First Valentine, Second Chance

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This is a fictional account.


The intern took her chart and examined it. She was a car accident victim just brought in to the emergency room by the EMTs. The nurses had her hooked up to an IV drip and mildly sedated per his instructions. He had ordered x-rays too and examined those. It was a simple break of the femur. He would have her moved to the OR to set the break and cast it. He was just about to hang the chart back up when he glanced at her name again: Kathleen McRey. ‘Geez, that sounds familiar,’ he thought, hanging the chart back and going to order the procedures.

Jay didn’t think any more about Kathleen for a while as other victims from the four cars and one semi-truck pile-up on the interstate needed immediate attention too. It was a busy day for the small town ER. They didn’t have the staff and space of the bigger hospitals closer in to New York City.

Jay Johnson was in his last year of residency at this small hospital in upstate New Jersey. He would be moving fulltime to Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey in two months and couldn’t wait. His residency here had been great but he enjoyed the action of a bigger hospital like he’d had at the University of Pennsylvania.

He examined the other patients. He had two neck injuries from whiplash and one head injury. There was another broken leg and a broken arm. The worst was a pregnant woman with internal bleeding which he was monitoring closely. He didn’t think she would lose the baby and her doctor was on his way to help out. None of the injuries appeared life threatening and for that they were all grateful.

The OR was ready for him and he scrubbed to set the breaks and prepare the casts. Kathleen was the first in and he examined her chart again before beginning the procedure. The anesthesiologist had her under and ready for the operation. Jay looked at her sleeping comfortably. Something about her face really struck him. She had long dark hair, a thin nose, and high cheekbones. She was quite cute by most any man’s standards. As the nurses shifted the bedcovers aside to expose the whole leg to her groin, he noticed she was a petite thing. Maybe five foot two and slender.

The operation went smoothly, as did the others, and by the end of his shift everything was back under control. Most of the patients were now being picked up by relatives. The pregnant woman would be staying the night for extra monitoring. Her doctor and he agreed they had addressed the problem and she would be fine and not lose the baby.

Jay made his last rounds before leaving. Kathleen was still there so he stopped in to see how she was doing. Awake now, she was sitting up in bed dressed to leave. The nurses had called a cab for her. Apparently her relatives were all far away.

“How are you feeling, Kathleen?” Jay asked, upon entering her bed area of the ER and grabbing her chart one last time.

“Okay, thanks, Dr. Johnson. Will my leg heal okay?”

“You should be fine in another couple months. You might need some rehab to build your strength in that leg back but nothing too major I would think. You should consult your local doctor.”

“Thanks, I will,” Kathleen replied.

“Good. Well, good luck. Someone coming to get you?” Dr. Johnson asked before leaving.

“A cab is coming to take me home,” Kathleen said.

“Oh, no relatives near by?” he asked.

“No, all moved to Florida. I’m the only one left here in Jersey.”

“Were you down there for the Christmas Holidays then?” Dr. Johnson asked.

“No, I stayed here with my boyfriend but that looks like it’s over now too,” Kathleen stated.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s been coming for a while now. I’m glad in a way to be moving on.”

A nurse came in to tell Kathleen that the taxi had called to say it would be another twenty minutes. He was stuck in rush hour traffic coming back from the airport. This small town only had a couple cabs available.

“Oh, damn. I guess I’m stuck here a little longer,” Kathleen said.

“Where you headed?” Dr. Johnson asked.

Kathleen told him where her apartment was.

“That’s pretty much on my way home too. You want a lift?”

“That would be great. I need to get home to feed my cat,” Kathleen responded.

“I have a cat too. I’ll take her then, Sally,” Dr. Johnson said to the nurse.

Sally called the cab company to cancel and they both helped Kathleen into the doctor’s car he had pulled up to the ER entrance. A minute later they were headed out of the hospital.

“Thanks, Dr. Johnson. I really appreciate this,” Kathleen said.

“Oh, no problem and call me Jay.”

“Okay, Jay, thanks.”

“Kathleen, your name is familiar to me. You also look like a girl I use to know a long time ago,” Jay said.

“Really? How long ago?”

“Like in fourth grade,” Jay said.

“Did you have a teacher named Mrs. McCarthy for fourth grade?” Kathleen asked.

“Yes, I believe that was her name! Oh, my, god! Is it really you?”

“I guess so. This is unbelievable,” Kathleen added.

“It isveçbahis sure is. How have you been? I mean besides the accident and all,” Jay quickly corrected himself from misstating the obvious.

“Well, not too great with breaking up with my boyfriend, like I told you,” Kathleen said.

“You’ll find someone else soon, I’m sure,” Jay said.

“Maybe, but I’m thinking about moving to Florida too so I’m closer to my family.”

“That is probably a good move but I won’t suggest going anywhere until after your leg is healed,” Jay offered.

“Yeah, that makes sense, huh?” Kathleen agreed.

“Hey, Kathleen. Do you remember in fourth grade I gave you a valentine and a fake ring?” Jay said, a little nervously.

“You did. I remember getting valentines from several boys but not exactly who,” Kathleen replied.

“I remember you were the hottest girl in the class. I think all the guys wanted to be your valentine,” Jay stated.

“That’s sweet of you to remember that. I wish I had as many suitors now,” Kathleen said, with a big grin.

“I think the rings we gave you were made out of cheap plastic but they looked real with fake diamonds and all,” Jay exclaimed, with a big smile too.

They talked about their lives since grammar school. Jay had obviously become a doctor and was still single, while Kathleen was manager of a local bookstore. They had a few laughs as they talked. All too quickly, Jay pulled up in front of Kathleen’s apartment building. Kathleen had never used crutches before so Jay offered to assist her inside which she readily accepted.

It was only a two-story apartment building but without an elevator so Kathleen had to navigate the stairs. Jay helped her but also instructed her on how to use the crutches. She managed pretty well and they got to her apartment with relative ease. Jay waited while she retrieved her keys from her purse and opened the door.

“Okay, looks like you can manage from here,” Jay said, getting set to leave.

“Oh, no, the cat,” Kathleen yelled, unable to move quick enough to get inside before the cat started out the door.

She tried to block its way with a crutch but the cat easily eluded it. However, Jay was right there and managed to coral the cat before she could get away. It was a cute black and white cat. His name was Boots, Kathleen told him. She moved into the apartment leaving Jay to follow holding the cat. Kathleen headed for a chair in her living room and plopped down, glad to be off the crutches.

“You can put him down anywhere,” Kathleen said.

Jay set the cat down on the living room carpet. Kathleen had a nicely decorated apartment from what Jay could see in just the kitchen and living room.

“Are you going to be okay?” Jay asked.

“I’m a little wiped out but I should be okay,” Kathleen answered.

“You want me to feed the cat?” Jay inquired.

“Oh, my, that would be a great help if you would,” Kathleen agreed.

She told Jay where to find the cans of can food and the opener. Having a cat himself it was a relatively easy task for him. He was done in no time and Boots was eating away when he walked back out into the living room.

“Well, he’s set,” Jay said. “I better be going now.”

“Okay. It was great to see you again, Jay, after all these years. And thanks for taking such good care of me at the hospital,” Kathleen offered.

“Are you going to be able to cook dinner for yourself?” Jay asked.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll make some soup or something,” Kathleen stated.

“Okay, then.”

“But you know I could really use a glass of wine. I mean if that’s okay with the doctor?” Kathleen asked, with a smile.

“Well, after your day I would think one glass of wine might not be a bad idea.”

“Would you join me and be good enough to open it? You’ll find some reds over behind the bar there,” Kathleen said, pointing to a small dry bar in one corner of the living room.

Jay selected a nice pinot noir and after opening it, poured them two glasses. ‘One glass would be fine,’ he thought, before driving home.

They talked for an hour and each had another glass of wine. Jay reasoned that he only lived about four miles away so it was a short drive. Kathleen was a good listener and seemed to like Jay’s stories of Med School. He was a pretty good story teller and had her laughing most of the time. It got to be seven o’clock and neither had eaten.

Jay finally offered, “Hey, you want me to order a pizza or something?”

“You know, that is a marvelous idea,” Kathleen agreed.

She instructed Jay where to find a coupon that had the phone number of the local delivery pizza shop. He called after finding out her favorite type. They had a third glass of wine each while they waited the hour for the pizza. He had to crack open another bottle of wine to pour his third glass. They talked about grammar school and what they each knew of people from the fourth grade class. Kathleen had moved to a different town in fifth grade so her recollection of the other kids was limited. That was also why they had lost touch. isveçbahis giriş

By the time the pizza arrived they were making a dent in the second bottle. Jay helped her to the kitchen as they were both starting to feel the wine. Being new at using crutches and slightly drunk, it was even more of a challenge. They laughed aloud together getting her to the table in the kitchen. They ate the pizza together at the kitchen table. Kathleen was starved and ate two pieces to Jay’s three. It helped absorb some of the alcohol as they drained the second bottle over dinner.

Kathleen insisted he have some coffee after dinner. He helped her make it. Afterwards they sat in the living room again and watched a little TV. They drank two cups of coffee together while they talked and watched some TV.

Jay liked her laugh and her soft brown eyes. She thought he was handsome and funny. They didn’t seem to struggle to find things to talk about. They had many of the same interests but both really liked to laugh. Jay told her every joke he could remember at the moment. When he finally said he had to get going, she walked with him to the door on her crutches. She did it sort of to prove to him she could before he left. However, it also gave them the opportunity for a kiss goodnight at the door. It was more than just a peck. Jay had left his card, supposedly for medical reasons. Somehow he ended up with her number too. To check in on her was the reason.

The next day at lunch he called her to see how she was doing. She was fine but had stayed home from work. It was Thursday and he asked if she had plans for Friday night. She did not so they agreed to take in a movie. She laughed when he first kidded by suggesting bowling for money.

Jay picked her up at seven on Friday and immediately noticed she was doing better with the crutches. Nonetheless he walked beside her down the steps to spot her if she fell. The movie they decided upon was the new Will Smith one about a father struggling to make it for his five year old son and him. It was a good movie and they talked about it on the drive afterwards to the diner for coffee. They shared a banana split with the coffee. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about. Kathleen was a good listener and offered insightful replies.

Jay took her back to her apartment and she invited him in after he assisted her up the stairs. Kathleen put on some music and offered him an after-dinner drink. They each had Bailey’s and sat on the couch. They talked some more about their preferences in music. They liked many of the same things including some jazz.

Jay left around midnight but not before they exchanged several kisses at the door as he was leaving. Back in his car, Jay was thinking about how he would have liked to kiss her more, but did not want to push her so soon after her break up. Ironically, Kathleen was thinking the same thing and hoping next time they could be more intimate. They had talked about going to dinner the next night.

Monday was going to be Valentine’s Day, so as a nice gesture and somewhat as a joke back to fourth grade Jay bought her flowers, candy, and a Valentine’s card. He thought about a fake ring to complete the joke but decided against it.

He picked her up at seven again on Saturday. He gave her the flowers, candy, and Valentine’s Day card before they left. Kathleen got a big kick out of it and thanked him with a kiss. They went to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Jay suggested getting a drink afterward but Kathleen requested they head back to her place.

Once inside they opened a bottle of dessert wine and sat on the couch to talk. Kathleen got up to go to the bathroom and upon returning fell into his lap. She had play acted like it was an accident but not really.

“Whoa,” Jay said.

“Clumsy of me,” Kathleen agreed smiling.

“But nice,” Jay said, with a chuckle.

“That is so sweet of you getting me flowers, candy, and a Valentine’s card like back in fourth grade,” Kathleen said. “Did I thank you like this back then?”

Kathleen kissed him long and passionately, several times.

“No, you didn’t as I recall,” Jay stated, joking with her when they finally stopped kissing.

“Oh, I should have,” Kathleen said, kissing him again.

The kisses grew more passionate and soon tongues were involved. They kissed deeply and her hands caressed his neck as he held her waist. The cast made things a little awkward and uncomfortable but they managed. Things began to heat up and Kathleen fanned them more when she took his hand and placed it on her smallish right breast. Jay kneaded her tit as they kissed more.

As they kissed, Kathleen could feel something poking her in the butt. Jay’s hand was now working both her breasts, one after the other. Kathleen knew he could feel her nipples now as stiff as his cock appeared to be. When they broke their kissing for a moment, Kathleen looked into his green eyes.

“I’m not sure what I can do with this cast on,” she exclaimed, between breaths.

“That’s okay,” Jay stated.

“No, why don’t isveçbahis yeni giriş you stand up,” Kathleen said, shifting off his lap back onto the couch.

Jay did not hesitate but stood before her as requested. Kathleen reached for his belt and undid his pants. She let them drop to his ankles when they were open. His cock was making a huge tent of his grayish black boxers. There was a wet spot where the head was pressing. Kathleen looked into his eyes as she pulled his boxers away from his body and down to join his pants. Jay’s engorged cock popped free and swayed under its weight before her. The large pinkish red cockhead glistening with wetness before her.

Kathleen loved sucking cock and Jay’s looked mighty inviting to her. She continued to watch his face as she took it into her small hand. Her other hand went to his balls to cup them. Even though she had a smallish mouth, she had learned to suck cock at an early age and even to deepthroat in college.

Kathleen loved nothing better than the feel of a cock pulsing on her tongue and in her mouth. She examined the bluish veins running along its sides and the large velvety smooth head. Jay’s cock was hard as a steel rod in her hand. The feel of the softness of the head and foreskin along with the hardness below always made Kathleen’s pussy wet. Kathleen scooted forward on the couch with her cast out to the side.

“Can I suck on it?” Kathleen asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Oh, god, yes,” Jay groaned.

Kathleen loved to ask a guy that question before she took him into her mouth. She knew darn well they were beyond thinking about stopping her. It just gave her a thrill to watch Jay’s reaction as she asked. Her hand lightly stroked his hard cock and her other squeezed and kneaded his balls. A large drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip.

Kathleen leaned in and swiped her tongue across the head. She did this several times, gathering the pre-cum and teasing all around the head. Jay moaned as she licked the corona ridge and down the sides. Her fingers were working where her mouth was not. Kathleen sucked on the underside of the head where the nerve endings gathered. She loved how she could make guys groan each time she did that.

“Oh, god, Kathleen. That is so good,” Jay moaned.

“I wish I could kneel for you. I think its better when the guy is sitting and I’m on the floor between his legs but that would not work too well with this cast,” Kathleen stated.

“This is fine,” Jay gasped.

Kathleen smiled at him as she kissed the head and sucked lightly on the tip. More pre-cum oozed from his hole into her mouth. She tickled the end for more with her tongue. Satisfied she had it all for that moment she opened her small mouth and pushed down over the large head taking it all in at once. The tremendous feeling of warmth and wetness to Jay’s cock made him groan.

Kathleen wanted to please him. He had made her very happy these last few days despite her car accident and her break up. He had been just what the doctor ordered and she smiled to herself at her own joke. He was a doctor.

Kathleen started bobbing on his cock, taking it to the back of her mouth. She wondered if it was a good move to show him right away all her oral talents. She did not want him to think she was a slut or something if she swallowed him whole right away. As it was he was beginning to shake anyway and would be feeding her a good load soon. She intended to swallow for him and that might be all she should do this time.

Jay gasped, “Oh, god, Kathleen!”

Kathleen just moaned around his fat cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed faster now. She sucked and licked his cock as she moved. Her hands squeezed harder on his cock shaft and balls. She could feel him tensing and from experience knew he would blow his load soon.

Jay shifted a little and warned, “Kathleen, I’m going to cum.”

Kathleen understood why he told her but she already knew and quickened her pace, disregarding his warning. Seconds later she felt him stiffen as his cock throbbed in her mouth. Then it pulsed and a jet of sperm shot into the back of her mouth. Kathleen sealed off the back of her throat and gathered each of the following blasts into her mouth. She pulled the cockhead back till where it was only partially in her mouth. Her tongue still teased the head for more.

When Jay finally stopped cumming, his legs were shaking from the intense release. He had not had this good a blowjob in a long time. Kathleen swallowed his cum and moved over to make room for him to sit. Jay gladly sat down beside her on the couch, his pants still down by his ankles and his wet cock slowly softening. Kathleen looked at him after she had swallowed all the cum in her mouth.

“Wow, that was fantastic,” Jay exclaimed.

“Glad you liked it,” Kathleen said, with a devilish grin as she sipped her wine.

When she looked back at him, he was leaning back against the back of the couch. His hand was rubbing her back and his cock was now lying over across his thigh. Kathleen could see a large drop of cum oozing from the end. She looked at him then leaned down and sucked the now smaller cockhead back into her mouth. She sucked the last drop into her mouth and swallowed it down. A little extra suck to the sensitive tip assured her she had it all.

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