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After a heat wave that had been lasting for too long, the weather finally turned. And with the turning weather, thick fog came rolling in.

After too many afternoon spent suffering in sweltering heat and baking sunshine beating mercilessly through the windows, suddenly a wall of grey mist blocked the view of the neighbourhood. From the street below, you could hear the footsteps of people passing by, but from the third floor, you could not even spot a passing shadow of whoever walked by.

“Let’s take a walk!”

Moments later, jackets that had been left unused for weeks was dug out of closets, and it was possible to step outside without getting drenched in sweat after seconds.

The neighbourhood was unrecognizable. You could hardly see more than two or three meters ahead. Sometimes people passed by. You could hear them long before seeing them, and it sounded as if the footsteps were just half a meter away in the sea of fog. Yet countless seconds passed before you could even begin to sense a form, and then only a few meters away. Cars passing were only two luminous balls in the dark.

So we strolled around in the streets that seemed strange in the fog, not knowing for sure where we were. Low residential blocks disappeared, and were replaced by houses with hedges. Traffic was something heard far away.

I got a sudden whim as we passed a transformer kiosk at the roadside, stopped, and put my arms around you, giving you a big kiss. The sudden stop made??you stiffen in my arms for a moment, but then our mouths met, you softened, became less tense. The tip of your tongue came out between your lips, playful. I pushed you up against the wall, determined but soft. You put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, pulling me closer. We stood there in the fog, snogging like a couple of teenagers.

I let my hand run over your back, down and further down until I had a tight and wonderful ass under my hand. I squeezed it a little, playfully, and was almost surprised the little moan I got for my effort. You pulled me closer, your tongue finding mine, examining it in small, frantic circles. I squeezed again, and got another moan from you, while your soft and delicious body churned against me, wanting me even closer, even though it was not physically possible.

I let my hand slide up slightly, finding the waistband of your pants, slipped fingers inside, and found soft, warm skin. My hand slid downwards again, this time inside of your clothes, and little by little I found the way down to your ass again, buttocks filling my hand, squeezing gently again.

For the first time in an eternity, your lips let go of mine, and warm breath washed over neck and cheeks as you moaned again, digging your hands into my hair, pulling my mouth down to your neck and shoulders.

I pulled aside your jacket and your top, finding more skin. Gently kissed at all the places you loved to be kissed. The small pit between the shoulder and neck, gently and softly along the side of the neck, and upwards toward your earlobe. Meanwhile, I continued your butt, again and again, small and rhythmic squeezes against naked, lovely skin along with each kiss. Every little moan told a clear story. Someone liked what I was doing. A lot.

I got my hand out of your pants, let them pass one last time over your ass , passing over your hips and your thighs, searching forward. I found the zipper on your pants, and considered for a second to undo it, but decided to refrain for the moment. Maybe a little later.

Instead, I let my fingers follow the zipper downwards, then the seam in your pants. I half expected to be stopped, but all that happened was that your mouth found my earlobe and gave me a gentle bite. I let my fingers continue.

I could feel that you were hot and possibly also soaking wet through the denim fabric. I let my hand slip gently back and forth. Felt your body tensing against me, relaxing, then tensing again, as my fingers rubbed back and forth.

Your hands had begun to move as well now. Had found my belt, pulling impatiently at it, fighting with belt buckle, wanting it open. Then you started on the button. Generally, you had steady hands, but right now, it seemed as if everything was difficult. halkalı escort Just to make things worse, I continued to let my fingers rub in between your legs, a little more pressure, so I was sure you would feel it even more. Finally, the belt was out of the way and my fly open. Nimble hands found their way in behind the elastics of my boxer. Cold, lovely hands. A shiver passed through my body as they found my already rock hard my cock.

This time it was my turn to moan, caused by a gently squeezing hand.

My knees betrayed me a little, my hands forgot what they were doing, and all I could feel were the fingers that engulfed me.

Before I knew what was happening, it was me standing with my back pressed against the wall, while you pulled my boxer further down and let things slip out into the open. Oh my god what lovely hands you had.

Your eyes seemed to glow in the dark, most of all by lust and impish mischief.

You let your hand slide up and down the shaft of my cock, gently and with great care.

Meanwhile, your other hand sought out my balls, tracing them with your fingertips.

Then I heard it. The sound of footsteps approaching.

I had no idea how far away they could be, but they were coming this way.

You heard it too, for your smile grew a little wider, a little fuller of mischievousness. I began to suspect what was going to happen now, as you began to kneel in front of me.

The sound of footsteps grew closer still.

My god, you knew what to do with your mouth.

You pulled my foreskin back, before I could feel the tip of your tongue gingerly slipping over the head, wet and delicious. You let it play up the sides, and then along the ridge, just the way I loved it.

I did what I could to hold back a groan, but it was impossible.

Then you opened your mouth, and I could feel wet lips covering the head of my cock slooowly, slipping down over it, until once again your tongue-tip was where I loved to feel it.

You sucked at me, gingerly and exploring, trying to find out what the limits were before it became too much for me, before new moans escaped me.

I balled my fists. I pressed my head back against the concrete wall. I tensed all my muscles. But you kept it up, unrelenting, without mercy, until I moaned again, and again.

The footsteps sounded as if they were less than a meter away, when you finally let my cock slip out of your mouth. But I had an inkling that you still had plans.

You let a hand grasp the wet, slippery head of my cock, and let your tongue play down my shaft. Your other hand pulled down hands and boxers in one swift movement.

Your mouth was at the root of my cock. And I couldn’t help myself from spreading my legs a little to grant you easier access, even if I know it would make things even harder on me. But also infinitely more exquisite.

And then your mouth was there, taking one of my balls in your mouth while your hand started to jerk me slowly and delicately. You sucked lightly, let go, let your tongue play, took things in your mouth again, sucked once more. All the while, your hand slid up and down, up and down.

The footsteps were right next to us now. I tried to look out into the fog, my eyelids heavy. A bit over a meter away, a shadow passed by, pace quick, shoes and gravel crunching against the asphalt.

I can’t recall ever having been so turned on. Never before had your mouth been so intense, so skillful and so alluring. And never before had it been such a battle to hold back a moan, as the footsteps moved away.

And then you finally let go of my balls. And the exquisite delight was over. But only for half a second.

Your lips engulfed my cock again. Sliding down, warm, soft and lovely, further and further, until I couldn’t believe that they could go any further, that there couldn’t possibly be any more room left in your mouth.

It was all too goddamn good. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. A loud moan escaped my throat.

The footsteps halted. Perhaps for a second. Maybe not even that long. Then they continued.

You smilingly wiped your mouth, looked up at taksim escort me, gave me your most innocent look, and asked if I wanted you to go on.

I shook my head. No. Another plan had began forming in my mind.

I was able to get my pant back on with a little effort. My dick complaining over the feeling of the coarse fabric of my boxers, compared to the soft and delicious mouth it had just been in. We walked back out into the sea of mist.

It took some time before we arrived at just the right place. The houses we passed all lights on in the windows. Weak glows that could barely be sensed in the fog. But not this one. There had to be a house somewhere in the fog. Because it was yet another hedge and yet another garden. But I saw no light. As we came to a gate in the hedge , I opened it and pulled you in through it.

A few meters inside the garden, I found the shade of a tree. A huge, old oak, it seemed . This time it was my turn. This time it was you who was gonna get it.

I pushed you up against the rough tree trunk. Yet again my mouth found its way to your neck , your shoulders , and then your mouth. But this time I was not looking to play with all the right little places. This time I had a bit more of a rush.

My hand was already inside your top, having found a breast.

I pulled up your jacket and top with both hands, managed to get it over your head, up your arms, and let them fall to the ground. I put my arms around you, pulled you towards me, while my mouth covered your neck with small, frantic kisses. Down your neck, down towards your breasts.

First the one to the right. My lips barely brushing a nipple. You made a small, sobbing sound.

I kissed it, first once, then again, before letting my lips cover it, sucking it into my mouth.

Once again, you ghasped for air, while my tongue began to examine it. Carefully exploring every microscopic bump on your skin. It had already been hard when I got it in my mouth, but now it was harder than I had ever remembered feeling it before. Every little lick with my tongue, caused small ghasps and moans.

I continued with the other nipple, giving it exactly the same treatment with my mouth and tongue.

I was frantically horny, wanted to tear your clothes off and take you. But after the treatment you’d give me earlier, you deserved to be paid back in the same coin. My hands were already trying to get your jeans and panties off.

And so there you stood. Naked. Up against a tree in a strange garden somewhere we didn’t quite know where. Somewhere in the fog. I fell down on my knees in front of you.

You willingly lifted a leg as I got close. Leaned back against the bark of the tree, and gave way.

I kissed your thigh , put my hands on your ass, waited a moment, just to let you get impatient before I buried my mouth between your legs , sticking out my tongue, and using it to spread your lips .

You were soaking wet, tasting salty and delicious.

I let my mouth do all the work, let my tongue search upwards from the wet deliciousness, and find its way all the way to the small, hard bud.

This time it was you who moaned deeply. Your whole body felt like it was shaking, as my tongue moved light and deftly over your clit. I stopped for a second, before I let my tongue slip in a slow, lazy arch. And again. And again. Agonizingly slow sweeps. I could feel your clit hardening under my tongue, could feel little trembles playing through your body with every time my tongue passed over you.

Then I let each lick grow a little more rapid. Each pass a little quicker. Faster and faster until my tongue was whipping back and forth. I could hear you moaning again and again. Gabbing my head, fingers digging into my scalp, pulling me closer, wanting more.

I kneaded your ass with both hands while continuing to lick, letting my tongue whip up and down, back and forth. Your moans grew deeper and deeper, come closer together. The hands grasping my head grew more vice-like, pulled me closer, wanting more. I kept it up until I knew you were on the edge, the little bud under my tongue rock-hard. Then I used two fingers to spread your lips as well as I şişli escort could, placed my mouth over your clit, and sucked it into my mouth while my tongue kept rubbing over it.

It felt like your body exploded into convulsions as you came. I was able to keep sucking your clit into my mouth for a brief second before you pushed me away, clasping your thighs together and writhing away from me. But we were not finished yet. Not by a long shot.

I yanked at my belt. Got it open, got my pants and boxers off with one hand, while struggling out of jacket and shirt with the other. Let my arms find you, held you close, gave you a hungry kiss, and started pulling you with me to the ground.

I laid down on my back in the moist grass. My cock pointing straight up in the air, rock hard. You needed no more invitation than that, and straddled me, used a hand to steer me in. An exquisite feeling of warm, wet and delicious pussy sliding down my cock.

We were both horny and impatient. This was no time for gentle, tender lovemaking. This was the time for hard, frantic fucking.

You started riding me, hips grinding back and forth. I thrust against, pushing into you, all the way, as much of me as you could take. You leaned on my chest, biting your lower lip, looking like the most wonderful thing in the world, all horny and wild-eyes.

I grabbed at your ass with both hands, squeezing it in time with our movement. Used it to keep you a little more under control, being in charge of what was happening. Pumping with my hips all I could, letting my cock penetrate deep into you with each stroke.

Your nails dug into my chest as I took you. Then you wanted to dictate the pace again, almost jumping and bouncing on me. My hands sought out your breasts, squeezed them. I could already feel that I would have to hold back in order to not come right away.

You grabbed the wrist of one of my hands, pulling it up to your mouth, greedily sucking on two fingers. I let the other hand run down your stomach, getting it in between our bodies, letting a finger find its way, in between your lips, until every movement you made upon me, also made my finger run your clit.

And then, once again, footsteps approached.

I was tempted to not give a fuck, and let people hear what they might hear. But you slowed the pace, and pulled my hand away from where it laid.

But you didn’t stop. You just smiled and continued to ride me in gentle waves. I followed the swells. You smiled, as if about to laugh, but managed not to. The footsteps continued, growing closer. The footsteps of two people, faint chatter.

Yet again, it was all about doing things as quietly as possible, without stopping, but still without being heard or discovered. It put and edge to it all. Made everything feel so much more excruciating, simply because every sound had to be kept in. Made every undulating motion feel heavenly. So that the thing you wanted the most in the world was to moan. Loudly.

You bit your lip again. And I could see little tingles shooting through your body. I could feel the same myself, felt a numbness in my knees, could feel it in the bottom of my spine, building up, while the sound of two chatting people still approaching.

You put your own hands on your breasts, tweaking the nipples, riding me a little harder, a little faster, but still silent, without a sound, you gaze locked with mine. My entire lower body felt numb now. I clenched my teeth, clenched my buttocks, held back all that I could, but knew we were both so close.

And then I saw your eyes rolling back. Your mouth falling half open. Your body trembling upon me. And I could feel the muscles inside you squeezing around my cock. Soft, wet, almost milking. I didn’t have a chance, and it felt like my entire body exploded as I came.

When I was finally able to take notice of the world around me again, the sound of footsteps had stopped.

“What was that noise?”

“I don’t know. It sounded like an animal… Badger, perhaps?”

We laid as if we were frozen. We had been heard.

I don’t know how long we laid there, intensely quiet, as two people stood still, listening a few meters away.

After what felt like an eternity, one voice finally spoke “It disappeared. Let’s move on.”

Once again, footsteps on asphalt, while we breathed a sigh of relief, close to laughter, a bit embarrassed, but very, very pleased.

As the footsteps faded away in the distance, we dressed ourselves in ice-cold and moist clothes, and started searching for the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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