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The fuzziness of her dreams begin to fade away as the sunlight filters in from the partially shuttered window. Shelly slowly rolls away from the light struggling to pull the room into focus as the dew clears from her opening eyes. The sights are familiar and comforting. Portraits of her family and friends hang on the wall across from her. Beneath them, her collection of perfume bottles cluttered the dresser. Everything is correct…except for the smell. As she took her first deep breath of the morning, the smell assaults her senses. It is rich odor of sweat and sex. As sweet stench of coitus permeates her nose, the memories of last night came rushing back to her. Shelly bolted up in bed, the sheets falling away from her naked body. Frantic, she scans the room patting the ruffled comforter on her bed. I’m gone…She looks over at her clock radio noticing my mask sitting next to it. It is my Devil mask – a simple camouflage made of paper covered in red sequins with two short burgundy horns protruding up out of the sides. She picked it up turning it over. Inside is a note scribbled in Sharpie:

Next time no masks – 793-1122 – John

So that was his name. She simply called me her dark prince all night. Shelly’s eyes scanned back towards the bed and over the pillows. Her white feathered mask lay crumpled next to her pillow. It must’ve come off while she slept – or so she hoped. Shelly fell back onto the bed, breathing in the still pungent odor wafting up from the scattered stained sheets. She still smells me, my lingering presence sent the memories of last night rushing back into her mind. How had she, a self proclaimed “good girl” let this happen? A harmless night tagging along with her friend had led Shelly to me. She committed herself to having a couple drinks and then getting herself home and into bed at a reasonable hour. But then she knew simply by the way I carried myself as I approached her, that her fate that night was no longer in her hands…I had captivated her in So many Ways. The soft deep sound of my voice resonates within her. My gaze burns her cheeks with hot desire. My strong gentle touch forcing her body to ignite leaving her to tremble long after I left.

Shelly called ” John, I miss you. My thoughts are of you, I’m craving to feel your touch, to feel your cock inside me. I’m hungry for raw primal sex with you again.” I replied; Come for dinner tonight at 7. Shelly arrived at my compound, I shooed her upstairs to the bathroom where she found my deep two-person tub filled to the rim with a hot sweet scented bubble bath and the room is lit with flickering candles. On the counter, I laid out a long silk robe with only a silk sash to hold it closed. There is a note beside the robe as well as one long stemmed deep red rose and an open bottle of her favorite wine and a crystal wine goblet. The note read:

‘Relax in your luxury spa, my darling, while I prepare a feast fit for my princess. I will call you with time to spare to dry and prepare yourself to join me. Enjoy my love!’

After laying out the repast fit for a queen – thinly smoked salmon, a seafood salad, a light and airy cheese soufflé and cheeses, and fruit for a light dessert, I call her to the table. ” I’m right behind you, baby!” as her arms encircle my waist from behind and I inhale her sweet smell. I turn in her arms, kissing her lightly and led her to the table where I pull out her chair and seated her next to me. I pour small glasses of wine and made a toast to her. ” To the sweetest minx; may we spend time together exploring our sexual fantasies.” We touch glasses and ate together as she smiled over at me. ” So what is this secret plan you have in mind for tonight, this is one of the best meals thank you.” After a leisurely two hour meal with general conversation, with kissing and touching across the table. My house staff cleared the table as I led her to the living room where I had prepared a fire in the grate and, after installing her in the sofa with the last of her wine from dinner. Joining her on the sofa, I turned to her, kissed her lightly, and asked:

” Do you trust me absolutely, my darling? And do you truly believe that nothing I would ever do will hurt you?”

” Of course, John! You have never been less than gentle with me; now what is going on?” Considering that it was about time, I held my finger to my lips bidding her to silence and, reaching down between the sofa cushions, I pulled out the satin kerchief I had purchased and signal her to turn her head. The scarf wrapped around her head, covering her eyes completely, and tied behind her neck. It is black and relatively heavy so I’m sure that she can not see a thing. I whisper into her ear ” Take my hand and follow me my love; you are to remain completely silent unless I instruct you otherwise.” A shiver of anticipation shot through her body as her other senses heightened. Taking her had, I led her around the large house from room to room with the idea of disorienting her just a little and to draw out the suspense.

Finally, we reach my bedroom where I had started remotely the small CD player while we were travelling. Sounds of our favorite relaxing music drifted softly through the air. The room is slightly cool since I had left the air conditioner on low during dinner and just turned it off. Lowering her hand, I turned her to face the bed and reached around her waist to untie the sash on her floor length silk robe and sliding it off her shoulders to the floor behind her. With her eyes still covered and as the cool air kisses her nipples, they immediately hardened to firm points. I reach around her tweaking them and pulling them as Shelly leans back against me for support. While doing this, I’m supporting the delicious weight of her breasts in my hands and lightly running my nails along the underside of each firm globe while nibbling on her left ear lobe. Shelly moans softly and tried to reach my hands with her own to increase the pressure on her tits. Shelly is breathing heavily but expressed that she still trusted me and is getting sroused, especially as I ran my finger slowly up the length of her crack from her ass to her clit! ” No, no speaking, baby” I ordered her gently.

After a couple of moments, I removed her blindfold then I leaned back on the bed. Shelly’s fingers trace along my body, drifting across my flat stomach and up to my chest. I took her hand pulling her to me. My mouth hungrily sought hers, my tongue pushing deeply into her mouth. She threw her arms around me tightly, and I feel her tits mash against my chest. She groans deep in her throat as she kisses me back savagely. Our tongues dueling with each other as our passion grew. Finally, she pushes against me breaking the kiss. Her eyes are wild with passion as her hands went for the snap and zipper on my pants. When they were both open, she reaches inside my pants searching for my cock. When she found my hard monster cock, she moaned ” Oh God John, I missed feeling your cock inside me.” She pulls my hard thick muscle of flesh out of my pants, she smiles remembering the feeling of my cock inside her, and this is going to be a very nice fuck. I took my thumbs hooking them in my waistband pushing my pants down my thighs as I raised my ass off the bed. My big hard muscled thick cock came springing out of hiding almost hitting her in the face.

” OOOHHHH!” Shelly moaned as she looks at the giant phallic in front of her. My cock is big. It is 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist. It is topped by a large mushroom shaped head that is leaking pre-cum. ” Oh God! I have missed your cock,” as she begins to gently stroke it with both of her hands. I sat there enjoying the feel of her soft hands. I gently put my hand on the back of her neck pulling her down toward my cock. She didn’t resist as her mouth came in contact with my cock. Her tongue darting out licking the pre-cum off my head. Then she slowly begins to run her tongue around the head, licking and licking covering the top of my cock with her hot saliva. When she has the head completely coated and wet, she brought it to her lips sucking it into her mouth. The sheer width of my cock stretched her lips wide, she barely gets my cock into her mouth.

Slowly, she works on my cock moving her head back and forth. Inch by inch, she manages to work more and more of my cock into her mouth. I lean back as I watch this horny, thirty two year old woman travestiadresi.com try and suck my cock into her hot little mouth. She is good. I sigh closing my eyes as she manages to get 4 to 5 inches of steel hard cock into her mouth. Her saliva drooling out of her mouth and ran down the sides of my cock, where her hands were continuing to stroke my penis up and down. Finally, after several minutes, she lifts her sore jaws off my towering cock and took a deep breath. ” God, you are so thick my pussy will struggle again,” she panted as she looks at the column of my meat swaying before her eyes. ” Let’s see. I bet we can.” I said as I push her back toward the bed. She leans back against the bed, as I brought her legs up on the bed. As she stares into my face, staring at her very pink and very wet pussy. She is a natural blond with a little landing strip of hair just above her clit. Ever where else she is smooth as silk. I took her legs placing them on each side of my body. This causes her pussy lips to split open wide, I see how wet and hot she is. It seem as though there is steam rising from her cunt, and it is suddenly very hot in the room. I put my index finger in my mouth covering it with spit. Then I slowly slide my finger up her hot wet channel. She tilts her head back moaning softly as my finger pushes deep into her burning cunt.

” God, you are soaking wet. This won’t be tough at all. I am going to enjoy fucking your tight little cunt,” I said as I pull my finger out of her sizzling cunt licking off her cream. I move forward on the bed between her legs. She stares in anticipation as the thick column of flesh waved and bobbed across the bed seeking the heat of her pussy. The sheer size of me is overwhelming. ” Oh please go slow!” Shelly pleaded. ” I am not going to hurt you, I promise.” I took my prick in my hand and begin to rub the large head up and down the wet, smooth lips of her hot pussy coating the head with her juices. I rubbed the head up and down her juicy slit several times always paying close attention to her rock hard clit. I nudged it and rubbed it on every upstroke of my cock until she is whining in protest. ” Oh Fuck, put it in!! Oh I want you so bad. Come on FUCK ME!!!” I place the big head between her wet cunt lips and slowly push forward. The big head slowly moves forward pressing against the tight mouth of her burning cunt. She feels the pressure building as the big head presses against her hot fuck hole. The head seem too big to fit inside her famished cunt, when suddenly, the muscles at the mouth of her cunt give way as three inches of thick hard cock buries itself in her warm buttery cunt. ” UUUNNNHHHHH!” she groans at the sudden intrusion. The pressure inside her is amazing. Even with only three inches of my surging cock inside her, she feels stuffed.

I’m an expert at making small cunts open up to my big cock. It just takes a little time and patience, and soon she will be like a bitch in heat begging for my big pussy pleaser.

I let the head of my cock rest where it is for a few moments until her pussy adjusts to my girth. Then I slowly begin to rock my hips back and forth. She watches in fascination as slowly inch by inch of my long thick cock disappears into her steaming pussy. Her pussy squeezing tightly around my big cock as her cunt muscles try to pull more of my prick into her. I’m thrusting nice and slow, feeding another inch into her pussy every few thrusts as she cums. She is so stretched by my dick that all the folds inside her pussy seem to be completely smoothed out. I’m touching her in places she didn’t know she had. At first her orgasms are mild, but as I press more and more cock into her, the orgasms got bigger. The angle of my thrusts causing my cock to rub against her pulsing clit on each stroke in or out. The combination of clit and vagina stimulation is driving her insane with lust. My cock met resistance at eight inches, and I stop moving my hips. I’m not lying on top of her; I’m still between her thighs about 3 inches away. She is sweating and breathing heavy, but she is in heaven.
I pull my cock out of her molten cunt. My cock is covered with her juice. It glistens in the soft light. ” Yes GOD!” she screams. ” I love big cock. I love your big cock. I feel like such a slut. Fuck me like a slut with your fat cock. OH FUCK!!!!!!!” I lean over her, putting my hands on the bed above her head, and begin fucking her with long slow strokes. Her eyes are glazed over and her mouth is open. Her face is flush with color as I continue to slowly feed her stuffed cunt with a steady diet of long thick cock. As I continue to thrust in and out of her, my cock is opening her up more and more. Little by little I’m getting deeper and deeper into her over-heated cunt, and the sensations are blowing her mind. The length of my long cock rubbing against her rock hard clit on each thrust, and the contact is sparking a continual series of small orgasms that leave her breathless. She is shuddering as she builds toward a massive orgasm, as I continue to slowly fuck her with as much cock as I can get into her accommodating pussy. The pressure keeps building in the depths of her over-stimulated pussy until all at once, her cunt muscles clamp down tightly on my plunging cock and her world implodes around my thrusting cock.

“FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” she screams as she sees stars and flashes of color the sensations are so unreal for her. I keep stroking in and out feeding more cock into her gushing cunt.
” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shelly yells as the powerful orgasm overtook her and drove all thoughts from her mind, except the thoughts of endless pleasure that my cock is causing her climaxing cunt. I stop thrusting leaning back on my haunches. Shelly’s breathing slows as she opens her eyes to stare at me. She is amazed to see that sitting back from her, I still have about 6 inches of iron hard cock stuck up her rippling and clutching cunt. She knew I hadn’t started to really fuck her yet, and the thoughts of the pleasure to come overwhelms her. ” You have nice tits,” I said. They are full and round and small. She is 34B. Her breasts are tipped with long rose colored nipples that point straight up toward the ceiling of the room. I run my hands over her creamy breasts caressing them gently. She moans when I tease and pinch her sensitive nipples. I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking it between my teeth and gently bite it. Her cunt muscles give a spasm around my cock as I suck on her nipples. I quietly wait for her to recover from her first big orgasm. I gently stroke her breasts, stomach and thighs as her breath returns to some semblance of normal. Finally, when I thought she is ready, I tell Shelly to move down farther on the bed. As she scooted down, she slowly impales herself farther and farther onto my thick cock, causing her to writhe and moan as it snakes up into her sensitive pussy. When she is under me completely, I adjust my position.

” What are you doing?” ” Making us ready to fuck.” She moans in anticipation. I pull her ass down further until her head is in the middle of the bed. I lay down on top of her mashing her tits against my chest. She wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. My legs are sticking off the end of the bed. My shoes are still on and my pants are in a bunch around my ankles. With all that moving around, my cock never left the comfort of her hot liquid cunt. ” Are you ready to fuck?” ” Oh my God…” was all she murmured. I slide my hands down grabbing her ass checks, lifting my hips. I pause a minute as I look into her frightened eyes, then I slam my cock deep into her, as she yelps with pain as my large snake slithers into her upturned cunt bouncing off her cervix. I have managed with the last thrust to get all 9 inches into her, I begin fucking her hard, slamming my cock into her pussy. ” Are you my slut?” I demanded as I pull my thick cock out of her juicing hole and slam it in again. ” Are you?” ” Y-yes GOD!! OHHHH, I’m your slut.” she groans. ” I’m a slut for your big cock.”
I lift her butt driving deep into Shelly with long, hard thrusts. As I plunge my raging cock deep into her womb, my only thought now is the complete domination of this soft, pliant plaything in my hands. As I lance her creaming cunt with my prick time after time, a wailing cry comes from deep inside Shelly. ” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…” An almost continuous cry escapes her lips as I continue to pump into her with hard, deep, fast strokes that stretch her narrow vaginal tunnel to the limit, impaling her, making every nerve end in her pussy fire in ecstasy. Nothing existed but the prick that fills her; everything is driven from her mind as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss envelopes her. Again…and again…and again… and again I drill deep into her open womb. Her second spasm orgasm hit her hard exploding behind her eyes in a wash of color, but still I continue to jackhammer my cock into her abused sore cunt.

I pump my hips faster, driving my cock in and out of her hot cunt. Shelly groaning as she feels my fat cock stretch her tight muscles, rubbing against the thick walls of her juicing fuck hole. As I punish her pussy with my cock attack, she slides her hands all over my body. Her hands slide down around my waist to my ass, as she pulls me into her, feeling my powerful muscles tighten with each thrust of my long cock. She spreads her legs wider and raised her legs above me so I can go deeper. Shelly’s eyes are closed as she moans and writhes under me. ” OOOOHHHH, I love your cock…I love how you’re fucking me…fucking me with your big cock…” I responded to her praise by slamming my fat, long cock all the way into her tight pussy. She gasps as she feels my full length penetrate her to the hairs. Her eyes went wide from the shock of it. ” I knew you would like that,” I grunted as I slammed into her once more. I hooked her legs over my shoulders so her feet hung over my back. I rose up on my knees as I begin to slam my hard cock straight down into her upturned pussy. She can only look up at me slack-jawed as I slam my body into her over and over. She is clawing at the bed, gripping my back tightly and crying out.

” Oh god, …oh please…ohm…uuhhhh…” Our bodies made wet slapping noises over the sound of the bed bouncing and creaking with each hard thrust of my cock. My eyes are closed with intense pleasure as I slam my cock into her. I grunted, ” Yeah…take my cock…fuck…yeah…sooo tight…” ” Oohhh…goddd..yyesss…fucckk mmmeeee…uuhhh…pppleassse…” Shelly cries in response. I rise up and down on top of her, sliding my fat, hard cock in and out of her drooling cunt. She feels my thick cock stretching her wide. She grinds her hips against me on my down thrusts, tingling as she feels her clit being stimulated by my plunging sword. She runs her hands over my back and ass as I drill into her cunt again and again. It is endless. It never stops. I keep fucking her. Drilling deep inside her endless orgasm cunt. She feels the beginnings of a massive climax coming. She feels it in her chest and stomach. She feels it deep inside her cunt. She needs it. She wants it. She starts bouncing up and down under me. Her pussy got hotter and more wet as my thick cock slammed into her. She is moaning and whimpering, and her tits bounce and sway as I slam more cock into her. The union of cock and cunt made loud lewd noises as our bodies slap together.

” Yeah…that’s it…fuck that cock, you slut…make yourself cum…cum on my fat cock, you whore…” Her orgasm is closer. My cock, My words are making her shudder. She feels her cunt muscles begin to twitch and then convulse. She is moaning and shouting as her pussy came hard around my cock. Her juices spilling from her cunt flowing over my hard shaft and balls. ” OH GOD…OH GOD…OH FUCK…YESSS…YYESSS…YYEESSS…I’M…I’M… FFFFFUCKINGGGG…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She bucks under me as I thrust into her steaming hot pussy. Her tits are pressed against my chest as she pants and tries to catch her breath. I have both of her fleshy ass cheeks in my hands, and I spread them apart. As I spear down into her clutching climaxing cunt, I plunge a finger up her tight asshole. Her world explodes into a million pieces as I drill my long hard cock into her tight slit. ” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shelly screams as her orgasm crested again and both holes clamp down on my invading cock and finger. Her eyes rolling back in her head, she arches her back in one last powerful convulsion, and she passes out from the intense overload of pleasure.

I continue to slam the pussy of the passed out woman. I needed my cum and it is almost there. Her pussy is still clutching and gripping at my plunging shaft as it ripples along my entire length. I drilled her defenseless cunt again and again with my 9 inch spear. This is what I did. Fuck women senseless. That is my job. I pulled back once more and paused. I’m right on the crest of my orgasm. I enjoyed this moment so much. The tension, the pleasure, the possibility. I thrust down hard once more into her hot cunt with all 9 thick muscled inches. I thrust deep into her cunt to the hairs and exploded. Volley after volley of hot cum fired out of my erupting cannon coating her womb with my thick creamy sperm. My load just kept firing and it spilled out from her cunt in long white strands and dripped all over the bed. I stayed in the saddle thrusting and shooting into her cunt, enjoying the thrilling sensations until there is nothing left inside my balls. Then I slowly pulled my deflating monster out of her. There is a slurpy sound as the mushroom head pulls out from between her cunt lips. I eased off the bed and stood up on the floor. Looking at her all spread out on the bed for a moment, I reached down and picked her panties off the floor. I used them to wipe cum off from the still sizable length of my cock. I pulled my pants up and fastened them.

Shelly and I returned from having a late night out, I push her up against the wall and begin to kiss her hard, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. After several moments of heavy kissing, I start to kiss and lick down her neck. At the same time, I pull her blouse from her skirt and begin to undo the buttons. When the buttons are all undone, I push her blouse and suit coat off her shoulders exposing her black lacy bra. Her bra is one size too small and her breasts overflowed her top. As I continue to kiss her neck, I reach behind her and undid her bra. Her tits came spilling out. They are full and round with no sag. They are tipped with half-inch red nipples that stood erect. I slowly kiss my way to her jutting tits and begin sucking and licking her hard pointy nipples. I took her right nipple between my teeth, and she groans, ” Oh fuck that feels so good.”

As I work on her breasts, I undid the zipper to her skirt pushing it off her hips and dropping it to the floor. Shelly is naked except for a tiny, white lace thong. I admired the older woman’s perfect body. She has a flat stomach and narrow hips, and obviously is in great shape. I returned my mouth to her right tit and begin to suck her entire succulent tit into my mouth. While I’m feeding my oral fixation, I slipped my hand into her lace thong locating her excited clit hidden in a patch of blonde pubic hair. I traced my fingers over her bare, wet pussy lips, and then slowly push two fingers into her soaking, tight hole. As I drive my fingers in and out of her swollen snatch, I clamped my lips over her excited nipple and bit down with my teeth. She grabs the back of my head, holding me tight against her tit and begins to thrust her hips onto my fingers trying to get them deeper into her burning hole. ” Don’t stop… Oh… Oh… Fuck!!!” I move my mouth from nipple to nipple biting and licking and sucking her aching nipples, driving her mad with my teasing, but her main focus is on the two finger that are sliding in and out of her cunt at a furious rate. His fingers were slick with the juice pouring out of her hole as his fingers continued to ream her pussy. Her hips are bucking as my hand tries to drive my fingers deeper into her famished cunt. She starts to shake as I drive my fingers into her gushing cunt, when I feel she is just on the edge; I slipped my thumb up her tight asshole. Shelly’s vibrating pussy went off like a roman candle as she explodes on my thrusting fingers. She screams as I drive through her climax.

” OOOOOHHHHH….YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!” As her orgasm crests, I pull my fingers out of her smoking cunt, and kneel down in front of her. I pull her thong down her trembling thighs revealing a blonde landing strip and the wet travestilist.com swollen lips of her leaking pussy. I start to kiss and lick my way from her belly button down between her legs. The smell of her hot pussy is delicious as it fills the air around me. I kiss her inner thighs slowly working my way up toward her pussy. Her pussy is red, juicy and puffy. I begin to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Slowly, I part her cunt lips with my tongue. Her taste is deep and earthy. As I push my tongue deeper into her boiling cunt, she spreads her legs slightly and held my head tight against her burning snatch. ” OOOHHH, God… Fuck yes…Fuck yes…ohhhh, eat me,” she moans again and again. I use my hands to caress her legs and thighs as I lick deep into her cunt. I brought my hands up to her ass and holding a cheek in each hand; I pull her cunt to my mouth and begin sucking her clit. She raises one leg wrapping it around my neck pulling me tighter to her creaming pussy. I work her clit with my lips and tongue. I move my hands from her ass sliding two fingers into her tight pussy and begin to stroke her g-spot. ” What…are…you…doing…to…me?” Shelly groans as she thrust her juicing pussy against my fingers and mouth.

When I slide a finger from my other hand up her asshole, she explodes into another mind-blowing orgasm.
” OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!! OOOHHH GODDDD!!!” Shelly staggers backwards against the wall dazed from her over-powering climax. She slowly slides down the wall to the floor. Her breathing is shallow and labored as she tries to catch her breathe. She is in another world as she sat there with her eyes closed. I stood up and slowly took off my clothes tossing them on the floor. I unbuckled my belt, popped the button on my pants, using my thumbs I push my pants and boxers down my legs. When my clothes cleared my crotch, my huge cock sprang out of hiding and bounced in front of me.

” Shelly,” I whispered. She opens her eyes and sees my cock swinging in front of her face. She can’t believe how hard it is again. It is 9 inches of wrist-thick cock and the giant mushroom head is pointed right at her face. ” Oh my God,” she mumbles. ” You’re so fucking big again.” I smile down at the astounded Shelly. She is clearly nervous as I reach for her pulling her to her feet. My cock pointed out in front of me like a flagpole. She is actually scared of the thick veined column of flesh that sways in front of her. ” Turn around and lean against the wall,” I commanded. Shelly stood frozen in front of me, eyes wide and stuck on my massive manhood. Her hands nervously covered her mouth. ” Turn around and lean against the wall,” I commanded again. She slowly turns and leans against the wall. She spreads her legs looking over her shoulder as I stepped behind her. She is breathing slowly with her eyes closed as I line my cock up to her juicy cunt. Taking my huge cock in hand, I slide the giant head along her slick cunt lips nudging against her rock hard clit. ” Oh Jesus,” she squeals as I push the head against the mouth of her steaming cunt. ” Please go slow.” I leaned against her harder as the mouth of her cunt starts to open under the tremendous pressure of my steel rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eases past the tight muscles of her cunt and popping inside.

” OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!” she whimpers. With just the head lodged in her over-whelmed cunt, I start to slowly fuck her. Moving slowly, I manage to work in the first three inches of my giant cock into her tight, pulsating cunt. She feels like a tree trunk is being crammed up her pussy. She has never had anything this big inside of her until she met me. The sides of her pussy feel like they are being stretched beyond the limits. I continue to slowly stuff my cock deep into her wet burning cunt. ” OH…MY…GOD…” she cries again and again as I push deeper and deeper. I met my first resistance at six inches, but that isn’t going to stop me. I’m going to get all 9 inches crammed up her hot tight cunt for the second time if it takes all night. ” Rub your clit for me baby,” I ordered. Shelly slides her hand down between her thighs and slowly begins to rub her clit. As she works herself toward an orgasm, her pussy begins to relax and I’m able to fuck deeper into her tight snatch. The pressure is building both on her clit as she rubs it furiously and deep inside her burning aching cunt as I continue my assault on her defenseless pussy. She starts to have orgasms every few thrusts as the great head nudges forward deeper inside her stretched channel. Some are small, others mind-numbing. Her whole body is shaking and trembling from the strain, but after twenty minutes, I’m buried to the hilt. All 9 inches are buried in her hot wet snatch and the fun is about to begin.

” OH…MY…GOD…” she cries again and again. I grab her hips pulling slowly all the way out. I watch as the lips of her pussy stretch tight like a seal around my giant cock. Then suddenly, I ram my fat, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head slams against her cervix. ” UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!” she cries in surprise. I start to ram her pussy with everything I had. I hold on to her waist drilling 9 inches of iron hard cock into her juicy cunt again and again. She is cumming on the fifth thrust, and her orgasms continue non-stop for the next thirty minutes. I’m hitting her in places that no cock has ever been, and she has fucked a few guys since her last boyfriend dumped her. I’m like a machine. In and out, in and out, as I relentlessly drive my cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one orgasm to another in a long stream of orgasms that never end. ” OH GOD… FUCK ME WITH YOUR GIANT COCK…OH GOD!!!!!!!!” I drilled into her mercslessly over and over. Shelly screams and swears at me and still I drilled deep into her inner core. She begs me to stop, but I went on slamming my cock up her creaming pussy. When she begs me to fuck her harder, I grab her hair and thrust faster and harder into her hot exploding pussy. ” OH GOD… FUCK…ME…HARD…FUCK ME …GIANT COCK…OH GOD!!!!!!!!”

As we fucked, I reached under her to grab her tits. Taking one in each hand I used them like handles pulling her onto my cock as I thrust deep into her molten center. I pinched and twisted her hard swollen nipples. She exploded around my cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at my invading member. Then I stuck two fingers into her swampy cunt, wetting them with her flowing juices and thrust them into her tight ass and begin to time my finger thrusts with my plunging cock. Again her creaming slit explodes from the dual stimulation, sending shocks waves out from her cunt to every part of her body. She is exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of my savage thrusts as I drove my plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt. But she can’t stop cumming, somehow I managed to keep her on the edge even when her pussy is creaming and flowing like a faucet. Streams of pussy juice ran down her thighs.

“OH PLEASE… OH PLEASE… LET ME CUM… FUCK ME…OH GOD …!!!” Suddenly, the pressure explodes throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light. Her pussy clamps down on my plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabbing at my thrusting cock trying to milk all the sperm from it. Her sleeve tightened on my iron hard tool as I pushed in and pulled out, demanding my cum. She hears a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realizes it is herself crying out in final release. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH… MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY… FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK… MMMMMMEEEEEEEEE… UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”
She bucks, thrusts and rocks underneath me in a screaming, thundering climax that seems to go on for ever. I plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and begin to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. It is like a geyser going off in her cunt. My cum poured out of me in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and then squeezing out around the base of my rampaging cock as I continued to thrust into her pussy again and again. Our co-mingled juices flowing down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the floor at her feet. Finally, I stop thrusting into her battered cunt. She slumps in my arms passed out from the exertion and the endless climaxes. I gently lower her to the bed with trembling arms and then I collapsed. I woke up and the lights in the room were still on. I had no idea how long I had been asleep.

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