Finding Truth

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I stand with a group of Shelly’s friends and pretend to pay attention. My mind somewhere other than their conversation.

Shelly and I haven’t known each other long so I am a little shocked that she invited me. We see each other in the mornings headed to different places but sharing the same cafe.

I think there is a mutual attraction going on. She is married but occasionally she will make a comment that makes me think they are somewhat open. She feels good to be around. Warm. Like sunshine.

I try to watch her without looking creepy. She is beautiful. Her hair shines in the light and her skin, creamy. Like you want to reach out and touch it to see if it’s real. Does she know her beauty?

She’s laughing. Her head tilts just slightly and goes back when she does. A big guffawing laugh. It makes me smile and I laugh at the wrong time. I widen my eyes and cough as the group looks at me.

She makes her way over, talking and mingling as she goes.

“I see you are making friends easily” she says to me. I nod and smile too big. Taking my hand she tells the group she will bring me back.

My heart stops and my hand feels tingly. Frick! How old am I? Get it together I tell myself. I don’t even know if she likes me. This could be one sided.

The room is full of chatter and laughter. Food passed around and drinks made. It seemed every person you passed there was a different smell. Each person in their own Eau de toilette and cologne.

Except for Shelly. She smells fresh. Light. And her hand. Her hand felt perfect in mine.

We walk upstairs and she shows me around. Her place is nice. Lived in in the way that says home.

I am sure I feel the attraction from her. I’ve got to. And she is still holding my hand.

Back downstairs kocaeli escort the party begins to die down. I have met Shelly’s friends and husband and I think passed the test so to say.

Shelly’s husband hugs and kisses her and tells her he is taking home a friend. The man is very obviously drunk.

I help her clean up as much as she will let me.

It’s at the point where I am staying or going home and enjoying more cafe meets with a dear friend.

Shelly must sense that because she asks me to stay a little longer.

The tension in the room escalates. Sexual tension at its highest.

“Shelly,” I say.

“No. Don’t. Come here please. Just come to me.”

I walk over nervously. Not sure what will happen.

She puts her hand on my cheek and looks into my eyes. I look away.

“Look at me. You are beautiful. Look at me please.” Shelly is looking intently into my eyes.

“I want you. Not what you can give me. I want you. The inside. The part that hides. The part that never feels enough. That never feels worth more.”

I held back the tears but I know she saw them. Looking into her sweet eyes. They were safe and honest. Her spirit showed me truth. She wasn’t lying. She wasn’t hear to trick me or hurt me.

“Come, rest in me my love”. Her words opened all of my wounds.

Her hand ran down along my arm and stopped at me hand. She picked it up tracing the lines in it. Everywhere her hand touched my skin burned and then felt lonely as her touch passed. I want her. I want her so much.

I could feel the pressure between my legs. A pulsing. Wanting.

She tilted her head toward me and slowly began to kiss me. Sweet kisses that turned hungry. I was eager. Too eager. I tried to hold back and her body pushed more. kocaeli escort bayan I knew she didn’t want me to hold back. She wanted me. Not what I could give her or had to offer. But me.

She pulled my shirt and bra off revealing my breasts. The chill caused my nipples to harden slightly. She touched me gently and bent down to suck on my nipple.

I sucked in air and my knees wobbled. I ran my hands through her hair. Pulling her shirt so she knew I wanted it off. She removed her shirt and bra. Staring intently into my eyes the whole time. I wanted to look away. My soul was open and wounds were crying.

She slowly took off her pants and underwear and then removed mine. Naked. I was naked body soul and spirit.

She came back to touching my breasts. Kissing them all over and licking my nipples. She began kissing down my body. It was electric. My clit had been screaming to be touched. My lips pulsing with desire. She stopped at the top of my pubis and looked at me. Her eyes.

She kissed further down, licking my slit and causing me to moan. My hips rose with desire. She opened me and began kissing and licking me. Sucking on my clit just enough to make me cry out.

I wanted to kiss her. To touch her back. I wanted to taste her.

Her touch was so delicious. I felt my orgasm building and I cried out. A cry of pleasure and anguish. I gave myself to her. Fully. Complete.

She kissed her way back to me. I wanted to laugh, to cry. I was open and bare. My heart and soul lay naked.

I kissed her over and over. “Shelly my love, Shelly.” I sang her name.

I kissed her mouth and her eyes and each cheek. Her neck. Her ears and her shoulders. Deep kisses and short kisses.

I lay my head across her breasts and wept. My tears cascading izmit escort off the slopes of her. My long hair sticking to them where it mixed with tears.

I took a long drawn kiss on one of her nipples and heard her whimper. My heart fluttered. I longed to bring her pleasure.

I kneaded and kissed and gently mopped the ends of her nipples.

Her hips moved slightly and I knew she wanted me to go down further.

I met her femaleness. I smelled her scent and smiled. I looked up at her and she looked like a goddess. Golden and pure.

I rubbed the inside of her thighs. Moving up her legs more and more until I reached her lips. I slowly licked her up and down. With my fingers I gently opened her vagina and inserted two fingers. She whimpered in delight. I flicked my younger on her clit and her back arched in pleasure.

I don’t know what to do. I’m guessing here. She seemed to know that and guided me in how to please her. I gently ducked her clit while using my fingers inside of her. Her loans became more pronounced and I wanted to cum knowing I, me, I was giving her such pleasure. She was open and bare before me. Sharing such an intimate place.

When she finished I kissed her some more. I wanted to taste her fluids. To smell them.

I went back up to her and kissed her soft lips. Caressed her soft face. She smiled. I smiled.

“I know it may sound odd but I love you”, Shelly said. “You have a space in my heart.”

My heart leaped into my throat and I found it hard to breathe.

“Yes,” I said, “I too love you. I found you and you have opened my heart. Opened those places I closed. Thank you.”

Shelly held me. I don’t know when her husband returned but we slept through the night in each other’s arms. I awoke whole. Feeling that I had worth. That I can ask for more, that I am good.

She is the sun. She brings light and warmth. She is the tree that brings shade and sustenance. She is the water that feeds life.

She is my love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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