Empty Nesters – June and Steve

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June opened the window wide and breathed in the fresh spring air, along with all the other urban smells outside her apartment. This working from home, avoiding human contact, pandemic shit was getting old.

She looked out across the street to the park where she had made so many memories with her kids, and decided that she was going to serve dinner tonight in the form of a picnic for her and hubby under the huge maple that little Jimmy had fallen out of all those years ago. She hated cooking for just the two of them since the kids were both now gone.

She reflected on the grandson on the way, and wondered what sort of worries Jimmy would have to deal with in the years ahead. Would he have the broken bones, illnesses, fights at school that she’d had to deal with?

She thought then of her eldest, Jane, and her sweet daughter, Janet. She couldn’t help but wonder if Jane would someday bust her daughter going down on her boyfriend, like June had caught Jane with that Jacobs boy, right over there in the park. June had known she needed to reprimand her daughter for her actions, but deep down she knew she had done that exact same thing at her age, and more!

Steve rounded the corner and stopped to admire his wife, more precisely, he admired her sweet ass and fantastic legs. He was getting tired of working from home too. But the scenery of his wife without pants sure brightened up a boring workday.

They both were dressed for work, from the waist up. It was a perk of the pandemic that everyone knew about, but only rarely admitted to. Zoom meetings didn’t require any pants! Of course everyone had to wonder what everyone else was wearing down below the view of the computer.

“Taking a little break honey?” He asked her. “Yeah, needed some fresh air. Enjoying the view, reminiscing a little.” She answered, looking over her shoulder with a smile.

She saw that he didn’t even see her smile, as his gaze was focused a lot lower. Her smile widened as she shook her ass at him when he replied, “What a coincidence, I am enjoying the view and reminiscing too!”

“Yeah? You know you can get a closer view if you want.” June told him, shaking her ass again. Working from home did have certain perks, she thought.

Steve agreed, and crossed the room quickly. She braced herself for what she knew was asyabahis yeni giriş coming when he got behind her and dropped to his knees. His hands slid up the back of her thighs and his thumbs caught the bottom of her blouse as his fingers continued up over her ass.

Steve began to plant wet kisses on her ass cheeks, going back and forth randomly, moving steadily closer to the strip of fabric pulled up between her cheeks.

Her deep breathing told him to continue when he reached out and grabbed the thong and pulled it out of her crack, moving it aside. She bent over further, placing her hands on the sill.

He ran his wet tongue between her cheeks and she gasped as he found her sphincter and began to rim her. Firmly pushing the tip of his tongue into her asshole and swirling it around.

She moaned loudly as four stories below a cabbie angrily honked his horn at another driver. Steve began to run his fingers over her meaty labia, still probing her asshole with his relentless tongue.

Her hips rolled on their own now, responding to her husband’s talents, as a man entered the park across the street walking five Pomeranians.

June whimpered as Steve began to lower his aim, down over her taint to those luscious lips and back up to rim her again.

Steve dipped his head again and sucked one of June’s meaty lips between his teeth and swiped his tongue over it, while below, a young couple entered the park and veered onto the path towards the spot June would always think of as ‘Jane’s bj hideaway’. June wondered briefly if that’s what the young couple had in mind, or if the boy was going to peel off his girlfriend’s tights and do what Steve was doing.

Steve reached up then and pushed down on June’s shoulder blades, encouraging her to bend over farther. As she bent and placed her elbows on the window sill, she vaguely noticed the school bus that years ago brought her own children home from kindergarten.

Now with better access, Steve began an all out oral assault on June’s entire crotch. He rimmed her ass and lapped between her full lips. He flicked his tongue across the hood of her clit, encouraging it out of it’s own hideaway. He licked lightly across her taint, tickling her, before pushing his tongue up between her lips and sucking the forming juices.

June asyabahis giriş was now moaning, her eyes closed to the busy city below. Her hips rolled as another vehicle horn sounded, but she was barely aware of it. All she was aware of was her husband’s relentless tongue. She knew he would not stop until she had cum, hard.

He had an asscheek in each hand, pulling them apart. His thumbs pulling her fat lips open so he could reach his tongue deeper into her core.

She felt the first tremors of her climax coming on, a delivery truck backfiring below went completely unnoticed by them both as her head dropped to rest on her forearms.

Steve began to focus more of his attention on her now exposed clitoris, he knew the signs, and he knew he already had his wife ready to cum in his face.

His instinct was to change it up to prolong the process, but he knew they both had to get back and login to their individual computers. So he began to suck her sensitive nub between his lips, flicking it with his tongue, and teasing her asshole with his nose.

She’d completely forgotten about the hustle and bustle below by now. Her legs quivered as she moaned incessantly, closer to her orgasm by the second.

When he reached into her pussy with both pointer fingers at once and clamped down on her clit with his lips, even gnawing on it gently with his teeth, she went over the edge.

Her head snapped up and she yelled out, not aware that she was yelling to the busy street below. If anyone heard her, she didn’t know, or even care. She was so far from it all as she came on her husband’s face.

June continued to wail as she reached back and grabbed the back of Steve’s head and pulled his face in tighter to her sex as she humped back against him.

To the Left of the park entrance, a man stood at the bus stop reading the sports page of the newspaper. During a slight lull in the traffic, he heard what he first thought was a cry of distress.

He scanned the street and nearby park. Looking across the street his eye caught movement in an upstairs window. As he looked better, he realized he was seeing a beautiful woman shaking her head, her long hair flailing. ‘My god, she’s cumming!’ He thought to himself. The local sports now forgotten, he hoped his bus wouldn’t come before she was finished.

Holding asyabahis güvenilirmi her lips open with his fingers Steve relinquished June’s throbbing clit to lap up the cum flowing from her hole, causing her to twitch and squeal as he shoved his tongue in as deep as he could.

He knew she was quickly reaching the limits of her endurance. Her quivering legs, the desperate sound of her crying, told him she would be overstimulated very soon.

And sure enough, like clockwork, she started to plead with him to stop. “OHHH,FUCK! STEVE, I CAN’T, CAN’T TAKE IT, OHHFUCKSTEVE! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE! FUCK!!”

He realized she was blurting it all out the window. Essentially telling the city she was cumming. He knew she was so far gone that she didn’t even realize it. And he certainly didn’t care, he was proud of his talents, he thought, a smile forming on his wet face.

June realized that Steve wasn’t going to quit, not on his own. He loved having his face buried in her pussy while she came. She knew she had to stop this herself. Reaching for the back of his head again she grasped a fistful of his hair and she simply allowed her legs to fold up.

She crumpled between her lusty husband and the wall, directly below the open window. “Holy fuck Steve, that was intense!”

He smiled down at her, his face covered in a sheen of her cum. “Glad you enjoyed it babe, we should take our breaks like this more often.”

“Fuck, you are so bad!” She whispered, but the satisfied smile on her face was evidence that she didn’t mind.

Glancing at the clock across the room, she knew she was going to be late getting back online. But she knew it would be worth it. Then she remembered her dinner plans.

“So I was thinking that for dinner we should have a picnic over in the park, get out of this apartment for awhile.” Steve liked the idea right away, and agreed completely.

“Good,” She told him. “I know a nice secluded little ‘hideaway’ over there.” She said quietly with a naughty smile.

Across the street, a city bus pulled up at the stop, and the driver wondered about the goofy grin of his new passenger.

The End?

I hope you enjoyed my latest installment in what I plan to be a series of Empty Nesters stories. I had to include the pandemic in the series, as it was such a huge part of everyone’s lives.

This one rolled out pretty quickly, sort of as a distraction from another story I am struggling with.

As always, don’t forget to vote and comment, I love to hear what people think. Constructive criticism is always welcome too. ;->

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