Faulty Instructions with Mom

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Perspective: The Mother

Kathleen arrived at the location, and since it was near her home, she invited her son for an education.

“Listen and learn,” she reminded her son. “You’ll probably find this to be tedious, but it’s a great career. Who knows, maybe when you’re done with college I can get you an internship or entry-level job with me.”

Each location for the Spa shades of red and areas of dark pink around the head. The only difference was that the erection was absolutely bulging. The head of the penis looked swollen, begging for any form of sexual relief.

She gasped softly at what she saw. At any other time, this would be a normal penis in terms of length and color. But this was something fit for a porn set. It was an erection on hormonal drugs. Even the veins were protruding.

“What do you see?” he asked.

“The good news is that your functions have a normal color.”

“And the bad news?”

“I’ve never seen a penis this erect,” she admitted. “I’ve been with men who’ve used sexual performance drugs, but yours is on a different playing field.”

As a woman she had no idea what this must have felt like. Was it painful? She’d always wondered that about the male erection. How could such a flaccid, harmless, limp organ turn into something stiff and angry, engorged with blood and pressure, and the man doesn’t feel pain?

She was certain her son felt agonizing pain over this. Her maternal side wanted to care for her son. She wondered if this would result in some sort of permanent injury to her son’s penis. If so, she’d never forgive herself for encouraging her son to get a massage here.

With the tip of her index finger, she traced along the shaft, starting from the head, going down to the base. It was a gentle touch. As expected, it felt like steel was relaxbet güvenilirmi beneath the soft skin.

“Did you just touch me?” he asked, wondering if that really happened.

“Yes, I did. Was it painful?”

“Umm, no.”

“How did it feel when I touched it?” she asked, staring intensely at the erection.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know. Give me a few minutes and I think I’ll be fine. Can you cover it now? This is embarrassing.”

Kathleen understood her son’s predicament. If the roles were reversed, she’d also be humiliated at her private part being exposed. It’s an awkward situation for any mother/son to be involved in. Especially as the parent.

But as a loving mother, she couldn’t allow her son to continue to suffer, with what was so clearly a medical emergency. Covering up the erection felt unconscionable. Leaving the spa area to give her son privacy was out of the question. She needed to take action. Immediately.

“I won’t leave,” she said firmly. “And I won’t cover it up. Be honest with me, what does it feel like?”

Her finger traced along the shaft again to gauge her son’s physical response. She pressed harder this time. She fully expected her son to feel pain and possibly yell out loud. Her finger did a lap around the head and she rubbed down the shaft. The penis twitched and she wondered if she touched it too hard.

Ben squirmed. “Can you stop? I’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

“How bad does it hurt?” she asked, still testing the skin with her finger.

“Mom, I’m literally going to cum if you keep doing that.”

Kathleen could see her son blushing while laying there. It was a stunning admission and she knew it was humiliating for her son to confess such an intimate detail.

She moved her hand away, not wanting relaxbet yeni giriş to make her son climax. Again she wondered how such an agonizing looking thing could give a man an orgasm. Men and women are truly built differently, she thought. If anything like this had happened to her clitoris, she’d be in pure agony. She was sure of that.

“Are you serious about the orgasm?” she asked. “This actually feels good to you?”

He nodded while laying there. “Well, good and bad. It hurts but it’s a lot more sensitive. A lot of my blood flow went down to my groin area. That’s why it’s so hard to move.”

“I’m so sorry for bringing you here and encouraging you to get the massage. Trial formulas being used at this location and the employee royally screwed up the application. I should have known.”

She shook her head in regret, and out of maternal habit, she placed the palm of her hand to where her son was hurting. That was every mother’s instinct. To touch a son where the pain is, attempting to provide comfort. Like putting a hand on a son’s bruise after a fall. Or touching a son’s chest after a heartbreak.

To her shock, the erection pulsed in her hand. She felt it jerk against her palm. Pulling her hand away, she saw the penis throb. Again she wondered how her son could endure this kind of pain and remain calm.

“God,” he said in a low whisper.

“Did that hurt? Are you okay? I’m sorry I touched it.”

At that point, Ben simply looked annoyed. “Can you wait outside please? I’ll handle it and be ready soon.”

She wondered how her son could be ready ‘soon’ with such an emergency down there. But then she realized what ‘handle it’ actually meant.

“Are you going to make yourself climax?” she asked, still mystified that an erection of this magnitude relaxbet giriş could actually be pleasurable.

He tensed. “It’s better than being stuck here all day. I promise I’ll be fast. I’ll clean up, too.”

For whatever reason, it spurred something within Kathleen, an urgent need to help her son out of this mess. A primal feeling that she’s willing to do anything in a situation like this. Especially because this was partially her fault.

Kathleen pressed the palm of her hand against her son’s shaft, this time refusing to be intimidated by what she was feeling. The cock felt warm to the touch. The skin was so soft, yet the stiffness beneath it was incredible. This erection was unlike anything she’d ever felt before, including Ben’s father.

Neither of them spoke as she rubbed. She saw the embarrassment on Ben’s face, who refused to look at this. Then her eyes drifted down to the penis. Swollen and engorged. The veins were bulging. She wondered how this differed from Ben’s normal erections.

“Have you ever been this hard before?” she asked, caressing the shaft.

“No, never. It only happened after the employees left. They rubbed a lot of herbal cream on my body and I started feeling warmer. I felt tingly and my blood was flowing.”

She licked her lips. “Consider this Business 101 in your education. One of the most important skills of doing business is the ability to solve complex problems that suddenly arise. To do whatever it takes.”

Leading by positive example, Kathleen bent over and took the penis inside of her mouth. The way it felt in her mouth is the same way it felt in her hand. The skin was so soft. But the cock itself was swollen to the limit. Even with her son’s moaning, she still couldn’t understand how such a thing could be pleasurable for a man.

She handled this with the utmost care. She was mindful to avoid causing any pain. Obviously men enjoy being stroked during oral sex and Kathleen used the tips of her fingers to further stimulate her son. Her mouth focused on the bulbous head while her fingers worked the lower area.

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