Domination of Monique.Chapter1.

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This is a true story..Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Fresh out of school 18 yr old Monique was a little nervous as she approached the door to the managers office for the first time.It was a hot day and she had chosen to wear a very pretty,short floral dress together with 4in stilettos that accentuated her attractive tanned legs.She wanted to make a good impression and guarantee herslf the job.She had seen the ad in the local paper for a temp postition and was in desperate need of money and had subconsiously decided to do what ever it takes then and there to do just that.

As she briskly walked her long golden blonde hair brushed across her hard perky breasts on her way upstairs to the front door.Her petite cleavage was out there and was a sight to be admired.There was a horny oversexed guy sitting on a chair talking bullshit to his younger collegue out the front and when she walked past them he smelt the sweet perfumed air around her and commented “just look at that hot slut” to the younger male followed by “Id love to bang her hot tight ass!”

The younger 18 yr old trainee thought the same but wasnt so outspoken as his senior collegue.He just perved at her nubile body and wished in his heart that one day he wud get a girl just like that.

Monique quickly preens herself before pressing the buzzer to the front security door.It opens and she walks in the door closes behind her.Its quite dark inside and after a short while her eyes adjust to the ambient light.Theres a front counter and seated behind it is a 35 yr old woman.Shes worked here for just on 10 years and has seen gaziantep escort kızlar a lot of pretty young things come and go.Her eyes shift from the computer screen and eye Moniques pretty young body up and down stopping at her mound.Not knowing as she was walking in, Monique’s dress rode high in between her firm legs and was pressing against her freshly shaven pussy.Being such a hot day Monique wasnt wearing any underwear and the perspiration covering her smooth pussy made the dress stick hard.

Can I help you? Jessica said without thinking as her mind deviated to more perverse things whilst at the same time her eyes shifted from Moniques pussy upwards along her tight nubile body settling on her hard pert nipples .Instinctivly she makes eye contact not letting herself get caught.It was too late but that didnt worry Monique who was used to being perved on and was more worried getting this job!

“Yes I have come here abt the temp job”, I phoned up earlier.I have an appointment to see the manager Monique says as she looks over the counter and notices Jessicas skirt pushed just high enough so that she can see her pink cunny lips and a gstring running through her crack.She pulls back and puts out her hand hi she says shaking Jessicas soft moist hand.Not realising minutes before Jessica had been fingering herself while watching some porn on the work computer.

Just a minute and I’ll get the boss Jessica says as she pushes down her skirt and walks into the adjoining office..Hey Bob you should see the chick whos come for the temp job Jessica says closing the door behind her.Come over her and taste me she says as she hitches her skirt up,pulls her gstring to the side and pushes her hungry moist cunt against Bobs energetic tongue.Thats it lick my cunt make me juice up Jessica says as she spreads her silken smooth labia apart for Bobs cum hungry tongue.I think we are going to have some fun today Jessica yells as she squirts into Bobs eager mouth.Ok thats it darling lick me clean.I ‘ll bring her in.Now remember what we discussed ok!

With hurried anticipation Jessica pulls down her skirt and licks Bobs dripping cum covered face clean before opening the door.Come in pls Monique,the boss is expecting you Jessica says before closing the door on her way out.Meanwhile the two guys who were outside have entered the office and the older guy is sitting on Jessica’s desk looking at the porn thats still playing on her computer screen.Your a dirty bitch Jess! Have something real as he unzips his fly to reveal his think 8in cock.Suck on it slut!

Jessica gets down on her knees and grabs hold of Tonys throbbing cock and starts to lick from its thick base all the way up along the underside of his shaft to just under the sensitive rim.Oh keep going bitch Tony says as he undoes his belt,drops his pants and flops out his large cum filled balls.Ive got a nice big load ready for you he says as he beckons for the youger guy to do the same.Initailly 18 yr old Ian was a bit shy but the sweet aroma of Jessica’s wet pussy changed his mind instantly and he proceeded to position himself in behind Jessicas hot ass!Ian lifts up Jessicas skirt and pulls her gstring to the side so he can have easy access to her dripping wet hole.He licks two fingers and without hesitation pushes them all the way straight in.He pushes in deep and starts rubbing her cervix.She starts to uncontrollably wriggle and push back against him at the same time..Shes got one hand wrapped tight around Tonys balls as she stretches them down.Jessisca spits onto her right hand n pushes two fingers deep into Tonys ass.He removes his hands from Jessicas head and spreads his ass cheeks wide so she can have easy access to his hole.Fuck me harder slut!Stretch my dirty hole you bitch Tony yells as Jessica forces 3 fingers all the way in..Oh Oh Im cumming Tony screams as he spurts his hot load deep down the back of Jessicas throat..

Ians fingers are by now furiously working their way in and out of Jessica’s dripping cock hungry hole.Stretch me open baby she yells and Ian willingly obliges.He now is working 4 fingers in and out while hes jerking his throbbing cock with the other hand !Tony calls out give it to her as Jessica sucks his cock dry.
Ian heeds Tonys advice and forces his whole fist deep in Jessicas ever gaping cunt.She starts pumping his hand like shes riding a giant cock.Fuck me fuck me fuck me harder she yells as Ian punches her sluthole!Yes thats it ooohhh yessss.Ian beckons Tony around and ever so diligently they exchange hands.Ian can hold on no longer and while Tonys fisting Jessicas wet gaping cunt he positions his cock againt her puckered ass.Jessica feels his hot meat against her ass and pushes back to accomodate him.He plunges in deep and squirts his thick creamy load deep into her ass.He doesnt care its a quick fuck because plans have already been made for the new temp Monique…To be continued.

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