Dear Colette

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Big Tits

Authors comments:

This story is based on several fantasies of mine, this is my second attempt.

And so it continues…

Dear Colette,

Well doesn’t time fly! It seems like only yesterday we were sitting outside the C-M Cafe sipping milkshakes and discussing my love life or lack of it! At the time, I could have sworn I would never feel the desire for the more ‘carnal’ aspects of life. The thrill of hot, damp flesh on flesh would be lost to me forever. Jeez, how melodramatic I was!

Okay, I remember that Jules had dumped me a few days before and I’d been completely devastated. No reasons – nothing. Just gone. What a bastard! Anyway, you helped me so much just by being there. But I couldn’t accept that there would ever be anyone else. After you returned to Nice, I withdrew into my shell again. Wouldn’t go out socially or God forbid – date, despite your nagging.

For 6 months, I stayed in, looking through pictures, running through conversations in my head, trying to pinpoint why. Why couldn’t he love me? What was wrong with me? Did I have some horrible flaw that made me unlovable? Yes, it was that bad. Until last week. Well where do I begin? As you know, the company I work for won a major contract (helped by my excellent negotiating skills – of course ) and Head Office was impressed. So a champagne dinner for all and talks of big bonuses come April.

Well, I couldn’t get out of it, plus it was a good opportunity to network, what with other companies attending. Yes, they were downright cheap and hosting a meet and greet of potential customers as well as a “you done good” party. But it was all work. And at this point work seemed to be all I could rely on. Remember how excited I was when I called you up screaming about that dress? Oh yeah, never thought I could carry off a dress like that, but the sales assistant had been very persuasive. A semi-transparent wrap around marine ulus escort top teamed with floaty black skirt to show off my ample assets, but discreet enough with a jacket to wear to an office ‘do’. Well, lets just say I felt daring that day!

I hadn’t felt that daring since Jules left and I liked the feeling. An hour into the party though, my balloon had burst. Feeling downright awkward in the same room as those gorgeous, thin, teens in spray-on micro-minis. Sighing, I kept desperately trying to suck my tummy in. OK, you know me; it was off to a corner with a plate of nibbles and some liquid refreshment. That’s when it happened. Ever been punched in the gut? No? Well that’s how I felt when I first saw HIM. Poleaxed. Breathless. Hmm, cliche after cliche popped into my head. “…across a crowded room…” and all that jazz. Must have had my mouth hanging open, drooling or something.

All my lust hazed staring must have bored a hole through him because I swear he looked right at me and smirked! Pale blue eyes, spiky black hair, classic boy-next-door looks and lips like sin. Mmm … if Lucifer were made human, he would choose this body. He was comfortable yet alert. Everything about him was suggestive. My mouth watered as I imagined what I could do to that body. I wanted to devour him. Rip his clothes off and taste his skin, bury my face in his thighs and purr. Most of all, I wanted to ram his cock into my hungry pussy and grind my bottom on his hips till I’d satisfied my feverish lust.

I could feel a wave of heat wash over me as we connected for a brief second. Then the object of my desire was accosted by a giggling string bean. “Ah well” I thought, “at least I know now I’m still alive and kicking”. I’d just settled down my corner of the room, when I felt something brush up against me. I looked up and he was standing there, right in front of me. I swallowed nervously, tongue-tied yenimahalle escort and picking up a heady scent, mellow and male. I tried to arrange my facial muscles in the semblance of a smile and failed miserably. My mind raced, trying to find something to say.

He perched on the arm of the chair besides me and politely offered his hand. “Hi, I’m Zach” he said, introducing himself so politely. I managed to stammer out my name and slid my palm over his. I could have sworn I felt a sizzle from that skin on skin connection spiralling outwards, making butterflies in my tummy, and tightening my nipples to painful hardness. Much lower a slow heat pooled between my thighs. Oh my God, I was trembling all over from a single handshake.

He suddenly squeezed my hand in a vice-like grip. I looked up at him; his eyes were closed in a sexy as hell expression. When he opened them again, I knew I wouldn’t be spending the night alone. No more words. We left silently together. I sat beside him in his car almost not believing I was going somewhere unknown with a complete stranger. At his door, my logical mind began to scream urgent warnings, was I completely crazy? What the hell had I got myself into? Almost as though he could read my mind, he smiled at me reassuringly, easing my mind and ushering me inside.

We faced each other in the hall. One minute, we were apart, then the next our lips touched and fitted together with a delighted sigh from me. His tongue moving strongly in my mouth forcing me to submit to him. My hands explored his back and lower, while his hands squeezed my butt and drew me closer to his cock. I wrapped my thighs around his hips trying to get even closer. The cool wall against my back was my only indication I had been moving. That’s when it turned rough, just the way I like it! I gasped with excitement as he ripped my flimsy shirt open and pushed my bra down, so he could grab hold my tits. Pulling hard on my nipples, drawing them out till they hurt, then soothing them with lashes from his tongue.

I tried to reach for him, but he pushed my hands away. I felt my skirt give way and his warm breath on the hot skin of my belly, then my thighs. The anticipation was killing me. Still it was unexpected when his large fingers probed my slit. He rubbed me firmly making me moan. “Now” I growled, “I need to come now!”. He smiled slyly and buried his face in my cunt. Like a thirsting animal, he slurped and sucked hard. My head spun as the tension built. More, more, just there. Oh yes. I ground my hips harder into his face. I was almost there, then I looked down at him kneeling in front of me, worshipping my pussy. The image made me thrill, pushing me over the edge. I quivered as my pussy contracted hard. It was so good I almost couldn’t stand any more. Please, don’t stop, make it last. Ah, ah, ah… I quivered at the pin pricks of pleasure, slowly the shuddering reduced to tiny pulses.

I slid down the wall and collapsed onto the floor as he finally came up for air. We kissed slowly, sliding our tongues together. I was limp and sated, but he hadn’t come. And I still hadn’t experienced the hard lump at the front of his trousers. He moaned softly as I stroked him, unzipped him slowly and reached inside his trousers. I began to stroke from the root squeezing harder till I reached the ridge of his cut cock. As my palm enclosed his tip, I felt something metallic. He chuckled at my shocked expression. Easing out his leaking cock, I could see a thick, beaded metal ring pierced it, coated in his wetness.

Believe me, it not only felt good in my hand, I made sure it felt good in other hungry places. We didn’t get much sleep that weekend nor do much talking. When I left on Sunday night, he agreed to my request to end our liaison on that perfect note. I thought I’d never see him again, but oh, the memories. So imagine my shock on Monday morning when the new boss summoned me and I found an intimate stranger in the very plush, very private office…

Till the next time,


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