Father and Son #3

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Big Dick

It was one of those rainy summer days you just don’t want to leave the house. I did not want to work either, so I called sick and stayed in bed snoozing for one more hour. Then I got up and went to the kitchen without putting on any clothes, made some breakfast and sat in the family room browsing the net for ideas. And I did get some!

The wife was out of town visiting a retreat with her religious friend for three days. I was stuck in the house while my 26 year old nephew (who got out of jail a few months ago and was unable to get a job) was sleeping in his birthday suit in the guest room. I knew he had made it a habit going to bed late after playing video games until maybe 5am…who knows…

I was in the mood for some fun and given the situation, I took the pair of handcuffs I use when having sex with my wife and went in the guy’s room quietly. He was deeply asleep, it would be easy to surprise him. I handcuffed his right wrist to his left ankle and his left wrist to his right ankle. Then I lay next to him spooning like a considerate master.

I love my partners, I never call them “servants” or “slaves”, this is degrading. I call them “boys”.

An hour later, Greg, my boy, started waking up, a little groggy but, to my eyes, a handsome green-eyed young man willing to serve me.

“Mmm…aahh…”, he mumbled while trying to move but realizing that something was making this impossible. My handcuffs never failed me.

“Good morning, boy!” I replied. “Time for some games!”

He was surprised when he saw the handcuffs, maybe they brought bad memories back from his jail time.

“What the fuck…?” was all he said when I slapped his face.

“Come with me, boy, I have plans for us!” I said.

I never ever have my boys wear collars like animals, this is dehumanizing. I always grab them from their hair or their balls and guide them to wherever I want them to go. This day, I grabbed Greg by his blond hair and pulled him hard enough to make him squeal and fall off the bed.

“Come handsome!” I said and he managed to walk on all fours to the bathroom. I helped him get in the bathtub and kneel with his face right on the cold bathtub floor, his head toward the sloping side while his ass right where the drain hole was under the showerhead. The handcuffs did not allow much flexibility.

I sat right on the sloping side and slid all the way down until my balls reached the top of his head. I grabbed his hair again and pulled his head up, then down on my hard cock. I could tell he enjoyed this forced blowjob, gagging only a few times. I smacked his face with my cock and even managed to squeeze some of my pre-cum right into his eyes before engaging in another round of sucking and forcing him to deep-throat.

It was a rather uncomfortable position for him since his neck had to bend all the way back to reach my cock and then stretch to take it in. With his wrists handcuffed to his ankles, my boy was impossible to support himself. Because I always want to be good to my trainees and have them enjoy our sessions as much gaziantep escort kızlar as I do, I lowered his head gently on the bathtub floor and stood up. He never said a word, he knew his destiny.

I sat on his head and leaned over his back, then I spit my right palm and smeared it all over his butthole. I slowly inserted my right index and played with his buthole, then I licked my right middle and went deeper in his rectum.

“Oh boy,” I said, “your ass is beautiful, but full of crap. I am going to do all the work for you, son!” and turned the water on. I let it run to reach a comfortable temperature, took my wife’s enema bucket and hung it from the showerhead in such a way so it was right under it and filled with water.

My boy was facing the sloping end of the tub, his ass was right under the showerhead and the enema bucket. I dropped a bar of soap in the bucket that was full with water now. Then, I licked the enema nozzle and let some spit on his crack while I pulled his cheeks again. His pink hole was a dream.

I gently pushed the nozzle in his ass some 4-5 inches and turned the little valve on. The warm soapy water started filling his bowels; he was in heaven. I slowly twisted the tube and aimed at his prostate while gently shaking it at the same time. The warm water flowed on his male G-spot giving him a very sensual massage enhanced by the constant change of pressure. My boy was enjoying every moment and I did too as a true master can only want the best for his trainees.

“Ooohhh!… I am so full!” Greg managed to say before he moaned and clenched his ass cheeks.

I smeared a lot of spit on my cock and slowly pulled the tube off his asshole. I then plugged his asshole with my cock and rode him doggy style. He tightened his cheeks many times and made my cock really try hard to get in his snug man-cunt.

Everytime I pulled away, a small amount of the enema leaked off his colon. Soon, the enema liquid turned dark brown but I kept fucking him taking advantage of the increased lubrication the soapy water gave me.

When my boy arched his back and moaned like a wounded animal, I understood he could not take it anymore. I pulled my dick and set his hole free. Within seconds, he doused my cock and balls with a jet of warm brown liquid and pieces of shit. I tapped the drain to stop all the stuff coming out of his body from going down. My boy could not control his hole anymore; it remained open for a few seconds blowing “raspberries” and revealing the pink tissue of his rectum.

“Uuuunnnnn…aahh…uuuunnnnn!” was all he could say when his sphincter took control.

“My boy,” I said, “you had a lot of shit inside you! Let me clean you good once more!” and I pushed the enema nozzle in his ass, a little deeper this time. The enema solution was now stronger. It takes time for soap to release its full potential of its ingredients; glycerine soap is my favorite. This is what my trainee needed, a good cleansing of his intestine.

After a couple of minutes or so when his colon was filled with soapy water, his hole started acting up having trouble keeping the solution in. It would open and eject some liquid to decrease the pressure and close a split second later as my boy was trying hard to control it.

“Oh my God,” he said, “I can’t hold it….aaaaahhhh….”

“Help is on the way,” I joked and shoved my cock in him while the enema tube was still in.

This way, I not only stopped the leak but also decreased the flow of the enema solution as my cock partially blocked the enema tube. Still, more of the soapy stuff was going in.

My boy started moving his body in a wave-like motion and made me feel like I was riding a bull. He could not get relief from the irritating solution as there was no way to expel it.

“Please, master,” he begged, “please let me go….uuummm…God…uuummm”

I reached down and felt his belly, it felt bloated alright. I knew he wanted more, he did not want me to release him. Yet, as a considerate master, I pulled the tube nozzle gently to stop filling him anymore. It slipped past my plugging cock and as soon as it was out I pushed my cock all the way in to seal the naughty hole.

The magic started. His rectum was convulsing incessantly around my pole, one time squeezing me like a tight glove, the next pulling me deeper; failed attempt after failed attempt, his colon contractions kept massaging my cock as he could not evacuate his contents; I was pushing really hard. My obedient trainee was face down on the shitty stuff, no way to move, no way to escape since my weight kept me inside him. I was so happy to receive this boy’s gift. I felt honored. I shot my sperm in him with such force, it felt I would hurt him.

Nothing lasts forever and soon my boy’s hole managed to open wider than my cock while I was still in him. He strained so hard that his inner pink tissue unfolded out of his hole and wrapped around my cock like an inch-wide pink ring. He also let a stream of brown liquid run on my half-exposed shaft and down my balls.

“Ooohh…master…please…God…uuunnnnn…shhhhiit…,” was all he could say. I was moved.

I slowly pulled out and once more, a jet of shitty liquid splashed all over my cock and balls, brown droplets flying all over the place. My boy was short of breath, he arched his back and with a loud moan he shot another brown river off his insides.

I was very satisfied with his performance, I could not wish for a better guy to play with. I knew he reached the breaking point and would become my permanent humiliation partner.

While he was moaning and convulsing and spewing his juices, I was stroking his back and cheeks and rubbing my soft cock on his crack. I could still feel his excitement and orgasmic vibe. But I was not done.

I stood up behind him and took one step so to straddle his head. His hair and face were soaked in the shitty water, it was maybe a couple of inches deep now.

“Lick my feet!” I commanded, “I don’t want a speck of your shit on them!”

Hesitantly, he said, “Master…please…I…”

“Shut up and start licking my feet,” I shouted once more and raised my left foot a few inches above the water level. Tiny pieces of shit were stuck between my toes.

He had no choice. He started licking all the crap off my foot with his tongue. First, the arch then the heel.

“Don’t forget the toes!” I said, “I want your tongue to clean between the toes!”

He obeyed with a slight whimper. When he finished with the left foot, I stepped out of the bathtub and gave him the other. He did a good job, I was proud of him.

“Now, clean my cock!” I yelled.

His tongue worked perfectly on my resting pole. Every brown speck was gone in less than a minute and I almost started getting hard again. He licked clean my balls too.

With both my feet clean, I walked to the bedroom, took the little key and went back to unlock his handcuffs. He was crying silently and I am sure he was very grateful to me for releasing his hands and feet.

I untapped the drain and helped him up.

“I am dizzy!” he muttered.

No doubt the enema made him lose a lot of his electrolytes and had to make up.

“Let me clean you, boy, and I promise I will take the best care of you!” I answered.

I used a sponge to give him a great rub all over his body. I washed his face, his hair, his chest all the way down to his cock and balls, his back and crack. I felt how sensitive his butthole was after our little play, I was very gentle cleaning him with my finger. At the same time, I thoroughly cleaned myself, the bathtub and shower door that was spritzed with his waste.

During the cleaning process, I used encouraging language like, “Squeaky clean, gorgeous, you smell like a million, man!” He was rather silent but nodded and said a couple of thank yous.

After all the cleaning was done, I helped him out of the bathtub as he was feeling weak and we walked to the bedroom holding hands. He laid down and I went to the kitchen to bring him a banana and a sports drink, these would make him feel better.

We spent the rest of the day in bed hugging and talking about our experience. He acknowledged he loved what I did to him and made me promise we will do it again. I assured him this was my plan as well.

The next few weeks I trained him how to give an enema, how to insert a rectal catheter and how to prepare an enema solution depending on what he wants to achieve. We practiced a few times and when we went to the beach on Labor day, we managed to get some time away from my wife and found a little deserted spot where we had a wonderful time.

By the water, I was the master again but also the receiver of the enema. Greg masterfully managed to insert the cath deep inside me and inject me with seawater, the perfect solution for a clean colon. We did it many times, maybe 5 or 6 until I only expelled clean water. The last time he filled me up, I ordered him to lay down and I squatted a few inches above his face, then I let go on his face and in his open mouth. I am sure he could only gulp a few ounces but that is better than nothing. He thanked me many times for using him as my potty.

I trained him well.

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