Feel Free

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It was back in the summer of 2020. I was only 19 years old. I was about to start my first year in college, still staying with my mom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My mother and I had a great relationship. We got along perfectly, and we respected each others needs. I knew being a single mom would be hard, especially having me as a kid, but she never disappointed.

See the bond that we had was very different than any other mother and son. We respected each others needs in a way that many might think was gross. We, however, embraced it. What I mean by that is, we were naked and masturbating almost constantly. See, I inherited my sex drive from my mother, but the thing that made this wonderful relationship work, was how understanding my mother was. When she found my used dirty socks, towels, bed sheets, and carpet stains, she was very understanding.

“Honey, we need to talk about something.” She said as she walked in my room the last day of Senior Year.

“We need to talk about how much you, you know…” She said as she motioned like she was jerking off a cock with her hands.

“MOM. Jesus, why do we need to talk about that?” I ask with a beating coming from my chest.

“Well sweetie, I know what you use to clean up, and what you use to… ejaculate on, and I think there’s a better way rather than ruining my towels and your clothes.”

I stuttered, “Mom, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I use tissues most of the time.” I said, hoping she would just drop it and go away. I was so embarrassed.

“C’mon honey, can’t we be honest in our own house? I don’t blame you. You’re a teenage boy. I would be upset if you didn’t masturbate. It’s a healthy way to relieve yourself. And I think you relieve yourself a lot” She laughed.

She continued, “Look I have a proposal, and I think it would be good for you. You’re finishing high school and you’re goin to be stuck in the house with this whole quarantine thing!”

“Okay.” I said inquisitively. “What is your proposal?”

“Well.” She started off. “First things first, from the stains on the carpet in the dining room and living room, I’m assuming you don’t only jerk off in your room, right?”

I was red with embarrassment. I jerked off all over the house when she would leave for work in the months before this conversation. I would skip school and come home and edge myself all day, only to finally blow my load in the most exposed part of the house. I’m not sure why i loved cumming out in the open like that. But it didn’t matter if it was the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. I would cum so hard that i would almost pass out. It gave me a better orgasm than when i did it in my own room. I would cum all over countertops, carpet, tile, mirrors, TV screens, and recliners. I tried my best to clean it up, but once it soaks in a little, you’ll never get it out fully.

“I didn’t know it would stain like that, I’m so sorry mom.” I apologized.

“I just get so horny and I don’t know what to say. It feels so much better when I… cum outside of my room.” I continued with a hint of guilt in my relaxbet güvenilirmi voice.

“Oh, baby, I’m not mad.” She said. “I understand what you mean, and I understand why you feel that way. I am not belittling you for doing what you did. But you’re going to be home a lot more when classes start back up. I just thought maybe we could find a way to make you feel more… free, I guess” She said happily.

I was in awe. Did she really just say she isn’t mad?

“What do you mean free, mom? I asked.

“Well, like I don’t want you to feel like the only place you can get off is in your room when I’m home. You know the office is making me work from home until all this mess is over with. So we are going to be seeing a lot more of each other. I am just saying, if you want to masturbate anywhere other than your room, I would be okay with that.” She said nonchalantly.

It took me a while to respond. Was this real, or was I dreaming? It couldn’t be real. No mother would willingly let her son masturbate around the house freely… would they? So I told her I would think about it. I didn’t need to think about it at all. I was already on board, but I wanted to see if she was messing with me, or if this was real. So I went to a place where you can find LITERALLY anything, Reddit.

I searched similar situations to mine, using key words like, masturbate, and mom and son, and open masturbation. I found a few subreddits but nothing substantial.

I did find a subreddit where people mentioned their incest fantasies. Daughters wanting their dads to catch them masturbating. Mothers wanting their sons to fuck them. I scrolled down to the next post from a user named MommaBearAbby01. Which was weird because my mother’s name is Abigail, and I was born in 2001. Yes, I know, I’m young.

In her post she talked about finding “another of my sons cum stains on the couch” and so I knew this wasn’t her first post. So I dug in deeper. Could this be my mom? It had to be, right?

As I dug deeper into her profile, I found more posts by her. I found her very first post. It was about her finding a cum-covered apple pie themed sock. I had a pair of apple pie themed socks. Abby in the username, 01 in the username, apple pie themed socks… this had to be my mother.

So I read all her posts. They talked about finding my cum covered clothes in the hamper, and my cum stains on the carpet. She talked about cleaning the bathroom and finding, what she thought was, cum on tile floor. She was right, it was cum. My cum. Her own sons cum. She spoke about how enraged she was at first, but how understanding she had come to be. Her latest post about finding another of my cum stains, also went on the express how wet she had become when she found it.

So I decided that night, that tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I wasn’t going to watch porn and jerk off my morning wood in my bed. I was going to go out into the dining room, strip naked, and edge myself until she woke up. I could hardly sleep that night knowing what was in store for me the next day.

Well, as relaxbet yeni giriş it happens, the next morning came. I woke up confused for a moment. Not knowing what time it was. I looked at my phone. The clock read 8:07 AM. “Perfect!” I thought. Mom won’t be up for another hour, plenty of time. So I left the safety of my room, and I snuck into the dining room, which was right outside the master bedroom. I stripped down naked and laid on the carpet. I was already rock hard and leaking precum from just the thought of what I was about to do. 8:07 turned into 8:25, which turned into 8:40, which turned into 8:55. I heard moms cell phone alarm going off at 8:55. I knew the time was coming. She would use the bathroom and come start a pot of coffee in the kitchen.

My cock was as slippery as ever. My balls were so tight, I thought they were going to crawl back inside of me. I was ready to erupt in front of my mother… or was I? As time ticked down and I heard her flush her toilet, I started to panic. Just because she said it was okay to masturbate anywhere, doesn’t mean I should do it without telling her. What if she gets mad? I couldn’t stop the thoughts going through my head. About that time I heard her door opening, and I jumped up and tried to gather my clothes before she was me. But I was too late…

“Honey, what are you doing?” She asked still half asleep.

I stopped dead in my tracks, my clothes covering my dick and balls.

“I was just going to my room.” I said, turning around and not being able to think of a better answer.

“Were you masturbating baby?” She asked softly.

“Y… Yeah.” I said hesitantly. “I was”

“Well baby we talked about this. If you want to jerk off anywhere in this house, you have my blessing.” She responded.

“I know,” I said matter of fact-ly. “I just didn’t know if you would want to see me.”

I was still standing in front of her, with just my pajama pants covering my cock.

“Baby, I’m sure you heard my alarm go off, so I can only assume that you wanted me to see you. You can’t BS a BS-er!” She laughed.

“Okay, well I just got nervous. And I freaked out. I don’t know what you’re going to be comfortable with.” I said.

“I understand baby. This is a big change for you. But I promise, I am comfortable with everything.” She said.

“Everything? Even like if I wanted to masturbate on the couch?”

“Yes. That’s fine” She stated.

“Even if I wanted to do it, at the dinner table while we eat?” I asked.

“Yes, baby. That’s fine too.” She responded.

“What if I wanted to…”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” She interrupted. “Everything is fine with me. If you want to jerk off in the living room when your grandparents are visiting, or stand by the windows while our neighbors are gardening and show off your package, or jerk off in the bathroom while I’m showering… It is fine.” She clarified.

My cock got three time harder than it already was.

“Okay, okay, okay mom. But I have to ask… what about when I finish? I asked.

“You mean when you cum? Well what relaxbet giriş have you been up until now? You obviously just blow your load without a care in the world, and honestly, I don’t mind that either, baby. As far as I am concerned, you can jerk off all day, and bust your nut all over the kitchen counter while I’m cooking dinner, and I still would not be upset. I want you to feel free in this house. You don’t even have to wear clothes if you don’t want to.” She said.

“Wow mom. Why the sudden change in things?” I asked

“Well, when I found all your cum stains, and with the pandemic, I figured it would be foolish of me to believe that you would stop just because we we’re both home. And I wanted you to know you don’t need to sneak around to do it.” She responded.

At this point we had made our way into the kitchen, and she had already mad a pot of coffee. She was pouring herself a cup.

“So, how long were you jerking off before I came out?” She asked

“Since 8 o’clock.” I said a little to fast.

“Wow, you must really need to dump that load you got. Well go ahead and do it. Right here in the kitchen. Unload it baby. I know you want to. You know it would feel good!” She encouraged.

So I dropped my clothes and grasped my cock in my hand. There was so much precum on the tip on my dick, it was ridiculous. I was so horny I just wanted to dump my load all over the floor while my mom watched. Just as I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, my mom got my attention.

“What do you think of these baby?” She said as she gave me a peek at the panties she was wearing. A PINK branded cheekless thong, with white and pick and red coloring all over it.

That was it. I had an Earth shattering orgasm. Stronger than any I had ever had. I couldn’t count the number of ropes I shot out of my cock, but I know I drenched the floor. I could hear each shot hit the tile floor. Splat! Splat! Splat! Each time I heard one hit, it made the next spasm much more intense.

When I finally came down from my mountainous orgasm. I looked at the mess I made, then up to my mom who still had her panties showing, but a huge smile on her face.

“That’s what I’m talking about baby. That’s what I want you to get comfortable with doing. Blowing massive loads all over this house. GOD, that was so hot! How do you feel?” She asked.

I couldn’t respond. I just leaned against the kitchen counter and panted like a dog that needs water.

“Ohhhh, is my baby boy all tired now?” She asked in a cute baby voice. “Why don’t you go shower and clean yourself up. Mommy will clean up your mess and make you breakfast.”

So I picked up my cum soaked clothes off the floor and threw them in the hamper on my way to the bathroom. I kept replaying what had just happened in my head. Over and over and over. And even thought I just shot the biggest load of my life, I was rock hard as I was getting out of the shower. As I got out I realized I didn’t bring any clothes in with me. But then I remembered mom saying I could go naked if I wanted. So that’s what I did. I walked out of the bathroom towards the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted with the smell of bacon and eggs, and the sight of my cum, still, all over the floor.

I looked at mom, and she looked at me…

“Maybe I’ll leave it there for a little while, it makes me wet looking at it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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