Claudia – Becoming a White Slave Ch. 01

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Claudia was a sweet white blond girl very generous with other people. She needed some cash to live in apartment since his last roommate left so she started doing wrestling interview. Local people loved seeing a hometown girl doing the interview and she was great with everybody playing the scene like she was an actress. People believed at everything she said and did during those interviews. Claudia was probably also loved cause she was a really great looking woman. 5’5 big tits and small ass. She was really fit and had that angel face you just can’t turn away from.

She was going to an All-White school, this year the school had like 20 new black students. Claudia felt attracted immediately by some of the Black Woman and most of them were really sweet and kind people just like her with a beautiful attitude but one of them always had that nasty look when she was looking at other people. Her name was Leelee, she was around 5’4 big tits and big ass. She was chubby and didn’t really look healthy. She had cheap clothes that looked dirty.

One day, Claudia finished is lunch and Leelee was at the same table. Claudia eyes crossed Leelee who casino şirketleri immediately yelled to look away unless she wants to carry is shit. Claudia smiled and said yes, Leelee laughed hard and gave her his books. Claudia put Leelee books in her locker and she did that every day like she was her slave or something like that. People at school weren’t really surprised by Claudia behaviors because she was that kind of girls always trying to help people.

During a wrestling show, Claudia was set to do an interview with a new divas wrestler called The Goddess. She was an old black woman around 44 years old. She was big and tall, 6’1 325 pounds. She was the first black person this wrestling show had. She wore a black and red gladiator suits. Claudia job like always was to introduce The Goddess to the public and get them to hate her cause she was a heel.

Claudia was in the ring waiting for the Goddess entrance, her theme started playing. She appeared and looked left and right and spit in the crowd who immediately booed her… Claudia was shocked and quite impressed by how big The Goddess was. She looked really powerful. The Goddess casino firmaları walked slowly to the ring and Claudia smiled at her bringing her microphone up to start the interview.

Claudia asked her what her goals in the federation were. The Goddess quickly stole the microphone to Claudia hand and she told people to bow down before her just like every opponent she will face will do. She was a Goddess and people bow down before her ESPECIALLY white people. She looked Claudia with a stern look and she yelled bow down! Claudia hesitated but she was finally on her knees after some seconds. The Goddess laughed and said, look at your white bitch interviewer. She craves my ass and she will kiss it because that’s the only way to calm myself for giving her my Black Hole Slam!

Claudia heard the boo’s really loud, she never heard them that loud and she decided to play along and kiss The Goddess ass cheek. People were shocked and were yelling “Holy shit”. The Goddess left the ring with Claudia following her like she was possessed playing her role just fine. Behind the curtains, the promoter shake Claudia hand saying it was really smart of her güvenilir casino to kiss her ass like that and he told Claudia he had new plans for her with a pay rise. He would love to make Claudia the manager of The Goddess and go to the ring with her like she was her personal slave. Claudia accepted really happy at how the promoter reacted to her work.

The Goddess looked Claudia with that same stern look but with an evil smile and told her they will make a great team together. Claudia smile and approved than went back home and thought about that while watching a Netflix TV Series. Somebody knocked at the door, it was Leelee. Leelee entered the apartment and told her she was at the show and was quite surprised to see her mother make her a white slave. Leelee told Claudia that if she really wanted to be good at it to the public she needed to experiment the real thing. Leelee showed her ass to Claudia and ask her to kiss it. Claudia kissed it multiple times, Leelee farted in Claudia face and told her to put her nose in her crack and smell it. Leelee eated some Black beans so that night she farted a lot and made Claudia clean her asshole in the end rimming it really deeply. Claudia was excited and aroused by all that. She was clearly a submissive to black woman.

Leelee quit the apartment telling Claudia she would learn even more about being a white slave for the week to come.

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