Discovering Mom

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For as long as I can ever remember it had always just been the two of us, me being Valerie and my mom being Margery. She had no siblings and her parents had long ago passed away in an auto accident before I was ever even born.

When my dad ran off soon afterward, his parents and siblings must have run with him as I had never my entire life seen nor heard from any of them at all.

Mom had done well enough though without anyone’s help, somehow putting herself through business school and then landing a good solid job right afterward. I had not gone without anything growing up and mom had always seemed to put my needs or wants first before her own.

She had given birth to me at the early age of eighteen herself so at thirty-six years old she was still a total knockout. I was cute at 5′ 5″ with my short sandy blond locks and dainty little breast but my mom at 5′ 8″ with her long blonde tresses and big swollen mammaries was flat-out drop-dead gorgeous.

I knew my mom over the years had made a lot of sacrifices for me and just before I finally turned eighteen and graduated high school I had recently begun to realize that although she appeared happy most of the time she seemed to have grown somewhat weary of working all the time to support me and trying to see that I had everything I needed in life.

She never complained about it mind you, but I could just tell somehow that she could use a break from it all right about now.

She often worked a lot of overtime and sometimes I think she did it just to postpone coming home and crawling into that lonely bed by herself every night over and over again for years and years.

I don’t ever recall my mom going out on a date or bringing a man home. There were times when I was away for a few days here and there so I guess it was possible but somehow I just didn’t think so.

I could see the relief in her eyes and feel it in her touch when the letter arrived announcing my full college scholarship. It was almost as if it was what she had been working towards her whole life as well.

She was ecstatic and I could feel the radiant energy of pure satisfaction and total freedom escaping from her very soul. I am sure she was feeling as if her job were finally done and she could now completely relax and enjoy life a little for a change.

I was very sekabet yeni giriş happy for her as over the last year or so it had become painfully obvious as to how accustomed she had grown to the loneliness and I knew that she desperately needed to find someone that she could love and enjoy life with once again.

Over the years with it just being me and her and pretty much no one else to turn to for conversation we had shared a lot together and sometimes when she was a little tipsy after a glass or two of wine she didn’t try to keep it a secret from me that she was very lonely in the bedroom department and hoped one day very soon she wouldn’t have to work quite so much and could take the time to find and meet someone that would treat her nice, so to speak.

Though we often shared a lot sometimes, we didn’t talk very openly about sex at all, I was still a virgin and she knew it, but that was about as far as we went with the subject. Mom definitely wasn’t having sex with anyone so it just didn’t really ever seem to come up that often.

I was actually not very well educated at all when it came to sex, I had never taken the time to date boys and had put almost all of my extra time and energy into my studies. Mom and I shared the only computer in the house so I dared not watch porn for fear of her finding out about it.

I remember one specific evening though after she had finished almost a whole bottle of wine over dinner, I had come from the bathroom and stood listening at her door a moment thinking at first that she was weeping, after listening closely for a bit before I turned to leave, I decided that she was actually masturbating.

I remember thinking at the time that although I barely even knew what that meant, for some reason the thought of my very own mom doing it had suddenly become very arousing to me, and later as I undressed to shower I was shocked to notice that my panties seemed to be quite a bit damper than was usual.

I don’t think I ever really made a conscious decision to go after my mom, and in the end, I wasn’t even really sure exactly who seduced whom, it just kind of happened, you know what I mean?

My mom and I grew very close that summer and to this very day, I am still somewhat puzzled about how it all went from absolutely nothing one day to slowly beginning sekabet giriş to all unfold the next.

Was it because we were so close to one another all these years, that it had just been the two of us and now I would suddenly soon be going away to college?

Was it because we were both so very lonely and sexually frustrated to a near breaking point.

Or was this simply the way we had always felt about one another but was forced to keep it hidden away because the simple fact of the matter was that I had just now come of the proper age to make this kind of decision for myself?

I don’t think either of us was very conscious of the fact of what was actually happening between us until we were well along and somewhat deep into it.

As best as I can remember it all started rather slowly with just a little hug or quick kiss on the cheek that seemed to linger just a bit longer than usual or necessary.

The sudden practice we started of one of us almost constantly reaching out and softly stroking the other’s hair was an act that we had hardly ever done with one another before.

In just a short time, it became as simple as just a casual touch here or there or a gentle squeeze that almost singed the skin on contact and then was left there to slowly smolder and burn until our next brief encounter with one another.

Soon we were both up earlier than usual meeting for breakfast every morning at the kitchen table, still half-dressed in our sheer loose-fitting robes that were just casually thrown on over our short thin nightgowns, but intentionally left untied to expose our stiff hard nipples and allow for quick little peeks at one another’s tight-fitting little panties from time to time.

We would often cuddle together on the couch late at night dressed that way as we watched tv together and softly scratched one another’s bare thighs very gently with a fingernail.

Our slow gentle goodnight kisses on the cheek soon brushed each other’s parted lips in the dark and would softly linger there momentarily before we parted company for the night.

And then just a few short nights and several warm kisses later suddenly there was a soft trembling hand ever so gently squeezing the other one’s breast as we kissed each other’s lips softly and then again slowly parted and slipped quietly sekabet güvenilirmi off into the night.

The tv nights soon grew later and later as we cuddled and kissed and nibbled on each other’s ears softly as we squeezed one another’s titties tenderly and then gently pinched and rubbed each other’s nipples through our thin gowns.

When mom suddenly reached down one night and lifted the waistband of my panties and just held them there I knew she wanted me to slip my hand down inside of them and I felt her shiver from head to toe as I did so and then I reached over and did the same for her and we sat there together in the dark living room and quietly masturbated together while squeezing each other’s hand tightly and I quickly experienced my very first orgasm!

The panties were soon a thing of the past as we both quit wearing them and would just openly lay back there on the couch together with our legs spread wide moaning and groaning softly in each other’s ear and masturbating together while holding hands with just the light from the tv on.

After just a short time of this one night after we had both just cum off all over our own fingers, I reached and pulled Mom’s hand from her slick gooey folds and brought her sticky wet fingers to my mouth, and began to gently lick and suck her sweet secretions from them.

I saw the longing burning gaze in her eyes as I slowly raised my own slimy saturated fingers to her wet parted lips where she eagerly sucked them into her hot open mouth and carefully licked them clean for me.

The next night we fingered one other for the first time each bringing the other off to a mind-shattering orgasm as we held each other tightly and jerked and spasmed in one another’s arms.

The following night I reached and pulled my thin nightie up over my perky little tits and my mom’s soft wet lips suddenly found my pink puffy nipples for a moment.

Just as she slowly started kissing her way down my belly towards my wet crotch, I suddenly realized I was just a very few short seconds away from having my very own mother taste my hot little twat for the first time.

And then it also suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that I was more than likely just mere moments away from cumming all over her pretty little face while she did it!

My, my I thought, how drastically things had changed in just a matter of a few short weeks!!

Now I just had to figure out how to get my mom back in school again because I had absolutely no intention of ever going anywhere without her!!!

All comments are welcome, good or bad.

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