was very good for both of us.

“Masturbate with your vibrator with your legs wide open for me. I love watching you do that,” he smiles on day five.

“And I love you watching while you tease your erection for me.

“Your turn to stand and put your hands against the wall, I do like your naked arse in that position,” I tell him the next day as I enjoy flicking it with a riding crop.

“Do you like that?,” I ask as I smack his arse playfully with the crop, then harder, then harder still.

“Yes I do, very much, look at my rock hard cock.

“Would you like to do that to me?

“Yes I would.”

“How hard would you like?,” he asks as he flicks my arse.

“Harder until I am turned right on.”

“Like that do you baby?”

“Yes love it, harder.

“Now kiss my arse. Now oil my arse and fuck me in this position.”

“We are in lockdown for fourteen days,” I tell one of my girlfriends who has just phoned me. “To pass the time we have been having sex every day, several times a day on occasion. Today I am stark naked laying on my back on the bed with my legs from the knees down over the end of the bed with some pillows under my head. My man has a roaring erection. Would you like to keep listening or call me later?

“Don’t end the call, I want to listen, put the phone on speaker.”

“He is licking my nipples, they are very erect.

“Now my belly button. He is licking down toward my cunt lips.

“Now he is kneeling on the floor with my legs over his shoulders.

“And he is teasing the tip of my clit with the tip of his tongue. That is very good.

“Now he is licking my cunt lips. Wish you could watch.”

On the eighth day we decide to cross-dress for each other. I have always enjoyed a lady in just a garter belt and stockings and have always wanted to dress in a garter belt and stockings. When I flash open my silk dressing gown to show my lady my very erect cock I am very aroused.

She is wearing one of my black bow ties and one of my business shirts, as she opens it and drops it to the floor I can see she is wearing one of my crotchless jock straps. As she stands with her back to me the thin straps of it look marvellous on her glorious arse. “So good, so fucking good, never ever been fucked by a man wearing a garter belt and stockings,” I tell him as he fucks me wearing his jock strap.

On day nine we realised there was a massage table folded away in a cupboard. Roger laid me face down and oiled my back, then the insides of my thighs as he teased toward my cunt lips. “You really do have a glorious arse, absolutely magnificent,” he tells me as he pays special attention to it.

Then he laid me on my back as oiled my very erect nipples. The way he teased my oily cunt lips with my legs wide apart was sexual heaven. He paid special attention to my clit, my best and favourite erogenous zone.

The long slow tease as he bought me to a huge orgasm with oily fingers sliding along my cunt lips was magic.

When it was his turn I oiled his arse and poked an oily finger into it. When he was on his back I ignored his roaring erection and rubbed my oily hands over his hairy chest with special attention to his nipples. I teased his balls before his rock hard erection with two oily hands. “Is that better than my cunt baby?,” I asked as I teased his erection with two hands wrapped around it. “You need to tell me or I will stop.”

“Almost as good, don’t stop.”

“Harder or softer, which do you prefer?”

“Softer, better than your cunt.

“That is such a tease, love it,” he tells me as I have my hand wrapped around his erection so that it barely touching.

“Nearly there baby, don’t stop, keep doing what you are doing. So close baby, so close. That is fucking magic, so good,” he groans as he orgasms.

“I want to watch you squirt for me,” he tells me on day ten. “You know that is a real turn on for me, especially the way you tease your cunt lips and your build up to get there.”

“Happy to oblige, your turn on is my turn on,” I tell him as he undress me and sits me on a chair in front of a wall length mirror.

“Make it really good for both of us,” he tells me as I tease my extended clit with a finger tip.

“I love doing this for you, kiss me and tease my nipples to help me get there.”

“Nice and slow, we have all day.

“The last time you did this for me one of your girlfriends was watching. She had never watched another woman squirt. She was so turned on watching you. After you got there she did it while both of us watched. And you did it again while we watched her.”

“You really do have a glorious arse, absolutely magnificent,” he tells me on day eleven as he applies generous amounts of lube to his erection as I stand in front of the wall length mirror as I enjoy watching him kissing it. “Can I fuck it baby?”

“Yes, if you oil it for me, you know what I like and how I like it.”

Once he was in me he was like a raging bull as he clasped my arse in his hands as he slapped into it. The noise was an extra turn on for both of us as he kept telling me, “What a fuck, what a fuck.”

“I can’t get enough of your big glorious arse. You have given me an arse fetish. Sit on the chair in front of the mirror and sit on my erection so I can ogle it in the mirror while you fuck me,” he told me on day twelve.

On day thirteen we took lots of photographs of each other naked while we each masturbated to orgasm.

“When you phoned a week ago while we were having sex, I told you I wished you could watch. If you turn your Zoom on this afternoon you can watch,” I tell my girlfriend on day fourteen. “As you know I love having sex with someone watching. I want you to talk to us and be naked while you watch.”

That was the first time we had ever fucked on Zoom and listening to the comments from my girlfriend and her man while they watched us fuck every which way was our ultimate sex for those fourteen days as we both had huge orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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