First Wednesday Night

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I’d been separated from my wife for eight months, and dating for six. Somehow, I’d fallen into a pattern of dating artists, writers, and inappropriately young tech professionals, so none of the relationships lasted long. As a twice-divorced forty-something father of two, the ‘fit’ wasn’t quite there.

I’d kept most of our friends in the divorce, and they made it a point to entertain me. At dinner with some long-time friends — couples whose marriages I’d been to over the years — I’d grouse about my dating life from time to time.

They were disapproving, sometimes amused, and the occasional husband was jealous.

Then one of the husbands said “You know, I’ve got someone you should meet…Really,” he said. “She works with my accountant.”

“An accountant?” I asked quizzically. His wife chimed in — “Yeah, you guys ought to meet. I’ve met Kerry, she’s great.”


Emails were exchanged, and we set a date for coffee. I tend always to do initial meetings for cyberdates or blind dates at coffee when I have something scheduled after and there’s a required stop. Easy to pick it up later, and no awkward forced endings when there’s no interest on either side.

She’d described herself as “a petite Asian woman” and she wasn’t kidding. Maybe 5′ 2″ and a hundred pounds of Japanese no-nonsense attitude walked into the coffee shop, wrapped in a coat over a business suit. She looked around saw me, and, unsmiling, walked over.

Her face was plain, made more so by her determined expression and tight expression. Mentally, I thanked my luck for having a dinner party to go to in 45 minutes. I’d be polite, enjoy her company, and maybe make a friend.

We chatted about the kind of inconsequential things people do when they’ve been introduced. How we each knew our mutual friend. Then she got more forward.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Um, no…” I was taken aback. “I’ve dated a few women since my wife and I separated, but no girlfriend.”

“Have you fucked any of them?”

“uh…” I was speechless. I gathered my wits, and laughed.

“Well, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell … so I’m thinking fucking and telling is pretty much not done. If I told you I was, it would sound like bragging, and if I told you I wasn’t, I’d be embarrassed at being a wimp.”

That got a genuine laugh back, and suddenly the ice cracked and we were just two people chatting. I bought her a hot chocolate, and we sat and talked.

She’d never been married, most recently had a boyfriend for a few years, but they’d broken up a year ago. He was a Korean immigrant, she was Japanese-American, and even though she couldn’t believe there’d be a cultural gap…there was.

I’d never experienced anything like that, so I asked her a lot about it and she told me.

Suddenly out time was up, and I had to leave. We walked out from the coffee shop to the lot where my bike was parked.

I stopped before I pulled my gear off my bike and reached to give her a hug…I’m a hugger. I’d felt zero sexual energy between us, but thought I’d made a friend.

She leaned into the hug and suddenly pulled herself into me tightly. Her face tilted up and I kissed her — gently, with closed mouth — a friend’s kiss. She opened her lips and her tongue slipped between my teeth as she pressed her hips to mine…or to my thighs, since her legs were about six inches shorter than mine.

As we kissed, she reached down to my crotch and rubbed my cock, which grew hard down my leg as her hand rubbed up and down it. I was too shocked to say anything, but I’m sure my eyes opened wide.

Then squatted in front of me and softly bit my cock through my jeans.

She stood up and asked, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

In a slightly shocked voice, I replied, “Wednesday? I don’t…Depends what you’re doing!”

She gave me her address and home phone — a condo about thirty miles from my house.

“Be there at 7, and we’ll have dinner.”

“Just tell me I’m not on the menu…”

She laughed, showing her genuine face again — plain but intelligent and vibrant.

“See you then.”

I spent isveçbahis a restless evening with my friends and had a night where I had to sleep on my back because my hard-on was uncomfortable any other way.

Finally, I went to the bathroom, got some lube, and jerked myself off, rationalizing that sex tomorrow would be better if I’d come.

I took myself over the edge imagining what she looked like nude, and came hard, pushing thick jets of come all over my hands. I washed up, drank some water, and went back to bed.

This happened at a point where I didn’t have a car; I rode my Honda VFR everywhere I needed to go, unless my two kids were with me, in which case I rented a car.

I debated renting one for the date, but decided I’d be more dashing if I showed up in my motorcycle gear.

I loaded half a dozen condoms into my courier bag and went to work.

After work, I grabbed coffee with some colleagues who remarked on my elevated mood.

“Big date.”

They laughed, and I took off. I stopped off, grabbed a bottle of wine and some Martinelli’s apple cider — I don’t drink and ride — and headed over to her place.

She met me at the door wearing a bathrobe. I thought “This is going to be a more interesting evening than I’d expected!”

She invited me in, and after I shed my protective gear and boots, we sat on her sofa.

She poured herself a glass of wine, and me a glass of cider.

We drank in tense silence. She finished her glass, and unbelted her robe and dropped it off her shoulders.

“A few rules,” she said. “You can’t sleep over. And we use condoms.”

I was happy about the condoms, but puzzled about the sleeping, so just nodded yes and smiled.

She was lean and muscular, her skin an even dark tan color, her breasts small and high on her chest, with hard dark brown nipples. I reached for one and pulled her to me for a kiss.

She pushed me back onto the sofa and draped herself over me.

We kissed, and I ran my hands over her back and ass for what seemed like 30 minutes. By this time I was completely hard and she’d adjusted my cock wasn’t crushed to the side under my pants, but so it stood up under my zipper.

She stood up, and I admired her. She was long-waisted as many Asian women are – her legs were relatively short even for her tiny height; she was thin everywhere, with hardly any body fat — her muscles showed clearly everywhere. She had a six-pack and you could see her muscles clearly in her legs and shoulders. Her breasts were high on her chest, and were hand-sized with erect dark nipples. Her flat belly let down to a full black bush of straight public hair.

She leaned over, pulled me up, and stripped off my sweater and shirt. Then she knelt in front of me, pulled off my socks and then undid my belt and dropped my pants and boxers to the floor.

My freed cock sprung up, and she licked the tip as she gently lifted my balls. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

She stopped, stood up, leaned up and kissed me. “You’re big” she exclaimed.

I’m not — I’m physically the average American male at 5′-10″ and 175lb, and while women have complimented my cock — it’s a little longer and much thicker than average, they say — enough that I had a roll of Magnum condoms in my bag — I know it’s not immense. I’ve seen immense…

She stood pressed against me and I lifted her slightly in my arms to kiss her. She pushed me down on the sofa, and I said “Just a sec” and went to my bag for the condoms.

“Six?” she said hopefully. “You’re an optimist.”

“We’ll see…”

The bad news about my sexual performance is that I’ll often come pretty quickly — two to five minutes — the first few times. The good news is that, for whatever reason, in my 20’s I started being multiorgasmic, and could keep coming with little or no down time in between.

She tore off a condom, opened it, and rolled it out and down my cock. With these Magnums, I always wind up with a little more unrolled at the base… Then she straddled me on the sofa, and I reached between her legs. Her pubic hair was so fine that I could barely feel it, and her slit isveçbahis giriş was soaking, hot to the touch, and tiny. I ran my finger back and then slowly forward between her lips until I felt the nub of her clit, and slooooowly and softly dragged my fingertip over it. Her breath caught for a second and she closed her eyes. I did it two or three more times with the same result, my finger getting wetter and wetter from her juices each time. Then I pulled it up to her mouth, and she licked it clean. I took it in my mouth and tasted her for the first time. Musk, a dark taste that in wine would be called tobacco, and a hint of sharpness.

The condom was lubed, so she spit on her hand and wet it, and then moved to put her opening above the head of my cock and pushed down. The tip entered her, but she was too tight for the whole head.

I was supporting her with my arms wrapped around her, but she was controlling things by driving her hips down onto me. Her eyes were closed and her face relaxed as she concentrated.

She slipped up slightly and then down, taking the head. She was so tight around me that it was almost uncomfortable. I was suddenly worried that I was hurting her until I looked up at her face.

Pain was not what she was registering…her expression had changed from relaxed concentration to ecstasy.

Over and over again, she slipped slightly up and then slightly further down my condom-wrapped cock.

Each time she’d pull herself up and then push slightly further down. She was breathing hard and beginning to sweat, and I concentrated on not doing what my body wanted to do and driving upward into her. I felt drops of dampness on my balls as her juices and the spit-wetted lube from the condom dripped down my cock.

Again, and again until she has slowly slid most of the way down. I felt her cervix at the head of my cock, and she pressed down once more and suddenly I felt the bottom of her pussy and her lips wrapped almost to the base of my cock.

We sat still for a moment, and I looked at her. Her eyes were closed, her chest and face red, and her dark nipples looked so hard I worried about touching them. She was already close, and I decided to see if I could take her over the edge to orgasm.

I gently rocked my hips, moving in and out of her a tiny amount, and reached around her ass and ran my fingers down her crack to where we joined. I ran my finger over the back of her pussy as I slid in and out of her, and then pulled it back just a bit to her asshole and slipped my fingertip in. Her hips began to quiver and then shake and she gasped explosively. Her eyes opened wide and her face contorted as I felt her stretched pussy pulse around me. I pulled her to me and we kissed as she finished her orgasm, her ass throbbing around my fingertip.

She was breathing like she’d finished a marathon and had to pull away to get air, so I leaned down and began licking one of her nipples while rolling the other in my fingers. She tasted of sweat and desire, and I suckled on her nipple and rocked my hips to move my cock in and out of her just a tiny bit and suddenly her whole orgasm started over again. Her hips quivered slightly then begin to shake hard (which felt amazing even before her pussy started fluttering and pulsing around my cock), then pussy ripples and she gasped and said “Oh My God Yes, Please, Yes,” and took my face in her hands and kissed me again.

Before her arousal could fall too far, I began playing with her asshole again and rocking in and out of her. Her body went rigid in my arms, she closed her eyes and her breath was coming in loud gasps. I finished her off by leaning in and licking the other nipple. Nipple in mouth, pussy stretched tight over my cock, finger in her ass to the first joint, and the process started again. She relaxed after the orgasmic shaking stopped and leaned against me, her entire body soft for the first time since we’d met. Her pussy still would randomly pulse and grab my cock, which would make me groan from time to time.

By this point, I was getting pretty aroused and it showed. She looked up at me and said “Let’s go to the bedroom”

I put isveçbahis yeni giriş my hands under her ass and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we stood up, still connected. I grabbed the condoms off the table and, still cock still firmly up her pussy, walked her into the bedroom and lay atop her.

“Now fuck me,” she commanded.

“I’m scared I’ll hurt you,” I replied.

“You won’t.”

I stared sliding in and out of her tentatively and her body reacted, writing in pleasure underneath me.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I started driving into her — holding back because no matter what she said, she was so small I was anxious about giving her pain instead of pleasure. In just a moment, she started to come again. That set me over the edge and I grunted out “Coming, I’m going to…come” and shook above her in my own intense orgasm, finishing by driving my cock into her and feeling the come spurt out into the condom. One frustrating thing about condoms, for me, is that right after I come if I start fucking again I can usually roll right into the next cycle. Instead, I stopped, grabbed the base of the condom, and pulled out of her, my half-hard cock and the puddle of come in the tip weighing it down.

I slid the condom off, and knelt between her legs. Her fine straight hair was matted to the sides, her outer lips pink and puffy, and her inner lips extended, swollen, and purple. Her pussy gaped a bit and I immediately took my tongue and slid it into her, and then began lapping up all the juices clinging to her inner and outer lips. I was careful to stay away from her clit. It was hard and an angry red, and I didn’t want to overstimulate her.

She reached down with her finger and began rubbing it as I licked her, making her legs tense up around my shoulders, but she stopped and said “No, I want to come again with you in me.” She sat up and pulled me up on the bed. We kissed, and ran hands over each other’s bodies for a moment and then she scooted down and took my cock in her mouth. In a moment I was hard. She looked up at me and asked “Do you want to come in my mouth?”

“Later,” I said, pulling her up to me. “I can’t imagine you won’t get sore just fucking.” “Oh, I will. I just won’t care,” she replied, grabbing another condom.

I was on my back, so she rolled it on and then turned and put her pussy over my face, ordering me to check and see if she was wet enough. Running my tongue up and down her slit I swallowed and said yes.

She turned herself around and straddled me sitting onto my cock, which slipped into her tightness in one movement. I felt her cervix and the back of her pussy, and then she slid up my hard cock and stopped, teasing me, before sliding back downward ever so slowly and driving me mad. She did it again and again, and I used all my willpower to just lay still and let her fuck me.

After a few minutes, she began to moan, and a minute or so later she leaned down and grabbed and kissed me as her hips bounced over me and she came. I immediately pushed her up until she was sitting erect above me, slipped my hands inside her knees so I could support her ass, and lifted her slightly and began to fuck upward. Because of my arms, she couldn’t easily move her ass up and down and so had to remain poised in the air, receiving me. She spasmed, her back arching, knees locking into me and her head tossed back as she incoherently shouted out her ecstasy. She was so close to coming, and somehow couldn’t quote cross over. By this time, I was feeling the wave of arousal coming close as well, so I lifted her off me and spun around so she was on her hands and knees and I was behind her. She scooted up to grab her headboard and offered me her backside. I guided my cock into her, and grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard. I had an explosive orgasm, and just as the tip of my cock hit the bottom of her pussy, pulsing slippery come into the condom, she started to come as well and I kept my erection pressed into her as she shook and her pussy pulsed around me.

I pulled her over so we lay on our sides, my cock softening slightly inside her, and we held each other until our breathing returned to normal.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Want to go out or order delivery…?” she said.

“Delivery. I bet it’ll take half an hour. We’ll find something to do.”

…to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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