Finding Out Ch. 02

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Football practise had been gruelling. Coach had kept us back in the foul, grizzly weather because he didn’t think we were up to scratch for the big game next week. At this stage however if we weren’t ready, we probably would never be and exhausting ourselves in the freezing, wet and muddy conditions would only create sick and discouraged team members. My concentration and thus performance had steadily decreased the longer we stayed back, as I kept thinking about how late I was for my study session with Julian. Every minute that I was stuck out there catching pneumonia was a minute less of those green eyes id get to see tonight.

The worst part was that I couldn’t even message him and let him know where I was or why I was so late. What if he gave up and left, and I missed out on seeing him altogether? Back when Julian and Luke lived at home I saw them both all the time and while I still saw them a lot I missed them both very much. Yet at least with some distance between Julian and I, I could maintain some semblance of productivity.

When we were finally set free, the whole team drugged into the locker casino şirketleri room and everyone tried to speed through the changing room and showers as fast as possible. We were all very keen for warm, dry, clean clothes and even more to get home where there was food and a soft bed waiting. I was even keener though, because of the thought of Julian waiting there for me, his warm smile and delectable body. Even if it did come with an annoying side of calculus. I suppose I could have just messaged him then but my mind was clouded with exhaustion, excitement and improper thoughts. I just wanted to get home, to get to him, as soon as possible.

Subsequently my shower was insufficient in every way except removing the muds I was caked in and a little bill of the cold chill that felt like it was eating away at my bones. After dressing i grabbed my school backpack and duffle of dirty football gear, and all but ran out of the locker room. Pausing only to wave goodbye to my friends, who were rapidly packing up their own stuff. I was the first one out and thus the car park was clear. I was on my way home, I was so close now.

Julian: casino firmaları

When Mat finally walked in the door to his room I was startled. I had faded into a day dream as I leant back against his headboard and pillows, just rolling a pen between my fingers. He came hurrying in, throwing his bags down by the end of the bed and headed to the two way bathroom which he used to share with Luke. All the while apologising for his lateness and dirtiness. He did look rather ‘dirty’. I could see bits of mud behind his ear and his normally soft, silky hair was very damp and flecked with muck. He also looked rather cold and bleary eyed. Tonight was clearly not going to be a productive study night and also probably not the best night to discuss the sensitive and important things I had so recently discovered. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t think it was fare to add that anxiety to his already overwhelming lot. He would talk to me when he was ready… Soon, I hoped.

“Go get in the shower” I urged. “It’s late, were both tired and you’re doing so well, we can take a week off from the study.”

He just looked at me with tired, güvenilir casino disappointed eyes and said “You’re going?”

“Don’t be silly, Matty” I laughed “I’ve waiting an hour for you to get here, the least you could do is watch some Hero’s with me” I threw a wink in his direction for good measure; so that he would know I wasn’t actually annoyed or upset about the waiting. It wasn’t his fault his coach was a bit too passionate and in truth it hadn’t felt very long at all.

I had been day dreaming of him walking in to find me on his computer and I would raise an eyebrow at him. My smiled almost predatory as I asked him coyly about my findings. He blushed and looked at me from under from under his thick eyelashes; getting all flustered as he um’d and ah’d trying desperately to explain. I stood up and walked over to him.

“Matty” I spoke softly. “I want to kiss you.”

His eyes looked up at me shocked and I put my hands on his upper arms.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked my voice soft, our faces so close.

He nodded slowly and whispered “Yes” against my lips.

Our lips had been so close when the real Mat had come in.

“Okay, but I’ll be really quick” I heard the real Mat say.

I smiled and watched him disappear behind the bathroom door, and heard the shower spray come on. This would be a good time to carry on that day dream…

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