Dylan and Matthew

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Hey, guys. Thanks for reading. This is my first story. Please, lemme know how you like it! Thanks! :’) also, as is my first, please excuse typos/mistakes. But lemme know !

“Don’t be scared,” he said in a rush of air as he reached down and pursed his pillowy lips. Crystal blue eyes gazed with wonder at me as his soft fingertips brushed my cheek. He traced my jawline until he landed on my lips, and I bit him softly. He giggled. “See,” he cooed. “It’s easy. Do that again.” I parted my lips and he placed his finger against the ridge of my bottom teeth. I bit him again and pulled the rest of his finger to glide over my tongue. My lips curled around it and I moved my head back, swirling my tongue around him.

I reached forward and took him in my hand. He was warm, and against the hardness of his erection was soft skin like velvet, and as I tugged down he released a breathy sigh. Slowly he drew back his hand, and like a puppy I followed him with my mouth until I could take in his scent. He smelled of sweat and mint. In a quick tug of his hand his finger was out of my mouth, next hanging open, and I pulled back on him. Six inches of thick meat seemed to tower in front of my face topped with a rosy mushroom head. I stroked him once so I could feel the veins that ran along his shaft, and then again so that when I pulled up against the head the smallest hint of liquid formed against his slit. Then I closed my eyes as I grabbed the base of his shaft and ran my tongue upwards on the underside of him until I reached the savory flavor awaiting me on top. The boy lifted his hips off the sofa until he entered my mouth, and I closed my lips around him.

It was strange, I thought then, that I was literally kneeling on my knees between the legs of another boy, and that sacred parts of his body was touching me, and I was touching him, and he was there, in my mouth, lifting his hips slowly then drawing them back. His breath was heavy when he took a firm grip of my hair and pushed me down, and into the depths of my throat his cock went until I closed around him and gagged. He snatched my hair back, and allowed me some air as I gasped to regain control of my lungs and lose the tickle in my cheeks.

I looked at him through watering eyes and released my grip on his member; he surprisingly blushed and let go of my hair. “I’m…sorry,” he said quietly. “Too rough.”

“A little,” I said back and hated the way my voice sounded childish.

He chuckled and took hold of his member. “Can I see you, now?” I burned scarlet and he pouted. I watched his calmly tug at himself. “Please? Please? Puh-lease!” he begged. Then he let go of himself and was at his feet. His cock swung in front of my fave and stopped as it hit my cheek. “Oops,” he said and bent forward, and in one quick tug he held my shirt limp in his hands. I wanted to cover my body but his gaze downwards at me gave a little confidence. I pushed myself to my feet and stood in front of him. Carefully he touched my jawline, traced down the curve of my neck to my shoulders, swung down with the tips of his fingers over my chest. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered about my smooth body, not lean and toned but soft and kind of chubby.

He took my hand in his and lead me to his bedroom. His walls were a dark blue with smoky waves painted across the surface, and it smelled of him, of sweat and mint. We walked to his over-sized king bed masterfully throned in the center with the silhouette of a wolf overhead. He had no posters or pictures. His dresser was clean and tidy and was shiny in the darkness from his light. His clothes hamper was empty, his closet door shut, and his entertainment stand was dust-free and, I couldn’t help but notice, every DVD and video game was alphabetised. As we sat down on the bed he noticed my stare. “I may be nineteen,” he said with a laugh, “but I live here. And I like to stay organized.”

“I’m nineteen, too,” is all I said back as I thought about my room. Dr. Pepper bottles and candy wrappers and dirty clothes flung everywhere, and all I can think about is that I need to get my life together like Matthew. “Matthew,” I said his name then and looked at him. His crystal blue eyes were dark sapphires in his dimly lit room, and his golden hair became bronze. He reached and brushed hair out of my face.

“Yes, Dylan,” he whispered to me and was suddenly so close his breath was warm against my lips. And then he kissed me and we fell back onto the bed. He swung his body over me so that he straddled my lap, and I blushed at the pressure I felt against my groin from his still-erected member.

He kissed my lips, bit my neck, had his face pressed gaziantep escort kızlar into my armpits, and as he ventured further south with his mouth he slowly slid off the bed and onto the floor. And before I knew it he was between my legs, and I was hard, and his lips was playfully chewing at my own erection through the fabric of my jeans. Matthew drew back as he glared at me with mischievous eyes, and he peeled away my shoes, and then my socks, and he held my feet in his hands as he massaged them individually. I couldn’t control the arch in my back as he did so, and the view of the ceiling faded as I felt his hands reach upwards and pop the button of my jeans, the seductive sound of my zipper falling filling his silent room. “Keep your eyes closed,” he demanded, and I listened as he reached into the waist of my jeans and boxers and released my own cock for the world.

Nineteen years old and I’ve never had a single person in my life touch me in any way sexually. Nineteen years old, and from the moment I turned ten my hand was the only one to venture into the deep end and take my member in its grasp. Matthew was new. The sensation was new, and I felt almost immediately like I could blow right then and there. Matthew stroked me several times slowly, and each time I jerked my cock back from pleasure, and then he let go and I stood erected, pulsing with the beat of my heart.

“Wow,” he breathed and I looked down. I wasn’t longer than him, I’d actually guess to be about the same length, but having him in my hand and mouth I could definitely tell that I was thicker, and clean shaven, and my perfectly pink head peaked quietly out of my uncircumsized foreskin. Where he was nearly perfectly straight, I curved back at myself, a little to the left. Matthew grabbed my jeans and tugged them off of me and threw them behind him. He massaged my inner thighs as he stared at my crotch, then dug his face where no man had been before.

His lips were on my skin and his teeth dug into me and he kisses me a in way I’ve never felt in my life. I watch his head bob as he suckled on the skin between groin and thigh, my dick rocking against his head and cheek and through his hair. I felt my skin tickle, and tingle, felt my legs want to shake. Matthew drew back only long enough to go to the other side, and his mouth was back to doing wonders, the only stimulation to my cock the movement of his head. I felt a slight pressure build, then release, and when I looked down I noticed the small stream of pre-ejaculation spring forth and bead at the tip before slipping down the underside of my shaft.

Matthew finished nibbling at me and noticed the pre-cum. He flashed an evil smile and took my balls into his mouth, massaging them with his tongue and lips, pulling them back and forth. He kept eye contact with me the entire time, and when he wrapped his hand around me once more and threw his fist down he literally giggled with joy when I jumped and nearly lost it. My body spasmed with electricity and he felt it. He took one lasting suck of my balls before allowing his tongue to dance along my shaft, and he met the pre-cum with pride and coated his tongue with my essence before swallowing my head. His tongue did wonders, enough to have me moaning out loud. I wondered if anyone was coming home any time soon.

“Dylan,” Matthew called me when he let me free and I watched my pre-cum dribble off his lip. He climbed on top of my body and embraced me in the most passionate kiss yet. He fought at me until he had total dominance, forcing my mouth to open and receive his offering, allowing our saliva to mix as one. He bit my lip and I tasted blood and he continued at me until he was out of breath. “I want you,” he said suddenly and jumped off of me to his pillows. He patted the seat next to him. “Please, Dylan. I need you.”

I froze. Matthew looked like he was in pain in his stance, half sitting and half laying, his hand furiously going at his cock. I stared at his member as he jacked, noticed the way he would moan and jerk his body and his balls retracted with the pulses. I wanted him, too. Felt like I needed him. But something large lodged itself in my throat and I found my mouth dry, unable to speak, and I felt like I started pouring sweat. I’d never given a thought to anyone needing me that way, especially wanted to be inside of me. Which is exactly what I expected, but became totally dumbfounded when he pouted and lurched forward and wrapped his arms around me. “I need you inside of me,” he whispered in my ear before nibbling at my neck again and he pulled back. We rolled until I landed against the pillows and he told me to sit up with my back at the headboard. “I know you’re nervous,” he says quietly and stares straight into my soul. “I was too during my first time. But we’ve got this.” He wrapped his fingers with mine and pressed our foreheads together. “Trust me.”

I nodded and swallowed the lump. He smiled and reached across the bed to the bedside table. In a moment he had a bottle of lube in his hand. A steady stream fell into his hand and he reached back to jerk me. I gasped at his touch and felt my lungs caught, but in the placement of his other hand to my heart I found my breath again. “You’re heart is beating so fast,” he said. “Feel mine.” Matthew took my hand and put it to his chest to feel his heart beating something fierce. I smiled when I felt like our heartbeats match and he took my face in the free hand to kiss me again.

“I want you to feel me,” he said when he broke the kiss. “I want your first time to be done right.” Matthew handed me the lube and gave a quick peck on my lips. Then he twisted and turned and bent over my legs, the tip of his cock touching mine. He stretched out his arms and started to admire my feet. But what I saw before me was breathtaking.

Puckered and pink and tight was his ass, with hair as light as the slight bush around his cock around. I’m not quite sure what I expected to smell but his familiarity of sweat and mint met my nose and I felt calm. I tickled his hole with my fingers and felt the way his sphincter caused barrier between what he hid inside and me. Matthew moaned when I pressed into him, no lube for comfort or ease. I forced the tip of my finger inside and he shook his ass at me. Within thirty seconds I had the top portion of my index inside his anus and marveled at how tight and warm he was. “Lube, baby,” he said, and then quietly, “Shit!”

“Call me baby again,” I said with a shaky voice.

“WIll do, baby,” he said before running his tongue up the side of my big toe. I didn’t mind his foot fetish. Before this, when I imagined it, I felt sick to my stomach. Literally. I didn’t like feet, never admired any on another guy before. Never thought of it. Feet were smelly and sweaty and touched things that no hand or mouth or genital should ever touch in a lifetime. But with Matthew, he made me comfortable. He made me feel like it was just another sensation, like it wasn’t so gross after all. I didn’t even gasp when he slipped my toe in his mouth, one hand rubbing the curve of my leg he bent to embrace my foot so closely.

Slowly I withdrew my finger, and was ashamed in the way I was surprised that it was perfectly clean. I sniffed it and smelled the faint hint of mint, and definitely some sweat, and closed my eyes as I gingerly curled my tongue around it. And eyes closed I snatched back on his hips so he was closer to me, and Matthew allowed me room to command, and before I knew it my lips were against his hole and I kissed him. First, a peck. Then a kiss. And then I ran my tongue along his hole, tried to push it in. Kissed him, bit him, found myself eating out an asshole I’d never imagined touching before.

“Dylan,” he gasped and nearly screamed and pulled away from me. WIthin seconds Matthew was back on top of me and kissing me and I felt his moist ass touch my equally lubed cock. “Baby,” he breathed. “Inside of me.”

Matthew didn’t bother with the condom lying aside us. He balanced himself over me, reached back to position my cock, and tenderly slid down over my head. “Fuuuuuck, baby,” he moaned loudly as he pushed down, slid back up. “Oh, my God! You’re so,” he pecked my lips, “unbelievably,” bit my lip, “thick!” Before Matthew brought me home he had told me that he’d been with one guy before me, and that his cock was undeniably thin in girth, but towered in length. “Oh,” he said as if reading my mind, “you are so much better.”

Jealousy suddenly slammed into my gut. I hated the thought of him being with another boy, hated the idea that he has someone else inside where I’m taking throne at now. I grabbed his hips and thrusted upwards as he slid down, going further inside of him, and knocked his lungs out of his mouth. “Fuuuuuck,” he screamed again and kissed me. We meshed that way several times, and each time he moaned and each thrust he got louder until he told me to stop. “Tell me when you need to cum,” he said. “I don’t want you to, yet.”

I nodded my head and wiped sweat off my brow. It felt like it was getting hotter by the second.

Matthew sat straight up and closed his eye. “Grab my hands,” he said and our fingers interlocked. “Don’t move. Let my hips do the talking.” He tightened his grip on my hands and started to slide himself back and forth. He started slow at first, moaning quietly until I matched breathe and our moans sang harmoniously. Matthew released my hands and before forward to white-knuckle the headboard. He started to accelerate, rocking faster against me, and with every upgrade in speed the louder he got. “Jesus,” he cried when he suddenly hit maximum and the headboard knocked back into the wall.

No longer rocking back and forth, Matthew took to the air with every thrust, and his cock bounced against my soft belly each time. He let go of the headboard and arched his back and he rode me, one hand curling around the back of his neck while the other waved in the air like he was riding a bull. “Oh, God, fuck me!”

Matthew tore at his throat with moans, and the louder he progressively got the harder his body smacked against mine, the harsher the smack of his dick to my body became. I watched him wave frantically in the air before I caught him in one quick swoop. “Yes,” said and stopped momentarily to reposition himself on the bed. Feet beneath either of my underarms, he reached back to balance his upper body on his arms and started thrusting again.

I did my best to match my strokes with his body, and in the midst of focusing solely on his cock did I feel the pressure hit me like a fucking bullet. “GOD,” I yelled louder than him. “St-STOP. I’M GONNA C–”

Matthew took off like a bullet of his own. In one quick thrust of his body he was off of me and my cock swung back against my belly. He took hold of my hand and saw the torment in my face, begged me with steaming breath against my ear, “Fight it! Do not cum!”

“Uhn,” I released in one long continuous rush of air. I could feel a bit of it leaking from my head, the pressure pushing so hard I clamped down on my lip, redrawing blood, to hold it back. My body felt like iron. I tensed and locked my joints, and curled my toes. It took everything in me not to work my muscles, not to twitch my dick, not to let the flow of cum spurt out over me. Matthew’s hand was on my chest patting lightly over my heart. And just as quick as it came the pressure resided. I held out for a while longer before I let my dick twitch. A small stream of pre-cum poured out but the blast remained.

“You did good, baby,” he said.

“Why couldn’t I blow?”

“I want to see it,” he said. “I want to feel it.”


Matthew moved down between my legs. He lifted my knees slightly. He snatched up the bottle of lube and poured a steady river over my head. I felt the cool liquid run down between my thighs, pour out over my balls and knew it was collecting on his sheets. When satisfied he took me in his hands and started slowly, gently, making sure to cover every inch of my aching dick as he stroked. “Lift your ass,” he said and I followed orders. He played at my asshole with a free hand and I fought against him as he did me. Then he slipped a finger inside and held it there as far inside of me as he could get it.

His hand moved at hurricane speed against my dick. I watched it stroke in a blur, and Matthew’s eyes screamed with hunger as he watched himself. My breathing was quickly becoming labored. They were so deep I swear my body shook, and my toes curled, and I felt my legs wrapping around his body. Matthew looked up at me and his eyes glistened, and his brilliant eyes gleaming at my in pride.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said. “Cum whenever you’re ready.”

“I’m ready,” I can hardly say, and Matthew bites his lip with his pearl teeth. God, he looked so sexy.

I breathed sharply, and then in a rush of air I felt the world stop. Almost as if I left my body, I looked down as the world turned to slow motion. Matthew’s face was joyous in his giggle as his hand slammed down on my cock, resting at the base, and then a single shot of milky ejaculation sped through my dick as bulleted through the air. It shot up, then backwards to land on my chest.

The world hit me full speed as I shot again with a thrust of my cock, and again, and for a fourth time as the last three spurts soaked Matthew’s face. Matthew was like a child on Christmas morning. He giggled and screamed, and when the last of the orgasm drizzled over my head he quickly put it in his mouth.

Ultra-sensitive as fuck, I squirmed in his grasp as he ran his teeth over my head, back and forth. “Matthew! I can’t!”

He giggled again, and blushed, and finished cleaning the cum off my body, licking it away as he crawled up me. Then he opened his mouth to show me my cum before he swallowed. “Ready to he fed?”

“Fed?” I asked in surprise.

“Fed,” he said, wiping the remnants of my cum off his face, onto his member, and stuffed his cock into my mouth.

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