Forbidden Pleasure

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The class stood and held hands for the final prayer of the lesson. As I started off, I couldn’t help but look out over the group, all friends and neighbors, including my lovely wife. I had, inadvertently, ended up away from her and was standing beside Lacey, holding hands and praying. I couldn’t help but notice the softness of her voice as we repeated the prayer, the light touch of her hand in mine. I slowly turned my eyes to the figure beside me and accidently gazed at the most amazing cleavage I had ever seen. The angle was almost perfect in that I was gazing straight down the button up shirt she had on with her outfit. I had never gazed at such and quickly closed my eyes. The prayer finished and as we released hands, her fingers grazed the palm of my hand and I could have sworn she tickled my palm!

I shook it off as imagination as we all walked to the sanctuary for the day’s service. I watched as you sat directly across from me with your husband and I couldn’t help but continue to think of the smooth curve of your wonderful breasts as they dived deep into that top. Sitting there beside my wife, I felt myself start to grow tingly and my cock throbbed slightly. I focused on the lesson and realized that it was time for the weekly offering. I walked to the front of the church and, with the other deacons, started collecting the offering. I was preoccupied enough that I didn’t notice that your husband stood and left the large room. I ended up beside you with the offering plate and you smiled up at me as you slowly put an envelope in the plate. I tried not to look down your blouse, to no avail, as I was greeted with your wondrous smile and another view of your ample breasts.

As we emptied the envelopes and money into the collection plate, I noticed that there was an envelope that had my name on it. I pulled it out of the plate and looked at both sides. Strange, but I slid it into the pocket of my jacket and promptly forgot about it. I returned to my seat, noticing now that your husband was sitting beside you. I sat down with my wife and she took my hand. Luckily, I was distracted enough to be able to focus on the sermon as opposed to the milky-white breasts across the wide aisle from me.

As the sermon ended, we all stood for the final part of the liturgy, I noticed that your skirt was riding a little high and you were very deliberate in smoothing it out over your very shapely legs. My mind wandered again, pairing those very nice legs with your wonderful breasts until I was snapped out of my little reverie by another deacon wanting to shake my hand and invite my wife and I for lunch. We accepted and as we were about to leave, I couldn’t help but notice that you were walking up the aisle ahead of us. The sway of your sexy ass was nothing if not tempting and you were getting some looks from other men in the congregation aside from me.

I kissed my wife on the cheek and excused myself to go to the restroom. Standing there, trying to urinate with a semi-hard cock, I thought again of the envelope. I reached into my pocket to take it out and someone walked in the restroom. I put myself away and moved into the stall. Dropping my pants, I sat on the toilet and took out the envelope again. I quietly opened it and saw a delicate writing on the back of what appeared to be a picture. The words on the back were quite plain: 9am, Tuesday morning, room 345, Marriott Hotel. I was very puzzled until I turned the picture over. You were laying back on a chair, your legs spread wide and covered in a thin, gauzy pair of pink panties, you were wearing the exact shirt you had on in church, but it was unbuttoned and I could see every magnificent inch of your breasts and your very hard nipples pointing right back at me!

I was shocked, the raw sexuality that you were showing. Your mouth smiling, your eyes inviting, and your body, simply dripping of nothing but desire and physical pleasure! I took a moment to catch my breath and noticed that my cock was standing quite erect. This was wrong. My adoring wife was waiting for me to take her to lunch and I was sitting in the restroom of my church! A church where I was a deacon and you were also a member! I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to destroy the picture immediately. I tore it into little pieces along with the envelope and flushed it down the toilet. With some difficulty, I pulled my pants back up and hid my huge erection.

I walked back up the stairs and out the side door of the church. Your husband drove by and I waved briefly and walked to our car. I spoke to our friends and told them that we were going to pass on lunch and head home, that I had a slight headache and wanted to rest a little before the afternoon. My wife was questioning, but I just told her I wanted to go home. We got home and went into the bedroom to change. As I hung up my jacket, the bulge in my pants was evident. I dropped my trousers and my wife looked at my cock and looked at me. She walked across the room, had me unzip her dress, kissed me on the cheek isveçbahis and told me that a nap would help my headache as she hung up her dress and walked out of the room.

I lay down on the bed in my boxers and turned to the side. My mind was whirling, thinking about the picture you had given me as well as the views I had of your breasts and your legs today during the service. Try as I might, I couldn’t get you out of my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

My dream was quite vivid, and was extremely erotic. I opened my dream eyes to see you in the same pose you struck in the picture. You motioned me to come to you and as I did, I noticed that I was just wearing my boxers. You reached out as I came closer, your shirt spreading completely apart as you did. I took a breath as I saw your magnificent breasts sway as you took my swollen cock in your hands and pulled me gently to you. Your breasts pressed against my hard cock and you smiled as I started to move my hips in time with your hands, fucking your tits. You laughed as I moaned, low in my throat. I dreamed that you then took my cock and teased the head with your tongue as you started gobbling it all up. Your hot mouth surrounded my cock as I moved my hips back and forth, your hands on my ass, fingernails digging in as you pulled me deeper and deeper into your throat. My orgasm came quickly and I watched as you pulled back your red lips and my cum spattered in your open mouth and on your neck. You stroked me until the last drop had oozed from my hard cock.

As you started to open your mouth to speak to me, I felt wetness on my leg and opened my sleep-filled eyes to see my large load trailing down my leg and nearly dripping on the bedspread. I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and started the shower. Quickly, I rinsed off my boxers and jumped under the hot water. Dipping wet, I reached for a towel and felt my wife’s hand as she handed me one. I fumbled for an excuse for the wet underwear and she laughed as she assumed I had simply gotten in the shower and forgot I had them on, as only the front was wet.

The evening passed normally, and as I rose for the first day of the workweek, my mind was elsewhere and didn’t focus on your breasts or my first wet dream in many, many years. I made it through the day, returned home and went through the same routine I always did on Mondays.

The dawn broke on Tuesday morning and I wasn’t thinking of anything else other than room 345 at the Marriott. I was resolved NOT to even think about going. I didn’t drive by on my way to work and as the clock passed 9, I resisted the temptation to beg off for a few and leave. The time passed like frozen molasses as I watched the minute hand drift past the 4, the 5, and the 6. 9:30, surely I had resisted temptation. I am in love with my wife. We have been solid as a rock for 10 years. Sure, she’s not adventuresome, doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in her body. Stable. That’s what has made our marriage sound and happy. I won’t throw it all away just for a few hours of pleasure with someone else! I can’t. It’s just not worth it.

The week passed as I was renewed in my vows. Thursday night sex was as it always was, satisfying and normal. We moved into the weekend and went to a minor league ballgame on Saturday. As we got up and prepared ourselves for church on Sunday morning, I was resolved to simply ignore the picture and the invitation, hoping that you would get the hint.

Sunday school class for adults went as it always did, the lesson followed by our little bit of socializing together was pleasant. I couldn’t notice that neither you nor your husband was present, which was a great relief to me at the moment. We finished up and moved up to the sanctuary. As we walked in, I couldn’t help but notice that you were sitting in your normal seat, just across the aisle from my wife. I smiled sheepishly at your husband’s nod and wave and took my seat on the aisle. You didn’t look my way and I started to wonder what your reaction was going to be. The sermon started and I focused on the message and then rose to help again with the collection.

I was on the other side of the church from you and didn’t notice anything strange until I was emptying the collection plates into the bin. A white envelope was laying in there, with my name on it, in your handwriting. I quickly slipped it into my jacket pocket, finished my duties with the collection, and quickly walked downstairs to the restroom. Not knowing what to expect, I dropped my trousers and sat on the seat of the toilet. I opened the envelope with nervous fingers to discover the same note on the back of a picture. The exception to the first note was the day, it was Monday. I turned the picture over slowly and was greeted by your smile once again. This time, you were kneeling on a bed, nude, leaning forward slightly. Your fingers were pulling your hard nipples and lifting your fantastic breasts up. I could see the faint outlines of your labia in the shadows between your legs. I turned the picture over isveçbahis giriş again and realized that I had stopped breathing!

Slowly trying to start my breathing again, I shredded the picture and the envelope. The time, room number, and hotel name swirled in the blue water and disappeared once again. I stood and again found that my cock was throbbing and swollen, needing attention. This was wrong. I was in CHURCH. I was MARRIED! I had to stop this. I was resolved to speak to either you or your husband as church ended. I didn’t’ realize the passage of time, and had to hurry to get to the side door to catch you as you were leaving. I stood on the sidewalk and waited. My wife came out and, lo and behold, you were walking arm in arm with her. What the hell was I going to do now? You both walked up to me and I was promptly informed that you were both going for mannie’s and peddie’s this afternoon. I was promptly invited to go out and get my own lunch as your husband was leaving town for two days and his flight was in an hour.

I was as freaked out as I could be, the Subway sandwich sat on the plate half-eaten as my wife walked in the house. She was bubbling over with the remnants of “girl talk” so I had to listen as she described the fun you had both had. Laughing with you, I agreed that we should have you and your husband over for dinner one night very soon. My mind wasn’t focused on her lovely French nails, but was thinking back to your own nails in the picture I had flushed just hours ago.

Monday dawned and I was firm. I was going to go to the motel this morning and make sure that this episode comes to an end. I was nervous as I left work. The drive to the hotel was quick in the morning traffic. I parked in the rear and had to walk all the way around the building to get in. I got on the elevator and pressed the button for the 3rd floor. As the doors opened, I took a deep breath and looked down the hall to room 345. I walked down the silent hallway and stood before the door for a full 5 minutes before I summoned the courage to knock on the door.

You opened the door and I was stunned. Your business suit was crisp and efficient, and not what I was expecting. You were dressed for a boardroom, not a motel room. The pearls around your neck were a triple strand. The blazer was buttoned but it did little to conceal your breasts. Your skirt stopped just at the top of your knees and revealed your strong calves and a very sexy pair of heels that gave your ass a wonderful lift as you walked away from me and told me to shut the door and have a seat.

“Lacey, I’m not sure what you expect from me.”

“I don’t expect any more of you than you do of me.”

I wondered what that meant, and asked: “What do you think I expect…I mean, what do I expect…”

“You’re extremely nervous. Relax, Bryan, here, have a little drink.” You handed me a glass filled with some amber liquid.

“It’s too early for that, geese, it’s just 9!”

“That’s true, but you need to relax.” You moved behind me and started to rub my shoulders.

Standing quickly, I said, “Don’t do that. I came here to find out what you are doing.”

“I’m just trying to get you to relax a little, Bryan, you’re too tense.”

You patted the chair and I felt like I had no choice, as the only other seat was the bed.

“There, just let me work out these tight muscles, it might help if you took off this jacket.”

“No, I’m not taking off any clothes here today.”

“Well, that’s fine, but I can’t really rub your shoulders with it on.”

“I’m not here for a backrub. I wanted to talk to you about those pictures you gave me.”

“Did you like them?”

“Yes, well, I, you shouldn’t have given them to me.”

“Would you rather I gave them to your wife?”

“Oh, god no. She would be crazy if she knew I was even here.”

“Why, Bryan, are you doing something wrong?”

“No, I’m just sitting in a hotel room with a beautiful woman who’s been sending me naked pictures in the church collection plate. I’m not doing one thing wrong, I’m doing about 30 things wrong.”

“Bryan, you need to relax. Sit back and take a breath.” You sat on the edge of the bed, just a few inches from my knee. You leaned back and I noticed rather quickly that you weren’t wearing a blouse under your blazer. You smoothly crossed your legs and leaned forward, your hand sliding up to the button of your blazer.

“Don’t do that, please?”

“Don’t do what, Bryan? I’m just trying to relax, to get you to relax a little bit.” As your blazer came unbuttoned, I was granted a vision of your breasts, barely covered by the lapels of your tailored blazer.

“Don’t do that, button your jacket, I don’t want to see your breasts.”

“You don’t? I’ve been told I have very nice breasts.” You stand, pulling off your blazer and leaning close enough for me to take one of your hard nipples in my lips.

“Please, I think they’re very nice, can you put a shirt on or something?” I started to isveçbahis yeni giriş squirm in my seat as the nearness of your nipples was starting to affect my cock.

You reached up and stroked my hair gently. “If they’re so nice, why should I cover up my breasts.”? Stepping back, you knelt on the bed, hiking your skirt up and re-created the pose from your second picture.

I didn’t know what to do. My body was telling me to make love to you, my mind was flashing on pictures of my life; my wife, work, the church. I was faced with a terrible decision.

“Bryan, don’t you want to touch me? Don’t you want to feel my breasts in your hands, in your mouth?”

Barely a whisper came from my mouth as I said one word…”yes”.

You slowly moved off the bed. You took my hands from my lap and placed them on your breasts. As I felt the soft skin under my fingers, I started to knead them gently. My hands grew a mind of their own as I explored every inch of your breasts. I think I felt you help me take off my jacket but my mind was focused on your breasts. My fingers stroked and pulled at your nipples and you started to breath a little heavier. You stood before me and I watched as your skirt slid down your waist and hit the floor. Your heels were incredibly sexy as you stepped out of the skirt and moved closer to me. Your legs were sheathed in very sexy patterned hose that ended mid-thigh and were held up by a very sexy dark garter belt. Your panties matched the bow on the garter belt and were a lovely shade of pink. The sheer fabric barely hid your labia and I thought I actually saw the hood over your clitoris. You guided my lips to your hard nipple. As I took one in my mouth, I heard your quick intake of breath.

I attacked your breasts with an unquenched hunger. My lips and hands were all over them, your hands stroking my hair and moving my mouth from one breast to the other. Your breath deepened and you moved back from me.

“You like, I think?”

“Of course, you’re beautiful.”

“Why, thank you. Why did you come here this morning?”

“I came to tell you that you had to stop sending me pictures.”

“Oh, I intend to stop sending you pictures.”

“Thank you.”

“Yes, I’m not sending you any more pictures. I want you. I want you right now.”

“That’s impossible. I’m married.”

“So am I, what’s the difficulty?”

“I can’t.” I protested meekly.

“You need to talk to your cock.” You reached down and stroked my cock through my pants.

“Don’t do that. I can’t be here.”

“But you are. Aren’t you?”

“Yes. But I have to leave.” I stood and faced you, slightly shorter than my 6’2″ frame.

You reached down and started unzipping my pants. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I have to leave.” I kept trying to stop you from unzipping me.

“There you are!” You pulled my hard cock from my pants.

I felt your hands stroke me gently and nearly exploded when your mouth touched the taut skin of the head of my cock.

“Oh, geese. Don’t.” I protested quietly.

You slowly slid your mouth down the entire length of my cock and then moved back. My dream came to my mind very vividly. You licked the shaft of my cock, feeling my balls in your hand.

“Very nice, Bryan, very nice.”

“Um…I..ah..” I was stumbling vocally, but physically, I was starting to enjoy what you were doing to me.

“You had pineapple juice today, didn’t you?”


“For breakfast or earlier, you drank some pineapple juice, right?”

“How did you know that?”

“I can taste it in your pre-cum and it tastes fantastic. I don’t know if I want to taste your orgasm or if I want to fuck you.”


“I think I want to taste you now and fuck you later.”

You started sucking and stroking my throbbing cock a little faster. You moved your mouth over me and I felt your hands grab my ass, just like in my dream. I was fully into what was happening and unbuckled my pants, pushing them to the floor. You grabbed my ass and I couldn’t help but notice your French manicure just before your nails gripped me tightly and started pulling me deep into your throat and out. The sensations were too much for me as my hips started thrusting on their own. My orgasm boiled up from my balls and exploded from the head of my cock. Your mouth opened wide and you swallowed most of my cum. As the milky-white juice oozed out of your mouth, you sucked me until I was nearly in pain. The drops of my orgasm spattered on your chin and in the cleavage of your wonderful breasts.

You stood, kissed me sweetly on the cheek, and walked into the bathroom. I heard water running as I draped my pants and jacket over the chair and smoothed your skirt over another flat surface. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for you to come out of the bathroom.

“You relaxed a little now?”

“Oh, yes, very relaxed now.”

You walked into the room and picked up your skirt where I had draped it over the low table beside the window.

You stepped into the skirt and zipped it. Smoothing the fabric, you reached for your jacket and slid your arms into the sleeves. Buttoning it up, you turned to the mirror to check your look.

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