Episode 1: Special Edition

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Episode I
Of the Adventures of John and Holly
Special Edition

The Adventures of John and Holly
Part 1: Meeting

It all started when I went to college. My name is John, I am about 5 foot 9, around 140 pounds. I have always been a smaller guy, you could say I was a “late bloomer”. In high school I was always too concentrated on school and work to really do much with the opposite sex. Now here I was going off to college, and I was going to make up for my past mistakes, when I started a new life. It wouldn’t take as long as I thought.

I had just moved into my apartment right off campus, I had a very rigorous schedule of coursework ahead of me. I had picked up my books and started my first week of classes. Friday night afforded me my first real opportunity to explore the city and campus. I was tired from the return to a regular schedule, after a summer of sleeping till 3 p.m. and staying up till 5 a.m.. I went to a restaurant bar that was near my apartment. Having had little time to meet new people, I only really had two friends on campus, guys from my high school, but they were both busy this weekend in the school band. So I decided to go out alone to see the town and maybe meet some people.

I entered the dark and noisy restaurant, obviously a place that would be full on Sundays, I found a table in the corner and I sat down facing the bank of TVs above the bar. I was sitting there a moment before a waitress came over to the table. She was about 5 foot 7 inches tall, very skinny shoulder length brown hair, and a beautiful face. My first thought was that she couldn’t be a day older than sixteen, but this was a bar and she was a waitress that meant she was at least eighteen. She handed me a menu. “Hi, my name is Holly and I will be your server tonight, can I get you a drink?” I ordered a drink, not alcohol, I am only 18. She acted very stressed out, putting on the fake smile, to get some tips and salvage what was a bad day at work. She returned with my drink and I ordered a burger. A few minutes later I heard a crash in the kitchen. Then holly walked over to my table, she looked like a child that had just been yelled at. “I’m sorry I just dropped your order, they’re working on a new one as fast as they can.” As she finished saying that the manager came out of the kitchen and yelled “Holly get over here!” She stood next to me, I could sense her fear. “He’s going to fire me,” she muttered. She looked like she was about to cry.
“Hey, don’t worry, here sit down,” I got up and pulled the other chair out for her to sit. She looked at me and smiled, then she sat down across from me. I smiled back at her.
“I hate this job, im no good at it”
“Then quit before they can fire you, it’s just a job, there’s plenty of other jobs. I think you’ll be able to get by in life without working in a crappy sports bar”
“Have you eaten?” I asked her.
“No, I was gonna take my lunch break at 8, but I don’t think ill have a job by 8”
“Well you look like you could use a meal, it’s on me.”
“I don’t think they will serve me”
“Why not you don’t work here anymore…So what do you do?”
“I work here, I think”
“No I mean do you go to school”
“I just started at the University”
“Hey, me too, what’s your major”
“I don’t know yet, you?”
“Engineering, I think”
“So what’s your name stranger?”
“Oh, I’m John”
“I’m Holly”
“Yeah I know, its, right there,” I pointed to her name tag on her shirt that showed some cleavage.
“Let’s get out of here, before they yell at me again.”
“Where do you want to go?”
“Someplace far away from here”
“How about my place, it’s the only place in town that I know.”

We got in our cars and she followed me back to my place. My place consisted of a small one bedroom apartment, which had a small living room with a couch reclining chair and then a small kitchen and a bedroom that seemed like an afterthought in the structure. We parked our cars in the street in front of the building and then went into my apartment on the first floor.

“Here it is” I said, as we entered my apartment. Holly sat down on my couch. We ended up lying on my couch watching TV, when I noticed something I probably should have noticed earlier. I smelled alcohol on her breath. “Have you been drinking?”
“I was sneaking vodka into my cokes at work, I think that’s why they were mad…I’m tired, but I don’t want to drive anywhere,” She said. That statement was quite suggestive.
“I’ll drive you home if you want me to,” I offered.
“No, my car is here” She replied.
“Ok. I will drive you back to your dorm, drive you and your car there, and then I will walk all the way back,” I offered.
“Are you trying to get rid of me?” She asked, her voice seemed like she was messing with me.
“I guess we could watch some more TV,” I said, changing the subject.
“There are some other things we could do,” She said. It was obvious this girl would have sex with me if I really tried. She was drunk, lonely, and asking to be taken advantage of. She fell asleep with me on my couch. I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t take advantage of her, as you might like. I lifted her off of me and left her on the couch, draping a blanket over her, before I went off to bed.

I woke up at about 3 in the morning, forgetting that Holly, a stranger, was in my apartment, then I rolled over in my bed, to try to fall back asleep. I rolled into a body, and then I heard a scream. “Who are ..are you,” she stammered.
“This is my house, who” then I remembered. “Holly.” “Who are you?”
“I’m John” She stared back at me. You came back here from the bar. You fell asleep on my couch
“Did we … you know?”
“No you don’t know, or no we didn’t”
“No we didn’t…I think.”
“You mean you brought a drunk girl to your house and then didn’t sleep with her”
“Why did you bring me here?”
“You wanted to come here, I didn’t realize you were drunk till we got here.”
“I remember now. You told me to quit and then I was afraid my boss was gonna yell at me”
“That’s me”
“Thanks for the rescue stranger,” Her senses seemed to have returned.
“I think I will stay if you don’t mind,” she said.
“No I don’t mind,” I said, unsure.
She then hugged me in tight, snuggling, then I realized that she was naked under the covers of my bed. We slept the rest of the night in each others arms, enjoying the warmth of the other’s body. This was definitely a first for me.

I woke up and realized that it had to be at least noon. Her arm was draped around my shoulder, I was facing away from her and she was up against my back. I could feel her breasts and nipples resting against my back. She was still sleeping. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back she wasn’t in bed. So I walked into my living room and saw her. She was standing in the middle of the room, completely naked. I could see her for the first time. Her hair was messed up, and her breasts were perfect, they weren’t very big but they were pert, and were nicely round, probably small C cup. Her legs were beautiful and long, she was unshaven. After a few seconds I realized that I was staring. ”hhmmm,” she cleared her throat.
“Sorry,” I said and I looked her straight in the eyes. “John, I had a very good night thanks to you, it could have been much worse.” She picked up a pen and walked towards me, still in just boxers. She grabbed my hand and wrote her number on my palm. “Do you want my number?” I asked her.
“Yea,” she said. So I found some paper and wrote it down for her and handed it to her.
“Where am I supposed to put this, my pocket?” she asked breaking the ice enough for us to laugh.

She found her clothes and dressed herself. Then she went to leave, “Here, a souvenir,” She handed me her panties. I took them with my hand but still stared here right in the eyes, as she opened the door.
She started to walk out, “Holly”, she turned back towards me, I dropped her panties and I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me and I kissed her on the mouth, she blushed, though she hadn’t blushed when she had been naked. She smiled, not one of those fake smiles, but one of those I can’t help it smiles. Then she walked out and closed the door behind her. There was something about this girl, she was so confident, yet innocent, and beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

The Adventures of John and Holly
Part 2: My Girl

I wasn’t expecting her to call me. I thought I should call in a few days. You know that rule, if you call to quickly you’re desperate but wait too long and you don’t care. So I was going to call like three or four days later, but I didn’t get the chance. The very next day she called me.
“It’s Holly.”
“I don’t know any Holly.”
“How about the naked girl from your bed.”
“You have to narrow it down some more, there are lots of those.”
“Ok. I am the REAL girl from your bed.”
“Oh! Of course. Holly”
“Well, thanks stranger, for the rescue and all. And not taking advantage of me.”
“What makes you think I didn’t take advantage of you?” I joked with her.
“I don’t know, this funny feeling I guess. Listen, I want to thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it, I was just in the right place at the right time, any decent person would have done the same thing.”
“I think I like you”
“I like me too,” she laughed at that. She thinks I am funny!
“I think we should date…or something.”
“I…I would really like that,” I tried to think of something witty, yeah like what I was saying before was wit, but the seriousness overwhelmed any sense of humour.
“How about tomorrow?”
“What about tomorrow?”
“Like a date,” She clarified.
“Well. What should we do?”
“How about we just watch a movie here?” I offered, not really knowing of any other options.
“Promise not to take advantage of me?” She asked joking.
“Not unless you want me to,” I joked back. And she did laugh. I rule.
“I think we should start over,” She said seriously.
“What do you mean?”
“Like, now the origin of US, that is if we do become like a couple, our origin is me getting drunk and naked.” She said, sounding somewhat ashamed.
“No. I think our origin is me coming to the rescue. And besides what’s wrong with getting naked. I do it all the time…” No laugh on that one, but maybe the seriousness overwhelmed her humour. I can only hope.
“You’re right. That’s one hell of a way to start. See you tomorrow then?”
“Ok,” So we settled on watching a movie at my place on Sunday afternoon, the next day.

Sunday afternoon, I went to pick her up at her dorm. I parked in the street, five minutes early, and waited for her to come out. She strode out of her dorm, walking straight towards my car. She was wearing a short skirt, and a blouse that barely seemed to cover her, apparently from their bounce, braless breasts. She was stunning. We drove a short way back to my apartment. I was on edge the entire time. Back in my apartment again, we settled onto my couch and watched a movie. By the end of the movie we were cuddled together under a blanket. Now, up to this point I had imagined that Holly was much more experienced sexually than I was, she had no problems with nudity. But what she said next caught me off guard.
“Have you ever had sex?” she asked me, she was kind of down sounding, like sex was a dreaded thing or something.
“…no, have you?”
“Really?…I would have thought you had.”
“Did you just say I’m slutty?” she said jokingly.
“No. I just thought that you had”
“Have you ever done anything with a guy, or girl for that matter?”
“No,” she said unsure.
“No, why have you?”
“Well, no…” I was getting comfortable talking to her. She seemed quite worried about sex, as if I would pressure her into sex. “Holly, I really like you” I said. “I really like this” I said as I rubbed her arm with my hand. “Don’t let anyone ever pressure you into sex.” What a lovely after school special I have become. A smile slowly crept over her face.
“I just…I thought it would be like expected,” She said unsure.
“Have you ever even masturbated?” I asked her.
“No,” she said very nervous
“Never?!, you’ve never even tried?”
“Well, I have tried once or twice, but I didn’t like it, have you?”
“Of course, I’m a guy, It’s no wonder you don’t sound excited about sex.”
“Because you’ve never even had a taste of how good it feels”
“Well I think I could imagine what it feels like”
“Can you? You’ve never had an orgasm how could you know?”
“I don’t know”
“Would you like me to demonstrate?” I said to her, jokingly
“Would you?” she said, seriously.
That sure got my attention. We both sat up from lying on the couch. “Yes,” she said, making a sudden change from shy to aggressive.
“What like now?” I asked incredulously.
“Okay,” she said.
“Well then let’s go into the bedroom.” We both walked into the bedroom, she sat on the bed and looked up at me like saying now what. “You sure you want to do this,” I asked her.
“I think so,” she said. I sat down on the bed next to her and leaned towards her until our lips met. Then I started to explore her mouth with my tongue, and she started to do the same. We fell back on the bed, in a deep kiss, I think we both had our eyes closed, mine were. We stayed locked in this position for seemingly endless time until I finally pulled away. I then looked deep into her eyes, and I saw desire in her. I knew that I was falling for this girl. I hoped she was for me, her eyes told me so.

She laid on her back, and I sat beside her. I reached my hands for the bottom of her blouse, and I unbuttoned it slowly, working my hands from her waist up. She lifted her body to accommodate, wriggling free. Just as I thought, she had no bra on. Her breasts looked even more beautiful up close. They rested on her chest, rounded out and pert. I could see her nipples were getting somewhat hard. I reached down to her skirt and pulled that down, she pulled one leg free of it and then pushed it off her other leg. Now she was wearing only pink panties. I pulled these down below her knees, and she pushed them off with her feet. “Now what?” she asked excitedly, completely naked, arms to her sides. I leaned up to kiss her, her lips came up and met mine, I gently pushed her back down to the bed.

“Close your eyes,” I said. Now I have never been with a woman, but I have seen porn, and read stories, so I had a good idea, but I needed to be confident with her, so she wouldn’t doubt what I was doing. I softly kissed and down her neck, to her shoulder then down to her right nipple, I sucked and flicked my tongue around her nipple, and used my right hand to mimic my mouth on her left nipple; while my left hand was caressing the outside of her thigh. Then I slowly moved down her stomach. Kissing and licking, while my right hand stayed at her breast, and my left hand was caressing around her thighs and calves. I saw that her pussy was very wet. But I made a point of not touching her pussy, but instead moving on to her wonderfully smooth legs, touching and kissing all over. I then worked my way back up to her breasts and to kiss her again. By now her hands were trembling, and blood filled her extremities, in the state of excitement. Her once semi-hard nipples were now rock hard. Her eyes met mine and the look seemed to scream ‘FUCK ME’. She was ready.

With my hands still occupied on her breasts, legs, and arms, I moved down in between her legs. I licked her pussy once, taking in her wetness, a new experience for the both of us. I could even smell her sweet pussy. I brought one hand away from caressing her thighs and put one finger inside her. I slowly pushed in and out, she seemed a little uncomfortable, but still excited. Then I put two fingers in and moved slowly. After a moment I looked up to see her face, and she had her eyes closed, and looked to be quite pleasured. I started to move just a little bit faster, but not too fast, and I heard her moan. I leaned in and started to lick her lips up and down side to side, slowly then increasing in speed. Her clit was clearly visible sticking out of her lips. I started to suck on her clit and rub my tongue all around it, while I resumed with two fingers, in and out. She started to moan much louder, and even started moving her hands through my hair. I continued this pace for a few minutes, then she arched her back and her breathing increased. I could tell she was close. I then moved to three fingers and much faster, while I quickened my pace eating her pussy and clit more vigorously. It wasn’t long after that her pussy started to convulse and contract, grinding my fingers, she let out a loud scream “Ahhh…yesssssssss”. She unconsciously pushed down on my head, keeping me there. Her thighs squeezing my neck… After a moment her whole body relaxed and she let her head fall back down to the bed. She was sweating and breathing very heavily.

I moved up to lay down next to her. “Oh my god, ahhh,” she said. She grabbed me and pulled me to her, and we kissed very deep, she tasted her juices, and I think she liked it; we kissed for a few minutes. She was still naked, and I was still fully clothed. Finally back down to a near normal state, “Now what do we do?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Do we have sex now,” she asked.
“We can, if you’re ready.” I said. “Except that I don’t have any condoms here.” I said realizing my stupidity, disappointed.
“Well I don’t think we should do that right away,” She said.
“I don’t think we should either,” I agreed.
“But can I at least see your… umm…you know”
“My stamp collection?” I asked joking. She smiled, nearly laughing at my joke, and no I don’t have a stamp collection.
“Your … penis,” she said awkwardly.
“Oh you mean Doris?”
“Doris?” She asked puzzled.
“I named it Doris,” I said, now I was really making stuff up as I went.
“Why a girl’s name?”
“Well ships and cars and just about anything else are always referred to as feminine. She is a fast ship, she is a fast car, and so on.”
“But isn’t your penis a little different?”
“Not really.”
“Isn’t it slightly more masculine than a car?”
“It’s not like it has a penis…” Now she was confused.
“Anyway…can I see it?” She asked, blushing and smiling.

I stood up and undressed to just my boxers. I was clearly erect. She got up and stood in front of me. “That’s huge!” she said.
“Well thank you, but I’ve seen bigger,” I said.
“That is supposed to fit in me?” she said shocked.
“Well that’s the idea.” I said. She had obviously never seen a dick before. I am not that big, I read somewhere the average male is 5 and ¼ inches long, so I was proud of my 6 and ¼ inch long penis (you bet I make sure to include that ¼). But her reaction made me feel like I had just pulled out a foot long sandwich of a cock. She kneeled down in front of me and pulled my boxers down, releasing my cock, it sprang up, she jumped from the surprise. This girl was very inexperienced. I felt like I was an older guy with a young girl, but she was three months older than me! She stayed on her knees a foot in front of me just looking at me. “Do you know what you’re doing with that,” I asked her jokingly.
“NO!” she said.
“Why don’t you try touching it,” She reached her hand out and poked the head.
“Touch it a bit more than that,” I said laughing. She grabbed the shaft with one hand, moving it around, inspecting it. Then she grabbed my balls, moving them around. “Now what do I do,” she asked me.

“Well, do you want to give me head, or a handjob or what?” I asked, wondering if she knew what that meant.
“What’s head?” she asked.
“A Blowjob” I said.
“Ohh, I know what that is,” she said. “So what do I do?”
“Well start by stroking it, then licking it, and then sucking on it. It’s like what I just did to you, but different. And remember the head is the most sensitive part”
“What’s the head?” she asked.
“You know, the end the big part.”
“Oh,” she said. She started stroking with one hand, she put her other hand on my ass. She sped up with her hand and then she licked the head of my cock. She looked up at me inquisitively. I nodded at her, and she focused on her ”job” at “hand”, oh puns are fun aren’t they… She licked the end of my cock. Then she started to lick up and down, and on my balls. She put the end in her mouth and started sucking and moving her tongue all around the head. She put her hand back on my shaft, stroking slowly at first and gradually increasing pace of her mouth and hand.

Her breasts were swaying about from her motion. I started to imagine how it would feel to fuck her tight pussy. I realized that I was getting close. “Okay stop,” I said.
She stopped and said “Am I doing something wrong?” worried.
“No I’m close to cumming,” I said.
“Good,” she said.
“Well you’re in for a bit of a surprise,” I said.
“Keep stroking and point it down at your boobs”
“Why?” she asked.
“You’ll see,” I told her (she has never even watched porn, or she was messing with me). After another half minute I was getting very close. “Now go faster,” I said. She sped up and I felt my balls contracting. I shot a big blast onto her tits. She was shocked suddenly, not expecting it. She let go of my cock, which of course sprang back up. The second shot hit her right in the forehead. She didn’t reach for my cock and I was too into the moment to worry, as I unloaded all over her face. After a moment I looked down and she was shocked. Cum splattered all over her. “I told you to point it down,” I said starting to laugh.
“I wasn’t expecting that!” she said, starting to laugh too.
“Well I didn’t want to blow in your mouth, that would just be rude,” I said.
“I would have choked to death too!” she said, still shocked. My knees were weak from the blowjob and now I was laughing too hard. I semi collapsed to the floor, right in front of her. “It tastes kind of good actually,” she said. “It’s sweet”
“Glad you like it, next time ill just let you swallow it,” I said laughing still. “Hmm.” Licking her lips “maybe,” she said.

The Adventures of John and Holly
Part 3: Pleasant Surprises

Holly and I moved quite quickly. It is like an organizational exercise to start dating. Right away we knew that we really liked each other, and no matter what we would be doing a lot together. It was only a week before she started sleeping over regularly, bringing over a personal hygiene kit and some clothes. I don’t know about other couples, but for us this just made sense. We didn’t feel like we were moving fast.

We pick the story back up about a week after she started to stay over, I awoke first. I looked at the clock, realizing that we both had classes to get to in less than an hour. This was no problem for me, I can be ready and out the door in five minutes flat, but Holly needed more time. I turned towards her, she was sleeping on her side, facing away from me. I kissed her on her cheek, and rubbed her arm. “Holly, wake up,” I said gently. She was definitely still very asleep. I decided to take advantage of this situation. I moved onto the other side of the bed. I went under the covers, and found her special area.

I started by very gently rubbing and massaging her pussy with my fingers. Then I increased my pace slightly, she let out small moans, but was not conscious. I used one hand on her nipples and breasts, and the other to rub her round smooth, wonderful ass, and I began to lick her pussy. I expected her to be awake by now, but she was still asleep, or she was just pretending. I went for it, licking and sucking and prodding with my tongue for all I was worth. I massaged and sucked on her clit and lips, and even started to tongue fuck her. She was still not awake. I picked up my pace to the point that I would expect her to cum. Her nipples were hard and her breathing had increased. I sucked and licked her clit as fast as I could, suddenly she came all over my tongue, squirting sweet juices. “Ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned quite loud. I moved up so we were face to face.
“I thought you’d never wake up.” I said.
“Ohh, what a way to wake up that was” she said dreamily.
“We got classes,” I said matter-of-factly.

I got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. I needed to take a quick shower so that she could get in after me, and have enough time to get to class. I jumped in the hot shower, and started to soap up, still nearly half asleep. I was simply amazed at Holly, I was so lucky to have her, and I knew I would never let her slip away from me, what fortune I had. The shower curtain suddenly pulled back, and Holly was standing there, hair in a mess, juices still running down her legs, “My turn,” she said. She stepped into the shower. Our faces melted together, under the hot stream of water, tongues exploring and enjoying one another. I started massaging her now slippery wet breasts. She rested her head on my chest, leaning on me, and simply hugging me, enjoying the moment. My hands went down to her beautiful ass cheeks, massaging and rubbing. We stayed in this position for several minutes. Holly moved down to her knees, “Now it’s my turn,” she said. Holly, now seemingly a pro, started stroking my barely semi hard shaft. The wetness of her hands and my cock combined with her saliva was invigorating. She was sucking me off very fast and deep; moving her head in and out very quickly. I was moaning.

The water continued to stream down, hitting her back, as I was leaning against the opposite end of the shower. She pulled her mouth off my cock, continued stroking, “I want your cum.” She said provocatively. She had apparently taken a liking to the taste of my cum. She immediately resumed moving her neck rapidly, in and out, and her tongue was exploring my cock. The slurping noises were too much, I was going to blow. Luckily for her, last night she had gotten me off, so my load wasn’t nearly as big.
“Im about to cum,” I said, arching my back, knees weak. She kept her mouth on my cock, but stopped stroking. She just massaged my head with her tongue. I came into her mouth, Holly swallowed it immediately.
“What that’s it?” she said looking up, “Last time it was like half a gallon.”
“It takes a while to build up you know,” I said.
“I really like it, its sweet and kinda salty, its weird, but I like it,.” At that moment I realized how pretty her brown eyes were, she had been naked so much I barely had a chance to notice, or maybe she was practically gargling my seed and that has to do something for attraction. I got out of the shower, and she started hers. I went on with getting ready myself, we shared a kiss before we both left for class.

We met again for lunch in a cafeteria on campus. We were both sitting and eating. “After my 1:30, can you meet me at my dorm?” She asked.
“Yeah sure,” I said.
“My roommate wants to meet you,” she said. That sounded interesting to me. It had previously occurred to me that her roommate had been privy to the details of our relationship, now I would finally get meet her. We finished and went to our separate classes. After my class I headed over to her building. I saw her first, she was sitting on a bench outside, reading. I walked up to her, and said “Hey stranger.”
“Let’s go up to my room,” she said in her sweet way. We walked up the stairs. As we got to her room, she unlocked her door. A cute blonde stepped out of another room and gave me quite a look, then we walked into her room. “I need to change out of these dirty clothes,” she said.
“Those dirty dirty clothes,” I said jokingly. Holly took off her pants and panties, throwing them to the side, and finding new ones out of her drawers. It amazed me how calm she was about nudity, even though we had only met a few days ago.

I sat on her bed, and she came and sat next to me. She had taken off her shirt and bra, and now she was naked from the waist up, with jeans on below. “John, my roommate won’t be here for twenty minutes,” she said.
“Interesting,” I said. We started to make out, this is what I thought high school should have been, making out with a topless girl, isn’t that second base. Well I just hit a double. We were all over her bed. “Want to try something new?” I asked her.
“What, What!?” she said excited. I figured, rightly, that she really didn’t know anything about sex, this was the next logical step.
“Okay, get naked.” I said. She was so excited it took literally five seconds to get completely nude.
“Now what?” she said. I stripped off my clothes, tossing them onto the neighboring bed. I laid down on Holly’s bed.
“Okay now, you give me a blowjob,” I began to say.
“This sounds familiar,” she interrupted.
“But put your legs around my head, so that we both pleasure each other.”
“What’s this called, like 59 or something?” she asked.
“69, but close” I said. Either she really is clueless or she loves to play dumb. She only did this about sex, nothing else. Either way its kind of a turn on.

She put her knees on either side of my head, I could smell her aroma, she was wet. Then she leaned forward to my crotch. I put my hand on her ass cheeks pulling myself up to her slit. I started to lick her like a lollipop. She mimicked my every action. I could feel her nipples poking my stomach. Her door opened, and her roommate walked in. “Hello?” the girl said, walking into the room. “Ohhh!” she said, seeing us. Holly picked her head up off my cock
“Hi Stephanie,” she said very normally. I continued my work.
“Is this John?” she asked.
“It is,” Holly responded.
“Are you going to introduce me?” she asked.
“Ohh sorry, John this is Stephanie, Stephanie, John,” Holly replied. I still had only seen Stephanie out of the corner of my eye. Stephanie went to sit on her bed, and saw my clothes.

Meanwhile, Holly had resumed her half of the 69, 6 or 9 im not sure. “You guys didn’t do it on my bed did you?” Stephanie asked.
“Huhhuh,” I managed a muffled response out of her pussy. Holly got a real kick out of that, and she started giggling, which felt good on my dick.
“So this is a penis,” Stephanie said, with a sarcastic tone, probably mocking Holly’s cloudlessness or her playing dumb…ness. Stephanie moved over to the bed leaning down, her head right next to Holly’s.
“Yeah, it tastes good,” Holly said. I still hadn’t gotten much more than a glimpse of Stephanie. She had blonde hair, and was skinny and tall. I just continued my work. I could barely hear muffled whispers between the two of them, but I could feel their breath on my cock. I increased my pace dramatically on Holly’s sweet pussy and clit. She leaned back, resting on her knees, face away from my cock.. She was arching her back and was close to cumming.
I heard some muffled words, “…can I try..” I felt Stephanie stroke my cock a few times, then she licked it, like a lollipop. This got me very excited, I brought up my hand and started finger fucking and sucking Holly’s clit. She had an orgasm, screaming very loudly, nearly falling off the bed. But I didn’t stop licking stroking and prodding, and Stephanie didn’t stop with her gentle attention to my cock. This continued for several more minutes, with groans escaping both of our lips.

I continued to eat Holly until she came again. The orgasms started to run together in a mass of quivers and groans, shaking and screaming. Holly was too horny now, she moved Stephanie out of the way and went forward, impaling her mouth on my cock. I had been close to coming for minutes now. Holly kept moving her mouth very quickly, tongue doing its own exploring. “Ihhmm Chummhing,” I managed, mouth still busy. Holly picked her head up allowing Stephanie to see me shoot my cum into Holly’s beautiful breasts. Holly finally moved off of my head, very shakily. We both sat up on her bed.
“What does it taste like?” Stephanie asked, looking at me.
“Don’t ask me, ask her,” I said. Getting to see her for the first time, she was a cute blonde, blue eyes, very skinny, very small tits, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.
“It’s good, want to try it?” Holly said. Stephanie leaned into Holly’s chest and licked some cum off of her breasts. I won’t forget that sight. “It’s different,” she said, not liking it. Holly saw the look on my face. “What?” she said.
“Wow that’s hot,” I said.
“What?” Stephanie said.
“Oh my god,” I managed.
“What this?’ Stephanie said as she started to suck my cum off of Holly’s nipples, toying with me.
“Ya that would be it,” I said. “Why don’t the two of you make out?” I asked sarcastically, but to my surprise they did. I just kept staring.

After a few minutes I was on Stephanie’s bed, watching them roll around on Holly’s. After a while, Stephanie sat up, turned to me, pointed at Holly’s pussy, and said “How’s this taste?”
“Why don’t you try it?” I said incredulously. She did. Stephanie, still fully clothed, started to eat out Holly. Stephanie was much more experienced than Holly. She obviously had played with herself or other girls to know what to do here. That gave me an idea. I started to look through Stephanie’s dresser, underwear drawer, jackpot. I found her vibrator. Went over to the bed, Stephanie was still lapping and poking with her tongue; I turned on the vibrator and put it on Holly’s clit, rubbing it around.
“I need to get me one of those!” I heard out of Holly, as she had her latest orgasm of the day, spraying her juices on the both of us. After a moment Stephanie had to leave for her next class. I though Holly might have gotten kind of jealous from the encounter, so I made sure to make her feel loved. We made out some more on her bed, and I told her I loved her, which was and is true, she returned the favor.

The Adventures of John and Holly
Part 4: The First Time

I kept hoping that I wouldn’t wake up and this all be a dream, very gladly it wasn’t. I was sitting on my couch, watching espn, but I wasn’t really watching it, I kept reflecting, going over in my head the things that had happened, things that could happen, what was next. Well for the immediate future, she was coming here after her last class of the day. She said on the phone that she had something special in mind for tonite. Up to now we hadn’t done anything more than oral sex, and a glimpse of a threesome with her roommate. I knew that the special something had to be our first fucking, penetration sex. It would be a first for both of us. I made sure not to repeat an earlier mistake, I had purchased a large pack of condoms on my way home from campus. I heard a car pull up. I walked to the window, and saw her walking to the door, she was wearing a red shirt that had a v-neck exposing the tops of her breasts and long tight jeans.

I walked to the door and opened it just before she got there, to her surprise. “Hey stranger,” I said. She playfully pushed me backward, closing the door behind her. “So what was so special you had in mind?” I asked her. She responded by throwing me down on the couch, then jumping on top of me, she made a point of putting her cleavage, from her red shirt, right on my face.
“I think we should broaden our horizons,” she said. For a second I thought she might mean something kinky, then I realized I was right to begin with.
“Like what?” I asked, playing dumb.
“I think you know,” she said, playing back at me.
“Stephanie told me that I shouldn’t put off having sex. She said it’s stupid to pretend that we will wait years to actually have sex, it will just complicate things, and then we’ll break up and I’ll wind up having sex with someone I don’t like as much.”
“Who said we were waiting?” I said.
“Well I was going to make you wait” She said biting her lip. “Remind me to thank her later,” I said. I somewhat grabbed Holly, kind of cradling her, her arms around my neck now. I just love to hold her. Somewhere there is a line, and I guess that line for me is sex, because we hadn’t crossed it yet. Some line of seriousness, where responsibility dictates that we have a serious discussion. I looked into her eyes. “What…um. What are we?”
“What do you mean?” She asked, somewhat worried.
“Well, are we boyfriend girlfriend, are we just having fun, I don’t really know?” I asked.
“What do you think we are?” She asked.
“I think we are a serious relationship,” I said.
“Me too, what else could this be?” She asked.
“I don’t know, I mean, maybe you just decided that you wouldn’t inhibit yourself as much in college and hence here we are a few weeks in and about to have sex. I mean maybe its just that I am the first ‘guy’,” I said.
“Why would you think that?” She asked, sounding kind of hurt.
“I don’t I just mean that I don’t really know. I mean…are we like…Okay, if we keep going down the track we are on, what is that, where are we in six weeks, six months, six years?”
“Well. Six weeks we aren’t much different than now, we just know more about each other, a little closer, more experience. Six months we are closer to each other than we have been to anyone ever, and we are planning to move in together sophomore year. Six years from now we’re married and have good jobs thinking about kids. That’s all assuming we stay on this track.” She said. Her smile widened as she talked, mine as I listened.
“That. What you just said makes me happier than I have ever been.” I said.
“Me too.”

“How does this thing work?” she said.
“It has instructions on it,” I said.
“Ohh,” she said as she turned it over. Holly now naked standing in front of me, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked as well. She tore it open and unrolled it. “I think you stick it in now” she said.
“I think you mean, YOU stick it in now” I said playfully.
“Fine,” she said feigning anger. She over exaggerated her hips walking over to the bed, her breasts bouncing as she walked, nipples hard from the attention they received minutes ago on the couch. She knelt down in front of me. “Let me make sure it’s good and hard first,” Holly said. She stroked my cock a few times. Then she slipped on my love glove, it was the first time I ever had a condom on. It felt kind of weird, but it didn’t seem to de-sensitize very much at all.

I stood up from the bed, holding the sides of her arms and bringing her up with me, turning us around and putting her on the bed. I crawled up on top of her, holding myself just above her. I sucked on her nipples and licked her pussy a few times on my way up. We were lying face-to-face, cock-to-pussy. I just looked into her eyes. She looked back into mine, there was no fear in her eyes as I had somewhat expected. She was embracing this as much or even more than I was. I gave her a look that said ‘are you sure’, she saw my face, she leaned her head up to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me.” I was convinced. I gently thrusted forward, not looking, and missed hitting her pubic hair. She started to giggle. I smiled at her before looking down and with one hand putting my cock on her lips.

I gently pushed my dick into her, it took more force than I imagined. Her tight eighteen year old pussy embraced and surrounded my eighteen year old cock. She let out a whimper, of pain or discomfort, she nodded her head, indicating that I should continue. I started to push in and out, very slowly and not very deep. I continued a slow pace for some time. Her velvety lips hugging my cock. Her nipples were now fully erect, and her breathing was very quick. She was aroused, but this was clearly not going to get her off. I started to go a little bit deeper and little bit faster, after a while I was nearly to the point that I could get it all the way in, but I had slowed down considerably at her request. I could tell she couldn’t take much more of this, it was too much pain now. I pulled out.

I laid on top of her body, taking her mouth into mine. Our tongues met passionately, embracing each other, our sweaty chests rubbing together. I moved down, kissing and licking her neck and massaging her breasts, until I was lips to lips, her other lips. I started to lick up and down slowly, then taking in her clit massaging and using one hand to complement my tongue on her slit. I used my free hand on other various parts, as she moaned, putting her hands in my hair, and thrusting her hips upward, arching her back. “Ohhhh, yes john yes,” she whispered repeatedly. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She suddenly moved her legs and arms violently like she was possessed. Screeching and screaming, as I buried my face in between her legs. It took minutes for her to calm back down from her excited state. She was breathing incredibly rapidly.

I laid down beside her, both of us staring at the ceiling, my right hand in her left. “Is it my turn now,” I asked the ceiling.
“I though you’d never ask,” she said nearly before I had finished my sentence, suddenly leaning forward putting her mouth on my clothed cock. She started stroking it. She was resting her head on my stomach, her back exposed to me, all the way down to her beautiful butt. I reached my right hand down caressing her back, down her side, to her hips, as she continued stroking my cock.
“Holly, I love how beautiful your back is.”
“You just like staring at my ass,” she responded playfully. Then she picked her head up and put my head into her mouth sucking on it and licking all around it. “I think I could deal with this rubber thing, it keeps me from getting shot in the face again.” She said giggling. I just started to chuckle at that.

She started going faster, and stroking with her right hand. Holly alternated her hand on my shaft and balls, mouth still at work. I decided to let her get a surprise, rather than alert her to the problem close at hand. I shuddered, as my balls emptied, my jizz contained in the condom. She started to giggle as her mouth was still on my mouth. She pulled her mouth away from my cock. “It tickled my tongue,” she said, still stroking with her right hand. She moved back to lay next to me again. We laid in each others arms, talking until we fell asleep, exhausted.

I woke up in the night, realizing we had fallen asleep, I even still had the condom on, though it had nearly fallen off my shrunken member. I got out of bed, realizing that she was no longer in bed. I could hear the shower running. I snuck into the bathroom, she was showering. I snuck up to the shower curtain, I was planning on opening it and surprising her, but just as I got the shower, I heard her moaning. I stopped. It sounded like she was masturbating. I walked to the other end of the shower, knelt down, and peeked through between the curtain and the wall. Holly was laying down, pussy in the path of the falling water, her head was just below mine, her eyes were closed. Her right hand was playing with her clit, and her left hand was rubbing her all around. She was lost in ecstasy, she wouldn’t have noticed me if I had yelled. Holly was breathing very deeply. “Ohhh John, yes” She said very deeply. That made me more excited than the sight had.

I sat there watching her masturbate, for several minutes. When she finally orgasmed she opened her eyes, and I instinctively moved my head back, I slowly crept out of the shower and went back to bed. I pretended to be asleep as she returned from her “cleansing” shower. She returned to bed, hugging my body tight to hers, her face to the back of my head, her chest to my back. She, thinking I was asleep, whispered into my ear, “I love you John.” I smiled, but gave no reply as we both fell back asleep.

The Adventures of John and Holly
Part 5: Little Pink Toy

I woke up, Holly was still asleep, her nice round tits still poking me in the back. Her lovely shoulder length brown hair tangled with mine, our legs mixed together, just the way they were when she laid down after her orgasmic shower last night. I grabbed her hand that had been draped over my arm, as her tight hug had loosened during the night. I rubbed her hand, and she awoke. “mmm,” She moaned in my ear. She rolled back away from me, allowing me the freedom to get up.

When I returned from my shower, she was laying on the bed, all the sheets thrown off, her naked body exposed, she was smiling and looking at me, both of us naked. “I masturbated for the first time last night, while you were sleeping,” she said.
“Really?” I asked, not giving her any hints.
“Ya, in the shower, Stephanie said I should do it, she said she does it all the time.”
“I bet she does,” I said “I saw the way she ate your pussy, and I found her vibrator, remember.”
“Well it was hard, I couldn’t get off, it took soo long,” she said “,then I thought about your hard cock just pounding my pussy, and then I was coming.”
“Your welcome,” I said playfully.
“I want to get a vibrator, so that I can masturbate when we can’t be together, I have been going crazy those nights,” She said.
“Well, we can go get you a toy then,” I said. This part of the conversation had my cock getting erect, and she noticed.
“Wanting to enter the conversation are we?” she asked my crotch. She got up and started to get dressed. “I need to get some more things over here so that I don’t have to wear dirty clothes in the morning.”
“Yeah, you wouldn’t want to be wearing your dirty dirty clothes,” I said playfully. I began dressing too. In a few minutes we were out the door. I rode in her car to her dorm.

Being a Saturday morning on a college campus, it was dead. Everyone, bored from the week of studious behavior, had partied the night before, and on Thursday night too. We went into Holly’s dorm room. To our surprise, her roommate wasn’t alone. There was a set of decidedly masculine arms around Stephanie. Holly hugged me sideways as we both looked down into the heap of hair, arms, legs, clothes, and blankets. “I’ll get dressed,” she whispered. I sat down on Holly’s bed trying to ignore the two of them. Holly was in the corner changing, when Stephanie awoke. She seemed panicked, waking up the guy. Stephanie didn’t want to get caught by her roommate it seemed. She sat up and saw me, covering her exposed small tits, with her arms.
“Hi John, meet Brad,” Stephanie said. The waking Brad was shirtless, and barely conscious, just realizing there was another man in the room.
“Who’s this guy,” he muttered.
“My roommate’s boyfriend,” she said. Holly came back and sat next to me, in her fresh clothes.
“Is that Brad?” Holly asked Stephanie.
“I told you I was going to fuck him last night,” Stephanie said. “I thought you were kidding,” Holly replied.
“And you know she gets what she wants,” Brad chimed in.
“So, did you two do it finally?” Stephanie asked, looking at me.
“Yes,” I responded “Thanks for the words of encouragement by the way.”
“I knew you would be thankful,” Stephanie replied.
“Oh, we would like to know where you can buy a vibrator around here?” I asked.
“There’s that adult video store on… uh…23rd street, by the Blockbuster,” She responded.
“Oh, right, I think I know it,” I said.
“Thanks Steph,” Holly said as we rose to leave.

Holly drove to the adult video store. I had never been to one before, I wondered if they carded at the door, but they didn’t, its funny how once I turned 18 I always want to be carded, because it’s weird to me that I am that old. It was the same thing with R movies when I turned seventeen. She parked and we walked into the video store. It was dead, there was one employee at the counter half asleep, and no one else in the store, it was a Saturday morning. We walked down one isle of porn videos. Holly started laughing at some of the titles. “Have you ever seen porn?” she asked me.
“Yeah, on the internet,” I said.
“I’ll have to try that sometime.” We found the toy isle. There were strapons and dildos hanging from the racks, small, medium, large, gigantic, black, white, brown. There was pink, white, red, black, vibrators. There was even a thing that looked like a flash light but it had lips on the end, for masturbating I assumed.

We stood there looking at the assortment. “That is fucking massive,” she said, pointing at one of the black dildos. “I told you I don’t have a huge penis, above average. I have seen black ones that big in pornos before.”
“Jesus, how could you walk with that between your legs?”
“Like this,” I said, as I waddled through the isle, which resulted in a giggle. She pulled a small pink vibrator off the shelf. Through the plastic covering she switched it on, and it rattled in her hand.
Holly gasped, “That’s amazing,” she said. She gave a quick look over the top of the rack at the lone employee, then she put the still packaged vibrator down her loose sweatshirt. She couldn’t stop giggling.
“Why stop there,” I said, grabbing another vibrator and putting it up her sweatshirt, to her unattended nipple. She pushed me away laughing. A bell dinged as the door opened, I put the vibrator back, but she continued. At the other end of the store, a couple, middle aged man and woman, had entered the store, they could only see our heads. The woman was fake blonde and looked about thirtyish, the man looked to be a little bit older than her, he looked like the kind of guy you see at a stoplight in a little sports car, old guy, younger girl, fast car. They started browsing through the isles.

We still stood looking at the various toys. “I think I’ll get the little pink one,” Holly said, “It’s making me horny.” Then the couple reached the end of an isle, and we could see each other, head to toe. The woman was wearing very tight, leathery pants, and a black shirt that was too small, for her DD at least sized obviously fake breasts. She was way too skinny to have those tits. She wasn’t that skinny though, but very good for her age, she also had a bit of a fake tan look to her. I had always enjoyed Holly’s kind of pale yet semi-tanned look, it was her natural color, I keep telling her she shouldn’t tan to change it. The couple rounded the corner and were now in the very next isle. Holly turned to me, “Were you checking her out?” she asked me, but she was smiling, knowing my love for her, I could tell she didn’t care.
“Yes, she must have paid a lot of money to get guys to do that,” I said.
She giggled “I know look at those ridiculous things,” she said. “Those huge tits, don’t you just want to squeeze them,” She asked me. I looked at her puzzled. “Am I exciting you?” she asked.
“A little,” I said.
“I was hoping for big,” she said.

Holly hugged me tight, put her mouth next to my ear and whispered, “I want to suck your cock.” Then she knelt down, and pulled her sweater off in the process, exposing her naked tits, very hard. I had no choice. She unzipped my jeans, and pulled down my boxers, popping out my hard cock. I put my hands on the back of her head, just holding her. She started stroking me and licking my cock. Then the woman rounded the corner into our isle. She walked right up to us, and stood there watching for a few moments. I wondered if Holly had even noticed, she was so concentrated. Then the man came over too. They both stood there watching us. The man must have thought that Holly was just a slut that had seduced me, and not my girlfriend. He whipped his cock out. It was shorter than mine, gladly for me.
The Woman looked down, “He’s bigger than you,” she said. The guy put his cock right next to Holly’s face. She pulled off of me.
“Point that elsewhere,” she said. The man stood next to me, pulled his pants down, and motioned for his woman to do the same as Holly. She kneeled down next to Holly and started working away on the guy.

After a few moments of slurping noises of cocks and mouths and hands and saliva, the guy started shaking and orgasmed. The woman took every drop without flinching. The guy just leaned against the wall. The woman, clearly disappointed that her man had come already, looked at me. “Hi I’m Cindy,” she said.
“Hi I’m John, and this is my girlfriend Holly,” I said very normally. She stared at Holly for a little bit.
“Relax your throat, stick your tongue out,” she said. Holly complied, and then stuck my cock deeper into her mouth. I watched in amazement as a Cindy gave Holly pointers on deepthroating. After a few minutes she managed to get my cock almost all the way down her throat. She came off, panting. “It’s kind of hard” she said. “Let me show you,” Cindy said, grabbing my cock. She shoved her mouth all the way, balls deep, and stuck her tongue out, massaging my balls. I was amazed. Holly’s jaw dropped. I bet mine did too.
“Do that again!” Holly said, before I had a chance too. Cindy did it again, and she did it several times, in and out, her wet mouth wrapping my cock, and her tongue playing with my balls, all the way, very fast. It was amazing.
“Now you try it,” she said. Holly tried but couldn’t get it all the way down.
“No tilt your head like this,” Cindy said. Holly did, and she shoved my cock all the way down, for the first time. “Good,” Cindy said. Then Holly resumed on my cock, going quickly, using her tongue, using her hands on my balls, and Cindy sat back and watched.

She pulled her shirt off, pulling her huge fake tits out, playing with them. Soon I was close to cumming. “I’m close,” I said.
“Will you come on my tits?” Cindy said. I looked down at Holly, and she pulled off, stroking my cock and pointing it at Cindy’s massive mammaries. I came, the first shot was way high and hit Cindy’s lips, Holly pointed me down, with an “oops.” The following shots Holly split between the massive tits. When I was finished, Cindy was dripping with cum; she was licking her lips where my jizz had splattered, and playing with her wet tits. Holly started to lick some of my come off of Cindy’s tits, making a point of sucking one of her large nipples. When Holly took a big lick of come, Cindy grabbed Holly’s face and they made out, with my cum in both of their mouths.
“Wow,” I said, at the same time that the guy did. “That’s a fine girl you have there,” I said to him.
“Likewise,” he said, both of us still staring.

We did eventually purchase something at the store. She got the little pink vibrator, and I bought another one “in case we need two”. Holly drove back to my apartment; she couldn’t wait to get it out of the case. She almost ran inside and grabbed the scissors to cut away the plastic package. In half a minute she was naked on the couch sitting up, with her legs split wide apart, playing with her clit. I watched as Holly rubbed and massaged her pussy with the little pink toy. “You looked like you needed one of those last night,” I said.
“YOU SAW ME!?!?!” she yelled, shocked.
“Yeah, I almost joined you, but I decided to let you think I was still sleeping. It was very hot,” I said.
“I wish you would have joined me,” she said.
“Holly, next time I will,” I said. She continued masturbating, and I went into the kitchen getting the scissors, to open the vibrator I bought. Hers was just a little nub, for using on her clit. This one was white and skinny, but longer. I opened it and turned it on, I held it out to her for her to grab. But she wouldn’t take it. So I knelt down in front of the couch, her legs spread wide. I pushed in her new, white toy, into her tight slit. She moaned as I started to fuck her with it. “Now if you do this a few times, it won’t hurt at all when we have sex,” I said. She was too far along now. She couldn’t take the double action, she came and juices started pouring out onto the toys and ran down my arm. “Have fun with your little pink toy.”

Part 6: The Typical Day

Months went by, a new semester, season changed, and Holly and I had settled into our own routine.

I awoke to the shrill buzzing of the alarm. Seven a.m. I need to be in class by Seven Thirty. This is my earliest class; Holly gets to sleep in on this day, till her nine class. I reach over and hit the button on the alarm. Through trial and tribulation we have come up with our methods of maintaining our grades. Before every class, except back to back classes of course, we have some form of sex. In This case, I have a class, and she doesn’t, so she pleasures me, and before her first class I will pleasure her, this way we get our sexual needs fulfilled, and we are able to concentrate. After a few classes of being so horny anticipating, we found that this helped us concentrate. Although this may sound like a chore, almost like a duty, we take great pleasure in it. We both enjoy pleasuring the other, and we know it’s necessary for our success. At the sound of the alarm Holly awoke as well. We were both nude, as we enjoyed the finer side of sleeping naked. I arose to get a shower. I stepped into the hot running water, still more than half asleep, trying to awaken from my slumber.

After I finished a dried off, brushed my teeth and stepped out into the bedroom. Holly was lying on her side watching the door, waiting for me. When I came out she motioned for me. I sat up on the bed, back to the wall. Holly was lying on top off my legs, head creeping up my legs to my crotch. “Good morning,” she said. Then she put her mouth on my cock. She had become quite the cock sucker. No hands, all mouth throat tongue and lips. She had learned to deepthroat, not at my urging but from her competitive nature. She didn’t like the idea of not being good something, anything. She was like this about everything, try pointing out a mistake in her driving and you’ll learn this very quickly. She could deepthroat with ease. Up and down, slurp slurp. Her naked tits slapping my legs, her red lips around my cock, Tongue flicking licking massaging, as she went up and down over and over, I was close to cumming and I said so. She just kept working. I came straight down her throat. She swallowed my load of jizz with no problem whatsoever. Finished, and I was definitely more alert. I rose and dressed, as she lay down in my absence, she was asleep before I was out the door. I kissed her on the cheek as she slept. I head off to my class.

I returned, as usual at a few minutes after eight thirty. Holly was already showered and nearly ready. When I stepped in the door I could hear her in the bathroom. I went to the dresser pulling out both vibrators. I sat on the bed waiting. After a moment Holly emerged from the bathroom, from the waist up presentable, from the waist down nude. She smiled and walked quickly to the bed where she went to the same spot I was earlier, switching positions. I turned on the little pink vibrator and handed it to her. She went to work on her clit. I went to work with the small white vibrator, in and out of her pussy slowly, her pussy lips hugging it as it receded, and squeezing it as it entered. She was very wet, and moaning throughout the whole process.

After a few minutes, the vibrators were removed, and I went to work with my mouth, tonguing and licker prodding sucking massaging, her clit and lips. I would finger fuck her with my right index finger, getting it good and wet, before putting it In her ass gently, adding to the pleasure. Her breath increased, arching her back. “Ohhhh John, eat that pussy, ohh, eat me,” She said. I would moan into her pussy, which she tells me makes chills run up her back. She was noticeably trembling. She started screaming as hot sweet juices ran out of her pussy, she took a minute to collect her thoughts, as she dressed, and then we shared a passionate kiss before she left. I sat at my desk working on my homework from my early class. I didn’t have another class for half an hour.

At Eleven I met Holly for lunch, as usual, we ate in the dorm cafeteria, discussing our various classes. She would tell me about her professors and about Stephanie’s latest boyfriend. After lunch we went to Holly’s dorm, where she maintained a small presence. Holly now mostly lived in my apartment; she had long since had her own set of keys, and closet space, toiletries in the bathroom and so on and so forth. We entered her dorm room, where Stephanie was on her bed doing what she called ‘studying’ which entailed reading her books while massaging her pussy with her vibrator. Stephanie was completely naked face down on her bed reading and masturbating. “Hi Steph,” Holly said.
“Hey Steph,” I said. Stephanie had a nasty streak of fucking one guy for a week before moving on to the next one, she enjoyed the hunt I think.
“I should charge you guys for the show you get everyday, for free,” Stephanie said.
“I think you just want us to notice you,” I said.
“Yeah us, and Brad, Tom, Craig, Jeremy, umm who was it last week?” Holly said.
“Which one? Joe or Jeff?” Stephanie replied, still massaging herself.
“Girl you need to find one good one and stick with him,” I said, imitating Holly’s voice as best I could, which wasn’t well. Stephanie laughed.
“He’s right you know,” Holly said. Holly was undressing, I had already taken off my shirt. Holly’s nice round tits hung from her chest poking the air, they look aerodynamic, and you wonder why fast cars are sexy. Holly got on top of me, pushing me back onto her bed; Shedding clothes left and right, pants panties, boxers, socks flying away.

We were kissing passionately mouths locked together, tongues exploring the others mouth. My hands were on her nice round ass. She sat up and guided her pussy over my hardening cock. This she liked to call ‘cowgirl’ style. She was on top, she pushed her pussy down on my cock, grinding our hips together, pubic hair tangling together. She started to lift herself up and down on my cock, impaling her slit. Then she would lay flat on top of me, cock still in her, and she would gyrate her hips, rotating them. I just held onto her ass. We were a mess of sweaty arms, breasts and mouths, as our special areas merged into one, sending pleasure waves through both of us, our moaning and screaming, disturbing Stephanie. “Ohhh,uhh Ohhh, uhhOhhh,” Holly would moan. “Fuck me, ohh fuck me ohh JOHN Fuck me,” she would command. She was humping down and I was humping up to match her, our bodies meeting slapping together. This usually set off Stephanie first, since she was already aroused, and the show we put on put her over the edge. Her screams drowned out by Holly’s.

When Stephanie finished up, we were just climaxing. Stephanie dressed. “Well thanks for the show, I’ll be going now,” Stephanie said as she left. When we calmed down from our own separate orgasms, simply enjoying holding each other in our arms, my cock still inside her, she lay her head down on my chest, her hair on my cheek. We lay there breathing slowly collecting ourselves, enjoying the warm body, full body contact was a pleasure in itself.
“She needs a good fucking,” Holly said. “She finds a new guy a week and fucks him, but none of them know what they’re doing, and she doesn’t keep them around long enough to learn. I was lucky to find a guy like you,” She said.
“Are you saying you want me to fuck her?” I asked, teasing.
“If you don’t mind,” she said semi sarcastically. I could see this would eventually lead somewhere; but for now, more classes and redressing to do.

After we became presentable again we left, walking hand in hand as our net classes were in neighboring buildings. Holly had made a game of guess her cup size. So whenever we walked together anywhere we would both guess the cup size of the girls we saw. She was better than me. Some games would result in somewhat heated debate as we both had strong feelings about our answers, and from there the only thing we could do was ask the girl, so of course, Holly would walk up and ask the girl her cup size. It had created some funny and some embarrassing moments. But on ordinary days we would keep our game to ourselves, as was the case on this day. When we got to my building we said our goodbyes, kissed briefly, and went on our ways. We have both found that after a fucking like that, you fell no sexual desire or distractions whatsoever, for a few hours. My class is longer than hers, so she is gone by the time I get out. She usually goes back to her dorm and works on some homework, or goes out with Stephanie and some of their friends. So I leave campus and go to my apartment, and fix myself dinner. After I finish eating I watch some espn and wait for my woman to return.

She really was a woman now, she had turned 19 a few weeks ago, I wanted to have some celebration ‘festivities’ but her parents had had their own plans. I didn’t hear her car pull up. Holly opened the door and walked in, sitting next to me on the couch. Some days we are too tired to have any more sex, but today as is most, we were still very horny. Maybe we wouldn’t be so horny if we didn’t have the periods of time between encounters, where we had the anticipation of the next encounter. “So what’d you guys do?” I asked.
“We went and ate with the girls, talked about some things, wink wink,” Holly said.
“What does that mean,” I asked.
“You’ll see,” She responded. She was very horny, her nipples were poking through her bra and blouse. Holly got down on her knees, pulling her shirt off. She unzipped my pants, stroking my limp cock, then sucking it gently. She did just enough to get me hard.
“Ok I think I’m ready,” I said. She stood up, pulling me with her. I pulled my shirt up over my head, and pulled off my jeans and boxers, that had been around my ankles.

Meanwhile, Holly had removed her bra and jeans, leaving only her panties. I got down on my knees, pulling her white panties down over her hips, exposing her short pubic hair, then her pussy. She was already wet. I lapped up and down a few times, then sucked on her clit massaging with my tongue, while she played with her tits. Then I stood up, face to face, we kissed, lips open tongues lapping at each other, like a dance, tongues in the air. Holly turned around facing away from me, bent over bracing herself by putting her hands on my desk. She was bent over, pussy exposed through her beautiful ass cheeks. She was so hot. I moved forward and her hands were behind her ass grabbing for my cock, which she took and put at the entrance to her slit. Then she pushed back, and I pushed forward, plunging my throbbing cock deep into her pussy, we slowly increased pace she pushed back, I humped and thrusted forward, from a slow in and out penetration, to an all out full speed fucking.

My hips slapping her ass, with a *thwack, over and over. She was moaning in unison with the fucking, her high pitched, “oh oh oh oh.” “I’m cuuummmmmming,” she screamed. Her pussy spouting juices all over my cock. But I did not stop. I stood her up, cock still inside her, hugging her, hands massaging her nipples, kissing the back of her neck. I helped her down, she was now on her kness, hands on the ground, ass in the air. I was fucking her as hard as I could, her ass smacking my hips over and over, her ass was bright red, her high pitched moans continued. She came again, her pussy contracting and milking my throbbing cock, it sent me over the edge shooting deep into her slit. We collapsed to the ground. “Ohhh, John that was amazing,” Holly said.
“Holly you’re so beautiful,” I said, staring into her eyes. There was something about this woman, she was sexy doing anything. Here she was sweaty and leaking juices, hair messed up, sweat running all over her body. Yet she glowed with beauty in my eyes. Still laying on the carpet, I reached forward, taking one nipple into my mouth, sucking on it. I sucked on it for minutes, just sucking and sucking. She closed her eyes, gently moaning.

After a while of laying there I thought we were about to get up and re dress. She suddenly opened her eyes, looked at me and said “Want to go again?” she said. My cock twitched just from her saying that. We went back to the couch. I laid down, and she got on me, sixty-nine style. I ate her pussy, with her juices mixed with my cum running down her legs and inside of her. I worked on her clit, and her labia, as she deepthroated my hard cock. We stayed in this position, pleasing one another, until we were spent. We slipped back into bed, our bodies wrapped together in a tight hug that would loosen as we fell into slumber, before we awoke for the new day, and before we would rise for another typical day, just like the one before, and the one after.

Part VII: Dorm Activities

It was a Sunday morning. Holly had a study group all day Saturday, so I had not seen her, since Saturday morning. She told me she would stay in her dorm last nite if they ran late. Judging by the absence of her body in my bed, I was guessing they ran late. Holly, well at first my sex drive was greater than hers, but in recent weeks since she has gotten her vibrators, her sex drive has far exceeded mine. I need to play catch up. I wondered how horny she was, having had no sex in more than 24 hours. I brushed it all aside, to concentrate on some homework I needed done by tomorrow.

By one O’clock Holly hadn’t come by, she usually comes over here, even when I’m not here. I check my phone for messages; none. Now I was really wondering what happened to her. I tried calling her cell phone, to no avail. So I went to my car, and drove into campus. I pulled into her dorm parking lot. I headed up the stairs, to her floor. Walking down the hall, plenty of open doors, to hot young girls, walking between rooms, chatting, laughing, studying. I came up to Holly’s room, unlike the majority of the rooms, her door was closed. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knock again, still no answer. I turned the knob, and the door was unlocked, opening with a creak. I stepped into the room, closing the door behind me. Stepping into the room, I saw Holly’s bed was empty. Where is she, I was wondering. Then I looked to Stephanie’s bed. Looks like Stephanie had some more action, she was in bed, and there was definitely someone else in the bed with her.

I walk to her bed, and nudge her arm. Stephanie opens her eyes, seeing me. “Hey do you know where Holly is?” I whisper. Stephanie gives me a look, and just smiles. Then a head comes out from under the covers, its Holly.
“Hi John,” Holly said, still nearly asleep.
“Wild night huh?” I said.
“You know me,” Stephanie said. “I’m going to go take a shower,” Stephanie said. She rose naked, grabbing a towel and wrapping herself, and going into the hallway. Holly motioned for me to sit next to her. I sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Hey babe,” I said, and I leaned over and kissed her. “What were you two up to?”
“Last night her boyfriend broke up with her,” She said.
“Isn’t that a first?” I asked.
“She usually dumps them, but I think this guy broke her heart,” Holly said.
“So, what? She’s sad, and so you two sleep together?” I asked.
“You’re not jealous are you?” she said provocatively.
“No, no, that’s, babe, that’s hot.” I said…just to let you know…this was all pre Paris Hilton.
“Well I want you to do me a favor,” She said.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Fuck her will ya?” She said.
“What?!?!” I said shocked.
“She needs a good fuckin, she is wound up so tight, she jumped me last nite,” Holly stated.
“What, so do you just want me jump her when she gets out of the shower?” I asked incredulously.
“If she doesn’t jump you first!” she played back at me.
“Now hold on a minute,” I started, “It’s one thing for some other girl,” then I remembered the video store lady, “okay, some other girls to give me head, but this is different.”
“John, it’s just sex, not love,” She said directly.
“I know, but, sex is more than just sex, I mean, with us that is not just fucking, its deeper than that it’s a spiritual, emotional, affectionate, caring, expression of love and desire,” I said passionately. “Don’t you understand that? I mean, am I the only one feeling that?”
“No,” she said smiling brightly. “But there are two kinds of sex. The first kind, the most important kind, love-making, love, whatever you want to call it, what you were just talking about, what we have. Then there is fucking, which is just two people…or more, delving into the pleasures of the flesh, and unleashing their sexual energy. It’s two very different things.”
“How do you know that?” I asked.
“What? Are you asking if I have cheated on you?”
“I don’t know,” I said.
“Well I haven’t, I’m just saying that it’s alright if you fuck her. Make love to her and we have a problem, but it’s ok if you fuck her,” She said.
“Well, does that mean I can ‘fuck’ any girl?” I asked, somewhat angry.
“No, I should be involved in the decision making process, but it’s basically alright with me,” She said.
“So does that mean you can ‘fuck’ anyone?”
“If that’s okay with you,” She said.
“So, what? Because it’s okay for me to do it, then I can’t not allow you to?” I accused.
“What! Where is this coming from, you know I fuck Steph,” She said.
“No, that’s different.”
“How is that different?”
“That’s fucking different, she’s a girl,” I said.
“Oh, so it’s alright if I fuck a girl but not a guy?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“So you don’t think we should fuck anyone else?”
“Well, I don’t know. That’s not exactly the norm so I didn’t think we would. I knew you and Steph did, but that’s different. I haven’t really thought about it,” I said, calming.
“John, I’m not talking about being the town whore. I just think we shouldn’t constrain ourselves, and we should both have fun when we want to. It’s just sex, fucking. That’s just fun,” Holly said. She moved next to me, and we hugged. “But what matters is that we are together, and we make love, that’s something that is more important than anything else.”
“Okay, so we can fuck other people, just as long as we are open about it and the love-making stays between us,” I clarified.
“I think we understand each other,” She said. “And right now I want you to go fuck my roommate,” She said.
“Okay so, what do I do?” I asked.

Stephanie, still wet, with her towel wrapped around her from the armpits down to her thighs, blonde hair dripping, her small perky tits giving her bust a small flesh mound, walked back into the room. We had a trap laid for her. I was on her bed, on my back, naked, Holly’s crotch was over my face, and I was eating her out, Holly sitting on my face, this meant that my cock was erect and in open air, Holly’s back to it. Stephanie fell right into the trap. I am going to town on Holly’s tight wet slit, she’s moaning and breathing heavy, I think she is exaggerating to make a show of it. Next thing I know, Stephanie is mounting my cock. She straddles me and just plunges all the way in, riding me. Holly knows what is going on, she turns around, still on my face, so now those two are face to face. Stephanie probably didn’t even notice until Holly started sucking her tits. Stephanie is riding my cock for all she is worth, her pussy is so tight she is strangling my cock. I am so turned on by this point, I go all out, I’m eating sucking, doing everything I can, tongue fucking, pulling out all the stops, full tilt, eating her out.

It doesn’t take long before she is shaking and screaming, falling forward onto Stephanie, putting her face in Stephanie’s tits. Holly gets up and goes over to her bed, lays down and pulls Stephanie’s vibrator out and starts masturbating while watching us. “Is it that good?” Stephanie asks me.
“She seems to like it,” I say. Stephanie switches around so that we are in a sixty-nine. She can suck a cock, still she can’t deep throat like Holly can. But she can go very fast, and I think all the making out she does, helps with her tongue action. She is making out with my cock, and I am eating her wet love hole. A few minutes of this goes on, I’m getting close, but She slows down at the right times. Then Holly comes over, she starts using the vibrator on Stephanie’s pussy, fucking her with it, while I keep working on her clit. It is too much for her, she cums, very wildly, she’s screaming and squirting all over the place.

Holly goes back to her bed, doing the splits with her legs, so her pussy is spread eagle on the side of her bed. Stephanie gets up, and leans over , putting her hands on the floor, on all fours, she starts eating out Holly. Now Stephanie’s ass is exposed behind her. I get up and get on my knees behind her, and without warning her, as she is at work now on Holly’s pussy, I shove my cock in to the hilt in her pussy, and just start pounding away, with my hands on her thighs, pulling her to me, and thrusting into her, slapping ass and hips together, she is moaning into Holly, Holly is moaning. I am grunting with my thrusts. Stephanie cums first followed shortly after by Holly, juices squirting in Stephanie’s mouth and on my cock, she is squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

At this moment I look to my left, and I realize that there are three girls standing in the doorway watching our threesome. The tallest, a redhead with medium tits, slightly on the thick side, but only when compared to these skinny girls, but definitely hot, has her hands down her pants, and there are two blondes about five foot tall each, with small breasts, skinny girls, watching, with smiles on their faces, obviously enjoying the show. “Hey girls,” I say, still fucking Stephanie, who is still in the middle of her orgasm and still servicing Holly who is in her orgasm as well.
“Hi there stud,” the redhead says.
“Need any help in there,” one of the blondes says.
“No I think I got them under control,” I said. Holly and Stephanie finally realizing what’s going on, Stephanie pulls off my cock, and turns around so she is leaning back against the bed, Holly’s pussy just behind her head. Holly looks at me
“Have you not come yet?” she asks.
“Nope,” I say. Holly rolls over so that she is laying on her back, and her head is now just slightly above Stephanie’s and she is on her side.
“Girls you might want to watch this part,” Holly said.

She realized that I hadn’t had sex in more than a day, and the usual pace we kept meant that a whole day without sex would leave me with a lot of jizz, not to mention we had been going at it for some time now, she knew it was going to be like a fucking half gallon of man juice. I stood up, my cock standing out at attention, where Holly can lean forward and suck me off, which is exactly what she does. The girls are still watching. The redhead walks in and sits on the pussy juice soaked bed behind me, then the two blondes take her lead and they stand on either side of me. They are looking down at my cock. Holly is sideways sucking me, almost deepthroating. Then I kneel a little bit and Stephanie can reach my cock. Stephanie strokes and licks and then she starts bobbing her head up and down back and forth. Holly says, “Shoot your fucking cum all over me.” This put me over the edge. I pull out of Stephanie’s mouth. I stroke my cock and aim for Holly’s mouth, only gaziantep escort kızlar a few inches away from it.

My first shot of jism if enormous. It seems to fill her mouth up in one shot, some of it splatters off the side of her cheek running down to Stephanie’s eagerly awaiting mouth. The second shot I aim down at Stephanie, and it hits her in the forehead, this one is much smaller. The third shot is almost as big as the first and hits Stephanie in the chin, running down her neck onto her tits. Then I thrust into Holly’s mouth, and she strokes my cock, milking me with her mouth, the jizz is still cumming into her mouth, she drools it out as it cums. The jizz is just running down her cheek and Stephanie is licking it off. I look over to my right and the blonde standing there, her jaw is as far down as it will go. “What you want me to stick my cock in there?” I ask her. The joke doesn’t even register in her mind. She is focused on Stephanie, who is swallowing the runoff from Holly’s mouth. Then the Blonde, kneels down and starts licking some of my cum off of Stephanie’s tits, and up to her neck, then they start making out. My jizz is all over their mouths. Holly stands up and comes towards me, but the redhead intercepts her, and she plunges into her mouth, they make out for a few minutes. I grab my clothes and dress quickly, Holly does the same and we make a b-line for the door. Leaving in our wake, Stephanie and three girls, all with my jizz in as a centerpiece.

As she had said earlier, Holly held up and decided she wanted to watch some porn. She offered to go to the video store, but I told her we could get it free on the internet. We went back to my apartment and sat down at my computer. I went to my favorite clip site. She was now wearing a short skirt, no panties, and a blue t-shirt, and a pink bra. “What kind of porn do you want?” I asked.
“I don’t know?” she said.
“Well there is guy on girl, there’s lesbian, gangbang, facials, anal, hardcore, older ladies, amateur, and you name it.”
She pointed at one link, “Try that one.” I clicked on it and then clicked on the video. It was a girl on girl on guy threesome. The video started with the girls in a sixty-nine, then the guy joins in fucking one, while they stay in that position. Then they move to a bunch of other positions, and end with one of the girls swallowing the guys load, and then making out with the other girl.

“This seems familiar,” she said. “I mean, didn’t we just do this. I thought porn was like amazing stuff.”
“How about this,” I said, and I went to an interracial site, which I knew meant a cute little white girl, and a black guy with a massive cock.
“Jesus Christ,” she said. “That thing is huge! I don’t think I could even fit that in my mouth, it would be so unwieldy to have that, most women wouldn’t touch it!” she said. Then we went to a bukkake site. She didn’t know what it meant, but I did. This meant that there was a girl who would take about eight or nine loads of semen, there always seemed to be a guy coming, but no other girls. “Why are they cumming?” she asked.
“I think they have other girls off camera giving them head,” I said, I was guessing.
“We could do this, it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to make a porno,” she said.
“Maybe we’ll try it sometime, in the meantime, this stuff is getting me horny,” I turn on a video of two hot girls showering, Holly pulls her skirt back and starts masturbating. My cock was fully erect, so I just whipped it out. Holly grabbed it and without any messing around mounts me in the chair, I am sitting, resting back in the chair, her legs draped around the sides of the back of the chair. She starts grinding her pussy into me. I pull her shirt off, and start sucking on one of her breasts, my arms are wrapped around on her back. We kept grinding like this, then we moved to doggy style on the floor for a while. We would eventually collapse in an orgasmic pile of body parts and cum and juice.

Part 8 : Dorm Showers

I woke up, Holly and I in a heap together, on her bed in her dorm. I could taste her juices in my mouth, but I can’t remember what happened last night. Her bed is considerably smaller than mine, so I don’t sleep here with her, but whatever we did last nite, I ended up with her in her bed. I laid there looking at the ceiling, Holly was still asleep. Holly still had a shirt and jeans on, I had boxers and a shirt on. I looked over to Stephanie’s bed. I could see two girls in there. I think it was Stephanie and the redhead. I tried to lay there and not disturb Holly for a while, but she woke up. “What did we do last nite?” I asked her.
“I taste cum,” she said.
“I taste your pussy,” I said.
“Must have been good whatever it was,” she said smiling at me. I needed a shower, and Holly said “I need a shower.”
“Me too,” I said.
“Follow me,” she said. She led me by the hand, to the floor community shower. She peeked inside and saw that it was empty, and led me inside.

The shower was about ten feet wide and twenty feet long, one big room, tiled floor, and shower heads lining the walls, and drains on the floor. I followed her to he far wall. She stripped naked, hanging her clothes on a rack, I followed suit. We both turned on shower heads and started to cleanse ourselves. We had a mutual shower, where I washed her and she washed me. I think you get very clean when you have someone that wants to feel you washing you. I know she was squeaky clean. I paid special attention to her tits, and her nipples responded. The hot water started to steam up the room. “Are you sure I am allowed to be in here?” I asked her.
“Ohh yeah don’t worry about it,” She reassured me. She was soaping up my cock and playfully stroking me, as I was petting her breasts. I pushed her against the tile wall. I knelt down between her legs, feeling her smooth legs, and her wonderfully round ass. I started to lick her clit, just gentle, this wasn’t a fuck session, just some pleasure. We didn’t always do things till we came, it was perfectly fine for her to give me head and then I give her head and neither of us cum, it’s very sensual.

After a few minutes of performing oral on her, she pulled me up to passionately kiss me, her juices flowing through our mouths. “I love you so much baby,” I said. She turned me around, to lean against the wall, she knelt down and gave me slow sweet head. She soaped up on of her fingers and pushed it just a little bit up my ass. It was slightly uncomfortable, but it felt good. “Stephanie teach you that?” I asked her.
“Ya,” she responded, taking her mouth off my cock. I could feel her hot breath on me. Holly’s back was to the shower entrance, and I was facing it. Stephanie and the redhead strolled in, with tangled mess of hair, and they were hand in hand, as Holly and I had been. They went to a shower in the middle of the room. Holly didn’t know they had entered, until they turned on their shower heads. She suddenly pulled off my throbbing hot cock, and stood up, like she had just been caught. She turned around her tits hanging off her chest, twisting with her body, swaying. She saw it was Stephanie and the Redhead. “Ohh its only Steph and Rachel” she said relieved.

Those two were teasing me, looking at me as they licked each other, tongues together, tongue to nipple, etc. Rachel dropped to her knees and started giving head to Stephanie. Holly and I were enjoying the show. “Are they a couple?” I asked Holly.
“I’m not sure,” she replied. “Oh fuck,” Holly said. “What?”
“We forgot to get towels,” she said. “We can’t get dressed wet either,” she said. Having finished our cleansing experience, “Oh well lets just walk back naked,” she said. I wondered if she had done that on purpose, she was always pushing the envelope. I was game, we walked hand in hand out of the shower into the hallway. It was a good thirty yards to her dorm. We walked naked, I kept looking over, loving the way her breasts swayed and bounced and jiggled as she stepped. It was an all girls floor, so for her this was no big deal. And anytime a guy has a good reason to walk naked through a woman’s building is a good thing. We got some stares, and smiles. Just four doors from her dorm one of the blondes from before, the five foot tall girl stopped us.
“Hey Holly,” she said.
“Hi Jenny,” Holly said.
“Hi John,” Jenny said, looking right at my semi hard cock.
“I think he wants some attention,” Jenny said.
“Really?…hmmm,” Holly said, giving me a funny look.

There were the three of us, and about four or five girls down the hall behind us, and two or three in front of us, just hanging around. Holly pushed me against the wall. She whispered in my ear, “want me to suck you off in front of all these girls?” I just looked at her, and she knew the answer. She dropped to her knees. Holly started deepthroating me, and kept it up. Jenny just stood there staring. A few girls from down the hall had noticed and walked over to watch. After a minute there were six or seven girls standing in a circle around me and Holly, Watching her deepthroat my cock. They were amazed when she jammed my cock all the way down my throat and licked my balls. I wasn’t going to last much longer so I pulled her up, turned her around, bent her over and just started fucking the shit out of her pussy as fast and vigorously as I could. I held on to her by her tits, flopping about in my hands.
Some of the girls had started making out with each other. Jenny got down on her knees right next to the cock pussy pounding duo, and was watching us work. I could tell Holly was close her pussy was contracting on my cock. Her moans became audibly louder, and faster. Soon her moans were nearly squeaks of passion her noises were so high pitched. I knew I was going to blow soon, so I tried my best to hold off until Holly came. “Ohhhh John im Commming!!!” she screamed, her pussy sucked on my cock. I knew that Jenny had been very interested in my cum load the other day, and now she was sitting right next to me, she was wearing a t-shirt with the university name on it and tight blue jeans. Her small breasts were braless poking out. I made a decision, I don’t really know why. I pulled out of Holly’s orgasming pussy, turned a little to my right and jizzed all over the face of little Jenny. It splattered off her forehead, into her hair, down her cheeks and down her neck. She was very surprised. Some of the girls got a kick out of it and were laughing. Holly turned around and got on her knees sucking the remaining juices from my cock. Then she turned to Jenny, who was sitting there, covered in spunk, and violently pushed her back to the ground, licking all over her, getting the jizz, making out.

This site had my cock getting hard again already. So I got behind Holly who had her ass somewhat in the air, face on Jenny’s. I started to fuck Holly doggystyle. Slowly at first getting my cock back to full attention. Then I went wild, going as fast as I could manage, her ass was red and sore. Her nipples were being tweaked by Jenny. Our crowd had grown. Holly had another orgasm much sooner than I had anticipated. I knew it would take a lot to make me come again, so I picked her up and took her back to her room. The crowd stayed standing around Jenny, who was now spunk and saliva covered on the ground. I could hear Stephanie back in the group, “Let’s all lick her clean.” I turned back and saw that Stephanie was starting a makeout session with jenny on the floor.

Back in the privacy of her room, we dried off, and got dressed. Holly in a tight black skirt, and no panties, and a white t-shirt that was almost see through, no bra underneath. “That was amazing,” she said.
“You like being watched don’t you?” I asked her.
“It was exhilarating, seeing all those people watch me suck your cock, and you fucking me.”
“It was hot,” I said.
“That was so funny, when you splattered Jenny,” she said, “I couldn’t believe you did that, she definitely enjoyed the taste of you cum though.”
“I just thought she could use some refreshment,” I said. Holly just laughed at me. We dressed and headed out. She really wanted to go to the Adult video store. So I drove there, there wasn’t a crowd in the hall anymore.

We entered the Adult Video Store. We went back to the toys again. This time the store wasn’t dead. There were five couples in there and two guys on their own. In the toys section we saw the assortment of vibrators and dildos. “How about this?” I asked.
“What for?” she asked back.
“For you and Stephanie,” I replied. The object in question was a strapon dildo. It was a small dildo, about six inches long, but thick.
“Oh I see what you mean,” Holly replied. “How about some of this,” She said, pointing to a tube of anal lube.
“Why, you want to have anal sex?” I asked her.
“I want to try it,” she responded. What a lucky guy I am…no begging, no pleading, she initiates…
“Okay, let’s get both,” I said. We took both items and went to the next isle. There were a lot of porn videos, some weird ones, some normal looking ones. She picked one up. “Give me an A, an erotic thriller about teachers and students, hmm sounds interesting, I bet it has excellent acting,” she said.
“Well let’s get that too,” I said. We headed up to the counter to check out. As we were walking out the door, we ran into a couple that was walking in. They were mid thirties, average looking, she was about five nine with small tits. We bumped into each other in the doorway.
“Excuse me,” Holly said. Her tits had bumped into the girl’s chest, their tits pushing together. As we went around each other Holly turned back to look at the girl, and the girl looked back. Holly lifted up her skirt flashing her pussy at the woman.
“You are starting to be quite the exhibitionist,” I said.
“Isn’t it great” she said.

We got into my car, and for the short drive to my place, she decided to completely undress. “Am I distracting?” she said, innocently.
“Nope, you ugly ugly girl,” I said sarcastically, as I was obviously sporting a hard on. She just laughed at me. I carried our purchases in a plastic bag, and Holly carried her clothes to my apartment, she led the way walking much faster than me, and opened the door with her key. Once inside she threw her clothes on the floor and laid down on the couch, face down. I came in behind her, putting down our sex items. She grabbed her ass.
“Want to fuck this?” Holly asked me.
“I’ll have to think about it.” I responded. “Wait, I thought we ‘made love’,” I said.
“No, I said only we make-love. We do both…aren’t you paying attention?”
“Apparently to the wrong things,” I said.

She was on the bed, on her hands and knees. I undressed beside the bed to join her. She had a hand between her legs, frigging herself. I got up on the bed, on my knees behind her. My cock was hard already. I started to fuck her pussy, slowly I couldn’t come for a while. I got her worked up and got my cock nice and wet. Then I grabbed the bottle of anal lube. I squeezed some on my cock, it made a squirting noise, and I stroked it all over my cock with my hand. Then I squeezed some onto the tips of the fingers on one hand. I started to finger her ass, first one finger, then two. I slowly ass fucked her with my fingers, and with my other hand I was massaging her pussy, and she was massaging her clit and moaning. “You ready baby,” I asked her softly.
“Yes,” she said, trying to sound confident. I stood up on the bed, having to kneel down some, I pulled out my fingers, and put my head at the entrance to her ass. Her ass cheeks a beautiful round figure, surrounded the entrance.

I pushed as the head had to spread her fleshy opening. Slowly I pushed as the head went in, massaging on her pussy continued the whole time. She was quiet, in some pain. I continued to push until my cock was halfway into her ass. “Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said, “You can go deeper.” I pushed slowly and it took some force, till my cock was balls deep in her ass. “Stay right there don’t move,” She said. Her asshole was so tight that the throbbing of blood vessels in my cock felt almost like I was fucking her, when I wasn’t moving. She allowed my cock to stay inside her, stretching her asshole. “Okay move slowly,” she said. I complied. I fucked her tight ass slowly in and out, after a few minutes, she wasn’t able to handle it anymore, I pulled out and shoved my cock balls deep into her pussy, and she orgasmed instantly, the constant massaging and cock in her ass had gotten her up, but the deep fucking had awaken her pussy, streaming juices on my cock. I continued to fuck and used my hands on her pussy, till she orgasmed a second time milking my cock to cum deep inside her pussy. We laid there, making out for seemingly hours as we returned from the depths of pleasure.
“So how was it, taking the anal plunge that is,” I said.
“It hurt some, but not as much as I thought it would.”
“So, do you think it’s something you will like after a few time,” I asked.
“Oh yeah, it did feel good, how was it for you?”
“I think that when I can fuck you ass we will both enjoy it.” I said.
“I know what you mean.”

Part 9 : Pornos

We eventually watched the porno. The title screen: Give me an A, an erotic thriller about teachers and their students. We watched it like it was any other movie, sitting on the couch, eating popcorn. The movie fades from black, to a hot female ‘teacher’, that looked like a porn star. She was wearing a black skirt and blouse, looking somewhat slutty but business like as well. The blonde had huge fake tits. She was sitting grading papers at her desk. The set was quite obviously in someone’s house and not at a school, probably in someone’s living room. “See that’s like in a house or apartment,” she said, “we could do that” The teacher went on grading for about a minute, then a tall male ‘student’ walked into the screen. He looked about the same age as the woman. “They’re the same age!” Holly said.
“Mrs. Turner,” The man said, deep voice.
“Yes Jake,” the woman replied, with a fake business voice, that said your wasting my time.
“I need to know what I can do to get that A,” he said.
“Well Jake you’rejust not cutting it, I don’t know what you can do,” She said.
“Please I need to get an A or I lose my football scholarship,” He said.
“Intriguing storyline, dumb jock lonely teacher,” I said.
“I’ll do anything!” he said.
“Anything?” she asked.
“Wow that turned to sex pretty quickly,” I said.
“Yeah it did, but then again, so did we,” Holly winked at me.

“Strip,” Mrs. Turner said.
The man said, “Oh you want to see this,” grabbing his crotch. The ‘teacher’ walked around to the front of her desk, leaning back onto it, with ‘Jake’ in front of her.
“Pull it out big man,” she said. The guy pulled his jeans off and whipped out his cock. He was hung, about eight inch cock, hanging between his legs. Then there was a great shot, the camera zoomed in on her face, from behind the guy between his legs. She was licking her lips. The teacher kneeled down and started giving the guy head.
“I thought he was going to do something for her?” Holly said.
“He is, she needs cock, don’t women just need big cocks?” I asked her sarcastically.
“I enjoy giving you head, because I love to please you, and you do the same for me, but she barely knows this guy and she’s sucking him off like she worships his cock as her god or something,” Holly said.
“Suck me bitch,” the man said in the background.

“Well this is porn, that’s how it works, most people don’t want to see sensual, they want fucking, and most of the people are guys so they want fucking horny girls, girls that just need cock,” I said.
“Are there really girls like that?” she asked me.
“Well I would think that you are close to that, we have so much sex, but I think there are girls that just sleep with anyone they want, I think they’re called nymphomaniacs,” I said.
“There’s really girls like that?” she asked incredulously, as the duo on screen had gone to fucking on her desk.
“Well I’m not sure, I think there probably are, but it might just be a porn myth, since every porno seems to have one,” I said. We both turned back to the movie, the girl was bent over her desk taking it in the ass now, she was screaming.
“What? She isn’t cumming already?” Holly said.
“It’s porn she’s faking it, she’ll fake it a few times,” I said.
“Do you think I look good enough to be a pornstar?” Holly asked me.
“Holly you’re hotter than that fake slut, fake tits, probably plastic surgery too,” I said. Then came the cumshot, where he blasted her face. “Hey yours are bigger than that!” Holly said “Maybe you could be a pornstar.”
“Holly, I think you’re right. You are one lucky woman to have me,” I said laughing.
The movie moved on to a male teacher, and two female students, sitting in their chairs, presumably after class. They have the same kind of conversation, resulting in the girls performing a tag team blowjob and cumswapping. “This seems kind of familiar too,” Holly said. The movie then went on to a hot Female teacher, and her two female students, again they talked about grades, and then they went into a lesbian threesome. “This just got very interesting,” Holly said excited. I moved over, kissing her, and rolled onto our sides, on the couch making out. We laid there kissing, and exploring our clothed bodies, and watching the show of tits and pussies. The scene lasted longer than the others before giving way to the final scene. This scene was an older female teacher and three male students, the dialog didn’t really matter. It of course ended up in a gangbang. The woman would straddle one, moving up and down while sucking another and stroking the remaining cock. “This is getting me horny,” Holly said.
“Why, do you want to fuck three guys at once?” I asked.
“Would you want to fuck three girls at once?” she responded, putting the situation into perspective. We laid there as the movie finished, Holly went into the bedroom, to work on her homework.

I got on the internet and went to a porn site. I found one that seemed classy, comparatively. This site was called The Sex Palace, they had the standard kind of movies, and they had a section of amateur porn, movies couples send them. I e-mailed the webmaster, asking him if submissions received monetary compensation. I did this on a whim, from the discussion earlier, not thinking anything of it. I went into the bedroom, Holly was studying, she had to find time to keep up, with all her classes, her job, and with, well fucking me. I sat down at the end of the bed, her books laid out in front of her. “I need to study, we can’t fuck right now,” Holly said.
“But we just watched a porno I need to do something about this,” pointing at the tent in my pants.
“Go see Stephanie, she’ll fuck you,” Holly said.
“Are you serious?” I asked her.
“She could use it, she plays the part of an experienced girl that needs nothing from nobody, but she’s really not.”
“You want me to just go to your dorm room, and fuck your roommate.”
“If you’re really that horny, I need to study.”
“You did this on purpose didn’t you. Yeah, this is a grand conspiracy to get me to fuck Stephanie.”
“Yes John, I sit around thinking of great schemes to get my boyfriend laid,” She said sarcastically.
“I bet it was hard to do, you are dieing to fuck right now. You don’t care at all if I fuck other girls?” I asked.
“I love you John, and I know that you love me, if you fuck some other girl it doesn’t change any of that. And you caught me, I am dieing to fuck you right now, but I won’t because I have to really study. Now get on stud, somewhere there is a girl waiting for some cock,” She said.

I stepped out of the stairwell, and onto Holly’s floor. I am not sure what my intentions were, I don’t think I was going to fuck Stephanie, but just hang out and talk, I am not sure. It doesn’t matter. Halfway down the hall, a drunk girl was walking towards me, she was walking erratically, she bumped into me, and knocked me against a door, with a thud. The girl kept on walking, I stopped and looked back as she stumbled down the hall. Suddenly the door opened behind me, and an arm pulled me inside quickly. I turned around and the girl closed the door, locking it.

“uhh Hello,” I said.
“You’re early,” she said. The girl was about five eight, my height. She had curly brown short hair, and green eyes. She had small tits, and a completely shaven pussy, something Holly didn’t ever do. This girl was completely naked, and aroused judging by the stiffness of her nipples, and the glistening of her pussy.
“Who do you think,” she cut me off by attacking my mouth with her tongue. She jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around me, and holding herself up with her arms, aggressively kissing and licking my mouth. After only a few seconds, she pulled back.
“What the fuck are you waiting for?” she said. She released her grip on my body standing in front of me now.
“But I’m not who,” she cut me off again.
“Fuck me now damnit!” she almost screamed. I don’t know who she thought I was, but now I didn’t care. I pulled off my shirt, and she immediately went for my pants. My clothes were soon in a pile on the floor.
“You didn’t bring one did you,” she asked me getting mad, “haaa,” she breathed, walking to her dresser pulling out a condom, throwing it at me. I hadn’t used a condom but a few times with Holly; but she had been on the pill for some time now, but it was smart to be safe with this girl, I had only ever had sex with two girls, head from a few, but now I was going to fuck a girl I didn’t know, it was smart to be safe. I put the love glove on my stiffening cock. The girl who hadn’t told me her name yet, jumped onto me again, wrapping her legs around me, our naked bodies together, I held her with my arms. She managed to shove my cock into her dripping pussy, and she started fucking me, hanging in the air, holding herself up.

She was driving me wild. I walked forward to the bed. She got me so hot I was determined to fuck her as hard as I could. It seemed like I was trying to push my cock through her pussy, nailing her to her bed, the noises the bed made told the story. Her deep grunts and my heavy breathing took over our senses. Then there was a knock on the door. “Don’t worry Cory my roommate is out of town,” she said. I stopped pumping my cock into her hot slit.
“Who’s Cory?” I asked her, giving away to her what I had known for some time, I wasn’t who she was expecting.
“Then who are…that must be Cory,”
“Why are you fucking a guy you’ve never seen before?” I asked her. She told me about an internet site for fucking strangers. She pushed me up and got up to go answer the door. She let Cory in. Boy did he look surprised to see me. The guy looked nerdy, he was short and had glasses.
“Who’s that?’” He said sounding mad.
“Well, actually, I don’t know,” she said. I was sitting on the side of her bed, cock pointing out. She was standing in the middle of the room, I stood up right next to her, and I poked her in the side with my cock. She kneeled down, taking my hint, and sucked on my cock. She waved for Cory to come over.

He walked over next to her. She stopped sucking my cock “Whip it out, I’m not going to do it for you, and you’d better have brought a condom,” she said. He seemed very reluctant to do so, but he did. He had brought a condom, apparently she was tired of giving them away. The guy had a small dick. He was only about four inches long and it wasn’t thick. He put on the condom, She was too busy on me to notice. He let his cock in the air next to her face. She pulled her mouth off of my wet cock, and started laughing. “You said you were hung like a horse,” she said, still laughing.
“Well he’s not that big,” Cory said trying to strike back at whatever he could.
“He never told me he was hung like a horse, and he knows how to use his cock, which is a lot bigger than yours anyway,” she said. She went back to work sucking and pushing my cock deeper into her throat. He just stood there for a while as she tried to deepthroat my cock. She wasn’t as good as Holly, but still good. She threw her hands in the air as if to say oh well, and she pulled off me and turned to suck his small dick. She continued to stroke mine slowly as if to say ‘don’t go anywhere’.

After a little giving him head, she stood up. “Lay down on the floor,” she told me. I obliged, and she aligned her pussy over my vertical cock. She lowered herself onto my cock. She was facing away from me, moving up and down on my cock with her tight hot wet hole. I held onto her ass giving me a grip to help her up and down on my hard cock. She pulled Cory by the dick in front of her, and she deepthroated him, very easily, maybe deep isn’t the right word. She continued to suck and stroke him as she humped my throbbing cock. “Fuck! Already!” she said mad. Cory had cum in his condom in her mouth. “That was it, I was going to switch you guys positions but your fucking done already,” she said. The guy, dejected, went to the bed and sat down, watching her fuck me, she was going so hard, she would almost pull all the way off then slam her pelvis balls deep on my cock. Her small tits bouncing, she orgasmed gasping for air and screeching, as her pussy throbbed and grasped my cock, her body convulsing.

Cory sat there watching and stroking his cock. He came over and poked his newly hard dick into her face, as if to say “I’m not done bitch.” She was still humping me. She stood up, “Okay so your not done. Get on the floor.” He did so, as I got up. She sat down on his cock, fucking very fast and short stroked. She was facing towards him, I stood my feet on either side of his head, she moving up and down deepthroated my cock again. She was moaning, sucking and licking my cock, which was covered in her juices. I was close to coming. I stepped back from her. I pulled the condom off tossing it aside, and stepped back close to her. She stroked my cock hard trying to get me to come, knowing why I had taken my condom off. I shot my huge load on her face, shot after shot after shot of thick jizz on her face, running down her neck and cheeks. “Holy fuck!” she said. Rubbing it in her face and her. “mmmmm,” she moaned massaging my jism into her face. “Thanks,” I said putting my clothes on.
“No thank you,” she said, as I left.

I got home and found Holly still studying. “Have a good time?” she asked.
“Yeah, but I wasn’t with Stephanie,” I said.
“Then Who?” she asked, “Details, come on!” she was genuinely excited.
“I don’t know her name,” I said. “She lives on your floor,” I told her, describing the girl I had fucked a few minutes ago.
“I think that’s Sara,” She said. “I thought she was a prude, she would never do anything with the girls, kind of a shut in.”
“Ya well I bumped her door, and she pulled me into her room to fuck me, then a guy knocked on the door, she met him on this internet site for meeting people, and when I hit her door, she thought I was him. Well she fucked both of us.”
“Really!?! What’s the site?” I told her the name of it. “Well have to check that out,” she said. I left her to study and went back to my computer.

I went to the site ‘Sara’ I had told me about. Seems there was a whole directory of people that you could arrange meeting with. It required a credit card, and I was leery of using mine on the internet. “Maybe later,” I thought out loud. I checked my e-mail. I had a reply from the webmaster of The Sex Palace. It said that if I was interested in sending in my own porn he would pay me $250 for the first one, and if he liked it he would offer me a contract for around $1000 per movie, depending on the quality, if he didn’t like the first one he would pay $250 for up to three more times. If he didn’t like any of them enough to offer us a contract, he wouldn’t pay us for any additional submissions but would review them. This could end our problems of time I thought. If we made $1000 dollars a movie, we could make one a week, and have tons of money. Holly could quit her job, and we could concentrate on our studies and on each other. I checked my bank account online. I had just over six hundred dollars saved up. Then I surfed e-bay for a video camera. I bid on one, four hundred dollars, it was good quality, but used. I went to a manufacturer’s site. I found a very good camera, one that we could make high quality digital films, and upload them onto computer instead of mailing, it was over a thousand dollars. Maybe if we get a contract I thought. “Hey Holly come look at this,” I said, pulling the email back up.

Part X: The Film

I explored The Sex Palace’s free section. They had lots of amateur videos. The free section consisted of ten to fifteen second clips of just a few videos. The members section it said had over a thousand separate videos, each around ten to twenty minutes long. The membership fee was fifteen dollars a month, or one hundred twenty five for a whole year. I wanted to see some of the videos to get a feel for what I should do, but id didn’t want to pay. I e-mailed him asking if I could get a free membership for a day, but he said that he had had many people e-mail him with the same inquiry, only they didn’t really have porn to submit, they were trying to trick him into free porn. He said that if I delivered a movie to him then he would give me a limited membership, and if we were good, he would give us a free membership. I watched the free section movies, some where bad angles and zoomed way out, like a camera was just set on a shelf. The camera I bought on e-bay arrived in the mail, two days after I got the extra battery and set of tapes I ordered from a supply site. Holly was back in her hometown, it was the end of our freshman year, and her little brother was graduating from high school, something that seemed like ages ago to me. She left yesterday morning and wouldn’t return until Monday afternoon, and today was Friday. I told her not to masturbate or have any sex until she got back and that I would do the same. She asked why, I think she knew anyway, but I told her it was a surprise. I spent the rest of the day acquainting myself with the video camera and trying to decide how to make our video. What would it be, would we have some theme, like teacher and student, or a delivery man, or should I pick her up on the street acting like we’ve never met, offering her money to come with me. I’ve seen videos of all of those, but none of them seemed very good. I eventually came up with my idea.

Stephanie called me on Saturday, asking me to come fuck her, since she was lonely without Holly. “Please, I know you get around with plenty of girls on your floor, you should try Sara, she’s horny” I said.
“No, I need a cock!” she said.
“Well I’m saving myself for when Holly gets back,” I said.
“Fuck that, come over here!” she said.
“No, I told you I’m saving myself for Holly.”
Thirty minutes later Stephanie came knocking on my door. I let her in. “Saving yourself huh?” she said, seeing that I was watching porn. She went into the bedroom and found Holly’s little pink toy, and the strap on I had bought her but had yet to use. Stephanie brought them back into the living room. “What is this for?” she asked.
“Well I got it for Holly and you to use, but apparently you haven’t.” Stephanie stripped naked sitting on the couch behind me, I was continuing to flush out my idea, watching some porn for ideas, and mapping it all out in my head. I could hear her moaning using, the little pink toy on her clit. I turned back toward her giving her a stern look, saying I’m saving myself don’t try it. I turned back to the computer, after a minute I turned back at hearing a weird noise. She had fitted the strapon to her body, and she was jerking off her dildo, smiling devilishly. “Okay fine, I’ll give you head, and use the vibrator, but you can’t touch my dick,” I said. I went over to her, whipping off the strapon and going to town on her pussy lips and clit, already soaking wet.
“Why are you doing this, why bother saving yourself, the pace you guys keep it shouldn’t matter,” she said.
“Leave it alone,” I said.
“No really though, I mean you can do just as well with half a days rest as you can with three days rest, what’s it matter?“ she asked.
“Okay I’ll tell you, if you’re so insistent.” I went on explaining how we were going to make our own porn video and she pestered me for the details, so I explained how it would all work.
“I want to help,” she said.
“Well I guess… how about this”

Monday Afternoon came finally. The weekend seemed to take forever. Holly called me on her cell phone, saying she would be home in about twenty minutes. Time to shine I thought. I picked up the video camera, put in a fresh tape, and went into the bathroom. I pointed at the mirror, and hit record. “As you can see, I have covered the red light that turns on when you are recording,. My girlfriend will not think the camera is on at anytime.” Turning the camera off and walking into the living room. Turning it back on, pointing at Stephanie, wearing a pink shirt, that had her nipples showing through, and sweat shorts, that showed the round of her ass well, but she was sitting, her shoulder length straight dark blonde hair hanging, and her small b-tits poking through. “This is my girlfriend’s roommate in her dorm,” I narrated, “She will serve as our cameraman when the time comes, but when my girlfriend arrives, camera girl here will be hiding in the closet. Why don’t you go ahead and get in there.”
“Okay,” she said rising. I followed her, walking and kneeling so that the camera documented her round ass in gray sweats striding to the bedroom and into the closet, which I closed enough that she could see out but not be seen. I shut off the camera.

“Good, good,” I said, letting her out. “Okay you know what to do don’t you,” I asked.
“Don’t worry. I got it down,” she said. Steph stayed in the bedroom and I walked into the living room. I turned the camera back on.
“Well, she will be here any minute, I will set the camera right here,” I said, putting it on a ledge, pointing it at the door and couch. “This will document her arrival,” I said turning the camera off. Steph came into the living room.
“This is going to be exciting,” she said. I stood watching out the window, when Holly drove up Steph ran for the closet. I ran to the camera, and turned it on, it pointing at me, and I left it there running, and ran to the couch to sit down, turning on the TV to espn. Holly unlocked the door and came in, she was wearing a large college sweatshirt, gray, and tight jeans. Her brown hair was cut recently and ran down to about her jaw, wrapping around her beautifully shaped cheeks. Her big C tits were only a little noticeable in the loose sweatshirt.

I turned off the TV and stood up to greet her. I pushed her against the door kissing her neck, she raised her head letting me suck and lick her neck. “I’ve got something special in mind,” I said rather loudly, not knowing the audible sensitivity of the camera, which at that moment I realized I hadn’t tested. She stood against the door, and I walked over to the desk picking up a cloth. I walked back to her, “Put this on,” I said. I helped her tie the blindfold over her eyes. She was giggling,
“This is new,” she said excitedly. I pulled her sweatshirt up and over her head, releasing her tits hanging on her chest, so perky and round. Her sweatshirt fell to the floor. “John, can I take a shower before we do this?” she asked.
“uhmm, sure I guess so, but you have to leave the blindfold on.” I said, contemplating the changes in the plan. I led her into the bathroom, sitting her down on the top of the closed toilet seat.
“Wait right here,” I said, “No peeking.” I walked out into the living room grabbing the camera and coming into the bedroom. I grabbed the little pink toy, and opened the closet door; letting Steph out, whispering to her and to the camera, “She wants to take a shower, so you stand on the side filming over the side.” Stephanie nodded, and I handed the camera over to her, and she turned it on me.

Stephanie followed me into the bathroom, she stood in the doorway, as I stood up Holly and undressed her completely. She had shaved her pubic hair off, clean. I tightened the blindfold. I played with her tits a little bit, before I undressed myself. I turned on the hot water letting it warm up, before helping Holly step into the shower. I could feel Stephanie standing right behind me. I stepped into the shower behind Holly. I glanced behind me. Stephanie stood on the side of the tub and held the camera over the top of the curtain bar. She must not have liked her view. She stepped down, and opened the back of the curtain. She was sitting on the side of the tub holding the camera at just above private height. I was rubbing my hands over Holly, I turned us around so that she was facing the camera, blindfolded, and I was facing her back, my hands were exploring her tits, and her ass. I soaped up and massaged and rubbed her tits, getting them soapy. She was gently moaning. I put one hand down to her pussy lips, massaging her opening. I stepped around her, so that I was face to face with her, and she was facing the camera, with me in between the two. I got down on my knees. I made sure to have my head to one side so that the camera would get a view, other than the back of my head. I licked very lightly the opening of her love slit, and used my hands al over her body. I was making her want it so bad. She continued to moan gently.

“You want me to just fuck you, don’t you?” I said.
“YES!!” she yelled, trying to get me to just pound her.
Instead I played with her nipples some more, and started laughing when she started whining, and pouting her lips, saying, “please, please.”
“First you do something for me,” I said standing up. Holly immediately kneeled down, and with her hands found my hard cock. And started to suck me slowly, and her hands were on my ass, grabbing. She just gave me gentle sweet head for a little bit. Then I helped her stand up and I knelt down and gave her head. I licked her pussy furiously, tongue fucking her. Then I helped her sit down and lie back in the tub bottom. I turned off the water. I pushed the Shower curtain all the way to the front off the shower, so that it was open for Stephanie to find a good view. I parted Holly’s legs, and she had one split straight out of the tub, and the other leg straight up and on the wall. Her pussy was spread wide open. I went on with eating her out, her juices flowing filly my mouth, Stephanie was standing just off the side, leaning over, camera just a foot and a half above Holly’s pussy. I started finger fucking her with two fingers as I continued with tongue action and sucking her clit. My other hand was up at her tits.

“John,” Holly kept repeating in a whisper between panting and moaning. I pulled my fingers sopping with juices out of her pussy and I gently pushed one into her ass, and then two, gently stroking, in her fucking tight asshole, and I kept licking and tonguing her wet slit. The ass fingering was too much as she climaxed, squirting juices in my mouth and running down onto my hand in her ass. She arched her back, screaming, “Ohh Fuck, John, Ohhh!!!” I continued, quickening my pace, eating her out, and fingering her ass. “I want to make you cum again, I want you to never forget this,” I said.

“Ohh john, ohhh YESS!” she was screaming as my breath hit her pussy, and I returned to eating her as fast as I could. She orgasmed a second time. I continued. I moved to finger fucking with two fingers in both of her holes, and licking her clit. Her third orgasm followed. I picked up her little pink toy, which I had set next to the tub. I turned it on and massaged her clit with it, still licking and sucking on her pussy, now my hand that had been in her pussy I moved up to her mouth, where she sucked her juices off of me. I massaged stroked and fingered here until she orgasmed for a fourth time. Her excitedness, heavy breathing, and moaning were running together from all four of her orgasms. I finally pulled my fingers out of her ass, turned off the vibrator, setting it on the floor, and stood up.

She laid there breathing heavily, and collecting herself, she started to reach up for her eyes. “No No,” I said, stopping her quickly, “We aren’t done,” I said.
“Ohh John, please let me please you,” she said.
“Don’t worry,” I said. I helped her stand up, and out of the tub. Stephanie backed up, standing in the doorway. I toweled off Holly and then myself. I stood behind her, my cock was poking the small of her back, and I hugged her tight, walking and leading us into the bedroom. Stephanie backed up out of the door way, and then waited for us to pass by. I took holly over to the bed. I laid her face down. Stephanie kneeled down next to the bed. I got on the bed behind Holly, and pulled her up to her knees, and down on all four. I was on my knees behind her. Stephanie was right next to the cock pussy combination. I pushed my throbbing cock into her extremely wet pussy. I fucked her all out, no gentleness here.

Her round ass was smacking me in the hips, and my cock was going balls deep and out, her hot tight pussy was contracting down onto my cock. I leaned forward resting my head and chest on her back. My hands went to her tits, pinching her hard nipples. We continued fucking until her fifth orgasm tried to milk my cock. I was close to coming. I picked up the mass of sweaty shaking screaming flesh that comprised Holly and set her down on the floor, she was on her knees in front of me, her mouth open and moaning, waiting for my thick cum. I took the camera away from Stephanie, who was standing right beside me. I was moaning into the camera, as Holly took my cock into her mouth. I held the camera from my point of view. “Suck it baby,” I said. She sucked me hard and fast. I pulled back.
“Oh come on me baby, I want your jizz,” she said. I held my cock in one hand, camera in the other. I knew I was going to cum about a fucking gallon. I pointed my cock at her forehead. I stroked my cock and it was making squishing noises from her juices and saliva on my cock. I could feel it coming. My first shot was massive, it streamed from my cock for seemingly several seconds, my cum hit her forehead and streamed down a straight line on her face, down her nose to her mouth, and was pouring into her mouth, then the second shot seemed to last forever, it blasted come over her head and trailed down to her hair, I think I shot nine times, the last three on her waiting tongue, all in all her entire face was creamed with my white goo, her hair sticking together, and it was running down her cheeks and neck onto her tits.

She had already swallowed what was in her mouth, and was using her hands to scoop some off her cheeks and down to her waiting tongue, she kept moaning. “Fuck that was a lot of fucking cum, glad I have a blindfold on,” she said. “Do it again,” she said, and I started laughing, finally catching my breath from the ball draining experience. “I think I need another shower,” she said.
“Not yet you don’t,” I said, handing the camera back to Stephanie, with her hand down her pants now. I pushed my softening cock into Holly’s mouth, and she sucked on it like a lollypop. She sucked it very fast in and out, trying to get me hard again, she knew I wanted to fuck again, and wanted to please me for all my efforts. She sucked it so well I was hard again in less than two minutes, and she continued to suck, and started deepthroating me. I laid her down on the floor on all fours again.

I grabbed the tube of anal lube and the strapon dildo, handing the strap on to Stephanie. She strapped it on, and I opened the lube and squirted a bunch on her fake cock. It was white and about six inches long, quite thick. Stephanie started to stroke her dildo vigorously as I instructed her earlier. I lubed up my cock, and laid down next to Holly. I helped her to lay on top of me, facing up. Her head was on top of mine, facing away. I held her legs so they were split out to the sided wide, and up in the air I pushed my hard cock into her tight fucking ass hole. Stephanie was stroking with one hand and filming the assfucking with the other. I was rocking Holly back and forth forcefully on my throbbing cock in her ass. Her pussy was leaking juices down onto my cock. I had my tits on her tits, She was breathing heavily and moaning hard at the cock in her ass. “Fuck my ass, Fuck my ass John,” she said. Then I motioned for Stephanie, and I held Holly’s arms across her chest.

Then Stephanie, dildo in hand, camera in the other, got down and shoved her strap on into Holly’s screaming wet pussy. “What the fuck!” Holly said. The dildo was warm from her stroking it and was lubed enough that Holly couldn’t tell it was fake. Stephanie started vigorously fucking pounding Holly’s pussy. I could feel the dildo rubbing on my cock through her ass. Holly was being filled in both holes. “Who is that?” Holly asked, more playfully this time, enjoying it. Neither of us answered. I continued to fuck her ass, Holly tried to reach for her blind fold, but I held her arms. She started laughing, “Ohh John, fuck, oh this is, wonderful,” she said before going into a long high pitched scream of pleasure, her ass was throbbing and I could feel her pussy convulsing, her sixth orgasm of the day. Then Stephanie, as was planned pulled out and retreated to the closet, with enough opening to watch and film out the opening. I let go of Holly’s arms, and she laid there panting, not moving. Just breathing, as if she wasn’t aware she had arms at all. I sat her up, the helped her stand up.

“Are you going to take off your blind fold?” She seemed to suddenly realize that I would let her, or maybe she wanted to leave it on as long as I wanted. She pulled it off, looked around, turned around.
“Who was that?” she asked. “Who was the other guy?”
“Uhmm, well,” I said.
“Ohh, that’s why you came so much, there was two of you.” She said, putting the wrong pieces together.
“Come out mystery man,” I said. The closet door opened and out walked Stephanie, Shirtless, but with her strapon over her sweat shorts still, holding the camera still filming.
“You?” Holly asked. “You were filming?!!?” Holly said trying to sound mad, but her smile gave it away.
“Did you like making your first porno?” I asked her.
“Fuck it was awesome, I thought for sure you were a guy,” she said pointing at Stephanie, “Ohhh, im still shaking”. Stephanie stood right in front of Holly, me to their side. Stephanie handed me the camera, and as soon as it was turned around, Stephanie jumped Holly, licking all over her face, sucking my cum off of her face, and then making out with her. I continued to film, as they ended up on the ground licking cum up and all over. Stephanie sat up, with her ass on Holly’s tits, jerking off her dildo, and pretending to come, she would gyrate and shake her fake cock, and spit on Holly’s face, Holly started laughing, and they both giggled.

I continued filming and my cock was still hard from ass fucking, and now watching this, I got on my knees, laying my cock on Holly’s forehead. Stephanie, scooted back, until her cock was in line with Holly’s pussy. I was directly behind holly, the top of her head between my legs. Stephanie started to fuck Holly’s pussy with her cock again. And I moved forward putting my cock on Holly’s beautiful lips. She leaned her head back and started sucking. She reached her hands up to my ass and pulled guiding me to shove my cock down her throat, as her pussy was pounded. Stephanie laid down on top of Holly, and I pulled my cock out so that it was between their lips. They were both licking my cock up and down, and making out with a throbbing dick in the way. I came again it shot down, both of their mouths were working on the shaft, so it all, not nearly as much as the first time, shot to their meeting round tits. We all stood up, I still had the camera, and they took turns sucking my jizz of each others tits, and rubbing their breasts together. I turned off the camera and the three us ended up sleeping in the same bed, after we all showered the love juices off each other.

Part 11 : Surprises and Offers

We, Holly Stephanie and I, had watched our porno, and sent it off to California in the mail, awaiting a reply. If we did well enough, we could kiss our jobs and money problems goodbye. It was Thursday afternoon, Holly and I had laid on the couch watching TV since we ate lunch. The phone rang. “Hello,” Holly said. Followed by several “Uh huh, yes, uh huh.”
“Who was that?” I asked. “Stephanie, she’s coming over, seems she signed up for a certain website, and arranged a meeting.”
“Really?” I asked.
“She said she wanted to bring him over here, and we could all have sex.”
“Okay” I said, “As long as its just some good fucking right?” I said smiling at my girl.
“That’s fuckin right mister”

Holly put on her silk lingerie she purchased earlier, It had a hole in the crotch. She sat almost on me, on the couch, waiting for Stephanie. Stephanie knocked on the door “It’s open,” I said loudly. The door opened, Stephanie walked in, wearing tight jeans and a tight black blouse, no bra.
Behind her strolled in her date, “Hi I’m Ray,” He said, putting his hand out, I shook his hand, and he offered his hand to Holly, who just stuck her hand down into her pussy. Stephanie and Ray sat together in the reclining chair.
“So Ray you’ve been using the service long?” I asked.
“Ohh, for about six months now,” He said.
“How is it?” Holly asked.
“Well every girl I’ve meet has put out at our first meeting, its only for sex.” He said.
“Are they hot, or are there ugly fat girls.” I asked, using the ignorant red neck voice I had in my vocal arsenal. Holly laughed quietly.
“There’s some of everything, if you just want hot blondes you can do that, and there’s even couples on there looking for a third party for their marriage or whatever,” He said.
“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?” Holly asked.
“Nothing really, it’s been just standard sex,” He said.
“No foursomes or anything?” Stephanie asked him.
“Nope,” Ray responded.
“That’s about to change,” Stephanie said.

“Well let’s get started then,” Holly said. Holly stood up from the couch, and stood in front of me, in her crotchless lingerie. Holly motioned for Steph and Ray to come over. Stephanie sat Ray down on the couch right next to me. Holly and Steph were standing over us now. “Here, let me get you out of these,” Holly said, reaching for Steph’s shirt. Steph returned the favor, removing Holly’s lingerie. Soon they were both standing over us, naked, rubbing their chests together, teasing the two of us on the couch. Steph lowered herself, sucking on a nipple on her way down, she gave Holly’s clit a few strokes of the tongue. “Ooooh, let’s get started shall we,” Holly said, turning to me, and Stephanie turning to Ray. Both girls side by side, on their knees in front of us. Holly between my legs, Stephanie between Rays. They simultaneously reached to our zippers.
“Synchronized Blowjobs, the new Olympic sport” I said, smiling, getting no laughs in return,“No?..okay.”
The hands unzipped and pulled down boxers, at the same time. Now apparently Stephanie had picked Ray because of his, let’s say features, that were bragged about online. Unlike the loser geek with a small dick, this guy, let’s just say, delivered the package. Like me, Ray had gotten excited from the little show we got, and when the boxers came down, the monsters were free, springing into the air for freedom. Ray’s cock wasn’t as big as he had said it was, but still he was probably about eight inches long, and Stephanie definitely looked happy.

The mouths of the blonde and the brunette descended onto the cocks. The wet sloppy blowjobs were heaven, Holly was trying to show up Stephanie by deepthroating me, Stephanie was working full blast both hands jerking mouth going up and down very quickly, slurping and sucking sounds escaping them both. Stephanie stopped and said, “Switch.” Suddenly Holly and Stephanie switched positions, and resumed in their styles of sloppy head. Stephanie was shoving her mouth on my cock, and Holly was trying to deepthroat his cock that was a little longer than mine, she couldn’t quite do it though. After a moment of heaven, we all stood up, shedding what clothes remained. Ray laid down on the floor looking up expectantly. Holly got down on all fours, her face over his cock, her ass near his feet. Stephanie got down, sitting on Ray’s face, facing down towards Holly. I got down on my knees behind Holly. “This seems like a good position,” Stephanie Said. Holly impaled his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head. It got so horny watching her give head.

I shoved my cock balls deep into her pussy and pounded her mercilessly, as Ray started to eat out Stephanie. Holly’s pussy was fuckin wet, and dripping down her legs. Stephanie was trying to drown Ray. And I was trying to put my cock through Holly’s tight pussy. “Switch,” Stephanie said, breathing heavily. Stephanie and Holly stood up and switched positions. Stephanie sucking off Ray, me fucking her tight pussy, and Ray eating out Holly. I was pounding Steph’s pussy slapping together, and I looked up at Holly’s, nearing orgasm, and she just looked back at me smiling wide, her hands on her tits. Suddenly Stephanie stopped pushing back on my thrusts, and she sat up. “You fucker,” she said, cum dripping out of her mouth. Holly started laughing out loud. I couldn’t help but laugh too, watching Holly’s tits bounce on her undulating chest from her laughter, as she fell away from his dripping mouth. “Okay shooter, you eat her pussy, even the score,” I said, pulling out of Stephanie.

I walked over to Holly, as Ray went to town on Stephanie. I stepped into the bedroom and grabbed the anal lube. I came back and bent Holly over the couch. I lubed up my hard juice covered cock, and put some on her ass. Then I plunged into her ass, with a resulting scream. I just kept fucking Holly in the ass, pump after pump in her tight hot ass. She was still screaming, but of pleasure now, and so was Stephanie, getting eaten playing with herself, and watching us buttfuck. Soon enough, the two of them were just sitting and watching us fuck, my hands gripping Holly by her tits. Stephanie suddenly ran into the bedroom, she returned a minute later with the strapon strapped on. Holly and I knew the drill, having done it once before. I was on the bottom, Holly sitting on top of me, cock in her ass, Stephanie between her legs, dildo in hand, guiding her cock into Holly’s pussy. We double penetrated Holly, for several minutes. Her orgasms spasming her whole body, squeezing both cocks fake and real alike, and her second orgasm came just after the first one, neither of us stopping the assault.

Soon enough Ray was standing over top all of us, putting his now hard again cock in front of Holly’s mouth. Holly took his cock and deepthroated him as she was getting double fucked. She had a third orgasm, which shook her sweaty body so much she fell off of me completely letting both cocks pull out of her. Ray pursued her, keeping his cock in her mouth, which she continued to suck. I was getting close to coming, and I turned to Stephanie, “No way, I’m not getting in the way of that thing when it goes off,” she said. I walked over next to Ray, putting my cock next to Holly’s face, while she was sucking him off. She immediately pulled off his cock, and went balls deep on mine, stroking his with her other hand. She stroked him very vigorously, and sucked me saliva and lube all over my cock, she bobbed her head, shaking her tits and flinging her hair all about. She jerked Ray until he came on the side of her face, and she increased pace to make me cum right then. She pulled off my cock, and put her face right under my cock, still stroking me. I emptied my seed onto her face, drenching her face, she was tonguing it as it ran down her face. The Stephanie stuck her strap on in Holly’s face.
“Suck this. bitch,” she said. Holly complied sucking her fake dick, and then rubbing it all over her face and eating the cum off of it.

Ray and Stephanie left, and she was still mad at him for blowing in her mouth, so she didn’t give him any encore. “I wish we would have filmed that.” Holly said.
“Hey. maybe I got a reply.” I said.

John, I have watched your tape six times now, I believe it shows the most potential I have ever seen, I am offering you an exclusive contract, we pay you $5000 up front, and $2500 per film, including this one, so $7500 to you right now, if you sign a contract giving this site exclusivity on your videos. This means that you cannot sell them to anyone else, and this contract is good for your first three videos. I have mailed you the contract, and when I get it back I will cut you a check for $7500.

“Wow.” my jaw was on the floor, so was Holly’s. “Now we really should have fucking taped that!” I said. We immediately broke into fucking on the floor again, as we were both very excited at these prospects.

Part 12 : The Sequels

Holly was wearing glasses and a backpack, sitting on the couch, Stephanie taping, and I was wearing a suit and tie. “Mr. Johnson, I really really need to get an A,” Holly said.
“Well Holly, you would need to do a lot to do that,” I said sternly.
“I’m willing to do a whole lot for you,” she said sluttily.
“Will you suck my cock?” I asked her. I said, unzipping my pants, pulling out my semi hard cock, and stroking it slowly. She was still in her backpack. I put my cock on her lips. “Will you do that for me,” I asked her. She started licking it. Holly stood up, throwing her backpack aside, tearing her clothes off.
“Do you want to lick my eighteen year old tits, Mr. Johnson?” she asked innocently. I licked her nipples, and pushed her head down ward. She licked me at first, then stroked with her hand and sucked on the tip.
“I’m only seeing C, C+ at the most right now” I said.
“What do you want me to shove this cock down my throat,” she asked.

“I think you should if you want the A,” I said. Holly jammed my cock down all the way. Stephanie was maneuvering around for a better shot. She continued to stroke her mouth and throat over my cock, moaning. I was pushing her head down on my cock. “Holly, if you swallow every drop, I will give you an A +.” I said. She just kept sucking. I played with her tits for a while, pinching her nipples. Then, on queue, Rachel, the redhead from the dorm, walked into my apartment.
“Mr.Johnson! I never thought I would see you of all faculty members taking advantage of a student!” she said.
“Oh Ms. Smith, it’s not like that, I was showing Holly here how to give a proper blowjob, she wanted to practice.” Holly just continued deepthroating and slurping on my cock.
“Oh my, that is quite the technique you have there young lady,” Rachel said.
“Want her to teach you how?” I asked her.
“Well, I would like to know, and I haven’t had sex in ages. I’ll make you a deal Mr. Johnson, I won’t report you, if you fuck me,” She said.

“Well get undressed,” I said. Rachel got undressed exposing her large C cup breasts, and her long curly red hair draped over them. She walked over next to Holly, turned around and bent over, exposing her ass spread eagle. My cock was good and lubed up by Holly’s saliva, and before entering, Rachel had lubed up her ass. I suddenly plunged my cock into Rachel’s ass.
“What the fuck, I didn’t say fuck my ass, I said fuck me,” Rachel said acting her part.
“Well, be more specific next time,” I said, as Holly began to eat out Rachel while I fucked her ass. After a few ass pounding moments, her hot tight ass got my cock over the edge. I pulled out, Holly had her cheek resting on Rachel’s ass watching the festivities. Rachel turned around and put her face against Holly’s, both of them with open mouths, awaiting their gift. I shot my first stream of jism into Rachel’s mouth, and then put the rest on her face, making Holly lap up their reward.

“I’m still fucking horny,” ‘Ms. Smith’ said. Holly and Rachel got into a sixty nine on the floor, their naked bodies, spunk covered faces. I was soon hard again. I moved behind Rachel and started to fuck her while Holly ate her out. Her breathing got very heavy and she orgasmed screaming at the top of her lungs and this caused Holly to orgasm, both of them trying to drown the other. They rolled off of each other. Laying on the ground breathing heavily, collecting themselves.
I Laid down next to Holly “I’m thinking your at B+,” I said. She rolled over and deepthroated my cock, slurp after slurp of her bobbing head and jiggling boobs got me to cum in her throat, forgetting for a moment the camera, which couldn’t capture the sight, but the information got across. “You want to be my TA?” I said to Holly.
“Okay were done,” Stephanie said. “Rachel we’ll pay you when we get the check,” I said.

With this film done we would have ten thousand dollars in the bank. Holly still had her job working as secretary in a local office. She had always said it was boring and she would be stuck for hours on end in a back room going through documents. Well she no longer had any reason to have this job. “So you going to quit?” I asked her.
“Want to get me fired?” Holly asked me wickedly.

I drove Holly to work Monday morning, starting of her summer full time hours. I waited in the car, watching her stride into work in her skirt that went to her knees, black, and her black shirt. She wiggled her hips walking in, bouncing her ass, wearing her semi heeled dress shoes. I waited for her to call. After about thirty minutes of waiting in the car she called my cell phone. “Be at the back door in one minute,” she said hanging up before I could respond. I stood next to the back entrance to the small office building, it opened from the inside, Holly pulled me inside, and into a dimly lit room filled with file cabinets. I brought the video camera, once inside I put it on a shelf with a field of view that included most of the room. Holly went back into the hallway. I went to the camera, turning it on, then walking over to a desk pretending to be busy.

Then Holly walked in. “You must be Holly,” I said.
“Yes sir,” she said sheepishly.
“So they assigned you to be my new secretary while Julie is taking a leave of absence having her baby.”
“That’s right,” she said.
“So Holly, how many people have you worked for?” I asked.
“This is my first secretary job,” she said.
“Well let me show you the ropes,” I said. I went on pointing to random file cabinets and making something up. “Do you have a boyfriend, Holly?” I asked.
“No sir I don’t,” she said.
“That’s a shame, pretty girl like you,” I said. “My old secretary used to keep me relieved of stress, would you be willing to do that for me?” I asked.
“What does that mean?” she asked, innocently.
“Well, that would entail, bringing me drinks, joking around, keeping a fun atmosphere, and relieving sexual tension,” I said, “Would you be willing to do that?”
“I don’t know,” Holly said. She was sitting in a chair, and I was walking around her, touching her back occasionally. I was standing behind her now, she was pondering the sexual advances I had made.

I unzipped my jeans. Pulling my limp cock out, and holding it behind her head. “Maybe,” she said. She turned her head to look back, and she gasped at the sight of my cock. I moved around in front of her. Holding my cock in my hand I put it on her lips. “I don’t….know,” she said unsure.
“Well, I could request a different secretary that will, tell them I was dissatisfied with you,” I said. She opened her mouth, slowly taking my limp cock into her mouth. She got up from the chair and to her knees, she was now pushing her head onto my cock, hardening almost instantly in her hot wet mouth. I pulled her up, bent her over the desk, and moved her panties aside, plunging into her tight pussy. Pounding her hard, she was screaming and breathing heavy. We continued fucking and making very much noise all over the room. We moved over near the camera, and she got back to her knees, and I blew my load onto her face.
“Ohh, ohh,” she said still catching her breath. “What…I need to clean up now!” she said almost mad. Then a guy opened the door, Holly on her knees covered in my spunk, hair messed up, clothes disorganized on her body, tits hanging out of her shirt. “Holly I…” he stopped as he saw us, “Who’s this?”
“He’s My new boss,” Holly said. “He doesn’t work here, Who are YOU?!?!” the man demanded.
“Oops,” I said, pulling up my pants and going to pick up my camera. “WHAT!” Holly said, chasing after me, as I ran out the back door, camera still rolling.

I was waiting in the car, filming toward the door. Holly walked out the door, hair still messed up, face still smeared with cum. She was walking towards a random car that wasn’t hers. I drove up to her. “You Prick! You got me fired!” she yelled at me.
“How would you like to work for me?” I asked her.
“What do you mean…what’s with the camera.”
“You come back to my place, we have some fun and I’ll pay you,” I said.
“How much?” she asked.
“Well that depends on what we do.”
“I want one hundred dollars right now to go with you,” She said.
“Okay one hundred to go with me,” I said, pulling out a hundred dollar bill, she got in the car and I gave her the bill. Turning off the camera, finally breaking character. “Fired?” I asked.
“Nope,” she responded.
“No? I would have thought being caught in the act and then walking through your office with jizz on your face would have done it for sure,” I said, still wondering what kind of place she works at.
“My boss asked me what I was doing, I said that I was giving my new boss a blowjob, and he said that guy doesn’t work here, but I do.”
“You mean he came onto you?!” I said.
“Ya he wanted me to blow him,” Holly said
“I said no thanks, then he said, I’ll pay you a hundred dollars, and I told him I’d do it for a thousand dollars”
“What, did, did you blow him?” I asked.
“Hell no that fucker doesn’t have a thousand dollars,” she said “but he probably won’t fire me while the offer is still on the table.”
“So you still need to get fired then?” I asked.
“Yeah I guess so”

We went home and finished the movie, she was ‘working’ for me, and I acted out giving her money in return for sexual favors, both of us haggling the prices the whole way. We had now finished our third video. Our porn resume now included the blindfolded threesome surprise, the teachers and student, and tricking a secretary followed by paying her for sex. The First movie was now posted on the site, and was receiving good reviews from members of the site. In a week the next two videos would be posted alongside this one on The Sex Palace. These three videos combined would attract attention from all over the Porn industry to the two of us and our amateur videos.

Part 13: Summer Jobs

We went on making our amateur porn and getting paid, much more than we could make working regular jobs I might add. The semester went on pretty much as it had, just with some pornography making thrown in. In the summer the company flew is out to LA to talk business and sign real contracts. They put us up in a hotel and we had access to their studio. We would learned a lot about the “art” of filmmaking, some good hands on advice and such.

We arrived at the studio after the flight. We saw many girls with huge fake tits waiting in line at one side of the building, we went in through a different entrance, as instructed. “Hi John, Holly” Jerry Spencer said, greeting us. The building so far looked like a typical office. We were given the grand tour. We walked through an empty set, it looked like an ordinary house, but there were cameras all over the place, very good expensive ones, like those used in most ‘legitimate’ Hollywood films. We saw the dressing rooms, and then we came to the ‘audition’ rooms. They had two way mirrors, and we stood on the other side watching. They would have dozens of girls wanting to be stars. They brought them in one by one and told them stories about getting ahead, and the end result was the interviewer getting a blowjob or fucking the young girl, who thought she was getting ahead, when there was actually an audience she wasn’t aware of, as well as cameras. But the films could only be used to evaluate the ‘talent’ not marketed. “How does a guy get that job?” I asked. “Ohh that’s our male talent, and the rest of the guys that work here, cameramen, boom mike operators, guys in the office, it’s a perk of the job.” “You mean that I could just come in here and ‘interview’ a girl whenever I wanted?” I asked. “Yeah” he said. “I might like to watch that” Holly said. The girl in the next room was performing a striptease, followed by a blowjob to the guy in the next room. Then we ended up in Jerry’s office. “So are we in business?” He asked. “Yes” Holly said before I could. “What’s first?” I asked.

We were escorted to a studio, where there were two girls, obviously pornstars, Holly’s natural tits couldn’t compare to these things, but all in all, I think Holly is just as good looking as these porn stars. The set was of a normal house. The two pornstars, each with double D’s and blonde hair, wearing sweats, were sitting in chairs, and the director was standing behind them, and six guys were sitting across from them. Holly Jerry and I stood just to the side of the group. “Hi everyone, this is John and Holly, they will be starting out here, so put them in somewhere” Jerry said, mainly to the director. They were all going over what would happen in the movie, then the director sent everyone to makeup, curtain call in fifteen minutes. “Hi guys, take a seat” the director said. “So, you two are the new talent, I’m Steve” we exchanged handshakes. “I saw your films, very good, I liked it. What we’re doing here is gangbang scene. I don’t know if you’ve done anything like this. Basically Jenna and Ashley will fuck and be fucked by all six guys, blowjobs all around etc. Then all the guys will cum on Jenna’s face, one after the other, while Ashley sucks and fucks, getting them ready to blow onto Jenna. Since you two work together, I want you two to just kinda stay in the background, I’ll tell you where to be don’t worry, and you two do whatever you want, but when you cum, you go and do it on Jenna.” Steve spouted off all of that without stopping. “Sounds good” I said.

All ten of us, seven guys, three girls, stood naked, girls in the middle, facing the camera, “I’m Jenna and I am going to get a Jizz shower” Jenna said. That was our cue, the two pornstars got down on their knees and started to blow all the other the guys. I was surprised that I didn’t have the smallest penis, the other guys weren’t all huge jocks with huge dicks like it seemed in porn, three of them had about six inchers like me, only one guy, the only black one, had a very large cock, his was about twelve inches long.

Holly and I went off to the side of the cock swapping blowjobs. She got down on her knees and started to suck me off slowly, until I was hard. She stood up, we both stood and watched for a moment before we remembered we were also in the movie. Holly got down on all fours, her round tits hanging between her arms, her ass in the air, she was facing the gangbang, and I moved down behind her. We watched as Jenna and Ashley took three cocks at once each. They both had one in the ass one in the pussy and one in the mouth. I watched and slammed Holly’s pussy, with my cock, her pussy juices I could feel running down my thighs, our skin slapping together. I fucked her hard and very fast. She was breathing very rapidly, panting. Soon the whole gangbang stopped in its tracks as Holly orgasmed screaming very loudly, “Ohhh FUCK YES” she yelled. We hadn’t had sex in a week. The whole octet of fucking was looking at us. “Fuck that must be good” Jenna said, before shoving a cock in her mouth. The black guy pulled his cock out of Ashley’s mouth and walked over to us, I was still pounding Holly’s pussy. “Mind if I join in little lady?” the man asked in a deep voice. Holly responded “Let me see that huge thing” she said. The guy kneeled down in front of her, she licked up and down his huge black cock. “I can taste someone’s pussy” Holly said giggling. Holly started sucking on the end of his cock, and stroking with one hand. She came again, streaming her juices down both of our legs and muffled screaming went into the black man’s cock. She deepthroated him to about the nine inch mark I would guess. “Oh fuck yeah” he said, putting his hands on the back of her head.

Jenna was now sitting upright, with one of the guys in front of her, which meant the jizz splattering was starting. The black guy pulled out of Holly’s mouth, and quickly walked over to Jenna, he was the second. Holly and I stood up and walked over near the event. Three guys had cum on her face already, and the other three were all standing around her jerking themselves off, taking turns. Holly got back to her knees, and sucked me slowly, waiting for the sixth guy to blow his load on Jenna, Ashley was sitting next to Jenna now, licking her lips, they would make out to finish off the scene.

Holly saw the last guy come and knew that I would be next. She deepthroated me hard and fast, very sloppy, jerking her head and saliva pouring down onto my balls. I pulled out of her mouth and walked over to Jenna. I hadn’t had sex in a week. “Ya, shoot that cum all over me” Jenna said. ‘Ya blast her with that hot jizz” Ashley said. I stood over Jenna, stroking my cock, she had her mouth wide open, cum was oozing down her tits in her hair and down the side of her face. “Here it comes” I said, stroking faster, then stopping, as I felt my balls start to erupt. My first shot was enormous, it came out so fast it splashed off her cheek shooting off to the side, hitting Ashley in the face, the second shot was slower but it was like a fucking faucet, seemingly pouring out continuously, hitting her in the forehead and coming down to her mouth, down to her tits. “Whoah!” I head several other reactions from the guys and girls, but I kept coming, now in Jenna’s mouth. “Holy Fuck!” Jenna said. Now drowning in my semen, and dripping with jizz. Ashley moved over and started to make out with Jenna, rubbing their bodies together in the jism, and licking all over her face. “That’s a wrap everyone” The director said. “What the fuck do you eat?!” one of the guys said joking.

The next day we arrived bright and early at the studio. Jerry Spencer greeted us and took us to his office. “Well, our bright young stars, we’ve got your three films, and now that cameo you did the other day, its time to start utilizing your talents and our sets.” “Sounds good, what do you want us to do?” I led up our part of the conversation. “Well, whatever you guys want, we’ve got all these sets, why don’t you just walk around look at the sets and do a little brainstorming, I don’t have any directors in here today, so if the notion strikes you, you can do whatever you want. Call me if you need some camera guys.”

Holly and I walked hand in hand through the studio. There were tons of sets, school settings, offices, mansion, bus, hospital, just about anything. We came to a set that looked like a public bathroom, for some reason I started to chuckle. “What, what’s funny?” Holly asked me. “It’s GloryHole” I said. “A What?..” Holly asked. “You should watch more porn if your going to be a pornstar” I said. “I don’t want to be a pornstar” she said “just illegitimate actress, how’s that”. “Whatever you gotta tell yourself,” I said joking.

I pulled out my cell phone and called Jerry. A few minutes later a camera crew showed up. “I think this would be the standard deal here guys” I said, turning to Holly “Babe, just go in there, and go to the bathroom, like you are at department store or something, and you’ll figure it out” “Okay…” Holly said. She still hadn’t figured out what was going on. I retreated to the next room, where there was a peephole at eye level, and then the glory hole. I peeked through and saw that Holly had just started to pull her jeans down. She sat down on the toilet seat, the set however many times it had been used, seemed to be as clean as the day it was made. Holly had her panties around her knees, and pants around her ankles. I looked at her round tits, her nipples barely poking through her blue shirt.

Holly looked around, as if to make sure she wasn’t being watched, that mischievous look, then put one hand between her legs, and she moaned as her right hand massaged her clit gently. Her other hand went under her shirt to her tits. I was now semi hard and decided it was good enough. There was about a foot, maybe more between the wall and Holly, I pushed my cock through the hole, it was hanging on the other side. Holly suddenly jerked her head to one side, catching my cock in the corner of her eye. “What’s this?” Holly said teasingly. “Were you watching me?…You want me to suck that?” she said, to still no answer. “Fuck that’s kind of getting me hot,” she said. She pulled her shirt up over her head, dropping it to the floor, exposing her white bra holding her round breasts, which she reached behind her back to unstrap. She freed her tits, hanging on her chest, yet pert poking the air, in the rounded beauty. She got down and to her knees in front of me and the wall.

She lightly stroked my cock with one hand, studying it. “I suppose you want a blowjob,” she said, not really to anyone, more like talking to herself. “I want one thing in return,” she said. Then she took the head of my cock into her mouth, stroking the end with her tongue. Still stroking with one hand, and the other hand in her crotch, she started to pump her head on my cock, mouthfucking. Her tits swayed back and forth, and her brown hair rocked back and forth with her head movements. “Fuck you taste good, I want some more big boy,” she said. She dove her head down, throatfucking me. The saliva was running down her chin, her in and out movements made slurping and squishing sounds, as she deepthroating me. She pulled her mouth away. “I want you inside me” she said.

Holly stood up, ass against the wall, and she bent over, bracing herself on the side of the toilet with her arms. She held my cock in one hand, leaning back, pressing my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy, which I could feel the wetness of. She put her hand back to the toilet, both hands back to brace her, and she pushed back, penetrating till her ass slammed against the wall, in one fast motion. She pushed back and forth, grinding her ass into the wall, her pussy trying to pull me through the thin wall. “What’s this” I heard her say. I looked through the hole and saw another dick sticking through the opposite wall, it was just in front of Holly’s face. I started to wonder who the fuck that could be, maybe one of the camera crew, or maybe one of the six guys from last time, but I don’t fuckin know.

Holly took one hand and reached in front of her, stroking the cock vigorously. She continued to push her ass back against the wall, as she stroked that cock, and she would touch the head of the cock with her mouth and tongue when she was at one extreme of her pussy stroke. She continued to play pendulum for a few moments, then she pulled off of me, and she got down on her knees, in between the walls and cocks. She had one hand on each cock. “Whatever should I do?” she said. Then she moved to the other cock, still holding my stiff juice and saliva soaked cock, as she started to suck off whoever the other guy was. She deepthroated him hard and fast, and stroked me quickly too. Holly stayed over there sucking him down for several minutes, still stroking me. She must have sensed I was close to cumming as she kept me from getting too much stimultation, holding me at the edge. She got back up, shoving her ass against the opposite wall, fucking the other guy, as she reversed the previous position, now giving me head. She would hit the end of my cock on the out stroke, but continued to stroke my cock, now more vigorously. I blasted my load through the wall onto her face, shot after shot of thick jizz onto her face, some shooting over her head and landing on her bare back, as she sucked the tip of my cock on the outstroke of her pussy. As soon as I was finished, she got up and down to her knees in front of the other guy, stroking him and sucking him till he blew his load that went on her face and onto her tits. Holly, cumblasted, sat back on the toilet, holding one cock in each outstretched hand. “I wonder who these fuckers are,” she said.

I emerged from my side, Holly stood there naked and cumcovered. Jerry Spencer, the producer, emerged from the other side, the mystery man. “Fucking great head,” he said. “Well thank you,” Holly said. “Let’s go get a shower,” I said. We walked to the shower room next to the dressing room. This shower room is where all the ‘talent’ washed up after the sessions on set. We both showered, I was sweaty from being in the small room, and Holly was dripping with liquid proof of the experience.

“What do we do now?” Holly asked me, as we dressed. “Let’s fuck with some of those despereate ‘models’” I said, reffering to the girls lining up to be in the movies. “How?”

I told my idea to Jerry, he liked it, and he set it all up for me. The girl, Jennifer, was almost six foot tall, huge fake breasts, like double E , so fake looking, her hair bleached fake blonde, was led into the interview room, which was loaded with hidden cameras and had a two way mirror. Jennifer signed a release saying that the interview would be taped and the studio could use it for whatever they wanted. Basically if they wanted to make it into a porno, she would get a small cut of the film, but most likely they wouldn’t use it. Usually this meant some girls would come in and need to “prove” they can give head or fuck and would service some guy for no good reason. “What am I supposed to do, I get all these girls fuckin lining up wanting to be in my movies, I can’t use all of them, and they all will do anything to get what they want, if I don’t tell them they might get a job by giving some guy head, then they will just go to another studio, so what the fuck am I supposed to do?” Jerry had said, explaining his reasoning for the exploitation. It wasn’t really his fault that he exploited these girls, they exploited themselves, if they didn’t come here, they would go to another studio, so what’s it really matter. I briefed Holly in on my idea, “Where the fuck do you come up with this shit?” she asked me, using many curses, mimicking the way some people talk, it was all kind of an obscure joke.

Jennifer had been escorted to the camera laden room after signing the release, knowing that she would be interviewed probably give head and maybe get a job. I made her sit in the room waiting for twenty minutes. I walked into the room, a large metal desk separating the two of us. She was sitting in a chair, her legs uncrossed, somewhat open, and she had no panties on. I came into the room with a folder in my hand, setting it on the table, sitting down and opening it, pretending to be doing some paperwork. Jennifer had no idea what was going on. “Jennifer…22…modeled with…no prior experience…” I somewhat read aloud. “So Jennifer” I said looking at her face for the first time “Why should I give you this job?”. “Well, if you want me to suck your dick why don’t you just say so,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Well, it’s not that simple, this is a buyers market, not a sellers market.” I said. “What the fuck does that supposed mean, buying market?” she said, obviously not understanding at all. “That means there is an abundance of girls I can pick, almost all of them willing to suck my dick, so why should I pick you,” I said. “I’ll fuck you, whatever you want, fuck, I’m not a salesman, just say it and I’ll do it,” she said. “Well, if you can’t distinguish yourself with any words, or ideas, I guess I will just have to judge you on sexual ability. Get the fuck over here and give me a fuckin blowjob,” I said. I pushed my self back from the table, sliding the chair. She immediately stood up and walked around the table, kneeling down, almost under the table, unzipping my jeans. She pulled out my limp cock, started stroking it. She immediately started giving me head as soon as I was semi-hard. I put my hands on the back of her head, pushing her down on my cock. She partly choked on my cock, resuming the blowjob right away. Just then Holly burst through the door.

“You fucker!” she yelled at me. Jennifer stopped to look up. “Don’t stop” I said, pushing her back down on my cock. “You getting a fucking blowjob from some bimbo!” Holly yelled. “So Fucking what!” I yelled back. “I knew you were fucking around on me you bastard!” She yelled. “oh this is fucking work, shes just giving me a fucking blowjob!” I yelled back. Holly walked up to me, still getting head, and pushed Jennifer off of my crotch. “Baby, you want to take out your aggression on something” I asked calmly. “Like what?” she asked. “Like her ass” I said, motioning to Jennifer. Holly paused, angrily staring me down “Okay fine, let’s fucking do it,” Holly said.

I turned in my chair, pushing Jennifer to all fours, and putting my cock back in her mouth. Holly moved behind Jennifer, and pulled down her tight skirt, revealing her pussy and ass sticking back in the air, rocking back and forth as her mouth massaged my cock. Holly pulled out a huge strapon, more than a foot long, she pulled her own skirt down and off, placing this strapon around her hips. Holly was behind Jennifer’s ass, Jennifer hadn’t seen the strapon. Holly plunged the black dildo deep into Jennifer’s pussy. Holly fucking pounded Jennifer, thrust after thrust, slamming their hips together, Jennifer was grunting into my cock. Holly pulled her foot long out of Jennifer, standing up to a squat, and shoving the now wet toy into Jennifer’s tight ass, and fucked her deep hard and fast. Jennifer tried to scream but my cock was in her throat. I kept pushing her head up and down on my cock. “Ohh fuck ya bitch you like that don’t you” Holly said. Jennifer kept pumping her head on my cock. I could feel another orgasm coming. I jizzed down her throat, still holding her head on my cock. Her eyes went wide, and I continued to pump down her throat. Holly pulled out of Jennifer’s ass, and stood next to me, I was sitting in the chair, and Jennifer was on all fours, collapsing to the floor, sodomized. “Does she give better head than me?” Holly asked. “No” I said, truthfully. We both left, leaving her as a mass on the floor, with her ass spread open, and jizz in her throat.

One night at a bar Holly met a girl named Lindsey. The next day back at our hotel room, a day of rest, she filled me in on the details. Lindsey, a five foot tall brunette, with, as Holly described, small pokey tits. Holly and Lindsey really hit it off. So I wasn’t surprised that when Lindsey called our hotel phone, Holly was out the door to meet her. This meant I had a whole day to myself, in LA, and nothing to do.

I walked into the studio, and went to Jerry Spencer’s Office. “John, wasn’t expecting you today”
“I got nothing to do, do you think I could do an interview or two?” I asked.
“Uh sure why not, just go down there and tell them to send the next girl to you.”

I went down to the interview section. Before I had been in the filming interview room, but there were several other rooms that had no cameras, and thus the girls signed no releases, and thus didn’t know what to expect. I told the secretary to send the next girl to my room, which was Interview Room
. I sat down, in front of a wooden desk, pulled out the paperwork associated with the interview. Believe it or not there were paper records for every ‘interview’. It seems that porn companies in LA have a flood of girls, more than they can handle, so they can’t use them all, but they keep coming.

A nearly six foot tall black woman stepped into the room. She was wearing a pink skirt that didn’t go to halfway down her thighs, high heels, and a very tight white shirt, with her large DD breasts almost perfectly visible through the thin tight fabric. “Hi, my name is Vanessa.” I glanced up at her then put my head down into paperwork. Filling out the necessary boxes, name, race, gender.
“Have a seat,” I said looking up.
“Vanessa, how much do you weigh?” I asked.
“125 lbs,” was her response, I think it was more like 135, she was skinny but for six foot, she wasn’t that skinny.
“Cup size?” I asked returning to my paperwork.
“38 DD,” was her response.
“And you are interested in doing what..exactly?” I asked.
“Well I wanted to do some nude modeling, maybe a movie or two?”
“So Porn…okay…and…Age?” I asked.
“Well Vanessa, we don’t have any opening for models right now, we might have an opening for porn, but this says we are looking for a blonde, so you can see that doesn’t seem to be helpful to you.”
“Can I demonstrate my talents?” she asked. “What kind of talents are those exactly?”

“I love to give blowjobs, I’m really good at that.”
“I don’t know…there isn’t much I can do.”
“You can fuck me too.”
“Vanessa, I don’t think this is working out,” I stood up, holding the folder and started to walk out of the room, which took me past her sitting in her seat.
“Please, I’ll do anything you want,” she said, grabbing my sleeve as I walked past her. I stopped. I set the folder back on the desk, standing to her side as she sat. I unzipped my pants, pulling out my semi hard cock. I pushed it at her face, and she immediately took my cock into her mouth, sucking on me, and taking my limp cock all the way balls deep. My cock grew inside of her mouth, going down her throat, as she licked my balls.

I pulled back away from her, walking back to my seat and sitting back down, pants still unzipped.
“Okay Vanessa, you have my attention, show me your breast,” Vanessa stood up, pulling her tight t-shirt off, and removing her bra, releasing her mammoth black tits.
“Now show me your pussy,” She turned around, pulled her skirt down slowly, revealing a white thong, and her round black ass. She then peeled her thong from her hips, dropping them to the floor as well, in a sexy striptease.
“Okay, let’s take a walk,” I said, standing up, zipping up my pants, and having her follow me, naked. She walked next to me, and I led her out of the interview area, the halls were empty. We came to the dressing room area. There was the men’s dressing room and women’s dressing room on opposite sides of the hallway. There were no movies being filmed right now, but I knew that they had finished one up less than fifteen minutes ago.

I led her and her jiggling tits and ass into the men’s dressing room. There were three guys in the dressing room, all of them white and around six feet tall, all of them looked about ready to leave after a day of ‘hard’ work. I led Vanessa into the shower room, and catching the eye of two of the guys in the process. The shower room was tiled, and consisted of twelve shower heads, six on each side. I took Vanessa to the end of the shower, which was a relatively dark, and damp area. Now standing there I shed my clothes, leaving myself naked in front of this black beauty.
“Put this on,” I said, handing her a condom, which she unrolled and placed on the end of my cock, and applied it with her mouth. “Suck me bitch,” I said. Obediently Vanessa, who is several inches taller than me, dropped to her knees, jiggling her DD tits as her knees hit the floor, leaned forward taking my now erect cock down her throat. Bobbing her head up and down on my cock, I held her head with my hands, pushing and pulling her faster. I pulled myself away from her, turning her around, on her knees, onto all fours.

I knelt down behind her, doggystyle, and pressed my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy. Pushing my cock in to the hilt in one swift motion, I pounded her so hard so fast it was brutal, that slapping of our flesh echoed in the shower. At this time I realized we had an audience. All three guys were standing at the other end of the shower, I turned saw them, then with my hand motioned for them to come over. They all shed their clothes and walked over. Vanessa, taking my cock pounding on her pussy, suddenly found an eight inch cock in her face, and four hands on her tits. We repositioned, so that I was laying on my back, Vanessa was sitting upright on my cock, moving up and down, one guy stood at my feet, getting his cock sucked, and each guy stood to the side, getting their cocks stroked, as they massaged her tits. I could feel I was close to coming. She continued the pounding, sucking and stroking. I blasted my load inside of her, but with a barrier.

She sat up, allowing me to slip free, as she returned to all fours, sucking and fucking. I put my clothes back on, watching the show, and left, returning to the interview area. I walked into the interview room, going to get the paperwork I left behind, to fill in a few new developments, but I found another girl sitting and waiting. “Hello?” I said.
“Hi I’m Ashley,” she said. She was about five foot tall, blonde shoulder length hair, and about C cup, round nice tits.
“Hi, I’m John” I said, caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting another one. I walked back to my chair, and opened the folder, to fill out some of the paperwork.
“Is this a stressful job?” Ashley asked. I just nodded.
“I bet you could use some relief from it all,” she said, as she walked around to my side, getting on her knees, looking in my eyes, her blue eyes staring into mine.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my still semi-hard, and semen smeared cock. “Ohh looks like you already have had some stress relief,” She said, as she licked up and down on my cock. “Tastes good” she said shoving my cock into her mouth. She went into a rhythmic motion of her head, on her knees, blowing me. She continued this for some time. I just leaned back, put my hands behind my head, and moaned. Her sloppy blowjob was slurping saliva all over my crotch, as she quickened her neck motion, shoving my cock to the back of her throat.
“Ohhh suck me bitch,” I said. She continued sucking and stroking. I soon was feeling that old feeling again. I decided not to say anything. I came in her mouth, but it wasn’t very much, and she swallowed it all without hesitation. She stood back up. I decided to take her down to the showers. I led her down to the showers where the three guys were still taking turns on Vanessa.
“Hey guys here’s another one,” I said. She ran down to the end of the shower, and went right to work sucking off one of the guys.

I returned to the Hotel, to find two girls passed out in the bathtub. Maybe passed out isn’t right, they were asleep, in each others arms, Holly and Lindsey. I decided to take a shower, across from the tub in the bathroom. I must have woken up the duo, because I could hear muffled voices, and could see shadows through the cloudy shower door. Then suddenly the shower door slid open, I expected Holly, but instead met Lindsey.
“Hi I’m Lindsey,” she said, reaching her hand out as to shake hands, but my right hand was holding a bottle of shampoo, and at my hesitation, the naked Lindsey, reached to my limp cock and shook it.
“John,” I said. “You about done… John?” she said.
“Ya I’ll be done in a second.” I finished shampooing my short hair, under a watchful eye, then stepped out of the shower, leaving Lindsey to herself. I stepped into the bedroom, where Holly, naked, was sitting waiting for me.
“Isn’t she great,” Holly said, in a whisper.
“I guess…how old is she?” I asked.
“Seventeen,” was the response.
“She’s still in high school?” I asked astonished.
“Ya…she’s great, we just get along so well,” Holly said.
“Sounds like a crush,” I said.

The next day was spent doing goofy tourist things, with Lindsey as our guide through LA, as she was a local. The following day was to be spent in the studio. We watched some action on the set, and Lindsey came with us. I was doing some final paperwork.
I was finished so I went looking for Holly. I waited outside the Women’s dressing room for another five minutes. Finally giving up I entered the Dressing room, which was by no means against the rules, these girls didn’t mind an audience. I looked for Holly, but found three pornstars, doing their makeup for an upcoming session. I found Holly and Lindsey in the Shower room, which was identical to the men’s. They were locked in a sixty nine, on the shower floor, with two shower heads raining on them steamy water, that glistened and splashed on both of their bodies. Holly was on top, I walked over, shedding my clothes in the process, stroking myself to get ready, and then got down to my knees and placed my cock at the entrance to Holly’s now cleanshaven pussy. Lindsey continued licking and lapping at Holly pussy and clit. I shoved my cock into her pussy, which was wet with juices and saliva. Lindsey continued her licking, which now included the shaft of my cock as it penetrated Holly hot wet dripping pussy. I continued to fuck her as she moaned into Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey came with some short fast screams. “oh oh oh,” she repeated rapidly, and after her orgasm subsided, she went back to work on Holly’s pussy which I was still fucking. Holly orgasmed next, which sent juices down to Lindsey’s tongue.
“You girls ready to go now?” I asked. The only response I received was some panting.

Part 14 : New Places, New Faces

It was the end of July, and that meant that the lease on my apartment was about to expire. Holly and I had without discussion come to a mutual conclusion that we would be living together, and with our sudden inflow of money, we would be moving up. We had planned to come back to go apartment hunting, but since we now had incredible amount of money, it was no longer necessary to find the affordable apartment, which meant shopping became much easier. Holly had decided to stay in LA for another week, she and Lindsey had become close friends if not more. The morning of my flight home, I asked Holly a few questions.
“Babe, what about sex while we’re apart?” I asked.
“I’ve thought about it, and I think you should do whatever you want, as long as your careful, I’m sure Stephanie is in need of some attention,” Holly said.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Well, Lindsey and I can probably take care of each other.”
“I know we’ve never really set down any ground rules, and it seems to be holding us back, so let’s just say this. The only rules are, be safe, how’s that,” I said.
“I’ve been thinking the same thing, I just didn’t want to ask if I can fuck other men, well, at least not before you asked if you can fuck other women,” she said, smirking.
“Well, as long as we both know what’s going on, then it should be fine, you know I love you, I know you love me, sex is just sex.” I said.
“I love you babe,” Holly replied.
“I got to get going.”

I hadn’t packed my suitcase, I had waited until about ten minutes before I had to leave, procrastination is the strongest form of motivation. So I stuffed as much as I could into my suitcase, and checked my mp3 player was charged, before leaving the room, walking to the elevator, hailing a taxi, and going to the airport. And just think a year ago I was living at home, now I’m 19 and my parents think I’m working all summer at home, they only call my cell phone, they can’t tell the difference. The fact had occurred to me that I hadn’t told my parents that I was doing porn, before it just seemed like I was just doing it, but they don’t know and it seems to me like I’m hiding it. I hadn’t made a real conscious effort to lie to them, I just didn’t feel like telling them. I guess I’ll think about that later, I thought, riding in the cab.

On the plane, cruising at altitude, the cabin was sleepy, for the passengers were tired from such an early flight, and anticipation of a long flight. It was almost eerily quiet. I too was trying to sleep, knowing I couldn’t, but in a vain attempt putting on my headphones, and closing my eyes. I have always found that familiar music will help me sleep better than just silence. I, being a nineteen year old, was into the music of just the past few years, and being a rock fan, I was listening to my favorite album, Lateralus by Tool, but having heard it so many times in recent memory, I searched through my library of songs on my mp3 player, and decided on some classics, things that my generation seem to have forgotten. The music in question is that of The Beatles, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and so on. I must have had my music playing a bit too loud, when I was taken out of my near slumber by a voice in my ear. “Do you like The Doors?” I heard a feminine voice say, as I opened my eyes.

I saw a woman, she had been sitting next to me, but we hadn’t spoken since the instinctive Hellos we exchanged before takeoff.
“Yeah, I think people my age seem to forget the classics,” I said. The woman looked to be in her forties, maybe older, but she was beautiful. Her light brown hair resting on the side of her face, as she was turned looking at me, she seemed to glow, her age just made her seem experienced and having character.
“Hmm, Classics, doesn’t seem that long ago to me,” she said. “Oh were you a teenager in the sixties” I asked.
“Just barely,” she replied.
“So are you a Doors fan?” I asked her.
“Yes, many others too, it was a different time then, it wasn’t about the music. They had higher things in mind,” she said.
“Are you on a business trip…or,” I asked.
“Yes,” She told me about the company she worked for, and what she did. “So what do you do young man?” she asked me.
“Well I’m a student,” I said without thinking, “Well, and I kind of have other things on the side.”
“Like what?” she asked. Now I was kind of reluctant, she was a product of the sixties which to me says free spirit and such, but she could also turn into the grandmother and scorn me, and I’d rather not sit next to miss “I’ll wash your mouth with soap” the rest of the way.

“I’m, well, in the adult industry” I said, almost whispering.
“Really?” she said, perking up at that. “Are you a filmmaker?” she asked.
“Well, yes, but I’m also in the films too,” I said.
“Oh a real versatile man I see,” she said.
“Do you have a girlfriend, mister filmmaker?” she asked.
“Yes, her name is Holly,” I said.
“That’s nice,” she said, which caught my attention, because asking me that, she seemed to be coming on to me, and with the response, she seemed to be pulling back.
“But, we aren’t exclusive or anything,…actually she’s staying in LA with her girlfriend for a few weeks,” I said.
“Really?” she said. Now I know she’s coming on to me, the question is whether or not anything will come of it, I’m thinking that we’ll keep flirting the rest of the way, but I think I can intervene.
“I’m sorry I haven’t caught your name, I’m John,” I said.
“I’m so sorry, my name is Kate,” she said.

I was feeling bold. “Is there a Mr. Kate, Miss Kate?” I asked.
“There used to be,” She replied.
“Oh I’m sorry, did he, did he pass..” I asked quietly.
“No he found a younger wife,” she replied, her blue eyes staring into mine. She was wearing typical forty year old woman clothes, conservative yet the feminine body was still there. “Maybe I can contribute some experience to today’s young filmmaker,” she said, rising and walking back through the aisle toward the lavatory.

I stood outside the door, just pondering opening the door. I tapped lightly on the plastic frame. The door immediately opened, and Kate just stood back waiting for me to enter. I stepped in, closing the door behind me. We were now in the cramped room. Kate maneuvered me around, I was letting her take control, till I was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat. She got down on her knees, between my legs, and reached for my zipper. She pulled out my barely erect cock. She pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Kate dove right in, using her lips tongue cheeks, hands and every inch of her mouth to give one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It was as if she was a master craftsman doing her work after a leave of absence. Her up and down strokes led her tongue on a tour of my cock, and her cheeks would scrape my head, as she licked and stroked my cock. The wet blowjob was pure heaven. She showed no signs of stopping. Stroking sucking licking, playing with my balls. She was a pro. I could feel my balls tightening. “I’m close” I said, providing the courtesy. She just kept sucking. I blasted straight into her mouth, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure deposited in her waiting mouth, and she swallowed every drop. “Does that measure up to the porn stars of the day?” she asked.
“I think you should teach a class,” I said.

“Your turn,” I said. Kate and I did the cramped bathroom shuffle until she was sitting on the top of the toilet seat and I was on my knees between her legs. Removing her long pants, revealing her plain white panties. I pulled her panties free from her hips, her pale untanned skin was almost milky, she obviously spent a lot of time in the office. Her pussy was dripping wet, and completely unshaven. Her pubic hair hiding her pussy from being easily seen. She was filling the room with her womanly aroma, her pussy was dripping wet without having been touched.
“Has it been a long time?” I asked.
“Long enough,” Kate replied. I decided to let her wait, instead paying attention to her tits, which I now removed her bra from. Her fortyish figure included c-cup breasts that sagged, but not terribly so. They were still attractive, especially when I squeezed them in my hands. They were very soft.

I wanted to take my time, teasing her, but she had other plans. Kate shoved my face into her crotch. I obliged her ‘request’, by sucking on her clit, and fingerfucking her amazingly wet pussy. Her immediate reaction was to arch her back, pushing my face harder into her pussy, and to yell at the top of her lungs “YESS.” I know just about everyone on the plane had to have heard it. I continued to finger her and suck her clit. I took my other hand, dipped it in her pussy, lubing it, and then massaged one finger into her ass. Faster and faster I pushed two fingers in and out of her wet pussy, and sucking and licking her wet clit. “Ohh yes ohh yes,” she kept repeating through her clenched teeth, and rapid breaths. Normally I would have just continued until she came, this is my ‘protocol’ with Holly in a situation like this. For some reason, probably because she hadn’t had sex in a long time, I felt like Kate needed to get filled. My cock was almost at full attention.

I stood up from my knees, and plunged my cock into her pussy as far as it would go. Kate gasped and threw her arms into the air as her entire body spasmed. “Fuck me, fuck me, ohhhh,” she said. She threw her arms around me, pulling at me, as I thrust in and out of her pussy. I lifted her, as she held onto me, until our faces were on top of each other, her tits sagging onto my chest, gyrating to and fro. She continued to rotate her hips on my cock, and I lifted and lowered her repeatedly, our grunts and screams melting together into a stream of curses and gasps and screams. The next thing I knew was that I was propping her body against the door, and pounding her pussy, and her whole body into the door, as it gave way.

The door fell backwards, and I would have landed on her had I not caught myself with my hands, just inches on top of her. I was suddenly terrified at the situation, looking to my right slowly. The entire cabin was looking back at us, my cock still inside of her. For a second I didn’t know what to do, but then Kate started to pull me down and she thrust her hips upward, continuing the fucking. I was pretty sure that I didn’t see any small children when I boarded, as it was an upscale business airline that the film company had arranged. So I didn’t see any problem in just continuing to fuck. So I resumed my thrusts into her, as our naked bodies slapped together, I could sense the eyes on us. Kate was obviously too far along to even notice, she kept screaming ‘Yes Yes Yes’, as I pumped my cock in her tight pussy, dripping juices onto the plastic door that we broke. She finally orgasmed, it took longer than I had imagined, considering her lack of sex. Her screams filled the plane, as I allowed my sweaty body to lay on top of hers.

A female flight attendant was standing next to us. “Excuse me,” she said in a snobby voice, “this is inappropriate.”
“Your just jealous,” Kate said, surprising me. I just had to laugh at that. I stood up, leaving Kate in a heap on the floor. My cock stood erect, and covered in juices, making it glisten.
“He’s a pornstar,” Kate barely managed to say, in a breathy voice, sounding almost drunk. I looked at the stewardess, smiling at her, my cock reaching to her to say hi. She sighed rolled her eyes and walked away.
“Can I be next?” I heard a voice say. A cute blonde, who looked to be in her late thirties, small tits, and a business suit on, stood up, as if to claim the voice as hers. She walked the short distance down the aisle to me. She stood at about five four, and her green eyes met mine, her hand went down to feel my wet cock. She let out a, “ooooooh,” intrigued expression, as she slid her hand up and down my slippery cock. She slowly dropped to her knees, and licked and sucked and stroked my cock slowly, never looking up at me.

I think she was more excited by the juices on my cock. She went into a rhythmic routine of blowing me. She rotated her hand as she went up and down, her mouth and hand together, her tongue doing fast circles around my head as her mouth went in and out. We developed an audience, both sexes were represented by the crowd, and I think there were other sexual encounters occurring in other parts of the cabin, but I wasn’t thinking about that. The cure blonde kept sucking me off. “I’m cumming,” I said, she stopped, stood up, letting go of my cock. I was very close, but not quite.
“Mine!” Kate said, leaping from the floor, still naked, and lunging her mouth onto my cock, which immediately released its prize into her eagerly awaiting mouth, pumping jizz into her mouth, as she continued to suck me.

Part 15: The New Apartment

Stephanie was waiting for me at the airport. “Fun trip?” she asked.
“Interesting,” I said, as we walked to her car.
“Make lots of cash?” she asked.
“Yeah, I would say we are set for a while,” I said.
“How’s she doing?” Stephanie asked.
“She’s doing great, she’s got herself a companion, that’s why she stayed back.” I said.
“What’s her name?” Steph asked.
“Lindsey, and she’s seventeen,” I said.
“Holly needs to bring her back with her,” Steph said.

We stepped into the apartment. “You guys are really moving out of here?” steph asked.
“Yeah, we’ll technically Holly never lived here, besides we can afford a much nicer place now,” I said.
“How nice?” Steph asked. I sat on my couch, flipping on the tv to espn.
“Now that I think about it, you are wanting out of the dorms too,” I said, trailing off.
“We could find a nice three bedroom,” Steph said.
“Why three, Holly and I can share one,” I said.
“Ya, and then there’s me, and one of my friends,” she said.
“You been busy while we were away?” I asked, smiling.
“You know me,” she said, guilty as charged.
“What’s her name?” I asked.
“What makes you think it’s a girl?” Steph said.
“I know you,” I said matter-of-factly.
“hmmmm,” she sighed, defeated in her ruse, “Sandy,” she said. I chuckled a little bit.
“What’s funny?” she asked. “Like Sandra Dee?” I said, joking. Holly was a huge fan of that movie so we had watched it together a few times.
“Shut up,” Steph said.
“So who is this Sandy?” I asked.
“She’s twenty one, going into her senior year.”
I interrupted her, “oh so she’s the booze connection then,” you see although we may have made our own pornos but the three of us were all nineteen, and we lacked older friends.
“How do you think she got me? She liquored me up in a bar and claimed me as hers,” Stephanie said joking.
“So you two serious or…” I said.
“I think it might be something,” Steph said. I was happy for her, she had so much trouble with guys, and she was too horny to be alone. I know she and Holly sort of had a thing going, but they weren’t right for each other that way, they were just friends.
“Well I have to get on the hunt for a new place, the lease runs out in two weeks here,” I said.

“This is it,” the real estate agent said, her name was Laura, short, brown hair, small tits, older, typical business type. “Ohh I like it,” Steph said. “It’s not much less than fifteen hundred square feet, Master bedroom is to the right, with full bathroom. Then we have the guest bedroom next to it. Then we have the second bedroom to the left, with bathroom, shower only. Kitchen is in the back, and this is the living room,” She went through her spiel. She led the two of us to the master bedroom. “As you can see it is quite spacious, you can easily put a king size in here and have plenty of room,” she said. She led us on the full tour. “Here is the second bedroom, it’s not quite as big as the master, but it’s close,” She said.
“I’m getting horny just at looking at where I’ll be doing some fucking later on,” Steph whispered.
“Excuse me?” Laura said, as though she misunderstood.
“Oh nothing,” Steph said. “Are you two expecting?” she said with a questioned look on her face. I think that she thought we were together, and the whisper was something to do with the baby’s room, or our child’s room.

“Oh no, we aren’t together,” I said.
“Oh, I’m sorry to pry like that.” Laura continued to lead the way.
“Do I look pregnant to you?” Steph whispered to me. I just shook my head side to side. Stephanie was as skinny as ever. We were in the second bathroom.
“There is only a shower no tub in here,” Laura said.
“Man I think I will be doing some fucking in here,” Steph said rather loudly, wanting to mess with this lady. Laura just went on with her spiel. As she finished up she asked if we had any questions. “Yeah, could we just try it out for a few minutes, we’ll go in the bedroom and just have a quick fuck,” Steph said. I was getting embarrassed.
“You seem to be quite the sex addict,” Laura said, surprising the both of us “Here call this number sometime,” she said, pulling out her business card, and stopping to write a number on the back.
“What is it?” steph asked.
“It’s a swingers club,” Laura said.
“Are you a swinger?” I asked. Her face turned rather red.
“Yes, from time to time,” I turned to Stephanie.
“So you want to go have a quick fuck,” I said, trying to take her up on her offer earlier, she was kidding earlier.
“He’s a pornstar,” Steph said.
“Shut up,” I said.
“Really?” Laura asked.
“Well I wouldn’t say star, and it’s mainly my girlfriend,” I said.
“In that case you should really call that number,” she said.
“When can we move in?” I asked her.
“Well today if you want,” She said. “We’ll let’s get moving then,” I said

A week later I had moved all of my stuff in, and the King sized bed had been delivered. Steph had just started to bring her stuff over. I had still yet to meet Sandra Dee. Holly would be here in less than a week, and I hadn’t told her yet, and I wanted to keep it a surprise. The living room was almost to where it would be, two couches reclining chair, tv, and the computer was in the corner. Since I was the only one living in the apartment, steph wasn’t moved in yet, I returned to my usual routine living alone. That meant I was naked ninety percent of the time, if I don’t have to go anywhere, why should I put clothes on? I had gone a week now without sex, which was unusual, but it seemed like a welcome break from the fast pace of before.

I was sitting naked in my chair at my computer. I was on the website checking out the videos that were just posted. The first one we did in LA was just put up, so I was watching it. It is weird to watch yourself in a real porno. I heard a knock on the door through the noises of sex on my computer. I walked to the door, looked through the peephole, and didn’t recognize the person. She was dark skinned, like Mexican or Cuban or something, she was about five two, and her breasts looked to be quite large. I suddenly realized that I was indeed naked, and my cock was at attention. Then I saw Stephanie enter the view, she had a key, thinking I wasn’t there, she opened the door. I panicked and tried to run for cover in the bedroom, but clearly didn’t move fast enough. The two girls had opened the door to see my ass running away from them. I knew the deal was up and so I stopped, and walked to them.

“Hi I’m John,” I said, reaching my hand out. No response. Stephanie was giggling. “Sandy I presume?”
“Hi John,” she said, laughing and reaching to shake my hand. Stephanie just burst into laughter.
“Oh are we a bit lonely,” Stephanie said, walking in to see the porn still playing on the computer.
“Well you might recognize two people on that screen,” I said. Sandy, in a black skirt, and blue shirt, that hugged her large tits, and Stephanie, in jeans and a white t-shirt, sat down on my chair, Stephanie on Sandy’s lap.
“I see you,” steph said.
“oh look at that slut go,” steph said when Holly was on screen, giving me head. “Sandy meet Holly, Holly Sandy,” Stephanie said, motioning to the screen. I stood behind them, embarrassed.
“When does she get here?” Sandy asked.
“two days,” I said.
“Oh so you could probably use some attention,” Steph said. Steph stood from Sandy’s lap, walked to me, placing her hands on my shoulders, and pushing me to the couch, sitting me down.

Stephanie and Sandy stood in front of me. “You first,” Steph said.
“Why me?” Sandy asked. Steph rolled her eyes, and grabbed Sandy’s shirt and pulled it down releasing her tits. Sandy tried to intervene but she just let it happen. Stephanie stood there in front of me undressing Sandy. She had very large breasts, they hung on her chest, her very large dark nipples poking the air. She wasn’t overly skinny, she did have a little cushion for the pushin. Stephanie walked behind her, and pulled her skirt down, revealing pink panties. She pulled those over her hips and down to her ankles. She had a clean shaven pussy.
“Now suck,” Stephanie said, pointing to my cock.
“What?” sandy said, eyes wide.
“Fine,” Stephanie said, stripping her own clothes off. Revealing her freshly shaven pussy, and her small tits. Sandy had a nice round ass. Stephanie encouraged Sandy and they both knelt down between my knees.
“Have you ever been with a guy before?” Stephanie asked her. “No” she said, in disbelief. Stephanie gripped my semi rigid cock with one hand.
“This is a dick,” Stephanie said. “Lick it,” she commanded. Sandy slowly reluctantly obliged.

Sandy gently licked the very tip of my cock. “Now shove it down your throat,” she said.
“What?” Sandy said, objecting.
“Fine,” Steph said. Stephanie somewhat pushed her aside, as she started to quickly stroke my cock, and bob her head up and down on my head. Her quick motions slobbering all over my crotch. Sandy watched in amazement as Stephanie gave me a blowjob. She was almost deepthroating me. “You try,” steph said pulling off. Sandy took me in her hand, and put her mouth on the head of my cock, sucking on the tip. Stephanie started playing with Sandy’s large tits. “Oh you can do better than that,” Steph said. Sandy pushed her head a little bit farther down, still sucking, and licking the tip slowly with her tongue. “You’re an amateur,” Steph said. Stephanie pushed her aside, and went back to work on my cock. Stroke after stroke of her mouth and hand.
“I’m close.” I said, breathing heavily.
“okay,” Stephanie said, pulling off. Steph stood me up, and positioned so that the two of them were side by side in front of me. Stephanie stroked my cock hard and fast, waiting for me to explode, she knew what to expect, and she aimed me at Sandy’s large tits. I shot my first stream of thick jizz on Sandy’s right breast, just above the nipple. Her mouth went wide when she saw that, which wasn’t a good thing, because Stephanie aimed me at Sandy’s face now, and my second blast was almost as big as the first, hitting Sandy in the mouth, which sent her beck in reflex. Stephanie was laughing, and lost her concentration as my next shot hit sandy in the neck, and the rest of my creamy sperm ended up on Sandy’s tits. She sat there in stunned silence, as Stephanie started licking and making out with her.

Part 16: The Return

Holly was coming back on the same airline that I did, her flight was getting in at eleven a.m.. I wondered if she would have the same sort of flight that I had. I sat at the airport, in a lounge, reading a magazine. Her flight was running a little bit late, so I read up on the latest motor trend. The plane pulled up to the terminal. I watched as the passengers came off the plane. I spotted Holly as she came into the terminal. “Hi babe,” I said, hugging her. This was by far the longest we had been apart in the year that we had known each other.
“Hey stranger,” she said.
“How was your flight?” I asked.
“Boring,” she said.
“That’s interesting,” I said.
“What?” Holly asked, as we walked to pick up her luggage.
“Well, on my flight…” I told Holly the story of my trip home.

“Where are we going?” Holly asked in the car.
“Oh I didn’t tell you?” I said.
“Tell me what?” she asked, knowing that I knew that I hadn’t told her.
“Oh I rented a new place,” I said.
“Where is it?” she asked.
“It’s on Jefferson,” I said.
“Jefferson,” she asked excitedly.
“Yeah,” I said, calmly.
“Those are nice apartments,” she said.
“You don’t even know the half of it.”

I pulled into the driveway of the complex. “Is that Stephanie’s car?” Holly asked.
“I don’t know…” I said. We got out of the car, walked to the trunk and got her luggage. I handed her my keys as I carried the bulk of the load, she lead the way.
“Which one is it?” she asked, obviously excited.
“17,” I said. We stood in front of the door, her bags in my arms.
“Are you going to open it?” I asked her. She fumbled around with keys until she got it right, opening the door. Holly gasped.
“Oh my god, look at this place,” she said, beaming. I walked in behind her, she was in shock. I led the way to our bedroom, dropping her bags on the floor at the foot of our bed.
“Oh my,” she said covering her mouth with her hands, so excited.
“Is that our bed?” she asked.
“Yep that would be ours,” I said. She looked in the bathroom and the closet.
“This is amazing,” Holly said.
“You’re still not fully understanding,” I said, trying to tell her some other facts. She walked out into the living room, and to the kitchen. I slowly walked out of the bedroom, and leaned against the doorframe.
“What’s this?” she asked.
“Guest bedroom,” I said.
“We have a guest bedroom?” she said in awe. She opened the door and walked in. Her awe was about to turn into absolute shock. I stood there waiting for it. She finally made it to the other side of the apartment.
“Where does this door go?” she asked. She was referring to the door to Stephanie’s room. I didn’t say anything. Holly opened the door. “OH MY GOD,” she screamed, in a feminine excitement reminiscent of another kind of excitement. She ran into the room, I had to walk across the living room to see. I knew Stephanie was home, I didn’t know if Sandy was. I walked through the door, and was surprised myself. Stephanie and Sandy were locked in a naked sixty nine on Stephanie’s bed. Holly was standing beside the bed, face red, almost laughing, just so happy. Stephanie had rolled off of Sandy, and then made the introductions between Holly and Sandy. Holly laughed at the name Sandy too.
“I told you, didn’t I,” I said to Stephanie, she just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Holly and I sat on the black couch, which came from our apartment. She had her head on my shoulder, our hands in each others on our laps. We just sat there, happy to be with each other, and in our silence we could faintly hear the moaning in the next room. “I love you Holly,” I said softly. Her hands gripped mine a little tighter, giving me her response. “I’m happy for Steph,
” I said. “Yeah, that’s great for her,” Holly said.
“How was Lindsey?” I asked.
“She’s great,” Holly said.
“I felt something with her, It’s like she was my sister and best friend,” she said.
“Do you love her?” I asked her, the big question.
“I love her like my sister,” Holly said. Good news there, because if Holly loved her that meant that her and I could be in jeopardy. “hmm, you know how old Sandra Dee in there is?” I asked Holly, head still on my shoulder.
“I don’t know,” she said.
“Twenty one”, I said.
“Oh so now we have a liquor connection,” Holly said.
“You think just like I do,” I said.

We both drank wine on occasion, and now we had two boxes of wine in our new fridge. Actually the fridge wasn’t new it came with the place, just new to us. I found the plastic wine glasses in the cupboard, and handed one to Holly. She filled up her glass from the dispenser in the fridge, and I followed suit. We both went and sat back down on the couch, glasses in hand. “I don’t think we need to worry too much about money anymore,” I said. I was elaborating when Stephanie and Sandy walked out of Stephanie’s room, still naked. Sandy and her huge tits, with large dark brown nipples, on her tanned body, and shoulder brown black hair, Stephanie and her short blondish brownish hair, small tits, nice legs. They sat together on the couch adjacent to ours. “You guys want some wine?” I asked. I got a yes and a yes so I went to the kitchen to fetch two new plastic glasses and some more wine.

I returned to the living room to see Holly stripping in front of the two naked girls on the couch. I stood behind the couch watching her, as she provocatively moved her hips back and forth, hands on her beautiful ass, tugging at her jeans, her round tits already hanging out of her bra. It was like slow motion for me, watching her, she was so happy. I handed the girls their glasses of wine. Stephanie was clapping in a rhythm to help Holly in her striptease. I sat down, picking up my glass. “Enjoying the show?” Stephanie asked me. I just nodded mildly. Soon enough Holly was standing in front of us naked. She was playing with her nipples. “You should play with these,” Stephanie said, while playing with Sandy’s large nipples. Holly leaned over and kissed Sandy’s nipple, as Stephanie was playing with the other. I just stopped and imagined the things that would happen in this apartment in the next year or so. Holly still bent over sucking on a nipple, Steph and Sandy started making out. It wasn’t long before the three of them were mixing together into a heap of beautiful flesh on the couch. I sat there drinking my wine, and enjoying the show.

Sandy was laying on her back on the floor, with her legs completely split, and in the air, her legs making a V in the middle of my/our living room. Holly and Stephanie were sitting on the floor; faces perched over Sandy’s cleanly shaven pussy. They took turns lapping up and down on her wet slit. I watched them as they were taking turns, and giggling at each other. Sandy was breathing heavily, and sweating noticeably, playing with her ample tits. I walked into our bedroom, probably without anyone noticing that I left. I returned with the strap on that I had bought previously. I stood over the three of them, and locked eyes with Holly as she looked up at me, smiling, I waited for Stephanie to look up. When she did, I tossed her the strapon. Her eyes lit up. Sandy had her eyes closed and missed the little exchange. Stephanie sat up and started to put on the strap on, Holly stood up and reached her arms around me, and mine around her. We sat down on the couch, she was naked, and I was still clothed. I sat with her on my lap, resting back on the couch, watching as Stephanie prepared to fuck Sandy. We watched as Stephanie penetrated Sandy, missionary position. Stephanie was fucking her into the ground, grinding their hips together. The grunting and moaning was increasing, they both played with each other’s tits. Sandy’s were almost rolling around on her chest, so large they became mounds of flesh when she was on her back.

Holly stood up, and turned around, sitting back down on my lap, but facing me. Her knees on the couch cushion, on either side of my thighs. Holly rested her chest on mine, and our faces right together. The sounds of sex seemed to disappear, not because the sex had stopped. “I love you John,” Holly said. I kissed her deeply, my arms around her naked back, her arms on the top of the couch. We stayed like this kissing for what seemed to go on forever, and I wish it could have gone on forever. She finally pulled her lips away from mine, opening her eyes. I kept my eyes open, I loved to see her face. I heard the sound of fucking for the first time in a while, as they were now on the other couch, and I couldn’t really see what was going on, not that I really cared. Holly moved up, she was on her knees. She reached down and pulled my pants down and boxers too. I was naked from waist to knees now. My cock was at semi attention.

There is something strange how sexual arousal works, it hadn’t kicked in while making out with Holly, it wasn’t about sex, we loved each other. My cock seemed to realize what was coming. Holly’s pussy was quite wet already from her excited state. Holly reached to my cock with one hand, while steadying herself with the other. She slowly rested her body back down on mine, allowing my cock deep into her wet pussy. She reached the bottom, her ass resting on my thighs, my hands were still on her back. She leaned forward, resting her chest on the top of mine, her neck was in my face. She just stayed there, and I kissed and licked her neck. I rubbed my hands all over her back, she seemed to be pushing herself down on me. It was as if we were trying to get inside of each other, become one.

She slowly started to raise and lower herself. I held her helping her do so. She continued in a slow pace, as we made love, not fucking. The slow movement continued as her pussy was gripping on to my cock, her ass continually pressing on my thighs and rising off them again. I could hear the screams of passion just feet away, but did not care. Holly stood up, pulling me with her. She pulled my shirt up and I pushed my boxers and pants off. We were now standing in each other’s arms, naked, with two girls just to one side on a couch going at it. Holly held my left hand in her right hand, and led me into our bedroom. She continued into the master bathroom, complete with a large tub and a shower. She walked to the side of the tub, and bent over turning on the water. As she stood back up, I reached both arms around her waist, holding her body tight to mine. My head over her right shoulder, she grasped my hands in hers.

The hot water, rushing into the tub, making the crashing of water on porcelain fill the room, echoing in the small room. Our bodies pressing against each other, breathing deeply. Holly stepped into the few inches of hot water, slowly filling, and she helped me into the tub. I sat down, legs straight out, back against the smooth back of the tub. The water was not high enough to cover my legs, but getting there. Holly crouched down, guiding my cock into her wet pussy, now above the rising water. She sat down, facing away from me, leaning back on me. The slope of the tub meant we were leaning back, the top of her head under my chin. Her long brown hair resting on my chest, and my cock deep inside her pussy, the water rose high enough to submerge the sex. My hands found their way up her stomach to her breasts, massaging them. The warm water was covering our bodies up to our chests. Holly had her hands up behind her head, in my hair behind my head. Holly stretched out her leg to turn the knob on the faucet at the opposite end of the tub. The flow of hot water stopped, leaving us in a tranquil silence in the warmth of each other and our intertwined bodies. We sat there in our silence for several minutes, enjoying the warmth and contact of our bodies.

After a long while in the tub almost without moving, Holly started to slowly move her hips in a rotation and lifting up and down. The rhythmic movement, in conjunction with her rhythmic sighs, created a slow moving wave pool, washing up on the mounds of her breasts. Our throbbing bodies melting into one in the bathtub of our home. The door opened bringing with it the giggling of two girls. Awakened from our excited yet near slumber state. Stephanie and Sandy, still naked, stumbled into the bathroom. “You guys still in there?” Stephanie said, having obviously hit the wine some more.
“We were just getting out,” Holly said. We were pruning up from the watery exposure. Holly stood up, and stepped out of the tub, and I followed her lead. Stephanie and Sandy got into the tub, as Holly and I left entering the bedroom. Holly and I collapsed onto the covers of our new bed, holding each other. We laid there sleepily. The sounds of sex were coming from our bathroom. Holly fell asleep, and I covered the both of us with the blanket, wet and in bed, we slept for the rest of the afternoon.

I awoke in the darkened bedroom, alone and naked in the bed. I sat up but couldn’t see anything. I walked out into the living room, not knowing the time, no alarm clock in the bedroom yet. Stepping into the living room, I saw Holly Stephanie and Sandy huddling at my computer, watching one of the pornos we made in LA. Stephanie was in my rolling chair, Sandy was standing over her left shoulder, Holly over her right shoulder. I was walking up behind them, as they faced away from my bedroom. They were all still naked. I presume Holly had awoken very recently by these two, but couldn’t be sure. I wondered how long they had gone on fucking in here, but forgot it just as quickly. I stood behind Holly, not alerting any of the trio to my presence. “Whoa” they all erupted into at the same time. I had just blown my load in the video, all over some pornstar who’s name I couldn’t remember and never had tried to learn to begin with. “I’ve seen bigger,” I said, to their surprise.

“How long have you been there?” Holly asked.
“Long enough” I said, still naked myself.
“I was just showing them what we did this summer,” Holly said.
“Jesus you guys are like celebrities,” Sandy said.
“No, I mean we were just in a few movies, It’s not like she’s fucking Jenna Jameson, and I am no Ron Jeremy,” I said.
“Who’s Ron Jeremy?” Sandy asked.
I just chuckled at her, “nevermind.”
“You must be a hard man to please after getting some from a bunch of pornstars,” Stephanie said.
“No, that was just fucking,” I looked into Holly’s eyes, “there are more important things.” Holly returned a warm smile. “I think the real question is if she can be pleased without the footlong cock,” I said.
“There are more important things,” Holly said.
“But you know, big tits are nice,” I said joking, and then turning to look at Sandy. She shook her head.
“Men,” Sandy mumbled.
“Oh what like these two don’t like your tits too?” I said, and getting nods from the other two.
“There is something to be said about all shapes and sizes, whether they be very large, medium or small,” I said, looking at the corresponding set of tits for each size.
“Thanks for your pity,” Stephanie said. “No seriously, the male attraction, I guess it doesn’t work for females, but the male attraction to breasts is based on the ass. The cleavage resembles the top of the ass, and a very healthy ass looks like big tits. It’s an evolutionary thing, just like you aren’t attracted to someone that is unhealthy in some way.”
“Well, thanks Darwin,” Stephanie said.
“It’s true”
“What are you a pre-med?” Sandy asked.
“No, actually I’m in engineering,” I said. I reached out to Sandy’s right breast, and jiggled it with my left hand, “See that’s what I’m talking about, how can you not like that,” I said. Stephanie reached out a hand and cupped my balls, jiggling them.
“I think you’ve met your match,” Holly said. I had to laugh at that
“The best part of it all, Is the not knowing” I said.
“What does that mean?” Holly asked.
“Okay…Let’s do this” I said.
“Holly sit on the couch,” I requested. Holly sat down, still naked. Sandy was standing behind her and the couch, Stephanie was standing next to me, in front of Holly. “Okay, take your hand, and put it on your stomach, so that only the tips of your fingers are touching your stomach.” Holly does so. “Now move your hand around, just randomly, wherever,” I said.

Holly moves her hand around. “Sandy, take her hands,” Holly put her hands above her head, and Sandy held them together, restraining her gently. “Now close your eyes” I said. Holly now had her arms above her head, back arched, tits shoving into the air. I placed my hand on her stomach, just the five finger tips, and moved my hand in erratic circles, eliciting a series of giggles and twitches.
“That tickles!” Holly said.
“It’s the not knowing, you can’t tickle yourself, because you know what’s going to happen,” I said. “And that’s why you can’t get the same feeling from masturbating, as when your with someone, it’s just a different experience.” “Watch this,” I said. Holly still with eyes shut, Stephanie got down to her knees, spreading Holly’s knees apart. “You don’t know what’s coming, and what to expect, therefore anything is a surprise.” I said. The immediate expectation that I thought she would have is mouth or tongue to her pussy, and I didn’t want to do the expected. So I waited a few moments in silence, then leaned close to her wet pussy, breathing on her. Instead of engaging in the predictable oral sex, I ran my hand at varying speed up her leg to her upper thighs but stopping short of her pussy.

Then I waited a few more moments, before running my fingers across her stomach, on their way to her breasts, which received some attention, but without lingering on any one place for very long. Holly was trembling, her breaths in not overly fast, yet in a nervous manner that told the tale of her physical state. I licked and lapped my way from her breasts slowly and in a nonlinear fashion. My tongue finally making contact with her pussy, lapping gently at her lips. I now have my hands teasing her nipples with stints of caressing countered with periods without touch. I gently penetrate the very beginning of her lips, barely parting them, and traveling the length of the opening. I kept the momentum at the bottom of her slit into the voyage of my tongue all the way down her leg to her ankles. I had my hands around her right knee, and I was licking the top of her foot, and moving around. The great deception, she was getting used to the expectation, I wasn’t changing locations very quickly at all, and now her pussy was expecting nothing, and with all of my immediately useful extremities in contact, she especially expected nothing, when I told Stephanie what to do with my eyes. She obliged my veiled request by penetrating her pussy with her tongue, in a quick darting motion. The shuddered response of Holly’s illustrated the entire idea behind this whole thing. I moved up to Holly’s pussy again, as Steph moved onto the couch, almost sitting in Holly’s lap, but elevated enough that Holly’s pussy was fully accessible.

Looking up, Steph was kissing and sucking on Holly’s neck and massaging her tits with her hands, Sandy was no longer holding Holly’s hands, quite the contrary, Holly was grabbing Sandy’s tits, and I think Sandy was playing with herself behind the couch. The aroma of female arousal filled the air. I resumed on Holly’s extremely wet pussy, alternating tongue fucks with sucking her clit, all the while running my hands up and down her thighs. Muffled groans sighs squeals and grunts filtered through my head whilst I delved deeper into her. Holly was melting before me, her pussy begging for more, her breathing indicating the same, and her skin seemed to drip with excitement. My cock, needless to say, was at full attention from the combination of the scents, sounds and sights.

Rising up from the position between her legs, I positioned my self for penetration. Steph still making their faces combine into one, with their tits rubbing together, and a large set just above their heads, the object of their caressing. I held my cock at the entrance of her slit, and pushed it in quickly, she was incredibly wet and so hot in her tight pussy. I thrusted in and out quickly, deepening the stroke as I went, until our bodies slapped together. She was gripping me intensely, as she came unleashing a series of tremors and vibrations through her whole body, as well as squeals muffled by the mouth that was on top of hers. I continued thrusting varying the speed from fast to slow back to fast, whilst varying the depth of penetration into her dripping wetness.

I was surprised when I realized that Stephanie’s pussy was quite close to me, in her attacking position on Holly, I reached up with one hand and fingered her wet pussy, stroking quickly. Steph enjoyed the attention but I had an ulterior motive, after a few moments of wettening warmth inside of her, while I continued the thrusts into Holly’s throbbing pussy, I removed my fingers and moved them down to Holly’s ass just below the dripping wet area subject to repeated thrusting. I placed my fingers at the opening to her ass, and pressed slightly increasing pressure until penetration, one finger sliding slowly in and out of her ass. Keeping up my separate thrusting, I looked up to see that Stephanie was now focusing exclusively on Holly’s tits and nipples, and Sandy was leaning over the couch and making out with Holly while their faces were inverted about each other. I knew that Holly was almost lost in ecstasy as she had the concentration of three people on her, and with the lingering effects of wine from earlier. I decided to drive her further over the edge. I pulled my finger out of her ass, and held her hips in my hands, and thrusted furiously, pounding her pussy mercilessly, and I was rewarded with pussy contractions and more squeals, as she orgasmed again. I know that the activities would maintain a level of excitement in her, so I decided to change it up again.

I pulled out of her freshly orgasmed pussy, still quivering, and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass, pushing my juice covered cock into her ass, sliding with less friction than I expected. The natural lubricant of two pussies combined to an incredible extent. My cock throbbing in her amazingly tight asshole, pushing in and out slowly, as I began two finger pumping in her pussy, and switching it up with massaging her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Holly was cumming again and in a very short time span since the last one. They were piling up on each other, and her body was trying to cope with the signals it was receiving. She was shaking and trembling. She was screaming uncontrollably, but was being restricted by the tongue in her mouth.

The orgasm was too much for me as it sent me over the edge to my own. I pulled out of her ass. Standing up with all three of them in a line, Steph’s back to me, and the other two facing towards me, I held my cock at a high angle, knowing what was coming. I blasted up and over Steph and hitting Sandy’s tits in an amazing arc, then subsequently closer and closer, pelting Steph’s back and covering both Holly’s and Stephanie’s stomachs with thick jizz. Steph and Holly were rubbing chests and stomachs together with my cum acting as a lubricant between their warm surfaces. Sandy walked around to the front of the couch, and got on her knees, between Holly’s legs, and paid attention to both pussies before her. I stood back for a moment watching the show. Sandy was on all fours, with her face buried in Holly’s pussy, and Steph’s poised just above it.

The visuals brought my cock back to attention. I got behind Sandy, and penetrated into her wet pussy. I fucked her doggystyle, her ass pushing against my hips in the slap at the end of each thrust. She continued to eat as she was fucked. As I was fucking Sandy, her massive tits swinging under her chest, Holly came again, this time marked by intense screams that were not kept quiet. Stephanie rolled off of Holly. Sandy followed her pulling away from me. Sandy was now on top of Stephanie on the couch, making out, as they both played with the other. Holly laid back on the couch, recovering from the orgasms that were still lined up waiting to finish. I sat down, from the kneel I was in, to the carpet. I sat there watching Holly, as she breathed quickly sitting there in silence. Holly opened her eyes, looking down to me, her eyes made her look like a puppy dog, she was melting from looking at me. Her love for me, and her passion, and her pleasure I gave her, and her desire to return it, all combined into a singular driving force of sexual drive. Holly came down from the couch, sliding off, almost falling. “That was incredible” she said, exasperated.
“I suspected you enjoyed it,” I said, almost sarcastically, it was obvious she had enjoyed it.
“I love you,” she said.
“Your turn,” Holly said quickly.
She pushed me onto my back, and quickly grabbed my cock, giving it a quick stroke, it had juices from her and Sandy.

Holly sucked and prodded me with her tongue, while stroking with her hand. She was determined to pleasure me in return for what she had received earlier. She was sucking incredibly fast, her neck moving with incredible speed, maybe it was adrenaline. She deepthroated my whole cock, up and down the full length, continuing the playful motion of her tongue on my head. Steph and Sandy were locked into a sixty nine on the couch now. Holly was giving me sweet head at an incredible pace. My cock was glistening from all kinds of juices. I felt the twinge, and told her of the impending situation. Holly kept sucking as I came, the cum going straight down her throat, she swallowed it all, and kept sucking and playing with me as my cock went limp. Holly grabbed my hand, and we stood, she led me into the bathroom. Holly turned on the shower, and pulled me in after her, to the hot warmth of the shower. The water crashing against us and the floor. Holly washed me clean, using soap and shampoo, she cleaned me up. Then I cleaned her. The wandering hands of the cleaner enjoyed small pleasures of caressing the washee. Once we were both freshly clean in the warm water, we stood in each others arms, staring into each other’s eyes. Times like this we didn’t need words, the eyes and the touches said everything there was to be said. I turned off the water, and grabbed a towel. Holly grabbed another towel, and we dried took turns drying each other off with the blue towels. I took her hand into mine, and walked into the bedroom, the bed was still cluttered up from the earlier nap. Holly hopped into bed, and I retrieved a large blanked from the closet, and threw it over the bed, then laid down next to her. Holly held her body up against mine, her front to my back, and we fell into a deep clean wet sleep for the second time that day.

Part 17: A Night Out

It was Friday afternoon. School had started last week, and this was the day to loosen up after having gone through the start of another year. Holly and I have no common classes, as was the case last year. We did, however, have our last class of the day on Fridays end at the same time. I got to my car in the parking lot, Holly was already sitting in the passenger’s seat, having gotten to the car quicker than me. Holly had a key to my car, as did I to her’s. I opened the door, she had been looking down, reading a novel. She looked over when I opened the door. “Hi babe,” Holly said.
“How was your day?” I pulled the lever that folded down the driver’s seat, then tossed my backpack into the back seat, pushing the seat back to it’s original position. I sat down in the seat, and turning the ignition in one motion.
“Boring…, you?” Holly said, as I put the car in reverse.
“Boring,” I pulled out then put it in drive and pulled away “Have any plans for tonite?” I asked.
“Umm… I think Steph wants to go out tonite,” she said, still reading her novel. It was only a ten minute drive back to our place.

“What’s happening ladies,” I said, as I walked into the apartment, Holly just behind me.
“We want to go out tonite,” Steph said “that restaurant on….6th street, you know, the one with the fried onions.”
“That’s fine with me,” I said, walking into the bedroom, past the two girls sitting watching TV. I tossed my pack to one side, and walked to the closet, taking off my shirt as I walked there. Holly walked in a moment later, closing the door behind her. She walked into the bathroom, as I looked for a decent shirt to wear. I selected a nice blue dress shirt. I threw the hanger at the hamper, missing but not caring. I put the button up shirt on, without doing any of the buttons. Holly walked back into the bedroom. “Come here baby” I said, she hugged my bare chest. She walked to the other end of the closet, where her clothes were. Actually it was more like her three fourths of the closet. She took of her t-shirt, revealing her white bra. I removed my jeans, then took my cell phone, wallet, and keys out of the pockets, setting them on the dresser. Then I selected a pair of khakis. Holly was buttoning up a black blouse, to go with her tight jeans she had on already. I put on my khakis, replacing the items back into my pockets. I walked over to Holly, she had just finished putting her blouse on. I grabbed her hands into mine, standing face to face.
“Hey stranger,” I said, looking into her eyes.
“You going like that?” She asked.
“Well… I heard that the ladies like a bare chest,” I said, as she reached up with both hands, petting my chest. “You know me, always getting the women,” I said. She smiled at me and nodded her head. Holly started to button my shirt up, I reached around and put my hands on the jeans covering her ass, squeezing her round smooth ass cheeks.
“I don’t plan on going with a man groping my ass” She said, as she finished buttoning my shirt.
“Please,” I said.

The four of us walked into the bar/restaurant, it was in fact the one that Holly had worked at for exactly three days, one year ago. “This is kind of like our anniversary isn’t it?” I said to Holly.
“Yeah I guess it is,” She said. The whole group sat down at a table. There were many singles up at the bar and the surrounding tables. We took a large table in the corner. Steph and Sandy faced towards the bar, and Holly and I faced away from it. A waitress came by and took our orders.
“Look at the one with pink shorts,” Stephanie said.
“Oh yeah, how about the one with black hair in the corner,” Sandy said. The girls were checking out other girls.
“Why do you guys do that?” Holly asked.
“What? Girls are sexy,” Stephanie said in defense.
“I’m going to have to second that,” I said. Holly hit me on the arm and smirked at me. Through the entire meal, the girls opposite of us kept checking out the girls at the bar. “Are you guys going to like do anything, or just keep checking them out all night?” I asked.
“First were not guys, second I am already going home with a girl tonite,” Sandy said.
“Yeah a hot girl too,” Steph said.
“Then why do you keep checking them out?” I asked.
“What like you don’t check girls out because you have a girlfriend?” Sandy said.
“No I don’t,” I said.
“Haven’t you been in porn?” Sandy said.
“Yeah but that’s a lot different from sitting in the corner of a bar all night looking at girls,” I said.
“So, what, you think that if we go try and bring some girls home that it’s okay?” Steph said.
“Well if you were checking them to find one to go hit on, it’s different…sort of,” I said.
“I agree, It’s pointless to sit there and look at them if you know you aren’t doing anything about it,” Holly said.
“Taking his side,” Steph said.
“Besides, I don’t want to bother with trying to get one,” Sandy said.
“Sounds like someone is shy,” I said.
“Oh what and you aren’t?” Steph said.
“What…you want me to go get a girl to bring home?” I said.
“Ten dollars says you can’t take a girl home, present company excluded,” Steph said. I looked at Holly.
“Go for it Romeo,” Holly said.
“Okay, which one do you want?” I asked the two. They shared a few suggestions with each other, then Stephanie turned to me.
“Bleached blonde, black mini skirt, at the bar,” Stephanie said.
“So I have to take her home tonite?”
“Yeah that’s the bet.”
“Do I have to sleep with her, or just take her back the house?” I asked, “cause it’s your girl.”

I sat at the stool adjacent to the girl. “Hi,” I said.
“Hi,” she said.
“I’m John,” I said.
“Dana,” she said, shaking my hand.
“Are you … umm.. you into girls at all?” I said.
“What?” she said.
“You see those three girls at the table in the corner?”
“The one facing away is my girlfriend, the other two, they live with us, they’ve been checking you out all night, but they were too shy to come over here,” I said. She didn’t say anything.
“So if you’re at all interested, you have an open invitation to come back to our place,” I said. Dana still didn’t say anything, gave me a strange look. “Well, we’ll be in the corner there for a while, if you want to come over there you can, if not that’s fine too,” I said, standing up and walking back to the table.

“Well Romeo, didn’t go so well huh?” Steph said, as I sat down.
“I think you underestimate me,” I said.
“Shot down?” Holly said, “Looks like you aren’t getting any tonite” she said joking.
“Actually I think it’s these two that aren’t getting any tonite,” I said.
“What the fuck are you talking about, we are all getting some tonite,” Sandy said.
“Did you use some lame pick up line?” Steph asked me.
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” I said in a stupid sounding voice. “Hey if a girl walked up to me and said that, if she ain’t a fat chick, I would go for that,” I said, still in the idiot voice. I looked at the faces across the table, and they had strange looks. “What?” I said, looking at Sandy and Stephanie. No response. “What?!?” I said again.
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” I heard behind me, I turned my head quickly, to see Dana behind me, looking down at me provocatively. I stared at her for a second, just trying to think. Dana had bleached very light blonde hair, she stood at around five six, very skinny, I would be surprised if she was more than 100 pounds.
After I thought for a second “Deal,” I said. Dana laughed, so did Holly, but the opposite side of the table wasn’t laughing.

We were in the corner of the place, and Dana was facing towards the corner. Dana lifter her shirt up showing her braless chest, small tits, then lowered her shirt. I stood up, “I guess I have to whip it out then,” I said, reaching down.
“Whoa there Romeo,” Steph said. I pulled a chair from another table, and set it next at the table.
“Thanks,” Dana said, sitting down, next to me and Steph.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Dana,” I said, the only ‘gentlemen’ there was me.
“Hi,” Dana said.
“Dana this is Holly, my girlfriend, Stephanie and Sandy, the lesbians.” I said.
“Oh shut up were not all lesbian,” Steph said.
“Well, you aren’t but I think she’s a card carrying member of the little pink mafia,” I said, referring to Sandy. “Kidding,” I said in response to the look I got.
“They make porn,” Sandy said.
“Would you stop telling everyone that, I don’t tell everyone that you watch my porn,” I said to her. “Well Dana it’s pretty simple, Sandy is the tits, Stephanie is the trouble maker, Holly is the cocksucker, and I’m the brains, where do you fit in,” I said.
“Right… the brains,” Stephanie said.
“More like the cock,” Sandy said.
“Or the one that has balls,” I said.
“So Dana, are you into guys or girls?” Holly asked.
“Both I guess,” she said.
“How old are you,” I asked.
“I’m twenty,” she said.
“We are all nineteen, except for big tits, she’s twenty one,” I said. “So are you interested in getting some tonite?” I asked her.
“Maybe,” Dana said.
“It’s getting kind of late, so we’re going to go back to our place, if you want to come…” I said.
“I’ll follow you in my car,” Dana said.

Dana followed me back to the apartment, Stephanie rode with Dana. They got caught by a red light that missed us, Steph was with her so we just kept going. Holly Sandy and I got back to the apartment, “Where’s my money,” I said. Holly and I sat on the couch, Sandy sat on the other couch. The front door opened.
“Here it is,” Steph said.
“This place is nice,” Dana said. Stephanie sat next to Sandy, and Dana sat in the reclining chair opposite the two couches.
“Who’s turn is it?” I said.
“I’ll go,” Stephanie said, walking over to the Dana, and leaning over to kiss her on the mouth. As their lips parted, their tongues were visible, massaging each other.

After a few moments of kissing, Steph turned around and walked back to the couch sitting back down, next to Sandy. “Who’s next?” I asked. I expected the other half of the lesbians to go, but Holly volunteered. Holly walked to the chair, leaning down to Dana, and embracing her face with her hands, their mouths met, tongues hard at work. Holly stood up straight and walked back to sit next to me. I was expecting Sandy to go now, but instead Stephanie stood up and in the middle of the group. As we all watched wondering what she would do, Holly put her hand on my crotch, squeezing my growing cock through my pants.
“Tops or Bottoms?” Steph asked, looking at Dana.
“Tops,” Dana said. Steph crossed her arms over her chest, tugging upward on her tight shirt, lifting it free of her tits, and up over her head, dropping it to the floor beside her. Steph then maneuvered on top of Dana, giving her a lap dance, pushing her tits into Dana’s face. Steph was grinding her hips into Dana’s. Steph stepped off and stood next to Dana. Sandy stood up and walked over to the pair.
“Tops or bottoms?” she asked.

“Tops!” Dana said excited.
“Good answer,” I said. Holly and I watched as Sandy pulled off her shirt, revealing her large bra, then she undid that freeing her massive tits. They hung off her chest, and jiggled and swayed at her every move. Sandy moved onto Dana’s lap as Steph had done, and allowed Dana to suck on her nipples, and play with her tits. Stephanie joined it, with her hands cupping and jiggling Sandy’s tits.
“I guess I’m next,” Holly said quietly to me.
“No,” I said, and walked in front of Dana. Sandy got up and stood on the other side of Dana, with Steph on the opposite side. I stood in front of Dana. “Tops or Bottoms,” I said.
“Bottoms,” Dana said nearly before I finished saying that. I slowly unzipped my pants, opening them up, and slowly dropping them to my ankles. I slowly stepped out of them, then reached down to my boxers, and pushed them off slowly.

My cock was fully erect. Dana’s eyes lit up as I moved towards her. I leaned over her, resting my hands on the top of the chair and moved my hips all around. Dana reached out with one hand grabbing my cock, and swinging it about. “You like that,” I said, making thrusts with my hips. Dana was giggling.
“Okay that’s enough Romeo,” Sandy said, pushing me out of the way. Sandy and Steph helped Dana up and immediately went to work undressing her. I walked back to the couch and Holly. As I got to the couch, Holly grabbed my cock with one hand, and pushed my chest, stopping me from getting to the couch, standing in front of her. Holly put both her hands on my ass, and started sucking my cock, hands free. Sucking hard deep and fast, as she pulled my ass towards her. I started to unbutton my shirt. Holly’s mouth was making my hard cock melt in her mouth, as she was bobbing her head sucking and massaging, the wetness and warmth unbelievable.

I had trouble making my hands unbutton my shirt, I was in too much pleasure to make my hands work. “No, I want to have fun with him before he’s done,” Dana protested. Holly stopped blowing me, and pushed me toward the girls. All three of them were naked from head to toe. Stephanie was on her knees, with pussy on either side of her face, switching between the two. Sandy and Dana were feeling each other’s tits, and exploring their bodies. I walked over to the trio. My cock was just next to Steph’s face, buried in pink lips at the moment. Dana reached out and grabbed my cock again, stroking it ever so slowly. I reached to Dana’s tits, squeezing the flesh in my hands. Dana, still holding my cock, turned around, placing a hand on the seat of the chair, bending over. She pulled my cock towards her exposed pussy. She guided me to the wet opening of her slit. I slowly pushed inside of her. “Fuck me hard,” Dana said. I started to thrust faster. “Fuck me harder, smack my ass,” she said. “Harder, Fuck my pussy harder,” She said.
“You like to talk dirty?” I asked her.
“Fuck me you bastard,” Dana said.

I started to pound her pussy, thrusting into her, smacking her ass into my pelvis. I swatted the side of her ass with my hand.
“You like that bitch,” I said.
“Fuck me harder, harder, HARDER,” she screamed. I grabbed her tits, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could.
“Like that slut?” I yelled.
“Fuck my tight pussy, Fuck me,” she screamed back. I noticed Holly standing next to me now, naked. She was watching me fuck this girl. “Oh, YES, Fuck, YES, Ohhh, YES YES,” Dana screamed as she came, squeezing my cock with her pussy. Dana pulled away, dropping to her knees in front of me. She thrusted her face onto my cock, sucking me with her mouth and tongue. The slurps and wet noises were getting me. Holly got on her knees and next to Dana. Holly grabbed Dana’s face and started to lick her cheek, as she continued sucking my cock. Dana slowed to a stop, holding the head of my cock in her mouth, and flicking all around with her tongue. Holly started licking the side of Dana’s face. Dana pulled her mouth off my cock, and turned to kiss Holly, their tongues interacting between their faces. Holly grabbed my cock, and pulled me so that my cock was right between their mouths. Their tongue kissing turned into licking the head of my cock and making out between them. My cock was in the middle of their making out. I heard screams of pleasure behind me. Holly stood up to bend over the chair just as Dana had. Dana remained on her knees, face against Holly’s ass cheek. Dana held my cock, guiding it to Holly’s dripping pussy.

“Fuck her pussy,” Dana said. I shoved my cock all the way into Holly’s slit. I thrusted quickly in and out of Holly’s dripping wetness. “Fuck her ass, Fuck that ass,” Dana said. I pulled my saliva and pussy juice soaked cock out of Holly’s pussy and pushed at the opening of her tight ass. Dana guided my cock as before, as I penetrated her ass. Dana smacked Holly’s ass. “Fuck that tight asshole,” she said. I pumped slowly at first then increasing into Holly’s ass. Dana was fingering Holly’s pussy as I fucked her ass. Holly came, gushing fluid down her thighs. Her ass squeezed tight on my cock, milking me to orgasm. I pulled out of her ass, and blasted stream after stream of thick white jizz onto Holly’s ass and back. Dana reached forward and started licking up stream after stream of cum off of Holly, taking in my jizz. Holly turned around and got back on her knees, embracing Dana’s mouth with her’s.

They made out for several minutes as I , then Steph and Sandy watched, jizz and saliva running down their faces and necks from their aggressive tongue exploration. Steph and Sandy almost jumped on top of Dana and Holly, they were all four on the floor. I sat down on the couch watching. Holly and Dana were eating each other out, and Steph and Sandy were rolling around making out on the floor. I walked into my bedroom. I returned with the little pink toy, and the strap on. I handed the Strap on to Holly, and the toy to Steph. Holly got behind Dana, and fucked her doggystyle on the floor. Meanwhile Dana was eating out Sandy, as she was on her knees in front of her. And Sandy was using the pink toy on Steph as she laid alongside of Dana. From the sight my cock was again ready. I walked to Holly’s side. Holly turned her head, as she continued fucking Dana, and sucked my cock for all she was worth, her thrusts into Dana countering her neck’s thrusts on my cock. After a while of Holly giving me a blowjob I pulled away from her. I stood with my legs on opposite sides of Dana, her head underneath me. Steph was on the floor to one side, and my cock was right in Sandy’s face, as she was being eaten and toying steph. Dana and Steph were both coming at the same time. I shoved my cock at Sandy’s face. She reached with her free hand guiding my wet cock into her mouth. Sandy gave me a sloppy wet blowjob as her tits swung and jiggled with her movements. I pulled away from her as I came for a second time, spraying her huge tits with my cum.

Part 18: The Midnight Hour

I heard a strange beep, waking me up. I sat up in bed, it was pitch black. I reached to my left for the lamp, turning the knob, but it didn’t turn on. Damn, power is out. It took me a few seconds to realize that if the campus has no power, no school. I laid my head back down, staring at the ceiling that I couldn’t see. After a few moments I knew I wasn’t going to sleep again easily, and I couldn’t tell what time it was. I rolled over onto my right side, Holly was sleeping face down, with her head turned to her right, facing me. I gently caressed her right arm as she slept. She moved a little bit. “Holly,” I barely whispered.
“Hmmm,” Holly sighed.
“The power is out,” I whispered.
“What time is it?” she whispered back.
“No clock,” I said a little louder.
“Hmmm,” she sighed again, reaching her right arm from her side to my back, pulling me to her. She moved so that she was laying on her left side, facing me. I leaned forward into the darkness, kissing her forehead. I laid back on my back, with Holly on her side, with her head resting on my shoulder, and her right arm laying across my chest. We both attempted to fall back to sleep, but I was failing, I didn’t know about her.
After several minutes of silence and darkness, I whispered “Are you still awake?”
“Hmmm yeah,” Holly said disappointedly. Neither of us could return to slumber. We both had early classes tomorrow, which meant that we got to bed earlier than usual last night.
“Maybe we won’t have classes tomorrow…today,” I said, unsure of what day it actually was.
“If we do we could just skip them,” Holly said.
“Yeah I don’t need to be there, and we could say we slept late cause of the power,” I said. We had given up on the whispering at this point, conceding defeat.

Without saying so, we had just agreed to have sex. I slept in the nude, as was usual, and Holly slept in bra and panties. I was still on my back, as Holly rolled her body on top of mine. Our mouths met in the darkness, kissing. Holly had her legs on either side of me, with our chests together. I rubbed her back with my hands, she had her hands in my hair, as we kissed deeply for minutes. “I love you,” We both said at the same time, when our kiss ended. Holly sat upright, she grabbed my semi hard cock with her right hand, and with her left hand she pulled her panties to the side, allowing my cock entrance. She put her weight back down, impaling her pussy on my cock, she let out a shiver as it went in. She leaned back down, with her hands on either side of my head, bracing herself. I let her do all the work, as I held her not so bare back in my hands. She slowly at first, then getting faster, rotated her hips grinding her pussy onto my cock. My hands wandered down to her ass, holding her cheeks, and assisting her in the movements of her hips.
“Uhhmm Uhhmm,” she repeated her moans with the strokes. Her pussy was getting very wet. Holly sat upright, raising her whole body up and down, slowly but not too slowly stroking her pussy on me. My hands now found their way to her tits, still in her bra, I massaged and rubbed them through the fabric, her round firm breasts, that rocked with her movements. Her nipples were very hard, as I felt them through her bra.
“Ohhh Hmmm,” she sighed and breathed deeply. Breathing very heavily, Holly moved back, sitting on my thighs, pulling off of me. Without any words, she moved around, putting her pussy on my face, and her mouth on my cock. I was still on the bottom, her knees now on either side of my head. In the process of moving she removed her panties, but not her bra. I put my hands on her ass, pulling her down and my head up. I could feel the fabric of her bra against my stomach, and her nipples poking me. I lapped up and down on her slit, then vigorously flicked and prodded my tongue around her hot wet pussy. Holly had my cock in her mouth, moving up and down quickly with her neck, her tits hit my stomach on every stroke, and her ass was moving back and forth with her body. I took her clit in my mouth, sucking on it and flicking it around with my tongue, as I started massaging her ass with my hands.
Holly was deepthroating my cock, saliva dripping onto my balls and between my thighs. I took one hand off her ass, and brought it to her wet slit, using two fingers to fuck her, as I continued to use my tongue and mouth on her clit. Her hot juices were dripping down my face, and she smelled like heaven. I started to tongue fuck her along with my two fingers, as she continued her fast deepthroat of my cock. “I am close” I said, warning her. At that she sat straight up, with my face in her crotch. I went back to work with my tongue sucking her clit, and quickening the thrusts of my fingers. Holly’s breathing rapidly increased. She arched her back, and her juices poured out of her as she came, “Yes Yes ooohhhhh mmm,” she said and breathed. Holly recovered from her orgasm nearly falling over, as she laid back down next to me. She laid there breathing heavy for a few moments. “Let’s go wake up Steph,” holly said.
“Good Idea,” I said, nearly leaping to my feet, Holly behind me.

Holly held my right hand, as she walked behind me, creeping to the door in the darkness. There was some light in the living room, from the streetlights outside, just enough to see the silhouette of the furniture. We had a flashlight somewhere…It’s always good to be prepared, but not being able to find it in the dark would be a slight issue on that. We stopped in the living room, Holly took off her bra finally, tossing it back towards our bedroom. Then we walked, this time she led the way, to Steph’s room. We couldn’t see anything, so Holly went into the kitchen and was somehow able to find some candles and a lighter. Walking into Steph’s room Holly found the dresser on the opposite side of Steph’s room from her bed, and set two candles on it, then lit them. The room lit up in amber, it was very dark, but compared to earlier it seemed easy to see what was going on. We looked now to the bed, which was decidedly more crowded than we anticipated.
Sandy and Stephanie were both in bed, the covers laying halfway off the bed, Sandy’s brown hair, and Stephanie’s blonde hair mixing together. Their bodies wrapped around each other in an embrace of their slumber. It was clear that neither of them had bra’s on, we couldn’t see below their waists however. They had probably taken their bra’s off during the night, because they were both laying next to the bed, Stephanie’s small and Sandy’s enormous both their. “So what’s the plan?” I whispered to Holly. She grabbed my hand and took me right next to the bed. Then Holly dropped to her knees and resumed blowing me. She went right back where she left off, deepthroating my juiced up cock. The sounds of sucking filled the room. It was not long before I was ready to blast.
“Okay,” I said. Holly stood up, keeping my cock in one hand. She stood next to me, and turned us both towards the two girls sleeping. Holly started to stroke my wet cock with her hand, while aiming me at their faces. I shot my load onto the intertwined bodies and faces in front of me. Splattering the sleeping faces with shot after shot of thick jizz. As soon as I finished, I heard a voice
“What the…” It was Stephanie.
“Surprise,” Holly said, giggling.
“What are guys doing?” Sandy asked.
“The power is out,” I said.
“Okay… what does that have to do with you jerking off on my face?” Sandy asked.
“Ummmm,” I said, “Holly?”
“We were going to wake you guys up, and what better way?” She said, still with a twinge of laughter in her voice. Sandy and Stephanie shared a kiss, cum included, as they repositioned their bodies to try to return to sleep.
“Uhhh….go back to bed,” Stephanie said, these two had stayed up later than us.

Holly and I walked back to our room, having a good laugh. “What gave you that idea?” I asked Holly.
“I don’t know, I just wanted to do it…” Holly said.
“I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep,” I said.
“Then let’s just stay up,” Holly said.
“I’ll go find a flashlight,” I said. Holly walked back into the dark bedroom, with candles and lighter in hand, I watched her walk away in the low light, as her nice round ass moved back and forth as she walked, her long straight brown hair gently rocking with her stride. I went into the kitchen trying to find the flashlight. After opening and feeling my way through a few cabinets I found the flashlight, switching it on, and was able to see. I walked into the bedroom. Holly had lit candles on the dresser and table, giving the room a glow. Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed. I walked to the dresser. Using the flashlight I found the little pink toy in the top drawer. I walked back to the bed, and Holly saw the toy in the glow.
“Ohh you have something in mind?” Holly asked.

I got on my knees in front of her, as she was on the edge of the bed. I switched on the little pink vibrator, and it hummed its tune. I laid the length of the vibrator on Holly’s lips, her legs shook slightly at the sensation. I slowly moved it up and down over the length of her slit. “Mmmmm,” Holly moaned. Her wet pussy was glistening in the dim light. I pushed the toy in and out of her pussy very shallow and slowly. I kept this up and used my fingers to massage her clit at the same time. Holly reacted almost immediately, increasing her breathing. I started to fuck her with the toy, deep and fast with the vibrator. I would alternate a few fast strokes and slow strokes, whilst I continued to massage her clit. I pushed the vibrator in all the way, just holding it inside her. Then I moved down to lick and suck on her clit, with the vibrator still inside her, stationary.
Holly’s legs clamped down on the sides of my head, as I continued to play with her clit. I could feel her whole body shaking. Through her thighs I could barely hear her screams. Her pussy was dripping and convulsing, the vibrator still on, my tongue still on her clit. She was moving around like she was possessed, throwing her arms around, and trying to control her legs. Her thighs relaxed their grip on my head. I pulled the vibrator out of her, and sat back on the floor. “One down, how many to go?” I asked her, seductively.
Through panting she managed “That’s two”
“Oh right,” I said, having forgotten the one from only a few minutes ago, obviously her body had not forgotten.

I walked back to the dresser and found the strap on dildo and the anal lube. Walking back to the bed with it in my hand. “You know this thing is probably famous now,” I said.
“What do you want me to fuck your ass?” Holly asked me.
“No, quite the contrary actually,” I said. In the amber glow I saw her puzzled look. I put one hand on her shoulder, and gave her a gentle push, she went along with my physical request. She was laying on her back, her pussy right on the edge of the bed. She raised her legs straight up in the air. I stepped up and she lowered her legs onto my shoulders. Legs resting on my shoulders in the air, and her pussy and ass in front of me,
“What are you going to do?” She asked me still figuring it out. The strapon was like a pair of panties with a cock sticking out, I put my legs through the holes, and pulled it up past my knees. I brought the strapon as far up as I could, until I had another cock just a few inches below the real thing. The dildo was six inches long, and very thick at the base, but it narrowed off quickly, with little bumps and veins on it, and a slightly larger head than shaft. I grabbed the anal lube off of the bed where I had set it. Squirting lube onto the fake cock, and rubbing it in with my hand. Holly was laying on her back and couldn’t see any of this. She knew I was moving around and doing something, something that included anal lube. “What are you doing?” She asked me, still trying to figure it out “It’s not some science experiment is it?” she said sarcastically.
“Kind of,” I said, I hadn’t done this before, I would call this the experimental stage.

I put my cock at the wet opening of her pussy with one hand, and with the other I placed the dildo at her ass. “Oooohhhh,” Holly said, realizing what was about to happen. “Where do you come up with this stuff?” Holly asked me.
“I could ask you the same thing about what happened a few minutes ago,” I replied. Holly’s hands were on her tits, massaging her nipples. I slowly pushed into her, my cock was just inside her pussy, when the thrusting became enough to drive the dildo into her ass. I hugged my arms around her legs, pulling them towards me as I slowly thrusted two cocks in and out of her. I kept the gentle pace, being careful because of the dildo in her ass. Then I realized that the dildo was actually smaller than my cock when it came to thickness until about four inches down the line. It clicked in my head that this wouldn’t be as hard on her ass as my cock, so I could fuck her harder. Amazing how the male brain works isn’t it. I thrusted faster and faster. Her pussy was dripping wet.
“Ohhhhhh, this is amazing,” Holly said through her panting. I could feel her legs tensing up in my arms. My thrusts continued until my hips were slapping into her, the dildo was going in to about the three inch mark. The thrusting of my hips didn’t thrust my thighs nearly as much, so my cock was going almost all the way in and out in a stroke, while the dildo was going from almost popping out to three inches inside her ass. “Oh oh oh oh, fuck my ass,” her quick high pitched moans matched my thrusts. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. “YESSS YESS YESS,” she repeated her screams of pleasure. I held her legs as tight as I could, and fucked her as hard as I could as she came. Her pussy was trying to choke my cock, but it was failing. Her heavy breathing and screaming were clearly exhausting her. Her screams continued longer and longer. I could feel her legs involuntarily fighting to free themselves, as her arms were flailing about uncontrollably. I just kept fucking her. Her pussy again convulsed on my cock. “Oh oh oh oh,” she screamed at a high pitch, sounding almost like a chipmunk. I thrusted too far out and the dildo came out, making a popping noise. I stopped, stepping back from her. I pushed the dildo down and the strapon fell to the floor. Holly’s feet, seemingly out of her control, fell to the floor. I grabbed the pink toy, and walked back to her. Holly just laid on her back breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling, her chest heaving up and down violently. Her whole body glistened from sweat and other juices.

“How many is that now?” I asked her.
“I lost track,” Holly said, still staring at the ceiling.
“Well let’s make it go even higher.” I said. I went to the other side of the bed, and laid down next to Holly. She was still laying halfway off the side. “Come on, get up here.” I said. Holly struggled as she sat up and turned, knowing what I had in mind, she moved into a sixty nine. She was on top, what she didn’t know was that I had the pink vibrator. Holly sat on my face, and dropped her head down on my cock, blowing me, I turned on the vibrator, and pushed it slowly into her ass. She was still lubed from the other cock, and the vibrator was smaller. I held the vibrator in one hand stroking it in and out of her ass, as I lapped up and down quickly on her lips. Holly had gone straight to deepthroating my cock, in a sloppy noisy blowjob. “Mmmmm.” I moaned into her pussy. It did not take long at all before I could feel the tension in her body. The combination of vibrator in her ass and the tongue on her hot wet already excited slit was getting the job done rapidly. As I could sense her close to coming again, whilst I continued the vibrator fucking her ass, I started to finger fuck her with three fingers, and lapped and flicked my tongue on her clit.
The new combination brought her over the edge almost instantly. Her pussy squeezed my fingers tightly, and she chirped orgasmic noises on my cock. I continued to eat her pussy, pulling back to just two gently thrusting fingers, and pulling the vibrator out of her ass. Holly continued to deepthroat my cock. She sped up her pace past what I thought was possible. Her head was bobbing up and down very quickly, and I came, but didn’t bother to tell her. My mouth was too busy eating her pussy to be bothered. Holly took my jizz down her throat without slowing down. She continued to suck my cock for a few moments, until I was soft again, and I slowed down eating her pussy, until finally we both stopped. Holly turned around and laid down next to me. We were both breathing quite heavily. We both stared at the dark ceiling, exhausted. “Holy fuck,” Holly breathed.
“No, I’m not god,” I said sarcastically.
“I’m not so sure,” Holly said through a deep breath, still fighting for air. I looked over at her, in the amber glow of the room. I stared at her for a while, as she was still recovering.
“Want to go again?” I said softly. Holly looked over at me like I was crazy. “Hey I am omnipotent right,” I said, poking fun at her previous comment. We slipped back to sleep.

I woke up, the apartment was lit up in the sunlight. Holly was still asleep next to me. Her back facing me, her soft skin was beautiful, her round soft ass, her chest rising and falling slowly with her breathing. The covers were more than halfway off the bed, exposing her almost completely. I leaned down to her crotch as she laid on her left side towards me. Watching her face, I slowly lowered my face to her pussy. I gave her slit a slow gentle lick. She didn’t wake up, so I did it a few more times, a little faster. “mmmmm,” Holly moaned in her sleep. A big smile crept onto her face, and she moved her head back as if relaxing. I didn’t want to wake her, so I stood up, careful not to disturb the bed, walking into the living room.

I didn’t think anything of the fact that I was naked, it really didn’t even occur to me. Sandy and Stephanie were sitting next to each other on the couch, clothed. “So no school?” I asked them.
“Nope,” Steph said “a little jizz splattering but no school.”
“That was all Holly,” I said, sitting on the other couch.
“Do we know why the power went out?” I asked.
“I talked to Gretchen, she said no power on campus and no one knows why,” Steph said.
“Who’s Gretchen?” I asked.
“She lived next door to us last year,” Steph said.
“How come I never met her?” I asked.
“She has seen you at work, in the hallway if you remember that,” Stephanie said.
“Oh…Another one of those jizz splattering incidents,” I realized. “Did you guys just sleep like that?” I asked.
“Tried to sleep, but miss ‘scream a lot’ over there kept us up,” Sandy said, gesturing toward my bedroom.
“She was kind of loud,” I said.
“Kind of?” Steph said, “I thought you two had just invented a new chapter for that Kama Sutra.”
I chuckled at that, “Well…maybe” I said.
“We couldn’t sleep so we showered and fucked,” Steph said. “Hmmm, we didn’t hear you,” I said.
“Well we certainly heard you,” Steph said.
“So do I get to meet this Gretchen,” I asked Steph.
“She said she would come over after she took a shower,” Steph said. Holly walked into the living room, she was naked too.
“No power still?” Holly asked.
“Yep,” Steph said.
“So what’s on the agenda for today?” Holly asked.
“No school but I think you two need to let us in on whatever you discovered last night,” Steph said.
“What do you mean?” Holly asked, sitting on the couch with me.
“Well your screaming is what I mean,” Steph said. Holly smiled wide.
“What?” Steph asked.
“Oh nothing,” Holly said.
“What?” Steph persisted. Holly gave no reply.
“How many times?” Steph asked.
“How many times what?” Holly asked.
“Oh don’t play dumb,” Sandy said.
“What are you smiling at?” Steph asked, referring to me.
“Nothing,” I said.
“Seems to be boosting your ego,” Steph said. I looked down at my limp cock, “Nope it doesn’t seem to be boosted at all.” “Something like eight,” Holly said.
“Your lying,” Steph said. My smile got bigger, I put my hand on Holly’s thigh and rubbed my hand up and down, while maintaining an even stare at Stephanie. Both girls jaws dropped. “Eight?” Sandy said.
“Eight?!??!” Stephanie said even louder.
“I got that beat,” Steph said, standing. Steph, holding Sandy’s hand, walked into their room, leaving the door open.
“I think they’re trying to show us up,” I said.
“Let ‘em try,” Holly said bluntly.

Sure enough, in just a few minutes we heard screams from the next room. “You want to try that move again?” Holly asked me.
“What the Two Headed Dragon Slayer?” I said.
Holly laughed “You named it already?”
“Well Steph said she thought we invented a new chapter for the Kama Sutra, so I‘ve been running through a few titles,” I said. More screams from the next room. My cock started to come to attention from the subject matter and the sounds of the next room, not to mention the naked body next to me.
“You too?” Holly said. I looked down and saw her pussy glistening. I looked back up and her eyes stared into mine. Holly moved over, facing me, with her legs on either side of me, she pushed her pussy down on my cock. Her round beautiful ass resting on my thighs. My cock wasn’t fully at attention. Holly sat still for a minute. I played with her lovely round soft tits, eliciting a giggle when I pinched her nipples. Once my cock was hard inside of her hot wet slit, Holly started to rock back and forth on me. Her hips grinding down. Holly started to lift and lower herself, slapping ass and thighs together at the bottom of her stroke. Her tits giggled with her motion. Screams of ‘Yes’ came from the next room.
“Want to show them up?” Holly asked me.
“I’m game,” I said. Holly went into hyperfuck, that’s the best I can describe it, her body rising and falling very rapidly, bodies slapping together almost painfully. Her tits were trying to escape from her body, swinging wildly. It wasn’t long before Holly’s screams made the screams from the other room disappear from my hearing.
“Oh Yes AHHH Yes FUCK,” Holly exploded in more way than one. Her body seemed to lose all strength. Holly slowed down to a slow stroke once her orgasm hit her, her knees weakened and her body wouldn’t obey any commands. She collapsed on top of me. Her pussy just throbbing on my still hard cock. Holly didn’t try to move, resting on me, and around me. We stayed like this for several minutes. No moving, but my cock stayed at attention.

Naked Sandy and Stephanie walked into the living room. We still hadn’t moved. This meant that Holly was facing away from the other two. “No wonder you guys never put clothes on, they wouldn’t stay on very long,” Sandy said.
“Hey you two are naked too,” I said.
“So how was your luck in ‘showing us up’,” Holly said, facing the other way.
“Hit a wall at three,” Stephanie said, as the two girls sat back down on the couch. Just then there was a knock at the door.
“Glad at least one of us is wearing clothes,” I said, sarcastically. Steph walked to the door, looked through the peephole, and then opened the door. In walks Gretchen, quite surprised.
“Do you guys just sit around naked all day?” Gretchen asked the lot of us.
“No, we do more than just sit around,” I said.
“I can see that,” Gretchen said, seeing that Holly was still on top of me. Gretchen had shoulder length curly red hair, and she had good sized tits, c cup or bigger. She was tall, around five ten I would guess, and not overly skinny, she had nice curves.
“I don’t believe we’ve properly met,” I said.
Stephanie did the honors “Gretchen, John, John Gretchen.”
“You call this proper?” Gretchen asked me, as I was still inside Holly.
“Well it’s probably more proper than the first time you saw me,” I said.
“A little jizz splattering never hurt anyone,” Holly said.
“Yeah,” Steph said sarcastically. Gretchen, in her short jean shorts and tight white t-shirt, sat down in the recliner across from me.
“I’d ask what you guys were up to, but I think it’s fairly obvious,” Gretchen said.
“Actually, these two were trying to show up the two of us,” I said.
“Show you up?” Gretchen asked.
“Orgasmically,” Holly said. Gretchen gave Sandy and Stephanie a strange look. “They kept us up all last night, screaming and shit” Stephanie said.
“So you two have sex in front of them this morning as a way of getting back at them,” Gretchen said.
“Not exactly, but your catching on,” Steph said.
“You all are a little too comfortable with sex,” Gretchen said.
“Why do you say that?” I said, sounding seriously, but the meaning was anything but.
“Hmmm, I wonder,” Gretchen said.
“Okay, who here gives the best blowjob?” Gretchen asked.
“Oh that’s easy, Holly,” I said. Holly nodded agreement.
“No way, you’re just saying that because she’s your girlfriend,” Gretchen said.
“Want to bet?” Holly said.
“Okay, what’s the bet?” Gretchen said.
“The loser has to be the winner’s sex slave for one day,” Holly said, she was getting into a bargaining mood, and so she got up off my cock, and sat down on the couch to talk face to face with Gretchen.
“Okay, but we need an objective party, not your boyfriend.”
“How about all four of you get in on this,” I said.
“The loser is the winner’s slave for a day,” I said.
“Okay but we need another guy,” Gretchen said.
“I got that covered,” Steph said.


“mmmmm,” I sleepily moaned as I woke up, with a mouth on my cock. It was dark in the bedroom, power must still be out I thought. I could feel a warm wet mouth on my cock, her head was beneath the covers. “mmmm baby,” I moaned. I reached my arms out to each side, and my right arm ran into a body. I was kind of startled. In the darkness I felt the breasts belonging to the girl beside me, and decided that they definitely belonged to Holly. Holly was giggling, I wondered at which thing that was happening. I was getting a fucking wet blowjob and I didn’t know who it was. Then the events of the previous day came streaming back to me.


“It’s just like musical chairs,” I said, “with slightly more sex,… among other things.”
Stephanie had called two of her guy ‘friends’, Gary and Zach. They were both about five ten, Gary was a bit taller. Gary had blonde short hair, Zach had brown hair, almost all the way shaved off. “Sounds good to me,” Gary said.
“I’m up for it,” Zach said.
“Okay, you girls got it?” I asked them: Holly, Stephanie, Sandy, and Gretchen. The only people that weren’t naked were Gary and Zach. Gretchen had pale white skin, and very pink nipples, not the usual darker red, and her pussy was completely unshaven, bushy.
“I think we understand,” Stephanie said.
“Let’s do it,” I said. Gary and Zach started undressing, until all three guys were standing in a row with the girls sitting in the couch across from us. The other guys had pretty average dicks, as do I, both were around six inches long.
I set the timer, “Okay go,” I said. Gary was on the far left, then Zach in the middle and I was on the right. Holly went first, so she was on Gary, Sandy had Zach, and Gretchen had me. The girls all walked over and at my signal started the cocksucking. Gretchen started by stroking my cock and licking the length of my shaft, then she sucked on my head, flicking her tongue all around. Gretchen’s large tits were swaying about as she bobbed her head on my cock. The timer went off after one minute.
“Okay stop,” I said. All three girls stopped, and moved the left, their right. Holly was on the end so she went back to the couch, and Steph subbed in front of me. Gretchen was now on Zach, and Sandy on Gary.
After the timer went another minute, “Okay start,” I said. Stephanie, quite a good cocksucker, went to work on my wet cock. Stephanie couldn’t quite deepthroat, but close. She used her hand in conjunction with her mouth to make me not care that she didn’t put me all the way down. I could hear the sounds of wet blowjobs all around. The timer went off. The girls rotated again, this time Sandy was out, and Holly came in in front of me. After another minute, “Start,” I said. Holly jammed my cock straight down her throat, deepthroating me instantly. Holly used sucking her throat and her tongue in conjunction perfectly. Her throaty sucking noises were quite the turn on. In the corner of my eye I saw Zach jerking his body.
“Oh looks like someone has a point,” I said, Stephanie just took the first load in her mouth. Stephanie stood up and did the ‘raise the roof’ motion with her hands. Zach sat down on the couch, as did Steph at the other couch. We waited a minute then the next round started. Holly was on Gary on the end, and Sandy was in front of me, with her massive tits. Gretchen watched. Sandy’s tits hung and swung off her chest, slapping against her chest. She wasn’t that good at head, but good nonetheless. Then I heard a cheer from Stephanie on the couch. I looked over and saw that Gary had just blown his load in Holly’s throat. So Gary sat down, and I was the last guy left. Gretchen now had her second turn at me. She was determined to get my load in her mouth. Gretchen got on her knees, and popped my cock into her mouth, now with the saliva of all four girls on it. Gretchen bobbed her head, swirled her tongue, and blew me as hard as she could for one minute, but I didn’t come. So we waited one minute, then Sandy got on her knees in front of me. Her massive tits the focus of my attention. Sandy sucked and sucked on me for one minute, but I didn’t come.
“Well, they have both sucked me twice, maybe Steph or Holly can get another shot at me?” I said.
“I’ll go,” Holly said. There were no objections. So after the obligatory minute wait, Holly got on her knees, and shoved my cock down her throat. Her mouth was making love to my cock, licking sucking prodding flicking, she did it all. The wetness and warmth of her touch combining with her sucking got me going. I blew my load right into her throat. My awkward movements at the moment of orgasm told the tale to all. Holly finished swallowing my load, and stood up, a champion.
“So we have two losers?” Stephanie asked.
“Yeah it looks like both Sandy and Gretchen belong to Holly for a day,” I said.

“So what do we have to do?” Gretchen asked.
“You’re Holly’s sex slaves for a day,” I said.
“Starting now?” Sandy asked.
“Ummm…I guess so,” I said.
“So Holly…What do you have in mind?” I said, turning to her.


Holly and I were sitting side by side on the couch, naked. Sandy was on all fours, with her face buried in Holly’s crotch. Gretchen was on all fours with her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Gary was fucking Sandy from behind, and Zach was fucking Gretchen from behind, as they both gave head. I looked over at Holly, this was her idea, making them give us head and take it from behind at the same time. Stephanie was the only one not involved, she was sitting on the reclining chair enjoying the show with her hand in her crotch. Gary and Zach were really fucking them hard to, making their whole bodies shudder with the impact that resulted from their pounding. Holly had her eyes closed, back arched, breathing heavily. I was getting there, Gretchen had my cock deep in her mouth, bobbing up and down. Holly started to orgasm. Her right hand was holding my left hand, and she squeezed very hard once her orgasm hit her. She was releasing high pitched squeals that sounded almost like cries of pain “Oh ah oh,” as Sandy, with her massive swinging tits, ate her out. Holly came back down from her orgasm, making sure Sandy didn’t stop.
“Okay guys, now fuck their asses,” Holly said, devilishly. Both girls tried to object, but at Holly’s insistence, they couldn’t bring their mouths off of the pussy and cock they were working on. Holly told me to keep my hand on the back of Gretchen’s head to keep her from objecting, as she did the same to Sandy. The guys pulled back, and then at the same time switched holes. The guys resumed fucking, this time in the girls’ nice asses. The girls faces pleaded to Holly to stop the ass fucking, I think Holly enjoyed having slaves. The girls received anal poundings from the guys.
“I’m cumming,” Zach said, as instructed earlier Gretchen immediately stopped blowing me, turned around, and thrusted her face towards his cock, and stroked it with one hand. Zach blew his load of spunk on her face. Gretchen, without any words, turned back around, and resumed giving me head. I think the sight drove Gary over the edge and he warned Sandy, which caused her to turn around and take his load on her face.
“Now both of you blow John,” Holly said. Both girls got on their knees in front of me. Sandy to my left, Gretchen to my right. Both girls had their faces smeared with jizz. Sandy took my cock in her hand, and stroked my wet rod, and Gretchen licked the head. Sandy took my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down quickly, her tits slapping against my thigh. Then Gretchen took her turn, taking my cock and sucking and licking me, before relinquishing my cock back to Sandy. Back and forth they swapped my cock. Gretchen was sucking my cock deeply, when I felt that feeling coming. I warned them. I stood up, both girls sat back on their knees, closing their eyes, faces already covered in sperm. I jerked my cock for a few seconds before I came, aiming my cock back and forth between their faces, hitting both of them with my jizz.
“What’s with you two and jizz splattering?” Stephanie asked from across the room.
“Really,” Sandy said, wiping the cum from her face.
“What are you doing, you have to lick it off each other,” Holly said, forcing Sandy and Gretchen to lick the cum off of each other, then make out.
“You’re so mean,” I said to Holly.
“Hey, if it was me and Stephanie we would have done the same thing without needing orders,” Holly said. I nodded agreement. I could remember many a time when such things had happened, usually involving Holly and Stephanie, but others as well.


Mouth still on my cock in the darkened room. I felt the body next to me, judging my the breasts, round firm, they belonged to Holly. I moved my hands down to the head bobbing up and down on my cock, the hair was definitely curly, which meant Gretchen. I was still barely awake. I realized that if Gretchen was blowing me in the middle of the night, she was following orders. That also meant that Sandy had to be nearby. I searched the bed around me for another body, but found only Holly. Holly was giggling at me. I think I probably looked quite confused.
“I thought you might decide to wake up,” Holly said, through her giggling laughter.
“I thought this was your doing, but I didn’t think it was your bidding,” I said.
“I have the power, why not use it,” Holly said, as she sat up and rolled her body on top of mine. Gretchen was still blowing me, Holly laid on me, her ass just above Gretchen’s head, her bare tits on my chest. I brought my arms up around Holly’s bare back, holding her tight. Holly lowered her face to mine, our mouths meeting in the darkness. We kissed for minutes, as I still received head.
“Where is your other slave?” I asked her.
“I think she went to her bed, she got worn her out earlier,” Holly said.
“I don’t remember that..?” I said.
“You were sleeping…I’ll tell you later,” Holly said. We both heard a gasp for air, as Gretchen removed her head from my cock.
“Had enough?” Holly said. Gretchen continued to stroke me with her hand.
“That’s enough, go sleep in the guest bedroom,” Holly said.
“Thank you your highness,” Gretchen said in feigned contempt. Holly collapsed back onto me, her head on my chest. I looked over at the clock. It was flashing 12:00, for a second I thought it was midnight, then I realized that the power had just come back on, and the clock wasn’t set. It could have been midnight. Holly laid on my chest, with one hand guiding my rigid wet cock into her pussy. She gently thrusted her hips up and down on my cock. After several minutes of slow sex, Holly slowed to a halt. She stayed not moving.
“Holly,” I asked to no reply. She had fallen asleep, not saying much for me, but I would later learn why. I drifted back to sleep, joining Holly in our sleepy melting into one.

I awakened, in the sunlit room, Holly was still on top of me, in her slumber. I gently rolled to one side, helping Holly slide off of me, and on to the bed. She let out a low moan. I walked into the bathroom. Sliding the glass shower door, I turned on the hot water of the shower. I stood there, holding my hand in the stream of shooting water, waiting for the temperature to be right. I was still a bit hazy, the water going from cold to hot helping me awake. Once it was hot, I stepped into the shower, sliding the door shut behind me. I stood with my head up, letting the warm water flow over me, as I tried to become fully awake, my eyes still trying to close. I stood with my eyes clothes, hands at my sides. I felt a hand on my chest, opening my eyes and jerking my head down.
“Hi stranger,” Holly said, naked, her round tits getting somewhat wet from the splashing water off of my chest. Her left hand on my chest, and her right hand on my ass. She moved in, hugging her body against the side of mine, resting her head on my shoulder. The water now flowed over both our bodies. I turned my head, kissing her forehead, as her chin was on my shoulder.
“What happened last night?” I asked.
“After you were asleep?” Holly asked.
“I guess, you said something about I’ll tell you later,” I said.
“Oh,” she said.

“Give me head, both of you,” I ordered. Stephanie went into our room, you were sleeping, and she returned with vibrator and strap on. I was on my back, on the floor. Sandy and Gretchen were both laying down, with their faces in my crotch. I didn’t bother to figure out who was doing what. I stared at the ceiling as they took turns sucking on my clit, and licking my pussy. I felt Sandy’s large tits on my thigh.
“Here use these,” I heard Steph say. I felt the pink vibrator inside of my pussy only seconds later. The cold plastic contrasted the hot mouths, and gave me chills. I could still feel a tongue on my clit, as the pink toy was being thrusted deep inside me. I opened my eyes and struggled to lean my head up to look down. Stephanie had put on the strap on, and was behind Sandy, and she was pounding her hard. I was moaning deeply as the toy and mouths were playing with me. I heard Sandy’s grunts from Stephanie fucking her mercilessly. I reached my hands up and played with my tits, pinching and massaging both nipples. I felt the pink vibrator pull out of my pussy, and then pushed into my ass. It must have been payback for the assfucking they received earlier.
“Ya, you like that,” Stephanie said, deeply, imitating a man’s voice. My pussy was dripping wet, and I felt an orgasm coming on. Two tongues in my pussy, moving all about, and the vibrator in my ass were doing their magic on me.
“Fuck YES,” I screamed, arching my back and throwing my arms behind me. I didn’t hear anything for a minute, as my orgasm subsided. My legs throbbing and weak.
“I didn’t say you could stop,” I said. Sandy and Gretchen lowered their faces back into my slit. I could hear Sandy moaning and sighing from the pounding she was taking. The girls took turns sucking on my clit, as the vibrator was thrusted in and out of my ass. The girls brought me to another orgasm, as Sandy had one of her own.

“How didn’t that wake me up?” I asked.
“You must have been tired,” Holly said.
“Wish I would have seen that,” I said. My cock was clearly at attention.
“Maybe we’ll recreate it for you later,” Holly said. Holly dropped to her knees, stroking my cock in her hand as she closed her eyes and kissed the head, whilst stroking the shaft.
“Mmmm,” I moaned. Holly started to slowly give me head, as I closed my eyes, she quickened her pace. Her hot wet mouth on my cock, hand on my balls. She blew me, as I imagined her getting head from two girls while another girl fucked one of them. The image had eight tits in it, which was a definite plus. The smell of the flowing juices, the sounds of the girls coming, the way they moved, their tits asses legs hair, all so sexy. Before I knew it I was coming down Holly’s throat, she didn’t miss a drop, swallowing it all, then she sucked me for a little while longer, until I was limp again.
“We should really do things like this more often,” I said.
“What in the shower?” Holly asked.
“No I mean all this,” I said.
“Oh,” Holly said, “I agree.”

Part 19: Spring Break 1

Spring Break of sophomore year was going to be amazing. This was the year we were doing the whole party in Mexico thing, like you see on MTV. Holly and I and Stephanie were going, flying down for a four day party. Sandy wasn’t going because she had a weird major requirement that wouldn’t allow it. We all had tests the day before our flight, so mid-terms and the studying for them, really made a dent in our normal activities. The exhaustion from sex gave way to exhaustion from studying, but the mental weight that is mid-terms seems to completely disappear just after the tests. We went to the airport in a bit of a post test daze that carried on into the sleepy flight south.

We checked into our hotel on the beach. Due to the weirdness of our University, our spring break is earlier than most schools, so we actually came before the main spring break. Which is good for not being as crowded. “You guys are going to fuck a lot of people,” Stephanie said, as we settled into our hotel room.
”No, I think we are going to take it easy, lay on the beach, make love,” I said.
“No, you guys are going to fuck a lot, and with a lot of people.” Stephanie emphasized.
“You can do that al you want Steph,” Holly said. “But I think we are going to have a little US time,” Holly said.
“All you guys do is have US time, and then occasionally go to class,” Steph said.
“We’ll see,” I said, obviously trying to change the subject.
“No, one way or another, I will make you guys go crazy,” Steph said. “I’m tired of being ‘the crazy one’, you guys are going to get some action,” She said, smiling.
“Can’t argue with that,” I said. I looked out the window out onto the beach. Very few people out there, mostly college kids it looked like. “Let’s just go and lay out on the beach,” I said.
“That’s not going wild,” Steph said disappointedly.
“Ok…lets go lay out naked, “ I said.
“You’re getting warmer…but still not wild,” Steph said. Holly and I undressed and then put on our swimming attire. She was wearing a bright yellow two-piece that left little to the imagination. But it wasn’t quite a thong and rubber band like some girls wear. We grabbed towels and went to go down to the beach. Her straight brown hair was shoulder length right now, and her roughly small c cup breasts filled out her top very nicely.
“See you down there?” Holly asked Steph.
“I might make an appearance,” Steph said.

Holly and I got down to the beach. We laid out our towels about thirty feet up from the water, and laid on our backs in the afternoon sun. We had wandered down the beach a way, away from the hotel and to a slightly more secluded section of the almost white sand beach.
“Grease me up baby,” Holly said, handing me a tube of sun-block. Holly rolled over, face down.
“Let me get this out of the way,” I said, untying her top, the straps falling to the sides. I squeezed a bunch of lotion onto her back, and started to slowly rub it in all over her. I massaged it into her, and eventually got down to her lower regions.
“Don’t want to burn your ass,” I said. Holly laughed.
“You don’t need to make lame excuses to get me naked,” She said, still laughing some. I pulled her bikini bottom down, and over her legs, setting the yellow bottom next to her. I squeezed out some more of the lotion onto the small of her back. My hands worked it into her ass cheeks, essentially groping her ass in all its glory. Then I worked down over her long smooth legs.
With that done, “Roll over,” I said. And she did. Her soft breasts were bright from the relative whiteness that goes with not tanning, now with the bright sun falling on them. Her nipples are the softest pink, I just want to suck on them every time I see them. I squeezed out some more lotion, a little too much actually, onto her flat stomach. I sloppily and messily rubbed all over her stomach and up to the mountainous regions of her chest. She saw how much lotion I was using, and started laughing. I spent a little too much time rubbing her breasts, obviously not doing it for the lotion’s sake. I did the rest of her, her arms and tops of her legs.
“Do…do I rub it on your…crevice?” I asked, joking with her. Holly was trimmed very short between her legs.
“Maybe a little,” She said. I just gently rubbed against her lips, getting them some lotion.
“Done,” I pronounced. Holly laid back, her hands behind her head, eyes closed. I admired her smooth skin, her whole body. “Don’t you want to do me?” I asked her.
“Of course,” She said, giggling. “I think you mean lotion right?” She asked laughing.
“Yeah…lotion,” I said sarcastically.
“Get naked,” Holly said, like an order.
“Yes sir,” I said, standing up. I pulled my trunks down and off, laying face down on the towel. I felt the lotion dripping from the tube onto my back, and then Holly’s delicate hands rubbing my back. She worked it in good, all over me, especially my ass, which she seemed to pay a lot of attention to. “You like my ass?” I asked her.
“You seemed play with mine an awful lot,” She joked. “Roll over,” She said.
“Are you sure? Because, I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the glorious sight of my ass,” I said.
“Turn over,” She said, probably rolling her eyes. I rolled over, the sun now in my face. I closed my eyes, and felt holly rubbing all over my body. She quickly got to my crotch and started to essentially give me a handjob.
“I think you got enough lotion on it,” I said, smiling, eyes closed.
“Just making sure, wouldn’t want it to burn,” She said, still stroking me. She lingered for a while then finished my legs and arms. “Done,” She said. I laid back, hands behind my head, and Holly did the same. The waves came in gently, crashing every so often. I looked over at her, sunbathing beauty.
“Want to go swimming?” I asked.
“But then we would have to put lotion on again,” She said.
“Hey, we could do that all day. Swim, lotion, swim, lotion,” I said.
“Yeah, you would just have to rub my tits and ass every fifteen minutes,” She said.
“You are so beautiful,” I said. She smiled. “It’s unbelievable, you…” I said, at a loss for words.
“I’d say you were beautiful, but men aren’t beautiful,” She said. “Beautiful is just a synonym for pretty, and we couldn’t call you that,” She said, joking.
“So what would you call me,” I asked her.
“I don’t want to call you anything, I just want to suck on that,” Holly said, looking at my crotch. “Or maybe shove it inside me,” She said. My cock started growing immediately. Holly laughed.
“It obeys your every command,” I said.
“Stand…”She said, as if she were telling a dog to do tricks. “Good…now fuck me…fuck me,” She ordered my cock.
“Okay, that requires co-operation from a few other parts of the body,” I said.
“Yeah, like your ass,” Holly said. “I think it’s time to roll over,” Holly said. We both rolled over to face down.
“Do…do I dig a hole for it?” I asked, she laughed.
“It has a home already,” Holly said, smiling at me.
“You’d think we would have gotten over sexual innuendo once we started having sex,” I said.
“It’s fun,” She said. We laid on our stomachs for a while.
“Roll over,” Holly said after a while. I rolled over, and Holly got on top of me, face to face. I hugged her, her tits pressed against my chest. We kissed slowly. I got excited. Holly grabbed my cock and positioned it against her pussy. She slowly pressed down, her lips not wanting to budge, but finally allowing me entrance. Slowly, my cock penetrated her all the way inside. We laid together, me fully inside of her, not moving. Holly very slowly moved, humping slightly. The most tender lovemaking. We slowly made love next to the beach, kissing, and feeling each other in the Mexican sun.
After a while of the slow sex, I reached down and started to play with her clit. Holly increased the pace of the sex slightly, still at a leisurely pace, but with the added stimulation from my hand. We stayed like that for a while. Then my free hand, which had been groping her, now was against her ass. I slipped my index finger inside her ass, holding it there, then slowly pumping in and out with the slow fucking. We made out, the sex still very slow, very sensual. She moaned softly, as did I.
Eventually the pleasure added up and drove our passion higher than our will to keep it sensual. Holly couldn’t help herself, and increased the pace to a more normal fucking. The finger in her ass was doing a number on her as well as the fingers on her clit. Holly came, her pussy clenching around me, trying to get me off, to no avail. Her orgasm was a long drawn out pleasure, not a short peak of intense pleasure as is often the case.
“That was great,” Holly said, her head beside mine, laying on me. I was still very hard, and deep inside her as we sat there. We laid like that for a while, my erection definitely not going away. Stephanie walked out to us, laying naked on the beach.
“I see you two are doing…something,” Stephanie said. Holly was still face down.
“What are you up to?” I asked Steph. She has dark blonde hair, that is straight and just under shoulder length. Her small but nicely rounded breasts were tightly constrained in a black two piece suit that was more ‘showy’ than Holly’s. Steph is very skinny, a few inches shorter than me. She was actually tanned already, having prepared.
“I was just doing a little recon,” Steph said. “I am going to get you two to go wild, no more of this slow love making crap,” Steph said.
“I think we are doing just fine,” I said. Steph rolled her eyes and walked away.
“She tries to hard,” Holly said.
“She thinks we are going to just be sensual the whole time, so now she is determined to get us some other people to join in,” I said.
“She does the work for us and enjoys it,” Holly said.
“It’s like whitewashing a fence, but with naked people,” I said.
“Exactly,” Holly said, knowing what I was getting at. “Want to do it again?” Holly asked.
“Like you have to ask,” I said. We resumed the slow sensual sex, finger in the ass, finger on the clit exercise. We did pretty much exactly what we had just done. Again, Holly came, but I did not. We laid there a while longer, my cock still buried inside her hot wetness. Stephanie came back.
“No luck?” I asked.
“It’s pretty dead,” She replied.
“You know what would help you get some,” Holly said.
“A load of jizz on your face,” Holly said. I laughed.
“You know…you’re right,” Steph said. I think it would be easier for a girl to seduce a guy on the beach if she already has some spunk on her face. And the girls would see her and wonder where the party was. “Okay…I’m guessing you have the gun loaded already,” Steph said.
“Yeah, pretty much,” I said. Holly rolled over, onto her back, my cock popping out of her dripping slit, covered in her juices, and harder than ever.
“Stand up,” Steph said to me. I stood up, and Steph kneeled down, stroking me. She started to blow me hard and fast, sucking Holly’s juices right off my cock. The quick action of her mouth was a stark contrast to the slow love making with Holly, the type of thing that sends a cock over the edge. I warned her of my impending orgasm. Now, if you know me, follow the stories, you know that I usually shoot quite a load of jizz. But when I go a few days without sex, as in the mid-term and then the flight, I will blast a monster load. Then, if you factor in a good forty minutes of excitedness building up to the orgasm, you can bet it will shoot like a fucking sperm cannon, which is exactly what Stephanie got on her face. The first wave of semen was a giant rush that landed in her hair. The next few seconds saw a sperm shooting gallery on Stephanie’s face and tits, as the cum dripped down. She was literally covered in jizz. Holly was laughing as she watched wave after wave of white stuff.
“Thanks for the warning, I would have drown,” Stephanie said. “I’ll see what I can do,” She said walking down the beach back towards a couple of people. I laid down next to Holly, my balls feeling quite empty.
“That must be the male equivalent to giving birth,” Holly said. “What was he? Six pounds five ounces?”

A few minutes later, Stephanie returned, a guy in each hand, practically dragging them over toward us. They looked to be college kids too. Steph got them to a few feet away from us, and stopped. She got on her knees, and whipped out both of their cocks, starting to suck them both off. She blew well, one after the other, they both came on her face. After that, Steph sat down, and the guys walked away.
“Well that was quite a show,” Holly said.
“I didn’t think they would come that fast,” Steph said.
“Why don’t you go bring us a girl,” Holly said.
“Yeah, I second that,” I said.
“Fine,” Steph said, walking away, back toward the main beach area, three loads of cum on her face.
“What should we do now?” I asked Holly.
“Now, we fuck,” She said. I was on my back, and Holly gave me a few quick strokes, and mounted me. I played with her tits, but this wasn’t love making, this was some fucking. She pounded herself against me. My cock was throbbing inside of her. She was upright, my cock forcing in and out of her pussy. Her tits bounced in my hands.
“I want some cum,” Holly said.
“It’ll be a while,” I said, her thrusts still pounding our bodies.
“Hey!” Holly yelled. ”Come here,” She said. Some naked guy who happened to be walking by came up and stood beside us.
“What?” He asked kind of quietly. Holly didn’t say anything, just grabbed his limp cock and pulled it toward her mouth. He stepped a foot or so forward, accommodating her. I was fucking her hard, her tits bouncing, and she was sucking off some stranger. She was sloppily blowing him, and fast at that. Right when Holly came, she sucked hard, and he came in her mouth. Holly swallowed every drop he gave her, and resumed fucking me. The guy sat in the sand a few feet away, watching us. Holly went on fucking.
Stephanie returned, this time with a guy and a girl. The guy was black, probably like six feet. And the girl was a gorgeous Latin woman. She was short, around five two, and had small breasts, but she was a curvy little sexy woman, with the dark skin that screams exotic beauty. She was naked, he was wearing trunks. She was completely shaven.
“Who’s this?” Steph asked, looking at the guy.
“Carl,” He said.
“She blew him,” I said, referring to Holly.
“Do you have any condoms?” Steph asked me.
“No,” I said.
“I do,” Jim, the black guy, said.
“Can you go again?” Steph asked Carl.
“Yeah,” Carl said, having watched me and Holly fucked for a few minutes. Jim pulled out a string of condoms, tearing two off. He handed one to Carl, and they both put them on.
“On you knees,” Steph said, pointing at both guys. They complied. Steph stripped her bikini bottom off, revealing her shaved pussy. Steph got down on all fours, in between the two guys on their knees. She took Carl in her mouth and the seven inches of Jim in her pussy. Steph bounced back and forth, between them, her ass and mouth hitting the guys alternately.
“What’s your name?” Holly asked the exotic woman.
“Lana,” She said.
“Come here,” Holly said, motioning for her, and still bouncing on me. Lana stood beside us, and Holly leaned over, grabbing Lana’s ass as an anchor as she dove into her pussy tongue first. Holly was getting into it, eating her fast and wet. Beside us, Stephanie turned around, still on all fours, but switching pussy and mouth on the guys. Holly got up, kissing Lana, and taking them both to the ground. They made out, and quickly turned into a sixty-nine with Holly on top in the sand. I right away got up to my knees behind Holly, my cock poised just above Lana’s mouth. I fucked Holly from behind, tearing into her, grabbing her hips. Lana was going to town on Holly’s clit as I fucked her hard from behind. Holly came, gushing fluids over Lana’s mouth, and screaming into her pussy.
Holly kept eating Lana and got her off a moment later. Steph switched sides again. Lana was now licking my juice covered cock that was still halfway inside Holly, and licking and sucking my balls. I slowly fucked Holly as Lana licked me. I came inside Holly, and pulled my cock just out of her lips. The jizz dripped from Holly’s lips to Lana’s tongue that licked and sucked Holly. When Holly was clean, Lana’s lips wrapped around my cock and sucked me dry.
The three of us sat back in the sand, and looked at Steph, Carl, and Jim. Now Steph was on top of Jim, as he fucked her. And Carl was over her, fucking Steph in the ass. She was taking them both, and liking it a lot. After a while of double penetration, both guys came inside her, inside the condoms. The three of them sat back in the sand, looking at us. Lana crawled over to Jim, tore the condom off his cock, and sucked him dry. Then she did the same to Carl.
The rest of us were temporarily tired, but Lana and Jim fucked in front of us, having some fun too. With all that over with, I turned to Holly and said, “Let’s go swimming.”
“Ok,” She said. I got up and ran toward the water, Holly running just behind me. Stephanie joined us a moment later, standing naked waist deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Part 20: Spring Break 2

The next two days were sort of a blur of alcohol and sex. I honestly cannot remember enough to construct a story. The last day though, I do remember. We had a plane to catch early the next morning, so that night, we had the grand finale of the trip. Stephanie had apparently been planning for this party all trip. She had given out our room number and told a whole lot of people to come that night. She didn’t bother to tell us though. The alcohol was still in effect, but not nearly as much as it had been the middle two days.
“Who’s coming?” Holly asked Stephanie.
“I invited a couple of people,” Steph said.
“Do you know people down here or something?” I asked.
“I met them here,” She said.
“So, how many?” Holly asked.
“Well, it depends on how many show up…” Steph said.
“What did you hand out fliers?” I asked.
“Something like that,” Steph said. A knock at the door. Steph answered it.
“Stephanie right?” A man asked.
“Yeah…I don’t remember your name,” Steph replied.
“Mike,” He said, stepping in. He was a pretty average guy. Steph directed him to her bed, where they sat, across from Holly and I. Another knock, that Steph went to answer.
“John,” I said, extending my hand.
“Holly,” Holly introduced herself.
“When you guys leaving?” Mike asked.
“In the morning,” I said.
“Everybody, this is Tonya,” Steph said, directing Tonya toward Mike. Introductions went around again. Tonya was an average looking girl, kind of like the girl next door type, just pretty average. Seemed nice.
“How big is your cock?” Tonya asked Mike.
“About six inches,” He replied.
“You?” Tonya asked me.
“Same,” I said.
Steph was greeting at the door, another guy came in. He was a little bit taller than me. His name was Rob, and he sat down next to Tonya.
“How big is your cock?” Tonya asked him.
“I already have him,” Steph said from the doorway.
“Around eight inches,” Rob said.
“He’s being modest,” Stephanie said. “What are you guys waiting for, get fucking.”
At once, the group of five started stripping. Stephanie stripped right next to the doorway, the door wide open into the hallway of the hotel. Holly and I got into a sixty-nine on our bed. Condoms went around, and Holly put one on me with her mouth. Steph and Rob fucked up against the wall of the room. Tonya and Mike fucked on Steph’s bed, and Holly and I started fucking on our bed.
Holly laid on her side, putting one leg straight up in the air. I laid behind her and shoved my cock up her ass, fucking her butt from behind. After a little while, some guy who had just walked in, put his cock in Holly’s face, and she started sucking. Apparently the open doorway equaled an open invitation to anyone to come in our room. Several half drunk guys walked in, shoving cocks into the different situations. While I was fucking Holly in the ass, some other guy came up and put his condom covered cock in her pussy, fucking her, while she sucked off some other guy. Pretty much the same male-male-male-female situation was going on in every part of the room.
The sounds of orgasms of guys and girls, juices flowing and jizz splattering was too much to try to keep track of, but there was lots of it going around. Holly came repeatedly while I was in her ass, at least four times before I came deep in her, in the condom. I stepped back from the bed, and one of the guys stepped in and started fucking her ass. I watched the sights, and a couple of guys who had blown their load had left, leaving the girls a little less over matched. My cock was ready to go again in a few minutes and Holly was still being triple-teamed, so I found an opening with Tonya on Stephanie’s bed. Tonya was on top of a guy fucking him, and sucking off another guy. I got on my knees behind her, and shoved my slippery cock into her ass. I fucked her hard and fast, and she was going through loops of ecstasy. She came ferociously, I thought she was going to hurt somebody the way she was throwing herself around. She came again while I was in her ass, and she collapsed onto the body below her.
I came out of her ass, in search of another hole. The open door had let a girl in. No introductions were made. She was on her knees, sucking and stroking three guys near the doorway. There was a cute little blond girl on top of some guy on the floor, fucking him. I kneeled down behind her, and a few feet away from the girl blowing three, and positioned behind her. I pushed my cock up to her asshole, but she turned around and told me not to fuck her ass. So I positioned my cock a little lower, against her already getting fucked pussy. She didn’t stop me then, and I pushed inside her, double penetrating her wet pussy. I started fucking hard, the other guy was two, and we fucking split her in half. The other guy came, and withdrew, rolling out from under her.
She collapsed to the floor, her ass slightly in the air, and I fucked her pussy to another orgasm before I came for a second time. Once again I watched the rest of the room for excitement inspiration. Holly was getting double teamed, one in her ass, one in her mouth. She was laying on top of the guy in her ass, and the other guy was standing next to the bed. I got hard again, and climbed up on top of her, pushing my cock into her unoccupied dripping slit. She came as I pushed in her. She didn’t know it was me, facing the other direction sucking off some guy. He came in her mouth, and she swallowed.
He walked away, the room was nearly empty now, just back down to the original six plus another guy and girl I didn’t know. The guy who was fucking Holly’s ass came, and he got out from under her and left. Holly looked up at me, and was surprised to see it was me fucking her. Everyone in the room was dripping with sweat, and juices were all over all of us. I put my hands on either side of her head, into a ‘push up’ position, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Holly came, and her pussy squeezed my cock to orgasm, for a third time, and for who knows how many times for her.
I sat down between her legs, exhausted. Holly leaned forward, carefully pulling the condom off my cock. “How many?” She asked, holding the filled up rubber.
“Three,” I said, panting.
“Mmm.” Holly said, putting her lips against the edge of the condom, and holding the bottom in the air, sucking three loads of my spunk down and swallowing it. We watched Stephanie taking Rob’s eight inch cock up her ass, while Mike fucked her pussy, over on her bed. She was barely aware of her surroundings, the repeated orgasms ravaging her senses. Tonya sat down next to me and Holly.
“I feel like I was fucked like a train,” Tonya said.
“Me too,” Holly said, three of us watching Stephanie getting fucked in both holes.
“Me three,” I said. The two girls looked at me. “…I mean…I feel like…a train, “ I said.
“Just stop,” Holly said, turning back to the threesome.
“Okay,” I said.
“Want to go again?” Holly asked me.
“I don’t know if I can,” I said.
“Tonya, let’s get him up and running,” Holly said, leaning forward on the bed, and sucking me off. Tonya looked at my limp cock being massaged to life by Holly’s loving tongue. They switched off and sure enough my cock came back to life. They swapped back and forth, sucking and stroking my sore cock. Meanwhile, Stephanie was taking two loads of jizz down her throat.
When I was solidly hard again, Holly mounted me on the bed, fucking me hard. Tonya was making out with me, to keep me excited I guess, while my hands played with one of each of their tits. After a minute I heard a familiar buzzing and saw Stephanie going to town on Tonya’s pussy with her vibrator, while she fingered Holly’s ass. Holly rotated, now sitting on me, she put my cock in her ass, and had Stephanie eating her out while Steph fucked Tonya with a vibrator. Rob and Mike were watching this and getting excited.
After a little while longer, Rob and Mike took their respective girls, and started fucking again. I was about to cum in Holly’s ass, after just giving her another orgasm, when she got up and took the little jizz I had to offer in her mouth. We laid down on our bed, completely naked, covered in pussy juice, the aroma of sex in the air, completely exhausted, and with four people in the room fucking still. We fell asleep like that, and awoke to a shrill buzzing the next morning, in roughly the same position. The flight was a long headache hangover that was capped off by sleep when we finally got home. Then of course, it was back to business as usual. Sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

Note: Some events in the story have been dramatized/exaggerated/changed to better suit the story telling. (i.e. lack of condom use, changing of actual dialogue, moving around the timeline of actual events, slight detail exaggeration) However, I assure that safety is our primary concern. Given that proviso, the story is a fair and accurate representation.

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