Double Take

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It’s almost time for bed and I’m wet from talking fantasy ideas with you.

I shut off my computer and rise from the couch, smiling at my own plans. I want to take this feeling you’ve planted in me and expand on it, do something a little more extravagant than I usually do. I intend to really take my time with an experience and have a story to tell you in the morning.

I’m in my bedroom, the window is dark with little specks of light from far buildings. My teeth are freshly cleaned and I’m wearing only my plain black underwear and a grey tank top. I take hold of the hem of my top and peel it up away from my body. I make a slow reveal of my stomach, pale with the odd freckle… and then my tits, with the air exposure puckering my flush, pink nipples. I like to think of you watching me do this, waiting for me in bed and enjoying the display. I slip out of my underwear, laying them over the back of a chair, along with my top.

There are two narrow boxes on the seat of that chair. I reach into one and take out a midnight blue butt plug and a small bottle of lube. I let a couple of drops slide over the tip of the plug. With one knee raised and resting on the elevated mattress of my bed, I position myself to insert the plug. I gently press it the barest amount into my ass, feeling the cool lube and the slightly odd sensation of penetration. This is something I do that makes me the shiest. The idea that you might watch me slowly easing in the plug makes my face heat up with a powerful blush.

I bite a little at my bottom lip and concentrate on inserting the plug. I push it into that tight ring of muscles, letting the resistance work slightly against my hand so that I’m prodding somewhat in and out of my ass. At this point it’s growing from that strange early feeling into something more tempting and pleasant. I sigh and continue to bounce the plug gradually into my ass, letting myself get used to the intrusion and enjoying the process.

After a bit more playing with the plug, I feel my body has adjusted. It’s finally time to slide it completely into place. I push, the largest part of the plug is drawn into my ass and I feel lube squeezed up against my fingers. I hum a little and wipe the residue on a towel. With that pressure inside me from the plug, I lower my leg to the floor, wiggle my hips a little and squeeze my ass cheeks together. I can tell from this movement that my pussy is getting wetter already. I mumble an aroused sound from the sensation… and again I think of you as my silent observer. I had forgotten that for a moment while experiencing the teasing stimulus from my ass. The heat in my face glows again, but so does an echo down in my clit.

I lean over my bed, to the far side of my pillow where my phone is lying. With a few swipes on the screen I activate the music app to hear one of my favourite playlists. I don’t choose the one that makes dancing infectious… but instead I go for one of my more relaxing mixes. The songs are simple and mostly soothing, with lovely lyrics. I like to imagine the two of us cuddling together on a rainy day, listening to that particular mix. I think this one will encourage me to take my time.

While the first of the mellow tunes begins to play, I turn to the small table near the bed where there is a bottle of lotion. It’s a very nice kind, in my opinion. It feels quite silky, dries without oiliness and smells sweetly of cherry blossoms. It feels good to spread over my skin and breathe in the scent, which I usually do before bed. I like it a lot, but I can’t really take the credit for the idea. You were the one asyabahis yeni giriş who suggested doing something like that, having something sensual to enjoy. I bought this bottle only after you gave me that nudge… and I’m very glad that you did.

I press the pump for the lotion and it pools onto my hand. I smear it over my fingers on my other hand, giving me an even amount for both sides. I like this particular song especially, and I start to sing the words in a low voice while I wipe the lotion across my collar, above my tits. Primed, I spread the it down across my tits to my stomach, sliding the last of the soft residue over my hips. With the music filtering into my system and the plug a sly reminder in my ass, I shift and dance at a lazy pace, rubbing my body all over to soak in the lotion. I breathe deep sighs and grin to myself, thinking of you while my hands wander around… over my tits, cupping them, teasing my nipples before I fondle other places: over my stomach, around my hips, down even to my thighs, over my ass… gripping that flesh while I wiggle to feel the toy inside me. I wonder if you would be able to stay still while I swayed and writhed in front of the bed like this. Would you have to touch yourself while I showed off for you? Would you just have to put your hands on me, following where mine had been?

It feels so good… it’s very arousing and it makes me blush and smile. I squeeze my thighs together and feel the slickness in my pussy. My fantasy shifts gears a little and now I imagine you standing by me while I do this, giving me soft words in my ear or impossibly light touches to tease me. Something in the sensation is making it harder for me to want to stay standing. Letting this strange urge guide me, I bend forward and brace with my hands on the bed. It’s the perfect height for… well, anything erotic we might want to indulge in. The music keeps me in motion and I shift my balance back and forth. I writhe my hips and arch my back a little, blushing again at this wanton posture.

I let my thoughts wander into more hypotheticals. I think of you seeing me put myself on display like this and imagine your hands wandering up the inside of my thighs. Maybe you would feel like spanking me in this pose… playfully reprimanding me for tempting you so much. Or maybe the temptation would win out entirely and you’d want to take hold of my hips and press your cock into my pussy, fucking me right then. I make a needy hum from these ideas and whisper your name in a passionate sigh.

I need more. I’m getting wound up and the urge to chase after more pleasure isn’t going to leave me alone. I move forward from my bent-over position, crawling into the bed. I giggle a little at my own eagerness and lie down on my back, getting comfy. I bend my knees and let my legs spread. I’ve done enough to tease myself already, so I let my right hand idly clutch one of my tits while my left goes directly down to my pussy. I press with three fingers over my slit and drag them upwards, feeling myself from my entrance to my clit. I make a small moan into the dark room. I’m so, so wet now from all the preliminary fun. The mess of my arousal is all over my fingers as I start to rub my clit.

My sighs intrude between the calm notes of the music. I slide two fingers around over my clit at a medium pressure, tugging at my lip some more with my teeth. It’s easy for me to let my hips follow instinct, rocking and gyrating. It keeps the toy moving around in my ass and I find my inner muscles clenching and unclenching in response. I whisper your name again to asyabahis güvenilirmi spur my fantasies and an idea clicks into place for a new scenario. I imagine you lying next to me, watching me masturbate. In this dreamy idea you lean in to kiss me and tell me I can’t have your cock inside me until I finish what I started.

I nod to myself, humming and blushing. Okay. I don’t usually go for two orgasms at one time. I tend to need so much effort for the first, and then my sensitivity takes time to return when I’ve tumbled over the edge of climax. Still, I’m so turned on right now, so primed towards a first orgasm with no use of a vibrator and no dildo in my pussy… so I think it’s a feasible challenge.

I continue rubbing my clit and letting my hips find their own way in a needy wiggle. My nerves are getting more sensitive to the friction and pressure and I can feel the build starting in my system. It makes me sigh long breaths and slight whimpers. As I touch myself, I shut my eyes and let the idea of you leaning close fill my imagination. The hot tingle in my clit is taking me through paths of pleasure, tipping me into the best kind of downward spiral there is.

I’m getting further and further into the tunnel vision my arousal gives me. There’s so much slickness around my hand now and a heat in my pussy that feels like it glows. I am tempted to break my own rule, to reach in the other box for a dildo or vibe… but I hum and shake my head a little. I’m going to get there. I’m going to climax this way for a sweeter reward. I buck my hips with a particularly strong wave of pleasure as I fantasize that this is what you’re asking of me. I mumble your name as I try to pull some concentration through the fog of lust in my brain.

I swirl my touch against my clit, sighing the occasional “oh my god” as the intensity gets harder to stand. I need to cum. It’s the absolute in my mind, spurring me through rises and falls of need and pleasure. I want it so badly and I want you. I can feel that ache to have your cock inside me. I gasp and give a small laugh at my own desperation. The muscles in my core keep flexing as the ones in my ass also flex around the plug. The feeling that before was so stimulating is now a bit distracting when it comes to passing the final threshold.

I tip close and then back at least five times, the pitch making me arch and pant… then I finally push myself that remaining inch. I lose control and the orgasm floods my senses. I rock and grunt a little and tense up all over while the rush takes hold of me. Yes, fuck… a pure, intoxicating release. I keep touching as long as my body can bear. As the sensation wanes, I breathe through the aftershocks and take my hand away from my pussy, holding both hands over my head. I hum and smile and savour the exhilaration from a much-needed climax.

I lie sated in bed, my eyes open to the shadowy ceiling. I hum again and think of you letting me cool down, petting my forehead and soothing me. I wish I could have you here to do that, to murmur praise to me for doing as I was told. I like to think you’d already be rubbing your erection against my thigh… giving me a chance to catch my breath but all the while eager to take me.

I let a song or two play out fully before I lean over and go for my dildo in the second box. Wet and still wanting so insistently to be fucked, I position the head of the silicone cock at my entrance. Mindful that the plug in my ass makes my pussy a tighter fit, I carefully start to press it inside. As soon as I start, I can feel the way they both press closely asya bahis giriş in my body. I shift around on the bed and rub my clit a little as I ease the dildo all the way inside my pussy. It’s not a feeling I’m used to. Even more different than putting in the plug. So many sensitive points are being pressed at once. It’s a fullness, a good fullness that makes me shiver a little.

The tight fit for the dildo allows me just a small amount of thrusting motions. Maybe an inch or two being drawn in and out as I sigh and focus on the experience. I want to fuck myself more, but it doesn’t feel quite right to try. I reach for my vibe and press it to my clit on the lowest setting. I moan a little and squirm. I’m so full and starting to clench again. I’m not sure I can stand the throes that I know the vibrator will give me if I turn it up.

I’m stuffed as much as I can stand. I like it but I can’t ignore the fantasy that got me to this point. I want to take your cock as hard as you want to give it to me. I want the reward of your abandon. Time for a slight alteration to the method. I pull the dildo slowly out of me and then reach to do the same with the plug. I set the plug back in the box where it came from and take up my dildo and my vibrator again. I push the dildo back into my pussy and give a sigh as the fit feels easier. I grin and start to make long deep thrusts with the dildo. This is going to be good.

With the vibe dialing up my pleasure, I fuck myself hard and deep. My thighs are parting as wide as they can. I sigh and whisper “yes, please fuck me.” I can feel my pussy gripping and pushing in turns against the dildo as I picture you leaning close and giving me as much as you want. There is a flush in my nerves as I writhe and rock in response to the thrusts I’m making. It’s so good and I want so much to tumble again into that crazy ecstatic place at the end. I click the vibrator three more times in a row, to boost the speed to its highest point.

I’m getting into that single-minded haze again. The delicious blurred sensations and my rising and falling lust are pulling me into another spiral. My gasps and thoughts are incoherent as the pleasure flares and fades and gives me a wonderful torment on the way to the peak. There’s one more thing for the fantasy. One more solid concept that my dizzy brain lets in… the idea of you cumming inside me. Just the thought is a spark in my system. I buck and writhe on my dildo and press my clit hard with the vibe. I want to plead for your orgasm. And I want mine. So badly. I am focusing as much as I can on that one point, on the idea of sharing a climax with you.

It’s enough to get me to the last edge. I whisper “please… cum,” not exactly sure what I mean and then it’s there again for the second time tonight. I think I’m holding my breath for a moment while the pleasure and joy flares inside me. I tense around my dildo and grind on it, riding through as much of the peak intensity as I can. I don’t know if it’s stronger than the first one or not but it feels so satisfying. As the height of it wanes I make a long low hum, utter your name and let go of my toys. I collapse back into the mattress and stretch my arms back over my head.

Wow. Damn. I sigh and giggle a little at myself. Moving lazily, I put the toys away and reach to shut off my phone. I’m worn out. That’s not something I can do every time, I realize. Still, this time it was a lot of fun. I’m getting the pleasant afterglow effect in my body, making me want nothing more than to curl to one side and drift off to sleep. It would be wonderful if I had you at my back while I slept. I often drift off imagining us spooned together.

Well, it worked. I certainly got what I set out for. A long indulgent playtime. More extravagant than an average night’s masturbation. Something I’ll be glad to tell you about in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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