Dana’s Story Ch. 19

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Dana returns to the room she shares with Zoe, where she discovers her insatiable roommate engaged in solo sex. Never one to let a witness spoil her fun, Zoe invites Dana to stay and watch, or even follow her head. And god help her, but Dana can’t say no….


Dana woke a little before eleven. The room was silent and she was alone in Randy’s bed. Patrick’s bed was empty as well. She vaguely remembered Randy waking her earlier to kiss her goodbye and tell her to lock the door when she left. He’d had plans for Saturday that started early.

That was hours ago.

Dana stretched and yawned and climbed out bed. She gathered her discarded clothes before removing the green jersey, dressed quickly and then left the folded jersey on Randy’s bed. She glanced around, ostensibly checking that she didn’t leave anything behind. In truth, she was powerfully tempted to snoop.

She reminded herself of the adage that eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves. Probably applied to snoops, too. Stepping into the the hallway and closing the locked door behind her put temptation out of reach.

A couple of Randy’s neighbors were standing in the hallway discussing their plans for Thanksgiving break. They exchanged casual nods with her as she passed. Nothing in their demeanor suggested that they’d heard her screaming last night. Dana couldn’t decide if she was relieved or disappointed.

It was a bright, cold day. During the walk back to her dorm, Dana checked her phone. Patrick is away this weekend, Randy had texted early this morning. Got the room to myself tonight. Wanna fuck?

Grinning to herself in anticipation, Dana texted back: Absolutely.

She was really getting to like this whole fuckbuddies relationship. Now that she knew she’d be getting laid again tonight, she could focus on other things. The whole day stretched ahead of her, full of possibilities. Study? Read? Nap?

She was still mulling over her options when she unlocked the door and stepped into her dorm room.

Zoe sprawled nude on her bed, hands busy between her spread legs. Her head popped up, a look of shock on her face. She abandoned her self-pleasure to hastily yank the bedclothes up to cover herself. “Dana!”

Dana pushed the door closed behind her, grinning broadly. “Hey, roomie.”

Zoe sat up, looking flushed and unsettled. “Dana,” she repeated. “I was, uh—I didn’t expect you….”

“I guess not,” Dana said, still grinning. Inwardly she marveled at her own reaction. A few months ago walking in on Zoe having sex had rattled her badly enough that she’d fled the room. Now she took it in stride.

Better than Zoe, in fact. Zoe was blushing and looked embarrassed. Had she ever seen Zoe embarrassed before? Dana’s grin faded. “I’m sorry, Zoe, should I leave you alone?”

Zoe shook her head. “No. Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I should have knocked—”

“Why? I didn’t put a sign on the door or text you. It’s your room, too.”

Zoe sounded more likeself again, and she no longer looked like a deer in headlights, which was a relief. Dana wasn’t sure how to handle that other Zoe. Dana sat down on her own bed, facing Zoe.

They looked at one another silently.

“I’ve never seen you—” Dana began.


“Flustered,” Dana replied. “I was gonna say. But not that either. I didn’t think you ever did.”

Now Zoe looked surprised. “Really? You didn’t think I ever masturbated?”

Dana shrugged. Intimate conversations came more easily to her now, especially with Zoe, than they used to. But apparently there were limits. “I guess I didn’t. I guess I thought you just…had sex all the time.”

Zoe went through a number of expressions Dana couldn’t catalog, settling finally on a rueful look. “I wish,” she said.

Dana found that hard to believe, and her own face must have reflected it.

“Really,” Zoe insisted. “I don’t get laid nearly as often as I’d like.”

“You don’t? But you—” Dana stifled herself, not wanting to .

“But I have sex all the time?” Zoe repeated Dana’s earlier words with a smile. She shook her head. “I have a lot of sex, that’s true. But hardly every time I’m horny. I masturbate a lot. Like, a lot.”

Dana didn’t know to respond to that. The idea that Zoe found her sex life inadequate was…shocking. She had a good idea of how often Zoe got laid, either in their shared room, or elsewhere. Zoe was good about letting her know when she needed the room, or—lately—letting Dana know that she would have the room to herself. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy her… “Really?”

“Of course.”

“When?” Hearing how that sounded, Dana added, “I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it.”

Zoe laughed. “Well, sometimes, if I’m going to take matters into my own hands, I text you or put a note on the door, just like I do when I’m having someone over.”

“Oh.” Dana wondered how many times she’d thought Zoe was having sex when she was just masturbating.

“But isveçbahis a lot of the time it’s just a quickie. I just duck into the bathroom and get myself off in a hurry, just so I can concentrate on other things.”

Dana understood that. Now that she’d discovered good sex, she found herself thinking about it a lot. Sometimes it made paying attention in class or studying all but impossible.

“You must do it too, right, Dana?”

Dana hamster-wheeled for a moment, caught in old habits. She forced herself to speak. “Not—not really.”

Now Zoe looked stunned. “No? Never?”

Dana shrugged, uncomfortable with the focus on her own behavior. Zoe looked skeptical, but remained silent, leaving the conversational ball in Dana’s hands.

“I mean, I did when I—” Dana hesitated, but she wasn’t sharing anything Zoe didn’t already know. “I did when I watched you with Bobby, and with Dan. But not—not since.”


Dana looked away, intensely uncomfortable. “I tried a few times since, but I just don’t get much from it.”

“Huh.” Zoe chewed her lip for a few moments, deep in thought. Then, “did you masturbate back home?”

“Sometimes.” Dana tried to figure out how to explain it. “Sometimes I did, when I just…couldn’t stand it anymore.” When her desires overcame her upbringing, and her body demanded relief. A quick, furtive act performed in the privacy of her bed late at night, leading to a mechanical climax. Nothing like the pleasure she experienced first with Darren and now with Randy, but sufficient to let her sleep.

“You poor thing,” Zoe said. “No wonder you don’t get much out of it if that’s your experience. It’s almost criminal, how deprived you’ve been. I’ll bet you started late, too, right? Nobody ever gave you ‘the talk’?”

Dana shook her head. Aside from the bare minimum of instruction from her mother when she got her first period, and repeated warnings that ‘good girls’ didn’t let boys take advantage of them, she’d learned most of what she’d known about sex from reading. It simply wasn’t discussed, at home or in school or at church, except to condemn sex outside of marriage.

Just thinking back on it was depressing. “What about you?” Dana asked, eager to shift the focus of their conversation.

“My parents were very open-minded,” Zoe said. “They never pushed information on us kids, but they were always willing to answer questions. And they had a lot of books on the subject in the house, where we could see them.”

“Wow.” Dana couldn’t imagine that kind of relationship with her parents.

“I’m the fifth of six kids, you know,” Zoe added. “My parents were very affectionate with one another. We all learned early what sex was. There was never any mystery about it. My mother bought me my first vibrator when I started asking questions about masturbation.”

“Wow,” Dana said again. Her imagination was completely inadequate to the task of envisioning her own mother doing any such thing. Just the thought of asking about masturbation and getting anything but recriminations was beyond her.

Zoe had stopped clutching the covers to her chest. They’d fallen to her lap, exposing her breasts. Clearly she was over her embarrassment. Her next words confirmed it.

“In fact,” Zoe said, “now that I’m thinking about it, I’m only embarrassed by how I reacted when you walked in on me just now. I acted like you’d caught me doing something wrong.”

“Well, it’s still…private,” Dana suggested.

“Yeah, but so is sex,” Zoe said. She grinned mischievously. “And I’ve never objected to you watching me do that.”

Dana ducked her head, her cheeks warming. “That’s true,” she admitted. After a moment, she looked up, meeting Zoe’s gaze. “You actually liked it.”

Zoe held Dana’s gaze, a slow smile lighting up her face. “I did. And so did you.”


Zoe’s smile didn’t change, but Dana could see something in her eyes. Something she knew would change their relationship. Again. She considered excusing herself before Zoe could say whatever she was about to say, but—she didn’t. She didn’t want to.

“I’m still horny,” Zoe announced, watching Dana closely.

“I’m sure you are,” Dana replied after a moment’s silence.

“I think I’m going to finish what I started.”

“Okay….” Wait for it….

“Wanna watch?”

And there it was. Dana squirmed, pinned by Zoe’s attention. Yes. Yes, she did want to watch. Zoe liked being watched, and she knew very well that Dana liked watching. Even so, Dana found it difficult at times to admit it. Even to Zoe.

But she was working on it. She licked her lips. Nodded. “Yeah.”

Zoe’s smile grew wider. “Wanna join me?”

“W-what?” Zoe couldn’t be suggesting what Dana thought she was, could she? Just the thought set Dana’s pulse pounding and heated her cheeks. The two of them having sex? Did Zoe want to have sex with her? She’d never seen any evidence that Zoe liked girls before. Or that she liked Dana that way.

But if she did, would it really be that big a surprise? A far isveçbahis giriş bigger question in Dana’s mind was: how did she feel about it?

“I have plenty of toys,” Zoe continued.

“Huh?” Dana struggled to follow Zoe’s logic, enmeshed as she was in her own thoughts.

“I have a toy box under my bed,” Zoe said. “For when I have to take matters into my own hands. I’m sure we could find something you might like to try.”

The heat in Dana’s cheeks bloomed and spread through her whole body as embarrassment set in. She’d misunderstood. She’d leaped to an unreasonable conclusion, thinking that Zoe could have wanted to have sex with her. Thank god she hadn’t said or done anything to expose her presumption!

“Dana? What’s wrong?”

Dana lowered the hand she’d clapped over her mouth as if to avoid saying something stupid and arrogant and humiliating. “You want me to masturbate with you?”

“Only if you want to,” Zoe said. “I’m sorry. I’ve embarrassed you, haven’t I? I just thought—well, it doesn’t matter what I thought. Forgive me?”

Dana felt her words piling up again, all jammed together as she tried to sort out her reaction. “It’s okay,” she said, her voice rusty. She was the one who ought to apologize, but she couldn’t say that. So she let Zoe do it. Some friend she was.

Zoe looked relieved, which only made it worse. “Thank you.”

They sat in silence for a moment.

Dana desperately wanted to avoid thinking about her faux pas. “So,” she said. “Toy box?”

Zoe grinned. “Toy box.” She pushed aside the bedclothes and climbed off her bed to crouch by it, utterly comfortable in just her skin. She pulled a wooden chest that looked to Dana like something a pirate would bury treasure in from beneath her bed. The box had metal reinforcements along the edges and a rounded lid hinged along the back. The front bore a hasp and staple locking mechanism.

Zoe picked it up by small handles on the sides and lifted it onto her bed before sitting down beside it. She flipped up the hasp.

“No padlock?” Dana asked. It was clearly meant to use one.

Zoe laughed. “If I need what’s in my treasure chest, the last thing I want is to have to find the key first. She gestured for Dana to join her on her bed. “Come have a look.”

Dana took a seat on the opposite side of the box. Zoe lifted the lid.

The box was lined with green felt. It contained a jumble of items, most in cloth bags with drawstrings. In addition, Dana saw a couple of partial packages of batteries in different sizes. Jars, bottles, and tubes of what Dana assumed were different kinds of lube. Even a large box of condoms.

Zoe spent several minutes opening bags and displaying the contents for Dana. Some were cylindrical dildos, though they varied in size, color and finish. Others were more elaborate, oddly shaped, or with…attachments. Zoe explained their use while Dana blushed, imaging Zoe using them. Or imaginging herself doing so. If Zoe noticed her red face, she diplomatically ignored it.

The last bag Zoe opened was so big it barely fit into the box, and then only at an angle. Dana stared in shock at the dildo Zoe displayed in two hands. It was huge, made of some hard black rubber, and molded into a bigger-than-life model of a penis—complete with a set of balls on the end.

“Oh my god,” Dana exclaimed.

Dana dragged her gaze up from the dildo to stare at Zoe. “You use all of these?”

Zoe laughed softly. “No, not all of them. I’ve tried them all, but some didn’t do much for me. Some I use occasionally, and some are particular favorites.”

“What about—that one?”

Zoe offered it to Dana. After a moment’s hesitation, Dana took it. It was by far the biggest penis, real or imagined, than she’d ever seen. Or handled. She hoped it was larger-than-life-sized. She couldn’t imagine ever fitting something like that inside her, or enjoying it if she did.

She looked up at Zoe. “So? Do you use this one?”

“Rarely,” Zoe admitted. She took it back from Dana. “I have to be in just the right frame of mind to enjoy this one, and work my way up to it. But when I do?” She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, a dreamy expression on her face. “There’s nothing like it.”

“I’ll…take your word for it,” Dana said, not hiding her doubtful expression.

Zoe shrugged, grinning cheekily. “It’s not for everyone. But then, none of these are. Like I said, I’ve tried all of these, but not all of them do much for me. There’s some trial and error involved in finding what works for you.”

Dana reached toward the box, then hesitated. “May I?”

“Of course! That’s why I pulled it out.”

Dana picked up a clear dildo she’d been eyeing. It was about the length of her hand, two fingers wide, and very smooth. It was heavier than she expected. “Is this…glass?” She’d never imagined such a thing.

“Yup. I think you’d like that one.”

“You do?” It was about the size of Darren’s cock, so she knew she could handle it. She tried to imagine using it, and the thought wasn’t unpleasant, isveçbahis yeni giriş though she wasn’t sure about having to fuck herself with it. That didn’t sound as fun as getting fucked by a guy. “What about a vibrator?”

“I got you covered,” Zoe said, sounding for all the world like a sales clerk. She handed Dana a tiny device, not much bigger than a AA battery. When she’d shown it to Dana earlier, she’d called it a ‘bullet’ vibrator.

Dana held the bullet in one hand, the dildo in the other, looking from one to the other. “I’m not sure how this is an improvement,” she said.

Zoe laughed, as Dana had intended. Dana’s initial embarrassment had faded. This was Zoe, after all. She could talk to Zoe about virtually anything, even if she still occasionally blushed and felt tongue-tied at first. Now that she felt at ease again, she could loosen up and make a joke or two.

“It’s not a replacement, doofus,” Zoe replied. “You use both of them. Look.” She turned and rooted beneath the beclothes for a moment. When she turned back, she too had a dildo in one hand, and a bullet in the other.

“These are what I was using when you came in. You use the bullet on and around your clit, and the dildo for penetration. Having something inside me to clamp down on makes my orgasms better.”

Dana considered that. She put down the dildo and picked up one of the vibrators with an attachment, a ‘rabbit’ Zoe had called it. “I thought…that’s what this is for.”

Zoe shrugged. “It is. Those are pretty popular, and they work. I just like the combo more. It gives me better control.”

Dana toyed with the rabbit, examining it. It was a lot more complex than a dildo. It vibrated and the shaft would rotate. She wondered what that would feel like. Maybe she’d try one sometime. She put it down.

“So you like the dildo and the bullet, huh?”

Dana felt a now familiar rush of mingled excitement and anxiety when she spoke. Zoe smiled, pleased and proud. She knew as well as Dana did what the question meant.

“We’re doing this, then?” Zoe asked. Without waiting for Dana’s reply, she began putting toys away in their bags and stowing them carefully in the box.

“Yeah,” Dana said, trembling all over as if with a chill. Or with excitement.

“You won’t regret this,” Zoe said.

Dana didn’t doubt she was right. She was nervous, yes, but also excited. And aroused. A familiar feeling of emptiness between her thighs made itself known. She busied herself with helping Zoe put away the toys, her hands trembling all the while. When everything was tucked away except the toys they were going to use, Zoe closed the lid and moved the box to the floor.

“You’re looking a little overdressed for this,” Zoe told Dana.

Dana swallowed hard. “Oh,” she said. “I guess so.”

She stood, feeling flushed with excitement and trembling with nerves at the same time. She’d undressed in front of Zoe before, but never like this. Never with…intent. Never so they could do something sexual together, even if separately. This was uncharted territory.

She placed the dildo and bullet carefully on her bed so as not to damage them—then a thought occurred to her. She walked to the door she’d entered and locked it, then locked the door to their shared bathroom. No more surprises.

“Good thinking,” Zoe said. Dana just nodded.

Returning to her bed, she laid her folded jacket and blouse on her desk, followed by her bra, then sat on the bed to pull off her sneakers and socks. Those went beneath the bed for now. Her jeans and panties joined her blouse on the desk. Dana plopped down on her bed and looked at Zoe, struggling against the urge to try to cover herself.

Zoe had smoothed out the covers on her bed, and sat at the foot of it, two pillows propped behind her so she could lounge against the low footrail and her desk. The large husband Zoe used when reading or netsurfing on her bed sat at the head of the bed—waiting for Dana.

“C’mon in,” Zoe said. “The water’s fine.”

Dana’s breath caught in her throat for a moment. She had expected to remain on her own side of the room, on her own bed. That had seemed quite intimate enough for her. But, as usual, not for Zoe.

And though it frightened Dana, the idea of being so close and of sharing a bed while they masturbated, it excited her too. She had seen Zoe having sex, had seen her orgasm—but only in a darkened room. Never in bright daylight. How different would it be? How much more exciting?

How exciting would it be to know that Zoe was watching her?

Dana picked up the toys at her side and stood. She took the two steps necessary to cross the narrow aisle between their beds powerfully aware of Zoe’s eyes on her. She felt exposed. She felt naked in a way that had nothing to do with being nude and everything to do with exposing her feelings and desires as clearly as she’d exposed her body. She wanted to see Zoe bring herself to orgasm, just as Zoe wanted to be seen.

Zoe knew that. But more than that, Zoe knew by Dana’s actions that she wanted Zoe to see her masturbate. Wanted Zoe to see her orgasm. Revealing that desire made her feel vulnerable in way she could never be with her family, because she trusted Zoe in a way she’d never trusted her family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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