Crystal Conversations

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“Riiiiing. Riiiiing.”

“Oh, let me see who this is,” I heard my wife say as she checked the Caller ID in the living room. “Honey, it’s Crys. Must be for you.”

“Thanks,” I called back, “I’ll take it here in the kitchen. Hello?”

“Hi, there, handsome!” came the peppy voice of my young friend from work, Crystal.

“Hey, how are ya?”

“Oh, I’m okay…” she replied, “but I’m gonna be a lot better in about twenty minutes. Evan’s comin’ over!”

“Evan? Have I heard about Evan?”

“No, I don’t think so. He’s this guy who just hit on me at lunch yesterday. He is soooooo cute, though, and I am SO fuckin’ horny tonight! Mmmm! This’ll be our first time getting together.”

“Well, then why, pray tell, are you on the phone with your old married co-worker, dear heart? Shouldn’t you be cleaning your apartment or something?”

“Oh, I have been. I made the bed just before I called you. That’s all he’s really gonna see. Hehehe!”

“You little tease. What are you up to? You know it frustrates the hell out of me when you talk about this kind of thing!”

“I know, I know…but you see that’s just it,” she laughed. “I had this wacky, crazy idea a few minutes ago and it started making me really, really wet, y’know?”


“Hello? I’m listening.”

“Hehe! Sorry. Got distracted. I’m not wearing any underwear!”

“So what? Neither am I.”

“Stop that! Now listen, I know it gets you all hot and bothered listening to me talk about my sex life…”

“…and you just love that, you little…!”

“Okay, fine. Fine! It’s just that…well…I know you’re happily married so you and I can never ever get together…”

“Go ahead. Rub it in.”

“…but it still turns you on to hear about what I do with other guys, right?”

“Alright, I admit it. I’m a dirty old man, okay? Why are you torturing me like this?”

“Honey, you’ve got it all wrong. Tonight I am gonna offer you a little treat. I have been horny all day and I have every intention of letting him just fuck me silly here in a little bit but he has to be at work by Midnight so he won’t be able to stay past eleven.”


“So after he leaves, I am going to call you up and give you all of the juicy intimate details while they’re all still fresh in my mind…and my pussy! Hahahahahaha!”

“Crys, don’t be silly,” I said in a whisper. “I won’t be able to do anything about it. It’s not like I’m…alone here, y’know?”

“Not my problem, stud!” she laughed again. “I’m gonna call and if I were you, I’d get somewhere private. This may well be the only time this offer is made so don’t you dare pass it up! I’ll be taking mental notes while we screw so I can talk you aaaaaallll the way through it. If he’s not too big, I MAY actually let him do me in the butt! Haven’t done that in a long time. Hah! Yeah….Mmmmmm…Anyway, gotta go. Talk to ya later, dude. Buh-bye!”


“WAIT! Crystal! Shit!”

The rest of the evening ticked by at the proverbial snails pace. Seconds became minutes which became hours only because it was inevitable. I tried to just act normal but that wasn’t working at all. I didn’t know what to think. I wondered if perhaps she was joking, teasing me mercilessly just because she knew she could get away with it. I really did not want her to call and yet my ear remained tuned to the silence, anticipating her ring. The thickening her conversation had caused in my pants remained an issue that would have to be dealt with soon.

My wife scurried in and out of the living room all night, my heart skipping beats whenever she sat down on the couch right next to the phone. I had to make sure she didn’t notice my erection. It definitely wouldn’t go away on its own…at least not until after Crystal’s call.

I spent the evening uncomfortably pretending to read a magazine in my chair, squirming and fidgeting fairly regularly. My brain tried to wrap itself around images of just exactly what Crys was doing with Evan at any exact moment. At 9:20 I envisioned him nibbling excitedly on her long, smooth neck as her sleek fingers scratched at his sweaty back. At 9:50, I figured she was on her knees with his thick, throbbing meat in her mouth, her bright, green eyes smiling up at him as she took him deeper and deeper into her hungry throat. At 10:17 I imagined his long, perhaps curved cock angling its way into her sopping, fragrant vagina while his weight bore down on her young, naked body and her long, supple tongue played with his.

It occurred to me that I knew nothing about this man. Was he young? Old? Fat? Chinese? Republican? Since I didn’t have a clue, in my mind’s eye, he became me. By 10:45, it was clearly my own familiar cock I saw in the back of my head as it invaded Crystal’s tight, tiny anus slowly and painfully, pushing all the way in as I stared lustfully down at the round, spankable cheeks of her curvy rump.

“Hon, do you feel all right?” my wife asked. “You’re looking a bit flushed. Maybe we should go up to sleep early.”

“NO!” I internet casino yelped with undue alarm. “Haha. I mean… ‘No, I’m fine.’ Really. I’m…uh…Did I mention that Crys said she might call back? Some…uh…questions about work or something. She didn’t say for sure but, haha…you know, I’d hate to miss it if she called. I mean…I told her I’d probably be up.”

“Well, I’m beat. I think I’ll go on upstairs when this show’s over, okay?”

“Fine. No prob,” I said, somewhat relieved. “I won’t stay up TOO late, even if she doesn’t call. I…uh…I might take the call in the rec room downstairs, though just so it doesn’t bother you.”

“Awww, you’re sweet.”

Eleven o’clock arrived and time ticked on. Evan should have been gone by that point. My wife kissed me on the forehead and moved on upstairs to the bedroom. I climbed down to the dimly lit basement room and sat with the phone in my lap, my cock still tenting my pants. Soon enough 11:10 became 11:30 and then 11:40. The show still running over and over in my head left a growing wet spot on my underwear. I loosened my belt. 11:50. Had it all just been a tease after all? A dream? Had Crystal come to her senses and decided not to call? Had she gotten so caught up in her erotic reveries that she simply forgot the whole loony idea, leaving me with the worst case of blue balls in history?

I was staring down at the phone and dozing slightly when suddenly, finally, it rang, causing me to accidentally drop it right to the floor. I scrambled to pick it up. “Hello?”

“Problems?” laughed Crys.

“No. No, I’m fine. Just…you know…dropped the…damn phone there for a sec. Haha!”

“Weeeeeell, then…Are we comfy?”

“I’m down in the basement rec room. Fran’s asleep upstairs. So…how did things go, if I might ask?”

“Oh my God! SOOOO Good! I mean…WOW!”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Don’t rush me. I am just so amazingly relaxed right now. Mmmmm…I could just go right to sleep.”

“Don’t you dare! Not after I’ve spent the entire evening with this thing sticking…!”

“Okay, now look. Why don’t you just let me do the talking? I’m not gonna leave you like that. You worry too much. You’re too stressed.”

“Fine. Talk to me. Maybe we can work on some stress relief.”

“Take it out and give it some air, sweetie. I won’t mind. Hehehe… Where to begin? Where to begin?”

I unzipped my pants and slid them and my briefs down to my knees as I settled back in the plush chair. I ran my fingers over my throbbing prick and spread the moistness that had been oozing all evening.

“Evan arrived more or less on time,” she began, “and he greeted me right there in the entranceway with a kiss. Not just a friendly ‘Hi, how ya been?’ kind of kiss mind you, but a long, deep, wet soul kiss that had me trembling and wobbling at the knees. I nearly fell down on the floor in my own apartment. Seriously! I mean…Wow! Hey, in case you’re wondering, I’m sitting up in bed now. Kinda cold actually.” She yawned. “All the covers got knocked off onto the floor when we fell and I’m too relaxed to pick ’em up right now, y’know?”

“You guys fell on the floor?”

“Hey, hey, hey! We’re nowhere near that part yet! Stick with me here, okay? Anyway…where was I? It was hard to kind of act anywhere near normal when I was already getting pretty wet down there by the end of that very first kiss. He had brought a bottle of wine and I told him I’d love to have just a taste. He laughed and said that there was something he’d like to taste, too! Haha! Not wasting any time, huh? Anyhow, I acted like I was a little embarrassed by that remark and turned away and walked on into the living room. I was on the couch by the time he came in a few minutes later with two glasses of wine. Are you playing with yourself, honey?”

With my hand slowly rubbing myself, I responded, “Just keep talking. I’m listening.”

“Well, alrighty then. Hehehehe!”

“Will you stop that with the dirty laugh?”

“Sweetie, it’s okay. I want you to play with yourself. I want you to stroke that thick, hard meat of yours until you squirt all over your belly while I’m talking to you. You know where my hand is? I’ve got two fingers in my pussy and it’s all nice and mushy with cum. Mmmmm! Tasty, too!”

“You guys didn’t use protection? Crys, you can’t just…”

“Shush! Just…shush, okay? Don’t ruin the mood. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Anyway, we sat and talked and sipped the wine for about ten minutes. The usual bullshit talk, y’know? The weather, movies, favorite foods. Like that. Finally I said something like, ‘You kiss really well.’ and he said, ‘You think so? I could do better.’ and leaned in. Next thing I knew I could feel his breath on my cheek as he pressed and held his lips to mine. I could taste the wine on his tongue and my head was spinning a bit from the buzz.”

“What does he look like?” I inquired.

“Why do you care?”

“I’m just trying to get this image in my head, okay?”

“Oh, all right. He’s about my height canlı poker oyna and he has red hair and a cute little mustache that tickled my face every time we kissed. Oh, and we did kiss! I lay back on the couch and he took the hint and leaned in again. I could feel his weight pressing down on me as we locked lips over and over. Oh my gosh, I was getting so wet!”

“And you were already wet to start with,” I reminded her as I softly rubbed my dick.

“That’s right, honey but by that point, I was sure Evan could smell the pheromones in the air. He was quick to catch on, too. Before I knew it, his hands were squeezing my boobies through my top and then, soon enough, under my top. I didn’t have a bra on as usual. He kind of pinched my nipples between his fingers, y’know? It hurt a little but it also sent little shivers all through my body. I guess I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened ’em, he had his shirt off and there was a nice furry chest staring at me. You know I love hairy men!”

“So I’ve heard,” I threw in.

“Well, anyway, I couldn’t resist doing to his titties the same thing he had done to mine so I pinched ’em and then pulled him down so I could bite and suck on ’em. Mmmmmm! They got so hard! At that point, I pulled up my top and asked him to do me, too, but I think he would’ve sucked me anyway. He seemed like he was trying to stuff my whole titty into his mouth and I told him to just nibble on the tip a little. His hands were working their way into my pants as he did it so I helped him out by unzipping them. I had put on these really, really cute pink panties with black trim and a little heart right in the crotch, okay? Once Evan realized that I was giving him better access, he moved back long enough for me to slide out of the pants all together. I took the liberty of pulling my shirt the rest of the way over my head at that point, too.”

As Crystal spoke, little drops appeared at the top of my own rock-hard cock and I used them to moisten the tip. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t need every little detail and to just get to the really good part but then she did.

“Before he got back on the couch,” she continued, ” I undid Evan’s belt and he unzipped and let his jeans fall to the floor. His boxers were tented out in a totally amazing way! I think I literally licked my lips as he pulled out the biggest fucking dick I have ever seen through that little hole in his underwear. I couldn’t believe it! Now I’m not so good when it comes to measures but I’d say this log of his had to be about 10 or 11 inches long!”

“Really?” I said skeptically, still stroking myself.

“Yes, really. Maybe bigger! It was all throbby in front of me so I reached out and grabbed hold of it. It felt so weird ’cause I’d never touched one that big before, y’know? Anyway, it was hot and leaky already so I licked the moisture off the tip, then jerked it for a sec as he just looked into my eyes in appreciation. Wow! That felt really good. It wasn’t long before I pulled him back down onto me. This time, I pulled my soaking wet panties aside and he rubbed that thick weapon of his right up against my lips down there. You know how sometimes a girl needs to work a guy in?”

“Well, yeah. I guess, ” I responded.

“Nuh-uh, baby! Evan’s pipe just slipped gracefully into my hole and slid down as far as it could go. With his size, that still left quite a bit outside of me! Anyway, I smiled up at him as his face ran red. I wrapped my hands around his back and scratched all the way down as I told him to fuck me like a whore! He started pumping and I frigged my clit like crazy. I knew I wasn’t far from coming. Did I ever tell you that just feeling a man’s organ inside my pussy is enough to make me get off?”

“Nope. Never heard that.”

“Are you, okay, hon? Your breathing seems a little odd.”

“Oh, shut up! You know why!”

“Hehehehe! Yeah!” she sighed. “Do you like it so far?”

“Yes, dammit! Get on with the story!”

“Weeeell…okay. So anyway, suddenly things got really interesting. There we were fucking away on the couch when all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.”

“You’re kidding,” I said.

“Shush! Like I said, a knock on the door. Evan stopped and looked up. I told him to ignore it but then he told me that it was probably his friends Johnny and Bob ’cause they had driven him over and he had told them to wait a half hour and then come up.”

“What? Wait a minute…”

“Just listen, honey, okay? I mean, I couldn’t believe it either. It must have been the wine or I probably never would’ve allowed him to let ’em in but Evan pulled his meat out of my box and left me spreadeagled there on the couch with my pussy all swollen and spasmy while he went and opened the door. Two guys about my age came in. One was tall with glasses and a beard and the other…the other was a black guy! My first black guy! I never did find out which was Bob and which was Johnny. My head was swimming but I tried to smile and said ‘Hi’ even as I failed to cover poker oyna myself with those tiny throw pillows I have. You know the ones?”

“Yes! Now what the hell happened next?” I nearly yelled into the phone as I held the receiver under my neck and yanked my dick rapidly.

“Well, these boys had obviously planned this in advance so they came into the living room already taking off their clothes. I mean, I know I should have said ‘No’ to this whole scenario but I was so damn horny and just buzzed enough to think for some reason, just this once, that this would be a good idea. That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it sweetie?”

I didn’t respond. I was conflicted. On the one hand, I was turned on by the whole turn of events but the rational part of me didn’t think it was a good idea at all. For better or worse, though, the rational part of me lost out and I kept on playing with myself, stopping and starting just enough so that I’d ooze a little but I wouldn’t actually come yet.

“Well, I don’t think so. I mean. How could it when it felt so good? Three good size cocks, all hard for little ol’ me. What was a girl to do? I grabbed the new ones and pulled at the hot flesh while I stuck my tongue out and licked myself off of Evan. I love to lick a dick after it’s been inside me. Now I was still on the couch at this point and as I was trying to accommodate all three gentlemen, all of whom were laughing like idiots the whole time by the way, that’s when I suggested we move to my big ol’ bed. The black guy picked me up in, like, a fireman’s carry and just kind of dropped me down on the bed. Then he told me to get on my knees so I did. By that point, I guess I was up for anything. I wiggled my tushy up at the fellas and then I felt somebody’s hands squeezing my butt cheeks. I could feel my own stuff just kind of drizzling down my legs from that position and then I felt the knob of one of their dicks at my front door. It pushed in up to the balls so I knew it wasn’t Evan’s but it felt too damn good for me to bother to look back and see whose it was.”

“I can’t believe you!” I admonished even as I continued to get off on her memories.

“Wait! It gets better! In a very short time, and for the very first time in my life, I ended up with three…count ’em, three…big cocks stuck in me all at the same time. One for each opening! Oh, I can’t believe how full I felt! The guy with the glasses had gotten underneath me on the bed and slipped himself all the way into my hole while the black guy stuffed his tasty meat into my mouth. Have I ever told you how much I love to suck cock?”


“Ha, ha. I thought I had. How ya doin’ there, stud? I hear ya breathing but you ain’t saying much. Did I mention that at that point, Evan stuck a large portion of his sweaty cock as deep into my asshole as he could get it? I could barely breathe as each of the guys pumped in and out of their respective holes really, really fast and suddenly I started moaning and literally quaking from coming so hard! I collapsed flat onto nerd guy, causing Mr. Black and Evan to fall off onto the floor taking the covers with them. At that exact moment, Mr. Glasses spurted his hot streams up inside me and I could actually feel the extra heat.”

At THAT exact moment, I finally went off myself, moaning and groaning and panting into the phone like some obscene caller as I pumped a good spoonful or more onto my stomach. There was silence from the other end of the line. “Uh…Hello?”

“I’m here. I’m just…just…OH!”

I could here Crystal now breathing hard, also. Suddenly she whined and squealed a little high pitched squeal. I knew that she had gotten off, too.

“Oh, my God, Crys! That was fucking hot! I cannot believe that you did all that shit with perfect strangers, though. Don’t you realize how dangerous…?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she said, still catching her own breath. “It didn’t bother you so much when you were playing with your peenie now did it?”

“Well, you know…I’ll admit that…well…”

“Well just calm down about it and I’ll let you in on a secret.”

“I’m all ears,” I said.

“It never happened,” she whispered into the phone.

“What?” I asked.

“The whole frickin’ thing never happened,” yelled Crystal into my ear. “After I got off the phone with you before, Evan called and cancelled. Seems his girlfriend got wind of his date with me and was less than thrilled.”

“You mean…?” I was still confused.

“Read my lips, hon. Never happened. None of it. I’ve been home alone all evening. I was so horny all day and I didn’t want to disappoint you after I had set up our little phone sex deal so…I spent the next few hours writing out a really dirty story to tell you that I hoped would get us both off…and it obviously did. That’s what took so long and why I called so late, okay?”

“Oh, Crys, I’m sorry. I’m…I don’t know what…”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! I lived up to my part and we both got our rocks off. The only problem was that I didn’t really get laid and see, you don’t have that prob.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your wife is upstairs, silly. What I want you to do is clean up your mess, then go upstairs and tell her how horny you are, then screw her like you haven’t screwed her in years.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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