Chris’ Photo Shoot, The Real Story Ch. 02

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Ch .02
When Chris came back the next day, I gave her a glass of wine and started by apologizing again for the photos in the envelopes…

I told her they never should have been in the lobby, and I hoped I had not offended her.

She thought for a minute, sipping her wine and said, “I wasn’t offended, I have seen people naked before. The photos were, uh… very artistic.”

“You weren’t bothered by the ones of Mark alone? I should have been much more careful.”

She did not answer right away, looking lost in thought as I am sure she was reviewing the images of Mark’s cock in her mind.
After a few seconds I said, “Chris?..”

She answered, “er… sorry, no I was not offended by any of the photos of Marks’ cock…. I mean of Mark.”

“I am glad to hear that. Let’s get down to the photo for your husband’s desk. Let me refill your wine”

What followed is pretty accurately described in what John wrote based on what I fold him had happened (it is posted on Literotica as Shy Wife Ch .04 by Daydreaming101). It is accurate up to the point where I had told him the doorbell rang and we stopped the shoot….
I did not feel that it would be “safe” to tell John what really happened.
Even though it is more my story than John’s (he only knows what I told him… Chris was too embarrassed to tell him anything about the shoot), I will let you read the first part in his post in Literotica. Then the real rest of the story picks up below
I could not believe how perfectly this was going. Chris had allowed me to lead her through a series of small steps to bring her from posing for the photo for John’s desk to some informal fully clothed shots to some where her (gorgeous) breasts were partially visible through lace, to fully nude shots excluding her face, to fully nude including her face. She was clearly warming up to the idea of erotic poses and, thanks in part to the wine, appeared to be approaching the point of loss of self control.

I had told her (I was pleased that I had made the transition from asking her to do things to telling her, as though she were a paid model, and she had accepted the change) that it was time to heat up the poses and when she asked what I wanted, I told her to use her imagination.

She began to rub her breasts and I told her that was a good start, but to make it hotter.

When she started to play with her nipples I said, “Good, but make it hotter.”

That is when she reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. I got the new roll of film in the camera and quickly shot all 36 pictures as she writhed while slipping a finger inside herself and beginning to moan.

“Good start, more…. hotter,” I ordered as I looked for another roll of film, deciding it was time to move to the next level.

Her eyes were half closed, breathing was ragged and she her skin was flushed as she said, “Is this ok? I can’t get much hotter than this.”

“This might help,” I said, handing her a battery powered vibrator that I had just turned on. I put the new roll of film in the camera and turned on my video camera.

She didn’t know what it was at first , then said breathlessly, “oh….no, I..I couldn’t use this.”

“Just try it, see how it feels,” I ordered.

She hesitated, then without saying anything, slowly brought it down to her pussy and rubbed it along the lips.

“Ooooh,” was all she said as the vibration pushed her level of arousal up another notch.

“Chris, Does that feel good?”

Breathing heavily she cooed, “Oooh, yesss, … good.”

After a short time, I got some great shots of her inserting the vibrator deep into her pussy and working it in and out as she writhed and moaned under the bright lights of the set.

“I want to be sure to get your face when you orgasm. Are you getting close to orgasm?”

“Yes, I think so, it feels good, warm inside.”

“Are you almost there?”


“Wait, stop… I have to change the film in my camera,” I lied and when she kept working the vibrator inside her, I reached down, took it out of her pussy and kept it.

“Nooo, please, I am so close… let me have it back… please,” Chris begged as she rubbed herself with her hands
“I will give it back to you in a few minutes.”

“Chris,” I said softly, “Do you remember Mark, the model you met yesterday?”

“Mmmm, Onwin Mark? oooh yes, he is sooo sexy.”

“Would you like to pose for some pictures with him? I think you two would look great together.”

“Mmmmm.” she moaned, still working the vibrator, “We would? you think so?” She replied shuddering.

“Yes, I do. You two would be awesome together.”

“We would? W..when?”

“He should be here any minute. We can just shoot a few photos of the two of you together.”

“I don’t know if that is a good idea. What would we wear?”

“I want to do some pictures like you saw in that one group in the first envelop. Artistic studies of the naked bodies of a man and a woman together.”

“Mmmmm,” She moaned dreamily as she continued to rub herself, “I guess just a couple of pictures might be ok. He is really handsome… and sexy, ooooh. Then you give me back the vibrator, ok?”


I knew Mark was waiting, so I said, “Why don’t you put this robe on and have another glass of wine while I check on Mark.”

I poured Chris a glass of wine and put it on the table next to the wine carafe and left the room. The same table had a stack of photos, which included the envelope with the full frontal photos of Mark and the other envelope that had Mark posing nude with the a female model.

I watched secretly as Chris got up, put the robe on without hurrying, seemingly comfortable naked. The robe intentionally did not have a belt, so it would hang open if not held closed.

She saw the photos and opened the envelopes as she drank the wine. I saw her reach down between her legs and rub herself as she looked at the photos of Mark.

I walked in with Mark who was wearing a robe just like Chris’… also with no belt. Chris turned toward us with her wine in one hand and a photo in the other. She quickly put the photo behind her and as a result her robe hung open exposing her pussy to Mark and of course to me. She did not seem to notice.

Mark’s robe was also open in the front and Chris was not able to hide her wide eyed stare at his cock which was growing as what was about to happen went through his mind.

“OK, here are the poses we are going to shoot,” I told them as I showed them several photos of a naked couple entangled together in positions that were not specifically sexual, but involved a lot of body contact.

“Lose the robes. I want both of you up on this platform in front of the white backdrop.”

Holding her glass of wine in one hand and closing the front of her robe with the other, Chris stammered, ” I…uh….oh… I don’t think this is a good idea,” as she took a sip from her glass.

Mark tossed his robe on a chair and stepped up on the platform, turning to face Chris, his member almost at her eye level, becoming more erect as he stood there.
Chris’ jaw dropped and her left hand fell to her side, allowing her robe to fall open again. She stared open mouthed at Mark’s growing cock for what seemed like a long time.

“Chris,” I scolded in a commanding tone, “you are holding up the shoot. Drop the robe and let’s get started.”

Chris looked at me, then back at Mark (or I should say back at Mark’s cock), then drained her glass and let the robe slip to the floor.
As she stepped up on the platform, I could see the glistening of moisture on her natural bush.

“Good. OK Chris you sit at Mark’s feet. This pose is to represent a dominant male figure standing over an adoring female.

“Mark, face Chris and stand with your left leg between hers. Good Chris, wrap your arms and legs around Mark’s leg and look up into his eyes.”

“But..I .. what about his…..?”

“Don’t worry about his penis. It’s over your left shoulder, next to your head. With this camera angle it won’t be in the picture.”

“Oh…OK…. it’s just that it is so…….”

“Hold it, that’s perfect, let me get several shots…. great. Now for the next pose.

“Mark – Step aside for a second. Chris stand up and face the camera. I want you to stand on this step to raise you up enough to be the same height as Mark. Good. Now Mark, stand directly in front of Chris, facing her. Both of you wrap your arms around each other and hold each other tight.”

As they tried to get into the position, Chris acted uncomfortable “What about his….? It’s in the way.”

“That’s Onwin Giriş why I put you on the step. Just put it between your thighs so you can really get close…. this shot shows you touching from head to foot.”

Chris tried to avoid contact with Marks member by standing on her toes and keeping her thighs apart.

“No, Chris. You are ruining the shot. Stand normally and keep your legs tightly together. You are supposed to be almost hidden by Mark’s body.”

“But….. but…”

“No buts, do as I tell you so we can get this shot done.”

“Uh…….oh….ok,” Chris responded meekly followed by, “oooooh,” as she found herself squeezing Marks erect member between her thighs with the shaft actually rubbing her pussy. I had chosen the height of the step carefully to make sure it worked just that way.

“That is perfect. Hold that pose while I change film. Don’t move.”

Mark didn’t move, except for the way his cock responded to being squeezed between Chris’ thighs…. it grew to a full and very hard erection.
Chris could not stay still and her writhing and trembling only served to excite them both more.

“Ooh, please hurry,” She pleaded.

After few minutes I said, “OK, ready to shoot. now hold each other very tight.”

That of course added to the arousal of both models.

“That was terrific.” I told them. “Incredibly sexy, but showing nothing that would make the photos anything much more than PG rated.

“OK, ready for the next pose. Both of you step down off the platform and have a quick glass of wine, it is hot under the lights. No need for the robes, it will only be a minute.”

Chris and Mark each took a glass of wine and Chris tried to act nonchalant as they drank, but she had trouble keeping her eyes off Mark’s cock which had remained fully erect. Mark seemed perfectly comfortable, not concerned about his “condition” or about having a beautiful, fully naked model, or should I say housewife, standing right next to him.

“This will be the last pose. Chris as soon as we finish this one you can have the vibrator back so you can finally get the orgasm you were working on before we started the photos.”

Chris blushed a deep crimson and avoided eye contact with Mark as she hear him say, “hmmmm..”

“Now I want both of you on the platform facing the camera with Chris in front. I need something to hide your private parts Chris. Lets see if this chair will work.”

I put a wooden chair with a square back that had a thick band of soft upholstery across the top and was mostly open otherwise.
there was a lace design in the top center that would just barely hide Chris’ pussy from the camera… there would be a hint of it through the lace pattern, but just a hint.

“OK, Mark get up close behind Chris and put your arms around her. You will hide her breasts by cupping one in each hand.”

“But..” Chris stammered, “his…..” as she indicated Marks cock that was still rigid and pressed against her ass, keeping them from getting very close together.

“OK, Mark keep your arms around Chris as they are. Chris, reach around behind you, take Marks cock in your hand and move the tip upward so that it is pressed against your back. Then as long as you stay close together, it will stay there.”

Chris smiled weakly and reached around behind her back.

“Oh!” escaped her lips as she wrapped her fingers around his manhood and guided it up so it was more or less vertical, against her lower back. She seemed to hold it for a longer time than necessary, finally releasing it and bringing her hand back to the front.

“Is that OK Chris?” I asked “Does his hard cock against your back make you uncomfortable?”

“Mmm… y yes, a little.” she whispered.

“It will only be a minute more, then a small variation for a few more shots, then you can have your vibrator.”

Chris shivered at the mention of the vibrator and I began clicking away.

“Great shot, now one slight adjustment for a few more shots and then we are done. Chris, lean forward a little so we can change the shadows from your breasts onto the rest of your body. Mark keep holding her breasts, but see if you can give her a little room behind to lean forward over the chair. Good, Chris lean a little more forward.”

I knew that this position would release Mark’s Onwin Güncel Giriş cock from being pinned up against Chris’ back. I took a position at the side to confirm that his cock was now lined up with Chris’ visibly wet pussy. I moved back in front and got ready to shoot.

“This is perfect. Now Mark get up close to Chris like before.”

“Oooh,” escaped from Chris’ lips as the tip of Marks cock touched her sex, and she started breathing raggedly, her hips gyrating so slightly at the growing warmth inside her.

“Chris,” I scolded, ” are you thinking about the vibrator already? Lets get this done so you can finally have your release.”

“But his…. thing is touching me back there…mmmm,” She said sounding out of breath.

“OK, then reach back there and put it where you will feel more comfortable,” I scolded her further.

She reached back and wrapped her hand around the shaft of his member, but instead of moving it up, she held it steady and backed herself onto it… just as I had planned.

“Oooh…mmmm,” Chris moaned dreamily moving her hips in a circular motion.

I nodded to Mark and he move his hands from her breasts to her hips and slowly but firmly drove himself all the way into Chris’ thoroughly wet pussy so that all 10 inches were inside.

“Oh…mmmm,” Chris moaned, “No, please don’t… we shouldn’t…. my husband…. oooh its so deep…”

I interrupted as planned with, “That’s a perfect shot… perfect. Hold it for just a few minutes so I can get enough pictures.”

“oooh.. OK, but please hurry,” Chris pleaded.

Following my instructions, Mark held still, but flexed his penis inside Chris. It had almost the same effect as if he had been moving in and out.
“Oh…mmmm, oh my,” slipped from Chris’ lips as she began moving her hips in response to Mark’s stimulation.

Mark began to move just slightly in and out as Chris’ put her hands down on the seat of the chair so she could keep her balance as she began to move back and forth in response to his thrusts.

“Excellent, Chris,” I almost shouted. “I see I am going to get to photograph the look on your face as you orgasm.”

“Oh no… I.. uh.. it feels so good, I think I am getting close…ooooh.. soo good, so deep.”

“Mark,” I asked, “how close are you? I want the picture to show Chris in orgasm just as you cum inside her.”

“Inside me? No …please don’t….I….you can’t ooooh nooo I…. oh God!! oh God!! I’m… cumming …”

“I am too.” said Mark as his thrusts got more powerful and I could see Chris pushing back hard on each one.

“No…..don’t…. oooh… please……. oooh yes, so deep, oh..oh ….. yes fuck me hard Mark, fuck me hard. Cum inside me…..unngh…. yes….”

They were both covered in sweat as Chris pressed back on Mark’s cock, hanging there impaled as it remained rigid.
I motioned Mark to carry Chris, still deeply penetrated by his surprisingly firm cock, over to the couch and sit down with her.
She hung limply on Marks cock, whimpering quietly each time he moved inside her.
I had him sit her in his lap cradling her like a baby. He put her hand on his cock and she smiled as she mindlessly fondled it. Then Mark cupped her pussy with his left hand and a breast with his right as they just sat there together in the afterglow.

“Chris, did you enjoy that?” I asked softly.

“Oooh yes, it was soo good mmmmm, ” She said dreamily.

“Have you ever had an orgasm like that with your husband?”

“Oh no, never that good….. nothing like that.”

“So you like having sex with Mark?”

“oh yes, I mean no… I mean yes….. I don’t know.”

“You like his cock, don’t you? It felt good inside you didn’t it? “

“oooh yes, so deep, so sweet, ” She replied, smiling broadly and rubbing Marks cock more vigorously. “I love his cock.”

“Did you enjoy modeling with Mark?”

“Y.. yes, it was very nice…. so sweet, and it felt good.”

“Good. I have tomorrow afternoon set aside for another photo session with you and Mark.
Come at noon. I will have lunch and cocktails and then we will shoot until 5.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I was supposed to have lunch with John tomorrow.”

“Tell him it will have to be another day. You don’t want to miss another chance to be with Mark, do you?”
“Oh, no I want to be with Mark. I will tell John to make it another day.”

“OK, get dressed and plan to be here at noon tomorrow. I may have contact sheet prints of some of these photos by then.”

I didn’t mention the video. I would be watching that as soon as she left.

End Chapter 2

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