Flight Attendant Lust Ch. 01

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I was sitting in the Raleigh Durham Airport waiting to board my flight to Minneapolis for a job interview. I had just began to weigh the pros and the cons of leaving the city I was born in and job I had been at for sixteen years to move across the country and basically start from scratch. It was a big move and I was nearly comatose in thought when I saw the sexiest woman I had seen in years. She was one of the flight attendants working my flight. She looked ravishing in her Delta uniform and her smile sent goosebumps across my body. She had a pale complexion. About 5’1″ and slender. Red hair styled neatly into a bun. She looked incredible. I caught her eye for a quick second and she smiled back at me even though I’m sure she thought I looked nuts.

Our plane was a small regional jet which was surprising for a 1,000 mile trip. These little jets proved problematic for a big guy like me. They weren’t built for 6’4″ guys like me. I, having booked my flight just three days ago was in the last row. The upside though was that nobody was seated next to me. During boarding and waiting for push back, I took advantage of the aisle seat and enjoyed watching our beautiful flight attendant as she assisted other passengers. She had a perfect round ass and the navy blue skirt she was wearing only made me want her more. Her petite frame made her seem nearly preteen like but she was certainly in her early twenties.

As we prepared to taxi out to the runway, my little piece of eye candy took to the jump seat located at the end of the aisle way before the restroom. She was within arms reach of me. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I struggled to find the words to start a conversation. I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Well here goes nothing!” I said.

Smooth, Kevin. Really smooth!

“Yup.” She responded. “My last of four legs today.”

“Wow! You’ve been all around the country in a day, I’m sure”

“Yeah, I started in Fargo, ND then to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Atlanta, Atlanta to Raleigh and now Raleigh back to Minneapolis. The Doubletree in Bloomington is going to feel good tonight”

What a coincidence, I’m staying at the Doubletree in Bloomington.” Some coincidence really. The Doubletree was the nearest hotel to the airport and I almost didn’t get a room, as I was told the airlines typically have larger holds than they did for tonight.

For the first time in my life, I’d wish we would be stuck on the taxi way for hours. Her skirt seems so short as we sat there patiently awaiting take off. Her nylon covered legs looked perfect as she crossed them and clasped her hands on her lap with the calmness and coolness of a flight attendant on her fifth flight for the day.

We made small talk, chatting about this airport and that airline. Funny flight stories and the weather. We had spent twenty five minutes waiting in line for take off, yet it seemed like less than five.

“It’s funny” she stated. isveçbahis You look a lot like my father.”

She must have seen that that comment had blown the wind out of my sails. Those types a comments you have to be ready for when you turn fifty. She saw the look of defeat and immediately began back peddling.

“That’s not a bad thing. My father is a very handsome older man. Same hair style. Well kept and in shape. A really good looking guy” she said with a smile.

I smiled back.

As we reached our flying altitude, it was time for the drink cart. I looked into the first class cabin and smiled to see her coming up the aisle backwards. I’d have another opportunity to admire her ass a little more. For a split second I was mortified as she caught me looking but she again smiled and blushed. When she reached the back she made a point to bend low as she serviced the passengers across from me and did very little to help from me getting a face full of her beautiful behind. When she served my beverage, she bent down again in my direction offering me my first view of her adorable cleavage that was otherwise hidden under her blazer.

The flight seemed to whiz by and before I knew it, we had begun our descent into MSP. The “flirt attendant” as I had nicknamed her resumed her place in the aisle jumpseat.

“I think I’m going to take a nice hot bath tonight”, she said. “Unless, do you know if they have a pool of hot tub at the hotel? I can’t remember one from the other traveling as much as we do.”

“I think they do. I remember seeing a picture on the website. In fact, I was thinking about taking a dip my self, tonight” This was a convenient lie. I planned to do nothing but sit in my hotel room putting some final touch ups on my digital portfolio.

“Well” she said. “Maybe we can bump into each other”. She caught her self “Maybe we WILL bump into each other. At the hotel. At the pool at the hotel” she seemed flustered.

Could she possibly be attracted to me? Certainly not as attracted as I was to her. Right?

As we deboarded the plane, I asked if I’d see her on the shuttle to the hotel.

“I have to do some paperwork, first. So probably not but maybe you’ll be in the pool around 8pm?”

“Perfect”, I responded as we parted ways with a smile.

Time seemed to stand still waiting for our “chance” encounter. I couldn’t help but to masturbate thinking of her. It took less than five minutes for my load to rocket out onto my chest in what seemed like endless white strings.

I showered and headed downstairs. First, I scouted the pool area out. A large room, tucked near the back. Completely deserted at 5:30pm on a Tuesday. “Let’s keep it that way”, I prayed to myself. I then decided to grab some dinner at the restaurant in the lobby. It was there it donned on me; I hadn’t packed swim trunks. So I quickly finished my meal and desperately grabbed a cab to a nearby mall where I spent nearly forty five isveçbahis giriş minutes deciding between exactly three different pairs of shorts.

With my new swim wear in hand and my phone reading 7:15pm, another cab deliver me to back to the Sheraton. I hastily returned to my room to change. By the time I was in my new trunks and accompanying new flip flops, it was 7:35pm.

“I might as well head down there now. I don’t want to miss a second with this woman” I thought to myself.

I arrived in the atrium to find it still empty and presumably untouched since scoping it out a couple hours ago.I started the hot tub up and eased in. With my phone next to me I was checking the time nearly every minute.

“What’s to say she’s even going to show? What if she brings coworkers? What if she isn’t even staying here tonight? Or in Bloomington for that matter?” My mind was racing! For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why was so crazy about a woman I had no idea existed just ten hours ago.

8:00pm had passed. So had 8:10pm. She had stood me up. I felt defeated. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was contemplating going and getting drunk in the bar but figured it wouldn’t be too wise. I did have a job interview tomorrow at 11:00am.

“Well hey, stranger. Fancy meeting you here.”

It was her. She was here and looked amazing. She had a white and pink two piece on that showcased her beautiful petite body splendidly. It allowed for much better viewing of her perfect b-cups. Her strawberry blond hair was down and fell below her shoulders. She was here and she looked stunning.

“Sorry I’m late” she quipped. She joined me in the hot tub. I couldn’t believe we were finally together again. Finally? It had been less than six hours since we landed. “Would you believe I had to run to the mall and buy a new suit? I didn’t pack one on this trip”

“I laughed but chose not to reveal my little shopping trip. She wasted no time cozying up next to me and in no time we had picked up the conversation we were having in the air today. It became apparent we had very little in common. A thirty year age difference had a lot to do with that I’m sure. I couldn’t help but notice she keeped rubbing the back of her neck.

“Does your neck hurt?”

“We hit some unexpected turbulence on a flight today and it slammed me into a doorway.”

Instantly I reached my hand over and began massaging it. She immediately closed her eyes in relief as I began my attempt to help. She moaned softly in release.

“Wow you’re pretty tense. Come here.” I pulled her closer, but she didn’t stop moving when I did and before I knew it, she was sitting on my lap. Her petite little bottom was planted square in my lap. We had progressed to a shoulder rub now and due to our height difference I could easily glance over her shoulder and see her pretty tits sitting in the water. The conversation had moved to music at this point.

It wasn’t isveçbahis yeni giriş long before I had a raging erection. Her round ass sitting on my crotch had made it incredibly difficult to contain myself. While my left thumb was rubbing a deep circular pattern on her neck. My right arm had fallen into the water next to us hoping an opportunity would present itself to adjust my throbbing pecker. It didn’t seem likely to happen. I think we were still talking about music. Or facebook. I don’t remember now, and I didn’t care then.

As I continued my massage, she began moving back and forth across my lap. I was in disbelief. Subtle at first, it quickly became obvious she was deliberately but slowly grinding on me. We were silent. I moved my right arm up and continued the massaging and laid my left arm around her stomach. I assisted her movements over my crotch and pulled her closer to me in the process. From her stomach I moved my hand up to her bikini top. I felt one tit and then the other. I couldn’t resist kissing her neck. Her head fell back onto my shoulder as the slightest whimper escaped her lips.

The neck massage had stopped as one hand caressed her perky little melons and the other around her stomach held her tight to me. Her left hand guided mine further south and into her bikini bottom. She was freshly shaved and I shuttered in excitement. She turned her head and we locked in a passionate kiss.

I shuttered in excitement as my fingers moved up and down her most delicate parts. She was grinding at a heightened pace. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was shooting my second load of the evening. I encouraged her thighs a little farther apart and began rubbing her clit feverishly. Her bottoms had now been to pushed to the side as I began shoving two fingers into her. Her vagina was as tight as any.

With our tongues entwined she let out a moan as I finger fucked her tight little snatch. I couldn’t hold back any longer and my jizz spewed freely into our personal lust bath. As I moaned in climax, she began bucking her body against my hand. I didn’t let up even slightly. Both of her hands grabbed at my silver head of hair as I continued my finger assault on her pussy. It wasn’t long and she too was lost in the waves of orgasm.

My heart was pounding. My mind was blank as we both just sat there. What she was thinking was anybody’s guess. What I was thinking was that I wanted all of her. More importantly though, I wanted to give her all of me.

She broke the silence.

“My neck feels better.”

“Among other things I hope.”

We both laughed. Silence returned for a few more minutes. I moved my hand across her stomach as she ran her finger tips up and down my arm. Our post orgasm daze was broke by an older couple entering the pool area. I had completely forgot this was a public area. In no time, that made this whole thing feel even better.

She adjusted her bottom and began climbing out of the hot tub. She walked for the towel rack and returned with one for me as well as two for herself. I still hadn’t moved. She began walking for the door. I couldn’t come up with words.

“Room 1013”, she announced.

I smiled.

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