Dave and Leroy Ch. 01

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Dave’s Lover Returns

Leroy arrived home after being on deployment for a year and dropped off his duffle along with a few other things in his room. He looked around the house, and he was amazed it was decently kept clean for two bachelors living there. Leroy knew Dave was at work, but he didn’t know where his brother, Chris, was.

He doubted, but he checked the fridge anyway and as he figured it was pretty much empty. He laughed to himself. He wished Dave would learn to cook. Dave knows how to cook an egg, boil or fry it, but ask him to make something as easy as spaghetti and he would find some way to fuck it up. Leroy knows Chris was no better at cooking, so Leroy doesn’t know how they survived this past year. Actually, he does, either they were eating out a lot, or their moms were cooking for them.

Leroy made a list of what they needed from the store and went to change into civilian clothes. He headed to the store, hoping this evening would go by quick because he couldn’t wait to see Dave. Leroy had truly missed him and the few phone calls, letters or emails they were able to share, just isn’t the same as being able to hold one another.

When Leroy went into the store, he wore earbuds to block out anyone around him. He wasn’t quite ready to socialize with anyone other than Dave. So he wanted to make this as quick of a trip as possible, basically, get the food they needed and head back to the quiet house.


Dave saw Leroy from a distance and smiled. Just by coincidence, he and his partner were driving through the parking lot of the grocery store. They were heading to a diner that shared the same lot for their dinner break. “I’ve never seen you smile like that before, what brought it on?” Terry asked.

Dave smirked, “I just saw someone which I haven’t seen in a very long time.”

Terry laughed, “Dave, the way you looked, it seemed like you wanted to jump out of the car and run up to whomever you just saw.”

“I would love to, but I can wait until I get off shift to see him.”

“Him? May I ask who you just saw?” Terry asked.

Dave smiled again and look extremely happy. “My Leroy.”

“He’s home? Why didn’t you take today off? Hell, if he was coming home today, why didn’t you take the week off? And what are you doing sitting here in the car, park it and go into the store and find him.” Urged Terry.

“Because we’re not open about our relationship. Leroy always gives me a window of a few days that he could be back, even though he generally knows which day he is returning. Anyways I will see him tonight when I get off shift.” Dave responded with a ton of excuses.

“Damn it, Dave, will you just go in and at least say hello to your man, or are you afraid you two will.” Terry laughed before finishing his comment. “God forbid hug in public?” He teased Dave because Terry was openly gay and he didn’t know why in this day and age anyone would hide it.

Dave laughed, “No, I’m not afraid. We will hug in public, it’s just that we haven’t seen one another in a year, so I don’t want to get emotional in public.”

“Oh my God, you’re the girl in the relationship, aren’t you?” Terry was just teasing Dave. “Park this damn car and go in and see the man you love.”

“Only if you will come in with me,” Dave hd porno stated, and Terry laughed.

One of the perks of being a police officer is that you can park just about anywhere you like, so Dave pulled the cruiser into the fire lane. They walked into the store and started looking for Leroy down each of the aisles. Dave spotted him in the frozen foods and watched him at first.

Leroy was looking at his list, and at the frozen vegetables, he always does the store backward. He knows he should start in the dairy or deli areas then work his way to the frozen section, but he wasn’t planning on spending that much time in the store. Leroy looked up after grabbing what was needed from the case and smiled. He saw Dave from a distance, and he actually felt his heart leap.

Dave walked down the aisle. Leroy pulled out his earbuds and walked up to him. Giving Dave a huge hug and a kiss on the lips, which the kiss shocked Dave. Before letting the hug go, Leroy, whispered in Dave’s ear. “I’ve missed you.”

“So have I, I love you, Leroy,” Dave responded.

Leroy pulled out of the hug so he could see Dave, smiled and responded, “Ditto.” They both laugh. Then Leroy pulls him back into a hug and whispers. “When do you get off, because I can’t wait to make love to you?”

“I’ll be home a little after midnight.” Dave smiled when he back away from Leroy. “By the way, Chris is staying with his girlfriend’s since we didn’t know the exact day you would be here. He didn’t want to come home to us being, well us.” Dave and Leroy laughed.

“Good.” Leroy smiled; he planned on fucking Dave’s brains out.

Dave smiled and turned around to leave; then, he realized he never introduce his partner. He turned back and noticed Leroy was still watching him. He smiled and then introduced Terry to Leroy, they shook hands, and then Dave and Terry left.

Leroy had everything on his list, but he decided on one more thing, a can of whipped cream. He doesn’t know if he has the patience tonight to have fun with the whipped cream but maybe over the next few days.


“He can’t tell you he loves you in public? Just ditto? But he doesn’t mind kissing you?” Terry asked as they were walking out of the store and getting into the cruiser to drive over to the diner.

“It’s how it’s always been.” Dave shrugged. “And the kiss is new.” Dave was amazed that Leroy kissed him out in the open; it wasn’t just a peck on the lips either. It was a full out kiss. “And he does tell me he loves me. One day, God, it was a long time ago, he said ‘Ditto’ as a joke and it kind of stuck.”

“Cute. And your families know, don’t they? How long have you two been together?”

“Since sixteen officially and only my family knows.”

“Why not his?” Terry was curious about this one, because if Dave’s knew why didn’t Leroy’s. They were walking into the diner and grabbed a booth. The waitress came over with two coffees as soon as she had seen them come in.

“We were going to come out to his parents after my parents confronted us five years ago.” Dave laughed as he remembered how his mother confronted or completely ambushed Leroy when he came home from deployment one year. “But we found out just before how against homosexuality his mother was because one of our friends came sex izle out to his parents. When Sue, Leroy mother found out, she was plain evil when she talked about them.”

“Wow, I’m sorry. That sucks for Leroy and you, but good that you have your parents.”

“Yeah, Leroy and I were going to come out to his entire family the day she talked about our friends, and we changed our minds,” Dave remembered that day too, it was an awful day for Leroy. Leroy wanted to tell his parents. He was hoping to get the same reaction that they received from Dave’s. But after her bitterness towards Lev and his partner, Dave and Leroy knew they couldn’t.

“Maybe she will be different since it will be her son?” Terry stated. The waitress came back with their usual order, burger, and fries, she also filled their coffees again.

“We will see, maybe one of these days,” Dave responded. “I know Leroy was thinking about telling them again, but I know he would hate to be disowned, he loves his family too much. But this is his decision to make not mine.”

“Oh, I can understand that one,” Terry responded.


When Dave walked out of the station, he almost ran to his car. He couldn’t wait to get home. Dave drove as fast as he could; he didn’t change or take anything off at the station. Dave walked into the house, fifteen minutes after midnight, he found Leroy waiting for him in the living room.

“Strip,” Leroy stated in a commanding voice.

“Excuse me?” Dave was smiling. He knew he would be in for it now.

“Dave strip, now.” Leroy was patiently waiting.

Dave took his duty belt off and sat it on the table, and then he started unbuttoning his shirt. Leroy walked up and started kissing him. Leroy removed Dave’s tie and started working on his pants. Dave kicked off his shoes and was working on pulling off his t-shirt. Dave was naked by time Leroy pulled him towards the bedroom. He had it all set up. There was light music playing, candles burning and roses on the nightstand. Leroy was kissing Dave all the way. Dave was hard by the time they reached the room, and so was Leroy.

Leroy was smiling as Dave started removing Leroy’s clothes. They were kissing and hugging, then Leroy had Dave lay down on the bed. Leroy straddled Dave, and their cocks were rubbing together. He leaned down and was kissing Dave, grinding his cock into Dave’s and his abdomen. “Will you please fuck me?” Dave finally said when Leroy started kissing on his neck.

At first, Leroy continued to tease Dave and grind against him while kissing, Leroy missed being able to kiss Dave. But then he couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed the lube off the nightstand. He turned Dave over onto his stomach and poured some lube out onto his fingers, which he started to rub Dave and pushed one finger in. Dave moaned because it had been so long since he had been touched there. Leroy withdrew the finger and added more lubricate and pushed back in, once he was moving it in and out smoothly he added a second one.

Again Dave moaned, but it was starting to feel good, Leroy began to scissoring his fingers so it would open Dave up even further. Once he felt loose he added a third, Dave moaned and pleaded with Leroy to put his cock in him. Leroy turned him back over, lifting Dave’s altyazılı porn legs, pouring lube on his hand to rub his cock. Leroy placed his cock at the entrance and slowly pushed in.

Dave was trying to relax as Leroy’s cock was making it through the opening. Leroy stopped until Dave was comfortable and then he slowly started pushing more of his cock in. Dave sucked in a breath and froze; it was still hurting him. Leroy stopped, pulled completely out, and squirted more lube on his cock. He made sure he rubbed more on Dave before inserting and pushing it back inside of Dave.

But this time when Leroy pushed in, it was even slower and further, Dave was still in pain but not as much. Leroy started small thrusts, and Dave started moaning when he began to enjoy it, soon Leroy was buried entirely in his lovers’ ass. Leroy was still doing short thrusts in and out of Dave, Leroy wanted him to enjoy everything.

“Fuck me, Leroy. Please fuck me hard.” Leroy smiled, leaned down, and kissed Dave then started fucking him hard, his balls were slapping against Dave’s ass. He slowed to a stop and kissed Dave again.

“I love you. You’re my life.”

“Ditto,” Dave responded and laughed.

Leroy started his assault on Dave’s ass once again. Dave was rubbing his cock, and they both began to come at the same time. They both were in heaven, masturbation is one thing but to make love to the one you love is out of this world. Leroy laid down on top of Dave and continued to kiss him for a while until his cock softened and started to slip out of Dave.

Leroy kissed Dave one more time before Leroy rolled off and grabbed the covers to pull over the both of them. He laid on his side and hugged Dave from behind, Leroy kissed the back of Dave’s neck, and they fell into a blissful sleep.


Late that morning, Leroy woke and went to the bathroom, he washed his stomach and cock. He went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Before heading back, Leroy saw everything in the living room and took care of Dave’s clothes and gun. When he came back to the bedroom to snuggle, Dave was lying awake and waiting to pounce. He kissed Leroy, getting to his knees, rubbing Leroy’s cock and he began to lick and suck it.

“Give me yours, so I have something to do,” Leroy stated, Dave was happy to provide his cock to Leroy. They were teasing one another for a while and never heard the front door open.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed and walked back out of the bedroom through to the living room. “Lee, we’re leaving.” Lee looked at her; he had just walked in and was very confused. “LEE, WE ARE LEAVING.” She screamed again and walked out the door.

Leroy rounded the corner while pulling on some shorts as she walked out and looked at his Father. “What happened?” Lee asked his Son.

“Dave and I were um…” Leroy couldn’t finish the statement. Lee nodded his head and walked out to the car to attend to his wife.

“Sue, come on, let’s go in and talk about this.”

“Why are you so damn calm about this, Lee?” Sue couldn’t believe what she had just seen. Her baby, her oldest Son.

“Sue, I’ve known for a while now.” He looked her in the eyes. “I found Dave and Leroy kissing in their kitchen a long time ago.”

“But Dave was married for a few years.” Sue sat there in disbelief. “Please start the car and take me home.”

“Yes, Dave was, but they love one another, Sue.” Lee started the car and headed back to their home. Sue was quiet the entire way home.

Edited 6/8/19

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