Doing It on the Bus

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years old.

One hot night in the spring of my senior year I was sitting with my roommate Cheska by ourselves in the back of one of the big old tour buses our school owned while we were coming back from a field trip to D.C. It was late, like one am and we were driving thru rural Connecticut and the seats were thick and plush and padded and it just felt so comfortable. I felt like I was laying back in my own bed as me and Cheska giggled and told stories about guys and makeout sessions while the rest of our class dozed around us.

Turned out I had been a good girl on our trip but Cheska hadn’t. She had messed around with a Spanish diplobrat during a few stolen moments at a garden party in Georgetown and couldn’t wait to tell me about it. They had gone to third base and would’ve gone as far as oral except he came all over her hand while she was stroking his dick getting it ready for her mouth. But he had been a gentleman about it and taken care of her anyway, his fingers sliding under her panties to caress her soaking wet pussy, teasing her hard little clit to a hot wet asyabahis yeni giriş orgasm, strong enough she would’ve fallen over if she hadn’t been leaning against a lamp post.

After she finished telling me the story Cheska shuddered and squeezed her legs together. “God I could use a rub! How long till we get back to school?”

We’d been roommates for a while, so of course we’d caught each other masturbating once or twice, but we never really acknowledged it except for occasional offhand remarks like this one. But as she said it I felt a devilish idea pop into my head.

“About an hour and a half, I think. But maybe you don’t have to wait…”

She raised an inquiring eyebrow.

“Do it right here!” I said excitedly in a low whisper. “They’re all asleep and they can’t see us back here anyway. I’ll even do it with you to keep you company. I’m pretty horny too.”

“I’m not getting naked on a bus!” Cheska protested indignantly.

“You don’t have to,” I explained. “Just put your hand down your shorts and do it like that. I know you’ve done it that way before…”

She asyabahis güvenilirmi thought about it for a minute, then nodded. “Deal. I am pretty horny, so it shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes to finish.”

“Same,” I agreed, then we both fell silent as we quickly undid our shorts, slipped our hands inside and started rubbing our wet pussies.

It wasn’t the best masturbation session I’d ever had, but it definitely wasn’t the worst either. I didn’t have enough room to finger myself, so I settled for using two fingers in a light teasing motion on my clit, one on either side. I was still pretty wet from story time, so I had plenty of lubrication. For a long time our world was completely silent except for the occasional rustle of the seat as we shifted position to rub ourselves more efficiently.

It took longer than I thought, i guess because we were both nervous about getting caught (though no one seemed to notice). Finally, Cheska leaned over to whisper in my ear, still rubbing furiously under her shorts as she did so. “If I grab your leg when I cum don’t freak out. I asya bahis giriş like to pretend a guy’s doing it to me and I like to feel him when I cum.”

“Sure,” I whispered back reassuringly. At that moment, Cheska gasped, her whole body shuddered really hard and her hand reached under my shorts to squeeze my thigh in a viselike grip.

I was really close by then, so I just kept rubbing my clit frantically as Cheska’s grip changed to a soft caress. Her hand reached over to stroke my wet pussy through my panties and even though she wasn’t touching my bare skin I knew she could tell how soaked I was and how close I was to cumming. I rubbed really fast for like ten seconds more, then I came too, a little quieter and more ladylike than Cheska but still just as hard.

We both sat there and caught our breath for a moment, then one at a time we went to the restroom in the back of the bus to change our panties (I knew from previous convos that neither of us liked sitting in wet panties after we cummed in them). On the way back, I noticed that even though the guy in the seat behind us seemed to be asleep, he had a boner the size of a tent spike only half concealed by his hand in his lap. Could’ve been just a coincidence though.

“You’re cute when you cum,” Cheska said with a wink after I sat back down, then we both closed our eyes and fell asleep till we got back to school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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