Doing at the Beach

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It was almost the end of my senior year of high school and I was enjoying myself the way most eighteen year-old girls do – flirting and dating boys. John and I had been going to the same church all our lives and although I’d caught him staring at my legs and boobs several times, he never showed any special interest in me. Then out of the blue John asked me to help him with some homework. Given the way he was eyeing my boobs when he asked I felt it safe to assume that John was interested in more than my 4.0 grade point average. As to why he’d been so distant, all I could guess was that maybe my growing reputation caused him to need some time to work up the courage. In any case, it turned out I was totally correct about his true intentions. To make a long story short, I left our first “homework” session with the pleasant aftertaste of cum in my mouth.

Once the initial dating rituals had been satisfied we dropped the “homework” excuse and started more serious dating. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us was looking for anything romantic, we both wanted the same thing – sex! On our first date we were already doing it in the backseat of his parent’s car and it certainly wasn’t our last time! Most of the time we did it either in his car or my bedroom, but we were always looking for any opportunity for a bit of extra excitement.


It was a Friday night and I was in my bedroom getting ready for another night out with John. We didn’t have anything special planned, just a movie and maybe some dessert afterwards. Looking in my mirror I smiled as I imagined what was ahead of me. My denim skirt was tight and short, just like I knew John liked me to wear. It hugged my hips tight and then flared out with a ruffle at the bottom which would have made it more girlish rather than slutty if it hadn?t been so obscenely short. I’d chosen a pair of simple white cotton panties while underneath my white tank top was a black tube top which was clearly visible. My hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail and I had just the minimum makeup on. A pair of pink sneakers finished off the ensemble.

Actually, each piece had been selected with a specific motive in mind. The skirt, of course, was for easy access. I learned early on that trying to get a pair of jeans off in a theater can be quite a challenge, especially when you wear ones as tight as mine! The white panties were for John’s sake – lending that “little girl” imagine to me that was enhanced by the pony tail and light makeup. I could have gone braless under the tank top, letting my nipples show through instead of the tube top. Instead, the tube top lent a little bit naughtiness to the look, clearly visible yet saying he had to work a bit if he wanted my boobs. The sneakers were actually functional in that it was a lot easier to squat down in front of him in the theater with those than it would have been with heels (like I would ever touch my knees to those filthy floors!).

Suddenly I felt a tingle in my pussy as I imagined John’s cock pressing up against my panties, then his fingers moving them aside to explore my wet pussy. I closed my eyes and stood there with my hand pressed up against my crotch, feeling the warmth that was building up. Although I’d masturbated earlier this morning it had still been a few days since John had fucked me last and I was feeling more than a bit anxious. Face it, as much as I loved touching myself nothing beat the feel of a real dick in me! Remarkably, several of my friends were still virgins and I often marveled at how they could deny themselves. I mean like if I regretted anything it was I waited as long as I had!

With a half hour or so until John was due I figured why waste the time? I got on top my bed and laid back against my pillow. Soon my hand was back between my legs and rubbing my clit through my panties. This was silly – John wasn’t here so the heck with the stupid panties! I pulled them down to my ankles and let my knees spread apart. My fingers moved through my pubic hair, spreading it apart to reach my clit and pussy slit. God it felt so good! For the next ten or fifteen minutes, I played with myself, imagining it was John touching me, licking me, even fucking me.

When I finally came I plunged my fingers into me as far as I could reach, remembering how good it had felt the last time John had fucked me and driven his dick in me as far as he could when he came in me. John loved the fact I let him fuck me without a condom. He claimed I was the first girl he had ever actually cum inside of as all the rest of them made him wear a condom.

When people discuss the pros and cons of condoms the conversation seems to always dwell on the guy such as the loss of sensation. Well how come nobody cares about the girl? When a guy cums in a rubber he may as well not cum at all so far as the girl is concerned. I want to FEEL his sperm spew into me, FEEL the gentle warmth as he fills me with his hot cum. John loved it as well and so he came in my pussy most of the time with the only exceptions being when I was blowing him somewhere where he couldn’t fuck me.

As isveçbahis I laid there with my heart pounding, the afterglow of my orgasm still burning inside of me, I became aware of what else was going on around me. Our house is fairly old with hardwood floors that squeak if so much as a mouse runs across them it seems. I could’ve sworn someone was in the hallway. My bedroom door was wide open, as it usually was, so I called out to find out who was out there.

“Someone out there?”

I expected it to me my mom so I was a bit surprised when my dad poked his head around the corner.

“Just me baby,” he said with a smile. “I take it you’re going out with John tonight?”

I nodded and he just shook his head and laughed softly.

“And my horny little girl couldn’t wait another thirty minutes?”

“Oh Dad!!” I protested, trying to sound innocent but obviously I’d been caught with my panties down – literally. It wasn’t like he had never seen me nude or masturbating before. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t run around the house nude or put on masturbation shows for my dad but at the same time I don’t hide it when I do it either. The same went for my parents. Although I have never seen them actually having sex, masturbation isn’t something they hide and nudity, when appropriate, is OK as well.

“You know, I don’t understand why the two of you don’t just spend the evening here. I would think your bed has got to be a LOT more comfortable than wherever you’re going to be doing it tonight.”

“John still gets nervous about it Dad,” I tried to explain. “God, if he knew you watched us sometimes I think he would shrivel up and never get hard again!”

We both laughed and he came in to give me a quick hug. Actually, it made me feel secure to have sex with both of my parents home. At least that way I knew nothing bad was going to happen to me with my dad surreptitiously checking in now and then. Not that I was concerned about John anymore but I thought it was cute that my dad liked to keep an eye out for me anyways.

“By the way… don’t forget your panties!” he teased me as he left my room.

I just pretended to be shocked that he would even say such a thing which just made him laugh all the more at me. Actually, he was right and so I pulled them back up and then got out of bed to check myself again in the mirror after my little bit of self-indulgence.


John soon picked me up and we had a great night. The theater was pretty full which somewhat limited what I could do to him. In the end he had to settle for just a hand job as it would’ve been all but impossible to get down and suck him without drawing undue attention to us. Not that he complained! John groped me the entire movie as much as he could get away with and by the time the movie was over my pussy was soaking wet with the anticipation of his dick in it. Once the movie was over, no sooner were we back in his car than I was leaning over for his zipper with the intent of attacking his cock right then and there.

“Whoa!” John exclaimed, “I guess somebody’s horny as hell.”

“Oh just shut up and give me that dick,” I muttered, trying to get his zipper down but for some reason having a heck of a time getting it started.

“Why don’t we get in the back so the console’s not in your way?” he offered.

Whatever… I was getting frustrated with his zipper and lack of help as well so I just huffed and threw the door open, almost hitting some poor woman walking her kids back to their car. I smiled at her and apologized and as soon as she turned away I opened the rear door and hopped in, all ready to go. John was close behind, entering from the other side and closing his door behind him.

“Now take those damn jeans off,” I demanded, “God, I’ve never had so much trouble with a guy’s zipper before!”

John just grinned at me, apparently amused for some reason at my frustration. My pussy was killing me! It needed some attention and soon. Meanwhile John had pulled his jeans off along with his underwear and was sitting back in the seat with just his shirt on which, for the moment at least, was covering his dick from view. The lighting was poor where John had parked, which I doubted was just a coincidence on his part, but I could still see enough to reach over and grab his wonderful cock under his shirt tails. I was thrilled to find him hard and ready to go although there really hadn?t been much doubt that it would be!

“God, I’ve been wanting to suck this thing all night,” I murmured as I leaned over and took the head in my mouth. John immediately let out a slight groan and I knew he’d been wanting the same thing as me. Well, from the opposite side of course.

“Mmmmmmm, you like my mouth on your dick, don’t you?” I teased him, holding his hard cock in my and while I looked up into his eyes with my mouth next to his dick.

“You know damn well I do!” he retorted. “Now quit yakking and suck it. If you want me to fuck you then you’d better suck my cock pretty damn good.”

Somehow I doubted that anything I did, or didn’t do, wouldn’t deter isveçbahis giriş him from fucking me before the night was over but I indulged his ego. Kneeling on the back seat, I bent over his dick with my ass up in the air, sucking his cock like it was a hot day and I had to lick a popsicle to keep it from dripping.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way I like it baby,” John groaned as I sucked hard on his cock.

His hand managed to wander over my back and down to my ass, lifting my skirt and grabbing my ass over my panties.

“I really don’t know why you even bothered wearing these tonight,” he complained, working my panties down my butt and thighs to my knees, “Since when do you wear them anyway?”

I just let him grumble as I worked on his cock. He plunged his finger into my pussy and I almost bit into his cock as the sudden release of pleasure it created in me overwhelmed me. I wiggled my ass with his finger in me, trying to tell him I liked it without taking his cock from my mouth.

“Cum in my mouth,” I said quickly, releasing his dick just long enough to beg for his cum.

His cock tasted so good in my mouth! Having it in my hand for most of the past hour or so without being able to even so much as suck it had been as much torture for me as it probably was for him. On second thought, I was the one who suffered the most as he at least got to cum! All I could do was lick his cum off my hand afterwards. It was like waving a steak in front of a dog and not letting her have a taste except to like what was left on your fingers!

John moaned even louder when I took his entire dick in my mouth until my face was pressed against his hairy crotch. I wiggled my head around it, letting my tongue press against it as I held it there for as long as I could hold my breath. I loved the feeling of his smooth shaft as it slid along my lips when I raised my head back up again. I tried to pause a second to catch my breath but John wouldn’t have any of that.

“Don’t stop NOW for God’s sake,” he groaned, “Almost there…just a little more… hurry up and put it in your mouth!”

Well, that was a little understated as it turned out. No sooner did I get his cock back about half-way in my mouth than his dick erupted like a fountain spewing fireballs at a Fourth of July fireworks show. My lips tightened around his pulsing shaft, trying my best to keep every drop of his warm salty sperm in my mouth. Overall I was largely successful as only a little bit leaked past and dribbled down my chin.

John’s finger was still up my pussy but as he had neared his orgasm he had just held it there with his hand gripping my ass. With everything happening in the last few minutes I had almost forgotten he had it in me until he came and his grip tightened on my butt. I felt his finger twist in me which only served to remind me what I REALLY wanted from John tonight.

I went to sit up and he pulled his finger out of me. Turning sideways on the seat, I had my legs wrapped under me with my panties still holding my knees together. I probably should’ve just pulled them off altogether but I hoped it would turn John on to see them partially on me. I looked at him and opened my mouth, careful not to let his load of cum escape. There wasn’t much I could say with a mouthful of cum so I just smiled as he looked at his sperm pooled on my tongue. Closing my mouth, I took a big swallow and got most of it down with the rest disappearing with the second effort. I opened my mouth to show him it was empty and he just sighed.

“Damn, you really do like that stuff, don’t you?” he asked rhetorically. I could tell from the tone of his voice that HE certainly didn’t, or least didn’t even like the thought of tasting it.

“I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty good once you get used to it,” I replied with a grin, “Actually I like the process of GETTING it the best.”

“Well I’ll say one thing, you give better head than any other girl I know!”

I pretended to be mad and replied, “John! And just how many other girls have been sucking your cock?”

John got defensive, realizing he had dug himself a whole. Like most guys, rather than shut up and let it go, he had to dig the hole deeper.

“Oh no!” he quickly corrected himself, “I just meant that was how old you were. What I meant to say was you give better head than any other girl I know.”

At this rate he would be in China before long!

“So you mean a lot of girls suck your cock then,” I countered, looking at him accusingly.

He just couldn’t put down the shovel!

“No, that’s not what I meant either,” he whined. Then, unable to come up another defense, he must have decided that the best defense was a good offense.

“You’re not being fair,” he argues, “From what I’ve heard you’ve been blowing every guy you go out with.”

Teasing was fun but this was over the line. How many guys I sucked was none of his business and I wasn’t about to discuss my sexual history with him. Besides, a BJ wasn’t technically sex anyway so what difference did it make to him? I tried to get out of the car but almost killed isveçbahis yeni giriş myself when my panties tripped me up. Damn things, I knew I should have taken them off! John just thought that was hilarious. Figures.

“Oh come on Kelly, don’t get mad at me,” he pleaded.

I sat back in the seat with my arms folded and my legs under me. The damn panties were about half way between my knees and ankles and I was about ready to just rip them off and be done with them. I just sat there with my arms folded and a scowl on my face.

“I’m sorry,” John apologized, “I meant it well. How can I make it up to you?”

A grin slowly came to my face as he finally was right where I wanted him. My one hand went between my legs where my pussy was practically dripping and my other hand went to hold his dick, which was still as hard as ever even though he had just cum for the second time in the past hour.

“Well, you could start by shutting up and fucking me,” I said in a naughty tone, teasing him by squeezing his cock just enough to make it feel good but not hard enough to hurt him.

“Well, I think I can handle THAT,” he said with a little laugh.

“Ummmmm, didn’t I just say to shut up?”

John started to say something again but the look on my face shut him up this time. He just shook his head and grabbed me by the shoulders, pushing me back into the rear corner of the backseat so my head was supported by the door and cushion. John lifted my legs up onto the seat and pulled my panties down around my ankles and then threw them in the front seat.

“Like I said, I don’t know why you even bother wearing them,” he laughed. I started to say something but he put his fingers to my lips and said, “I know, I know… shut up and fuck you.”

THAT was better. FINALLY he was getting the picture. I dropped one leg over the side of the back seat and raised the other one to the top of the seat back. Actually, except for my panties I was still fully dressed! John still had his shirt on but it was no match for his erect cock as it poked out and through the shirt tails.

Reaching out for his dick, I grabbed him as he worked his way into position. It was a little awkward at first as he tried to balance himself but I held his cock to my pussy hole and waited for him to push it in. His cock head was pressing against my pussy as it practically screamed for him to come inside. Fingers are only good for when you don’t have a dick available!

I heard him take a deep breath and just as I could feel him beginning to push harder, voices came in from somebody right next to us. John froze and I strained my head to see over his shoulder to see if I recognized anyone. Although we both had enough clothes on now to hide anything naughty from view, our position would have been hard to take for anything other than what it was – two teens fucking in the back seat!

“Ignore them,” I pleaded, “Come on… fuck me dammit.”

Let’s see… a horny boy with huge erection has choice between worrying about people outside the car or following the directions of his equally horny girlfriend who was insisting that he fuck her. Like there was a decision to be made here! Once again I felt the pressure of his cock head between my legs and finally my pussy relented and opened for him. His dick head slipped in and was quickly followed by the remaining portion of his shaft until I felt his crotch pressed up against mine with his long curly pubic hair smashed against my fuzzy pussy.

“That’s so much better,” I moaned softly as he held himself still inside of me. My pussy gripped his shaft, holding onto him as if it never wanted to release it. “God your dick feel so good inside of me!”

As he started to stroke himself in my pussy, I reached down and toyed with my clit, rubbing it in tight circles with my fingertips. My other hand cupped my boobs through my tube top, squeezing my nipples between my fingers. After being so horny for the past couple of hours this wasn’t going to take long!

“Ohhhhhh John,” I moaned, “Make me cum… Make me cum so hard.”

John was pumping me harder and faster, now oblivious to the outside world even though several times we heard voice of people as they walked by the car. If any of them saw anything they played it pretty straight as we never had a single instance where somebody challenged what we were doing.

My pussy exploded and my cum gushed over his cock as my orgasm struck hard. It was incredibly intense although short-lived. My pussy squeezed down so hard on John’s cock he actually begged me to let up on it a little but I wasn’t listening that closely. All that existed or me at that moment was between our legs – his cock inside of my pussy.

“Oh… my… god,” I moaned as it seemed it would never end. “Feels so good! Fuck me John… fuck me more!”

Gradually the feeling in me died down and I laid still, feeling John’s cock throbbing in me. He had pause while I was cumming, watching me cum and listening to me tell him how I felt. Seeing that I was about over my orgasm, he started pumping his cock in me again, in and out, in and out, using a steady even motion with all the relentlessness of an oil rig. It was just pure fucking, plain and simple. Nothing fancy, no weird positions, neither of us saying a word, just his cock inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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