Flying the Friendly Skies

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Carl Reece was a 28 young up and coming junior vice president of large international bank. His career was fast track due to his university results and had made the bank millions of pounds in his short 5 years he has been to the bank.

Today he was sat in the British Airways VIP lounge in Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport. He sat their reviewing the latest trades on his Ipad whilst he sipped a scotch and soda. Pleased that his latest stock predictions had paid off. I young man in a BA uniform approach him, his name was Tim is personal airline assistant who greeted him from curb where his car dropped him and escorted him through the check in area.

Tim had come to get him to board the new Airbus A380 on his flight to Hong Kong. Carl was greeted by a very attractive blond in BA uniform who took off of Tim and escorted him to his first class seat. She introduced herself as Claire and would be looking after him for the duration of the flight. She also mentioned that the outbound flight only had 2 passengers in the first class section.

20 minutes later the plane thundered down the runway and took off into the evening sky. Soon the seat belt light was turned off and Claire returned her tailored uniform jacked replaced by a service wrap.

She handed him a scotch and soda and stopped for a brief chat. His eyes lingered on her legs. Carl always had a thing for classy ladies, and Clare clearly did not grow up on a council estate. The flags on her name take showed she spoke several languages and her posture showed a private school education. Clare smiled straightened herself up and smoothed her pinstripe skirt. Carl followed her perfect arse as it swayed to the rear of the cabin. Carl took a sip of his drink and blow out his breath and said wow.

Carl immersed himself in his work and was snapped back to reality when Clare brought his meal. He ate his meal and without asking Clare brought him another scotch and laid it beside him. After a few minutes he lifted the glass and notice something written on the napkin. It read meet me in the crew rest area, there was a lipstick impression signing it. He unfolded it and it had a little map to pointing to the crew rest area.

He unfastened his seat belt and finished his scotch and started isveçbahis to walk aft of the plane. He passed through the Club world section and entered the divide to the world traveller section or cattle class. Looking round he looked to see if any crew was around and seeing he was alone he lifted the door in the floor to the crew rest area. He quickly descended the stairs closing the hatch behind him.

At the bottom he looked around the small cabin and counted 12 bunks. Laying on a bunk at the far end was Clare propped up one elbow reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled. She said she thought she had not gotten her message. She climbed out of the bunk and walked past him and stepped into the stairwell and clicked the lock on.

She told him they had 20 minutes before she had to be back on duty. He took her in fully as she stood there in a well trained hostess pose with one leg in front of the other toes pointed, hand glas behind her back. She had already shed her service gullet and he saw her well tone curves under her white uniform blouse. He took the quick step between them and his mouth was on hers. Their tongues danced in each others mouths as their hands explored their bodies. Carl unbuttoned her blouse revealing a virgin white bra Reaching inside he freed the clasp at the back freeing her breasts. His tongue lapped up her left nipple as his hand rolled the right between his thumb and fore finger. She held his head as he worship her breasts. His spare hand reached under the tailored pinstripe skirt and passed her 15 denier barely black stocking tops. and found the rapidly moistening panties. She panted as he rubbed he hot pussy through the lacy material. After few minutes she pulled him off her and sank to her knees. Pushing his against the bulk head she clawed at his trousers and soon had them and his pants around his ankles.

She engulfed his 8 inch cock into her immaculately rouges painted lips. She worked is cock whilst her hand played with his balls. Carl was sent in to orbit by this expert blowjob. He was close to blowing when he reluctantly pulled her off. She gave him a wicked grin know full well that she had brought him to the edge of flooding her mouth.

Pulling her to her feet they locked lips as the stepped back towards isveçbahis giriş a bunk. Carl pulled Claire’s skirt up around her waist and laid her on the bunk parting her legs he knelt between them and ate his way from her feet to her pussy and ate her out through the virgin white panties. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs tight around his head.

He licked her hard and deep and felt her cum in his mouth. He climb on to the bed and their lips met. He pulled he panties to the side and slipped his cock into her and started to fuck her slowly. He quickened his pace and soon she was panting in time to his thrusts. We took her breast into his mouth and sucked on her nipples. This caused her eyes to widen and grasp her teeth as she felt her second orgasm building. He increased his thrusting and he felt her pussy lips contract around his cock as she let go her second orgasm. This was enough and it sent him over the edge and he flooded her womb with his seed. Spent he clasped next to her on the bunk.

She looked into his eyes and he could see she was not finished with him yet. She sucked his tongue back into her mouth and reached down and stroked his soften cock between her well manicured hands. She alternated the stroking between rubbing the perineum skin between his balls and arse. Every time she rubbed him there sent a shiver though his body and his cock started raise back to life. With Carl mostly erect she slid down and took him back into her mouth.

She bobbed up and down whilst her left hand wanked his shaft and the other played with his arse and balls. In no time she had him rock hard and she broke away. Stepping off the bunk she bent over grabbing the ladder to the upper bunk inviting Carl to enter her. He climb of the bunk and came up behind her and she parted her legs and used her fingers to open her pussy for him. Without further hesitation he pushed into her and started to slid in and out of her. She steadied herself with one hand on the ladder and the other played with her nipples.

Having recently cum Carl had more staying power the second time round and fucked her slowly at first but she ordered him to fuck her hard. He obliged and penetrated her fast and deep. She cried for him to make her cum. He reached forward isveçbahis yeni giriş using the ladder to steady himself and using his free hand rubbed her breast. This freed her spare hand and she made good use of it playing with her clit. As her orgasm hit she clamped his cock and she felt her juice slip passed his cock onto her finger. She licked them clean and told him to pull out.

He did and she turned round pushed back up to the bulk head and swallowed him whole. She again suck and wanked him and played with his balls and arse. It took less than a minute until his cock swelled in her mouth and shot its load into her eager mouth. She let his spent member from her mouth licking the tip clean and showed him his cum on her tongue before swallowing it. He pulled her to her feet and they shared a long passionate kiss.

She looked at her wrist watch and saw the time. Quickly she pulled Carl’s pants and trousers up and fastened them. Carl loosened his tie and released his top button. Clare handed him a bottle of water and quickly refastened her bra and buttoned her blouse, tucking her cravat into the blouse front. She pulled her panties back in place and pulled her skirt back down and smoothed it straight. She grabbed her service gillet and gave him another kiss fastened the in-flight jacket and disappeared up the stairs telling him to wait a minute before following.

Catching his breath he climb the stairs and peered out to check the cost was clear. At the top was another stewardess. She giggled and told him the coast was clear. He stepped into the isle and started back to front of the plane. He passed a guy in a suit and looked back to see the stewardess he just chatted to walk down the stairs and was followed by the new guy. As he turned to face front heard the hatch lock click.

He returned to his seat without seeing Clare. he settled in to his seat and had a little sleep. He was awoken by Clare placing a hand on his shoulder. It was meal time and she passed his food. She was once again fully business like and formal.

Carl ate his meal then noticed another message on his napkin. It was her phone number and the name of the hotel the crew was staying at in Hong Kong and the message I hope you’ll be fully recovered. It is a pleasure to serve you with a lipstick kiss to sign it.

He pulled a business card from his pocket and slipped it onto his tray with the note I’m ready when you are. She soon cleared his tray away and he could not await to land.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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