Command Me Ch. 03

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Calista laid on the floor of the dressing room breathing hard, spent but deeply satisfied. She took a couple of deep breaths in the attempt to calm down. The only problem was the slight but continued hum of the toy within her, still sending tingles throughout her body.

Calista surveyed her surrounding. Her legs were like jello as she tried to stand up. She was completely drenched and her skirt was ruined by her creamy juices. Her blouse was pretty much transparent from sweat and slicked with the pussy juice she rubbed onto her nipples during her climax.

‘This won’t do.’ thought Calista. She reached to remove the toy but stopped short when she remembered the command to keep the toy in unless she was removing for daily cleaning.

Gingerly, without putting too much pressure on the toy inside her, Calista removed her clothes. She slipped on the blue dress that was mostly spared except for a small bite stain near the right shoulder. The fit was perfect.

Calista admired herself in the dressing room mirror and smoothed out the fabric while grazing her nipples. Automatically they hardened and Calista could see them outlined on the dress. She never felt sexier and was starting to get aroused again. She gathered her belongings and went to pay for her dress.

“You look stunning!” a familiar voice behind Calista exclaimed. With a smile Calista turned around to greet Lottie.

“About time you showed up.” Calista teased.

“Excuse me, I called to you when I saw you go into the dressing room but you acted like I didn’t even exist. Then you took forever to try on that one dress that I literally bought 3 bags of clothes waiting for you.” Lottie held up her bags bursa escort as evidence. At that remark, Calista blushed, remembering what went on just a few minutes prior.

Lottie narrowed her eyes, leaned in closer to Calista and sniffed. Her eyes widened as she whispered, quite loudly, “Why do you smell like sex?! Tell me everything.”

At the word sex a few heads turned towards the two women and Calista’s blush deepened. “I’m starving, Let’s go grab dinner and talk then.” said Calista shoo-ing Lottie out the door.

At her favorite crepe place, Calista told Lottie about her experience with the Command Me app, her hot and heavy encounter with Iris and even the toy she was still stuffed with at the moment.

“You still have it in now?” whispered Lottie. “How does it feel? Do you know who is controlling it?”

Calista smirked. “Do you want to give it a try?”

It was Lottie’s turn to blush. Lottie was not the adventurous type especially when it came to sex. Her and her previous partners only had sex at home on a bed using the the same positions and techniques.

Calista laughed, as multiple emotions flitted across Lottie’s face.

“I’m just kidding!” she giggled.

Slightly pissed by this, Lottie bravely said, “Maybe I do want to try it.”

Surprised, Calista’s pussy moistened at the thought of Lottie using the toy she had so recently drenched. Quickly recovering, Calista flashed Lottie a wicked smile and said “Follow me.”

Calista led Lottie to the very well-kept single bathroom and locked the door. She motioned for Lottie to sit on the cushioned chair in the corner next to a mirror she would normally use to touch up her make-up.

Calista bursa escort bayan slowly moved her hands down her body making sure she grazed her nipples so they hardened against the dress. She knew it was effective when Lottie gave a sharp gasp. Lottie’s wide eyes watched as Calista lifted up her dress to expose her wet panties.

Unknowingly, Lottie licked her lips. Calista slipped off the panty and with a wet pop the toy slid out of her cunt and glistened in the flourescent lights.

“Lick this clean for me, my dear.” Calista said with a seductive smile. Lottie took the toy while her pussy twitched and moistened with anticipation. She lifted it up and took a tentative lick. Hungrily, she became more determined and intense with her licks and sucked the toy clean.

‘I did only take it out to clean it’ mused Calista as she fingered herself slowly getting heated while she watched Lottie suck the toy.

Lottie was so turned on from having Calista watch her suck the toy like a cock. She moaned and her pussy started to drip as the wet sounds from Calista’s fingers moving in and out of her pussy got louder and faster. A small dark spot formed on the chair from Lottie’s wet slit as Calista moved her other hand to rub circles around her clit. A thoaty ‘Mmmm’ escaped Calista’s lips.

“I think you are wet enough to put it in now.” Calista prompted. Snapped out of the trance of watching Calista masturbate, Lottie took the saliva coated toy out of her mouth and positioned it outside her pussy lips.

Slowly she slipped the tip in and moaned as the vibrating head rubbed against her clit before entering her aching pussy. Having never used a toy before, escort bursa Lottie tried to ease the toy gently but deeper into her pussy.

Her pussy gushed and the toy slipped in fast, rubbing directly on her g-spot. Even at a low vibration setting, Lottie felt an intense wave of pleasure radiate through her body. Her eyes closed as she threw her head back lost in her orgasm.

Watching Lottie’s hips buckle and gyrate against the toy gave Calista immense satisfaction as she rode her own orgasm with two fingers up her dripping cunt and a thumb rubbing her juices around her clit.

When Calista thought Lottie was coming down from her first orgasm, she reached forward to rub the front of her toy filled pussy. The added pressure of Calista rubbing the toy into her clit and g-spot sent Lottie through another shaking orgasm. Lottie squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

Calista continued this until Lottie had a few more orgasms and begged her to stop. Sweat shimmered on Lottie’s skin as she breathed heavily and slid the toy out to hand back to Calista. Lottie’s shirt stucked to her body and highlighted her hardened nipples.

“You are a wild one Calista. Thanks, I really needed that.” Lottie gave Calista’s cheek a quick peck before heading back to their table.

Thinking about how hot Lottie looked, Calista lifted the toy to her mouth to taste Lottie. She groaned as Lottie’s flavor touched her tongue. With the toy still glistening from Lottie’s sticky cum, Calista slid it back into her still drenched pussy and shivered thinking about their juices mingling.

Lottie was almost finished with her crepe when Calista got back to their table. Calista set her phone on the table and took a bite of her delicious crepe. The tangy flavor of lemon curd coated her tongue reminding her of Lottie.

Calista’s phone chimed and at the corner of her eye, Calista saw a wide smile spread across Lottie’s face.

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