Ex-Wife of a Sex Addict

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I was married to a very beautiful, sexy lady – Meredith, we were married for 6 years, she is now aged 30, has a fantastic slim, young looking figure after having two children, beautiful firm, pert, young looking tits with the most amazing nipples I have ever seen, she doesn’t need to wear a bra and without makeup she could, and sometimes is mistaken for a teenager, she keeps her pussy shaved smooth because she knows I like it that way, she has a lovely easy going personality, most guys would be very happy and think themselves lucky to spend the rest of their lives with her – but not me, I wanted more, much more! Sex with Meredith was fantastic, she did everything she could think of to please me, looking back now I realize she did this because she loved me so much. Sex came easy to me, women were attracted to me, and not to exaggerate I fucked many girls. I have always had this obsession about young beautiful women. All of my six ex-wives did everything I asked of them, I love to see a woman dressed sexily and I often buy revealing, daring, sexy clothes for them. My ex-wives never complained so I guessed they were turned on as much as I about sex. When a woman is married to a man demanding sex 24/7, she reaches a breaking point, my divorced wives are financially provided for in exchange for continued sex on demand. Meredith my ex-wive is at the grocery store and I walk in and walk up to her and said; ” I want to fuck
you!” Meredith quickly looked around and didn’t see anyone that might have overheard me say that to her. She said; ” Ok I’ll be home in a few minutes when I get done here!” I replied; ” I want to fuck you right now not in a few minutes get in your car and take us to your house so I can fuck your pussy NOW MEREDITH!” She left her cart right where it is and we went out got in her car and went home and I fucked her. I grabbed her throw-ed her on the bed, raised her skirt up tore her panties off and fucked her, I left.

I returned later in the evening when she is taking a shower and I went to the shower. She is letting the water run over her hair, down her hot sexy body, and over her shaved pussy, cooling herself off; as it was a busy day, this is why she didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Once she turned around to grab the soap, she noticed I was in the shower with her; startled, she looked at me and asked me what I was doing. I smiled, and then grabbed her, pulling her tight against me; so tight she can’t move away I said; ” Meredith I came back to fuck you… you are going to give it to me.” Then I gave her a kiss. She resisted, but I’m stronger than she was. I insisted, on pushing her against the wall of the shower, forcefully. I moved to start kissing her neck, she tried pushing me away, she tried to stop me but she can’t. I continued, she feels my hardened cock against her. She knew when I was going to fuck her again. I moved in closer, I took one of her legs and lifted it up towards my hip; giving me more access to her shaved pussy. She tried to stop me. Once her leg is partially up, I forced my hard cock into her shaved pussy; causing her to take a deep

breath in pain from not being travestiadresi.com aroused and dry. This excited me more forcing her like this; I heard a moan escape from her as my cock went deeper inside her pussy. I continue to thrust my cock in and out, fucking her in the shower against the wall. Moving my engorged cock in and out of her tight pussy. I continue forcefully fucking HER, over and over, kissing her, taking her breast into my hand. I play with her nipple, pinching it, playing with it, biting her neck leaving hickeys. She is starting to have a hard time resisting me with my cock buried in her pussy fucking it; this feels so good. Her reserve is starting to diminish as I continue to slam my cock into her pussy, smacking it hard, going in deeper. She feels every stroke as I continue to move in and out of her. She hears my breathing quickening, my heart started racing, She feels my body heat rising. She knew this is almost over as I continue to slam into her, and then finally I release; pushing my hard cock deep within her pussy, my body pressing tightly against her; my hands holding her tight as I finish unloading my hot thick cum deep inside her unprotected pussy. Now that I had finished fucking and cumming in her, she had hoped I would leave. I pulled myself from her, turned and rinsed myself off in the water, then shut off the water. She continued to stand next to the wall, hoping I would forget that she was there and leave. I stepped out of the shower, took one of the towels and dried off. Then I turned my attention back to her; grabbing her.

She starts to resist, but I’m stronger than she is. I pull her to me. Tired of the fight, I threw her over my shoulder and smacked her ass, hitting it hard. The instant pain reverberating throughout her body, made her pussy start to tingle and get slightly wet even with my cum oozing out; she had never had that response before. she thinks she liked it. I head for the bedroom, once back in the bedroom, I threw her down onto the bed, moving quickly on top of her. I applied my entire body weight onto her. Kissing her, she tried to slap me, but I grab her hands and held them tight then I said; ” Meredith, I thought you would stop resisting by now, you know I am going to fuck you any time or place I want to.” Meredith grimaced as I entered her, ” Oh god…stop, you’re hurting me…please, it’s too big….too big,” She whimpers when I push my bulbous purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tensed and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming her again.

I came back in about an hour and started kissing and licking her. I started moving up, moving my body against her. She feels the ripples of my body thru my clothes against her skin. The sensation brought her back to our wedding night, when she was 23 and I fuck her four times during the night, as I continued moving my body up hers, I took her back into the bedroom and put her on the bed, tied her hands to the head board. I got naked and she feels my hard cock rubbing against her, starting at her shaved pussy then moving up along her belly; it stopped for a few
moments at her tits. I took her breasts and pressed them around my cock; fucking them. Moving my hard cock up and down in-between them; I’m pinching and playing with her nipples. Before long her pussy is getting wet. She hears me moaning, I’m enjoying himself, then I stop, moving up I said; ” Meredith, you are going to suck my cock until I cum, it’s been a long time.”

Totally shocked, she looked up at me, like oh no not again. But then I grab her hair tightly in my hand. Her mouth opened in reflex from the pain, then I stuck my hard cock into her mouth. So instead of biting, she relented and started sucking; I knew she could do a good job, but why should she make it enjoyable and easy? She noticed I was frustrated, but that didn’t make me stop. It made me more insistent to make her suck my cock. I grabbed her hair with both my hands; forcing her head up and down on my cock. I’m moving my hips in time, fucking her mouth, I’m jacking off only using her mouth instead of my hand. I continue over and over, bringing my cock in and out of her mouth like a pussy. I knew she started enjoying herself, especially when her mouth started watering from the excitement of me fucking her mouth like it is a pussy. She really can’t contain herself, she tends to loose herself when she has a hard cock in her mouth, I knew that from the first time I made her suck my cock and swallow my cum. I knew she didn’t mind sucking cock but hated the taste of cum so never wanted any man to cum in her mouth.

I continue fucking her mouth, forcing her head farther and farther onto my cock; until I finally unleashed my load, making her suck all the cum out of my balls and off my cock and swallow every drop. She is thinking that I’m finally finished, she starts to relax until I moved back down. She had forgotten how active I can be, and how much I to fuck and just keep fucking. He moved farther down, this time taking his time, teasing me, rubbing his cock against m shaved pussy lips. ” They are so smooth, I like that you keep your pussy shaved, the sensation is so erotic.” ” Make sure you keep it that way!” I said, as I continue rubbing up and down. She feels my cock growing harder, just the sensation is about to bring her over the edge. Then she feels me parting her pussy lips, slowly rubbing, feeling me move past her clit. She smiles, there is no hiding the fact that it is completely engorged, that she is starting to enjoy my hard cock on her shaved pussy.

Moving farther down, then back up; then down again. Each time moving closer and closer to her dripping hot pussy; once I had touched the outside of the opening, she gasps; ” OOOHHH!” At the sound I plunge deep inside her pussy, this time the deep breath she takes in, is with pleasure instead of pain. The feeling of my hard cock moving deeper and deeper inside of her wet pussy excites her in a way that she had never felt before me. She is pulling at her restraints being tied travestilist.com to the headboard, arching her hips up, not to get away but to force my cock deeper inside her pussy; to make me move at her pace instead of my slow and steady pace. She wanted, no she needed me to fuck her hard and fast. Instead I continue moving slowly, fucking her. I moved in and out, each thrust went a little deeper, not as deep as the first thrusts. I’m teasing her and enjoying it; she hated me, for treating her this way. If I was going to force her to fuck me, I should take it hard and fast, not slow and steady.

I continue, going longer, each time I’m about to cum, I stop and changed positions. I’m enjoying this way too much. When I finally had her almost at the point of no return, I pulled completely out. She thought this is total torture, just as she is about to yell at me to ” FUCK ME!” I slam my cock balls deep into her pussy. This action instantly made her have multiple orgasms. She came so hard, the bed is shaking like an earth quake from her orgasms, she yells out in pleasure, pulling harder on the restraints against her wrists. At this reaction, I stop for a moment. She looks at me and notice that I hadn’t expected the intensity of her reaction. I had to give myself time to restrain myself. She finally had taken me by surprise. The thought making her want to continue, to get the edge on me. When she moved farther onto my cock, that was it, I couldn’t help it any longer. I slam into her even harder. Fucking her like a runaway freight train, slamming harder and moving deeper into her pussy. She is calling out, moaning, she wanted so much more, She needed me to continue fucking her married pussy.

The harder I slammed into her pussy, the louder she called out. She is going to cum so hard. She can’t resist any longer. She is forcing the
movements, making me fuck her harder, and going deeper. I’m burying myself all the way to my balls; I can’t get in far enough. She needed me to fuck her. Yelling at me, telling me what she wanted me to do. She took control, even though her hands are tied. She told me: ” Fuck it hard, you’re never going to get anything tighter then my pussy ever, you aren’t going to get anything wetter, fuck me like the whore I am, fuck me like a slut, I’m willingly submitting to you, fuck me like the animal you are.” At that moment, I can no longer resist, I unleashed my load deep in her womb, pumping in deeper with each shooting stringy rope of cum. She feels the pulsations deep within her womb milking the cum from my balls, the movements causing her to cum as well, this time not as hard as the first, but definitely very satisfying. Once I had finally released my load, I laid down on her. Moving to kiss her, this time she kissed me back like a lover. When I finally rested from my fucking entertainment, I got dressed and walked out of the room, saying; ” Meredith, tell your husband, I fucked you today and filled your pussy with my cum. Be sure and tell him you willingly submitted your pussy to me and wanted me fucking and cumming in you. Don’t ever tell me it’s over again, it will never be over I like fucking your pussy. Tell your husband you still belong to me. All the benefits he enjoys are provided by me to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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