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Startled, Sofia stopped in her tracks and focused her attention on the vaguely familiar girl facing her. The two young women were of an age, both attractive, and otherwise as different as night and day. Sofia Fleming had that fresh-scrubbed girl-next-door look that was enhanced by her blonde ponytail and cheer uniform. She faced an outraged brunette clad in baggy cargo pants and leather jacket whose body language was somewhere between “outsider” and “Goth.”

“What gives you the right to call me a deviant?” Sofia’s assailant took a step closer, hands clenched, and the cheerleader desperately wanted to move a matching step back, but it felt as if her feet were glued in place. If only her friend Kate hadn’t had that errand after practice, Sofia would have had much-needed support, but there was nobody in sight — it was just herself and…

Belated recognition dawned on her. “Colleen? What are you talking about?” Sofia struggled to understand the accusation coming from a girl with whom she couldn’t recall ever having a conversation.

“What am I talking about? That’s rich, coming from you,” Colleen sneered. “How about, ‘what are you talking about,’ you pathetically ignorant excuse for a journalist wanna-be?” Sofia’s confusion faded away to be replaced by anger of her own as Colleen continued. “Yeah, that’s right. ‘Old Moral Values for a New Millennium.’ It wasn’t enough for you to spout your self-righteous bullshit, but you didn’t care who you smeared, did you?”

“It’s a free country!” retorted Sofia. “I just wrote what a lot of people are saying, that it’s sick how these false religions are corroding our society and how we need to stand up for our God-given rights and stop giving special protection to deviants who are making a mockery of our institutions of love and marriage.” The fact that she’d been prompted to write it after Kate had described being hit on by Colleen didn’t change that. More spitefully, she punctuated, “I can’t help it if you’re a dyke. You should be ashamed of yourself. Besides, my editorial wasn’t even published in the paper — Principal Martinez censored it.”

Colleen’s slow burn reached a boil. “Bitch!” For a moment it looked like she would slap the blonde, but she controlled the impulse with an effort. “You know your fucking friends posted copies of your drivel on every damn website in existence. I’ve heard idiots talking about it who don’t even know we have a school paper. And the worst part is that you — are — so — damn — ignorant! You rag on me and the others in the Gay/Lesbian club like we’re the worst pervs ever known, and totally overlook the scum who go to the ‘right’ clubs or the ‘right’ churches. Can you really be this naive or are you a hypocrite too? Do you really know even the slightest thing about any of the people you are condemning? Met one? Talked to one? Tried to imagine their point of view? And what makes you think that yours is the only ‘true’ religion?” Her expression turned sly. “Why do you think you’re just standing there, taking this?”

Sofia tried more consciously to move back and put space between herself and her obviously deluded detractor. Neither her shoes nor the feet in them budged even a fraction of an inch. She looked down and saw her perfectly normal white shoes were standing in the center of a circle drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. A series of unknown glyphs traced the perimeter of the circle. She reached down and tugged at a leg, to no avail, then looked anxiously at the other girl. “What is this? What are you doing, Colleen? Let me go! C’mon, this isn’t funny!”

“That’s right; it isn’t funny, is it?” Colleen purred. “Think of it as a product of one of your ‘false religions.’ I’ve decided that it’s up to me to cure your pathetic ignorance and expand your worldview.”

Sofia looked scared now. “Wh-what are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing, really. I’m just going to help you discover the truth about these matters yourself. Maybe you’ll have a little fun, too.” The brunette straightened and, gesturing gracefully with one hand, continued more formally and precisely. “Sofia Elizabeth Fleming, until the seventh dawn hence you shall suffer this doom. You will know the truth about the desires of those about you. When you touch another, flesh to flesh, their strongest sexual urges will become yours. What they enjoy, you will desire. What they desire, you will crave. What they crave, you must have. When this doom has run its allotted span, these compulsions will end but your knowledge shall remain.”

That was too much for the cheerleader, even in the face of her mysteriously trapped feet. “Oh, c’mon! That is like so lame, Colleen, even for you.”

Colleen was smirking, and eyeing Sofia the way some guys did, the ones who made her nervous. “I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, Sofia. But don’t be too hasty. I think that I should be your first ‘interview’ — I’ve always felt that lesbianism was underrated.” She pursed her lips and leaned forward.

Sofia flinched away, unable to lean far with her feet pinned as they were. She closed her eyes as Colleen’s face came closer, unable to look at the other girl any longer. How gross! She didn’t want this to be her first real kiss! Something brushed her lips, softer than she thought it would be, and Sofia stumbled backwards a step. Blindly, she lashed out with a fist and connected solidly. Her eyes opened in time to see Colleen sit down hard on her ass. Sofia’s childhood fights with her brother Jason seemed to have been worth something after all.

The other girl held a hand to her bloody nose, a look of shock on her face. “You hit me! But you’re a lesbian!”

Seeing her opportunity, Sofia bolted. She couldn’t resist calling over her shoulder, “I’m not a lesbian! But if I was, I’d still belt you, you bitch!”

A subdued Sofia was unusually quiet during dinner that night and made only a token pretense of studying afterwards. She begged off when Kate called, explaining she felt tired and wasn’t up to their usual exchange of gossip.

Her mind kept flashing back to the touch of Colleen’s lips, the flash of Colleen’s midriff. The bite of Colleen’s accusations. Surely there was some mundane explanation for the way she’d just stood there in front of the other girl, perhaps just shocked into immobility. That same shock must account for the way her mind kept drifting back to the other girl. She’d be over it in the morning, Sofia decided — a good night’s sleep would do the trick.

A soft knock at her bedroom door was followed by the appearance of her mother’s face. Susan Fleming looked at her daughter with an air of reserved concern. “Are you okay, sweetheart? You seemed a little out of it at dinner.

Sofia smiled. “I’m fine, Mom. A little sleep and I’ll be good as new.” Her smile faded slightly as Susan crossed to stand beside the bed. Sofia had always thought of her mother as the fixture in her life that secondarily happened to be a reasonably attractive — if unimaginably old! — woman. Now she saw her mother with new eyes. The robe and nightgown covered but didn’t hide the generous swell of well-proportioned breasts, hips a bit too wide that still accentuated a narrow waist, and long toned legs. Sofia felt her face heating and focused resolutely on Susan’s face.

Susan sat on the edge of the bed. “I’ll just tuck you in then, dear.”

Sofia felt a moment of panic. God, she couldn’t let her mother touch her! Could she? Well, probably Colleen had just been bullshitting her and nothing would happen. Anyway, just hypothetically if something did happen, her Mom was so straight-laced that Sofia wouldn’t pick up anything — her parents slept in separate beds like some 1950’s TV parents, for God’s sake. She’d run out of time for introspection, anyway.

Mother pulled the sheets up and leaned over to bestow a light kiss upon her daughter, just as she had nearly every night Sofia could remember. Tonight, like some nights, the daughter hugged her mother close. But Susan was surprised when Sofia tilted her face up at the last minute to accept the kiss on her lips instead of forehead. Susan was sure it was just her imagination, and that her daughter really hadn’t parted her lips as they kissed, or brushed her breast as they broke their embrace. Smiling at herself, she whispered a final “good night,” turned out the light and closed the door behind her.

Her equally surprised daughter let out a ragged breath as the door latched. Sofia felt her body was on fire. There was an aching wetness in her groin and her breasts felt tight. “Mom, how could you?” she whispered, barely audible even to herself. Unwillingly, a hand plucked at a stiff nipple before drifting to pull at the bottom of her nightgown until it bunched up to her hips.

Sofia’s fingers made their way through her thatch of pubic hair and she gingerly stroked her slit, pausing as she felt moisture collect on her fingertips. She hesitated, unsure of how to proceed — she’d never masturbated before. She’d always thought it was dirty and improper, because people had told her it was dirty and improper. People like her mother. More dew coated her fingers. They traced the length of her petals, and then continued moving. Her mother said masturbation was unladylike and unmentionable, but she had her own unmentionable craving. Sofia knew what it was now, knew because she shared it.

A finger teased the rosette of her anus; they both quivered. Sofia imagined the feeling of a slick contoured butt plug filling and stretching her there, or a ribbed vibrator sawing in and out, or even a slim undulating probe gliding through her sphincter to tease the sensitive inside of her ass. She knew now where her mother hid those toys, and knew she needed to use them too. But tonight she had only a finger to assuage her desires. Sofia pressed more firmly, until the ring of muscle relaxed just enough to admit the tip of her finger. The teen gasped at the exciting new sensation and felt a surge of heat sweep through her body.

Moisture trickled from her flowing pussy down the crack of her ass. Sofia flexed her finger, pressing inwards until her body gripped the first knuckle, then withdrawing it slowly, then repeating the process. Over and over, in and out. She bit her lip in an attempt to stifle her moans of pleasure. The pressure in her body was growing, swelling the needy bud of her clit. Sofia reached down with her other hand to touch it. The added sensation was too much — convulsively she arched her back and simultaneously buried her probing digit to the second knuckle as an orgasm wracked her body.

Fearfully Sofia strove to master herself and remain silent, listening for a reaction from elsewhere in the house, but she heard no indication that anyone else was stirring. Gingerly, she sniffed her finger and wrinkled her nose in disgust at the faintly musky scent. Not acceptable, she decided. She grabbed a tissue from the box on the bedside table and wiped the finger clean. She paused, on the verge of discarding it in the trash bag. What if, Sofia wondered, somebody happened to look at it or smell it before it got thrown out? She’d die of embarrassment!

It was a reluctant teenager who crept across her room, crumbled tissue in hand, and cracked open the door to peer into the darkened hallway outside. Seeing no lights and hearing no activity, Sofia glided down the hallway to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. It was the work of a moment to flush the evidence and wash her hands.

She stiffened in shock when she looked up at the mirror after turning off the faucet. Sofia saw the front of her nightgown was dark with moisture, as if she’d peed in it. Her face was still flush with a glow of post-orgasmic pleasure. Mortified, she darted a glance at the door, but then her gaze unwillingly returned to the girl in the mirror. She’d always known she was attractive, but… maybe she was sexy, too. Sofia had never thought of girls as sexy — they could be attractive, or plain, or elegant and beautiful, or trashy and slutty, but sexy hadn’t figured into the equation. Was she sexy?

Her hair was a mess of dirty blonde tresses; if others thought “bedroom hair” was attractive, she didn’t share that opinion. At least it was her natural color, even if it didn’t exactly match the hair downstairs. Sofia straightened up a little and thrust her chest out, examining her breasts. They pressed against the soft cotton of her bodice — high, firm, not too small and not too big. She rocked on the balls of her feet, watching the play of muscles along her calves. Her body was in good shape from track, and Sofia knew it. Some of the other girls at school complained about their butts, but Sofia’s was well proportioned and tight. God, she thought, I love my hot ass.

Sofia caught her breath at the thought, and her nipples hardened. Her eyes dropped to her toothbrush sitting in the holder near the sink, and examined the contoured soft rubber grip of the handle. No, she thought, that is just too sick! I might get caught! But Sofia knew how good it would feel, knew how much she wanted it. She felt herself starting to cream again and her knees almost gave out. The teen turned the near-fall into a mostly controlled descent and rummaged in the cabinet under the sink until she located the small container of Vaseline tucked away in a corner.

Then, Vaseline and toothbrush in hand, she turned out the light and ghosted back into her bedroom. For the first time in memory, Sofia shed her pajamas and climbed into bed naked, already trembling with anticipation. It’s kind of long and thick, she told herself, and I’d better warm up a little first. She poked the tip of a finger into the container, and then rolled to one side, spreading her tight cheeks with one hand while the other moved to sink the lubed finger into her hot ass. This time it penetrated more easily, and Sofia impaled herself until her greedy bowels swallowed nearly the entire finger. She withdrew slightly and pressed it in again, more forcefully. Just — a few — more — strokes, the teen decided, trying to remember to breathe, and I think — I’ll be — ready…


It was nearly seven, and Susan was surprised that Sofia hadn’t come down for breakfast. John had left for work a few minutes before; her son was inhaling a bowl of cereal. “Jason, have you seen your sister this morning?”

“Nope, she’s still in her room.” That was what Susan thought she heard around the mouthful of cereal, anyway.

That was unusual enough to be worth investigating; she stopped what she was working on, and headed to her daughter’s bedroom. Her knock elicited a muffled response, so she opened the door and looked in. Sofia didn’t look well at all; concerned, Susan crossed to the bed and knelt to feel the girl’s forehead. Sofia’s hair was damp and her face flushed, although she didn’t feel feverish. It looked as if she’d been sweating heavily.

“I don’t feel so good, Mom, I think I have the flu or something,” her daughter mumbled.

Since she’d never tried to avoid school this way before, Susan gave her the benefit of the doubt. “Okay, honey, just get some rest. Would you like something to eat or drink, or some Nyquil?”

“I think I’ll just try to sleep, thanks.” She hadn’t gotten much of it the previous night. Sofia wondered how her mother lived with it — maybe the desire wasn’t so strong, or Dad… Don’t go there, she told herself.

Susan smiled. “Okay, honey, I’ll call the school. You just get some rest and let us know if you need anything.” She closed the door quietly behind her.

Sofia stared resolutely at the ceiling and listened to the tell-tale sounds of the rest of the family departing for school and work. After the house was completely quiet, she rose and stumped to the bathroom. She caught a whiff of the musk from her ass, and her eyes were burning in her head. Sofia kept her eyes away from the mirror, hoping she could avoid rekindling the desire she’d felt last night.

A long, hot shower worked wonders, and Sofia felt tired enough that she was able to resist the temptation to finger herself. Feeling far better, she donned a clean nightgown and headed downstairs for a late breakfast. She thought about watching TV, but decided to throw herself in bed and managed to fall promptly asleep in spite of the sunlight streaming through the gauzy curtains.

Sofia jerked awake at the push on her foot. “Yo, Sofia, are you okay or what?” Jason asked her. “Mom wants a status report.” She stared blankly at him; after a moment, he grew bored and departed with a muttered, “whatever.” Sofia saw neither her brother nor the open door behind him.

Her vision was filled by mental pictures of Kate. Sofia had seen Kate nearly every day of her life since Kindergarten, but she’d never seen her this way. She took in the long hair, lighter than her own, flirty smile with lips that begged to suck, tits — no, breasts, that wanted to be held and squeezed, and always looked like they were going to be exposed. Long legs that led up to hips that were still trim but highlighted the barely secret mysteries of her pubis.

Sofia knew Kate was a bit of a flirt, but it hadn’t struck her until now how that was actually viewed by her audience. She remembered, now, the one time last summer Kate had worn a thong bikini. At the time, the girls had giggled and discussed how scandalous it was — in fact, Kate’s parents had confiscated it on their return — but now all Sofia could think about was how much tanned skin was exposed, and what little amount was still covered. She wanted to touch that skin, to bare it completely, and make it feel the heat she felt.

In the same mystic way she’d learned her mother’s secret last night, Sofia knew where Jason kept a picture of Kate in that swimsuit, and knew how often he jerked off looking at it and thinking of her. Sofia knew that Kate was the hottest girl she’d ever seen, and that she’d never be content until she made it with her. Oh God, she wailed inside, why did my stupid brother have to have a crush on my best friend?

The Almighty responded by ringing the phone. “Hey, you!” Kate chirped when Sofia answered, “what’s up? I can’t believe you bailed on us!” The noise of the school bus was clear in the background; they had an away game this week. Sofia could imagine her friend perched on a seat with her knees pulled up against her breasts, laughing as they invented unmentionable slurs for the other team. Kate’s cheer skirt would have fallen into her lap, exposing the dance pants underneath and the tight ass encased within them. Just the thought of it made Sofia wet.

“I’m okay,” Sofia reported, “just a little under the weather.”

Kate laughed. “You should have seen the other girl!” she reported. Sofia didn’t get it, but Kate was quick to fill her in. “It’s Colleen! She has this huge black eye. The grapevine says she got it from you; is that true? Why didn’t you tell me?”

The two had always shared everything and had no secrets, but this was, well, weird. She just couldn’t come out with, “I want you, Kate!” Especially with probably half the cheer team listening in. Sofia forced herself to breath evenly before responding. “Yeah, guilty. Colleen had it coming; she was up my ass about that article, and we got into it after practice.”

“That fucking dyke,” Kate spat. “I should have given her that black eye in the first place. And if that pervo rug-muncher ever lays a hand on me again, I will!” Murmurs of agreement were faintly audible in the background.

Sofia pressed her hand between her legs. “Yeah, well, there’s more to it than that. How about if I come over and we talk tomorrow?”

Kate laughed again, sending a shiver right through Sofia’s body to her pussy. “Like you wouldn’t do that anyway! I still think you faked it today just to get out of a trip to Mouth Whores.” Sofia choked at the mispronunciation of South Shores, today’s opponent. Kate giggled and added, “Love you!”

The connection cut as Sofia whispered, “love you,” into the phone.

Sofia headed to the bathroom for her second shower of the day, this one cold. On the way back to her bedroom, she paused, and detoured to Jason’s. She pulled out the bottom dresser drawer and unerringly retrieved a few magazines from the stack beneath it. Kate’s picture was tucked inside the top magazine.

She hid them in her room and tried to convince herself she’d just return them. Sofia’s resolve lasted through dinner, but crumbled five minutes after her mother had wished her good night. Sofia flipped on her lamp and started leafing through the magazines. Every picture she found made her hotter, and it wasn’t long before her fingers were dipping into her wet sex again. Sophia studied every model carefully, comparing each with Kate and finding them all wanting.

She was dripping and trembling with desire by the time she reached a pictorial featuring two girls kissing and embracing each other. It didn’t really show anything, but Sofia climaxed looking at a picture where one girl was spreading the other’s buns and examining her friend closely — it was just too hot thinking about that exposed ass and what could be inserted into it.

Eventually, Sofia set the magazines aside and focused on the photo of Kate wearing her skimpy swimsuit. Freed of the need to turn pages, Sofia started spearing her ass aggressively with the old toothbrush while mentally undressing her sexy friend and using her imagination to fill in the small areas covered by the racy suit. She knew it was perverted, but she couldn’t help thinking about what she and Kate could do together once the suit was gone. She could thread her tongue between Kate’s sensuously parted lips and massage her friend’s perfect tits. Kate could be the one to spread Sofia’s cheeks and fill up her tight ass! Sofia rolled over and muffled her screams in a pillow as she reached another explosive orgasm.


Susan raised her eyebrows at her daughter’s choice of clothing, but nodded at Sofia’s explanation that she just wanted to stay warm while she recovered from whatever had been bothering her. The long-sleeved turtleneck top and (non-distressed) jeans were unexceptional, but gloves seemed a bit like overkill. Still, she was happy enough to see Sofia bouncing back that she didn’t make an issue of it.

Kate laughed when she saw the gloves. She laughed harder when Sofia finished explaining what had happened to her. “I’m sorry and I don’t want to be mean, but honestly — that is the lamest story I’ve ever heard!” She looked at Sofia and giggled again. “So you’re a lesbian now? You look like you’re already halfway to Goth!”

“No!” Sofia denied vehemently. She still liked boys, so it wasn’t technically a lie. “But I know Colleen is!”

Kate just kept laughing. “Duh! Everybody knows that.” She stopped and leaned forward. “What about your mom?”

“It’s private,” Sofia demurred, seeking a distraction. “But I know Jason likes you!”

Kate rolled her eyes. “Well, of course! But — eeeew — he’s too young and dorky!”

Sofia tossed her hair impatiently. “No, I mean like really likes you.” She waved her hands wide. “Big crush!” Making a decision, she reached withdrew the folded photo from a pocket. “Look, I found this picture in his room.” She handed it carefully to Kate, taking care to avoid touching her friend.

Kate glanced at the photo. “Oh yeah, I look pretty hot here! That’s a great suit, isn’t it? Too bad Dad took it.” She looked speculatively at Sofia. “So now you really like me too, right?” Kate asked with a laugh.

Sofia laughed too, but that quick look had ignited something inside her.

“Here,” Kate decided, “I’ll model it for you!” She produced the suit from the bottom of a drawer and brandished it. “Ta da!”

Sofia shook her head, but her mouth was dry and her pussy was wet again. Kate bounced into her bathroom.

She returned about two minutes later. “Smokin’, right?” Kate obviously had grown out a bit since the previous year, and her breasts strained against the skimpy top, while the narrow “V” of the bottom looked like it threatened to slide completely into her slit.

Sofia could hardly breathe. She drank in Kate’s toned, lithe frame with hungry eyes. She wanted to kiss Kate, to touch Kate; her body froze as she fought the urge to shove her hand inside her pants and stroke off.

“I bet Jason would be cumming in his pants,” Kate mused while mock-teasing Sofia. She turned to display a gloriously tight ass, with the material of her suit already largely disappeared between her cheeks. “Oh, but wait!” gaziantep escort kızlar Kate chirped. “You’re a lesbian, right?” She laughed. “Do you like me? Do I make you hot, Sofia?”

She watched Kate move closer, running her hands over her body. Sofia felt as if she were filled with molten liquid but feared to move. “Of course I like you — we’re best friends!”

Kate still wasn’t taking any of it seriously. Giggling, she asked, “Do you want to make out with me?” and unexpectedly plopped herself on Sofia’s lap. A hand brushed Sofia’s cheek.

Sofia reacted unthinkingly, pulling Kate into an embrace and kissing those wonderful, inviting lips while her tongue attempted to probe beyond them. She twisted, spilling Kate onto her back atop the bed and leaning over her to press their breasts against each other. A moment later, Kate had twisted free and the girls stared at each other with wide eyes from opposite sides of the bed.

“That’s gross!” a flustered Kate exclaimed. “You’re even worse than Colleen!”

Sofia was silent a moment long as new thoughts, and urges, settled more comfortably in her brain. “You’re such a little cock-tease, you slut,” she finally rejoined. It came out sounding more like a compliment than an insult.

Sofia could see the rush of putting her body on display for people, letting them see as much as she wanted them to see, and titillating them with the thought of seeing just that little bit more. She knew how sexy it made Kate feel to shave herself bare so she could show every part of herself if she wanted to. Worse, Sofia knew and craved the arousal she felt by making boys want her, and watching them clumsily try to hide their desire and erections. Worst, she a little idle curiosity about if her latest provocative display would be enough to make a certain Jason Fleming man up and make a move on her, and what she’d do if he did…

Sofia half wanted to pound her head against something. Jason was her annoying brat brother! The problem was, she was already thinking about how she could contrive to “accidentally” give him a show; it made her even wetter just thinking about it. Her hand was moving in the direction of her clit when Sofia remembered Kate. Hot, delectable, scrumptious Kate, her best friend in the entire world, who was staring at her from just a few feet away.

The added rush of showing off for such a yummy audience was too much to resist. Sofia’s hand resumed its journey. What had she been thinking when she got dressed this morning? Her jeans were too tight to work with, so Sofia discarded the stupid gloves, unzipped her jeans, and shimmied them down her hips.

Kate’s expression grew increasingly incredulous, until finally she gasped, “Sofia, what are you doing?!”

“Showing you,” Sofia sighed as her finger finally made contact with her throbbing kernel. “Do you think I’m sexy? It makes me so hot to show off — especially for you.”

Kate’s eyes widened as she realized her friend actually was masturbating right in front of her! “You slut!”

“Oh yeah, I’d be a slut for you,” Sofia sighed. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet as she climaxed and half collapsed back onto Kate’s bed. She looked hopefully at her friend.

Unfortunately, a shaken Kate was looking at Sofia like she was an axe murderer or something. Instead of flaunting herself as she had a few minutes ago, the blonde’s body pulled in on itself and she was attempting to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands. “You’re acting crazy, Sofia. I think you’d better leave.”

Chastened, Sofia hastily pulled up her pants, and took a step forward. “Kate–“

Kate immediately hopped backwards. “No! Just leave, okay? Now!”

Sofia was crushed, but didn’t see a way to retrieve the situation. She slunk out of the house, thankful that apparently nobody else had overheard their argument. Kate’s father, outside working in the yard, gave her a long look as she left.

She was halfway home when Sofia realized her jeans were still unzipped. Was that what Kate’s father had been looking at? The thought made her warm inside and went a long way toward helping her regain her equilibrium. Sofia slowly zipped herself up, unworried about who might be watching her. Maybe, she mused, Kate hadn’t understood that she was serious and not playing a prank on her.

Sofia watched a car drive past her. The driver’s eyes flicked down her body and then away. Sofia was used to getting that unconscious look from guys, but she wasn’t accustomed to how good it made her feel now; it was like an invisible heat lamp had been focused on her. She also realized she was a bit miffed by how soon he’d looked away. I’m hotter than that, she wanted to turn and shout after him. Sofia frowned; maybe it had made sense earlier, but she certainly wasn’t “dressed for success” now.

Once back in her room, Sofia wasted no time in stripping off her clothing and considering what she wanted to wear instead. On reflection, a shower seemed in order; she was a little sticky between the legs. Sofia thought for a moment, and then elected to race naked down the hall to the bathroom. As she’d expected, nobody saw her, but her lack of breath owed as much to sudden arousal as it did the brief sprint.

The warm water raining down on her skin felt so good. It wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine they were kisses. Sofia started touching herself, knowing how good a girl’s kiss could be. No other girl could be as good as Kate, of course. Sofia stroked deeper, replaying the brief kiss and touch of their breasts, as she fantasized about replaying those events much more slowly and intimately.

Sofia just knew they would be soooo hot together. She jerked, enjoying a tiny orgasm, as she thought about somebody else enjoying that view too. An unwanted image of Jason entered her mind, spoiling the moment, and she pushed the thought away. He returned almost immediately, sporting a large cock — obviously aroused by the entwined girls in Sofia’s imagination. She felt hotter than ever, imagining the sight of herself and Kate making him so hard.

Whether Jason’s penis matched her vision or not, Sofia couldn’t say. Her experiences with boys hadn’t been extensive; they weren’t very good kissers, seemed focused on themselves, and she’d never had a boy inside her. Sofia could guess, roughly, what it might feel like to have a cock in her pussy. But she knew, and craved, the sensation of having her ass filled.

Sofia’s fingers churned within both holes as the dream Jason sandwiched her between himself and the dream Kate, forcing the blonde sluts against each other as he hammered his iron rod into her back door. She climaxed explosively, contorting her body as she tried to force her fingers deeper into her ass while mashing her tits against the wall.

Falling water temperature finally drove an unsatisfied Sofia out of the shower. She looked at herself critically in the mirror, focusing on her bush. Most of the women in the magazine pictures she’d looked at were shaved, or at least trimmed, and of course Kate was completely bare. Obviously a lot of people liked that look, and it was a way of showing off a little more of herself.

A little quick work with her shaver left Sofia’s mound bald and the swollen pink petals surrounding her dripping slit fully exposed. The result, viewed full body in the mirror, was hot enough to get Sofia masturbating again.

She was interrupted again by her annoying brother; this time it was the real-life edition. “Sofia!” He pounded on the door. “Are you ever going to get out of there? There are other people living in this house, too!”

Damnit! Sofia paused, feeling frustrated. Part of her remembered the shower fantasy; part of her was repulsed by the thought of incest. They quickly compromised; after all, just looking wasn’t incest, was it? Sofia quickly wrapped a towel around herself, opened the door, and squeezed past a startled Jason.

The towel wasn’t one of the really large ones she used during the winter, and Sofia had purposely draped it at an angle so it didn’t quite reveal a nipple in front while still managing to expose nearly all of one ass cheek. She darted a quick look behind her as she closed her bedroom door, and whatever her brother wanted, it apparently hadn’t been urgent enough to keep him from watching her all the way down the hall.

Sofia was on fire and wetter than she’d been before the shower. She dropped the towel and paced, trying to calm herself down and think about what to do. What she really wanted to do was go back to Kate’s, take her in her arms, and make out until they both came like screaming banshees.

Actually, any girl might do; just somebody else with nipples to suck on, soft lips to kiss, and a wet pussy that leaked like her own… But all of the other girls Sofia knew were like pale shadows of Kate’s glory, even if any of them were approachable.

She wanted to show off, to drive onlookers wild with just the power of her beauty and desire, until they were as hot and bothered as Sofia was. With a start, she realized she was standing in front of her window, and yanked the curtains closed. It wasn’t the thought of people seeing her — that was hot — but she couldn’t deal with parents if the neighbors said anything.

Mostly, Sofia didn’t want to touch another human for the rest of her life. At least, not unless she’d touched them already. Glumly, she stared at her computer and wished she had a webcam. That gave her the idea.

Energized, she retrieved her beleaguered toothbrush. The smooth plastic felt so good as she twisted it inside her rectum, and it was super-hot pretending Kate was there watching her — or even doing the same thing! The teen quickly brought herself to the ragged edge of orgasm. Sofia could barely hold her hand steady, but managed to snap a close-up of her creaming pussy. Luckily, few keystrokes were required to send it to the first entry on her contact list with a caption: “HOT4U”.

Sofia cast her phone aside and muffled her screaming climax with a pillow. Thinking about Kate looking at her so exposed was so thrilling she came again almost immediately.

She lay quietly on her bed, feeling almost satiated for the first time since seeing Kate. In retrospect, sexting Kate wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done, but there was no way to undo it. Sofia revisited the same options she’d considered a few minutes earlier, but this time with a clearer mind.

Much as it pained her, Sofia decided that approaching Colleen might be her best strategy. They hadn’t parted on good terms, but she’d already touched Colleen. And if she groveled enough, maybe Colleen would undo whatever it was she’d done. Feeling better with a plan in mind, Sofia dressed for the second time that day, this time choosing a flirty skirt and a layered top that probably should have had an additional layer beneath.

Sofia didn’t find Colleen at her house, but a neighbor suggested she try the Coffee Nook. Sure enough, she spotted the usual group of misfits gathered at the large table in back. Hostile stares greeted Sofia as she approached; Colleen’s black eye was as spectacular as Kate had reported, and her nose looked a little swollen, too.

“That’s a new look for you,” Colleen observed after a long look at Sofia’s cleavage. “Have a seat.” Rebellious muttering broke out around the table, but eventually everybody shuffled sideways to make room. Sofia reluctantly settled in beside Colleen, trying unobtrusively to stay as far from the others as she could.

A labored conversation ensued. “I, um, wanted to apologize for hitting you,” Sofia offered. A hand touched her leg and she barely controlled a violent reaction. She didn’t feel anything happen, so that probably meant it was Colleen.

The barest hint of a smile crossed the other girl’s face, a reaction that was lost in the indignant remarks from the rest of the company. “I’ll admit you were provoked,” Colleen added, silencing them.

The hand started creeping slowly up Sofia’s leg, making her wet. Well, wetter, anyway. “I probably shouldn’t have said those things.” The hand kept moving, pushing the hem of her skirt with it. “I guess I was a little ignorant and prejudiced.” Sofia aimed a silent plea at Colleen. She didn’t know herself if she wanted the hand to retreat or advance, but she longed to be out of this whole situation.

“Well, we’re all big girls here,” drawled Colleen. “Let’s just kiss and make up, shall we?” The onlookers hooted derisively, but lost their unanimity when it became apparent Sofia was seriously considering the offer.

Even if Colleen was a girl, Sofia still thought she was a bitch. She’d rather kiss — well, Anne, nose-ring and all. But Anne couldn’t get her out of this predicament, and Anne wasn’t the one feeling her up in public; and she didn’t want to end up decorating herself with jewelry in inappropriate places. Sofia shivered, thinking of the sight awaiting any bystander with the angle and inclination to see under the table. She nodded her acceptance.

The razzing got loud when the two girls leaned toward each other. What started out as a deep kiss turned into a deep mutual tongue-lashing. Sofia moaned inaudibly into Colleen’s mouth; she twisted and covered Colleen’s hand with her own, trapping it maybe an inch short of her sopping panties. Inevitably, the noise attracted the notice of other patrons. Given her position and orientation, Sofia knew at least some of them could see the entire length of her leg, perhaps even her underwear, and the hands plastered against her inner thigh.

When they finally broke for air, Colleen was smiling, Sofia looked flustered, and everybody else at the table was laughing. Sofia didn’t care if they all thought she was embarrassed, and it probably was better if Colleen thought Sofia was aroused by her.

If it was true, it still wasn’t enough. “Come and see me Thursday,” Colleen laughed. Fucking bitch, Sofia thought, taking care to let none of the thought slip to her face. Everybody else laughed along with her tormentor, although they obviously couldn’t have understood the true, cruel joke. Sofia fled in a huff, confident everybody would misconstrue her motivations.

Sofia spent the remainder of the day closeted in her bedroom, trying and failing to find a way out of her trap. Periodically she tried calling Kate, but all of her calls rolled to voicemail. Normally she’d spend Saturday night partying or socializing, but the risk of coming into contact with others was just too great, no matter how intriguing the thought of showing off was. Kate didn’t call, and everybody else was easily put off with a story about recovering from her illness.

Finally the fruitless day was ended and Sofia decided it was time for bed. After some thought, she passed on her usual nightgown and located a baby doll nightie she’d bought on a dare from Kate. She donned it slowly, feeling the light fabric pull across her skin. If it was a little tight, she decided, it was tight in all the right ways. She jumped into bed and pulled the sheet up to her waist, anticipating her mother’s nightly visit.

Susan appeared on schedule to say goodnight. If she noticed the unfamiliar pajamas or her daughter’s nipples poking against them, she didn’t say anything beyond, “I’m glad you’re feeling better, honey.” Sofia wriggled as her mother tucked the sheets around her, just coincidentally rubbing the sides of her breasts against those warm hands. After a brief peck on her daughter’s parted lips, she whispered, “sleep tight,” and departed.

Sofia bounced out of bed as soon as she heard her mother’s footsteps disappearing down the stairs. The little tap pants already looked like she’d peed them, she was so wet. Sofia frowned, and then discarded the shorts. If she stood quietly with her arms at her sides, the bottom of the nightie came about a millimeter below her crotch. The fact that she was leaking even more than before didn’t matter because the beads of moisture on her thighs weren’t so visible in the low light.

Satisfied, she went to brush her teeth — for the second time that evening. On her return, Sofia paused to say “goodnight” to Jason, waiting until he looked up before moving on to her room. Listening quietly, she was encouraged to hear a faint rhythmic squeaking start on the other side of the wall a minute or two later. He was jerking off after seeing her!

Sofia lubed a pair of fingers and began working them into her rear in time with the squeaking; the toothbrush just wasn’t thick enough. Quietly, thoroughly, and independently, both siblings got their rocks off thinking about each other and Kate.


Church was such a regular part of Sofia’s life that she didn’t for a moment consider not going, even in her current bizarre situation. After all, she had accumulated more than the usual number of sins over the past few days. Her only concessions were the omission of underwear, in case she had a chance to flash somebody discreetly, and the care she took to remain buffered between her mother and brother at all times.

The familiar routine of the service was soothing and comforting, leaving Sofia calm and at peace with herself for the first time in days. Almost, it felt as if the world had returned to its normal course. That feeling persisted about halfway down the aisle after the service, until she spotted Father Tomlinson in his usual spot at the door, shaking hands with the departing parishioners.

Thinking fast, she whispered, “Make my apologies — I need to use the bathroom,” to her mother and bolted to the safety of one of the empty side aisles. Sofia hoped she could sneak out the side door, but it was blocked by gossipers and she couldn’t risk the accidental contact. The bathroom it was, then.

Sofia hid in one of the stalls for an eternity, waiting for the distant noise of the crowd to die away. She used the time to touch herself, idly imagining the fuss if somebody was to open the stall and find her. Finally it seemed safe to emerge. The teen checked herself in the mirror, and then headed for the exit. Her hand was on the knob when the door jerked open unexpectedly and she stumbled into Mrs. Tomlinson’s arms.

“Oh! Are you feeling okay, dearie?” inquired the pastor’s wife, looking at Sofia’s pale face. The girl nodded weakly, although she wanted to scream, “not anymore!” Sofia could barely see the older woman’s face; her mind was occupied by vivid visions of big black cocks. She wanted to lick them, to feel them spurting their thick Negro spunk onto her breasts. Only burning black poles stretching her cunt to its capacity would be able to satisfy the animalistic hunger that no white man’s penis could quench.

The greater part of Sofia wanted to throw up, but the fiery new part wanted to spread herself to be violated by some unclean nigger. Oh God, she was so fucked up! Sofia stumbled to the car, avoiding everybody else, but the damage was already done.

Sofia sat numbly in the back seat all the way home, feeling herself pulled in so many different directions — all of which previously had been so disgusting, and all of which now were unbelievably arousing. She wanted to make it with other girls, especially Kate. She wanted to take it in her ass. She wanted to show off her body, especially for Jason. Anything that could be done with a black cock, she wanted to do.

Once home, Sofia tried calling Kate again, but her friend still wasn’t returning her calls. She dressed hurriedly, not paying much attention to her clothing as long as it showed a lot of skin, and headed over to Kate’s house, but she wasn’t there. Dejected, Sofia trudged back to her now-empty house. Her body was tight with the need to do something to quench the desire building inside her.

Sofia grabbed the spare car keys; her parents wouldn’t be home from golfing for hours and wouldn’t know. Driving carefully, because it was not the kind of notice she wanted, she visited an adult novelties store and bought a large black dildo and some lubricant. The fake identification she used for clubbing worked just as well for toys, although she’d never imagined needing it for that. Jason was home before her; she could hear the football playing on the television in his room. Perfect.

She was already dripping just at the thought of it. Leaving her door ajar, Sofia slowly lubed the dildo and focused on its gleaming ebony bulk as she held it in front of her. She hiked up her skirt, lay back on the bed, and carefully started to work the dildo into her ass. It was slow going because it was so much larger than her fingers or the toothbrush, but she reached her first orgasm when the first inch of that big black tool was inside her.

Sofia kept it going deeper until she was impaled on it, and then started a very short in and out stroke while transferring her attention and fingers to her creaming pussy. It was after her second orgasm, which was a little loud, that she looked up and saw Jason looking at her from the hall. He bolted as soon as she made eye contact with him.

She withdrew the dildo from herself and felt her back door gape open in the cool air before reluctantly tightening. Setting the tool aside, Sofia walked down the hall to Jason’s room and leaned against the open door. “You won’t tell Mom and Dad, will you?”

Jason made a half-hearted effort to focus on the TV, but she was barely decent and very distracting. The look in her eyes was anything but decent. “What’s up with you, anyway?”

Sofia raised her skirt with one hand, revealing her bald and dripping slit, and inserted several fingers of the other inside herself. “I don’t mind that you watch. It’s sort of hot.” She transferred the fingers to her mouth, licking them suggestively, and then returned them to her pussy.

He didn’t say anything more, but he was a boy, and everybody knew where their brains were. Sofia kept getting wetter and wetter, and Jason shifted uncomfortably. She knew she had him when he unfastened his pants. He exposed his cock; it looked nice enough for a white boy’s, and certainly was hard. The tip glistened.

Sofia never moved away from the door, but silently egged him on, mimicking poses she’d seen in the magazines. Jason stroked his organ, and began fisting it more energetically as his sister continued teasing herself in front of him. Their mutual excitement fed on each other, and Sofia orgasmed again as she watched the jism erupt from Jason’s rock-hard cock. She gave the jerking organ a close look — but he wasn’t black, and he was her brother. She sallied back to her own room to clean up.

Neither of them said another word about it. However, about ten minutes after her mother had turned out her light for the night and Sofia was jilling off to thoughts of Kate, she realized Jason was standing in her room with a raging hard-on. “What do you want?” she whispered, without bothering to cover herself.

“More,” he hissed. “I’m not going to get cock-teased by my own sister. If you want to show off like some slut, you’re going to put out like one, too.”

Sofia considered, watching the way his organ jerked in time with his heartbeat. If people found out she was fucking her brother — her dork younger brother — she’d never hear the end of it. Even if he was kind of cute. Still, there was no way that pale thing was going to pass her lips, and she couldn’t afford to get pregnant. “You can fuck my ass,” she decided, and rolled to her hands and knees in invitation.

He was actually much better than the dildo, almost equally firm and far more energetic. Jason kept grunting “slut” and “tease” under his breath, which only made Sofia hotter. When, sooner than she hoped, he clenched her tight and shot his load inside her, the feel of his seed jetting into her rectum was so indescribably great that she unexpectedly crashed into her own orgasm.

Even hearing Jason sigh, “fuck, Kate,” as he pumped her that final time didn’t spoil the moment; after all, she was wishing for the same thing. He pulled of her, and Sofia collapsed in a contented heap on the bed.

“Don’t think this is going to happen again,” she whispered, but without much conviction.

Jason laughed shortly and shook the last drops from his softening prick onto her ass. “If you keep asking for it, you’ll keep getting it.”


School was absolute hell.

The intent looks and interrupted conversations weren’t a good sign, and it didn’t take long to understand why. Sofia reached her locker to find it covered with a sign reading, “HOT4U.” She tore it down, but of course that didn’t change anything.

The teen found herself a total pariah, completely ostracized and shunned as if an invisible bubble surrounded her. At least she didn’t have any worries about touching someone. A day of partially overheard gossip, slurs, and cruel innuendo was more than sufficient for Sofia to know that news of her sext to Kate had leaked. Additionally, somebody had spread the word that Sofia actually was a raging dyke who’d made out with Colleen in public at the Coffee Nook.

Especially hurt by the thought Kate had betrayed her, Sofia spent the day trying to corner her friend and finally succeeded during lunch. She wasn’t prepared to have the blonde lash out at her. “You hypocrite!” Kate screamed, “I didn’t realize you were such a pervert! Stay away from me!” She stormed off before Sofia, in tears, could even begin to explain that she only loved Kate and there was no reason to be jealous of Colleen.

Sofia dragged through the afternoon in abject misery. Even her few attempts to “accidentally” flash a little extra skin fell flat, drawing only hostile stares or condemnation instead of the surprised desire she hoped for.

She moped at home all afternoon, half-heartedly catching up on homework assignments she didn’t really care about. It took a knowing look from Jason over the dinner table to bring Sofia out of her funk. She’d just go someplace where she would be appreciated — and could look at girls at the same time.

The Pole Vault was a haphazard cross between a sports bar and a strip club, located about where the city went from “questionable” to “seedy,” and notorious for amateur nights on Mondays. There was a standing joke at school about what kind of woman would go there; Sofia remembered laughing with Kate about it as recently as the previous week. She’d didn’t know anybody who’d actually seen dancers there, although several boys claimed they had, but Sofia and Kate had gone inside once — early on a different evening — to try out their fake licenses and impress some of their friends.

Sofia left the house for unspecified “studying,” a little overdressed on the theory that the more things she had on, the more things she could take off — and that a parental veto would ruin her plans for the evening. There were a few open spaces in the front lot, but Sofia pulled around to the larger lot behind the bar where she hoped the car would be less likely to be recognized by somebody.

The guy working the back door hassled her a bit over her license, but Sofia knew she was worth looking at and all he wanted was plausible deniability. Once inside, the place looked pretty much like she remembered, one big room with an oversized rectangular bar area in the center and lots of widescreen televisions plastered on the walls. Unlike her last visit, three-quarters of the bar had been cleared off and a set of wooden steps leading up to it had been set in place.

The clientele seemed evenly divided between people watching the games on TV and those facing the bar expectantly. Sofia wasn’t positive, but it looked like the other women she saw all were with husbands or boyfriends. Well, she hadn’t come here to pick up anybody, anyway. Loud music started blaring and scattered applause sounded as the first contestant stood up and walked towards the stairs. The guy she was with sounded a piercing wolf whistle that echoed through the room.

“You here to dance?” a waitress asked her.

Sofia didn’t remember waitresses; at least not ones in 6-inch acrylic clogs, micro-miniskirts, and tops that that supported breasts without really covering them. “Uh, yeah,” Sofia answered, tearing her attention away from the dark areolae peeking out at her just below eye level.

“You’re number six. You can change in the bathroom,” the woman pointed, “and me or somebody else can hold your things behind the bar for you. When you’re on, no touching and nothing that appeals to prurient interests.” It sounded like rote memorization, with a stumble at the end; frankly Sofia doubted the waitress knew what “prurient” meant.

The girl atop the bar was shyly rubbing herself against one of the poles, to the vocal delight of her boyfriend. Sofia didn’t want to miss any more, and hurried in the direction of the ladies’ room. It only took a moment to shuck her jeans, transforming her jersey tunic from a modest top into a scandalously short minidress and revealing a pair of thigh-high hose. Sofia had already decided to dance in bare feet, so she bundled up her pants and shoes with her purse inside and headed back into the main room.

Number one was already coming down off the bar, disappointing would-be fans hoping for her to strip down. Number two, who appeared to have been drinking, promised a much better show. Sofia settled at a table to wait for her turn, already enjoying herself. The waitress came back to collect her clothing and offer a drink on the house; Sofia didn’t want to look out of place, so she nodded and the waitress poured some of the absurdly large can into a glass before setting both on the table. The teen took a cautious taste of the “Four Loko” — whatever that was — and found it wasn’t too bad. She continued sipping and returned her attention to the show.

Sofia knew the third girl would win before she took her second step across the bar top. She wore high, high heels like she’d worn them all her life, had absurdly large tits, and used the poles like she was a gymnast. The audience loved her. Nevertheless, it was contestant five who was Sofia’s sentimental favorite. Her skin was a creamy smooth cafe au lait, as if Kate had been washed in sepia, and her every move made Sofia drip. She worked the crowd, especially on the far side, and didn’t hesitate to disrobe down to her lace panties.

She would have stood to applaud even if it wasn’t her turn to go up. They smiled at each other as they passed, and then it was Sofia’s turn to climb the stairs and tease the audience. Showing herself was something she liked to do, something that made her hot. The butterflies in her stomach faded and her entire body started winding up inside as the reality of what she was doing sank in. Sofia scanned the audience, making out the attentive and appreciative faces beyond the glare of the floodlights, and felt her arousal increase.

The teen spread her legs so the minidress rode up to expose her panties, and then quickly worked it over her head and cast it aside. The crowd hooted and yelled its appreciation, and she just had to rub herself through the tap pants. When she ran her hands up her sides to cup her breasts, there was a sudden lull, and the noise redoubled. There had been a lot of skin already, and even some full nudity, but the dark patch of moisture between her legs was something new, and the guys loved it. “Cum for us, baby!” yelled one of them.

Sofia worked her way further along the bar, choosing to ignore the poles. She mauled her breasts, stretching and twisting her thin camisole, until her breath grew ragged, and then discarded it. Her painfully erect nipples pushed against the inside of her lace demi-bra. Sofia looked into the eyes of the audience, especially the women, as she pushed the fabric of the sodden tap pants into her creaming gash.

She was about halfway around the bar when Sofia finally paused to shimmy the silky panties down her legs and reveal the lace thong covering her pussy. A slow pirouette displayed her tight ass to everyone. She ostentatiously brought the discarded garment to her face and inhaled, delighting in the musky scent of her arousal. Sofia tossed it towards a woman sitting in front of her, but the throw was intercepted by one of the guys. Naked desire was evident on more than once face.

Sofia moved on, returning her attention to her breasts. She resumed stroking them through the lace, and then pushed at the tops until she could pluck and stretch her aching nipples. Each pull felt like it was milking nectar directly into her pussy, and Sofia could feel beads of her dew trickling down her thighs. She finally unfastened the clasp and let the bra drop, then arched her back so everybody could see how shapely and firm her tits were, and how desirable she was.

The teen hadn’t thought she could be so aroused without cumming, but it was true. Finally, she teased the thong aside and dipped a finger into her molten core. Many of the onlookers were on their feet now, cheering, as they realized she actually was masturbating herself on stage. The manager was shouting for her to stop, but the redoubled noise drowned him out when Sofia transferred a finger to her anus.

She wouldn’t have heard him if he’d been standing beside her, using a megaphone. All of Sofia’s attention was focused on the black man seated near the stage, and the big bulge in his pants. She couldn’t see it, but she knew he had a big, black cock, and it was hard for her, and she… Sofia wailed helplessly as she tried to cram both hands inside herself and collapsed to her knees with the force of her climax.

The manager finally succeeded in shooing Sofia offstage, and one of the bouncers was there to hold off her admiring fans. She was oblivious to her good fortune, able to think only of that black cock and how it would feel inside her. She remained equally oblivious to the discontent felt by the audience when the manager announced she had been disqualified.

“Hey folks,” he protested, “they’re not my laws — I don’t want to get closed down over this, okay? Just sit back and let’s welcome up the ladies again before we vote!”

Sofia wanted that black cock. The thought made her hot again, but it didn’t look like the right place or time to finger herself. The teen pulled on her jeans and shoes. Feeling a bit unsteady, she returned to her table and swallowed what little remained of her drink.

Still topless, she made her way around the deserted side of the bar while the other contestants were presented for acclamation. The man was still there, standing and focused on the voting, but all Sofia had eyes for was the bulge of his black cock. Damn Mrs. Tomlinson for a bigot, anyway!

He noticed her staring at him, and she marshaled the willpower to drag her eyes up to his face. It was a nice face, for a bestial raping nigger who — Sofia sat on the thought.

“You sure looked good up there, girl,” he observed, watching her eyes drop again.

“Thanks,” Sofia got out, trying to remain polite and not noticing she was talking to his crotch. The bulge stirred and lengthened enticingly.

“Hey,” he rumbled, reaching out to lift her chin with a gentle finger, “I’m up here. You maybe wanna hang with me and my woman?”

Sofia couldn’t think of anything she’d prefer, since she found the thought of threesomes and foursomes and moresomes even more arousing than he did. She even knew, without turning around, who the other member of her first menage a trois would be.

“Hey, sugar,” he called over her shoulder, “look what I found!”

Sure enough, it was the dark-skinned beauty, wearing a red second-place ribbon over her shoulder. “Oh, no, Tyrone,” she laughed, “you did not just go pick up this girl after I went to all the trouble of winning this for you!”

He held up his hands. “I swear she came lookin’ for me! I knew you wouldn’t mind.”

“Do you even know her name?” she glared at him; he shrugged.

“Sofia,” the teen offered.

The woman couldn’t maintain her stern expression. “Tyrone,” she said, pointing at him, and then, “Jo,” pointing at herself. “Well,” she addressed Sofia, “good looks and good taste! I have to tell you, honey, you were so hot up there, I thought I was going to wet myself! I would have voted for you too — you were robbed!”

Jo looked at Tyrone. “Are we going to sit around all night, or go home? I don’t know why I let myself get talked into this! Honey, do you have a top?”

Sofia, a bit breathless in the face of Jo’s energy, looked around; all of her cast-off clothing seemed to have disappeared. “I don’t think so.”

Jo’s glare switched back on. “We’ll just see about that! You don’t go anywhere, hear?”

She was back a minute later with a “Pole Vault” tank top, which Sofia hastily pulled on. The thin white material didn’t do much to hide her erect nipples, which of course only made them harder. The generous neck and arm cutouts left most of Sofia’s breasts exposed to her companions’ appreciative gazes, anyway.

The teen was impatiently awaiting the chance to spear herself on Tyrone’s black meat, and dripping at the thought of sandwiching herself between him and Jo, but she wasn’t blind to the fact that she was sure to be touching the other woman sometime in the near future. Sofia decided to pick her moment, which came after Tyrone had handed her up onto the bench seat of his pickup. As Jo came up beside her, she brushed her hand casually against the woman’s arm.

Sofia’s hand kept moving, to cover her crotch, and she squeezed her legs tightly together, trapping it. The sexual heat inside her raged higher and a tendril started leaking into her bladder. It suddenly became clear why Tyrone had a plastic cover on the seat, and that Jo had meant “wet herself” literally. Sofia knew she’d have the mother of all orgasms if she peed in her jeans — but she held on, knowing the sight of her stream splashing into Jo’s mouth and the biting taste of urine on her own tongue would be even better.

It wasn’t far to their house — at least not the way Tyrone drove — but Sofia felt squeezed between her dirty thoughts and her bladder by the time Tyrone drove up to the detached garage nestled behind a small but attractively maintained house. She’d already released a tiny spurt of urine, just enough to feel the liquid heat against her crotch, and she was wriggling as the trio walked back down the driveway to the side door.

“I hope you fixed this lock,” Jo told Tyrone as she snatched the keys from his hand and took the lead. “I can’t wait for the bathroom much longer!” Tyrone visibly swallowed a retort and watched quietly as she fumbled with the keys and rattled the door knob. “Oh, shit!” Jo yelped, releasing the keys and hunching over. A moment later, Sofia heard liquid raining down on the pavement, and Jo turned to reveal the huge dark spot running down the front of her dress.

There was no way Sofia could resist her biological need, and burning desire, to follow suit. A rushing torrent immediately soaked the crotch of her jeans and began running down her legs. “Oh sugar, you are so bad,” Jo told her with a wide smile, and stepped closer so she could run her hands along the wet fabric of Sofia’s jeans. The teen pulled her even closer and kissed the dark beauty while grinding their bodies together.

“Let’s take this inside, you two,” Tyrone suggested. He reached around them and pushed open the unlatched door. After a long moment where neither of the kissing women paid him any attention, he embraced the two in his arms and literally lifted them through the doorway.

Jo unfastened her wraparound dress and shrugged the garment to the floor almost before Tyrone had the door closed. Sofia started fumbling with her jeans, which were wet with moisture and sticking to her equally soaked hose. Jo knelt in front of her to help, and then pressed her face against Sofia’s thong and sucked the honeyed urine from it. The teen jerked and might have fallen, but Tyrone caught her. The sight of his dark hand across her tank top and the sensation of Jo’s suction were too much to bear, and Sofia lurched into a screaming orgasm.

“We got us a firecracker,” Tyrone laughed as she struggled to regain her balance.

Jo released her and stood, her face gleaming with Sofia’s juice. “C’mon, sugar,” she beckoned, “we can do better than the floor.”

Sofia kicked off her wet shoes and followed the tight panty-clad derriere before her, intensely aware of Tyrone’s presence behind her. Soon the trio stood facing a bed.

“Some of us are overdressed,” Jo drawled.

The teen moved to pull off her tank, but Tyrone stopped her. “I like it,” he protested. “Work on me, instead.”

Sofia was mesmerized by the bulge in his slacks. She unfastened his belt and fly, barely cognizant of Jo beside her working on his shirt. The pants dropped to the ground and the teen stared at his tenting briefs while her mouth watered. She worked them down his legs, releasing the largest erection she’d ever seen in her life. Experimentally, she wrapped a hand around it; he dwarfed her. A bead of precum appeared at its tip.

Trembling with excitement, Sofia extended her tongue and licked away the salty drop. It was like ambrosia and she could hardly breathe. The teen looked up and received a nod of approval, and then began tonguing Tyrone’s magnificent organ. She worshipped every inch of the gleaming black rod, stopping to suck on the balls hanging in the sack behind it, until she was panting and its tip was dripping. “Don’t leave me hanging, girl,” Tyrone warned her through clenched teeth.

Sofia cleaned the bulging head again, and then opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the tip of him. Greatly daring, she applied a little suction. Tyrone forced himself deeper, and Sofia almost gagged — even as she felt herself gush in a sudden burst of excitement. His throbbing black meat filled her world; Sofia’s head swam as she pulled back and gasped, “take me.”

Tyrone released her, guiding her limp body so she flopped backwards atop the bed. Dimly Sofia realized Jo was sheathing his weapon in a condom, but she couldn’t focus until she felt his weight on the mattress. “Ram it in me,” she moaned.

He literally tore the thong off her body, making her jump, and positioned himself at her dripping entrance. He pushed carefully; despite the copious lubrication, she was very tight.

“Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” the teen screamed. She pulled at him with her legs and arms, her nails drawing blood on his back. Sofia had to have that black cock buried in her cunt.

Finally he abandoned his restraint and plowed into her, triggering a violent orgasm that lasted so long Tyrone began to be concerned. He withdrew momentarily, and her sobs and moans gained enough clarity to be understood. “Oh fuck, oh God, I need that nigger cock inside me! Oh fuck, don’t stop now!”

“Nigger?” Tyrone growled with uncharacteristic heat. “I’ll show you nigger, you white bitch!” He abruptly plunged back inside her until he was buried to the root, eliciting a piercing scream from the girl beneath him. He started pistoning violently in and out of Sofia, shaking her like a terrier would a rat.

Jo was on the point of intervening when she noticed the girl was still trying to draw Tyrone deeper into her, rather than pushing him away. With a smile, she dropped onto the bed and kissed Sofia, hopefully muffling some of the screams before the neighbors got too upset.

After what felt like one continuous five minute orgasm, Sofia felt Tyrone jerk and fill the condom inside her with powerful contractions of his body. She wanted that load. As soon as he withdrew, the teen disentangled herself from Jo’s caresses and lunged at Tyrone’s cock. The condom was slick with her lubrication, tinged pink, and the tip was swollen by its creamy cargo. Sofia fought the condom off his tool, ripping it in the process, and emptied it into her mouth.

“Shit, you are one fucked up girl,” Tyrone commented after a long moment. He looked at the bed again, and then Sofia. “Did I hurt you, or…?”

The teen looked up from where she had been concentrating on wringing out the condom. “I’m okay. It’s just” — she shrugged — “I’m a virgin. Was a virgin, now. You just helped me act out a fantasy.”

“A virgin? Are we just ‘darky meat’ for your little games?” Jo asked.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Sofia, suddenly realizing what she’d said. “I, well, had some bad influences when I was younger.” Mrs. Tomlinson had, anyway. “It just slipped out in the moment. I’d never be doing this if I didn’t like you!”

She looked so contrite Tyrone couldn’t help feeling sympathetic. “Well,” he growled, “you don’t be calling folks ‘nigger’ no more, okay?”

“I promise!” Sofia smiled, already feeling better. “And I’ll make it up to you, too!”

With dawning curiosity, he asked, “How?”

She spread her legs. “By taking your big black cock up my lily white ass!”

“Hey, you two,” Jo interrupted, “I’m feeling a little left out here.”

Sofia dropped the condom. “I guess I need to make up to you, too?”

The older woman walked over to stand in front of her. “You just start, and I’ll let you know, hear?”

Sofia didn’t hesitate to slide the lace panties down Jo’s thighs to reveal her pussy. It was the first Sofia had ever seen up close, and she examined it carefully. Jo was neatly trimmed, with only a small pubic patch above her sex, and the dusky rose of her glistening folds was beautiful set against her dark skin.

“Heavy breathing doesn’t count,” Jo commented repressively. The teen responded by darting a tongue inside and then making an attempt to lick up all the juices she could.

Suddenly, there was more moisture flowing than she could keep up with. Jo was pissing on her! Sofia reflexively tried to pull back, but she was moving forward again even before the hands on her head pulled her in. She drank as fast as she could, high on the rich scent and acrid taste, and began fingering her sore pussy.

There was no more urine, and Sofia concentrated on the nectar coming from deeper inside Jo. As she felt Jo’s body begin to shake, the teen nibbled on the bud peeking out from its hood and transferred her fingers to the slick crevice below it. She was rewarded with a sudden spasm and a muffled cry as Jo climaxed on her tongue; the rush of satisfaction felt almost as good as cumming herself. Sofia leaned back and caught her breath.

“Who feels like a shower?” a smiling Tyrone asked.

“We do!” Jo answered, pulling Sofia to her feet.

The teen quickly shucked her tank, which was the only article of clothing any of them still wore, not to mention wet with Jo’s pee. The master bath featured a large walk-in shower stall, easily capable of holding far more than the three of them. Sofia was still looking around when Jo pulled her close and Tyrone began pissing on the pair of them.

She felt so wanton, as she rubbed herself against Jo’s wet skin and tried to catch the spray coming from that black cock in her mouth, that Sofia was panting and moaning again when he finished.

“Firecrackers. Both of you bitches are firecrackers,” Tyrone decided, and turned on the water.

A short while later, Sofia felt simultaneously cleaner and indescribably filthy. She lay atop Jo, moaning into the other woman’s juicy pussy, while Jo’s tongue and fingers worked the teen’s dripping slit. The pair rocked as Tyrone forced another inch of his rigid cock into her stretched rectum. The pain was intense and each time he pushed deeper she was sure she’d split open, but just the knowledge that his big black raping organ was tunneling up her back door had her on the verge of an orgasm — again. They rested for a moment, trying to allow Sofia’s stretched sphincter time to accustom itself to the intruder, and then she grunted again as Tyrone fed more of himself into her guts.

Finally, he was completely sheathed inside her. Sofia sighed when Tyrone pulled himself out of her ass; it felt so achingly empty. Jo blew gently on her molten gash and across her gaping chute.

“Oh, fill me up again,” begged the teen.

“If you want this here meat, you’d better take good care of my woman,” he teased her in return.

Jo gasped at the sudden suction on her clit. It didn’t last.

Tyrone slowly filled Sofia’s ass again, this time without stopping, and literally pushed her forward away from Jo’s pussy. Grabbing her above the hips, he hauled the teen back into position and held her in place as he proceeded to begin pumping in and out of her clutching back door.

Jo’s pussy didn’t get much further attention, but she delighted in the close-up of Tyrone’s tool working its way in and out of the teen’s tight body. Sofia wailed and screamed uncontrollably under the unbelievably arousing onslaught.

Her body shuddered spasmodically when Sofia climaxed. Jo, both aroused and amused, waited a moment and tweaked the girl’s clit, triggering another violent orgasm. All of the involuntary contractions around his superheated organ finally became too much for Tyrone, who hissed, “take it!” as he unloaded himself deep inside the blonde.

Sofia collapsed bonelessly on Jo when Tyrone released her; she was still impaled on his softening penis. He lay on the bed, rolling the teen sideways to maintain their connection, and Jo quickly reversed herself so they all were oriented the same way, with the dazed Sofia sandwiched within the couple’s embrace. Jo leaned across her to share a tender kiss with Tyrone while Sofia’s eyelids fluttered.

“You are shit-hot, girl,” Jo told her when Sofia’s eyes appeared to be focusing again.

“What about me?” asked Tyrone in mock indignation.

“Oh, baby, I know what I lucky girl I am!” Jo laughed.

“I’ll say!” added Sofia, more weakly. Now that the haze of her desire was dissipating, the aching of her body was more difficult to ignore. “I can’t believe I got it all inside me.”

Jo caressed her, but the touch was soothing rather than arousing. “We’ll just have us a long bath and good breakfast in the morning, and you’ll be good as new,” she assured Sofia.

The teen started, wincing as more of Tyrone’s penis slid out of her. “Morning? I can’t stay the night!”

He palmed a pale breast with his dark hand. “That’s just silly. It’s late; you’re tired. Stay with us.”

Sofia raised herself on one elbow. “What time is it? Oh My God, my parents will kill me!” She started wriggling free.

“How old did you say you were?” groused Tyrone.

“Old enough,” the teen answered, sounding a bit defensive.

Jo shushed them both. “Oh, hush! I don’t recall anybody asking any questions. Don’t go spoil a nice evening by arguing. Let’s find your clothes, sugar.”

The top was lying right there in the bedroom; it had a few pale wet spots in front, smelling of urine. “I think we can just rinse this a little, and it’ll be fine,” Jo pronounced, taking it to the bathroom.

Sofia found her jeans, soaking wet, inside the door. The denim would never dry quickly, and it already was after eleven — she couldn’t wait on them.

“What do I do?” she asked Jo after heading back to the bathroom and displaying them.

“I’ll find something,” Jo assured her. “Here; put this on.”

Sofia took the proffered top and pulled it on; the fabric was wet but it looked and smelled clean.


He appeared almost instantly.

“Figure it out,” Jo prompted, handing him the blow dryer before disappearing.

Tyrone thumbed on the dryer and started playing it back and forth across Sofia’s chest; her nipples stiffened again under the breeze coming through the wet fabric before the heat began to penetrate.

Tyrone was enjoying the nearly uninterrupted view of the sexy teen, and she was admiring his slowly engorging organ, when Jo returned.

“That is not the way to get out of here quickly,” she reminded Sofia with a smirk, before holding out some pants. “Try these, honey. Tyrone, go get yourself some clothes before this poor girl forgets what she’s trying to do!”

Sofia looked at the pants, which looked like they were for yoga or exercising, and bent to pull them on. Jo was a little shorter than she, and a lot curvier, so it was hard to guess how they’d work out. “Good enough,” she decided a minute later, looking in the mirror. The pants had been low-rise to begin with, and now they were even lower, barely hanging on the curve of her hips. If she’d still had a bush, the top of it might have been showing above the elastic band, but at least it meant the inseam wasn’t pulling into her tender privates.

“Are you sure about the top?” Jo asked. It appeared to have shrunk slightly under the heat, and the graphic above the “Pole Vault” legend was, speaking mildly, racy.

Sofia giggled, gesturing at the small clock on the counter. “I’m already screwed, Jo. I want a memento of the night I got screwed!”

“Ladies!” called Tyrone from down the hall, jingling keys in his hand. “Don’t give me time to talk myself out of this!”

Jo suddenly pulled Sofia close and kissed her. “Come back and see us, honey. You’re much nicer than the girls he usually finds. Now, go!”

Sofia gave her a quick hug, unexpectedly touched, and hurried to join Tyrone, hitching up her pants.

When handed her up into the truck, she thrilled again to the touch of his hands. There was no need with only the two of them in the cab, but Sofia pressed up against Tyrone after he climbed in. Sideways looks gave way to fondling him through his gym shorts before they’d gone two blocks.

“Haven’t you had enough yet, girl?” he asked incredulously.

“No,” Sofia purred. “There’s still one way you haven’t had me yet.” The truck swerved momentarily when she leaned over to suck at him through the nylon fabric.

“Shit!” he yelped. “Save that for when I’m not driving, hear?”

She waited until they reached the parking lot. Then, thrilled at the thought that a passing patron might catch them in the act, Sofia took his powerful black tool in her final hole. If she wasn’t able to take him the same way she had down below, she was more than capable of swallowing every drop of his salty Negro load.

“Damn!” was Tyrone’s only comment as he handed her the plastic shopping bag containing her jeans, shoes, wallet and keys.

It was after midnight, and her father actually was on the phone arguing with the police about filing a missing person report, when Sofia returned home.

“Where have you been?” her mother screamed, alerting the others.

She knew it was going to be bad, and started apologizing before anybody else could get a word in.

Dad cut her off. “Sofia Elizabeth Fleming!” — the middle name was never a good sign — “what are you wearing?”

She hitched up the pants again, trying not to be too obvious about it. Looking repentant wasn’t going to work either, since even her parents’ condemning eyes made her nipples go erect again.

“You’re grounded!” echoed in stereo from both parents.

Sofia didn’t need to hear any more, and anyway, she’d be grounded for life — or worse — if they smelled the sperm on her breath or somehow noticed the spunk leaking from her ass. She stomped silently up the stairs, hoping they got a good view of her tight curves. Grounded or not, now that she knew what her body was good for, she intended to use it — frequently.


Jason awakened from an extremely pleasing dream involving Kate to find his naked sister sucking him off. Being a teenaged boy, and already aroused, he didn’t last much longer before jetting into her mouth. It didn’t escape his notice that she swallowed most of it, something that scuttlebutt suggested wasn’t that common.

“Um, thanks,” he offered, when it became clear she was waiting for something, “but I need to visit the bathroom.”

“Do it here,” Sofia suggested, blocking the doorway. “Use me.”

He shook his head, not sure he understood the offer, but definitely uninterested. She began rubbing herself, and as he watched, rivulets started trickling down her legs and dripping to the floor.

“Piss on me,” she persisted, “I think it’s hot!”

“You are really fucked up, Sofia!” Jason told her distastefully, and squirmed into the hall while staying as far from her as possible.

“Maybe I am!” she retorted, “but so what?”

He waved her away and kept walking. “I’m done with you!”

She stood in the hall, licking her fingers. “What about Kate?” He paused, and she persisted. “I bet you wouldn’t say no to Kate and me” — her voice dropped a register — “together.”

Jason stood a moment longer, then laughed as he entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Sofia returned to her room feeling frustrated. Her entire body felt like churning mass of desire, attracted to so many different things, and she couldn’t do any of them. Well, she could still show off — even in front of a hostile audience. She put on a pair of white bikini panties, the tank top from the previous night, and her cheer skirt. Sofia slid her feet into a pair of sneakers, picked up her backpack, and marched downstairs and out the door, ignoring her parents.

School was better than the previous day. Part of that was just that she knew what to expect. She’d also discovered that she could stifle a lot of the commentary by identifying the heckler, making eye contact, and flaunting her body. Her hard nipples were pretty much always visible, but the right amount of twist and lean could result in exposing some, most, or all of a breast. Sofia wasn’t above sliding a finger into herself, either. The other students just weren’t sure how to tease a girl who apparently had no shame. Slightly more effort was required to conceal the wildly inappropriate top, and the body beneath it, from the teachers; Sofia was a little surprised nobody seemed to have reported her.

Just the same, she grew increasingly frustrated as the day wore on. She couldn’t get the conversation with Kate she wanted so badly, and she was sick of hearing that she was a lesbian when her pussy and ass were still sore from the delightful shafting Tyrone had given her. “I’m more of a woman than you are!” she wanted to scream at her detractors.

The last straw was hearing Marcus Rogers, a member of the varsity football squad, ask her, “Shouldn’t you be cheering for the girls’ team now?”

Furious, she followed him right into the boys’ locker room. As angry as she was, Sofia was even more excited — there were a lot of boys there, and she intended to fuck every one of them before she walked back out the door. “I — am — not — a — lesbian!” she screamed at the circle of partially-dressed young men surrounding her.

“Prove it,” chuckled Todd Blascek, voicing the thought that was clear on many of their faces.

Sofia walked up to him, and proceeded simultaneously to kiss him and thrust a hand into his jockstrap, where she found a rapidly-hardening cock. Her heart fluttered with an unfocused desire for girls, especially blondes, but that was so normal it barely merited attention. Sofia was about to star in the mother of all orgies, and her body was aching with desire for it. A hand pushed up her skirt — an ass man, she thought, with the shared appreciation of one who craved the graceful curves of a girl’s tight ass.

Her underwear literally was torn from her body, and the contacts started coming too fast for her to sort them out. They were young boys, too unformed to have developed the bent desires of adults, but Sofia’s blood boiled as she orgasmed repeatedly under the weight of raw sexual cravings fueled by teenage hormones.

Sofia’s screams had long since turned to incoherent moans, but she was sobbing violently when Vice Principal Skinner pulled her from the midst of the wanton orgy. He glared at the team, whose erections wilted in the contempt on his face.

“We didn’t start it, Coach!” Marcus objected.

“It’s true,” Sofia sobbed brokenly in his grasp, “I made them do it — don’t blame them!”

“Go home!” he told the boys. “We’ll talk about this later. You’re with me, young lady!” It sounded like an epithet.

Sofia managed to pull her shirt and skirt somewhat back into place as she stumbled along, still locked in his grasp, to his office. She was still immobilized by deep, gut-wrenching sobs as she sat in a chair while he called her mother.

Her body quivered with the arousal and desire stoked by a score of teenage boys, focused by Skinner’s violent rape fantasies — now hers. She dreamed of holding down promiscuous young sluts like herself and giving them what they had coming; of watching them scream while she violated them and treated them like the whores they were. She sensed he’d never acted on those dreams, because he knew, as she did, that they were evil and wrong.

But Sofia didn’t have his self-control. Every nerve in her body screamed for sex, and she was filled with a desperate longing for Kate, her heartmate, the scrumptious hottie who was always teasing but never putting out. Kate, who should be made to learn what her body was good for. Sofia knew it would be even better to force Kate than to have her come willingly, and feared herself.

“Lock me up!” she screamed raggedly when her mother appeared.

“Oh, sweetie!” Susan exclaimed. “I’m here; everything will be okay. Can you tell me what happened?”

Sofia strained to force her message across. “Please lock me up! Oh God, just lock me up! I’m not safe!”

The bewildered adults looked at each other in confusion.

Sofia lay atop her sheets, naked and masturbating. She succeeded in teasing another orgasm out of her physical body, but it was like draining the ocean with a bucket. Her throat was raw from screaming, but she whispered again, “please lock me up.”

They ignored her. She’d thought about suicide, but the once she’d gone for the window, her father had wrestled her back onto the bed before she’d gotten it even halfway open. Funny, she couldn’t even remember what his desire was, but apparently he was as good a man as he appeared.

She wished she was that good, but the thought was pushed aside almost before it was formed. It was replaced by a vision of Kate, lovely Kate, screaming and struggling, as she was violated. How could she get into Kate’s house? Was the spare key still hidden in the fake landscaping stone?

“Please, oh please, just lock me up!”


If she’d slept, she couldn’t recall it. Sofia had gone silent; she sat passively while her mother dressed her. Well, almost passively; she was still masturbating. It felt good, and she still had the urge to show off, even if Mom wasn’t the most appreciative audience. Mostly the teen watched for a chance to escape, hoping equally that opportunity would come, and also that it wouldn’t.

At some point later, after an indeterminate car trip, she was plopped into a comfortable chair in an office. Sofia expected it was some psychologist. The woman across from her took Sofia’s constant diddling well; she had a good poker face. The teen had long since decided to just tell the truth. It took the least amount of effort, and if they thought she was crazy, they’d lock her up. If they thought she was telling the truth, they’d lock her up. It was a win-win proposition.

Accordingly, she told the woman everything from the Thursday afternoon she’d punched Colleen. Every encounter, every desire. Her voice sharpened, and picked up speed. Reciting those twisted urges made her hot, excited enough to climax in front of the noncommittal woman more than once. Sofia was crying again as she described how she wanted to rape her dearest friend and true love, and all the perverse violations she planned to visit upon her beautiful body. The feminine nectar leaking from her showed clearly on the seat of the chair.

“You really believe all this?” It was all the woman said.

“I know it sounds insane,” Sofia admitted, “but yes.”

The woman persisted; “So if we touched, you could tell me my strongest sexual desire?”

The teen turned reluctant. “Yeah… But I wouldn’t just know it — I’d share it.” A part of her felt tired beyond words. “I don’t know if I can handle any more baggage. What if you’re a pervert, too?”

The woman chuckled. “Intimacy between consenting adults isn’t perversion, no matter how it’s expressed, Sofia. I consider myself pretty normal.”

Sofia rolled a nipple between her fingers and considered. “Can’t you just lock me up for a day?”

The woman’s look turned sly. “Well, but if you really are crazy, just a day wouldn’t be enough, would it? How can I tell which story is true?”

Reluctantly, Sofia dried her finger on the arm of the chair and reached out to touch the other’s finger. She felt a new obsession, not as powerful as some but stronger than most, but it was slippery, difficult to describe. “I don’t understand,” she whispered. “Making people do things? Twisting their minds?” The teen felt dawning fear.

“Yes, that’s part of why I went into Psychology. I think Colleen gets it from me.”

Far too late, Sofia’s eyes rose to the diploma on the wall, and the name inscribed on it: Deirdre Maguire. She tried to run, but found she couldn’t move from the chair.

Deirdre was still talking. “…I think she’s overreached herself this time, but I must say it’s certainly a fitting punishment. And you’re quite clever too, aren’t you? Although, it does seem Kate is getting off lightly, don’t you think?” Apparently, it was a rhetorical question. “Let’s see…”

Sofia realized she was staring blankly out the car window. “Mom? What’s happening? Where are we?”

Susan managed a reassuring pat on her arm. “Don’t worry, dear, you’ve just had a bad spot. The doctor said it’s normal for you to have some blanks, and that we shouldn’t worry about it — just let things take their course.”

The last thing Sofia could remember was cheer practice on Thursday, but the day calendar in the kitchen said Wednesday. She trudged up the stairs, feeling tired, and stopped in shock at the door to her bedroom. It looked, and smelled, like the bed at a motel that rented rooms by the hour. Together, the women changed the bedding. Sofia flushed as she encountered toys and magazines she couldn’t remember and was embarrassed to have possessed.

When she found her phone, Sofia just had to stop and call Kate, but got no answer. She remembered it was a school day. Deciding she was as rank as the old bedding, the teen decided to take a bath. It was disconcerting, to say the least, to find herself bald, both her pussy and anus tender, and what looked like a bite mark or hickey on one breast. What had she been doing?

A subdued Sofia returned, clean and warm, to her room, put on her fuzziest nightgown, and fell dead asleep in less than a minute. She was awakened, hours later, by the smell of dinner and realized she was ravenous. There was little conversation at the table, as apparently the rest of the family was afraid she might break or something.

Upstairs, she tried calling Kate again, and felt an unexpectedly strong surge of relief when her friend answered. Kate sounded wary, for some reason, but sympathized with her as Sofia poured out her confusion. A few minutes later, they were chatting away like normal. The veneer of that normalcy cracked a bit when Sofia asked, “Whatcha doin’?”

After a pause, Kate responded, “Studying for the midterm, of course.”

Sofia was shocked. “That’s next week!”

Her friend couldn’t help laughing, “Silly — it’s tomorrow!” Sofia laughed too, but the missing days bothered her.

“Are you going to school tomorrow?” Kate finally wanted to know.

Sofia admitted she didn’t know.

After promising to talk again the next day, they hung up. Sofia lay back and fell asleep again; her mother found her that way and gently kissed her daughter’s forehead before pulling up the covers and turning out the light.

Sofia woke unexpectedly to the chiming of the clock downstairs in the living room. She rolled sideways and watched her clock flip from “11:59” to “12:00.” The missing days came crashing back on her in a wave of depraved desire that had her dripping wet.

She remembered sitting in Deirdre Maguire’s office, pinned in her chair, as Colleen’s mother spoke…

“You need a rest, poor dear. So, we’ll give your mind the rest of the day off. But I’m afraid those desires of yours will be all the stronger for being postponed!” She didn’t look very apologetic. “I hate seeing you frustrated this way, Sofia. I know you’re worried you might hurt or offend poor little Katie.” Deirdre’s smile twisted, and Sofia cringed inside.

“After you awaken, until Colleen’s doom runs its course, you can choose to share any of the desires you’ve acquired with anybody you touch.” She paused a moment for the statement to sink in. “But, that desire will become permanently a part of both of you.”

“Think carefully, and show more tolerance and understanding than you have in the past.” She raised a hand and pointed as Sofia started to scream…


The stars were just beginning to fade in the Eastern sky when Sofia crept stealthily into the quiet bedroom. She moved carefully, silently, not willing to waste the sacrifices she’d made that night.

The teen identified the pale form of an outstretched arm above the covers, and brushed it with a fingertip. The sleeper awakened almost immediately, but Sofia no longer cared.

“Be quiet,” she ordered, unconvincingly.

Deirdre Maguire looked at her and started to speak.

“Don’t say it, bitch!” cracked Jason’s voice, and the woman rocked back as if physically assaulted. Sofia collapsed on the floor in relief.

She’d had to enlist Jason first; she didn’t trust herself to do it alone. He’d been dubious initially, but she’d shared her plan, and one of her cravings. Her brother had exploded into her mouth when he realized he actually could realize one of his most arousing fantasies and help literally change people’s minds.

With Jason driving and trying to look older and tougher than he was, the pair spent precious hours touring the worst parts of town, stopping repeatedly for brief conversations and directions. At each stop, Sofia acquired new desires from prostitutes, pimps, bouncers, exotic dancers, and other visitors to the seamy fringes of society.

Sofia was past caring how she degraded herself, knowing only that she loved doing it, and that it facilitated her search for the kinks she needed. Finally they headed in the direction of home, with Jason’s allegiance further cemented by the shockingly strong incestuous desire for each other they now shared.

It hadn’t been the only useful fetish she’d acquired, or even the most important. Sofia had gifted Jason with the desires of the most committed dominant they’d been able to locate. He didn’t have much practice, but it was clear that passion and desire played a significant part and presumably he’d improve with practice.

He was clearly doing well enough for Deirdre, whose newfound submissive needs had her juicing herself at the thought of obeying the least command of this dominant stud standing before her.

As Sofia had feared, the warring desires within her, now permanent, were sufficient to render her self-control unreliable, and she couldn’t afford a single point of failure — however attractive Jason might be. That was why Kate was down the hall, muzzling Colleen with her bare cunt and exploring her newfound attraction to mind control, girls, and domination. Colleen, needless to say, was now as submissive as her mother and Sofia.

That had been the end of the important work, but Sofia hadn’t quite stopped there. It made her so wet every time she shared part of herself that a few more gifts hadn’t seemed out of order.

Kate had a serious thing for cocks. It just wasn’t fair to Jason to make her a lesbian, and when both of them loved each other and wanted Kate so much, it just made sense to share. They all shared a love of watersports, group and anal sex too, since those didn’t seem so bad.

Finally, Sofia had shared with Colleen and Deirdre nearly all of her cravings that weren’t prejudicial to her plan. It served them right, and if they were permanent for her too, well, maybe her horizons had broadened over the last week. Besides, she’d asked Kate and Jason not to let her do anything too over the edge.

The first rays of the rising sun arrowed through the window blinds. Sofia didn’t feel any different, but then she hadn’t expected she would. “Should we be getting home?” she asked, rousing from her reverie.

“In a bit,” Jason replied shortly with a tone that had her sitting back down, wet. “I’m gonna make sure this slut knows I’m the boss.”

Sofia started fingering herself as she watched; if she’d had a dick, she’d want to be drilling that ass, too. Loud wailing echoed down the hallway from Colleen’s room.

“Rim me, Sis,” Jason ordered, and she leapt to comply.

Kneeling behind him, she spread his buns and extended her tongue, probing at his anus. Knowing she was doing this for her brother had her dripping down her legs. Sofia prayed her faith in her Master and Mistress was justified.

It would be rocky going until everybody got used to the new state of affairs, but she’d purposely chosen to share the strongest cravings she could. It might leave them all borderline sex addicts, but she couldn’t remove the attraction to mind control. With so many other, more exciting cravings to be indulged, hopefully it wouldn’t occur to either of them to order their slaves to adjust anybody else; if they did…

Sofia orgasmed just thinking about it.

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