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It was a early morning on a Sunday. I (Raj aged 19) got up from my bed and was gazing at the cum shot posters in the walls around me all taken during various situations when my cock shot wads of cum on different ladies and girls. I can hear those ladies were shouting ‘cum! cum! and Give more cum!’ when the photos were taken. I can also remember the ladies has nicknamed me as the cumfountain and jismboy. In fact I had a business name as Mr.Morecum. The business is selling cum at a price – though I don’t charge individuals but definitely charge the cum bottling companies who wants a regular inflow of thick cum and the precious pee. But these do not disturb my thoughts about the last night.

At around 12 midnight the famous and beautiful actress Carmen came to my room suddenly asking to suck my cock and wanted badly two loads of cum. I had a team of my high school teachers sucking my cock and balls eagerly – Suzy, Julia and Kathy. But then I decided my teachers can come at any time but Ms.Carmen may not.

I had to send back my school teachers back, who otherwise had spent considerable one and half hours sucking my cock and have consumed four huge loads of cum. After they left I had to satisfy my new friend Carmen who has come for the cum for the first time to me. I gave her five huge loads of cum as a grand feast before 2.00 am. Definitely her exposed body and the view of her huge breasts helped my produce that much at that time. After that she thanked profusely for the disturbance and expressed her gratitude to the wonderful cream treat she had been given. She promised to take appointment the next time she wanted the precious honey before she left. I remember going to sleep after that.

I came out naked of my room to the living room where two of my aunts were waiting. Since it was morning and I have not come for that day my cock was rigid and pointing the ceiling. The aunts had written to me that they want my 1/2 hour time in the mornings for one week to milk me and have their fill. Usually the mornings will be reserved for high profile customers like the politically powerful ladies and top models and actresses. Since this week there was a political debate in the town hall where the actresses were also taking part, the mornings were free and hence I had asked my secretary to reserve the time for my dearest aunts and hence they had come. .

Aunt Rina (45) and Aunt Mary (42) were ogling eagerly at my stiff manhood as I walked in. I started talking. “Aunties!! You seem to be waiting for long time? Sorry could not wake up after a hard day work” “Its ok my dear raj” aunt Rina “we were waiting for our first load of your cum. It’s really nice of you to give us the morning times so that we will have copious supply of your sweetest cum. shall we suck your cock or will you masturbate and eject for us”. Aunt Mary continued, “Yes my boy we are badly in need of the first load. Perhaps you just stand there and we will masturbate and take the load ourselves.” I nodded and moved near them. Both of the aunts started milking my cock with their mouths and hands while I could feel one or the other tongues trying to find its way into my asshole and I responded pleasurably by parting my legs and lifting my ass slightly to give way for the probing tongue. Just after I had let go one load of cum in aunt Rina’s mouth which was snowballed between them before getting consumed deliciously, some one spoke.

“Master Raj! Can I disturb you a moment?” came the voice from my behind. I knew it must be my new secretary Anita (27).I still remember the time when Anita’s mother, Smita (47) who is the personal assistant to the town mayoress Madam Desouza was literally pleading for keeping Anita as my secretary.

(Usually when madam desouza wants cum then the boy/man has to go to her place only and following the rules I go to the mayoress’ house usually in the morning at around 6.30 am and has to be there feeding her cum till 8.00am. Usually the personal assistant will be sucking the cock and just before I cum she will put the cock tip in madam desouza’s mouth who will gulp the cum ropes down. And it is the assistant’s job to milk the cum completely and then make it drip on madam’s mouth. And smitha being the assistant of madam desouza used to suck my cum out of my cock and into the madam’s mouth. I have felt the pain in her eyes of not able to drink the cum since it belonged to Madam at that time, but she could not do anything.

Since my mornings were costly and madam can afford it where as she knew she could not afford it. Since I don’t charge for the pee she usually drinks the remaining pee after madam finishes her load of champagne from my peeing cock. And mostly I would have saved at least 50 % of the pee for Smitha since I had always felt some kind of sympathy towards her. It was a morning when Madam Desouza had three mouthfuls of cum from my dripping cock. Madam had an important call and hence left at around 7.40 itself. Smita was still sucking my cock and I thought of shooting casino şirketleri her a load of the cum she has been craving for along time. So I let her suck my cock for the next 15 minutes by which time I came for two times for dear Smita who was so happy to receive two mouthfuls of the delicious lusty cum and without wasting she gobbled up the loads. And also she received the big load of pee I had in store with ardor.

She thanked profusely for the cum and pee and then asked if I had a secretary who can plan my activities, I being a busy man. Upon my saying that I don’t have one, she immediately came with a suggestion that I can keep her daughter and in fact insisted on seeing her once. Though I am not sure of the idea, I immediately fixed Anita on seeing her. She has the wonderful pouty lips which is ready to suck and the full bosom where can fuck my cock in and out. But the most interesting part about her was that she was very polite and does not unnecessarily kneel down offering to suck even if my cock is hard. Only when I ask her she will blow me and most of the days when we are out on business she is the one who will get my entire pee load. When we plan for some business outside the city she usually brings one bottle of water for me and a tea packet alone for her. The first time itself I realized that why she was bringing the tea packet. When I peed during the afternoons it was so hot that she captures all my pee in a tea pot and empties the tea packet, mix it and drink it up. And once in a while I let her drink my cum.)

“Yes Anita. Please proceed as long as our visitors are not disturbed of their eating. These are my dearest aunts who has initiated sucking my cock and drinking my cum. And hence I don’t want anyone to disturb them from having a great feast of the cum they crave for another 45 minutes.”

“Ok, sir. I wanted to remind you of the next appointment today.”

“Go ahead.”

“The chief mistress of the cumfactory inc, Mrs Claudia has got appointment with you today in another 50 minutes at the semen milking room. After the commercial discussions she has asked for 40 minutes of sucking your cock to which you have agreed. So you need to give cum again to her in another few minutes after meeting her.”

“Ok. That’s not a problem. Ask Madam Ross to bring the food and also the incrementa tablets”

These tablets were used by me when there is need of more cum. Though I could manage one cum shot every 20 minutes, today I wanted to give more to my dear aunts and hence also to my most important customer Mrs. Claudia.

(Mrs. Claudia has been doing a bottling business for over an year. Her business line deals primarily with bottling of male cum, male and female pee. The bottles are then preserved with preservative additions to keep the smell and the color intact and then sold through sexual addictions outlets.

I knew it is a female dominated world and the females are so enchanted with male cum that you will get lost if you don’t produce cum. Also with the male population down to 1 in 10 females, the cum produced becomes more important since the cum is the delicious dessert for the females. Any male cannot cope up in this world without a proper cock.

I knew one of my friends has been thrown into rubbles when his cock could not produce cum more than twice a day. But there are ways of escaping the counts taken by the ladies another friend have told me. He has been surviving for the past one year with only two loads of cum in a day but he drinks more and more water that he could provide the ladies nearby with a copious supply of pee which satisfies most of the ladies who pay him for a living.

But as for me it is god’s gift that my body has been totally involved in nothing but producing cum and I had the habit of Cumming at the drop of a hat from my age of 16 when I first started cumming. This was enjoyed by my aunties and the neighborhood ladies first and then I had taken the center stage with a maximum cum producer. In fact I had the CUMNESS RECORD of cumming for exactly 52 times in a single 24 hour day. This has taken me to heights with myself as a celebrity overnight and a highly exciting career as a regular cum supplier for Mrs. Claudia, aged 52, who is owning the cumfactory inc.

I had been supplying regular 30 loads of cum every day. The way to extract the cum is through an equipment used by the factory itself. The factory has a special telepathy room called semen milking room which is fitted with lot of voice response systems and lot of Television sets playing to the taste of the person being milked. Of course there will be three or four voluptuous women around in the room. They may not be able to suck the cock since the cock would have been buried in an equipment which looks like the lady cunt or mouth. The equipment would be doing the to and fro motion along with the vacuum sucking automatically.

As per the factory rules women are not allowed to lick the tip of the cock once they are inside the room – the casino firmaları reason being the women may drink the honey themselves. For me I don’t need any movies to be played since whenever I enter the room all the ladies will be at my body licking me all over and hence I don’t need any more simulation. I will be relaxed relishing the licking of my ass, my balls, my navel and my chest at the same time by different ladies when I produce and eject cum into the collecting equipment. Usually they say I come around a liter of cum though I have not measured the same till date. But as soon as the thirtieth load is over the equipment will stop and I will be off and the company didn’t want any deviation in that which is quite appreciable.

After finishing the session the ladies usually wants a pee shower which I provide them happily since till the milking is over I would not have peed and I would have waited for at least 3 to 4 hours for peeing and hence it will be hot and fresh for them. The ladies who are usually around 40 to 50 years of age will kneel before me and make their dresses drench in the warm pee and then after getting themselves wet, they will catch my remaining champagne in wine glasses and then drink them up leisurely after I have left.)

Now returning to the present I saw the hunger in both the aunties’ eyes. Poor aunties – since the day there was a press coverage in the CUMTIME magazine about my cumming cock with a big ejecting photo, I have become very famous and sought after and hence I could not provide cum as in the beginning when these two aunties along with their friends used to suck at least 20 loads of cum from my cock every day. Now aunt rina was fucking my ass with her tongue and playfully biting the walls of my asshole while Aunt Mary was sucking my cock into her mouth with her projecting tongue licking my balls.

The next big load was on the way to Aunt Mary’s mouth while the food arrived. I asked Madam Ross to wait till I come for the second time. I came in another few minutes into my sweet aunt Mary’s mouth who gobbled up maximum of the cum that I ejaculated forcibly in her mouth and let some more drops dribble out of her mouth on to my cock and the cum slowly ran down to my asshole to be peacefully licked off my aunt rina.

“Aunts, I am going to pee now. Can you please let me know whether you want a golden shower or you want to drink it down?” “Raj, we would love to have a golden shower but since us most likely to get only one session of pee today we rather drink it. What do you say Rina? “Aunt Mary asked aunt rina. “Yes I agree with you. Raj we would drink your first load of pee. But we request you to slowly pee in our mouths so that we don’t waste any drops unnecessary.”

I nodded to this and sat in the special chair for my guests. These chairs are slightly elevated and have provisions to seat only my bums on it and part of thigh. The seating place will be something like a V or Boomerang shaped. This is done so as to make the ladies comfortable sitting on the floor while having their face in between my legs. The V can be stretched wider to enable two or three ladies to sit between the legs and eat the object they mostly lusted. It was in this chair I sat now to let my aunties drink my first load of pee.

Both the aunts made themselves comfortable between my legs which were stretched comfortably wider. Both were licking my inside of the thighs and looking at my cock hole to receive the first spurt of the pee. I asked one of them to take my cock in their mouth to which they reasoned that they have not seen my peeing cock for long time and hence after the first spurt aunt Mary will take my cock in her mouth. They were hungrily looking at my cock when I let out a small spurt of pee. Aunt rina had her hands under my cock to collect the pee and collected the delicious drink as soon as I let my pee and drank it immediately.

Satisfied with the view, my sweet aunt Mary bent down her face, opened her mouth and started to suck my pee out of my cock. I also started to pee in spurts so that she will be able to drink all that I can give and after some time aunt rina pulled my cock out of aunt Mary’s mouth and inserted the fountaining prick into her mouth and on the way spraying her face some pee making her wet. Aunt rina finished my pee completely and then started sucking my cock without taking my cock out. Aunt Mary moved herself a bit lower to start licking my asshole. Now since I have become hungry, I took the plate from Madam Ross, who is eagerly looking at the sucking actions made, and started eating. Madam Ross is a 55 year old lady working in my house for the past year. Of course along with her salary, madam rose will be getting a good load of pee and unlimited amount of my pee.

Before I finish the food on my plate madam Ross handed me the incrementa tablets which helped my testes produced more cum for a certain period. Before I finished my breakfast I shot one load of cum into Aunt Mary’s mouth and was ready for the next load. güvenilir casino Aunt rina asked me to inform before I came. Now both were licking all over my rigid cock and my cock and saliva was looking very sticky and golden with their saliva all over my crotch. Within another few minutes I was cumming and informed aunt rina. Immediately they took their mouths off and started jacking off fastly. Aunt rina took out a small silver cup which has a cover and opened it and kept it ready for my next load. I came very forcefully and both the aunties’ eyes were first hit by the blast and then the spurts started slowing down which was caught by the aunties in the cup they have brought. The cup became half full in a few shots. As soon as my spurts stopped, the cup was closed and both the aunties came forward and keeping my cock facing upwards started licking the dripping cum with their drooling tongues. After the dripping subsided, both the aunties took turns in taking my semi limp cock in their mouth savoring last few minutes of sucking for the day. My dear aunts thanked and before they left they mentioned that the cup of cream I have ejaculated they want to keep it for taste for the entire day.

After the suck session with my aunts, I bathed and dressed up myself for the meeting with Mrs. Claudia. I went by car to the factory and my personal chauffer was a lady name Linda who likes to peek at my cock. I don’t leave her any chance if it is possible. And this day since I have got only 10 minutes before the meeting and I would love to satisfy my best customer, I wanted to show my customer a hard cock and not a limp one, though Mrs. Claudia does not mind sucking my limp cock. I asked Anita to take out my limp cock and give a hand job to make it ready for Mrs. Claudia and made sure my words reached Linda who adjusted her rear view mirror towards my cock and was getting a good glimpse of my cock getting a hand job from Anita. I could hear Linda smacking her lips with her tongue and I felt I should give some cum for Linda also one day. Though my cock raised to the occasion since I felt that has to be quick, I asked Anita to bend down and suck me. Anita is a person who can be relied upon and she will suck deliciously and will make sure that I don’t come if I don’t want to. Also unlike most of the women the smell of her saliva is not bad and in fact some of my customers have asked what was the perfume I have sprayed on my jewels if they suck just after Anita sucked my cock. And today also Anita was sucking quite ardently and made my cock rock hard before we reach the factory.

Mrs. Claudia was ready sitting by the milking room table. I undressed before going into the room, since she loves me undressed and have made a point to meet me only if I am naked. I went near her and she gave a wet kiss to my cock lapping the precum from the tip and then lifting my cock she licked my balls for a second. This is her usual way of greeting me. She always wants to kiss me in the crotch rather than my face or my lips when she meets me. This she says is simply delicious and pleases her. And sometimes if the meeting is just a confirmation meeting she would dive down and lick my ass from the front by leading her tongue and only if she is satisfied that she has bathed me in saliva she will leave me for sitting down beside her for the talks. Today after a brief kissing she shook my hand and asked me to sit down.

She was concerned about the business expectation which has taken an upturn with more demands. And since I was supplying only 30 loads of cum, she is managing with about 10 other people to arrive at a figure of 100 loads a day which she is making around 50 bottles a day along with preservatives and additives. There are several flavors of cum they sell off but the most sold is the bland cum flavor. And recently they started adding the names of the men who has supplied that particular load of cum. She was asking my concurrence to use my name in the bottles of course with some royalty. I agreed for the same and we signed an agreement towards the same.

Also she was suggesting there has been recent developments that though women don’t like the flavor additions in the bottled cum, there has been a several demands for cum which in itself is flavored. For that she was suggesting that the guys who produce cum has to consume that particular flavor well before the cum production. For this also I agreed to consume lot of fruits – based on the demand before the cum production to which she seemed very happy. Additionally I told her I will visit the Doctor Susie today for more usage of incrementa tablets since I had been thinking of increasing the supply to 40 loads a day. Mrs. Claudia was delighted on hearing this and she immediately fell down the table to her kneeling position and came between my legs and then started licking my crotch left and right. In fact this was the first time Mrs. Claudia has got between my legs below the table. Usually I will sit on the table with her sitting on the chair between my legs and gobbling up my cock. Today she felt so much that she wants to kneel and suck me and drink my juice. She did not leave me for another 1 hour before which she consumed nearly 7 loads thanks to the incrementa tablets.

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