De-Stress the Professor Pt. 02

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NOTE: This is a sequel, and you can read the first story on my profile, but it’s not totally necessary to enjoy this one. I want to thank you all for the positive feedback on the first story, it’s good to know you might be interested in my non-Diane stories. Let me know if you like this one, please leave a comment and/or send feedback, I love hearing from and talking to readers! Enjoy!


Standing in front of his class, Ron gave a dejected sigh. He could see that the masses of students before him were barely paying attention to anything he was saying. Ever since his class size was doubled, he’d been struggling to keep everyone’s attention while discussing the early twentieth century; all things considered, he could hardly blame his students. As he looked out across the sea of bored faces and glazed-over eyes, he noticed one student in particular adamantly taking notes of what was written on the board about industrialization.

Hidden partially behind a taller student, Ron could see Molly from the waist up. She was wearing a simple red t-shirt with a local pizza place’s logo on it. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, and her brow was furrowed as she squinted between the board and her laptop, jotting down notes.

Ron looked away and continued his lecture. As he recited the same speech about American development he’d given at this point every semester, his mind drifted to his last encounter with Molly. When she had helped him “de-stress,” as she called it. Ron would have called it “the best blowjob of his life,” but that was just semantics.

Suddenly, as he rambled about farmland expansion and mentally relived the moment of his student dropping to her knees in front of him, Ron realized he could feel his pants begin to tighten. After a quick glance down, he could see the faintest outline of his cock in his pants, beginning to swell. He felt his face blush, and his voice caught in his throat for just a second. He looked up at his students, who couldn’t have been more ambivalent or unaware, but one face stuck out. Leaning forward, Molly was now looking directly at Ron, the slightest hint of a smile on her glossed lips. Could she see it from there?

Ron cleared his throat and turned around to write something on the board. He wasn’t sure what he was going to write, but he needed to face away from his class as he felt his pants begin to tent as his cock grew harder thinking about the look Molly gave him. Facing the board, he started to write a few dates and names from his lecture, but his hand froze mid-word when he felt his cockhead straining against his slacks, pressing up against the board.

Throwing a look over his shoulder, his hand still hovering in front of the board, he looked from his tired students to the clock on the wall behind them. It was almost 4:00, and that was good enough for him.

“Let’s wrap it up there, we can finish this next time.” Ron announced, still looking over his shoulder, refusing to turn around. “You can all take off. Don’t forget the reading!” He called out as students immediately began packing up and filing out like a stampede. As dozens of young adults filed past him in droves, Ron swiftly made for his desk chair, doing his best to keep his massive bulge hidden, taking a seat and throwing his coat on his lap. He gave a weak smile to some of the departing students, bahis firmaları offering a small wave as the last few filed out. He exhaled as the door shut at last, only to inhale sharply when he looked up to see one student waiting in front of his desk again.

“Molly! Oh, you startled me! I didn’t see you there.” He gave a very weak laugh. Despite her small stature and kind smile, this young woman made Ron very nervous.

“Sorry, Mr. Fuller.” Molly apologized genuinely. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I could just see that you looked stressed…” She crossed from in front of the desk to the side, then behind the desk, standing not two feet from her professor.

“C-can I help you with something?” Ron asked, feeling flustered. He wasn’t sure where things were at with Molly, and didn’t want to assume anything.

“Well, I think I can help you with something.” She moved closer, reaching for his lap and removing the coat, setting it on his desk. Molly gasped when she saw what was previously hidden: the huge bulge in Ron’s pants. “Mr. Fuller, you seem really tense.” She leaned forward, running one finger up the length of his covered member; Ron bit his lip to stifle a groan as his cock twitched in his pants.

“Molly, I, uh—” He tried.

“Uh uh uh,” Molly scolded him as she reached for his belt. “Remember what I told you: if you ever feel too stressed again, you let me know.” She undid his belt buckle, unfastened his button, and unzipped his pants. In a swift motion, she slid his pants down his legs, bunching them up at his ankles. As she did this, his rock-hard cock sprang up, bouncing around for a moment. “Oh my goodness, Mr. Fuller, you’re really worked up!” She giggled playfully. “It looks like you could really use my help.” Molly reached out and steadied his still-bouncing cock, grabbing a loose hold around his shaft. He was so large, she couldn’t fit one small hand all the way around his girth. Her other hand found his heavy balls, so full and so ready to be drained. She tenderly cupped them, but they were too large to both fit in her soft palm. Ron tensed up when she gave him a light stroke and fondled his balls, and a large drop of precum spilled out from his twitching cockhead.

“Oh, Molly…” he mumbled, loving the attention he was getting from his student.

“Professor, you seem really tense, even more than usual… I don’t know if what I did last time will work.” Molly pondered while feeling the weight of Ron’s full balls roll around between her delicate fingers. “This might call for a little something more, to make sure you really de-stress.”

Molly stood back and, in one quick movement, slipped her shirt over her head, dropping it on the desk next to her professor’s coat. Ron’s head swam as he appreciated his topless student. She had on a white bra, with just a tiny bit of lace around the edges of the cups. Molly then I did the button on her jean shorts and slid them off, kicking them to the side. She did a small twirl, showing off her tight little ass in her lacy white panties. Her thighs were just as flawless as the rest of her legs, looking smooth and soft. Her round tush was perky in her panties, and his cock twitched as he imagined grabbing a handful. Before Ron could even fully drink in the sight before him, he watched as Molly tucked her thumbs into her waistband and delicately slid her panties kaçak iddaa down her thighs, over her knees, dropping them to the floor at her ankles before stepping out of them. Ron held his breath as Molly sauntered up to him in just a bra and nothing else. He couldn’t help but stare at her pink pussy, visibly wet as she approached.

“Professor,” she pouted as she spoke. “I think I need to help you get rid of this tension.” Without another word, Molly stepped up to Ron and, facing him, straddled his lap, positioning herself just above his upward-pointing cock. “Are you ready?” She asked, innocently.

“W-wait,” Ron paused. Molly could sense what he was nervous about.

“Don’t worry, I’m on birth control.” She reassured him.

“Oh—” he started, but she cut him off.

“So are you ready?”

“Ye-yes.” Ron barely whispered.

“Yes?” She prodded.

“Yes.” He found his voice. Molly nodded and then, looking him in the eye, lowered herself onto her professor’s cock.

As his cock pushed into her, Molly let out a restrained moan, biting her lip as she went. He was so big, and she was so tight. Ron groaned, lightly thrusting into her, inch after inch. He could feel her tightening and twitching around his shaft, and she was so wet that he was in heaven. By the time Ron was most of the way inside her, Molly was practically drooling as she spoke.

“Oh my god, Mr. Fuller, your cock feels so good inside me!” She whimpered. Without another word, she began to slowly slide up and down, riding Ron’s cock with a gentle, purposeful rhythm. Ron moved his hands to her hips, steadying her as she went. His cock throbbed as she rode him, and he felt her soft, velvety folds.

As Molly moaned to herself, Ron’s eyes fixated on the covered breasts bouncing up and down in front of him. The white lace bra was thin, and it looked soft to the touch. Behind the bra, there was a bit of cleavage which jiggled with each bounce. Molly followed Ron’s eye-line.

“Do you want to take off my bra, professor?” She asked in a sultry whisper. Ron’s cock throbbed at the question, and Molly could feel him twitch in her swollen pussy. “I’ll take that as a yes!” She giggled.

Ron removed his hands from her thin waist and trailed them up her sides, wrapping around behind her, finding the clasp; she leaned forward and purred into his ear when his large, calloused fingers grazed the small of her back. He fumbled for just a moment, then felt the clasp release as the bra straps went loose. Ron watched as Molly shrugged the thin straps off her shoulders, and his jaw practically dropped when the cups fell and she tossed her bra to the side, baring her breasts. They looked soft and supple, and definitely sensitive to the touch. They weren’t as big as his wife’s breasts, but they didn’t have a wrinkle on them, and stood up, perky, by themselves.

Without thinking twice, Ron reached up and touched one, tracing his fingers around it and cupping it. She responded with a smile and another purr, then gasped when Ron took her nipple in his mouth. He teased at it with his tongue, and she grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him in closer to her breasts.

“Oh fuck!” She exclaimed, now beginning to breathe hard. Molly picked up her pace, and in no time was bouncing up and down on her professor’s hard cock as he fondled her breasts. His cock filled kaçak bahis her up, and she could feel herself getting closer and closer to the edge as she pumped her small frame up and down. “Professor, I-I think I’m…” She could barely speak; she was so close. She gripped Ron’s shoulders to steady herself and slowed her bouncing to a steadier grind on the man’s huge cock.

“Yeah, Molly?” Ron spoke as he dropped one tit from his lips, taking the other in his mouth, teasing her nipple, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh my g— Fuck! Fuck!” Molly squealed as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. She seized up, stopping her slowed bouncing, as her small frame shook while her pussy came with her professor’s cock half inside her. In response, Ron thrust deep into her, eliciting another squeal from his student, feeling her dripping pussy convulse around his cock. She looked into his eyes, dizzy, panting hard from such a strong orgasm.

Without a word, Ron wrapped his arm around her and stood from his chair, his cock still inside her. With one free hand, he cleared his desk with a swipe and laid his student on her back on the desk. Molly looked up at her professor as he stood towering over her, his throbbing cock in her quivering pussy. She watched as he leaned her soft, thin legs against his shoulders and began fucking her, now faster and harder. He gripped her thighs with his strong hands, plowing into her tight folds. With each thrust, Ron watched her tits rhythmically bounce.

“Molly, you’re so tight.” Ron grunted, thrusting harder and harder, shaking her with each pump. He felt up her smooth thighs, tracing his fingers across her lap, just above her wet pussy, barely brushing his thumb against her clit.

“Oh, Mr. Fuller,” Molly whimpered, already close to the edge again. She could feel another orgasm building up inside her, and she knew at this rate it was only a matter of time. Ron was teasing her clit while still slamming into her pussy, shaking the desk. He couldn’t believe how soft it felt, how wet she was, and how much better it was than his wife. “Mr. Fuller!” She yelped. “Fuck! Fuck! Keep going!” Molly cried out as she came again, feeling an even stronger orgasm erupt as her professor kept fucking her. She came hard on his cock, slamming a fist against the desk as she squirmed.

“Molly, honey, I’m… I’m about to—” Ron felt his balls tighten, and he knew this was it. He felt his knees go weak for a split second as he blasted Molly’s quivering pussy full of hot cum. She moaned as he pulled out, taking hold of his cock and giving it steady strokes as he came more and more. He shot rope after rope of thick cum over Molly’s flat stomach, streaking all the way up to her soft tits, which jiggled when splattered. She found the strength to push them together as he came, glazing her tits in a white smattering. Ron stopped stroking his cock as the last few drops dribbled out, spilling onto Molly’s swollen pussy lips.

He exhaled hard, putting his weight on the desk, leaning over Molly as she panted. There was silence as the two tried to catch their breath, with the only sounds being their heavy breathing and Ron’s cum spilling from Molly’s pussy, dripping to the ground. Molly let out a soft moan as Ron’s cock rested on her stomach, heavy and hard. Molly lifted her hand and brought it to her painted tits, resting it over one breast. Ron watched in awe as she ran a finger through the splattered cum, before sticking her finger into her mouth and sucking it clean with her glossed lips.

“Mmm…” She hummed. “I hope that got rid of some tension.”

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