Celebrating in San Francisco

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Dinner & Wine at the Warf:

Fresh seafood and a bottle of red wine was the perfect aphrodisiac for the evening. Their 10-year anniversary weekend was just what they needed — some time to relax and focus on one another. They both had the feeling that tonight was a perfect night to get a little tipsy and then get a little crazy back at the hotel.

Flirting over Dinner:

He could tell from the twinkle in her eye, the giggle in her laugh and the occasional stroke of her foot on his inner calf, she was ready to “let her hair down” and bring out her wild side. She looked stunning sitting across the table from him. Her red lipstick left sensual markings on the edge of her wine glass and her beautiful red nails made it impossible to focus on anything but her.

“So, what toys did you bring?” she asked.

“Actually, I bought you a couple new ones to try out this weekend” he replied.

“You did?” she giggled. “I should have known! So what did you get me?” she wondered.

“Let’s just say…I upgraded and replaced 1 of your old toys and I also got you another new one.” he told her.

The rest of the conversation was consumed with casual flirting and thoughts of passionate sex. She wondered what the new toys were and how much fun they would be, while he anxiously awaited her reaction and enthusiasm to try them. They finished their dinner and wine and proceeded to walk back to the hotel, subconsciously wondering if onlookers could sense the haste in their footsteps.

Back at the Hotel Room:

They staggered back to the hotel hand in hand. He shut and locked the door behind her. By the time he had turned around she was standing there in nothing but her black bra and black panties — the ones with the little bow ties in the front that he loves so much! She reached inside of her suitcase and retrieved her leather biker hat. She slowly put it on, licking her lips and teasing him with her abundant sexuality. She was a smokin’ hot sex kitten and she knew it. Her eyes flashed with lust and her stance was confident and sexy. He hurried and stripped naked. His shaft flung from his briefs and instantly poured a long stream of pre-cum from his enlarged cockhead. They were both ready to engage in some untamed stimulation and fun!

Bringing Out the New Toys:

“So…where are my new toys?” she asked.

He opened the suitcase and took out the bags of toys. He had brought along all of her favourites as well the new ones.

“I went in the sex shop to buy you a new realistic dildo, and I left with 2 things. The sales lady showed me a package which included the same dildo I wanted to get you.”

He pulled out a tanned coloured dildo with a flat base and molded in balls. The shaft was about 7″ long and had a slight upwards curve to it. Her eyes instantly lit up with excitement!

“Wow, cool! Do you think I’ll like it as much as my current cyberskin dildo?”

“Well, the Sales lady said that it is one of their best sellers…and it also fits perfectly into this…” He reached into the bag and pulled out a bright, white leather strapon harness.

“She told me that this harness is the best because it is soft and has dual straps in the back for added comfort and control. Plus it allows for easy access to isveçbahis the wearer!” he described.

Slipping Into Her New Harness:

They unsnapped the ring on the front of the harness and inserted the new dildo. She stepped into the harness and pulled it up around her waist. He helped her adjust the straps and then she began to gently stroke the shaft. She stayed there, bent over the side of the bed…1 hand on the bed the other stroking her new cock. He just stood back and admired the sight of his wife dressed in a black bra and panties, black leather biker hat and a white, leather strapon framing her panties and the underside of her ass cheeks. The sight of her hand stroking the shaft from between her legs made his cock pulsate and spew another load of precum down onto the floor.

After a few minutes, she turned to him and said, “Take my picture, baby!”

Modeling for the Camera:

He walked over the desk and grabbed the digital camera. His hands shook with excitement. It took him a couple seconds to come to his senses and turn the camera on. Meanwhile, she had grabbed the crop off the bed.

She stood there, modeling her new toy & biting the tip of her crop as he snapped pictures of her. They were both tremendously excited! The thrill of dressing up and having her picture taken was a major turn-on for her…and it was easy to see he was enjoying it as well! She reached over with her crop and smacked the head of his stiff cock! Again, he continued to leak wads of pre-cum onto the floor.

She turned around and bent over the side of the bed.

“Take my picture like this, babe!” she said, as she began to stroke her cock again.

After a few pictures, she stood up and walked over to the sofa chair. “I have big plans for this chair!” she said. He snapped a few more pictures of her lying on her back, strapon sticking up between her legs and crop in hand.

Using the New Harness:

Suddenly she got up and said, “Ok, it’s time for us to really try out this new strapon!”

“Ok, but we better switch the dildo…that one’s a little big maybe” he responded.

They removed the new dildo and placed it on the nightstand, replacing it with the slender purple dildo from her old harness. She slipped out of her panties and back into the harness, this time with her smooth, bald pussy pressed directly against the base of the dildo. They tightened and readjusted the harness straps. She grabbed hold of her strapon cock and told him what to do.

Getting Spanked By a Strapon Bitch:

“Lean over the bed now!” she instructed. She admired his body as he slightly spread his legs and leaned over chest flat against the bed. She leaned over him and placed a blindfold over his eyes, despite his protests that he wanted to see her.

“Oh, gawd” he murmured, “You have no idea what you are doing to me!”

In reply, she ran her hands along his back whispering, “You ain’t seen nothing yet baby!”

Reaching across the bed, she grabbed her trusty paddle. She knelt between his outstretched legs and lightly tapped the paddle against his ass cheeks. He flinched as she smacked the paddle against his ass several times, each time a little harder than before. Watching his reaction from the punishment only served to turn her isveçbahis giriş on even more. She could feel the moistness of her pussy dripping down her legs.

“Don’t you just love the thought of getting your ass spanked by a Strapon Bitch?” she asked him.

He could only muster a simple nod of his head as his body shook uncontrollably and his cock continued to drain down onto the side of the bed. She reached for a bottle of lube, and while holding his ass apart with 1 hand; she applied a generous amount directly onto his asshole.

“Get up and get on the sofa chair…you’re gonna be “My Bitch” now!” she told him.

He promptly moved over to the chair, getting onto all fours. Watching him as he maneuvered into position, she could see how hard his cock was. His balls looked so heavy and his cock looked ready to explode at any time. He looked back over his shoulder to see her squirting some lube onto her strapon and spreading it around the full length of the dildo. Using the crop, she spanked his ass a few more times and flicked the tip of it against his balls.

Doggy-Style on the Sofa Chair:

She walked over behind him and positioned herself between his legs. Leaning up against him, she gently pushed the tip of the strapon dildo into him. Increasing the pressure slightly she pushed a little harder into him, then a bit more, then a bit more. She watched as the dildo slid completely into his ass, smiling to herself that it was now her who was in complete control!

After fucking his ass with a nice steady rhythm, she gently pulled out and told him “Go get on the bed again. I wanna do you on the bed!” She just loved commanding him to do things while she was wielding the cock!

Bangin’ on the Bed:

He climbed up onto the bed and laid flat down on his stomach with his arms up over his head. She moved his legs in together and climbed up on the bed. Standing over top of him, straddling his legs, she reached down and grabbed his hips, helping to arch his ass up in the air.

She bent down and slid her toy into his slippery asshole. She bounced up and down on the balls of her feet and rode his ass…all the while slapping his back with her riding crop. She was really enjoying her new strapon!

He was just about to blow his load when she suddenly stopped and removed his blindfold. “Back on the chair, Bitch! Now!” she commanded.

Missionary on the Sofa Chair:

“This time, on your back and legs up in the air!” she insisted.

She assisted in positioning him on his back and then crawled between his legs with her knees on the edge of the chair. She slid the dildo all the way into him, applying nonstop pressure against her swollen clit.

With a steady motion, she fucked his ass harder than ever! She reached down and cupped his balls in her hand for a moment. She knew he would last long at this rate. Pushing herself further into him, she put both hands on his hips, driving the dildo deep into him in long hard thrusts. He pushed back against her, completely lost in the erotic sensations she was creating. She thrust the dildo deep and hard, both of them in a shared world of pure passion and raw lust.

Spontaneously, she began to moan louder and louder, drowning out his cries of pleasure. She was incredibly isveçbahis yeni giriş excited on the verge of cumming! The intense pressure of every thrust pounded against her clit and surges of bliss jetted all around her pussy. Subtle orgasms forcing her to relentlessly fuck his ass!

An Enormous Shot:

Impulsively, she reached down with her left hand and firmly grabbed hold of his rock-hard shaft. Her right arm swung up resting her forearm on the top of her leather hat. She was riding hard and fast, in a back-n-forth motion with her hand planted firmly around the base of his cock. Out of the blue, a thick shot of precum blasted directly into the air! It flew about a foot high and landed on him forming a long stream from the side of his chin to his belly-button.

He moaned loudly. With every thrust came an intense orgasmic wave of pleasure throughout his body. Still on the brink of her own orgasm, she continued to pump away at his ass.

Pumping Out the Big Load:

Knowing that the big load was still to come, she began to stroke his shaft with a tight grip. It only took a few more seconds before she felt his entire body tense and quiver as his orgasm reached a new pinnacle. Wave after wave of intense pleasure ran over him as his cock exploded and warm cum coated her hand and oozed down onto his body. His cock poured thick streams of bright, white cum for what seemed like an eternity to the both of them.

As his body shuddered and trembled from the force of his orgasm, she slowly eased back the dildo, sliding it completely from him. Rolling over onto his side, and gasping to catch his breath he caught a glimpse of her unstrapping the harness and letting it fall to the floor.

The New Dildo Pleases Her Perfectly:

She fell back onto the bed and started to massage her clit. She lay on the bed, her legs bent at the knees and open, her fingers stroking her clit side to side, faster & faster. He got up a grabbed the new dildo and the bottle of lube. He was completely mesmerized by the sight of her masturbating in bed.

He poured lube down onto her pussy and proceeded to stroke the dildo’s full length up and down through the folds of her pussy. When the dildo was completely coated in lube and pussy juice he slipped it deep inside of her.

“That’s it baby, fuck me hard! Oh ya, baby!” she exclaimed.

She Strokes Her Clit and Cums on the Dildo:

By now her head was thrashing from side to side, as she panted and moaned in ecstasy. He continued to plunge the dildo in and out of her pussy, the balls of the dildo slapping against her slippery ass with every stroke. Gasping for release, she massaged her clit even harder now with a fixation on reaching the culmination of her climax. He sustained a steady rhythm and directed the dildo upwards, directly against her G-Spot.

“That’s it baby!” she screamed.

Gradually, the top of the dildo became covered with her love juice. Her body shook and quivered, her face glowing from the power of her orgasm. Her hand slowly came to a halt and he held the dildo deep inside of her throughout the full length of her experience. Her body shook with delight for nearly a full minute, signifying the conclusion of an amazing sexual experience.

With a few loving kisses on the side of her neck, he slid up along side her in the bed to hold her in his arms. Gently, he threw the sheet over both of them. He held her tight. They both lay there resting…speechless…after an amazing evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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