First Time with Mrs. Robinson

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After months and months of begging, pleading and threatening, my mom finally gave in and let me drive to college by myself. Being a single-parent and having only one 20-yr old car meant that she couldn’t risk me damaging it or worse, totaling it. I used to work at a local gas station during the day and attended a local community college in the evening. Between our two meager incomes, we got by.

It was my first semester at the college and I was very excited to be among my peers and in an environment of learning. Having the independence and the mobility also gave me a lot of confidence. However, confidence can easily slip into overconfidence. I realized this when I was returning from college one night. Having worked all day and then attending classes till late night made me tired and the pouring rain didn’t help either. As I made a turn into my neighborhood, I didn’t slow down quite enough and my over-correction caused the tires to skid and come to a stop before grazing past a parked car.

I immediately got off the car to see the damage on both cars especially the parked one. There was a dent on the rear door of the other car and barely a scratch on my sturdy old car. I looked around to see if anyone saw the incident. At this hour of the night and in such pouring rain, there was not a soul on the street. I wanted to drive away but, I saw the light in the window turn on. I could still make it but the fear that if the person got out and noted my license plate number, I would be in bigger trouble. I decided to stay and confess and of course beg and plead for mercy. The damage to the car wasn’t much but then if the incident ever came to mom’s notice through the insurance company, I would lose the car forever.

The car belonged to Jenna Robinson. An uptight lady in the neighborhood who nobody talked to and she didn’t talk to anyone. The gossip around the neighborhood was that her husband had left her. Not divorced, not separated, but just left. Apparently, the mild-mannered guy couldn’t take it any longer and one day he just got up and left leaving a note that simply read “I can’t take it anymore.”

I walked over to the house and rang the bell. A few moments later, a woman in her night robe opened the door. She was in her 40s. She had a straight nose, clear blue eyes and full pink lips. She had a curvy figure and an air of authority about her. I hadn’t paid attention earlier, kocaeli escort bayan but Mrs. Robinson was indeed beautiful. I was appreciating how tall she was when she almost caught me staring at her bosom.

“Hello, mam.” I am Zack. “I… couldn’t see clearly in the rain and as I was making a turn …” she didn’t let me finish and said, “I heard the loud bang.”

“There is a minor dent…almost a scratch” I said, stressing the word “minor” as much as I could and the word dent as little.

“Let’s take a look” she said grabbing an umbrella and started walking towards the car.

I followed behind her.

She looked at the dent and then looked at me.

“Do you have your license and insurance card on you?” she enquired and started walking back towards the door.

“Yes … yes I do. But you see mam. I am in a bit of a sticky situation.”

She turned around and gave me another angry look. She continued walking. Once inside the house, she disappeared only to return with a piece of paper and a notebook.

“This is my information and you can write down yours here.”

“That’s what I was about to explain mam. While I am totally willing to pay for all the damage, I was wondering if you could not take it up with the insurance. You see, if my mom comes to know…” I stopped half-way through the sentence and looked in the direction that she was looking. My totally drenched clothes had made a puddle of water where I was standing. She looked me again and stormed into what appeared to be a bathroom.

“Move” she barked as she appeared with a rug.

I obeyed. She threw the rug over the puddle. I looked down, scared that as drenched as my clothes were, I might get yelled at again. She shook her head in frustration and threw a towel at me. Not knowing quite what to do with the towel, I started wiping my hands and face.

She charged at me, snatched the towel from my hand, put it over my head and started drying them. As she was rubbing I noticed her ample breasts moving vigorously. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was evident when I noticed her nipples poking through the thin night gown. I started getting hard. The dripping water from my clothes continued to bother me.

She put the towel on the sofa and yelled, “Lift your arms up.” She pulled my wet T-shirt up gently as if enjoying and savoring the act. She didn’t remove the t-shirt in izmit escort bayan one swoop. She would lift it a little at a time and then run her hands up my body and then lift the t-shirt some more. Her hands on my back and my chest gave me a hardon immediately. She noticed the bulge in my jeans. She threw the t-shirt on the rug. I flexed my abs a little to seduce her which caused my jeans to move down a tad. She grabbed my waist belt and pulled me closer. Her deliciously long fingers went up to my pubes since my pants were hanging a little low. My hard cock pushed against my jeans, pleading to be set free.

She kneeled, with her face inches away from my cock, her arms went around my butt. After giving my butt a tight squeeze, she grabbed on the waist belt from behind and gave my pants a strong tug. Her nails dug into my buttocks. After a few tugs my jeans were around my ankles. She grabbed the towel and started drying my cock and balls. She wrapped the towel around my cock and started drying it as if she were giving me a hand job.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I put my hand behind her head and forced my cock in her face. She looked up angrily and slapped my ass. This time I held her hair with one hand and my cock with the other and thrust it again in her mouth. She finally opened her mouth while continuing to slap my ass. Her both hands were grabbing on to my butt while she took the entire length of my cock in. she was hungry. She sucked it with great skill. Her wet mouth engulfed the tip of my cock and her tongue swirled around it. She then grabbed my balls with one hand and began squeezing them while going up and down my shaft. She would take me all the way to orgasm and then slow down. She wouldn’t let me finish though. I knew what she was up to. I pulled my cock out to come all over her beautiful face. However, as soon as I started stroking my cock she slapped my hand. There I was, standing naked with a hard, throbbing cock and a pre-orgasmic face. She got up held my cock in her hand and pulled me closer to her and we kissed. Her lips were soft, and her tongue was expert at giving pleasure.

I proceeded to remove her gown, she slapped my hand. I tried again, she slapped me across my face. She kissed me again and pretty much ate my lower lip. I desperately wanted to hug her and feel her boobs. She pushed me on the sofa, delicately lifted her gown gebze escort and sat on me. Without lifting her gown too much she put a hand underneath and directed my shaft to the entrance of her lovely pussy which by now was dripping wet. She let the cock go all the way in. The satisfaction on her face said a thousand words. Obviously, it had been a while since she had had sex. Her fabulous hips moved gently. Her muscles were grabbing on to my cock tightly. As she grinded away it was a little painful. When I expressed a little pain through my moan, I got another hard slap, but she eased a little on her grip. Her hands rested on my chest. She started grinding slowly at first and picked up speed.

Her initial “mmmm … mmmm” turned to loud “aaahhhh…aaahhhhhh.” I joined saying, “fuck me, fuck me harder.” I slapped her butt and squeezed. She gave me a stern look, but I was determined to dominate even if it meant another slap. In one smooth move I pulled her closer to me and turned to one side. Now I was on top. I removed my cock from inside. Her eyes widened. I ripped her gown open, exposing her beautiful breasts. She had small pink nipples which I pounced upon and started sucking madly. She tried to grab my cock so that she could insert it again. I pulled away, teasing her. I took both her hands and held them above her head, lifted her right leg and placed it over my shoulder. I started to rub my cock on her wet clit.

“Aaahhhhh…aaaahhhh. Please fuck me. Please put it in.” she begged.

I did not relent. I started rubbing it even more vigorously. As she was about to come, I let go. I kissed her on her lips and proceeded to kiss down all the way to her belly and her hairless pussy. I flicked my tongue on her throbbing clit. Her pussy was dripping. She smelled delicious. I inserted one finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her while licking her clit. Her hips started moving, matching the rhythm of my tongue. Every time I raised my head up, she would lift her hips.

“Please fuck me, please, please. I can’t take it any longer. Please.” She continued to beg.

I put both her legs over my shoulders and inserted my cock gently into her pussy. Every time I gave a her a thrust, I followed it with a slow grind. I picked up the rhythm and she continued to say, “yesss … yess…yes…yes..” We had both reached the peak of pleasure and came together. As we orgasmed, she pulled me closer, hugged me tight, and wrapped her legs around by hips. I collapsed into her arms and began kissing her.

I am not sure when I fell asleep but when I woke up, it was early morning. “come, have some breakfast. You must be hungry.” She said with a wink.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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