Crazy in Vegas Ch. 03-04

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Ch. 3

I watched as her lips spread wide around me slowly as she slid down my thick shaft. When she was all the way down she moaned and pushed down. I knew she was full when the tip of my cock abruptly stopped deep inside her. Her legs quivered as her cervix was being pressed up against. She lifted herself almost all the way off and plunged down again. Over and over she lifted and fell back on me, each time a moan from both of us. The sounds of wet pussy being fucked filled the room. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her onto me one last time. She arched her back and I pushed her chest back so the angle dug into her g-spot. She yelled out, almost in pain, as she was impaled onto me. She then bent forward, kissed me, and slowly rose off of me. She moved to the other side of the bed and bent over, her tits touching the sheets.

She didn’t need to say anything to me. I stared at her round ass and dripping wet pussy for a second. She reached back and dug her nails gently into her soft ass. She slowly pulled herself open so I could see it all. Her lips parted to reveal her wet clit. Her asshole looked tight and needing to be stretched. She moaned and parted her lips with her fingers, inviting me in. I grabbed her hips and drove my cock home deep inside her. She screamed out, surprised by taking the size at this angle. It felt different and she couldn’t help but tense her muscles. I could feel her pussy tighten and my reaction was to grip her ass hard and grunt as I pounded her from behind. Her ass bounced each time I drove myself in, my balls wet and slapping her clit with each deep thrust.

She reached back and shoved two fingers in my mouth. I bit down to her surprise and she let out a deep moan. I grabbed her hair by the back of her almanbahis şikayet neck and wrapped my fingers in it to get a good grip of her head. I pulled her back so she could barely move her neck and pulled her back towards me. She tensed up in surprise at my roughness. She let herself relax and be dominated when I bit her ear and whispered, “You like getting fucked like this, don’t you?” The only word she could muster was “Harder!” I put her fingers back in my mouth with my fingers still in her hair as I pounded every inch of my cock in her until she screamed out.

Once she was panting I gently let her go. She slumped down with her head on the bed. Her ass was still in the air with my cock inside her. She took her wet fingers and made circles around her asshole with them. I saw the muscles tighten and relax as she primed herself. I slowly pulled myself out and as I did the tips of her fingers slowly penetrated her. I sat back and stroked my soaking cock as I watched her finger her tight hole faster and faster. I watched both fingers slide in and out of her ass. Finally, I got back up and stuck my dick back in her pussy. She liked the feeling of so much stimulation as she could feel my thickness in her other hole with her fingers. It felt amazing as I could feel her fingers running up and down my shaft from inside her ass.

“What do you want?” She asked. I licked two fingers and slowly touched hers. Together we both slid two fingers each into her ass. She moaned loudly as she felt the stretch. She knew my cock would be much thicker than this so she needed to get used to being broken in. In rhythm we fucked her ass with four fingers as much cock got even harder knowing what I was about to do to her…

Ch. 4

Suddenly, I almanbahis canlı casino felt a little nervous again. I wondered if I’d be able to take his entire cock in my ass, but I knew I wanted it! He positioned himself behind me again and slowly traced the head of his dick around my tight asshole. My nipples hardened even more and my pussy tingled in response to the sensation. I reached between my legs to give his balls a gentle squeeze as his head pushed against my waiting ass. He was hesitating even though he knew I wanted it. Then I remembered what he’d said earlier, that I’d have to ask for it. I sat back against him and leaned into him. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed my tits hard, I tossed my head back and moaned, “Will you fuck my ass, Dave? Please?”

One more breathless “Please” escaped my lips as I bent back down on the bed, spreading my legs and arching my back up to him. When I felt the head of his cock push my ass open and slide inside, I nearly screamed. I can take some pretty large objects in my pussy, I’ve been practicing, but his cock was far bigger than anything I’d ever fucked my ass with. He hesitated a little, not wanting to hurt me, but I pushed back against him and gasped as I felt his huge cock fill my ass up. He wrapped his arms around my hips and sat us both back, me on his lap and his cock throbbing in my tight ass. As I sat there, experiencing fullness beyond anything I’d ever had, his hands helped me relax first by squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, then by wandering south to work on my clit. I sat there getting more and more relaxed and more and more ready, and I started to rock back and forth just a little.

That’s when he knew I was ready. With one hand on my left hip, keeping my almanbahis casino ass backed up against him and the other hand in my hair, forcing my face into the bed, he bent me back over roughly. My moan was muffled in the bed but I’m sure he heard, “Oh yeah, fuck me!” loud and clear. He took his and from my hair and put it on my other hip, grabbing me hard and fucking me even harder. Each time he slammed into me I felt and heard his balls smack my pussy and let out a loud moan. I had never been fucked like this, I was so full and he was pounding into me SO hard I couldn’t hold out any longer. I buried my face into the bed and screamed as I came. I know he felt my muscles tighten as I shook and screamed.

I collapsed on the bed and rolled over. From this angle I could see that the headboard had a handy little lip on the top so I kicked my legs up over my head, spread them wide and hooked my toes on the headboard. I grabbed my ass and looked up at him. “Fuck me more! C’mon!” He didn’t hesitate and soon he was hammering my ass so deep that I was gasping for breath. Because my ass was up in the hair, I could watch his cock slamming into me. Then suddenly he stopped, pulled out, repositioned and slammed into my pussy. He fucked me for a few seconds and went back to my ass. I could feel each hole stretch to accommodate his length and girth and I loved watching his cock slide alternately into my pussy and ass. As he slid into my pussy and I wrapped my legs over his shoulders, there was a knock at the door.

I panicked a little, thinking I wasn’t going to get to taste his cum, but then I remembered the note I’d left for Gina…


I didn’t want to wake you, lush. I went to Rm. 469 to see what Dave’s up to. Join me when you’re up and around? I’m sure he won’t mind!

I grinned up at him, wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. “It’s Gina.” I casually mentioned. He picked me up, his cock still filling my sopping wet pussy, and carried me to the door to let her in…

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