Erin , Landon’s Hot Night

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Erin walked out of their bathroom in the new lingerie Landon had bought for her and thought back over the course of the evening. She hadn’t planned on tonight being like this, but then again she often never did. Landon usually was the one to come up with these nights, it seemed like his brain worked overtime to come up with different scenarios to seduce his wife.

The evening before they had made love slowly and gently, nothing wild at all; as was usually the case during the week. Erin had so much to concentrate on with work that it was hard for her to let go of that and turn in to the wild sexual goddess that she sometimes became. Landon was always very understanding about it and never pushed her for more when he knew that her mind was occupied. Erin had just wanted to be close with her husband the night before, and so they had made love slowly with Landon on top of Erin pumping slowly within her. Landon went slow and softly kissed Erin’s neck and whispered how much he loved her into her ear.

It had been just what Erin wanted and she had a couple of satisfying orgasms. Not ones that woke the neighbors with her moans of pleasure or anything, but ones that definitely felt good. A few moments after he last one Landon caught his breath and pumped his cum deep within Erin’s womb. Her fertile time for the month had passed and she loved having the feel of just him deep within her when she could.

After they made love Landon drew Erin a bath and then they went to sleep holding each other. Tonight had been totally different, and Erin was loving it.

Landon had mentioned that since it was Friday evening they should go out to dinner as they had breakfast earlier that morning. Erin had agreed and told him to choose a place for the evening. Erin was then out the door and off to school where she had yet another full day.

Landon didn’t go to work until sometime later and it always left him time to plan things more carefully. As he finished his coffee and read the morning paper his thoughts drifted towards the evening. Where should they go? Probably someplace they had been before, on Friday nights everywhere was busy, but one of their regular places could find them a table without much difficulty.

But Landon’s mind was on other things as well. He loved any type of sexual activity with Erin, but she knew that he loved to see her cutting loose and letting that sexual goddess emerge from its cocoon. He didn’t try to force the issue during the school year because Erin was usually so occupied with work and he didn’t want her to feel guilty. But every now and then he needed to make her cut loose and feel how incredibly sexy she truly was. So Landon put down his paper and went about making plans. He knew that this evening would be one where Erin definitely enjoyed herself.

Erin hadn’t given too much thought to the note that she found on the coffee table when she got home that afternoon. Landon was always leaving her notes and often wanted to see her wearing skirts since he loved her legs so much. The note had said: “My love, Rest for awhile this afternoon, I know that it’s been a hard week. I’ve made a reservation at out favorite little tapas place for 7:00. I was thinking we should make this a date night, I got dressed up for dinner before I left for work and I’d like for you too as well. I’ll be home around 6:15 or so and I cannot wait to see you. Love, Landon.”

Erin had folded the note over and went to their bedroom. She stretched out on the bed and thought about what she might wear that evening. She had plenty of time before she needed to get dressed so she drifted off to sleep, thinking about her nice quiet dinner with her husband.

Erin woke with a start well over an hour later. It was almost 5:45 now and Landon would be home soon. She figured that she should get ready and went off to have a quick shower. As the water cascaded down over her she reached for her razor and shaved her legs and trimmed up her pubic region. She liked having just a small tuft of pubic hair she knew that Landon did as well. He had been so excited when she showed it to him for the first time.

She toweled off and wandered to their closet to figure out something for the evening. She knew that she would wear a skirt to make Landon happy, hence why she shaved her legs. She pulled a few options out and held them up to her in the mirror but nothing seemed quite right. She then grabbed her trusty black skirt with the slit in the back and knew that it would be fine for the evening. She decided to dress a little more feminine tonight and paired two camisoles together, a teal and baby blue which seemed to go great together. She put on some cute little black heels and went to go put on a little make-up.

It was about that time that she heard the door open. She called out to Landon that she was in the bedroom finishing getting ready. She didn’t hear him respond but did hear crossing the room towards where she was at. She continued applying her make-up kurtköy escort and looked up when he came in the room.

Erin’s first thought was “Wow!” when Landon came in the room. He was wearing a pinstriped pair of navy blue pants with a maroon button-up shirt and a powder blue t-shirt underneath. The pants fit very snugly and since he had lost weight Landon looked more rugged and handsome than he ever had before. She walked over to say to hug him hello but Landon motioned for her to sit down on the bed instead. After she settled down on the mattress she looked up and Landon had a devilish grin on his face.

“What are you up to you gorgeous man?” Erin smiled and looked him up and down again. Yes, they would certainly make love again tonight after they got home from dinner; her pussy was growing moist just thinking about it.

“I have an idea for the evening. I went shopping this afternoon after cutting out of work a little bit early and I wanted to give you some presents if you wouldn’t mind.” Landon had a bag in his hand, but Erin hadn’t really noticed it before. But she was all for getting presents. She nodded okay and Landon continued.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to get you for awhile. I’ve seen it online a few times and this morning I thought why not? I went by the store and bought it, and I’d like for you to wear it tonight.” And with that Landon opened the bag and pulled out a plastic package. Erin hadn’t been sure what it would be until she caught a glimpse of it.

It was a sex toy, something that was not unusual at all with Landon and Erin. Some men were threatened by plastic toys; Landon found that it only turned him on more to see his wife with something like it. He was always the one pushing the envelope with the toys and Erin was always a bit hesitant until she tried them and wondered how she could have lived without it before.

This was a harness, and in the middle it had what looked like a purple butterfly. Erin looked at it more closely as Landon approached the bed and he explained what it was.

“It’s a vibrator that you can wear under your clothes. It had the straps so you can wear it like a normal pair of panties, and the butterfly’s head nestles around your clit. There’s a little tail on the end that you can see that goes inside you as well. Both things vibrate right there under your clothes.” Erin had the butterfly in her hands now feeling of it and looked at Landon who was grinning broadly again.

“I don’t see any controls on it, where do I turn it on and off at?” Erin knew that she would wear it to dinner and would be fine leaving it on when they were in the car, but once they got to the restaurant she would need to turn it off.

“It’s right here in my hand.” Landon held up a remote control and pressed the button to turn it on. The butterfly began to buzz in Erin’s hand. It was very powerful, but extremely quiet; she probably couldn’t even hear it when she would be wearing it. Now this was exciting her more, she was nervous people could hear it if it was on, but Landon had clearly planned for that. Dinner was going to be very interesting now she thought.

“Here, let me help you get it on.” Landon walked over and darted his hands under Erin’s skirt and in seemingly no time at all her panties had slipped off her body and were in Landon’s hand. Erin stood and began to step into the harness straps and pulled the toy up her body. It took her a few moments to adjust everything. She placed the tip inside her first, which felt divine, it stretched almost an inch in which would really just give her that feeling of wanting more later on that evening, and then adjusted the wings of the butterfly so that they were surrounding her clit.

After it was in place she dropped her skirt back down and looked up at Landon. He had the remote in his hand and she could see him pressing the button, and a split-second later the buzzing began for Erin. The feelings were overwhelming, her clit felt the rhythm of the wings fluttering and the little bit that was in her was buzzing as well. She closed her eyes and soaked up the feeling for a moment and then as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

Erin looked up and saw Landon’s smiling face. She was getting close to an orgasm and he could tell it. The way he was smiling she knew that he was going to tease her mercilessly before letting her release. Her pussy walls spasmed at the thought of the toy turning on and off repeatedly before she would be allowed to cum.

“One more thing before we head to dinner.” Landon said and went over to her dresser. He still had Erin’s panties in his hand and she wondered when he would give them back. Or maybe he didn’t intend to. That would be okay with Erin, she had gone panty-less a time or two before to make Landon hot. Landon opened the drawer and rummaged through for a moment before pulling out something.

“Here, put these on as well, it will make you feel even sexier than you do right now.” Landon aydıntepe escort said as he handed Erin a pair of thigh-high black stockings. This would more for him than for her she thought, but she did like the feel of nylon swishing together as they walked together, it did make her feel sexy mainly because she knew how hot Landon thought it was.

“Are you going to give me back my panties or do I need to get another pair?” Erin asked as she slid the first stocking up her leg.

“I guess so, if for no other reason than to help hold the vibrator in place. I don’t really want to give them back, but I will.” Landon smiled, sniffed the crotch of the panties and tossed them back to Erin.

Erin’s eyes got big as Landon inhaled her scent and felt herself get even wetter if that was possible, and then began to pull the second stocking up her leg when the buzzing began again. She dropped her leg almost immediately and her hands gripped the bed in anticipation. It didn’t take Erin much to cum, and tonight it would take even less more than likely. She silently prayed for the release of an orgasm, but all too quickly the buzzing died and she was left trying to catch her breath again.

It took her a moment to regain her composure; she didn’t even look up at Landon to give him the satisfaction of seeing how needy she really was and then set about putting on the stocking. As soon as it was adjusted she stepped back into her heels and looked at Landon.

“You look absolutely gorgeous my love. You’ve great color in your cheeks too, like you’ve been flushed a little bit.” Landon laughed as he teased her for a moment and Erin smiled at him before making a grab for the remote control.

Landon was too quick and pulled away before she could grab it though. “Naughty girl, we each get to play a part here, I work the controls and you wear the toy and cum over and over for me, okay?” Landon slid the remote in his pocket and wrapped his arm around his wife, kissing her on the cheek. Erin didn’t respond, she wanted the buzzing to start again, and knew that it would soon enough. They gathered their things and walked out the door to head off to dinner.

Halfway down the steps towards the car the buzzing started again and Erin had to grip the staircase as her body convulsed with pleasure. It was on a higher setting than before, which blew Erin’s mind. Her breath became very shallow and quick and her eyes were closed tightly. She knew people could walk out of their apartments right now, but she didn’t care she needed to cum. But Landon turned it off again before the moment could come and Erin was left soaking with anticipation. Landon helped her down the steps as she regained her composure and soon they were in the car.

They pulled out and started off for the restaurant. Erin looked over at Landon and pleaded, “Turn that thing on and let me come at least once or else I won’t be in a good mood the rest of the night.” Her eyes were serious and she meant what she was saying. Teasing felt great, but she needed that first orgasm to wash over her and then she could a lot more teasing, anymore of this without an orgasm and she was liable to become grouchy.

Landon knew the look when he saw it and had been planning on letting Erin cum in the car anyway, so he hit the button again and let Erin go into another world.

The buzzing began again, on high like last time and Erin shut her eyes and gripped the door handle and rode the wave. In barely anytime at all her orgasm crested over her, flooding her with waves of pleasure over and over. She might have cried out, she wasn’t sure, she lost control of her physical self for a moment, all that mattered was what was happening between her legs. She felt that waves die down and she eased her back against the seat again and slowly let herself return to normal. Her eyes opened and looked over at Landon and she realized that the buzzing was still going and she saw him grin before the next orgasm overtook her and sent her reeling once again.

Landon was glad he was at a stop sign now. When the first orgasm came he was trying to look at Erin and drive at the same time. But now at a stop sign he could sit for a moment and watch the pleasure wash over her face as she came again. As she began to come down again Landon accelerated and continued his driving, and was glad that his wife was enjoying so much. She needed this release, to let herself drift off into a purely selfish world of pleasure for awhile. He decided to let the buzzing continue until they reached the restaurant and let her have her fun for awhile.

Erin’s mind was overloaded with sensations when the buzzing continued. Her breathing was ragged and orgasms kept crashing over her; some were so intense she thought she might pass out. She had no control over herself. She was gripping the door handle tightly and her other hand pushed against the dashboard. She pushed against both as yet another orgasm overtook her. She thought she might be tuzla içmeler escort moaning, but she couldn’t be sure, she wasn’t sure of anything outside of her crotch at the moment.

But she was indeed being very vocal, and Landon was loving every minute of hearing it. He had turned the radio off after a few moments, when Erin’s moans had drowned out all of the music in the background. Now he was simply listening to the symphony that his wife was creating for him. Her moans would crescendo until the moment she would hit her orgasm and then they would reach their peak with her crying out so loud Landon wondered if other cars could hear.

Landon drove along, and found a parking spot a block or so from the restaurant, pulled against the curve and put the car in park. Erin did not notice any of this as her body was still convulsing in pleasure. Her moans were loud, and if anyone was on the sidewalk, they would have surely seen or heard what was going on.

And just like that, Landon shut down the power to the little piece of heaven. Erin could feel it go dormant, but still rode the last remnants of the vibration to one more crashing orgasm and cried in relief that she could think for a moment, and anguish that she had to stop.

“Come on my love, we’re here.” Landon said after he had given her a few moments to collect her bearings. Erin had resumed a more lady-like position as she had come down from her time in heaven. Her legs were no longer splayed openly in the car, but were pulled close together, and she was checking herself in the vanity mirror, making sure her clothes were smoothed out and her make-up was not too smeared.

“Okay, let’s go, but let’s leave him alone for a little bit, I don’t want to make a fool out of myself as we’re walking down the sidewalk.” Erin said as she opened the car door. Landon only smiled and walked around and gave her his arm.

Their walk was mostly uneventful. Erin’s legs were a little wobbly as she got out of the car and Landon was worried what might happen if he turned on the toy again as they were walking. So he did as she asked and they chatted a little.

“That was incredible, I don’t remember almost any part of the drive itself, all I could feel was how hot I was.” Erin whispered in Landon’s ear as they walked.

“You were hot; I will definitely tell you that. I turned off the radio; your moans were all the music I needed.” Landon said which caused Erin to flush even more if that was possible.

They arrived at the restaurant and were shown to their table. Landon had asked for a specific table, one not right up against another table, but against a wall. Erin immediately breathed a sigh of relief at seeing their table. She was scared with how close the other tables were together that if Landon turned on the toy that the other patrons might hear something.

They ordered and got some wine and as they talked some about their week, Erin lost track of what was actually in and around her glistening honey pot. That is until it sprang to life again, and Erin bumped the table with her knee as she jumped in shock.

“Oh god, that feels so good, but you have to stop please babe.” Erin hissed across the table, feeling her body reacting to the vibrations and wanting to betray her in the middle of the restaurant. Erin tried to keep a straight face, but her mouth slowly formed an o-shape and she could tell she was on the verge of losing control.

And as suddenly as it started, it ended again and Erin was left with the wanting feeling of needing the release of an orgasm, no matter where it was. She stuck her tongue out at Landon, who laughed a little bit and hit the control for just a few more seconds to tease her even more.

Landon mostly left the remote alone as their tapas came out. Landon thought there would be no better way to spoil the evening than to turn on the toy when Erin had a bite of food in her mouth and she spit it out or something to that effect in surprise. So not wanting to make his wife upset he left the remote alone until the last dish was taken away and they waited for their dessert.

Then Landon began again in earnest. Erin gripped the sides of the table and uncrossed and spread her legs a bit underneath the table as Landon let the toy do his thing. Erin’s breathing was shallow and she could tell an orgasm was fast-approaching her. Landon leaned in and began whispering how hot she looked and she tried to giggle a bit to mask what was really happening. And at that moment the orgasm overtook her and she didn’t care where she was. She did not moan or cry out, but her eyes fluttered close and she rode the waves of pleasure for what seemed like forever.

Erin could hear Landon laughing a bit as she came down off of her cloud and wondered what for, she hoped she hadn’t looked that funny as she came. But Landon was saying something about what a funny joke she told and she knew that he was covering their tracks a little bit.

Relieved Erin relaxed a bit as the vibrator went dormant again. The little guy stayed dormant throughout the rest of the meal, Erin had orgasmed in the middle of a busy restaurant, Landon figured that she couldn’t have anything more intense than that happen at the moment.

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