For Now Pt. 02

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A few weeks had passed since their first meeting, and they talked often, sharing their most private thoughts and fantasies. He continued to invade her mind almost every waking moment of the day. He seemed to understand so much about her, and she was beginning to find all the keys to the things that turned him on — including her big, soft body and the fact that she wasn’t ashamed of it. They pleased each other in so many ways.

She thought a lot about the kiss she’d wanted ever since she laid eyes on him the first time. His mouth had such a sensuous look to it, and she trembled when she thought about his lips on hers… or any other part of her body.

They made plans to meet again. It would be brief, a stolen hour on a Friday afternoon before they each headed home to those who waited for them.

She dressed in a way she knew he would like, judging from past conversations. A black skirt, soft blouse that buttoned down the front, black lace bra, half-slip. “NO panties,” he’d commanded.

She arrived at the semi-empty parking lot where they’d agreed to meet and parked in the least occupied corner. It was a cold, blustery day and she leaned back against the headrest, closing her eyes and listening to the wind. She tried to relax and calm her heart, which was beating a mile a minute. Soon, a car pulled in beside hers, and she looked over to see him smiling at her.

She got out and walked over to hug him, but he pulled her close, surprising her by planting a warm, firm kiss on her lips. It was a perfect first kiss, and she loved that he was aggressive—the isveçbahis perfect complement to her shyness. It was a kiss that took possession. She was afraid her knees might give way, but they held firm. She invited him to come sit in her car.

They made small talk for a few minutes, chatting about work and the Tom Waits CD on her console. But she could barely concentrate—she was much too focused on his eyes and mouth.

He knew how much she needed to kiss him again. He leaned over, one hand behind her head, pulling her toward him. Their mouths opened to each other, tongues flicking and dancing together, exploring. Occasionally, he broke the kiss to gaze at her face as he tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back or cupped her chin or neck in his hands.

Then, he pulled away and turned his attention to her blouse, where the top button had been left undone. Undoing a couple more buttons, he slid a hand inside the collar, pulling it open to reveal her bra. He approved.

In an instant, he’d freed her left breast from the black lace and she shivered as he played with the nipple. When he lowered his mouth to suck on it, she felt the shock waves all the way down to her pussy, which was growing wetter by the minute. He told her how sexy her soft breasts and sensitive nipples were and seemed not to be able to get enough of them. He slid a hand between her legs and explored enough to feel her heat and know how aroused she was. Wanting desperately to touch him, her hands worked their way under his sweater and she gasped when she finally made contact isveçbahis giriş with the warm skin of his hard abdomen.

In between kissing and fondling her, he gazed deeply into her eyes. She couldn’t look away. She had never felt quite so connected —or quite so submissive — to a man. He brought out her most hidden feelings and desires effortlessly, and she pleased him in ways that he needed, but seldom expressed. He knew as well as she did that they were perfectly matched.

“You want to touch my cock, don’t you, baby?” he asked, with a half smile. She swallowed hard, nodding yes. He guided her hand to his crotch, where she could feel him growing hard through his corduroy pants. As she stroked him, he commanded more of her touch, and he helped her undo his buckle and zipper. Pulling his boxers down, she gazed hungrily at the hard dick in her chubby warm hand.

Both frustrated by the console that separated them in the front seat, they agreed to move to the back seat. With more room to maneuver there, he asked if she wanted to taste him. There was nothing she wanted more, and she already knew how much he was going to enjoy her hot, sexy mouth on him. She gently rolled her tongue over the head of his cock, licking up the precum that was oozing out of it, and then closed her lips around the tip. She knew she was getting to him when she felt his hands on her head and heard the tone of his voice.

He tasted so good, and she licked his shaft like an ice cream cone. Then, she began slowly sucking him in, inch by inch. He groaned and began telling her isveçbahis yeni giriş what he liked, what he expected her to do to him, and how good her mouth felt. She noticed that his dick throbbed and grew even harder when he called her a good cocksucker. She could tell he wanted to start thrusting and not stop until he shot his hot load down her throat.

He told her how much it turned him on to see that she loved sucking cock. She stopped and lifted her head. “Ready for me to make you cum, baby?” she asked, softly. “Yesssss,” he answered, pushing her face back down toward his cock, which was straining upward toward her mouth.

He was so ready to explode… he had been thinking about this moment for a long time, she knew. Sliding one hand underneath his balls and massaging lightly, she began the sensuous sucking again. He kept telling her how damned good she felt as he fucked her mouth. She increased the pressure as she swirled her tongue around the head, and suddenly he stiffened and moaned that he was about to cum.

His hands were in her hair, pushing her head down as she felt him slip over the edge, his dick quivering as he shot stream after stream of hot cum down her throat. She continued light pressure on his cock, milking him for every delicious drop, swallowing it all. They rested that way for a few minutes, her mouth still on his cock, until their breathing had slowed.

She raised her head to look at him, a little of his cum dribbling out of one corner of her mouth, hair tousled around her flushed face. She looked every inch the slut that he so wanted and needed her to be.

It was time to go. As he kissed her goodbye, they were already thinking about the next time they would meet and what they would do. Knowing she would see him again, it was enough. For now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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