Flight 716

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For Women

It was a long journey, but one Philip had to take, and due to conditions beyond his control he ended up booking passage on a red eye flight. As it turned out though Kathy too was traveling that way, going it seems to meet someone special for her arms were laden with presents all neatly wrapped. Without thinking Philip stood and assisted her in storing them away, and then offered the window seat for he had planned to write anyway. Kathy tilted her head in a questioning fashion, and Philip quickly add that he figured at least with the window seat she’d have something to lean against should she decide to sleep. Chuckling lightly Kathy declined saying she had intended to read anyway, and so they assumed their respective seats. Philip could not say that he didn’t notice Kathy, nor in fact was he displeased that her ticket forced her to sit beside him. He knew he found her to be attractive, but more than this he knew that any woman was better than being seated beside a man.

Its funny how life is really, for here just mere inches away was a lady who he knew next to nothing about, and yet already his mind, and eyes took stock. Kathy wore a long well tailored cloth coat which regrettably covered her form, and hid the soft curves he knew were hidden beneath, and yet he still noted her nice high heels and the soft turn of her ankle. His heart momentarily raced at the sound of Kathy crossing her legs for he was without a doubt a leg man. There was just something about that sweet sound of nylon rubbing against nylon which always triggered a primal urge within him, and although he could not see her legs he knew they were great. It was also about this time that he noticed much to his regret her wedding ring. That tiny symbol of gold and diamonds which sparked his fantasies and barred him from pursuing.

As the plane leveled into its cruising height and the wheels retracted so too did many of the seats within the cabin. This was quickly followed by dimming of the interior lights and soon most of the overhead lights were turned off as other passengers curled up to sleep. For the first hour or so both Philip and Kathy went about their designed activities, him writing and she reading, but after the stewardess passed with coffee Kathy stood and removed her coat.

It must have been a combination of Philip’s writing and Kathy’s outfit for as she began to store her coat in the overhead bin her short top rode up to the bottom of her bare breasts, and he responded with a soft gasp. Hearing this noise Kathy glanced down at Philip only to find he had already lowered his eyes. Following them with her own, Kathy knew it wasn’t because he was embarrassed but because he was looking at her legs jutting out from beneath the short skirt. She could imagine that perhaps the dark ring of her stocking tops became visible as she had stretched for the overhead bin, and smiled to herself. It had been a long time since anyone other than her husband had seen so much, and it kind of excited her.

Then raising her eyes from her legs Kathy found herself looking directly into Philip’s. He manage a weak smile, before forcing his gaze back to his writing, and thus felt more than saw Kathy slip back into the seat beside him. Once she was in place though, he could not resist taking a peak at those smooth, silky thighs once more. Even now Philip is not sure if Kathy planned this or not but just then she uncrossed her legs and her knee brushed his own.

Oh sorry; Kathy said placing her hand briefly upon Philip’s leg. I guess I’m more tired than I thought. Again their eyes meet and this time it is Kathy who manages a weak smile. Then in voice not much louder than a whisper she asked Philip if his offer was still available. It took him a moment to realize just what it was Kathy was asking, and then he smiled said; of course.

As Kathy stood and moved into the isle Philip waited patiently, all the while taking in her sexy form. Her legs were so curvaceous him mind sort of just drooled, but then isveçbahis he regained his composure and placed his pad in her seat, before also moving to the isle. Even though Philip had managed to move aside in the isle, Kathy’s body still managed to brush briefly against his own. Something in that tiniest of contacts triggered Philip’s primal urges again. Instantly his hand rose to guide her back into the seats. The tips of his fingers brushed the soft skin of her exposed ribcage and it was Kathy’s turn to gasp ever so softly. The shiver which passes through her body startled him back to reality, but he was at a loss for words. How could he caress a poor unsuspecting married woman? Her skin so hot and yet so soft seemed alive, and made it all the harder to resist, and yet resist he must. Philip couldn’t even face the accusing stare he knew Kathy had, and he knew the rest of this long journey would be hell for both of them. Momentarily he looked hopefully down the isle searching for a vacant seat, but the sound of Kathy’s purring drew his attention back.

Mmmm warm, she was saying with a smile. Her body shifting back and forth much like that of a cat attempting to find a comfortable position, and suddenly everything was ok. She missed it,,, somehow the caress went unnoticed. Now relieved Philip’s natural instincts kick in again. He reached up and opened the overhead compartment, retrieving a blanket and pillow and then handed them to Kathy before slipping into the seat beside her. With lightning quick reflexes Kathy’s hand darted out snatching away the writing pad before Philip sat on it, but as she withdrew her hand it brushed the taunt curve of his buttocks. Instantly Philip’s body tensed, perhaps form the fear of sitting on something, or perhaps from the contact, but in any event it was over before realization set in. Then Kathy smiled and handed the pad back to Philip, without so much as a word being spoken. For Philip there was a definite sexual charge in the air, and he watch as Kathy’s body disappeared behind the veil of the blanket. Silently he chastised and congratulated himself for making that possible, for he knew had Kathy not been covered the sexual frustration would only become worse.

After a few moments Kathy finally settles in, and Philip reaches up to turn off her light. He thinks he hears “thank you darling” but isn’t about to ask her, and so returns to his writing. It must have been an hour or so later when Kathy’s body shifted and her legs curled up beneath her. Perhaps Philip wouldn’t have paid much attention to this, but her head slipped from the headrest onto his shoulder. There he sat frozen unsure what to do for the longest time. Her hair smelled wonderful and that perfume oh how it made his mind wander. He tried to again write but the constant movement of his arm was disturbing Kathy’s sleep and so he slipped his pad into the netting of the seat in front of him and shut off his own light.

Philip is unsure how long he remained in that position, but someone brushed past him on their way to the bathroom and his eyes suddenly opened. No longer was Kathy’s head on his shoulder for at some point she shifted positions. Now her legs lay across his own while her back rested against the wall of the plane. Oh God what a predicament to be in,,,, instantly Philip could feel his cock stirring, but if the sight of those sexy courvaeous legs resting mere fractions of an inch from his hands was not enough, the sight of Kathy’s incrediblely hard nipples was. The blanket which had been covering Kathy to this point, had slipped just below her chest reveilling the sexy sight. Philip could never have imagined such a scene, and only regretted that his digital camera was stored above in the overhead bin. Kathy’s blouse did little to hide her sexy body for the material was thin, and had it not been for the blanket perhaps even more would have been visible. Licking his lips Philip’s mind was racing again. He knew the distinctive twitch in his slacks indicated his growing isveçbahis giriş arousal, and he had to do something to get his mind off her. He reached for his pad, but it was gone. His eyes darted about quickly, fearing he’d lost it, but then came to focus on his pad in Kathy’s netting. His brow curled as he questioned himself,,,,Did I put it there? No,,,,. No I’m sure I didn’t. Then how???

Finally Philip came to the realization that Kathy in shifting had kicked it out of it’s place and just picked it up and stored it in the most convenient place. He couldn’t reach it to write and he did not want Kathy to awaken, as she might removed those hot thighs from his lap. God he was getting so hard, if only he could shift a bit,,,, In the end Philip decided the pleasure of having Kathy’s body so close out weighted the pain and frustration of his condition and so again tried to sleep. It is no easy task to sleep when you are sexually frustrated though, but eventually Philip did manage.

This time it was not a person who awoke him, this time it was a sound. There was a gasp, then another, and he felt shiver after shiver pass through Kathy’s legs. His eyes opened, fearing for her health, but what they saw was from a health concern. One of Kathy’s hands had slipped beneath her short blouse and was cupping her breast, while the other was moving in long slow motions beneath the blanket. Her eyes were closed but her lips glistened with moisture. Her breathing was coming in soft rapid gasps and Philip knew she was close to cumming. He could feel the hot skin of Kathy’s thigh just above a stocking, and realized his hand had somehow found it’s way there, but were he to withdraw it now so close to Kathy’s orgasm he was sure she’d scream out waking the whole plane. Instead Philip tried to take his eyes off Kathy but he couldn’t. He tried to ignore it, but it was already too late. As Kathy’s leg spasmed again, it brushed over the tip of his aching hard cock, and Philip bit his lip so as not to make a sound. Then he closed his eyes to the merest of slits for he didn’t want her to catch him looking. He need not have worried though, for Kathy was already lost in her own orgasm and her soft cry was accented by the thud of Philip’s pad.

Oh my God Philip thought,,,,, she read my story,,,,,,, was all that came to mind, and instinctively he reached for his pad. The movement caused Kathy’s legs to be trapped between Philip’s chest and legs and her eyes snapped open. There was fear in them. Fear of being caught, but I guess the image was mirrored in his own for suddenly Kathy smiled the sweetest smile Philip could ever remember. Kathy’s hand then slipped away from her breast and picked up the pad which was out of Philip’s reach. I’m sorry she said,,,,, I couldn’t resist.

Now it was Philip’s turn to smile as he took the pad from her, allowing his hand to touch her own briefly. The very air about them seemed somehow charged with electricity, but still Philip managed to respond, No,,, It’s my fault, I should take better care of my things.

Slipping her legs from Philip’s lap Kathy now noticed his condition. For once her orgasm had subsided her senses had returned. She showed no outward sign though that she had noticed; that is until she returned to a normal sitting position and slipped her hand under the blanket onto his thigh. Instantly Philip’s head turned in shock, but Kathy quickly absorbed any sound by covering his mouth with her own, and soon they were passionately kissing. As their tongues danced together Kathy’s hand closed around Philip’s shaft through his slacks. Her fingertip scraped the already swollen head causing Philip to respond with an Mmmmmmmmm into Kathy’s mouth, squirming from the sensation. Now Philip’s hand slipped up under Kathy’s blouse and lightly cupped her breast. It was warm, soft, and round, and he squeezed lightly allowing his fingers to slide towards the nipple. When his fingers sensed the aureola though he stopped. Now it was Kathy’s turn to moan into isveçbahis yeni giriş Philip’s mouth, but she was far from finished. With a slight pumping motion Kathy’s hand begins to glide up and down Philip’s shaft, while her finger tip lightly taps the tip of his cock. Perhaps much like the dentist this was a trick to distract him,,, but in any event it worked. Philip’s cock, hard, and aching loved this attention, and he never felt the zipper sliding open. His hands too kept busy, sliding finally up against the hot, hard nipple then slipping it along the length of his fingers instead of trapping it. As the nipple reached the end of Philip’s finger he shifted his hand so it dragged through his palm until it reached the center. Then Philip closed his hand around the soft orb. Soooo sweet were Kathy’s hot breasts Philip almost missed her hand slipping inside his slacks and onto his hard cock. The warmth of her palm sent new waves of pleasure through him, and Philip wanted so to reciprocate. Now he shifted his hand away from Kathy’s breast and began to glide up her thigh. Her body shifted as his hand touched the hem of her skirt, allowing easier access and just as Philip’s hand slipped beneath his eyes caught a glimpse of movement. Turning his head Philip managed to see the stewardess moving down the isle occasionally stopping to say something to a passenger, and so regrettably he slipped his hand away and turn to face her. Kathy was shocked that her stimulation had ceased but even more so when Philip whispered,,,, stop. Her face pulled away from his own yet her hand never released her prize, curious perhaps as to what he had in mind. It was then that the stewardess entered Kathy’s field of view, and she knew it was over.

As she approached the stewardess smiled and looked down into their respective laps. They were still covered by the blanket but Philip sensed that she knew just what they were up to.

Fasten your seat belts please; the stewardess says with a renewed smile, pausing a moment longer before proceeding into the back.

Damn,,, Philip mutters to himself, then glances once more in Kathy’s direction. Her eyes are still filled with passion as they look back at him, and he wanted to say something but suddenly realized one of Kathy’s breasts was fully exposed.

I’m sorry Kathy says releasing her prize…I truly am sorry.

Me too, Philip responds as he leans in and brushes her lips. Me too. This time as he kisses Kathy one final time Philip tugged her blouse back into place.

Kathy’s eyes look down at her blouse, then back up to Philip suddenly comprehending the situation. Thanks she whispers.

The next ten minutes as they descend and taxi into the terminal were perhaps the longest ten minutes of Philip’s entire life. He was hot, excited, and sorely disappointed. They didn’t say another word to each other, but as Philip started to assist Kathy with her parcels again, she brushed against him. He knew this time it was on purpose, and only smiled. Donning her coat, Kathy joins the other passengers, and Philip barely catch a final glimpse of her as she disappears in the rush. God what a story this will make Philip thinks smiling. Perhaps though, it should have a happier ending…

Once inside the airport Philip glances around hoping as it were to catch a final sight of Kathy, the mystery woman of flight 716. It never happened though…

Now as Philip sits typing out his story from the plane, he is shocked to see what he had written. Somehow he had described the heroine of his latest work; Kathy to a tee. Her mannerisms, her dress, her sweet sexy curves, and then Philip had put her in some amazing sexual situations. So detailed was he in fact that, Philip had even stopped typing, and just sat there reading his own story. He became so enthralled wanting to know more, wanting to see just where he had lead her, that each scene was as anxiously awaited as the previous. Then when Philip’s mind and body were entirely consumed there was a different handwriting. This was a note from Kathy giving her name and telephone number along with a time of day to call. Then under the sweetest lips prints ever put on paper she wrote “Anxiously awaiting my next adventure…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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