For Old Time’s Sake

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It was the 10th year reunion of the Class of ’90 from FDR High School. Leslie had been walking around chatting with the few friends she had in school, when she saw Shawn walk in, late as usual. She walked over to him, and said, “Hi, remember me?” Leslie watched him do a double take as he asked, “Leslie? Is that you?” “Yes it’s me. I see we’ve both changed for the better since high school.”

Shawn said, “You look truly stunning, where did the neighbor girl with the braces, pig tails and big horn rimmed glasses go?” “I do have some great memories of her though.”

“Well she has some great memories, and a great photo of you too. We really need to get together to reminisce sometime!” As Shawn blushed with that memory, she gave a soft laugh then a quick handshake, turned & walked away.

Mike having seen the brief conversation walked up laughed and said, “Struck out again huh?”

Shawn shrugged and said “Yeah Mike, you know me.” As Mike & Shawn talked about old times, he put the room key Leslie had slipped into his hand, into his jacket pocket. Shawn tuned out Mike, just keeping enough of his mind on the conversation to make appropriate sounds, as he remembered one day long ago…

“Hi, Mr. Jenkins, is Shawn around?” “Hi, Leslie, I think he’s in the barn putting tools away.” “Thanks, I’ll go look.” Leslie walked over to the barn he was obviously playing with himself. She. watched him mesmerized until she audibly released a breath she didn’t know she had been holding

Shawn quickly looked over his shoulder, and saw her, then jumped up dropping a magazine as he tried zipping up his jeans over his now semi-hard cock. As he did that Leslie quickly came up into the hayloft and grabbed the magazine he had been looking at.

Leslie said, “Where did you find this?” as she flipped thru the magazine. Shawn stammered “mmmm my brother left it here before he went off to college.”

“Got any more I can see? I like looking at them too, my dad has quite a collection.” Opening to the centerfold, Leslie said, “Do you like her? I wish my nipples were that big!” Shawn just stared at her dumbfounded. “Come on Shawn, just cause I’m a virgin doesn’t mean that I don’t know what you guys like!”

A call came from the house, “SHAWN!!!!!!! Dinner’s ready!!!!!!! Does Leslie want to eat with us?”

Hmmmm what did u say Mike? I said “dinner is ready to be served shall we go eat?” During the course of dinner Shawn honestly tried to keep up his end of the conversation, but his mind kept wondering back to his youth & Leslie. When he saw her leave the room, he made his excuses over dessert. “Mike, I’m sorry to have been such a lousy dinner companion, but I had a long drive in today, and I can barely concentrate, much less stay awake.”

Shawn walked to the hotel elevator, and then hit the call button. As he waited he saw a print of an old faded barn standing in a pasture. As he gazed at the barn, he slipped back in time.

“Mom, I’m going to walk Leslie home, so we can talk about our 4-H projects, ok?” Sure Shawn, just make sure you don’t take too long, you have homework to do.”

As Shawn & Leslie walked down the lane, neither one spoke of what had happened, or t had almost happened earlier. When they reached the end of the lane, where they couldn’t be seen from the house, they stopped. Leslie looked at Shawn and said, “I really do want to see what it looks like, and I’ve never seen one, before.” “In real life I mean,” she quickly added. “I don’t know if that would be a good idea, it might change things, ahhhhh make things aw awkward,” he stuttered as Leslie ran her hand across the front of his jeans, where she began to feel him grow.

“Think about it ok?” She kissed him quickly on the cheek, then turned and walked up the road.

The next day as they were waiting for the bus, Shawn said, “About last night, my parents are going to the cattle auction Saturday & won’t be back until late, how about then?”

“That would be just fine, how about we meet down at the pond after lunch? We can go swimming to relax & cool off, and then have plenty of time for play!”

The elevator pinged & the doors opened. Shawn pushed the button, and as the elevator went up he let his mind drift back to that Saturday. As he came down to the pond, he found Leslie standing there awaiting in him in a one piece bathing suit, which to his surprise revealed that she had a lithe, graceful, body that many a woman would have envied. Her normal attire was effective camouflage for the fact that her body was blossoming into womanhood. The swimsuit did nothing to disguise her curves, or the size of her breasts. isveçbahis In fact, he could see the dimples made where her nipples strained against the material. Also without the thick glasses her eyes seemed to sparkle & dance.

Leslie smiled at him and looked appreciatively at the growing bulge in his swimsuit then said, “This suit is a couple years of old & is so tight it’s hard to breathe. Why don’t you go skinny-dipping? You can go up behind that stand of trees & get out of that swimsuit, while I get ready & get in the water, then come in the water with me?”

As Shawn went to disrobe, he heard a rustling of cloth & then heard a splash behind him. When he came out of the brush he saw Leslie in the crouched down far enough that he could only see her face & neck sticking above the water. Leslie was openly admiring him, as his dick was semi-hard with the excitement.

He jumped in the water in fact he thought he was going to cum from the manipulation. The she pulled her hand away and the water had a cooling effect that brought him down from the edge.

With a splash that made him open his eyes & realize that her hand was gone, Leslie came up for air, “Hey that’s not fair!!! You said we were going skinny dipping!” He lunged at her playfully, but she slipped away. Laughing, she said “No I said you could go skinny dipping & come in the water with me, not that I would go skinny dipping!” With that she started swimming towards, the old raft, anchored out in the middle of the lake. Shawn, started after her, but since she was the better swimmer she kept the lead, and was sunning herself on the raft when he reached it. As he hung on the edge & glared at her, she said “Why Shawn, don’t you want to come lay out with me?”

“Oh that’s right, you don’t have a bathing suit on, do you? I guess you’ll just have to stay out there as I sunbathe up here all by myself” She teasingly slipped the straps off of her arms, then pulled her top down so the material was just above her nipples, and the tops of her aureoles were exposed. Shawn wanted a better look at her so Leslie was able to watch his muscles flex as he used the edge of the raft to propel himself out of the water. Then her gaze was drawn to his cock. She watched fascinated as it shed water droplets from swinging to & fro. She noticed the slight curve to the right, and the way the head looked like a little helmet of some type with a small slit in the middle that seemed to be leaking a clear fluid, that didn’t look like water. She noticed the head was turning almost purple & watched fascinated as the vein that ran the length jump in a hypnotic pattern. She reached out to touch it as Shawn leaned in for a quick kiss & a closer look down her top.

Shawn moved to where she couldn’t see it anymore so she pushed him away. “I want to see it stand up.” He stood straddling her so that he could gaze down upon at the darker half-circles skin that stood out against the creamy color of her breasts she also was experiencing an unusual, but pleasant sensation between her legs.

All of a sudden Leslie felt him jump & then she was hit with a warm fluid across her chin, lips & cheek. She realized that he had cum. She went to wipe her face off and as she did, she tasted some of it on her lips. It was kind of a salty, earthy taste, and she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. With one swift motion, she pushed him off her & sat up then pushed her arms back into the straps of her suit, and then without saying a word she dived into the water.

Shawn climbed to his feet watching her swim towards shore, wondering what he did wrong. When he heard the sounds of a boat motor coming from down lake & getting closer, he realized that he was standing there naked for all-the world to see. He dived into the water and headed for shore.

When Shawn had pulled himself out of the water onto the dock, he saw her walking away. “LESLIE! Where are you going?”

“I’m sorry Shawn, I’m not ready I thought I was, but I’m not.”

“That’s ok I understand, to tell the truth I was kind of nervous, myself.”

“You were? Really?” When he nodded his head, “Why,” she asked.

” I was afraid, that you might be disappointed in it, I mean me,” he stammered.

When the elevator doors opened, Shawn came back to here & now, and realized how embarrassing it could be if anyone were to see him right now. As he got of the elevator on Leslie’s floor, Shawn was relieved that no one else was waiting for the elevator, or in the hallway as he had an erection that would have been obvious to anyone who saw him. He swiftly walked down the hall to room 2103 & with a deep breath used the room key, isveçbahis giriş and entered the room. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, he called out “Leslie?”

“I’m in the bathroom, I’ll be right out make yourself comfortable.” He kicked off his shoes, then took off his tie & jacket, as he was hanging them up he heard light footsteps behind him, then her arms were around, him. She let her hands slide up & down his chest, enjoying the sensation of his muscular & well-toned body. Then she slid one hand lower & grasped him thru his slacks. “Is all this for me?”

With that he turned around to face her, then he allowed is hand to caress the side of her face, then tilted her chin up so he could kiss her. Their kiss was at first tentative then more insistent, as their passion for each other was renewed to its fullest. Shawn felt like a teenager again as he slid his tongue into her mouth and she responded with ardor. He allowed his hands to run down her back & felt the silky smooth skin of her shoulders then the delicate touch of lace as he encountered her lingerie.

Leslie had maneuvered him backwards so, he was against the edge of the bed, and then they heard a knock at the door. She pushed him down gently, and said “That’ll be room service. I ordered champagne & strawberries, I’ll be right back.” With that she turned and walked across the room to the door. Shawn watched her movements, enjoying the way her hips moved. When she opened the door, the brighter light of the hallway, added a corona of light around her, almost as if she was glowing. Shawn was admiring her body when he realized that the waiter was just standing there staring at Leslie.

“Just bring that on in here, please.” As the waiter put the cart in place, Shawn was able to see the effect Leslie had on the waiter. He was staring at her tits as if he had never seen a woman in lingerie before. Considering his age, perhaps he hadn’t, Shawn mused.

“That will be all thank you,” Leslie said as she signed the bill, then when the waiter didn’t move, she took him by the hand, and led him to the door. “Here’s a tip for you,” Leslie said, as she pulled his head down so his face was buried in her cleavage. When she let him go, they both noticed a wet spot in the waiter’s pants. As Leslie pushed him out, she hung the do not disturb sign, and closed the door.

Laughing, she turned to Shawn and said, “That’s not the first time I made a guy cum all over himself! Remember, that time at the movies?”

Shawn picked up Leslie Saturday evening, at her place. As they drove away, he asked, “What movie do you want to see?”

“Lets go see that horror movie, you’ve been wanting to see so much.”

When, they go to the movie theater, Leslie excused herself to go to bathroom, while Shawn got popcorn & drinks. When she came back, she whispered in his ear, “I’ve got a surprise for you, lets go into the darkest corner of the balcony we can find.”

“Ok lead on!”

Leslie had insisted on holding the popcorn bucket, and placed it between her legs, so that Shawn had to reach over to grab some. When she saw he was really engrossed in the movie, she quickly moved the popcorn bucket into an empty seat with out his noticing. Shawn had his eyes glued to the screen as he reached for some popcorn, instead of getting a handful of popcorn; he felt something soft, ticklish, warm and moist. Puzzled he looked over to see that Leslie had pulled her skirt up and wasn’t wearing her panties. In the Dim light, he could barely see her mound, and the blond hairs glistened like gold as they picked up stray bits of light.

“Surprise! I decided it was only fair that since I saw you, that you should see me. Do you like your surprise?”

With that he leaned over and with his free hand pulled her head to his for a kiss. As he kissed her, he allowed his hand to explore what for him had been a dream up until now. He cupped his hand over her mound, enjoying the feeling of the downy hairs & the warmth radiating from her. Nervous & unsure of what to do next he allowed his fingers to trace the smooth lines of her silky thighs up & down. When he released Leslie from the kiss & went to pull his hand away, she took it in hers & guided him in exploring her folds. She placed his middle finger at the bottom of her slit, and guided his hand up & down a few times, until he started moving on his own. Leslie leaned back eyes closed enjoying the sensations of someone else’s hand masturbating her. Even though he was awkward & unsure of what he was doing, she was enjoying Shawn’s manipulations, since it was different from when she pleasured herself.

Shawn, isveçbahis yeni giriş found her clit & rubbed to hard. Leslie thought to herself, “I’ll have to show him how to do it,” and she took his hand & whispered, “wait I want to pleasure you now.” She started rubbing the bulge in his jeans, until she could feel the warmth of him seemingly burning thru the denim. Then she quickly unsnapped his jeans & undid his zipper. She slid her hand inside his jeans, and caressed him through the thin material of his briefs. She felt the heat more clearly, and could feel his member straining against the material. Lazily she traced her fingers around the bulbous head & down the shaft to his balls, where she cupped them gently & tugged thru the material, causing him to gasp. Quickly turning her head, she every one was too intent in the final scene of the movie to have noticed. She knew she would have to finish this up quickly and began to stroke faster and faster. All of a sudden Shawn arched his back, lifting his but up off of the seat and she felt a sticky warm fluid. Pulling her hand away she, watched his cock spasm as his underwear became darker where his cum soaked it.

Looking at her hand she saw a mixture of butter from the popcorn quickly they fixed their clothing and made their way to the exits.

As they pulled into her drive, Leslie asked Shawn if he would like to have a picnic next weekend. When he said yes, she leaned over and kissed him and then whispered in his ear “I want to make love to you then.”

The following Saturday came, and they packed the supplies into the back of the truck then drove off to their picnic spot. Shawn carried the supplies while Leslie looked for the perfect spot. She finally found the spot she wanted, a level piece of ground, under an oak tree that had to be at least 75 years old. Leslie took the blanket from Shawn, and then spread it out where she wanted and then arranged the picnic. As she was working, Shawn watched the way the shadows & the sunlight played against her supple, smooth tanned skin, adding highlights to her hair. He became mesmerized by the fluid way she moved, the way the dress she wore alternately became snugger than looser across her curves. When Leslie turned around to pick up something & was facing him, he could see down her dress. He loved seeing the soft gentle slopes of her breasts disappearing down into the fabric of her dress. As she started to get up he saw a single bead of sweat roll down between her breasts, and felt a deep longing to trace it, burying his face deep between her breasts as he did, to taste her as he inhaled the scent of her a combination of perfume, and her natural scent.

When the picnic was set up, Shawn ate & drank what Leslie put before him, without really noticing what he was eating. He just kept thinking, “My GOD! I’m really going to be able to have sex with her. We’re going to loose our virginity. I wonder if she will enjoy it?” Finally after what seemed all day, they finished eating & he helped Leslie pack away the picnic supplies & then he moved them out of the way to the other side of the tree.

When he came back he saw Leslie, stretched out on the blanket, gazing up into the tree. He lay down beside her, and gently kissed her on the mouth. As she responded, the kiss became deeper and longer than any they had shared before. There was a burning desire, and a promise of things to come in her kiss. When their lips finally parted, he looked into her eyes with an unspoken question, and she nodded her head. With that permission given, all of his plans to be slow and careful were forgotten. With eager hands he swiftly ran his hands down her body from shoulders over her breasts across her stomach over her mound, down her legs. Then with hands trembling he grabbed the edge of her dress and started lifting it up. As he did so Leslie lifted up so he could pull the dress up and over her body. When he got the dress up as far as her arms, he got tangled up & she helped him with the rest, undoing the buttons, he had overlooked in his excitement, standing up then pulling the dress up over her head. She then tossed it to the side, and kicked off her shoes. Standing in front of Shawn, he saw directly in front of him, the Golden Fleece, barely covered by white lacy panties.

He reached out with his hands and then pulled the white lace down and away. She stepped out of her panties and stood there allowing him to admire her pussy. He was getting a much better view of her than the dim view of her at the movie theater. Suddenly he stood, up, he had to see her completely naked. He stepped around her, and with trembling fingers tried to unfasten her bra. His hands were shaking so bad he couldn’t do it. Laughing Leslie reached behind her & with ease unfastened her bra for him. Then she slipped the straps down over her shoulders & let the bra fall to the ground.

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