Erotic Wrestling-Introductions

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“Hi my name is Bree. I was told to come to this here and ask for a Amber Cummings”

The woman at the desk, arched her eyebrows and bit down on her pencil as she looked me up and down.It was really intimidating as she sized me up.Don’t get me wrong she was beautiful. The classic Italian beauty, with an tan similar to mocca that betrayed a full Italian heritage.

“I hope I didn’t offend you”, I stammered out.Still taking in all her features.

She stopped gave me a quizzical look and finally opened her mouth.

“No offense taken. I’m just admiring what’s in front of me. She gave a coy smile.

I didn’t know how to take this. Was she sizing me up or fucking me with her mind.

Finally she straighten up, and told me to walk to the back waiting room.

When I walked in through the wood door that read “Be Patient, Orgasms were not built in an a hour” I was presented with a concrete exposed back room with a group of chairs and a television sitting in the upper left corner. I sat down. And waited.

The air in the back room was heavenly. Central air buzzed throughout the room. I noticed as my nipples became immediately erect. After walking the two blocks from the parking lot to get here in 85 degree weather I was relieved.

The fact that this place was in a field house formerly for the local school games canlı bahis was intriguing. But after what seemed like forever sitting on my couch eating generic popcorn, this could be the job I needed.


I was startled out of my reflection.

I turned to the a red headed woman with sparkling blue eyes complete with a warm smile. She looked right at home with a purple wife beater and black short shorts with floral print accompanying the sides.

‘Hey. Long time no see.”, I proceeded to walk up to her, hugging her close.

She smelled intoxicating, no different from when we were in TS Eli High School. She would always turn heads.

“So I see you’ve dyed your hair again. What was it last time bleached blonde?” I asked.

“No, last time it was Platinum Blonde, there is a major difference. So thank you for coming. After reading your MyFace comments about not working even with a degree I decided to give you a viral invitation.”

“All I can say is how does it feel to be fucked by a female?” I had to know.

“Hey, you win some matches and others you have to take lying down. Sorta speak.”

She proceeded to lead me down the hall adjacent to the front desk where the faux Italian woman sat.

While we walked Amber explained to me that the woman’s name was Angela, she was of Italian Puerto Rican descent. She bahis siteleri also was a reigning EWF legend having won over 50 matches all with submissions. She also was a feared “rider” as the term was used to describe the strap on fucking. Angela was known to thrust so hard she caused a girl to pass out from the intense orgasm she received.

I was already turned on, with visions of Angela staring me down with the dildo hanging in front of me partnered with the pool balls swinging below. My face turned red. Or as red as you can get when your of black Russian descent. Now I know for sure she was sizing me up.

“In the email you said I would be trained by a Sarai?”

“Oh yes she trains all the girls when they first come in. Just to get the person use to the holds and point system.” She put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

When we made it to the training room, I could distinctly hear a woman moaning and gasping. As we circled the corner leading to the open door, I could see what was plainly a hispanic female violently thrusting into a petite Thai woman.

She seemed lost as she had her hands on the woman’s hips, gyrating and pumping into the teary eyed asian. I was informed that Sarai (Hispanic female) and Lai (Thai woman) were in the mist of a refreshing course. Refresher isn’t how I would describe it.

But refresher it bahis şirketleri must of been as Sarai, continued. Lai’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head, her mouth open, all composure abandoned. Sarai just seemed to be in heaven as she gritted her teeth with fierce determination, her eyes wild with aggression. She didn’t even acknowledge we were in the room.

Lai grabbed at Sarai’s leg which seemed to signal a position change. Sarai pulled out, Lai who was previously in missionary pose turned over to the doggy style. Sarai reinserted herself and continued the punishment.

Lai balanced her self on one hand to which she took the other, spit on it and jammed it into her pussy. She was strongly sexing herself while Sarai continued to thrust with an almost melodic rhythm.

Finally it looked like Lai had enough, her legs were quivering, her eyeshadow had bleed from the tears, Lai let out a primal grunt as we watched her ejaculate. She was a squirter. And by that it looked like she was a rupturing damn that could not keep the levees held.

Sarai was thrusting faster as the flood cover her lower half. Sarai pulled out and proceeded to eat out Lai as she squirted more uncontrollably. Wetness dripping down her chin similar to a waterfall.

Lai’s arms could no longer hold her up as she collapsed, ass in the air.

At the end of the “refresher” Sarai looked over at me and Amber, her face still covered in juices finally aware of our existance.

“Oh hey, you must be Bree, my name is Sarai. Go suit up your next.” She beemed.

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