Field Maneuvers

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In the summer of 1993 I was a 1st lieutenant in the army engineers. My unit was on a training exercise in a god-forsaken piece of the high desert. We were going to be out there for two weeks, working by ourselves and in conjunction with other units. Pure field exercise, there wasn’t anything around this place for miles. Any entertainment we were going to get would to have to be provided by ourselves.

The first day in we set up our camp and went through all of the usual briefings and discussions. That day is always a pain. It wasn’t until 11 that night that everything was settled in and I was finally free of the captain and the xo. Luckily I knew my NCOs would make sure everything was squared away for me. I headed back to my platoon’s area to check on things.

My men were relaxing and sitting around shooting the shit. I made a quick glance over, just to be sure that everything looked good. As I’d guessed there wasn’t any reason to worry. I stopped and asked a few questions, said hello, all those little things they teach you about interacting with your men. I liked my platoon and got along well the guys. I’m pretty sure they liked me as well.

I made my way over to the tent we used as the platoon command. As I entered my platoon sergeant Jim Henderson started to stand. I cut him off with a quick “as you were.” and took a chair myself. Jim was a total professional and one of the best soldiers I’ve ever served with. He’d done a great deal to get me up to speed after I was assigned the platoon and I really admired him. He was in early thirties then, tall, athletic and with a steady command presence. We all figured he was sure in as the next first sergeant for the company.

I set down the next day’s operation orders on the table between us. He picked it up and gave it a quick once over.

Then he looked over at me and with a bit of a resigned look said “Well Sir, I figure we should probable take a drive over and check out the site for that tank ditch we have to dig.”

I smiled and responded “Yes, better check it out now, it’s going to be a bitch to get it ready in the time the CO gave us.”

I heard a groan from PFC Kerr, my driver. He started to roll off the cot he’d clearly just recently stretched on.

“Stay where you are Kerr.” Sgt Henderson said, “We can drive ourselves.”

Kerr thanked him and rolled back over. Jim grabbed his gear and rifle and headed out the tent to our humvee. He hoped in the driver seat and started her up. I climbed in and we headed out.

He looked over at me and smiled “Figured you’d want this to be a private recon Lt.”

“Yes, that sounds good to me”

We drove out a couple of miles into the desert, reaching the small gap in the ridgeline where the exercise would be taking place. We parked our vehicle and walked out a ways. There was nothing and no one around at all. Perfect place really.

I turned around to see Jim tossing a blanket onto the ground behind a small group of scrub bushes. “This looks good to me Sir.” He said with a laugh.

I walked back over to him, watching him in the moonlight. His close cut brown hair and dark eyes were clear in the bright silver light. It made his skin just glow. As I approached he was pulling off his top, revealing his t-shirt tight over his chest.

He slipped his arms around my waist as soon as I got near him. He pulled me close his mouth quickly pressed to my lips. He kissed me hard, his tongue dancing over mine. I felt his hands move down my back grabbing the cheeks of my ass. I loved how his hard body felt pressed into mine.

He broke the kiss and started to undo his pants. I wasted no time dropping casino şirketleri to my knees in front of him. I reached into his fly pulling his underwear aside. My fingers made contact with his quickly stiffening cock. I felt its warmth and the spongy yet firm feel of the shaft.

I heard him laugh and then he said “I love these field exercises, don’t you Sir?”

I responded by pulling his cock free of his clothes. I could smell his skin, the fragrance of his sweat. It wasn’t bad, just a nice manly order; the smell of a healthy guy who’s had a busy day.

I parted my lips and took his head in my mouth. I sucked on it for a moment, letting my tongue circle the crown. I knew how much he loved it when I teased the sensitive skin there. I kept it up as I felt him start to squirm, I knew it was getting too intense for him, But I didn’t stop.

Then, as he always did at this point, he took hold of my head. His strong fingers held me in place and he shoved his hips forward, driving his cock into my mouth. Jim had a nice solid nine inches that was just the right size for me, big enough to really fill me, not so large that I couldn’t handle it as he pushed it into my throat. He held me there for a moment, letting me relax and get used to his meat. I started to swallow, letting my throat milk his length.

He began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my face. My nose and lips were pressed to his wiry pubic hair; I could feel his balls against my chin. Then he would pull back, dragging his head over my tongue and back to my lips. He’d give me just a second to breather and then another push would come. He kept that rhythm up for several minutes.

He let go of my face and pulled back. He quickly stripped out of his pants and stood above me naked. In the moonlight he looked like a Greek statue come to life, all hard rounded muscles in under white skin. The only difference was that he was hard and hung in a way those statues never were. At a word form him I quickly got out of my uniform as well. While I wasn’t nearly as chiseled as my gorgeous platoon sergeant, I was in good shape at the time. My more compact form and heavier body hair made a nice contrast to the man above me. He smiled, letting me know how much he liked my looks.

I began to kiss his thighs working my way towards his sack. As soon as I reached them I began to bathe them with my tongue, glorying in what they tasted, the mix of sweat and his skin had me so hot. Once his sack had relaxed I began to gently suck each one his testicles, taking them into my mouth in turn. I could hear him moan in appreciation of the attention. I let my hands move up the back of his legs, feeling the hardness of his thighs. I reached up and stroked his ass, rubbing the tight cheeks.

I moved back to his cock, running my tongue along his shaft, licking it up and down. I took him back in my mouth, this time controlling the movements myself. I bobbed up and down on his, sucking for all I was worth. I could feel him start to tense up and knew I was soon to be rewarded with a nice load. There have been few guys who’s cum I loved better than Jim’s, it was always rich and I adored the taste.

Jim had other ideas though. He pulled back. I let out a sigh of disappointment which just made him chuckle. He turned around before me leaning forward. I immediately took hold of his ass cheeks, pulling the firm globes apart. I shoved my face between them, taking in the smell of his sweat. My tongue flicked out, making a fast circuit between his balls and his hole. Jim moaned and pushed back to meet me. I stuck my tongue out pressing it broad and flat over his asshole. I moved casino firmaları it around and around, letting the buds tease his sensitive skin. I lapped between his cheeks like a dog at a water bowl. I could tell how much he enjoyed it.

“Tongue me out good LT, lick my ass.” He kept chanting over and over.

I obliged him by pressing my tongue into a narrow dart, stabbing at the puckered ring. I let my fingertips rub and work the hole, teasing him into relaxing. At the first instant his ring gave a bit I wriggled my tongue in him. His sphincter was like a pair of pliers on my tongue, squeezing and clamping. I moved as much as I could, thrilling those sensitive nerves. I had discovered Jim was a total top and never let anyone fuck him, but he loved getting rimmed. His still technically virgin hole did its best to resist my tongues intrusion, but the waves of pleasure it was bringing him coaxed him open.

I licked and kissed his ass for what seemed like ages, all the while stroking his cock and cupping his balls. I could feel his precum on my fingers and knew I again had him at the verge. I wanted to just finish him off then, but I knew he’d want my ass tonight. I pulled back from him and lay down on the blanket.

He climbed right on top of me, his strong form pressing me down. We kissed even more fiercely than before and I moved under him as best I could, letting our bodies rub together, sliding on the sheen of our sweat.

Jim reached down between us, his fingers slid over my cock; he took hold of both of us in his hand. As we continued to make out his had jacked both of our cocks together, squeezing our shafts side by side. I felt him run his fingertip over both our heads, gathering up the dripping precum. I spread my legs beneath him.

He moved his mouth to my nipples, biting and sucking them. I shivered from the feeling. He worked them over good as he reached down between my thighs. I felt his finger, wet from both of us, pressing against my hole. He wasted no time, soon forcing it past my ring, turning and twisting his digit inside me. He soon had a second in beside it, spreading me for what was about to happen. I smiled to myself, feeling like nothing so much as a prom date getting fingered in the back of her limo. Jim always brought out the bottom in me; I loved being a sissy for this incredible stud.

I lifted my head up to kiss his ear and then said, “fuck my ass lover.”

Jim rolled off me and lay on his back. His cock stood throbbing at attention. I need no encouragement. I rapidly straddled him, facing away from his head, my ass hole poised right above his cock.

I felt that mushroom touch my sphincter. With a slow but determined movement I began to push down. For a moment my hole resisted the intrusion, then it gave way, the ring opening up and his warm head slid inside. I hovered there, letting myself adjust to the size of him. As soon as I felt ready I let my legs relax and he was soon buried balls deep in my ass. Beneath me he groaned, then reached out and took hold of my sides. He began to assist me in moving up and down on him. My ass played his cock like flute; I flexed my sphincter at different points on his shaft. I loved the way it rippled as he moved in my, his cock so firm inside my guts.

I really got into a good rhythm, riding him quickly, feeling him plunging in and out of my ass. I tossed my head up and looked up at the sky. It was crowded with starts, far from any city lights. There was something so wonderful about being fucked in this pristine place. I started to shift my hips from side to side, and slowed down my movements, savoring each and every inch he was feeding güvenilir casino me. I moaned out loud as his cock brushed over my prostrate. I thrilled in the feel of his strong hands on my body.

After a bit he pushed me off him. I moved to all fours and he kneeled behind me. His cock soon found its mark and he filled the void its leaving had left in me. Now he was controlling the speed and tempo. Jim’s legs drove him into me with all the force his great muscles could provide. He fucked me with abandon, his cock slamming into me with no thought for how I felt. He soon had my face pressed down to the blanket, my arms out stretched beside me. I felt his teeth on my neck, the chiseled muscles of his stomach pressing into my back; but most of all I felt that rock hard cock of his hammering me. With every in stroke it was like a spear tearing into me, with every pull back I thought he’d yank out my insides as well. I was in heaven.

He began to whisper in my ear, things like “you love your daddy’s cock don’t you?” and “there, take it all. Feel me in you.” I always got so hot when he started that; I loved feeling like a whore for him.

Every push was like a firecracker going of inside me. His cock was just battering my insides. My own cock was throbbing in time to his thrusts. I could feel it slapping against my own stomach, leaving a wet spot in the hair of my belly as my own precum splayed me. His balls brushed mine every time he bottomed out in me. My breath had become ragged and short. I couldn’t think of a time I’d been fucked so hard. His body slid across mine, making every inch of my skin aware of his power and manliness.

His fist closed around my cock, gripping me tightly. He just held it in place, letting the rocking of my body under his thrusts slide me between his fingers. He squeezed tight, better than any ass or pussy ever could. My shaft was twitching like crazy in his grip. It took me just seconds to blow my wad, the combination of sensations was simply too much. I felt my cum squirt from me splashing against my stomach and the blanket.

He let loose of my cock and grabbed me by the shoulders. he pulled me back as he drove in. If I’d thought I was being fucked hard before it was nothing compared to this. It was like he wanted to shove his entire hips in after his cock. My ass was being pounded without mercy. I knew there was no way he’d last much longer.

I began to cry out; to beg him. “Breed me! Fill me! Cum in me daddy.” I shouted out over the sounds of his grunts and his body smacking into my upraised ass.

I felt him tense up again and with one last lunge he started to spray his hot sperm inside me. I felt wave after wave of it leave his cock to fill my insides. I smiled imagining how I would be feeling it in me all night long.

With a last grunt Jim pulled out of me. I felt that terrible emptiness as the cock that so completely controlled me left. He reached out and rolled me onto my back. I parted my lips for him and responded by bring his cock to my mouth. I gobbled him sucking and licking every drop from his slowly shrinking organ. When I finished he gave me another deep kiss, and used the blanket to clean me up.

We lay there for a moment, just relaxing in the bliss of our mutual orgasms. Then Jim reluctantly stood up and began to dress. I quickly joined him, tossing the blanket into a garbage bag into he back of our vehicle. we kissed one more time and began to drive back to the camp.

He looked over at me and spoke “0500 comes around pretty damn early Sir. You gonna be rested enough for morning training?”

I laughed. “I can miss some sack time for your kind of training anytime sergeant.”

He put his hand on my leg and said, “Well we’ve got 12 more days and wake up to practice.”

We drove back in silence, my tired mind already turning to what we could do the next night to get away for a while.

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